America and West Indies: June 1701, 26-30

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 19, 1701. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1910.

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'America and West Indies: June 1701, 26-30', in Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 19, 1701, (London, 1910) pp. 318-330. British History Online [accessed 11 April 2024]

June 1701

June 26.
581. Council of Trade and Plantations to Governor Codrington. We have not received any letter from you since ours of May 23 last, but wait with impatience for the account that we then mentioned relating to what may be necessary for the defence of the Islands under your Government. We send you copies of what we writ to Mr. Attorney and Solicitor General and their answers upon the difficulties you proposed as to endenized foreigners and Capt. Norton's forfeit. You will have seen by the Order of Council, which we sent you in our last, that the King has been pleased to appoint Col. Hodges, whom you had put in, to be Lieut.-Governor of Mountserat. But as complaints have been made to us that former Lieut.-Governors of that Island by countenancing frivolous seizures of vessels, obstructing the due current of the laws against debtors and otherwise, have given great discouragement to traders, and that the putting authority into the hands of Planters, Traders and those who have particular concerns in the country may prove of ill consequence by their partiallity towards their own interest, and the opportunity they may have to prejudice others, we desire you to caution Col. Hodges against all such unwarrantable proceedings, and yourself also to have a watchful eye upon the conduct of all persons under your Government, whose circumstances give occasion for suggestions of this nature, and more particularly the Officers of the Customs, who ingage themselves in trade. As we were writing this letter, we have received yours of May 5, containing chiefly some general hints of disorders in the Islands under your Government, and of the ill state of St. Christophers and the care you were taking to provide for the better security thereof in case of a war. But we wish you had also particularized what you conceive necessary to be sent from hence, that we might have represented our opinion thereupon to H.M. However, in the meanwhile applications having been made for the Government of St. Christophers and the Independent Company there by Lieut. Harris and Lieut. Wingfield, who have both served in the Army during the late War, and the former went over with Col. Collingwood's Regiment to the Leeward Islands, where he continued until that Regiment was broke, H.M. has thought fit to order that you send a speedy account of the state of that Island, and that you recommend such person for that Government and Company as you may judge most proper, and in the meanwhile H.M. leaves it to you to take the best methods for the governing and securing the same. And you are to give us an account of your proceedings therein by the first opertunity. And whereas we observe by instructions to former Governors that they were obliged to reside at St. Christophers, as a place where their presence might be most wanted, we do accordingly recommend to you that your residence be there as constant as may be, with regard to the security of the other Islands under your Government. Signed, Stamford, Ph. Meadows, Wm. Blathwayt, Abr. Hill, Mat. Prior. [C.O. 153, 7. pp. 196–199.]
June 26.
582. Council of Trade and Plantations to the King. In obedience to your Majesty's commands, we have prepared the annexed draught of a Commission for the Lord Cornbury to be Governor of New Yorke, with a clause for determining the Commission of Capt. John Nanfan, the present Lieut.-Governor. And we have added a clause empowering his Lordship to command the Militia of East and West New Jersey, as the Earl of Bellomont was impowered by his Commission for the Government of New Yorke; as likewise the Militia of Connecticut, which was comprehended in the Earl of Bellomont's Commission for the Massachusets Bay, but as we humbly conceive may be more conveniently in the hands of the Governor of New Yorke. We further humbly offer to your Majesty, that the Province of New Yorke having been several years at great expenses for the defence of their frontiers, there may be sent thither with the Lord Cornbury towards their defence, 100 light musketts, fifty barrils of powder, with ball proportionable, 6,000 flints, 100 granado shells, 6 drums and drum cords, proportionable, which may suffice at present upon his Lordship's memorial. We further humbly propose that Col. Romer, the Engineer, who has been imployed about the forts and fortifications necessary for the security of the Province, should inform his Lordship in all things relating thereunto, and therefore be directed to continue there till his Lordship's arrival, and so much longer as his Lordship shall find requisite. We likewise humbly offer that your Majesty would please to direct that his Lordship may have a Vice-Admiralty Commission for the Province of New York and the Colonies of Connecticut and of East and West New Jersey, and that orders be given for his passage to his Government as is usual. Signed, Stamford, Ph. Meadows, Wm. Blathwayt, Abr. Hill, Mat. Prior. [C.O. 5, 1118. pp. 302–304; and 5, 1079. No. 74.]
