America and West Indies: September 1653

Pages 407-409

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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September 1653

Sept. 3. Order of the Council of State. Upon report of the Judges of the Admiralty in the case of Peter Butler, of Barton, in New England, mariner; recommending the case to the Spanish Ambassador. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. XCVIII., p. 329.]
Sept. 4.
11. Governor Dan. Searle to the Council of State. Incloses duplicate of his former letter [see 28 Aug., p. 406, No. 9]. The influence of England's mercies eminently reaches the island, to the preservation of public peace and the protection of that small number who are embarked in that cause of God and his people. 400,000 weight of sugar owing for prize goods; order desired for receiving and disposing of it. Endorsed, "Reed. 7 Nov. 1653."
Sept. 6. Order of the Council of State. Upon petition of David Selleck, of Boston, New England, merchant, for a licence for the Good Fellow, of Boston, Geo. Dalle, master, and the Providence, of London, Thos. Swanley, master, to pass to New England and Virginia, where they intend to carry 400 Irish children; directing a warrant to be granted, provided security is given to sail to Ireland, and, within two months, to take in 400 Irish children, and transport them to those plantations. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. XCVIII., p. 338.]
Sept. 6. The warrant above mentioned. [Ibid., p. 341.]
Sept. 7. Orders of the Council of State. For letters of marque for the Abraham, Jane, and Thomas, bound to Virginia and Barbadoes. For a licence for the Thomas, of London, Capt. Wm. Peachey, to export 800 dozen of shoes to Barbadoes for the use of that plantation. For letters of marque for the Content, of Bristol, Capt. John Totterell, bound to the Caribbee Islands. Petition of the Company of the Somers Islands to be referred to Committee for regulating the Customs, to hear both parties concering the business represented, and report thereon. For letters of marque for the Anne, Henry Welkey, commander, bound to Barbadoes. [Ibid., pp. 345–48.]
Sept. 10. Similar Order. To stay Henry Wilkie, master of the Anne, of London, bound to Bermudas, from proceeding upon that voyage for a week. [Ibid., p. 358.]
Sept. 10. Warrant for stay of the ship above named. [Ibid., p. 362.]
Sept. 12. Order of the Council of State. For letters of marque against the Dutch only, for the Bonadventure, the Mayflower, and the Hope, bound to Virginia. [Ibid., p. 365.]
Sept. 14. Order of the Council of State. Appointing Mr. Courtney, Mr. Broughton, and Mr. St. Nicholas, a Committee to speak with Edward Winslow, concerning petition of David Selleck, of Boston, that the Council may be fully informed of the matter of fact alleged in that petition. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. XCVIII., p. 372.]
Sept. 15. Similar Order. For a licence for the King of Poland, John Jenkins, master, bound to Bermudas, to carry 23 men and 100 dozen pairs of shoes for the use of the people there. [Ibid., p. 377.]
Sept. 15. Two warrants for the ship above named to carry the men and the shoes. [Ibid., p. 379.]
Sept. 19. 12. Governor Dan. Searle to the Council of State. The preservation of orphan's estates, and regulating a Chancery Court, have been taken into consideration. Conduct of the inhabitants with respect to the election of persons to sit in the Assembly; "those recommended by us wholly laid by, and a choice of others by them made, who, for the most part, had been enemies to the Commonwealth." The Assembly having met, demanded that they might be established and confirmed by law for one whole year, and so successive representatives to be chosen yearly; the new Assembly to sit before the old be dissolved. Did not judge it safe, in relation to the interest of the Commonwealth, to grant their desires. Reasons. Restless spirits, unsatisfied with the Constitution of England, would model "this little limb of the Commonwealth into a free state." Some lately brought under the ordinance of baptism in a Church Society, having sent to England a remonstrance complaining of the Assembly, they have desired that the remonstrators may be dismissed from any public employment in the island. Reasons why he could not comply with their desires. Incloses copy of petition to Cromwell from the representatives. Has thought fit to dismiss the Assembly, and has also displaced some field officers, and others of the militia, and put the trust into the hands of those who have long appeared faithful. Apprehends Col. Modyford to be a most restless spirit; he has all along been for the service of the late King; reasons why he came in before the island surrendered; his regiment having been continued unto him, much disrelished by the honest party. Incloses,
12. I. Memorial of the Assembly of Barbadoes to the Governor. Complaining of a remonstrance presented to Lord General Cromwell and his Council, in which it is endeavoured to make the representatives odious, and desiring that the subscribers, Capt. Thos. Noel, Maj. Robt. Hackett, and Capt. Rich. Sanders and others may be dismissed from all places of trust in the island. Answer of the Governor that being assured the remonstrators have been sufferers and always faithful to the Commonwealth, and not knowing the contents of the remonstrance, he cannot, legally, and without a just cause, grant the desires of the Assembly. Reply of the Assembly that they never meant nor intended to reflect upon the Governor or his Council. Signed by John Roberts, Secretary.
12. II. Petition of the Representative Body of freeholders in Barbadoes to Cromwell; that they may enjoy equal liberty and freedom with the rest of their countrymen. Reply of the Governor and Council of Barbadoes; that they desire to receive an account from the Assembly in what way any liberties, privileges, or franchises have been denied to them or delayed to be granted. Signed as above.
Sept. 24. Orders of the Council of State. For a licence to Richard Netherway, of Bristol, to transport from Ireland to Virginia 100 Irish tories. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. XCVIII., p. 405.]
Sept. 24. The licence above mentioned. [Ibid., p. 406.]
Sept. 26. Order of the Council of State. For letters of marque to David Selleck, of Boston, New England, for four ships against the Dutch. [Ibid., p. 411.]
Sept. 27. Similar Orders. For a licence to Wm. Penoyre, merchant, to transport 40 draught nags to Barbadoes for the use of the sugar mills there. Letter to be written to the Governor, Council, and Burgesses of the next grand Assembly in Virginia, recommending the case of Owen Lloyd; and desiring them to use means for relieving him and his relations in reference to his former sufferings in Virginia. [Ibid., p. 417.]
Sept. 27. The licence to Wm. Penoyre above mentioned. [Ibid., p. 419.]
Sept. 29. Order of the Council of State. For a warrant to the Commissioners for prize goods to pay to Alex. Bowling, or his assigns, 45l. due to him as Captain of the land forces in Barbadoes, under Sir George Ayscue. [Ibid., Vol. XCIX., p. 18.]