America and West Indies: June 1701, 21-25

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 19, 1701. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1910.

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'America and West Indies: June 1701, 21-25', in Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 19, 1701, (London, 1910) pp. 310-318. British History Online [accessed 12 April 2024]

June 1701

June 21. Upon Sat. June 21, towards the evening, the Commissions and papers being prepared, H.E. went on board the Indian King, and a signal was given to call all the Masters and Commanders to come on board, but being very dark and rainy weather, which hindered there coming, H.E. returned on shore.
June 22. H.E. again went on board and delivered their Commissions to Capts. Whitakar, Cocke and Umfry, with their orders and instructions. Entered at length. The Masters and Commanders made an address to H.E. for the indefatigable pains he had taken for their safety.
List of merchantmen, and their sailing instructions under convoy of Capt. Nevil, H.M.S. Lincoln. Entered at length. [C.O. 5, 1409. pp. 121–139, 130 (A), 131 (A).]
June 21.
567. Robert Livingston to the Council of Trade and Plantations. This goes to cover the inclosed duplicate of my observations upon the late Lord Bellomont's propositions for ye security and defence of N. Yorke, May 13, with the two schemes for ye security of this Province, one in time of peace, the other in time of warr, the original being sent by Capt. Dixon, who went from N. York about a month agoe, since the sending of which I was fully determined to have gone to England myself by a briggateen that putt in here from Jamaica, to waite upon your Lordships, but our Lieut.-Governor, who arrived from Barbados, disswaded me, because he had sent to speake to ye Five Nations at Albany ye first week of next month, and required my attendance on yt. service, which I conceived my duty to obey. The reasons which induc'd me to so sudden a resolution was these three: (1) To vindicate myself of that aspersion of ye late Lord Bellomont's, mentioned in his letter to your Lordships of ye 8 of July, 1699, of which I perceive you take particular notice in ye letter to him of ye 30th of Oct., 1700. Duncan Campbell was accidentally at New York, when I had ye knowledge thereof, who hath taken his oath that I never did confederate, propose or agree or in any manner contrive with him, directly or indirectly, to imbezzle any of Kidd's effects, so that this was a meer jealousy of his late Lordship at that time, without any ground, of which he was satisfied four days after when I took my oath before his Lordship and the Council of Boston, which his Lordship's multiplicity of businesse caus'd him ommitt to inform your Lordships of, as his letter to me since, ye original whereof sent over to my Correspondent, to be laid before you, with Campbell's deposition, will make appear. (2) I have so farr exhausted my estate in ye King's service that I am not only become disabled to carry on my trade of Merchandize, but must be totally ruin'd, without your Lordships' redress, as ye inclosed abstract will demonstrate amounting to 3,412l. 7s. 1¼ d., being reduc'd to that low estate for want of my money due by ye Crown, that I am forc'd to take up money at 10 per cent. to pay those debts I contracted to subsist ye King's forces. Moreover ye Earl of Bellomont granted me warrants last fall for 5½ years' salary pursuant to ye King's Commission, which I assigned over to ye merchants for ye payment of debts that I had contracted for the victualling, and afterwards makes an Order of Council, Jan. 30, to stop ye payment thereof, whereby ye merchants all fall upon me, and are like to tear me to pieces. (3) The third reason was to satisfy you on anything relating to those schemes I presum'd to transmit, or anything else that might conduce to ye defence and security of this Province or about ye Indians. I shall not detain you any longer, having sent over my case stated to my correspondent to be laid before you. As to the offices I have formerly executed so many years in this Province, I am willing to continue ye execution of, or to lay down as your Lordships shall conceive most for H.M. service. Signed, Robt. Livingston. Endorsed, Recd. Read Sept. 1, 1701. 2¾ pp. Enclosed,
567. i. Account of money due to Rt. Livingston. (See preceding abstract.) Albany, June 21, 1701. Signed, Robert Livingstone. Endorsed, Recd. Sept. 1, 1701. 1 p. [C.O. 5, 1046. Nos. 22, 22 i.; and (without enclosure) 5, 1118. pp. 404–406.]
June 23.