June 26. 583. Journal of Council of Trade and Plantations. Ordered that the Massachusetts Acts be sent to Mr. Solicitor General for his opinion thereupon in point of Law.
Letter to Col. Codrington signed.
Representation, relating to the Lord Cornbury's Commission for the Government of New York and other affairs of that Province, signed.
Draught of a Commission for Col. Dudley, to be Governor of New Hampshire, was agreed upon.
Letter from Mr. Secretary Vernon, June 18, referring to the consideration of this Board a Memorial of the Admiralty, relating to merchant ships, who wear H.M. colours upon pretence of Commissions from the Governors of Plantations, was read. Whereupon ordered that the Proclamation therein mentioned be procured and laid before the Board.
A memorial from Mr. Randolph, relating to his services and sufferings, was read.
June 27. Representation accompanying the draughts of Col. Dudley's Commissions for the Massachusets Bay and New Hampshire, was signed.
The Lord Cornbury presented to the Board a memorial for stores of war to be sent to New York, which was read; and some alterations were thereupon made in the Representation signed yesterday to accompany the draught of his Commission for that Province.
A memorial from Mr. Bass, relating to the state of the Jerseys, was read.
Order of Council, April 18, confirming an Act of Jamaica, was read.
Order of Council, May 22, relating to the settlement of the Revenue in Jamaica, read.
Order of Council, June 12, for conferring on Sir Thomas Lawrence the place of Secretary of Maryland, read.
Two Orders of Council, June 12, confirming the Acts of the Massachusets Bay, May 29, 1700, read.
Memorial in behalf of Mr. Skene, read. Directions given for preparing a letter to the Governor. [Board of Trade. Journal, 14. pp. 76–79; and 98. Nos. 109, 110.]
June 26. 584. Minutes of Council of New York. Letter from Capt. Bleeker and Capt. Schuyler at Onnondage with relation to the Five Nations, as also the propositions of the Schaakhook and Onnagongue Indians to the gentlemen at Albany appointed to manage the Indian affairs, June 21st, read.
Barne Cosens was sworn Clerk and Register of the High Court of Chancery.
100l. paid to Jean le Chevalier, joiner, for work done by him in H.M. Fort.
23l. 0s. 3d. paid to Capt. John Schuyler for repairing four blockhouses in Albany and the Fort there.
25l. 10s. 6d. paid to Peter de Riemer for making and mending glass windows in the Fort in New York.
Salaries paid to Barne Cosens, Clerk of the Council, and to Richard Stokes, Messenger.
Salary paid to Jacobus van Dyck, Chirurgion to the Fort at Schenectady.
Payment made to Joachim Staats for the passage of several soldiers and other things to Albany in August last.
65l. paid to Hendrick Hanson and Peter van Brugh for firewood for H.M. soldiers at Albany.
Petition of Abr. de la Noy read. Ordered that the will of Peter de la Noy be produced to this Board before any order be made on the petition.
The Collector reported upon the petition of Jacob Isaac, that the goods in question were shiped in England directly for this port. The Council ordered the Collector in this case to demand and receive of the petitioner the duty of 2 per cent. as if the said goods had been imported directly from England.
Petition of Mando, a free negro woman, on behalf of herself and Hagar, her child, was read. Ordered that Samuell Denton, the person complained against, be served with a copy, and appear before the Board on Aug. 2nd. In the meantime he is not to alienate, dispose of, transport or send out of this Government the said negro woman nor her child.
The Lieut.-Governor said that he had wrote to the Lieut.-Governor and Col. Romar, Ingineer, requiring the latter to attend him at Albany, in order to put the frontiers of this Province in a posture of defence, and read answers acquainting him that the Council and Assembly of that Province [Massachusets Bay] were of opinion that Col. Romar be detained at Boston, and not admitted to return to this Province till he had made an end of the fortifications they had engaged him in on Castle Island.
