Addenda: February 1655

Pages 627-628

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 12 1685-1688 and Addenda 1653-1687. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1899.

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February 1655

Feb. 6. 1,970. Commission to Gregory Butler, Richard Holdipp, and Edward Blagge, to be commissioners for the Expedition to the West Indies. Unsigned, and the date of the year not filled up. 2 pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. LXIV., No. 4.]
Feb. 6. 1,971. Instructions of the commanders of the West Indian Expedition to Gregory Butler, Lieut.-Col. Holdipp, and Captain Blagge. To visit the Leeward Islands, collect provisions, seize ships illegally trading, and encourage the inhabitants to help in the expedition. Copy. 2½ pp. Endorsed. [Col. Papers, Vol. LXIV., No. 5.]
Feb. 8. 1,972. The Commissioners of the Treasury to the Council of State. Recommending that Henry Thornhaugh and others be permitted to transport £6,000 value in Spanish money to the East Indies. Signed, B. Whitelocke, John Lisle, Th. Widdrington, E Mountagu. ½ p. Endorsed. Read and ordered 9 Feb. '54. [Col. Papers, Vol. LXIV., No. 6.]
Feb. 8–25. 1,973. A collectionof depositions of the captains of the Dutch ships found at Barbados and confiscated by the West Indian Expedition, under Venables and Penn.
1,973. I. Examination of Erike Schmit and others, 8 February 1655. 2 pp.
1,973. II. Examination of Jacob Hendrikson and others. 13 February 1655. 3 pp.
1,973. III. Examination of Garret Johnson. Same date. 1 p.
1,973. IV. Examination of Henry Cornelison and others. 14 February 1655. 2 pp.
1,973. V. Examination of Bartlet Fock. 1 p. Same date.
1,973. VI. Examination of Symon Peterson and another. 2 pp. Same date.
1,973. VII. Examination of Jasper Le Canter and others. 3 pp. 15 February 1655.
1,973. VIII. Examination of Herman Barrentson and others. 2 pp. 16 February 1655.
1,973. IX. Examination of Tousine Le Sage and others. 2 pp. 17 February 1655.
1,973. X. Examination of John Peterom. 1 p. 19 February 1655.
1,973. XI. Examination of Peter Symonson. 1 p. Same date.
1,973. XII. Examination of Hans Gotchy and others. 2½ pp. 23 February 1655.
1,973. XIII. Examination of Dow Dirickson and others. 2 pp. 25 February 1655.
1,973. XIV. Examination of John Leonards and others. 1 p. Same date.
1,973. XV. Examination of Nicholas Florison and others. 1 p. Same date.
1,973. XVI. Examination of Albert Albertsen and others. 2 pp. Same date. [Col. Papers, Vol. LXIV., Nos. 7, 7I.–XVI.]