568. Mr. Secretary Vernon to the Council of Trade and Plantations. His Majesty commands me to send your Lordships the enclosed copys of a letter and other papers from the Council of New Yorke [to the same effect as the letter to the Board, March 10] which His Majesty would have you consider, and lay before him what you thinke necessary to be represented concerning the state of that Province; and that you likewise acquaint him at the same time with what you have received from the Council of New England relating to their present condition and circumstances. Signed, Ja. Vernon. Endorsed, Recd. Read June 24, 1701. ¾ p. [C.O. 5, 1046. No. 23; and 5, 1118. p. 295.]
June 23. 569. Memorandum of letter from Mr. Secretary Vernon June 23, 1701, to the Council of Trade and Plantations, relating to the Forts of New York and New England. Endorsed, Recd. Read June 24, 1701. ½ p. [C.O. 5, 862. No. 61.]
June 23.
570. Minutes of Council of the Massachusetts Bay. John Gyles, Interpreter and one of the Garrison at H.M. Fort at Cascobay, paid at the rate of 15s. per week. [C.O. 5, 788. p. 65.]
June 23. 571. Minutes of Council in Assembly of the Massachusetts Bay. Bill to vacate clandestine and illegal purchases of lands made from the Indians was read a first and second time and committed.
June 24. The Committee reported that the Bill providing in cases of sickness, as committed to them, be rejected, and a new Bill be drawn agreeable to their proposals. A new Bill being accordingly drawn up was read a first and second time and past to be ingrossed, and sent down.
The Committee made a similar report upon the Bill committed June 23. A new Bill was accordingly drawn, read a first and second time and committed.
Bill for granting several rates and duties, sent up, was read and passed and received H.E.'s consent.
22l. ordered to be paid to Capt. Samuel Legg on account of freight of soldiers' cloathing, etc., in 1686.
June 25. Bill to prevent clandestine and illegal purchases of lands from the Indians was read with amendments, passed and sent down.
125l. ordered to be allowed to James Russell.
Joint Committee of both Houses appointed to consider the petition of Joseph Hammond and others of the County of York relating to the imposition of tunnage and other duties laid by the Government of New Hampshire upon vessels passing up Piscataqua River to that part of this Province, and to make report thereon.
James Taylor was anew elected to be Treasurer and Receiver General.
William Payne was anew elected to be Commissioner and Receiver of the duties of impost and tunnage of shipping granted this Session.
Ordered that 16l. be allowed for the rent of the room taken and improved by the Commissioner of Imposts for the two years past.
The resolve of the Representatives, passing the accounts of James Taylor, Treasurer, was concurred with, and received H.E.'s consent.
Bill providing in case of sickness, sent up, was read and passed, and received H.E.'s consent.
Report of Committee to draw up an Address to H.M. was read and sent down. [C.O. 5, 788. pp. 284–288.]
June 24. 572. (1) Abstract of the money issued for the New York Companies from April 1, 1692. Endorsed, Recd. from Mr. Champante. Read June 24, 1701. 1 p.
(2) State of the arrear due to the same, since March 26, 1699, 4,573l. 8s. Signed, J. Champanté. Mem.—The last remittances for the above not being arrived at the time of Lord Bellomont's death, the Council in the then exigency have drawn upon me for 300l., which I cannot answer without some authority to receive the growing pay due to the said Four Companies. Same endorsement. 1 p. [C.O. 5, 1046. Nos. 24, 25; and 5, 1118. pp. 293, 294.]
June 24.
