America and West Indies: December 1700, 26-31

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Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 18, 1700. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1910.

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December 1700

Dec. 26. 1055. Minutes of Council of Virginia. The hon. Robert Carter was sworn to his accounts. Loyal address to His Majesty ordered to be drawn.
Dec. 27. Mr. Carter's account ordered to be signed.
Mr. Benjamin Harrison's petition referred.
Salaries of various officers paid.
Ordered that Lt. Col. Geo. Mason render an account upon oath of the service done by the Rangers. The danger for which they were first raised now ceasing, ordered that they be disbanded, at or about Jan 10. In the case of any future levy of such a force, Lt. Col. Mason ordered to take all possible care that they be raised out of the Lower parts of Stafford County, and to provide by all means possible that there be no occasion for standing Rangers, for the better effecting whereof, he is to take care that the Act of Cohabitation in the frontier Counties be duly put in execution, and lastly he is to advise the inhabitants of Stafford County not to be alarmed with every small matter that shall happen. This order sent down to the Burgesses.
The matter relating to the Western Indians referred.
Dr. Cox's claim to land in Norfolk County referred.
Miles Cary's petition, to be discharged from the office of Register of the Court of Admiralty, he having since been made Naval Officer of Yorke River District, and thinking the two offices inconsistent, granted.
William Leigh appointed Judge of the Court of Admiralty, and Robert Beverley, Register. They were sworn accordingly.
Depositions, about goods taken up in Lynhaven Bay and on the Eastern Shore, referred.
Robert Beverley and Nicholas Curle appointed J.P.s for Elizabeth City County.
Resolved that, owing to the winter season and the great throng that is now by reason of the ships being arrived in ye country the Assembly be prorogued till April 24. Advised that His Excellency represent to His Majesty the state of the French Refugees and the poverty and disability of the country, and address His Majesty that noe more may be sent in.
Ordered, upon reading a letter from the Admiralty, June 21, that the Passes be distributed to the Collectors, together with a copy of the aforesaid letter. [Board of Trade. Virginia, 55. pp. 60–66.]
Dec. 26. 1056. Journal of House of Burgesses of Virginia. Ordered that the Committee appointed to receive Mr. Treasurer's Accounts do lay before His Excellency and Council the Representation made by them concerning the non-payment of some Fort Dutys.
The House took His Excellency's speech (Dec. 24,) into consideration and resolved that His Majesty be presented with 420l. towards payment of the charge accruing by the pirates, and that it be paid out of the imposition upon liquors, as it shall from thence arise.
Resolved that an Address be made to His Majesty, setting forth the present circumstances of the Country and to pray that His Majesty will graciously bestow the balance of his quit-rent Fund to the better defraying the contingent charges of this Government upon extraordinary exigencies.
One of the Instructions from the Lords Justices, Sept. 13, 1698, was read and referred to the consideration of the next Session of Assembly, to the end that the Inspection of Accounts thereby permitted may be made, as shall be found necessary. Bill concerning French Refugees sent down assented to by the Council.
Reports of the Committee for Public Claims and Allowances made to the Revisors of the Laws sent down, assented to by the Council, with some additions proposed, were read, and the additions agreed to, and sent up.
Mr. Treasurer General's Account of the Impositions, dated 16th inst., read and passed, and assented to by the Council.
Committee for proportioning the public levies appointed.
Reports of the Committee for Publick Claims, and Allowances to the Revisors of the Laws, assented to by the Council.
His Excellency's appointment of Edward Jenings to attend the Committee for the Revisall of the Laws in the room of Edward Hill, decd. read. This Committee having been often obstructed by lack of a quorum, His Excellency proposed that an ordnance of Assembly should direct them to act with a lesser number. Ordered thereupon that a Bill be prepared to enable one of the Council and any two of the Burgesses of the Committee to proceed as a Committee.
Ordered that Mr. Treasurer's Accounts be returned to him and a duplicate thereof filed.
Dec. 27. Resolve of the House presenting His Majesty with 420l. to defray the charge of the pirates returned assented to by the Council. Address to His Majesty about the Quit-Rent Fund agreed to, and sent up to the Council with a request for them to join in it.
Bill for the more speedy and effectual carrying on the Revisall of the Laws read three times, passed, and sent up.
Bill for raising a Public levy read three times, passed, sent up, and returned assented to by the Council.
