America and West Indies: Addenda 1671

Pages 148-150

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 9, 1675-1676 and Addenda 1574-1674. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1893.

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Addenda 1671

March 27.
387. The King to the Governor of Barbadoes. After the death of Fras. Cradock, his Majesty conferred the office of Provost Marshal upon James, one of the Grooms of the Bedchamber, upon whose surrender the King granted said office to Edwin Steed by Patent [dated 22 June 1670] during life. But understanding that some of the inhabitants of Barbadoes, to the derogation of our authority and discouragement of said officer, have made a certain pretended Act for abating the fees and taking away some of the privileges of the Provost Marshal granted by said Letters Patent, whereby said office will speedily fall to nothing, and the public service inevitably be neglected, the King has thought fit to let him know that such proceedings are an entrenchment upon his royal authority, and therefore requires that the usual fees be continued to said Edwin Steed with all his privileges mentioned in said Letters Patent, and particularly that of appointing Marshals in the several Courts erected or to be erected. And the King hereby annuls any act, order, or restraint whatsoever made in Barbadoes to the prejudice of the Provost Marshal, and contrary to said Letters Patent. Countersigned by Sec. Sir John Trevor. 2 pp. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. 110, pp. 27, 28.]
Aug. 26.
388. The King to [Sir Wm. Berkeley, Governor of Virginia]. Is given to understand that one Thomas Shaw, of the county of Westmorland in Virginia, having in the heat of a difference unfortunately wounded one (blank), whereof he died, hath received sentence of death, but that the Governor hath reprieved him until April next, to the end he may endeavour to procure his pardon. Upon humble supplication on his behalf the King requires the Governor to continue the reprieve already granted to said Thomas Shaw until his Majesty's further pleasure, and that in the meantime he enjoy his liberty without molestation. Countersigned by Sec. Sir John Trevor. 1 p. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. 110, p. 33.]
Dec. 7.
389. The King to the Governor of Montserrat. John Devereux, late an inhabitant of that island and Lieutenant of a Company in the King's service, has complained by petition that he was on 10 June last assaulted by Capt. Daniel Jones, and after being wounded was obliged to draw his sword in defence, and "happened to make an unhappy pass in his body, whereof he died," which wrought so upon petitioner that he fled the island in a French boat, but now prays to be permitted to have his trial in the island without bringing his said flight into question. His Majesty cannot but have compassion upon him if his case be such as he hath related, and therefore sends his petition, and commands that said John Devereux have a fair trial without mention of his said flight. Countersigned by Sec. Sir John Trevor. 1p. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. 110, p. 35.]
Shaftesbury Papers. 390. Address of the gentlemen chosen for an Assembly for the County of Clarendon in Carolina, with the consent of Sir John Yeamans, Lieutenant-General, to the Lords Proprs. of Carolina. Upon consideration of their Lordships' charters and concessions to the said county, they supplicate for the redress of three grievances, viz., the halfpenny per acre for all lands, the undecimal way of division of these lands, and the injunction on penalty of forfeiture of keeping one man upon every hundred acres. To which are added their reasons also why Sir John, who at first purposed to join with them in this address, had, upon further thoughts, discovered an absurdity in owning under his hand so particular a knowledge of the soil of the country into which he was but newly come, but that in his private letter to their Lordships he would intimate his "full satisfaction" of the grievousness and impracticability of these three injunctions. Therefore upon these grounds they further press further reasons for their Lordships' consideration. Signed by John Vassall, R. Sandford, Hump. Davenport, Jno. Nevinson, Richard Whittney, Geo. Cary, Robert Gibbs, John Knight, Sam. Elam (?), Tho. Clifton, Willigrip (?), Henry Brayne, Thomas Gibbes, and John Brent. [Yeaman's Commission as Governor is dated 21 Aug. 1671, see previous Vol. of Calendar, No. 606.] 4 pp. [Shaftesbury Papers, Section IX., Bundle 48, No. 81.]
Shaftesbury Papers. 391. Mem. by Anthony Lord Ashley. Sir Robt. Heath's patent of Carolina is dated 30 Oct., 5 Car. I. (see ante, No. 151). The articles to which it refers of the same date in the Signet Office. If it refers to text, is not extant, makes the patent void. Several references in the patent to the instructions. The consideration, the propagating the gospel, industria et impensis suis, the honor and profit of the King. There are both articles and instructions, the first of the date of these presents, the other of a letter to be signed. ¾ p. [Shaftesbury Papers, Section IX., Bundle 69.]
392. The complaint of Abdell Shaw, merchant, sent over for England by the King of the island of Johanna. In Nov. 1670 the ship Katherine, Capt. South, arrived at Johanna bringing two hundred slaves from St. Lawrence. His converse with the King about assisting him in taking the island Mohilla; Captain South to have two hundred slaves on reducing said island. The King's two sons to go with Capt. South to note the powder and shot expended, for which the King was to pay. Capt. South put his 200 slaves on shore, and the King furnished him with 400 men, provisions, and four junks with 100 men each. On arriving at Mohilla a Portuguese vessel at anchor fired at the junks, killed several men, and kept them from landing, upon which the King's son desired to know why Capt. South did not assist in the engagement. The Commander of the Portuguese ship, at a sign from Capt. South, went aboard his ship, presented Capt. South with 100 dollars and a silk quilt; and the next day Capt. South sailed for Johanna. On being asked by the King's son why he did not perform his contract, Capt. South said he would not fight. Arrived at Johanna he sent Abdell Shaw to the King demanding five hundred dollars for his services, and in case of refusal that he would kill the King's sons and carry away the 400 men he had on board for slaves. The King, afraid his sons should be killed, after some parley, paid him that sum in money and provisions, but told Capt. South that what he received was by force. After remaining twenty days he departed without paying for the maintenance of his 200 slaves left on the island for a month and a half and took away six poor inhabitants from their wives and families by force, whom he sold at Jamaica and Barbadoes. Capt. South also pillaged a junk of a seaman and forty slaves. 3pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. 33, No. 105.]
1671 ? 393. Petition of Major Edward Hamilton to the King. His many faithful services and sufferings for the Crown have ruined his estate. Prays for the government of Nevis, which is likely to become void, by the great age, desertment, or other ways of the present Governor, Col. James Russell, a native of Ireland, where petitioner was born and resideth. 1p. [Col. Papers, Vol. 33, No. 106.]