Virginia, by
Cape Henry,
on board
573. Governor Nicholson to the Council of Trade and Plantations. I thank God that this Colony is in peace and quietness, yt. H.M. Revenue both of ye 2s. per hhd. etc., likewise of ye quit-rents, increase very well this year, and hitherto there is great appearance of a plentiful year of all kinds of ye country produce. And if any enemy should come to disturb us, I hope in God we shall be too hard for ym. I have communicated your Lordships' letters of Aug. 1 and 21, of Xber 3 and 4, 1700, and of Feb. 8, 1700/1 to the Council, and Orders and Directions have been given according to your commands therein. I have also received H.M. Royal Commission for ye trial of pyrats etc., and ye 19th inst. I had an opportunity of sending an attested copy thereof, as also of H.M. letters to me Feb. 10, 1700, and Feb. 2, 1701, to the Governors of South and North Carolina. What your Lordships write, Feb. 18, concerning stores, etc., hath been according to our duty maturely considered by the Council and myself, and we humbly beg to refer you to our proceedings in Council, May 9, 1699, with what was done thereupon by the House of Burgesses, June 2, 1699, being still of the same opinion. And we hope in God yt. shortly a safe opportunity will present of transmitting all the Journals etc., and yn. shall humbly offer the reasons for not sending ym. now, tho' they be all ready. The Committee for revising the Laws sit every moneth, and I hope in God yt. this summer they will complete ye whole body, so yt. they may be transmitted to your Lordships. The Assembly is prorogued to ye 6th of August. I hope in God there will be no occasion for their sitting till 7 ber or 8 ber. What directions you sent me, Aug. 20, and likewise what you ordered your Secretary to write to me, shall (God willing) according to my duty be punctually observed by me. Signed, Fr. Nicholson. P.S.—Edward Hill, one of H.M. Council, is dead, as likewise Ralph Wormley, Secretary. I have not found it absolutely necessary to appoint one to succeed him in ye Secretary's place; but hope H.M. will be graciously pleased to commissionate one to be Secretary, and yt. he may be obliged to live at H.M. Town of Williamsburgh, and yt. Orders may be sent how the perquisites of yt. office shall be disposed of from ye death of ye late Secretary Wormley. On ye 9th inst. ye Revd. James Blair was admitted to H.M. Council. Your Lordships were pleased to write yt. Mr. Lewis Burwell was to be one of H.M. Council, but as yet H.M. royal commands have not been received by Fr. N. Endorsed, Recd. 6th, Read Aug. 13, 1701. Holograph. 2¾ pp. [C.O. 5, 1312. No. 13; and (duplicate) 5, 1339. No. 2; and 5, 1360. pp. 90–93.]
June 24.
Virginia, by
Cape Henry,
574. Governor Nicholson to William Popple. I have received your letter of Aug. 21, and you may be assured yt. I will observe their Lordships' order and directions, which you sent me. There is no getting of good paper, and having it ruled etc. in this country: therefore beg ye favour yt. you would be pleased to move their Lordships to order what sort of paper they would have me write on. What you write concerning Naval Officers' accompts, I sent copys both to ym. and to ye Collectors, with orders yt. for ye future they might make their lists accordingly. But I fear they cannot get suitable paper; therefore I must also desire you to move their Lordships about what sort of paper their Lordships would have their lists transmitted to ym. on. I beg yt. they would be pleased to give directions to ye Stationer both about my own paper and yt. for ye lists, and I shall write to my merchant, Mr. Micajah Perry, to pay for the said paper etc. Signed, Fr. Nicholson. P.S.—In December last I desired ye Revd. Mr. James Blair to write to you, which hope you received, and yt. you made my excuse to their Lordships. I am now pretty well recovered, thank God. Endorsed, Recd. 6th, Read Aug. 13, 1701. Holograph. ¾ p. [C.O. 5, 1312. No. 14; and (duplicate) 5, 1339. No. 3; and 5, 1360. p. 94.]
June 24. 575. Journal of Council of Trade and Plantations. Order of Council, June 19, read, and Lieut. Wingfield desiring to be informed what was done in that matter, the same was communicated to him.
The Lord Cornbury and Mr. Champante attending in pursuance of the directions of this Board at their last meeting, Mr. Champante laid before the Board a state of the arrear due to the Four Companies in New York since March 26, 1699, as likewise an abstract of the money issued for the New York Companies, April 1, 1692–May 20, 1701, inclusively. And upon consideration of the first of those accounts, directions were given for preparing a letter from this Board to the Treasury, in order to the continuing of a method for receiving and remitting the subsistence or pay of the soldiers at New York from time to time. The Lord Cornbury further desired their Lordships would please to move H.M. that Col. Romer may be directed to stay at New York until his Lordship's arrival there, and so much longer as may be neccessary, whereupon directions were given for representing that matter to H.M. accordingly.
Ordered that in preparing the draughts of Commissions for Lord Cornbury for the Government of New York, and Col. Dudley for the Government of New England, the command of the militia of Connecticut, which was given to the Earl of Bellomont in his Commission for the Massachusets Bay, be now omitted in that Commission to be given to Col. Dudley, and put into the Lord Cornbury's Commission for New York.
Col. Dudley desiring that some method may be taken for disposing the Assembly of the Massachusets Bay to settle the salary upon H.M. Governor of that Province, directions were given for preparing an article for that purpose, to be inserted in the Instructions to be given him.