Petition of Edmund Jenings and others, claiming the land between the two Herring Creeks on Mattapany in Pamunkey Neck, read. Ordered that those whom the petitioners conceive to be illegally seated there do attend the 10th day of next Session.
Address of the House to His Majesty about the Quit-Rent Fund assented to by the Council, with amendments, which were agreed to by the House, and the address was sent up to the Council :—Your Majesty's most antient Colony and Dominion of Virginia is at this time under very low and needy circumstances, being ingaged in many public debts and charges. It hath already been at a very great expence in providing for the building a Capitol, for the Revisal of the Lawes, for several soldiers on the frontiers etc., which objects will require a considerable sum more. The charge of building a House for your Majesty's Governor still lyes upon us, and notwithstanding the circumstances aforesaid, to manifest our dutyfull and loyall inclinations to do as much as we are able for your Majesties service, we have this Assembly out of the Imposition, as it shall arise, upon liquors, presented to your Majesty 420l. sterl. towards a charge accruing upon taking a ship of Pyrates last April, the same being an extraordinary and eminent service. So that all the Funds appropriated for the support of this Government, and the contingent charges, and more particularly the Fund for building the Capitol, Revisal of the Laws and lessening the levy by the poll are quite exhausted, and this your Majesty's antient and great Colony will be brought under the necessity to run in debt for the carrying on of those works, without a prospect of getting sufficient for payment in any reasonable time. Wherefore we humbly beseech your Majesty will be gratiously pleased in your princely goodness to bestow such a sum out of your Majesty's Quit-Rents here as shall be convenient for the carrying on the building of the Capitol, the payment of the future charges which will accrue upon the Revisall of the Laws, the building of a House for the Governor and what other contingent charges may hereafter arise in this your Majesty's Colony and Dominion upon any extraordinary exigence. We are unfeignedly resolved to serve your Majesty with all loyalty and obedience etc. The Address was returned from the Council.
Bill for the more effectual carrying on the Revisal of the Laws was sent down with an amendment, which was agreed to. The Bill was sent up amended, and returned by the Council.
The representation of the Committee appointed for receiving Mr. Treasurer's accounts of the Imposition concerning the non-payment of some Fort Dutys in the lower district of James River, together with the Collector's answer thereto and His Excellency's and Council's opinion thereupon were read.
The House agreed to join in the Address to His Majesty, sent down by the Council, acknowledging the present peace and happiness owed to him, "fresh instances whereof you have given to the world in your so successful interposing to compose the differences between the Northern Crowns, and to prevent those that were ready to ensue in case of the death of the King of Spain, which, had it not been for such persistent and watchful care, might have endangered us and your Majesties other Plantations in America."
Resolved that the Council be desired to join with the House and pray His Excellency to favour the House with his assistance that the Address about the Quit-Rent Fund be presented to His Majesty.
The several Bills engrossed were sent up to the Council and returned, together with the Address of His Excellency and Council and Burgesses to His Majesty, which, according to His Excellency's desire the Members of each County signed and put the name of their respective Counties thereto. His Excellency summoned the House to attend him in Council, and to bring with them the enrolled Bills, which they did. And see preceding abstract. [Board of Trade. Virginia, 54. pp. 108–125.]
Dec. 26. 1057. Minutes of Council in Assembly of Virginia. A message from ye Burgesses was laid before His Excellency and Council, that the Fort duties of three several vessels entered in the Lower District of James River were never paid or accounted for to the Auditor, although the Naval Officer of ye said District had accounted for all those times ye said vessels are reported to be entered to Mr. Auditor, and proposing to His Excellency and Council that the said errours may be rectified. Ordered that a copy of the said message be delivered to Lt. Col. William Willson, Naval Officer of the said District, and yt. he answer make to ye same in writeing to-morrow morning.
The Burgesses voted £420 to His Majesty and sent their resolve to the Council, for their concurrence.
And see preceding abstracts.
Dec. 27. Lt. Col. Wilson gave in his answer as ordered yesterday. In two of the cases, the Council agreed that no Fort duties ought to have been paid; in the third case, the not accounting for the Beavour of Pensilvania, Andrew Lock, Master, was an error and he must account for it, and make oath that he never received any Fort duties for the other two.
