America and West Indies: July 1656

Pages 443-447

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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July 1656

July 1. 1. Proposals of Col. Christopher Kaynell, Governor of Antigua, to the Lords of Trade and Navigation. If importation of the commodities of the island into England, custom free, be not allowed, he proposes that a garrison of 500 soldiers be kept upon the island, or a supply sent of English and Scotch servants, with arms, ammunition, and negroes. The number left to their Lordships. Two ships of 200 tons each, provided for the use of the colony, may give such encouragement, that the island may be kept in possession of the Commonwealth without further charge. A continued supply of servants necessary as prisoners, and the like. Course for their transportation. Endorsed, "Read 1 July 1656. Ord. to be resumed Thursday."
July 1. Orders of the Council of State. Proposals of Col. Christ. Kaynell to be taken into consideration on the 3rd. Report of Committee of Trade, for regulating the Newfoundland trade, contained in 12 articles, to be turned, except the 11th art., into instructions to the commanders of convoys going thither, and to the Governor there. Encouragement of the Newfoundland trade to be respected in the pressing of seamen. Martin Noell to ship for Jamaica certain commodities, a list of which is appended, with their cost. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. CV., pp. 213, 218, 219.]
July 1.
Warrant for letters of marque against the Spaniards for Capt. Wm. Cooke, master of the Hopewell, and five other vessels, named, ready to sail with soldiers to Jamaica. [Ibid., Vol. CXXXIV., p. 4]
July 3 Orders of the Council of State. The Grantham to be fitted for a voyage to the West Indies. Four victualling ships to proceed to Port Patrick and Knockfergus, take in their proportion of men and hasten to Jamaica. Paper presented by Capt. Christ. Kaynell, Governor of Antigua, to be referred to a committee, to consider of the raising of a fort there for securing the interest of the commonwealth, and of such inhabitants as remain there, and of transplanting the rest to Jamaica. Petition of Col. Wm. Hilliard, concerning his having purchased 50 acres of land in John's Parish, Barbadoes, about 13 years since, for which Edward Cole has obtained a judgment contrary to law and justice, to be transmitted to the Governor of Barbadoes, to endeavour a composure of the matters in difference. The Governors of Barbadoes, St. Christopher's and other the Caribbee islands, with Capt. Gregory Butler, to be authorized to collect monies and goods owing to the Commonwealth, and deliver them to the Commander-in-Chief of the forces at Jamaica. Capt. Butler's account, for his service in the late voyage in America, to be examined, in order that he may return thence with the first opportunity. [Ibid., pp. 220–21, 224–25.]
July 3. 2. Col. Chr. Kaynell, Governor of Antigua, to Col. Jones, one of the Council of State. Propositions concerning the customs upon commodities and trade of the island. That it may be supplied with 400 or 500 servants. No able-bodied men to be allowed to leave until they are in a condition to defend themselves. Twelve minions would be very useful. Will set out two ships to sea without any charge to his Highness, if he will bestow them for the service of the colony. Believes, if these proposals be not speedily granted, that it will be impossible to retain the island. Some resolutions then necessary, that so the people may shift for themselves.
July 4. 3. Petition of Thos. Jenner to the Lord Protector. His vessel and goods, to the value of 349l., were taken from him at Boston, by order of Capt. Allen, by a derived power from Capt. Sedgwick, and are detained by Capt. John Leverett. Prays for restitution and damages, according to the judgment of those to whom his case has been already referred. Underwritten is a reference, with the report annexed, to the Privy Council, Whitehall, 4 July 1656. Annexed,
3. I. The report of Colonel Cock, Roger Ludlowe, and Thos. Dunne, above referred to. Endorsed, "To be delivered to the Lord Deputy. Referred 8 July 1656. Ord."
3. II. Account delivered by Capt. Leverett to the Committee, of the goods taken in Jenner's vessel.
3. III. Report upon the above petition. That Capt. Leverett be required to make restitution to the petitioner of the goods underwritten, amounting to 194l. 11s. 4d., or the value in money of such as are undisposed of. 1656, July 10.