Further directions were also given in relation to the Lord Cornbury's and Col. Dudley's Instructions, as likewise in relation to a Representation to be presented to H.M. concerning the Governments of New England and New York.
Order of Council, June 5, upon the petition of Mr. William Spencer for the Secretary's place of Virginia, was read. And Mr. Spencer himself being present, he was acquainted that the Board did expect letters from Governor Nicholson, with an account of the vacancy of that place, before they intended to report upon it.
Letter from Mr. Secretary Vernon, June 23, relating to the Governments of New York and New England, was now received and read. And the papers inclosed in it were laid before the Board.
June 25. Several letters and papers lately received from the Plantations were laid before the Board:—Letter from the Council of Barbados, April 15, 1701, in answer to complaints of the delays of Justice, with enclosures; Letter from Governor Grey, April 28, with enclosures; Letter from the Council of New York, March 10, with enclosures; Letter from Governor Codrington, May 5; Letter from Mr. Addington, April 23, with enclosures. Letters from Lieut.-Governor Stoughton, April 10 and 28, were read and directions given for preparing a Representation relating to the Government of the Massachusetts Bay.
The forementioned letter from the Council of New York was also read, and a letter from this Board to the Lords of the Treasury, as ordered yesterday, relating to the Forces there, was now signed and delivered to Mr. Champante.
The draught of a Commission for Col. Dudley, to be Governor of the Massachusets Bay, was agreed upon and ordered to be transcribed.
The forementioned letter from Col. Codrington, May 5, was read, and directions thereupon given for some addition to the letter to him that was lately ordered to be prepared. [Board of Trade. Journal, 14. pp. 65–76; and 98. Nos. 107, 108.]
June 24.
St. Jago de
la Vega.
576. Minutes of Council in Assembly of Jamaica. Assembly-men returned took the oaths and Test.
St. Catherine's Francis Rose.
St. Catherine's Matthew Gregory.
St. Catherine's Hugh Totterdell.
Port Royall Marmaduke Freeman.
Port Royall William Hutchinson.
Port Royall John Lewis.
Kingston. Thomas Clarke.
Kingston. John East.
Kingston. George Bennett.
St. David's. Edward Turner.
St. David's. John Cossley.
St. Thomas. Edward Stanton.
St. Thomas. John Blair.
St. Andrew's. Thomas Clarke, Senr.
St. Andrew's. Edmund Edlyne.
St. George's. John Ellis, Junr.
St. George's. Robert Nedham.
St. Marye's. John Ellis, Senr.
St. Marye's. Dr. Thomas Trapham.
St. Ann's. George Ivy.
St. Ann's. William Axtell.
St. James'. Whitgift Aylemer, Esq.
St. James'. Richard Bathurst.
St. John's. Col. Whitgif Aylemer.
St. John's. John Freeman.
St. Dorothy's. John Bonner.
St. Dorothy's. David Masters.
Clarendon. Thomas Sutton.
Clarendon. Charles Long.
Vere. Andrew Langley.
Vere. George Ivy.
St. Elizabeth's. Odoardo Lewis.
St. Elizabeth's. Thomas Raby.
St. Thomas in the Vale. William Nedham.
St. Thomas in the Vale. Archer Martin.
They were summoned to attend H.E., who directed them to choose a Speaker. They chose Col. Langley, whom H.E. approved, and then addressed them:—"I should not have given the country nor yourselves the trouble of calling you together at this time, when we seem to be hourly threatened with a warr, but a considerable support to the safety and good of the Government, the additional duty on wines imported and negroes exported, being to determine the seaventeenth of the next month, without which the gentlemen of the Council well know, and you will find by experience, if you looke on the Receiver General's accounts, the ordinary Revenue raised by the Act for that purpose will not defray the common besides the contingent charges of the Island, and if the warr does break out, and wee be forced to draw our strength together, I need not tell you what occasion we shall have for money to subsist us in provisions etc. I do therefore earnestly recommend to you that you raise this Bill againe, and that you will use what dispatch in it you can, it being a thing that will not require much time or trouble to accomplish, because that I am desirous wee may apply ourselves to our defence, and therefore shall propose nothing more to you now. Though if you think anything necessary to be done about the Regiment of soldiers now arrived, or ready material for H.M. service, and the good of the Island, that may not take up too much time or debate, I shall not be unwilling to hear it. ..." Which being ended, Col. Langley made a hansome speech, praying usuall privileges and access etc. [C.O. 140, 6. pp. 363–366.]