June 27. The Committee reported on Robert Sincklair's petition, that he in 1692 imported stores for H.M. service by order of the Board of Ordnance to this Province and never yett hath received any satisfaction. The reason of the delay appears to be that at the arrival of the Resolution into this Province, Col. Benjamin Fletcher being Governor, and Capt. Sincklair having brought several goods and servants of the said Governor from England at the same time, Col. Fletcher did refuse to pay him not only the money due to him for transporting the stores out of the Revenue, but also the money due for ye freight and passage of his servants and goods, and that both are due at this day. And for that Sincklair being a seafaring man and sometimes absent from this Province, and having neglected to make his demands in Lord Bellomont's time by reason that several other owners were concerned and did not apply, therefore no warrant hath heretofore passed. Payment of freight now ordered.
Jean Bachand, blacksmith, paid 30l. for finishing the work over the gate in Fort William Henry.
John Maddocks paid for several things furnished by him for the Fort.
1l. 10s. each paid to the messengers from Albany.
Several accounts for rum and other presents to the Indians and for the Governor's expedition to Albany were ordered to be paid. [C.O. 5, 1184. pp. 557–563.]
June 26. 585. Minutes of Council in Assembly of Jamaica. The Clerk and Messenger of the Assembly were sworn. There not being a quorum of the Council, the writs and returns of the elections of members were sent to the House as they desired.
June 27. The Assembly waited on H.E. and delivered their Address, promising to take care for the present subsistance of the Regiment lately arrived, and desiring a Committee of the Council to join them in drawing up an Address to H.E. on this occasion.
The Governor returned thanks.
June 28. Committee of both Houses appointed as desired above. Some heads of an address were drawn up and submitted to H.E. [C.O. 140, 6. pp. 366–368.]
June 26. 586. Minutes of Council in Assembly of the Massachusetts Bay. Bill to prevent clandestine purchases of lands, etc., sent up, was read and passed and received H.E.'s consent.
Resolve of the Representatives, that it is needful for the Province to have an Agent to negotiate their affairs in England, concurred with.
15l. allowed to the Town of Tisbury for their assistance in building a meeting-house.
Report of the Committee for addressing H.M., and a Memorial by them drawn up in answer to H.M. letters, was read and agreed to, as also their further Report that H.M. be addressed for a restoration of some of our former privileges, viz., choosing a Governor, Lieut.-Governor and Secretary, and such others as the Court should think fit. This Memorial and Report were sent down.
Bill for establishing of a Naval Officer and ascertaining of the fees, being drawn up by direction of the Board, was read a first time.
Several articles or clauses past by the Representatives to be drawn into a Bill in addition to the Act about Schools, and sent up, were read and concurred with. Ordered that a Bill be drawn up accordingly.
June 27. Bill for establishing of a Naval Officer, and for ascertaining of the Fees, was read a second time and passed.
Resolve of the Representatives, appointing a Committee to superintend the laying out of the Boundary between Dedham and Natick, sent up, was read and concurred with.
Resolve of the Representatives, accepting the report of the Committee for settling the boundaries of Bilrica, Concord and Chelmsford (given in full), was approved, and the boundaries settled accordingly.
Bill, in addition to the Act for the settlement and support of Schools and Schoolmasters, was read a first and second time, passed and sent down.
Bill prescribing the form of a warrant for collecting Town Rates and Assessments, sent up, was read a first time.
Resolve passed by the Representatives was concurred with, that the remaining debts contracted during the Government of Sir E. Andros, which were reported by the Committee, together with such further debts as they shall receive the claims of within the time limited for that end by this Court, be paid out of the tax to be granted at the present Session of this Court; and that the Committee be empowered to grant Debentures upon such claims till Oct. 7.
Resolve of the Representatives concurred with that Nicholas Picket, of Marblehead, a soldier wounded in H.M. service, be granted 7l. instead of 5l. yearly as formerly.
June 28. Bills, in addition to the Act for support of schools, etc., and for establishing a Naval Officer, sent up, were read and passed, and received H.E.'s consent.
Bill prescribing a form of a warrant for collecting town rates, etc., was read a second time and passed.
Bill for granting unto H.M. a tax upon polls and estates, sent up from the Representatives, was read a first time.
Report and Memorial of the Committee for addressing H.M. were returned by the Representatives with their agreement. The further report of the said Committee, that H.M. be addressed for restoration of some of our former privileges (see June 26), was returned with the non-agreement of the Representatives.
200l. allowed to James Taylor, for salary as Treasurer.