July 8. Order of the Council of State. Authorizing Col. Wm. Brayne, now going Commander-in-Chief of the forces in Jamaica, to take up provisions in America for their use, not to exceed 5,000l. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. CV., p. 228.]
July 14.
4. Warrant for Articles of Agreement [concluded on 16 July 1656] between Oliver, Lord Protector, and Sir Charles St. Stephen, Lord Delatour, Bart. of Scotland, Thos. Temple, and Will. Crowne, to pass the Great Seal. Letters Patent to be granted on or before 10th of August next, for all those lands in America called Acadia and that part of the country called Nova Scotia, the boundaries of which are particularly described, with reservation of lands already granted to any colony in New England. Prohibition of trade with the savages to all others without licence, and power to seize vessels so employed. Twenty mouse skins and twenty beaver skins to be rendered yearly to the Lord Protector or his successors. Also the sum of 1,812l. due to officers and soldiers since 15 Aug. 1655, according to the establishment made by Robt. Sedgwick, Major Gen. of the forces there. Governors to be approved by commission under the Privy or Great Seal of England. Ordnance, ammunition, and martial stores to be preserved for the service of the State and security of the forts. Commodities arising by trade with the natives to be sent to the United Kingdom, to be free from custom or impost. Margaret, the relict of Major Ed. Gibbons, to be paid 379l. 11s., owing heretofore upon the mortgage of Fort St. John by Delatour, who with Temple and Crowne agree to give security for the performance of all the covenants in this agreement. Underwritten is a Minute, "Received 16 July 1656. J. Lisle." [Copy.]
[July 14.] 5. Another copy of the preceding.
[July 14.] 6. Extract of the above, specifying the boundaries of the grant. Endorsed by Williamson.
July 15. 7. Petition of Col. Christopher Kaynell, Governor of Antigua to the Council of State. At the desire of his Council and all the inhabitants he undertook a voyage to England at his own charge, to give an account of the island, which he has performed to the best of his abilities. Is desirous that the business should be determined that he may return. His salary not half enough to defray the charges of housekeeping. Has spent the greatest part of his estate in the purchase of ammunition, or else the island had not been in possession of the English. Has forborne to levy upon the inhabitants, because of their poverty. His goods, to the value of nearly 1,000l. sent from Antigua to defray his expenses in England, all taken by Dunkirkers. Wishes to go to sea within 14 days. Prays that the premises may be taken into mature consideration, so that he may return to his charge, his dearest relation and family.
July 15. Orders of the Council of State. Capt. John Leverett to have a warrant for payment of arrears of two years' salary at 15s. per day, and his disbursements about the forts taken from the French in America. Petition of Capt. Christ Kaynell, Governor of Antigua, concerning some points relating to that island, to be considered on the 17th. Lieut-Col. Edw. Tyson and 14 others to be transported to Jamaica in the Grantham frigate. Petition of Richard Bennett and Sam. Mathews, agents for Virginia, and the rest of the plantations in the Bay of Chesapeake, to be referred to Sir Chas. Wolseley, Col. Sydenham, Lord Lisle, Sir Gilbert Pickering, and Mr. Rous for their report. Colonels Edw. Salmon, Tobias Bridge, Winthrop, Talbot, and John Mills, Lieut.-Col. Fras. White, Capt. John Limbrey, Capt. Thos. Alderne, Martin Noell and John Thompson, merchants, to be a Committee for managing affairs in Jamaica and the West Indies: with instructions. The Committee of Council for Jamaica to consider what branch of the public revenue may be set apart for carrying on the affairs of the Commonwealth in that island. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. CV., pp. 245–46, 250–51, 253–54.]
July 15. Warrant to the Commander of the provision ship, bound to Jamaica, to transport to that island Lieut. Col. Edward Tyson, John Howorth, Thos. Humphry, Wm. Hix, Jas. Garden, Timothy Smith, Wm. Duer [?] Thos. Plumpton, Fitz Williams Hack, Wm. Merrick, Fras. Dunn and Christopher Doyton, with his wife, two children, and necessaries. [Ibid., Vol. CXXXIV., p. 16.]
