America and West Indies: March 1653

Pages 400-401

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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March 1653

March 4. Similar Order. Referring petition of Sir David Kirke to Committee for Foreign Affairs, to state the business before them and report their opinions. [Ibid., Vol. LXVII., p. 43.]
March 9. Similar Order. For a warrant to the officers of Ordnance to put aboard the King David, bound to New England, upon account of the Commonwealth, 12 sakers, with ammunition in proportion. [Ibid., p. 63.]
March 9. Minute of a Committee for Foreign Affairs. Mr. Thurloe is ordered to confer with Major General Gibbons, and draw up the state of his case, to be recommended to the Council of State to recompense him for losses sustained by the taking of his pinnace by the fleet sent for reducing Virginia. [Ibid., Vol. CLX., p. 84.]
March 11. Minute of a Committee for Foreign Affairs. Copy of the charge given in by one [Alex.] Bernardiston, against the Governor of Barbadoes, to be delivered to Mr. Searle. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. CLXI., p. 1.]
March 11. Order of the Council of State. For a warrant to Edward Wood and Robt. Wilding to transport to Barbadoes 40 draught nags, upon the usual terms. [Ibid., Vol. LXVIII., p. 74.]
March 14. Minute of a Committee for Foreign Affairs. Petition of James Kirke to be referred to the sub-committee who have Sir David Kirke's business under consideration. [Ibid., Vol. CLXI., p. 9.]
March 16. Minutes as above. To report to the Council of State the opinion of this Committee, that the government of the whole river of Kennebec in America be granted to the town of New Plymouth, in New England, for seven years, by way of probation. The business of Mrs. Searle and Alex. Bernardiston to be taken into consideration on the 18th. [Ibid., pp. 10, 11.]
March 18. Minutes as above. The account of Wal. Sikes and the other papers relating to that business, to be delivered to the sub-committee appointed to consider Sir David Kirke's petition; Sir Hen. Mildmay, Col. Walton, Mr. Strickland, and Mr. Love to be added to that sub-committee. [Ibid., p. 13.]
March 22. Order of the Council of State. Referring petition of John Bayes to the Committee for Foreign Affairs. [Ibid., Vol. LXIX., p. 5.]
March 23. Minutes of a Committee for Foreign Affairs. The sub-committee appointed to consider the business between Sir David Kirke and Mr. Sikes to make their report on the 25th. Upon the case of Major-Gen. Gibbons, whose vessel was taken by Wilson and Read, in company with Capt. Curtis, sent by Parliament to reduce Virginia; that it is not in the power of the Council of State to give the petitioner any relief, because it does not appear that one penny of what he lost came into the hands of the State. [Ibid., Vol. CLXI., pp. 15, 16.]
March 30. Minutes as above. Report of the sub-committee that has the consideration of Sir David Kirke's business to be made on the 1st April; upon which day Sir David Kirke appeared, but Mr. Sikes making default, the latter was ordered permptorily to attend on the 5th April. [On 6th April they were both ordered to attend on the 8th, but it was twice put off until the 15th. Ibid., pp. 20, 23, 26, 29, 32.]