30l. allowed to James Maxwell, Doorkeeper of the Court.
Resolve of the Representatives concurred with, that the Committee appointed by this Court to lay out the money granted last year for fortifying Castle Island be a Committee, they or any two of them, to direct the laying out the money granted the present Session towards the fortifying said Island, and that they be duly satisfied for their service.
5l. allowed to the Town of Wells, and 5l. to York and 10l. to the precinct of Barwick in Kittery towards maintaining the Ministry there.
Committee appointed to consider the petition of the County of York relating to the imposition of tunnage, etc., laid by New Hampshire upon vessels passing up the Piscataqua, reported that a letter be written to the Government of New Hampshire representing to them their unkindness in laying an imposition of tunnage on the open sloops that go from hence into their Government to trade, and the unreasonableness and injuriousness of imposing the same on vessels that must pass into the River to the late Province of Main. This report was approved, sent down and returned with the concurrence of the Representatives, and resolve that Mr. Secretary write a letter accordingly. [C.O. 5, 788. pp. 288–293.]
June 27. 587. Minutes of Council in Assembly of Bermuda. Ordered that the affidavits against Daniel Smith do remain in the Secretary's office as a Record.
A complaint, from and in the name of the General Assembly, was exhibited against Edward Jones, Provost Marshall in 19 articles. The Board thereupon unanimously advised that he be suspended from his offices of Provost Marshall and Secretary until H.M. pleasure be further known. H.E. accordingly suspended him. Charles Minors was commissionated Secretary. Act for speedy reparation of the Castle ordered to be published throughout the Islands next Sunday or Lord's Day. [C.O. 40, 2. pp. 38, 39.]
June 27. 588. Journal of Assembly of Bermuda. Act for an imposition on liquors and sugars read and sent up.
Deputation attended the Governor to know his pleasure in order to adjournment. [C.O. 40, 2. p. 263.]
June 27.
589. William Popple to Sir John Hawles. Enclosing for his opinion in point of Law the Acts of the Massachusets Bay, Feb. 12, 1701. (Enumerated.) [C.O. 5, 909. pp. 433–435.]
June 27. 590. Humble memorial of Edward, Lord Viscount Cornbury to the Council of Trade and Plantations. H.M. Province of New York being the frontier of severall other H.M. Provinces in America, and being most exposed to the French in case of a warr with them, he humbly offers whether it may not be necessary to carry over with him some arms and ammunition for H.M. forces and garrisons, viz. light musquetts, powder, ball, flints, granado shells, drums and drum cords. It being of the highest consequence with regard to the safety of that Province to retain in H.M. obedience the Five Nations of Indians, and usual for every Governor of that Province to give them fresh assurances of H.M. favour, and to make them presents in his name, this is also humbly submitted to your Lordshipps' consideration. Signed, Cornbury. Endorsed, Recd. Read June 27, 1701. 1 p. [C.O. 5, 1046. No. 26; and 5, 1118. pp. 305, 306.]
June 27.
591. Council of Trade and Plantations to the King. Enclosing draft of Commissions for Col. Joseph Dudley. We further humbly offer that your Majesty would be pleased to direct that he may have also a Vice-Admiralty Commission for the Provinces and Colonies of the Massachusets Bay, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Providence Plantation and the Narraganset Country or King's Province, and that orders be likewise given for his passage to his Governments, with his goods and family, as is usual. And in obedience to your Majesty's further commands that we should lay before your Majesty what account we have lately received of the present condition and circumstances of New England, we humbly report that Mr. Stoughton has lately acquainted us that the said Province is unprovided of warlike stores for furnishing the forts and garrisons there, and that without your Majesty's assistance that Province, in case of a new war, will be exposed to very great hazards, for which reason he has desired us to move your Majesty to order some supplies of stores to be sent them from hence, which if your Majesty can well spare out of the stores of your ordnance here, we humbly conceive would be of great encouragement and use. But that Province being a numerous and wealthy Colony, injoying great priviledges by Charter and having been often required to provide for their own security at their own expence, we humbly offer that they be still pressed to do their duty in that particular, and that your Majesty would be graciously pleased to direct that 50 barrels of powder be immediately sent them by the first conveyance to answer the present exigency. Signed, Ph. Meadows, Wm. Blathwayt, Abr. Hill, Mat. Prior. [C.O. 5, 909. pp. 439–441.]
