America and West Indies: October 1665

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 5, 1661-1668. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1880.

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'America and West Indies: October 1665', in Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 5, 1661-1668, ed. W Noel Sainsbury( London, 1880), British History Online [accessed 24 July 2024].

'America and West Indies: October 1665', in Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 5, 1661-1668. Edited by W Noel Sainsbury( London, 1880), British History Online, accessed July 24, 2024,

"America and West Indies: October 1665". Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 5, 1661-1668. Ed. W Noel Sainsbury(London, 1880), , British History Online. Web. 24 July 2024.

October 1665

Oct. 6. 1061. Thos. Povey to Williamson. His brother is to attend the court upon some business which nearly concerns him ; desires Williamson will give him such advice and assistance as may give him countenance in his applications ; his affair relates to Barbadoes, and somewhat concerns our pretensions there. Is forced to delay his coming, waiting upon the slow advance of money, without which he dares not appear. [Dom., Chas. II., Vol. CXXXIV., No. 47, Cal., p. 7.]
Oct. 9. 1062. Commission from Governor Sir Thomas Modyford to George Reid. Appointing him Advocate-General in the Admiralty at Jamaica. In pursuance of an order bearing date at Whitehall 20th day of February 1665, said George Reid is hereby authorised to prosecute in the Admiralty Court, on behalf of his Majesty and of private men-of-war, all prizes brought into harbour, and captains and officers (of privateers) are required to produce all papers connected with such prizes, that their commissions may be examined and prize goods duly accounted for to the court. Also to take inventories of such goods, and see that his Majesty's 15ths and his Royal Highness's 10ths be deducted in specie, and paid according to the Governor's order. 1 pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. XIX., No. 109.]
Oct. 10.
St. Jago-de-la-Vega.
1063. Minutes of the Council of Jamaica. Ordered that the tax for paying the troop belonging to St. Clarendon parish, be levied and paid according to former order. That the plantations of Eustatia and Saba, which were taken by forces from this island, be sold to Englishmen, reserving a rent and tenure to be held of his Majesty's lordship and dominion of Jamaica ; said money and rents to be brought to account of the public use of Jamaica. Ordered that the Assembly be dissolved and a new one chosen. Major Robt. Bindlos to force the commanders of privateers in harbour, to give security not to carry off any person without a ticket from the secretary, which is only to be given to those who bring certificates from their field officer that they are free, unmarried, and without plantations. Courts of common pleas to be held from Oct. to Dec. next. That it be published in open court, that any white man who shall kill the negro Borson shall receive 20l., and if any negro slave shall kill him he shall have his freedom. Commission and instructions to Captain Cox for collecting the King's quit-rents, read and approved. 3 pp. [Col. Entry Bk., No. XXXIV., pp. 140-143.]
Oct. 10.
1064. Summons for Abraham Corbett to appear before the General Court at Boston, complaint having been made that he in a disorderly manner hath stirred up sundry of the inhabitants to sign a petition or remonstrance against his Majesty's government here settled. Copy certified by Abraham Corbett. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XIX., No. 110.]
Oct. 10.
1065. Ten Acts passed at a Grand Assembly held at James City, Virginia, by prorogation from 20th Sept. 1664 to 10th Oct. 1665, but the titles only of those are given against which is written in the margin, repealed, needless, obsolete. Printed in Col. Entry Bks., Nos. 89, 90, 91, see ante, No. 262. [Col. Entry Bk., No. 88, pp. 60-62.]
Oct. 13.
1066. Lt.-Col. Thomas Lynch to Sec. Lord Arlington at the court at Oxford. Two days since arrived a merchantman from Nevis, which says that the English from Jamaica have taken Eustatia and Saba from the Dutch, from whence they have carried about 1,800 negroes, most of which they have sold at St. Christopher's, and have left the islands in possession of the Dutch, who have sworn allegiance to his Majesty. That Col. Morgan has died by an extraordinary heat and surfeit, and that having raised 200 soldiers more, they intend for Curaao. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XIX., No. 111.]
Oct. 18.
St. Christopher's.
1067. Governor Will. Watt to . Sends invoice and bill of lading for two barrels of indigo. But little news, only a small encounter lately had with the Dutch upon neighbouring islands, two of which were taken by a fleet of privateers from Jamaica, in the absence of Governor Watt at Barbadoes with Lord Willoughby, from whom he was receiving orders to said purpose ; by which they lost the plunder of above 80,000l. The privateers took the profits, but put the prisoners, about 600 fighting men, upon St. Martin's Island, which is divided betwixt the French and Dutch and well fortified ; which gave them occasion to boast of their intended cruelty to a small island under Watt's command, which had not 150 men upon it. But that danger is over, for with 160 men has possessed himself of their forts by storm and beaten them to the woods, their estates they had secured in the French quarters. Has had some trouble to prevent his soldiers entering after the plunder. Expects daily to hear the good news of Lord Willoughby's reducing the Berbices, Juhacepa, Bowrome, and Tobago, four more of the Dutch colonies, and his Lordship's commands for preparing for expedition against Curaoa. Great want of ammunition ; although 10,000 lbs. of powder and 1,000 firelocks have arrived in the French quarters of the island, cannot get one pound. Presents his humble services to Col. [Wm.] Willoughby ; his Excellency and his son, Col. [Henry] Willoughby, in very good health. 2 pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. XIX., No. 112.]
[Oct. 20.] 1068. Petition of Samuel Farmer to the King. It was petitioner's misfortune formerly to have been an eminent sufferer for asserting his Majesty's rights under the late usurpation, and to have his afflictions renewed in these times of his blessed restoration. Was imprisoned by Lord Willoughby at Barbadoes for 11 days, and without process, or being brought before his judge or accusers, and without being informed of any particular crime (though he often petitioned for it), was hurried on board ship and exiled from his wife and five children, his relations, and estate, to his great damage. Has scarce any acquaintance in England, nor by reason of his sudden expulsion from his estate any means to buy bread, save what he must beg or borrow from others ; and yet he lies under the custody of a sergeant-at-arms until his cause be heard. Prays his Majesty to grant him a speedy hearing and trial, or else order his discharge, the fees of his commitment being already a burden too heavy for him to bear. Indorsed, "Recd and read in Council, 20 Oct. 1665." 1 p. A copy of this petition is in Dom., Chas. II., Vol. CXXXIII., No. 25, Cal., p. 570. [Col. Papers, Vol. XIX., No. 113.]
Oct. 26. 1069. Warrant from the General Court of Boston to the Marshal of Dover and Portsmouth. To apprehend Abraham Corbet and bring him before the Governor or Magistrate at Boston. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XIX., No. 114.]
Oct. 30. 1070. Intelligence given by M. Lethulier to Sam. Pepys. The Paragon Daletta, skipper Marcus Pietersen, belonging to the Lampsius of Zealand, equipped from Hamburg with 12 guns and 100 men, is bound for Surinam to do what spoil they can there. [Dom., Chas. II., Vol. CXXXV., No. 106, Cal., p. 34.]
Oct. 31. 1071. The King's pass for Sir Henry Creswick, or whom he shall appoint, freely and quietly to embark 50 nags in the Diligence of Bristol, Wm. Lloyd master, to transport to Barbadoes or other the Caribbee Islands. [Dom., Chas. II., Vol. CXXXV., No. 112, Cal., p. 35.]