July 15. Minute that the Committee for the affairs of Jamaica, call to advise the Committee appointed this day, to whom the management of his Highness' affairs in the West Indies is referred. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. CXLV., p. 20.]
July 22.
Warrant for Melchior van Loon, servant to Lord Geer, a subject of the King of Sweden, to pass to Barbadoes or other the Caribbee Islands, to endeavour to get in his debts. [Ibid., Vol., CXXXIV., pp. 17, 18.]
July 22. Order of the Council of State. For the Committee for the business of Antigua to prepare proposals meet for that island, and report thereon. [Ibid., Vol. CV., p. 267.]
July 23. Similar Orders. Martin Noell to take on board 120 soldiers for Jamaica, and be discharged from his contract of going to Scotland. 500l. to be allowed to Capt. Gregory Butler, for arrears for services as a Commissioner in the expedition to the West Indies. Dr. Wilson to be sent physician, his salary not to exceed 15s. per diem. Mary, wife of Major Richard Hope, to be transported to Jamaica on the States' account. Upon proposals of Capt. Christ. Kaynell, Governor of Antigua, certain arms and ammunition were ordered out of the public stores for defence of that island, the merchants trading thither to be allowed 300 men out of Scotland, to be transported to Antigua at their own charge. The proportions of shoes, boots, horses, arms and ammunition to be transported yearly to Barbadoes, agreed to. [Ibid., pp. 273–75.]
July 23. 8. Petition of Mary, wife of Major Richard Hope, now in Col. Holdip's regiment in Jamaica, to the Council of State. By Secretary Thurloe's directions she was accepted a passenger on the Grantham, bound to Jamaica, but the Commissioners of the Admiralty have suddenly countermanded the order, and her clothes being on board she is ready to perish through want, if not relieved. Prays that orders may be given for her free passage, to join her husband. Endorsed "Ord. 23 July, 1656."
July 23. 9. A particular of the commodities which it is desired may be annually sent to Barbadoes; with reasons. This list includes 12,000 doz. of shoes, there being at least 25,000 Christians in the island; shirts, drawers, caps, arms, ammunition, horses, tools and implements, all sorts of provisions and liquors. Annexed,
9. I. Report of Committee for America. Concerning rules and licences for transporting provisions, horses, and ammunition to Barbadoes; that they should not be made use of to the advantage of particular persons. Whitehall, 1656, Sept. 2. Endorsed, "Rec. 1 Sept. Ord. 20 Nov. 1656."
July 24. Orders of the Council of State. For the arms ordered out of the public stores for Antigua to be delivered to Capt. Christ. Kaynell; for a licence to transport people thither. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. CV., p. 284.]
July 25. Order of the Council of State. Directing Commissioners of the Admiralty to take the information against three ships that took men from Jamaica without their consent and sold them at Virginia, and report thereon. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. CV., p. 286.]
July 31. Order of the Council of State. Upon consideration of a paper from Colonel Crowne and Thomas Temple, concerning their sureties, in pursuance of the articles upon which the patent is granted to them of the Forts of St. John and Pentecost, approving Sir Richard Temple, Clement Oxeubridge, and John Corbet, and directing the Commissioners of the Admiralty to take security of them. Colonels Winthrop, Talbot, Mills, and Lt.-Col. White, to be added to the Committee for Jamaica. Petition of Richard Bennett and Samuel Mathews, agents for Virginia and the rest of the plantations in Chesapeake Bay, together with representation of the Governor, Council, and Burgesses, of the Assembly, also report from Lords Whitelock and Widrington, upon petition of Cecil Lord Baltimore and the several papers thereunto annexed, to be referred to Committee for Trade, to inform themselves of the state of the case and report thereon. [Ibid., pp. 297, 301, 303.]
July 31. 10. Report of a Committee of Council, upon petition of Colonels Mathews and Bennett, agents for Virginia. Have considered the petition and report from Lords Whitelocke and Widrington, about the differences relating to Virginia and Maryland, and recommend that the whole matter be referred to Committee for Trade for their opinion.