June 28.
592. Order of King in Council. The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty are to issue their Commission to Col. Dudley to to be Vice-Admiral, as recommended in preceding, and to give orders for his passage as is usual. Signed, John Povey. Endorsed, Recd. 9th. Read July 11, 1701. ¾ p. [C.O. 5, 862. No. 62; and 5, 909. pp. 442, 443.]
June 28.
593. Order of King in Council, approving of draughts of Commissions for Col. Dudley and ordering Mr. Secretary Vernon to prepare warrants for H.M. Royal signature accordingly. Signed, John Povey. Endorsed, Recd. 9th. Read July 11, 1701. ¾ p. [C.O. 5, 862. No. 63; and 5, 909. pp. 443, 444.]
June 28.
594. Order of King in Council. Directing that the Earl of Romney, Master General of Ordnance, give the necessary directions for issuing out of H.M. Stores to Col. Dudley, Governor of the Massachusets Bay, 50 barrils of powder to be immediately sent to the said Province by the first conveyance to answer their present exigency, which is not hereafter to be drawn into presedent, H.M. expecting that for the future the said Colony do provide for their security at their own expence. Signed, John Povey. Endorsed, Recd. 9th. Read July 11, 1701. 1 p. [C.O. 5, 862. No. 64; and 5, 909. pp. 444, 445.]
June 28.
595. Order of King in Council. Approving of Representation of June 26, and ordering Mr. Secretary Vernon to prepare a warrant for H.M. signature accordingly. Signed, John Povey. Endorsed, Recd. 9th. Read July 11, 1701. 1 p. [C.O. 5, 1046. No. 29; and 5, 1118. p. 385.]
June 28.
596. Order of King in Council. Approving of Representation of June 26, and ordering accordingly. Signed, John Povey. Endorsed, Recd. 9th. Read July 11, 1701. 1 p. [C.O. 5, 1046. No. 28; and 5, 1118. pp. 386, 387.]
June 28.
597. Order of King in Council, that the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty do issue their Commission to Edward, Lord Cornbury to be Vice Admiral of the Province of New York and the Colonys of Connecticut and of East and West New Jersey, and that their Lordships do likewise give orders for his passage to his Government of New Yorke, with his goods and family as has been usual. Signed, John Povey. Endorsed, Recd. 9th. Read July 11, 1701. ½ p. [C.O. 5, 1046. No. 27; and 5, 1118. p. 386.]
June 30. 598. Minutes of Council in Assembly of the Massachusetts Bay. Bill for granting a tax upon Polls, etc., read a second time and passed.
Representation of the Selectmen of Sherborn, praying that the setling of boundaries between Sherborne and Framingham, and the confirmation of lands purchased by John Eames of the Indians, according to their petition, may be deferred until they be heard, read and hearing referred to the second Wednesday of next Session. This resolve, sent down, was returned with the Representatives' concurrence.
Resolve of the Representatives concurred with, that, in the vacancy of the General Assembly, it be lawful for the Commander in Chief, by and with the advice and consent of the Council, to transport such part of the Militia as they shall find needful, or oblige them to march into the Province of New Hampshire for the assistance and defence of H.M. subjects and interests, at any time or times within six months next coming.
15l. abated to Penn Townsend on Excise not received.
10l. allowed John White, Clerk of the House of Representatives.
Bills prescribing the form of a warrant for collecting town rates and for granting a tax upon polls, sent up, were read and passed and received H.E.'s consent.
2l. allowed to Capt. Samuel Phips, for extraordinary service by him done for the Representatives.
Resolve of the Representatives concurred with, that Wait Winthrop be sent by this Court as an Agent for this Province to manage the affairs thereof in England. [C.O. 5, 788. pp. 293–295.]
June 30./July 10.
Rio Essequibo.
599. Jodocus Bate, Minister in Rio Essequebo, to the Lords Directors of the Dutch West India Company at the Chamber of Zeeland. Signed, Jodocus Bate. Endorsed, Read Oct. 17, 1701. Dutch. 1 p. [C.O. 116, 19. No. 8.]
June 30.