June 24. 577. Minutes of Council in Assembly of Bermuda. Act for the speedy reparation of the Castle read a second time, amended, and passed. [C.O. 40, 2. p. 38.]
June 24. 578. Journal of Assembly of Bermuda. Conference between the two Houses appointed. Act for the speedy reparation of the Castle, Forts and Platforms returned with amendment.
June 25. Ordered that an Act be drawn up for four daies of humiliation to be kept and celebrated in an anniversary course in these islands, for deprecating divine judgments.
Ordered to be annexed to the articles of complaint against Edward Jones, Provost Marshall:—(a) He hath publickly declared his refusal to serve any warrant or to be subject to any precept of the Justices of the Peace, by which refusal he hath rendered himself uncapable of holding his office; (b) by pretence of a warrant of the late Governor, Day, he seized the goods of Benjamin Wainwright, insomuch as the very bed from under the poor man, his wife and children, and at the same time by pretence of the same warrant arrested him and carried him to gaol, and there hath most illegally detained him for 10 weeks without any legal process or trial.
June 26. Acts for preventing extortion and repairing the forts were sent up, and were returned passed by the Governor and Council. [C.O. 40, 2. pp. 262, 263.]
June 25.
579. Council of Trade and Plantations to the Treasury. We have lately received a letter from the Council of New York, March 10, giving us an account that the Province did then lye under great difficulties for the subsistence of the forces there, for which there is no provision but what they are obliged to advance weekly by private credit; that upon the omission of one week's subsistence the said forces would all desert the garrisons and disperse; that the said Council tho' they had no publick fund did hope to subsist them for one month; that they desire us to recommend Mr. Champanteé, the Earl of Bellomont's Attorney, for the pay of the Forces to your Lordships that he may be continued still in that imployment, and may have directions to remit thither by Bills of Exchange what subsistence or pay he shall receive for those forces from the time of the Earl of Bellomont's death; the consideration of all which obliges us to lay before your Lordships the inclosed account of the arrears due to the 4 companies now in New York. And whereas Mr. Champanteé, by the death of the Earl of Bellomont, is no longer authorized to receive the said arrears, we offer whether your Lordships would not please to direct that he may give security in the Exchequer for the due accounting for and paying what your Lordships shall think fit to order him to receive of the pay and support of the said Companys, which by the foresaid letter seems to be necessary to be speedily taken care of. Signed, Stamford, Ph. Meadows, Wm. Blathwayt, Abr. Hill, Mat. Prior. [C.O. 5, 1118. pp. 301, 302; and 5, 1079. No. 73.]
June 25.
580. Governor Grey to the Council of Trade and Plantations. I enclose the names of six persons whom I think well qualified to serve H.M. in Council here:—Thomas Drax, a gent. that has two very considerable estates here, one with three and the other with two mills. Tho. Hothersall, a gent., whose father had the honour to serve in Council, and who inherits his very considerable estate. Wm. Heysham, one of the most considerable merchants in these parts, and lays out near 20,000l. every year in the produce of the Island. Tho. Maycock, a gent. whose grandfather settled the estate whereon he now lives, and has two very good windmills. Jonathan Downes, a gent. of a very considerable estate, very well built and handed, with one new mill. Wm. Adams, a gent. of a very good character. Has lately purchas'd a very considerable estate. If your Lordshipps command the names and characters of any more to serve H.M. in that station, I shall obey. The 12th inst. I visited the Windward Fortifications, the 13th I reviewed the Windward Regiments, the 16th I visited the Leeward Forts, the 17th reviewed the Leeward Regiments; the Royal Regiment of Foot Guards, commanded by Col. Wheeler I have not now reviewed by reason several officers were gone off. I shall take care for the speedy doing it, after which shall give your Lordships an account of the wants of the several forts, and have directed the Surveyor General to prepare a list accordingly. Annexed,
580. i. Abstract of preceding. Signed, R. Grey. Endorsed, Recd. 16. Read Aug. 19, 1701. 2¼ pp. [C.O. 28, 6. No. 7; and 29, 7. pp. 375–377.]