America and West Indies: August 1653

Pages 406-407

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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August 1653

Aug. 4. Order of the Council of State. Order of Committee of Parliament for receiving petitions, concerning petition of Samuel Mathews; to be referred back to the Committee, who are desired to report it to Parliament. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. XCVIII., p. 175.]
Aug. 6. Similar Order. Upon report of Commissioners of the Navy, in the case of Thos. Varvell, employed as Capt. of the Encrease, in the late voyage to Barbadoes, under command of Sir Geo. Ayscue; directing the Commissioners of the Navy to make the same allowance to Capt. Varvell, for carrying passengers to Barbadoes by order of Sir Geo. Ayscue, as in similar cases. [Ibid., p. 189.]
Aug. 22. Similar Order. For warrant for a commission for a private man-of-war to Robt. Yeomans, merchant, bound to Virginia, on a trading voyage. [Ibid., p. 262.]
Aug. 27.
Licence to Robt. Cordwell and Rich. Kittlebewter, to export to Virginia 100 dozen of shoes, upon payment of customs. [Ibid., p. 286.]
Aug. 28.
9. Governor Dan. Searle to the Council of State. Has received their letter of 13 June, with a commission for government of the island, and published it together with the declaration concerning the late alteration in the government of the commonwealth. A seeming contentment prevailed, but there are many whose principles run strongly in opposition. Summoned the Assembly, after appointing six councillors; some highly disrelished the declaration, but at length a general submission was yielded and they were dismissed. Three field officers, "unsatisfied spirits," have been displaced. Twenty persons of good affection to the Commonwealth were nominated for the Assembly, but the people through fear that they would demand the power of the militia, made choice, for the most part, of those who had been the greatest enemiss to the Commonwealth. Some thought it most safe to dismiss them, but after acquainting them more fully with the good intentions of the Government to the island, and that returns of faithfulness answerable would be expected from them, he received generally a friendly concurrence in things necessary to be done. The fears of some are thus dispersed and the hopes of others, "troubled spirits," frustrated. Endorsed, "Recd. inclosed in another of 4 Sept. 1653,-7 Nov. 1653." Incloses,
9. I. Declaration of the Governor of Barbadoes. That any person using seditious words against the power of the Commonwealth shall be proceeded against according to the Act of 7 Oct. 1652, and any officer or other person assembling men in arms without lawful warrant shall suffer death. All commissions to field officers granted by the Governor to be void. 1653, Aug 18.
Aug.? 10. Petition of Thos. Modyford, of Barbadoes, to Lord General Cromwell. Having brought his regiment to the service of the State of England, whereby full possession and subjection of the island was obtained, he received a commission for command from Sir Geo. Ayscue, which, without any cause, Governor Searle has taken from him. Prays that Searle may be commanded to give some lawful cause for his actions, or else that the petitioner may be restored to his command.