600. Governor Codrington to the Council of Trade and Plantations. My last was from St. Christopher's, which Island I have put into the best condition I possibly could, and I believe I should be able to deal with Mons. De Genns in case of a warr, if the foolish faction between the Windward and Leeward side did not give the French the same advantage they had the two last wars. One part of my business hither was to hear an appeal of Mr. Mead's, and indeed I made the voyage so soon on purpose, but it seems he thinks noise and clamour will be more for his purpose than a fair and regular hearing; indeed his cause is fit for a cloud, and will not bear ye day, when I expected him here, I received the inclosed from Col. Elrington, without which I could never have suspected Mr. Mead could have pretended to complain of me. He had indeed reason enough to goe off as he did, for besides two Bills in Chancery, which were not for his conveniency to answear, and of which his subpenas had been actually served on him, he would have had the mortification of having a sloop of his own and ten hogsheads of sugar condemned under his nose for want of coquet and register, and himself suspended of course, which I should not have failed to have done. For the taking off of sugar at that rate from the Windward part of St. Christopher's, without view of the searcher and a regular permit, is not only against the Acts of Trade and the 4½ per cent. Act, but has, I believe, incouraged sending of many millions of sugar to St. Eustetia, Currasow, and St. Thomas's. This, my Lords, and some other things I had against him, made me resolve to suspend him, and the reason I did not do so sooner was because I expected Mr. Main, Surveyor General from Barbados, and intended to refer several things relating to the Customs and Acts of Trade to his consideration and reports home. Mr. Mead has indeed reason to be ang[ry], because he had been more absolute in Nevis before my arrival then ever any Bashaw was, and thinks it a great encroachment upon his antient privileges to be within the reach of Law and Justice. If Mr. Mead should make any complaint of me, I beg your Lordships will tell him I desire he would have no reserves for me, but that he would be very full and perticular in his accusation, which I know you will do me the justice to send me with his papers. All I can say at present is that Mr. Mead is the most detestable villain liveing, or I am the most contemptible ideot in ye world. If his complaynt should relate to his cause, I desire you would send for Mr. Hutchison and Mr. Broderick (who was Attorney General in Jamaica) to give you some account of it, and then I believe you will be satisfied that there never was more barefac't villainy, corruption and bribery in the management of any one cause yt. ever was. As to my conduct here ever since I arrived, I am told by those who I believe deal sincerely with me, that it has gained me the esteem of all the honest men, and if it has made some overgrown Knaves angry with me, I thought at least they would have the sence to keep their own infamy to themselves. Mr. Broderick can tell your Lordships it was said by some of ye best men at Nevis that I dispatcht more business and did more justice in three weeks then had been done in thirty year before. Amongst other things I have quieted all factions there, which I believe Mr. Mead takes very ill, since he was the man who always fomented them to serve his own turn. Indeed Col. Pym, Mr. Burt and two or three more of yt. party were not only his tools, but his slaves. Col. Pym was so to that degree, that when Mr. Mead's cause was before him as Chief Judge, and it was evident that not a word could be said for it, he had the impudence to quitt the Bench and swear by God he wou'd not hear it, and everybody believes, if I had not appeared in Court and said publickly that cause had been too long the scandall of that Island, and should be delayed no longer, that Mr. President Burt wou'd not have had the courage to have pronounced against his Lord and Master. As to that gentleman himself, that Col. Elrington says he believes is concerned in the complaints against me, I believe and hope 'tis a mistake, for th[ough?] being deeply in debt he has done some things not justifiable, yet in the maine I do not think him an ill man, and I believe he would not do a base thing he cou'd avoid. I have made two decrees in Chancery against him since I arrived; against which I suppose he has nothing to say but that he is not over solvent, which is not my fault. My father had a great kindness for him, and I have shown him all the favour I could with justice. Mr. Cole is a Delator by inclination and proffession; I pity him and never think of him but Hunc non malignum dico sed miserum comes into my mind; as to Mr. Keck, he was an attorney's prentice, and no farther concerned, I believe, then to assist Mr. Cole to write sence and English, which are not his talents. My