America and West Indies: Miscellaneous, 1700

Pages 775-776

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 18, 1700. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1910.

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Miscellaneous 1700

[? 1700.] 1083. Humble Address of the Governor, Council and Representatives of New Hampshire to the King. We bless God that you have rescued the liberties of England and all Europe from Popish tyranny and oppression. The present peace, which, under God, we owe to your Majesty's matchless bravery and conduct, is a welcome relaxation to us that are but a handful of people in this little Province, and have had to do all the late war with a barbarous and treacherous enemy, the Eastern Indians, whose bloody nature and perfidy have been much aggravated of late years by Popish emissaries from France, who have taught 'em that breaking faith with and murdering us is the sure way to gain Paradise, and so far have they deluded them with their enchantments and vile superstition, that they are taught to spare neither age nor sex, having killed and scalped all except a very few, both old and young that came within their power. We know not how long these bloody Indians will forbear hostilities, the French missionaries continuing among them and poisoning them with their hellish doctrines. We have great reason to bless God for your Majesty's uniting the Province of New York to that of Massachusetts Bay and this Province under the Government of the Earl of Bellomont, it being the happiest step your Majesty could have made for our protection, inasmuch as it is the likeliest way to subdue or exterminate these Eastern Indians, that infest us, to engage the Five Nations in New York, who have always been a terror to 'em, to make war upon 'em. We pray that after a long and prosperous reign your Majesty may receive an immortal crown of glory, as a reward of the unspeakable blessings you have brought to your subjects. Signed, Bellomont, Wm. Partridge, John Hinckes, Nath. Fryer, Peter Coffin, Robt. Elliot, John Gerrish, Richard Waldron, Saml. Penhallow, Speaker, John Pirkevin, Henry Dow, John Tuttle, John Woodman, John Smith, Moses Leavi, James Rendel, Joseph Swett, Nath. Hill, Theodore Attkinson. 1 p. Parchment. [America and West Indies. New Hampshire, 572. No. 6.]
[? 1700.] 1084. Certificate in favour of Joseph Haines, an officer who had done good service in Ireland and Flanders, but, imigrating to Jamaica, had through misfortune or malice of his wife been thrown into prison. The certificate is addressed to Sir William Beeston, and was signed by the Earl of Marlborough, and fifteen other gentlemen of repute. Copy. 1 p. [America and West Indies. 540, No. 53.]