America and West Indies: Addenda 1670

Pages 147-148

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 9, 1675-1676 and Addenda 1574-1674. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1893.

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Addenda 1670

March 22. 382. The King to Sir Wm. Berkeley, Governor of Virginia. Is informed that Richard son of John Mompesson of Tidworth, co. Wilts, was in 1667 by undue means inveigled on board the Elizabeth, Capt. Rich. Hobbs, and on his arrival in Virginia was, with John Crew and Mary Cousens, delivered to Wm. Drummond living near James Town, as consigned to him from John Currer in London. But said Richard Mompesson, by the persuasion of those evil men who brought him on board, assumed the name of Richard Davis. Requires him to cause the above named young man to be taken out of the hands of said Drummond and to deliver him to Col. Willis, a person well known to the Governor, to be disposed of according to the directions of Sir Thomas Mompesson or said John Mompesson. Countersigned by Sec. Sir John Trevor. 1 p. [Col. Entry Bk. Vol. 110, p. 17.]
April 6. 383. The King to the Deputy Governor, Council and Assembly of Barbadoes. William Lord Willoughby hath long since presented his Majesty with the addresses and humble requests of the inhabitants of Barbadoes and the rest of the Colonies in the West Indies which the King had taken into consideration before this time and made resolution suitable to their necessities, "but that our Parliament and other intervening occasions of very great importance have hitherto employed our time and thoughts." His Majesty has thought fit to continue Lord Willoughby Governor by new Letters Patent, and the King's public affairs drawing towards a happy conclusion he will speedily consider the concerns of that Government and give such directions as shall witness his royal care of and "gracious regards towards you all" which they will do well to communicate to the Governors of all said Colonies. Countersigned by Sec. Sir John Trevor. 1 p. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. 110, p. 20.]
July 11. 384. Warrant to the Attorney or Solicitor General. To prepare a grant to Christopher Duke of Albemarle, Wm. Earl of Craven, John Lord Berkeley, Anthony Lord Ashley, Sir Geo. Carteret, Sir Peter Colleton, their heirs and assigns, of the islands of Bahama, Elutheria, Ventris Providence Inagua, and all other islands lying within 22 deg. to 27 deg. nor. lat., commonly called the Bahama islands or the Lucayos, with all rights, profits, &c., for ever in free and common soccage as of our manor of East Greenwich, under the rent of one pound of fine silver as often as the King, his heirs and successors, shall visit said islands. Said islands to be a County Palatine with the same privileges as were granted by the Patent of 3 June 1665 for Carolina. Countersigned by the Sec. Sir John Trevor. 2 pp. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. 110, pp. 22, 23.]
July ?
385. Case of Robt. Bullock. About 1626 Capt. Hugh Bullock planted an estate of 5,500 acres, in Virginia, which, at his decease in London 16 years ago, he bequeathed to his grandson Robert, then an infant. Some of the adjoining planters have entered upon the plantation and claim it as their own. Requests a letter of recommendation to Sir William Bartlett (Berkeley), Governor of Virginia, whither he is going to make out his title to the property. ½ p. [Col. Papers, Vol. 33, No. 104.]
Aug. 2.
386. The King to Sir Wm. Berkeley, Governor of Virginia. Robert Bullock having presented a petition complaining of vexatious delays in the prosecution of his right to an estate he alleges to be descended to him in Virginia, the King signifies his pleasure that said petition be examined, and speedy and impartial justice be done the petitioner according to the merits of his case, his occasions requiring his presence here, and will not permit unnecessary delay, just and favourable dispatch being the principal end of this his Majesty's recommendation. Countersigned by Sec. Sir John Trevor 1 p. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. 110, p. 24.]