Lords, all that I am solicitous about in this matter or any other of the same nature is my reputation, as to the Government, 'tis both a charge and a trouble to me; all the advantages of it don't pay for the very wine the Masters of ships drink who come to report to me. I live with all the frugality I can, and yet I find my charges will come to abundance more then my advantages. The short of my case is this, I think I have acted with the sincerity of a magistrate in a Platonick Commonwealth, that I have had no views but what centered in the publick good, I have refused all presents publick and private, I have defended the poor against the rich, and done justice to servants against their masters, where I was able, I have disobliged the busy and intregueing by a rigorous and impartiall exaction of the Acts of Trade, I have imployed my whole time and thoughts on the publick concerns and yet have had no leisure for my own, in a word, upon a fair and cool examination of my conduct, noctu et solus, I cannot condemn it myself, and if I be so unfortunate as to displease your Lordships, 'tis most certain I must have done amiss through an unfathomable corruption of nature or invinceable stupidity, and upon either supposition I am not fitt to be a Governor. I have acted deliberately and cann plead neither surprize nor ill advice. Indeed, where the Law was at all concerned, I was intirely directed by Mr. Brunskill, whilst he lived, who was a man of uncommon integrity. He dyed about a month since at Nevis, and I must beg your Lordships to send me another Attorney General upon whose advice I may securely depend, for here are some little animals who call themselves Lawyers, and talk to me sometimes of Pleas, Demurrers, Errors and Exceptions, which I understand as little as they do. Where I can bring cases to a fair and short bill and answer, I believe nobody will have reason to complain of my decrees in equity. Signed, Chr. Codrington. Endorsed, Recd. Read Aug. 18, 1701. 6 pp. Enclosed,
600. i. Abstract of preceding. 1¼ pp.
600. ii. Capt. Elrington, Lieut.-Governor of Nevis, to Governor Codrington. Nevis, June 23, 1701. I send you a letter which came to my hands directed for you, as also to give you an account of Capt. Mead's being goan for London in Moulton; it was reported here that he intended to goe away privately and indeed it was very plaine, for he put on board all his hogs and other provisions in the night after everybody was retir'd, but his hogs being not satisfied with his unjust proceedings cried out so much against it, that all the neighbourhood was allarm'd, upon which I sent for Mr. Moulton and assur'd him that if he did take him on board his ship without my leave, I would fier all the guns of the Fort at him, and bring him back. Mr. Moulton told Mr. Mead of it, whereupon the Secretary was sent for, and a ticket was writ at Mr. Carpenter's and brought me by the Hon. William Mead Esq., H.M. Commissioner of the Fower and half per cent., and Solicitor General of the Island of Nevis for the carrying on of falce and scandalous complaints. Before he went, he shewed me his leave from the Commissioners of London to goe to any part for his health, and likewise power to make a Deputy to act in his absence, which is Mr. Carpenter. I received from him for the King's part and yours, for the seizures, 41l. 11s., for which I have passed a receipt in your behalf. I am tould that there has bin privat meetings at Morton's Bay and other places with the President, Cole, Keck and Mead, and that he has quite tirer'd Cole and Keck with putting [all] his complaints in a method. He swears [he]'l make smoke, as I am told. Signed, R. Elrington. Endorsed, Recd. Aug. 18, 1701. Copy. 2 pp. [C.O. 152, 4. Nos. 36, 36.i., ii.; and (without abstract) 153, 7. pp. 213–220.]
June 30. 601. Journal of Assembly of Bermuda. Committee appointed to audit the accounts, and, with the concurrance of the Governor and Council, to dispose of the moneys raised by the liquor and sugar tax.
July 1. Ordered that three pieces of eight be paid for registering vessels to the proper officer.
Act for Imposition on horses read and sent up.
Act to prevent extortion read and sent up a second time.
Act relating to the clause about Platt sent up. [C.O. 40, 2. p. 264.]
June 30.
St. Jago de la
602. Minutes of Council in Assembly of Jamaica. A message from the House, praying that Whitgift Aylemer, junr., may be sworn a member for St. James' Parish, and that new writts be issued for election of a member in the parish of St. Ann's in the room of George Ivy, who was likewise elected for Vere, and also for the town of Kingstone, in the room of Thomas Clarke, now a member of Council.
A message was sent up from the House, desiring H.E. to give them some light into the 4,000l. given by the late Queen's Bounty for the relief of the inhabitants of this Island ruined by the French, and how the same has been disposed of. An account was promised. [C.O. 140, 6. p. 368.]