Addenda: March 1655

Pages 628-629

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 12 1685-1688 and Addenda 1653-1687. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1899.

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March 1655

March 1. 1,974. Commission of the Commanders of the West Indian Expedition to Thomas Modyford, John Yeomans, William Vassall, John Roberts, and Peter Learre, to be commissioners of the Prize Commission in Barbados. Signed, R. Venables, Wm. Penn, Edw. Winslow. Copy. 2 pp. Endorsed. [Col. Papers, Vol. LXIV., No. 8.]
March 1. 1,975. Instructions for the Commissioners of the Prize Office erected at Barbados, 1 March 16545. Fourteen articles. Signed, R. Venables, Wm. Penn, Edw. Winslow. Copy. 7 pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. LXIV., No. 9.]
March 2. 1,976. Proclamation of the Commissioners of the West Indian Expedition for the establishment of a Prize Office in Barbados. Signed, R. Venables, Wm. Penn, Edw. Winslow. Copy. 2 pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. LXIV., No. 10.]
March 10.
Carlisle Bay.
1,977. John Carter, to the Commissioners of the Admiralty. I enclose an account of what provision is short to complete 7,170 men. There is an overplus at Portsmouth, but much has been spoiled by dampness, leaks, and long lying in ships. We hope therefore for early supplies. Signed, Jo. Carter. Enclosed,
1,977. I. Account of provisions short of proportion for 7,170 men, and of provisions overcharged. 2 pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. LXIV., No. 11.]
March 16.
1,978. Intelligence given by William Walters, from Palma, Canary Islands. As to apparent want of preparations of the Spanish against the English. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. LXIV., No. 12.]
[March.] 1,979. A collection of inventories of Dutch prizes taken at Barbados, and of their value. Eight papers in all.
1,979. I. Inventory of the ship Greenfoot.
1,979. II. Same of the Golden Star.
1,979. III. Same of the Brown Fish.
1,979. IV., V. Same of the ship Fortune.
1,979. VI. Same of the ship Peace.
1,979. VII. Same of the ship Unity.
1,979. VIII., IX., X. Same of the ship King David.
1,979. XI. Same of the ship Arms of Farnamburke.
1,979. XII. Same of the ship Love.
1,979. XIII. Same of the ship Hare.
1,979. XIV., XV. Same of the ship Elizabeth.
1,979. XVI. Same of the ship French Arms.
1,979. XVII. Valuation of the sixteen prizes. Total, 3,203 14s. 0d. [Col. Papers, Vol. LXIV., Nos. 13, 13IXVII.]