East Indies: October 1600

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Japan, Volume 2, 1513-1616. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1864.

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October 1600

Oct. 1–10. 268. Minutes of a Court for the East India Voyage. Respecting the proportion of victuals and merchandise fit to be provided for the voyage. Request of Francis Wilson to be employed as a purser, and of John Johnson to be employed as a master.
Oct. 3.—A larger proportion of shipping being required than was formerly agreed on a committee is appointed to survey the Malice Scourge. Letter read from the Lord Treasurer, who "useth much persuasion to the Company to accept of the employment" of Sir Edward Michelborue, on the voyage, as a principal commander; resolved not to employ any gentleman in any place of charge or command in the voyage; Mr. Garway requested to move the Lord Treasurer "to give them leave to sort their business with men of their own quality, and not to expect that they should make any further motion of this matter to the generality lest the suspicion of the employment of gentlemen being taken hold upon, do drive a great number of the adventurers to withdraw their contributions." Commission to Capt. Lancaster, Mr. Alabaster, and R[oger] Howe to provide victuals and other things in the West country.
Oct. 4.—Three thousand pounds offered to the Earl of Cumberland for the Malice Scourge, who said he would sell her for 4,000l.; the ship to be again surveyed and the matter re–considered. 500l. to be delivered to Roger Howe to be sent to the West country. Provision of peas and beans. Proportion of casks required. In the afternoon 3,500l. offered to the Earl of Cumberland for his ship, which he refused.
Oct. 6.—Richard Staper and John Eldred to provide all cloths and kersies to be sent this voyage. Geo. Smythe and Rich. Jonson admitted adventurers, to pay 200l. a piece in ryals of 8. Provision of peas.
Oct. 7.—The Malice Scourge bought of the Earl of Cumberland for 3,700l. Feoffees in trust appointed for the ships bought; also surveyors for the Malice Scourge. Alderman Bannyng agrees to be answerable for Joseph Salomon, purser of the Susan; as do Richard Staper for Geo. Parsons, purser of the Hector, and Wm. Garway for Wm. Leate, purser of the Ascension. Wm. Burrage, boatswain of the Malice Scurge, to look to her furniture for the voyage.
Oct. 8.—One hundred pounds to be paid to Wm. Chambers for provision of casks and iron hoops. Rich. Wyche and Rich. Wright to contract for beans and mustard seed. Computation agreed upon for victualling:_
Men. Tons.
The Scourge 200 600
The Hector 100 300
The Ascension 80 260
The Susan 80 240
The Pinnace 40 100
500 1,500
Bread for 16 months at a cost of 1,028l. 8s.; meal for four months, 267l. 17s. 4d.; beer, cyder, and wine for 20 months, 2,150l.; meat for 17 months, 1,721l. 8s. 6d. No provision for meat for three months in the country, which the country shall find. Cheese, butter, and other provisions, 1,511l. 16s. Total charge for provisions, 6,679l. 9s. 10d. [the amount stated, 6,600l. 4s. 10d., is wrongly added.] The merchandise to be sent to consist of iron, tin (wrought and unwrought), and lead, at a cost of 2,720l. Eighty pieces of broad cloths of all colours, 1,280l.; eighty pieces of Devonshire kersies, one piece of Norwich stuffs, with smaller articles intended as presents, 545l.; total, 4,545l. "Full agreement with Capt. Davies" for his entertainment in the voyage, 100l. for his expenses, and 200l. on credit for an adventure; if, on his return, the profits of the voyage yield two for one, he is to have 500l., if three for one 1,000l., if four for one 1,500l., and if five for one 2,000l., "with which entertainment the said Capt. Davies is very well pleased," the agreement being in the hands of Rich. Wright, secretary. Letter from Lord Treasurer Buckhurst to the Receivers of Devon and Cornwall to pay to the deputies of the "merchants of the East Indian trade" moneys received for the Queen, they having undertaken to repay the same. Provision of cyder. Capt. Baker to go into the West country for provisions. Peter Francis, a Portugal, entertained for the voyage.
Oct 10.—Robt. Creswell, Rich. Babington, and Hen. Middleton recommended as pursers: further time to be taken "for these matters," Henry Middleton and Edw. Hillyard to superintend the works of the Malice Scourge. Justice Mullett to be employed as a smith at Woolwich, "so as he use Spanish iron." Warrant to take up carpenters and shipwrights. The workmen to be allowed a barrel of beer every day, "and to have a special care they leave not their work to run to the alehouse." Order to send up the ship's boat belonging to the Malice Scourge. Robt. Hughes and __ Bolton to be sail makers. Committee appointed to further the business of the voyage. Mr. Alabaster to superintend the accounts. 200l. ordered for iron work and casks, and 100l. for the Susan. "Royalles of plate" to be taken up at Cadiz to the amount of 3,000l. Provisions to be bought by Capt. Baker in the West country. The best sort of English iron to be delivered at 11l. per ton. Inventory of the Malice Scourge. [Sixteen pages. Court Bk., E. I. Comp., Vol. I., pp. 9–17. Vide Bruce's Annals of the E. I. Comp., I., pp. 128–130.]