Bill, sent up, for the more effectual carrying on the Revisal of the Laws, read three times with amendments and sent down.
Bill for raising a publick levy read three times without amendment, and sent down.
These two Bills, engrossed, and Bills prohibiting the Exportation of Indian Corn and concerning the French Refugees were sent up and returned.
The Burgesses returned the Order of Council of this instant directing Lt. Col. Mason to disband the Rangers in Stafford County, being very well satisfied therewith.
The Assembly, attending His Excellency with the Four Bills past this Session, addressed His Excellency. And see preceding abstract. [Board of Trade. Virginia, 55. pp. 331–341.]
Dec. 27.
1058. William Popple to the Principal Officers of the Ordnance Office. The Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations send you the inclosed list of some things desired by the Earl of Bellomont for His Majesty's service at New Yorke, concerning which they have understood from Mr. Secretary Vernon that he has already signified to the Rt. Hon. the Earl of Rumney His Majesty's pleasure. The List includes 1,000 felling axes, 10 dozen spades, shovels etc. [Board of Trade. New York, 55. pp. 73, 74.]
Dec. 27.
1059. James Moore to Mr. Thomas Cutler. Page 2. I hear Mr. Loughton and Mr. Tranter pretend to discover silver mines, and expect to get money in hand for it. I am sure they know of no more mines now than Loughton and Maybank did when you came hither. It's probable they have heard talk of a mineral upon the Savanno River, which glisters like silver oar, but they neither know the place where it is nor the value of it. I have had several parcels of it fluxed, and have found in some of it upwards of a pennyweight of fine silver. I have now sent to have greater quantities essayed. If it answers expectation, I will have a house built there, and put persons there to look after it. If you could get for me a tailor and a carpenter, though on condition to pay them reasonable wages annually, you will oblige etc. Ja. Moore. Endorsed, Recd. from Mr. Cutler and Read May 15, 1701. 2 pp. Addressed and Sealed. [Board of Trade. Proprieties, 5. No. 84; and 27. pp. 97, 98.]
Dec. 28. 1060. Minutes of Council of New York. His Excellency produced a letter from Richd. Shute, J.P., for the County of West Chester, informing him that, tho' the Grand Jury had presented Peter Villepontoon for the murder of David Burgett, yet William Barns, J.P., Chairman of the Court of Sessions, had favoured his escape. Ordered that the High Sheriff attend on Jan. 2, bringing with him William Barns, Robert Bloomer of New Rochell, and Benjamin Collier, Clerk, who is to bring with him all the evidences relating to that matter.
Memorial of the Mayor, Recorder, and Aldermen of New York read. Ordered that the persons complained against be served with a copy and summoned to appear before the Board. His Excellency produced a Bill of Exchange drawn by Thomas Weaver on himself and Council for £425 sterl., great part whereof accrues due to him by virtue of a Commission from His Majesty, appointing him Collector and Receiver General of this Province, with salary of £200 per annum, commencing March 25, 1699. The Council are of opinion that it is a great hardship that this Province should be obliged to pay a Commissioner of Customs that now officiates in the absence of Mr. Weaver, who has the King's Letters Patents for the said office, and yet remains in England, and humbly request His Excellency to represent to His Majesty the great hardship such payment will be to the Province, at a time when the Revenue is so very much anticipated, and so many necessary services unperformed for want of money.
Petition of Jacob Mauritz and Johannes Provoost, previously referred to Col. Stephen Cortlandt and Samuel Staats, the former of whom is since dead, referred to the members of the Board now present. [Board of Trade. New York, 72. pp. 395–397.]
Dec. 30.
1061. His Majesty the King to Governor Nicholson. Whereas we have thought fit that all due encouragement be given to the College of William and Mary, lately founded in our Town of Williamsburgh for promoting Religion and Learning in those parts, we do earnestly recommend the same to you, willing and requiring you to do whatever lyes in you for the due encouraging the said College, and in particular that you call upon the persons that have promised to contribute towards the maintenance of the said College to pay in forthwith their several contributions, to the end so good and pious a work may be carryed on for the general benefit of that country. Countersigned, Ja. Vernon. Endorsed, Recd. Read Jan. 29, 1700/1. Copy. 1 p. [Board of Trade. Virginia, 9. No. 5; and 38. pp. 69, 70.]
Dec. 30.
