East Indies: November 1600

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Japan, Volume 2, 1513-1616. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1864.

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. "East Indies: November 1600", Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Japan, Volume 2, 1513-1616, (London, 1864). 110-113. British History Online. Web. 25 June 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/colonial/east-indies-china-japan/vol2/pp110-113.

November 1600

Nov. 1–28. 274. Minutes of a Court of Adventurers to the East Indies. Several warrants given and letters sent to persons employed in the West country in procuring provisions and ryals. Capt. Lancaster’s answer touching his employment in the voyage as the Chief Commander to be requested, so that the election of masters and other officers may be proceeded with. Alderman Watts, on account of his great experience in shipping and other directions in voyages to be used as a committee in all things concerning the business.
Nov. 3.—Payment of Robt. Cobbe’s adventure. Biscuits, beer, and cider, and other provisions to be provided in the West country. Orders for payment of 900l. for ryals.
Nov. 5.—Order to pay 200l. to Ellis Crispe, 900l. to Robt. Stephens, and 30l. to Thos. Bowles. Wm. Tavernor to be employed in the voyage at 6l. per month. Roger Hankin to go as a master. Repair of all the ships before they come out of the docks.
Nov. 6.—Order to pay 110l. to John Stanfield. Ordinary mariners to have two months’ wages before hand and two months wages in adventure, provided they give caution to be ready when the ships set forward. Alderman Watts joined to the committee for providing victuals. 100l. to be paid to the purser of the Malice Sourge. Agreement to be made with Roger Hawkins for employment in the voyage. Capt. Lancaster’s answer to be taken directly, whether he accept or refuse the offer of the Company. [In the margin is written, “the offer is known but not set down.”] Mast for the Hector. 70l. to be paid to Peter Grove.
Nov. 7.—Supply of timber from the Queen’s storehouse at Woolwich. The number of factors and mariners to go the voyage. In the Scourge 180 men, the Hector 100 men, the Ascension 80 men, and the Susan 80 men. Committee to review the proportion of victuals. Thos. Eldred of Ipswich, “a man of good report who hath been employed with Capt. Candish” willing to be employed. Orders for payment of 150l. “to the use of the voyage.” Committee appointed to conclude the agreement with Capt. Lancaster.
Nov. 8.—Divers letters received from the West country. Warrants for payment of various sums amounting in all to 520l. for repairs of shipping and other matters.
Nov. 10.—Order for the supply of all provisions, with names of the men and the quantities they are each severally to provide.
Nov. 11—Commissions granted to the Commissioners for providing the victuals above written. Committee appointed to agree with Capt. Middleton about going the voyage. Names of 35 mentioned to go as factors. The Lord Treasurer to be solicited for a warrant for coining 5,000l. in the Tower, for providing bullion for so much and for finishing, the patent; also for a licence for the transportation of victuals from the ports.
Nov. 11.—The committees and masters for every ship to take the charge of providing other officers and mariners.
Nov. 12.—Orders for payment of 150l. for provisions, &c. Warrant to be procured for the shipping of all provisions in the West country. Committees appointed to bespeak the small and extraordinary merchandise of glasses. Knives and Norromboroughe [Nuremberg] ware; also for the provision of lead and tin.
Nov. 14.—Order for payment of several sums amounting in all to 255l. 13s. 4d.
Nov. 15.—Warrant for payment of 30l. Order for discharging the bills for bringing the ships into dock; also for providing 5,000l. of bullion for coining the like value.
Nov. 18.—Orders for payment of 190l. Rates of allowance of the factors: three principal factors to have each 100l. for equipment, and the gain of 200l. adventure; four of the second sort to be allowed 50l. each for equipment, and the gain of 100l. adventure; four of the the third sort, 30l. each for equipment and the gain of 50l. adventure; and four of the fourth and last sort, 20l. each for equipment and the gain of 40l. adventure. Capt. Middleton, John Havard, and Francis Barne elected the three principal factors, John Havard being present willingly accepted. [Vide Bruce’s Annals, E. I. Comp., I., p. 131.]
Nov. 19.—Orders for payment of 140l. for provisions. Robt. Pope, Wm. Brend, Thos. Salterne, and Wm. Starky elected factors of the second sort. Order for payment of 500l. for ryals of plate. Thos. Hickes, Hen. Middleton, Wm. Wilford, and Nat. Gamrym elected factors of the third sort. Percival Stragling, Thos. Morgan, Phil. Winchcomb, and Thos. Tudd elected factors of the fourth sort.
Nov. 21.—Several orders for payment of money for provisions, repair of shipping, &c., amounting in all to 1,140l. Commission to Thos. Alabaster to take a fit course for the conveyance of bullion or ryals from Calais. Order for such as refuse to bring in their adventure, that some course may be taken with them before the patent be put to engrossing. Letter read from the Lord Treasurer in behalf of Henry Anys to be employed in the voyage; answer given to Mr. Suckley, his lordship’s secretary, that they are sorry they had no notice before the election of factors, but will endeavour to employ him if they can find fit use for his services.
Nov. 22.—Order for payment of various sums of money for provisions, timber, and repair of ships, amounting in all to 370l. All the factors employed in the voyage to give security for faithful service, and to abstain from private trade. Roger Style, who failed in the election of the 16 factors, solicits to be employed without salary, and to succeed if any should die in the voyage; he is content to be left in the East Indies until the return of the second voyage where he will apply himself to learn the language; his suit well liked of, and to be further dealt in.
Nov. 25.—Warrant to Capt. Middleton and others to buy the Spanish meal taken prize by Lord Willoughby’s ship, “as good cheap as they can.” Order to pay to Edw. Stephens, principal carpenter in the Scourge, 50l. for repairs. A fourth master and other officers to be hired. The Lord Treasurer to be solicited for bullion in the Tower to the value of 3,000l., upon easy terms.
Nov. 27.—Orders for payment of 200l. for provisions for the voyage, and for 100l. for repairing the Scourge.
Nov. 28.—Orders for payment of 112l. for provisions, and for 100l. for repair of the Hector. The patent of the privilege of the East Indies voyage is read, and order given to the secretary to solicit the Queen’s Attorney to make an end of it. [Nineteen pages. Court Bk., I., 26–35.]
Nov. 28./Dec. 8.
275. Lorenzo Rodriges to Rodrigo Alvares Mascarenos. Long and stormy passage. Arrived at Cochin 27th October. Has been appointed by the Viceroy one of his chief alcaldes. Great fight on the coast of Malacca, where the enemy was encamped very strongly, the slaughter by the Portugals. with the help of Aniabar King, very great. Strong forts building in the river by the Portugals; Malacca a very rich country; the Portugal merchants intend to begin a new trade there. The King and some of his chiefest captains sent prisoners to Goa. Licence given by the King of Cochin to Vizo Rei to build 18 forts in Cochin, the King himself laid the first foundation and the first stone. The city is being otherwise fortified. [Four pages. Indorsed, “Copy of a Portugal letter, translated into English [by John Sozar], 8th October, 1602, sent from Cochin in the East India into Lisbon, and found in the ship the St. Valentine.” Correspondence, Portugal, see January 2/12, 1601.]
Nov. 29. 276. Court Minutes of the East India Company. Order to pay 4l. to a poor man for injuries received by an anchor of the Scourge. The full quantity of meal and biscuit provided. Warrants to pay 100l. for provisions, and 100l. to Capt. Lancaster "upon the reckoning of his entertainment for the voyage. [Three quarters of a page. Court Bk., I., 35.]