Oct. 10.
269. John Chamberlain to Dudley Carleton. The caraques are come home very rich from the East Indies, and so are the Queen's ships that lay for them at the islands poor enough. Our merchants are in hand to send four very good ships and two pinnaces to seek traffic in the East Indies. [Extract. Domestic, Eliz.]
1600? 270. "The commodities that are brought out of the East Indies." This list comprises upwards of 70 different articles, and includes spices, musk, ambergris, wax, camphor, opium, silks, cloths, precious stones, &c. [One page. East Indies, Vol. I., No. 19. Indorsed, as above, by John Chamberlain.]
Oct. 11. 271. Minutes of a Court for the East India voyage. Wm. Broadbent, of Gravesend, a fit man to be employed. A chain pump to be used in the Malice Scourge. Serjeant Heale to be talked with for money. Warrants for 1,700l., paid to the Earl of Cumberland, who adventures 1,500l., and Mr. Cordell 500l., which makes up 3,700l., the price of the Malice Scourge. Warrants signed for provision of clothes, &c. [One page. Court Bk., E. I. Comp., Vol. I., p.17.]
Oct. 13–28. 272. Minutes of a Court of Adventurers for the East Indies. No adventurer to be refused that will adventure 200l. until the whole rises above 55,000l.
Oct. 15.—Alteration of the proportions of victuals set down in the minutes of 8th Oct. [see ante p. 107]. Warrant to Mr. Burrell for 100l. to furnish the timber the ships stand in need of. A new long boat to be built for the Malice Scourge.
Oct. 16.—Warrants to Capt. Davies and Serjeant Heale for charges in the West country. Philip Grove appointed pilot to a ship going the voyage; he is to have 100l. to furnish himself, and the profit of 500l. "as God shall bless the voyage." Commissions to Capt. Baker and Mr. Pope to go in the West country for provisions; also to Capt. Davies.
Oct. 21.—Warrants to Alderman Hallyday for payment of 350l. for provisions, casks, and iron hoops.
Oct. 22.—30l paid to Philip Grove on account of his wages; and 100l. to Henry Middleton, purser of the Scourge.
Oct. 23.—Warrants for money for ryals and provisions. More speedy execution of the works of the Malice Scourge. Thos. Wasse to be employed as a factor. Mr. Sandy to continue to provide ryals in the West country.
Oct. 25.—Order for payment of 200l. to Robt. Pope in the West country, 100 marks for repairs to the Ascension, and 50l. for the Susan.
Oct. 27.—Warrant to summon all the adventurers to meet on the 30th at Founders' Hall, to take notice of the Queen's pleasure, signified by a letter from the Privy Council. Committee appointed to choose masters for the ships in this voyage; also "to deal with Capt. Lancaster for the taking of the government of this voyage as the chief commander general (sic) thereof." Warrant for payment of 50l. to Nicholas Holway. Mr. Alabaster's commission to provide ryals to the value of 5,000l. at Calais and Rouen to be continued.
Oct. 28.—Warrants for 1,044l. for ryals. [Ten pages and a half. Court Bk., E. I. Comp., I., pp. 17–23.]
Oct. 30–31. 273. Minutes of a General Court, "in the presence of the Committees and Generality" [all of whom are named] of the Society of Adventurers to the East Indies. Recapitulation of previous meetings; the committee engaged for preparation of the voyage 20,000l. at least. Measures taken to put a stop to rumours that the voyage was like to receive some stay which caused many adventurers to withhold the payment of their money. John Bate, Robt. Offeley, Nath. Martyn, and Hugh Hamersley "deny to adventure at all." The generality having agreed to bring in their money to further the expedition of the voyage, they require those who withhold their contributions to be called before the Privy Council to answer the cause, according to their lordships' letters. The patent being drawn, and in the hands of the Attorney General, wherein it is stated that the Company shall consist of a governor and 24 committees; Alderman Thos. Smythe is nominated the first governor, whose name, it is desired, may be offered for the Queen's allowance to be inserted in the patent; and the committees chosen are:—
Alderman Bannyng. Alderman Holmden.
Alderman Hallyday. Richard Staper.
Alderman Moore. William Garway.
Thomas. Cordell Wm. Harrison.
Captain Lancaster. Olyver Style.
Richard Wiseman. Robert Sandy.
Fras. Chery. John Highlord.
Mr. Alabaster. William Romney.
Roger Howe. John Middleton.
Richard Wyche. Nicholas Lyng.
John Eldred. John Coombe.
Wm. Chambers. Robert Bell
All matters concerning the voyage to be referred to the governor and committees. Names of adventurers who promise to bring in their money,
Oct. 31.—Warrants to pay for Spanish ryals. Letters read from Robt. Pope, Capt. Baker, and Mr. Ellycot touching provision of money and other things. Warrant to pay to the purser of the Scourge 1,000l. for her repairs. Roger and Percival Style, suitors to be employed this voyage. Other money warrants for repair of the Hector, the Susan, provisions, and other necessaries. [Six pages and a half. Court Bk., E. I. Comp., Vol. I., p. 22–25. Vide Bruce's Annals, I., 130.]