1062. His Majesty the King to Governor Nicholson, directing the admission of Dr. James Blair to be one of the Council of Virginia. Countersigned, Ja. Vernon. Endorsed, Recd. Read Jan. 29, 1700/1. Copy. 1 p. [Board of Trade. Virginia, 9. No. 6; and 38. p. 69.]
Dec. 30.
1063. Journal of Council of Trade and Plantations. Rear-Admiral Bembow, attending, informed their Lordships in some matters which were enquired of him relating to the security of Jamaica. Ordered that a letter be writ to him, in order to his more particular answers in writing.
Capt. Bennet, attending, said that he hears the forts of Bermudas are in pretty good condition, but that the guns are generally defective. He promised to put in writing what he thought fit to propose for the security of the Island.
Letter from Mr. Secretary Vernon, Dec. 25, read. Directions thereupon given for draughts of letters from His Majesty to the Governors of the Plantations on the Continent, relating to their security.
Order of Council, Dec. 5, upon the petition of John Lodder and others, and Order of Council, Dec. 12, upon the petition of Isaac Hawkins and others, and an Order of Council of Dec. 19, upon the petition of Thomas Hodges, all relating to the administration of justice in Barbadoes, were read. Petitioners ordered to attend on Friday.
It having been signified to their Lordships that a Collection of the Laws of Barbadoes has been lately printed, ordered that the Secretary desire the agents to furnish them therewith.
Dec. 31. Draught of a letter, to be writ by His Majesty to Lord Bellomont relating to the Forts necessary to be built and maintained by the Government of the Massachusets Bay, was agreed upon.
Progress made with a Report to be made upon the State of the Forts and Fortifications in all His Majesty's Plantations on the Continent of America. [Board of Trade. Journal, 13. pp. 299–302; and 97. Nos. 226, 227.]
Dec. 31.
1064. William Popple to John Benbow, Reere-Admiral of the Blew. The Council of Trade and Plantations being sensible of the importance of the observations that you have made in your voyage to the West Indies with relation to His Majesty's service and the interest and security of his Dominions in those parts, desire you to lay before them in writing whatsoever observations of that kinde you judge may be most useful to those ends. And more particularly in relation to the Island of Jamaica, they desire you would give them your thoughts upon the several channels, bays or other places, by which it may be attacked, especially the Leeward Channel, that lies to the South Westward of Port Royal and leads into Kingstone Harbour; as likewise your opinion concerning the fortifications that are at present upon that island, and what more and of what kinds you judge needful for the security thereof, and where any such further fortifications may be properly built, whether at Musketo Point, Vere, Old Harbour or elsewhere, together with anything else that you judge proper for their Lordships' information in order to His Majesty's service there. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 57. pp. 111, 112.]
Dec. 31.
1065. William Penn to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Since my last by Capt. Jeffreys from N. York, a duplicate of which I intended by this opertunity, but now cannot, it is come to my knowledge that Bradenham, Kid's Doctor, who, with two more, we hear is dead, left of his treasure 624 pieces of Arabian and Christian gold, which makes about 414l., this money, in the hands of the Minister of the Church of England, as ye safest Vestry or Sanctuary he could finde in these parts for his treasure. What silver and gould ye Government seiz'd, was by me sent home with him, and that without deductions, save 40 Lyon dollars for his journey to Boston. But it has so happened that this Parson, Edward Portlock, is removed into Maryland or Virginia, and doubtless the gould with him, except such proportions as he payd here, which gave indeed ye first grounds of jealousy, but the character of the person considered with the sentiments of those that had most dealing with him, and my being at Newcastle, 40 miles from hence, holding a General Assembly, those jealousys were not improved so effectually and early as they might have been. However, those honourable gentlemen, Governor Blakiston and Govr. Nicolson, will doubtless take him to task, so soon as my letters come to hand. In ye meantime I have found 100 pieces more of Bradenham's in this town, in ye hands of a brother Doctor, upon ye intimation of one Charles Sober. Hall is a sober man, and pretends that it was left