America and West Indies: June 1656

Pages 441-442

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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June 1656

June 3. Similar Order. Referring reports of Committee of Trade, concerning petition from the island of Barbadoes, and Newfoundland and the pilchard trade, to a Committee of Council. [Ibid., p. 159.]
June 5. Order of the Council of State. Concerning the instructions for Col. Wm. Brayne, going to Jamaica, which were perfected and agreed to. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. CV., pp. 162, 164.]
June 5. Instructions for Colonel Brayne, Commander in-Chief in Jamaica. To set sail with the first opportunity to Jamaica. Acquaint the Commissioners that the letters from Major-General Sedgwick and Vice-Admiral Goodson, of 9 Nov. 24 Jan. last, have been received; that the state of the army and fleet gives great cause "of being humble before the Lord, who hath in such legible characters made known his displeasure," in sweeping away so many by death; but that, "after much searching of heart," the Government has "in His name and fear," resolved to prosecute the design, and 1,200 men, with supplies, and four months provisions for 4,000 men, will be speedily sent over. To take all the forces into his charge, and the true state of affairs into his consideration. To consider what fortifications will be necessary in Jamaica, and other places in America. Power to give rewards and encouragement to those employed in the public service. To inspect the treasury and the stores there, and have a true account kept. To take into consideration how the island may be most speedily and effectually planted. The horses and other cattle there trained and made useful, that the Commonwealth may be eased of their great charge. Power to license the inhabitants to trade with "the Criolians," or natives of any part of America, and to grant letters of reprisal against the Spaniards. To inquire into the condition of the fleet; establish laws for the good government of the island; treat with the Spaniards, Criolians, or natives of the West Indies, for the surrender of forts, places, &c.; and to act by himself, or with the Commissioners, to further the intent of the Commonwealth, to secure an interest in the West Indies. Power to appoint officers. "Read and agreed, 5 June 1656." [Ibid., pp. 881–83.]
June 19. Order of the Council of State. Upon report of petition of divers of the island of Barbadoes, specifying the exports to Barbadoes, for which no customs will be demanded after 25 March next, the commodities for which licence must be obtained, and those which will pay duties, with the rates. The like to be granted in reference to Antigua. Upon debate concerning the treaty with Sweden, it was agreed that as to ships going to the English plantations in America, the same be, as was formerly offered. [Ibid., pp. 189, 190, 193.]
June 20. 71. Abstract of patent granted to Cecil, Lord Baltimore, specifying the boundaries of Maryland.
72. Engraved portrait, by Abra. Blotling, of Cecil Calvert, Baron of Baltimore in Ireland, absolute lord proprietary of the provinces of Maryland and Avalon [Newfoundland], Ann. Dom. 1657, aged 51. Inscription in Latin.