him with some books of ye profession as pay for both phisick and attendance during Bradenham's sickness last Fall in this town; but tho' it may be true, for those sparks are generous, getting it easily themselves, yet taking it in a clandestine manner and giving a receipt for it to Sober, to be accountable for it when called for, overthrew his pretensions of a gift, no man being accountable for rewards. This I have secured for the King. I have writ to Secretary Vernon of it. Both these gentlemen are of the same Church with the parson Portlock, and one of them of the Vestry. In short they have got this notion among them, that anybody may receive and conceal the Treasure of men under suspicion of pyracy, till they are convicted of it, of which the Lawyers, at least some of them, are very confident; which weakens the Magistrates' hands, and encourages other men to hold theirs close, in favour of those people's evil gotten goods: of which your advice would be very grateful. It is for the King's service and therefore the business of ye King's Council to inform the Governors. Refers to enclosures. I must add that, while the Parson used us in ye pulpit as he pleased, and invighed against the Quakers for not fighting against pyrates, those common enimys of mankinde, he was actually possest of the 624 pieces of piratical gould, as I may phraise it, and it was endeavoured by some of ye law, and other advisers of his of ye same kidney, not to confess anything, nor to lett this Government have yt advantage to recommend itselfe, and that they should warrant him he should come off bravely. I saw this plain enough, by his greater coldness and firmness, even to be sawcy, as also by ye temper of ye people yt came to him, of which I was carefull to inform myselfe. I was attack'd in Counsel as well as alone; heard the arguments of his Counsel here and from York, was counted arbitrary and overrighteous, even by those yt had faulted the former conduct of this Government, and which is more, and most true, they take advantage of ye dissatisfaction of those, to my prejudice, whom I have only offended by my zeale against forbidden trade and looseness. I beg your answer to my letters, with the King's directions for my conduct, which with the best of my skill I shall endeavour to follow, for the service of ye Crown, which is certainly the good of Ould England, and therein, I hope, of Pennsylvania. Signed, Wm. Penn. P.S.—This goes inclosed to the Earle of Bellomont for a conveyance. Endorsed, Recd. Feb. 24, 1700/1. Read April 1. Holograph. 5 pp. Enclosed.
1065. i. Abstract of preceding, with marginal note for reply. 1½ pp.
1065. ii. Copy of the Heads discoursed at New York, with a note as to what was added, Dec. 13, by Mr. Penn. (See Dec. 8.) Signed, Wm. Penn. Endorsed, Recd. Feb. 24, 1700/1. 1¾ pp.
1065. iii. Copy of Deposition of Charles Sober, Physician of Philadelphia. Bradinham gave him two small parcels to deliver to William Hall, Innkeeper and Physician, which he did. He gave Bradinham a letter of credit on John Frizil, a merchant of Boston, and Bradinham sent to him from Boston a Bill on Edward Portlock, then Minister of the English Church in Philadelphia. Robt. Bradinham also left with him a letter addressed to Mr. James Watson, London, which, hearing that Portlock had made several payments in foreign gold, he broke open, and in it found a bond subscribed by Edward Portlock payable to Robert Bradinham, his heirs etc. Signed, Charles Sober. Attested before me at Philadelphia, Dec. 28. 1700. Wm. Penn. 1¾ pp.
1065. iv. Copy of Bond of Edward Portlock for the money left with him by Bradinham. March 9, 1699 (1700). ¾ p. iii. and iv. endorsed, Recd. Feb. 24, 1700/1.
1065. v. Copy of letter from E. Randolph to Wm. Clark, Collector of Customs in Pennsylvania about negotiating pardons for pirates. Pocamoke, Nov. 5, 1692. Same endorsement. 1 p. [Board of Trade. Proprieties, 5. Nos. 85, 85.i–v.; and (without enclosures) 27. pp. 33–38.]
1066. Acts of Antigua, 1700. [Board of Trade. Acts. Antigua, 1. pp. 91–107.]
1067. Acts of Barbados. Passed in General Assembly, 1700. [Board of Trade. Acts. Barbados, 2. pp. 81–145.]
1068. Acts of Pennsylvania. Passed in General Assembly, 1700. [Board of Trade. Acts. Pennsylvania, 1. pp. 1–86; and 3. pp. 1–33.]
1069. Printed Acts of Barbados, 1700. [America and West Indies. Barbados, 455. pp. 195–199.]
1070. List of Acts passed in Bermuda, Bahamas, Barbados and Jamaica, 1700. [Board of Trade. Acts. Bermuda, 1. passim.]
1071. Acts of Jamaica, 1700. [Board of Trade. Acts. Jamaica, No. 1.]
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