East Indies: December 1600

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Japan, Volume 2, 1513-1616. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1864.

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December 1600

1600. 100l. for provisions, and 100l. to Capt. Lancaster "upon the reckoning of his entertainment for the voyage. [Three quarters of a page. Court Bk., I., 35.]
Dec. 1–6. 277. Minutes of a Court of Adventurers to the East Indies. Letter written concerning timber. Number of Officers to be appointed to each ship, to be hired by Mr. Burrell, and their wages. Mr. Beare to be dealt with for one of the chief masters. Warrant for provisions.
Dec. 4.—Committees appointed to confer with Capt. Middleton touching his entertainment in. this voyage; also, concerning such letters as shall be solicited from the Queen to the princes and potentates in India, where trade shall be sought. [See No. 285.] The names of all mentioned in the patent to be set down for Mr. Attorney that the book may be engrossed. A general court to be called on Monday [8th], to inform the generality of the proceedings of the committees and how far the business is in readiness.
Dec. 5.—Commission to be continued to Thos. Alabaster for providing ryals. Warrants for various sums amounting to. 820l. for provisions.
Dec. 6.—Warrants for payment of 160l. for timber, and 50l. for fish. Order to convene a general court on Monday for the choice of factors and masters; to report upon the present state of the voyage, the readiness of the ships to come out of dock, and the necessity of bringing in money to pay the officers and mariners appointed to the ships. [Three pages. Court Bk., E. I. Comp., Vol. I., 35, 36.]
Dec. 6.
278. Geo. Gilpin to Dudley Carleton. Our merchants that adventure towards the East Indies had need to ply their business roundly, for they of these parts (who are better acquainted with the market) are furnishing for the same purpose a greater fleet, than was ever yet set forth thitherwards. [Extract from Holland Corresp.]
Dec. 8–31. 279. Minutes of a General Court of Adventurers to the East Indies. Those who shall not wholly bring in their adventure by the 13th instant to be accounted responsible for whatever damage is sutained by the detention of the ships, "which are only detained by the not bringing in of the adventures." The generality is made acquainted by the governor with the readiness of the ships and the choice of the principal factors; exception taken to the placing of Mr. Brund as one of the second sort of factors, he being a grave and discreet merchant, and acquainted with the Arabian, Spanish, and Portuguese languages, who better deserves to be a principal factor; the Committee requested to reconsider this appointment; Mr. Brund will not accept a second place. [Vide Bruce's Annals of E. I. Comp., Vol. I., p. 132.]
Dec. 10.—Committee appointed to agree with Henry Napper to go the voyage. Re–examination of the former election of the four principal factors. Capt. Lancaster appointed to the Scourge, Capt. Middleton to the Hector, Wm. Brand to the Ascension, and John Havard to the Susan [see ante, Nov. 18, 1600], Orders for payment of 300l. for provision for the Scourge, for 224l. 2s. for lead, 100l. for Canary wines, 500l. for ryals, and 50l. for repair of the Scourge.
Dec. 11.—Orders for payment of 32l. to Ralph Salter, surgeon entertained for the voyage, for furnishing his chest "with all kinds of necessaries and remedies;" 100l. for peas and beans, and 100l. for the Hector. The Scourge, which is to be launched this afternoon, to be called the Red Dragon.
Dec. 12.—Order for the payment of 71l.13s. 4d for the charges of "our patent."
Dec. 13.—Orders for payment of 125l. 10s. for linen cloth for the use of the voyage, 28l. 14s. for roan cloth, and 36l. 0s. 4d for the charges of two hoys to go to the ships. Pursers of the several ships to bring in their accounts. Motion of Walter Poynter to be employed as a factor without salary, or to be left in the Indies as a resident factor; similar motion of Wm. Martin.
Dec. 15.—Orders for payment of 25l. to Jas. Loveing, surgeon of the Hector, 20l. to Christ. Newchurch, surgeon of the Ascension, and 20l. to John Gamond, surgeon of the Susan, for furnishing their chests.
Dec. 16.—Auditors appointed to examine the purser's accounts. Orders for payment of 200l. for preparation and repair of the Hector and the Ascension. Twenty additional tons of iron to be provided, so that the whole quantity be 50 tons. Sorting of the principal factors and other officers. Capt. Lancaster appointed to the Red Dragon, and made general or admiral of the fleet, Capt. Davies, pilot major, and Wm. Broadbent, master. Capt. Middleton to be vice–admiral and principal factor in the Hector; Henry Napper, master, and Phil. Grove, second pilot of the fleet; Wm. Brand, principal factor in the Ascension, Roger Hankin, master, and John Havard, principal factor in the Susan, and Samuel Spencer, master.
Dec. 17.—New placing of the factors, with their names and the ships they are appointed to. Names of seven factors admitted to go without salary, to take the place of any of the others, or to be left in the Indies, as residents there, to learn the language. 50l. to be paid to Robt. Pope, for his services in providing necessaries in the West country.
Dec. 19.—Money warrants. Mr. Alabaster not to proceed any farther in providing ryals from Calais. Concerning letters to be written to the factors in the West country. Warrant for payment of 30l. to Wm. Wilford in this voyage.
Dec. 20.—Warrants to pay for 84 pipes of Canary, at 10l. 10s. the pipe.
Dec. 22.—Warrants to pay 590l. for provisions for the ships and wages.
Dec. 24.—Money warrants. Roger Style to be a factor of the third sort in the place of Richard Collymore, Oliver Style having promised to adventure 200l. in his behalf. Amount of the security bonds to be entered into by the factors,_for the first sort 500l.; for the second 500 marks; for the third 200l.; and, for the fourth sort 100l.
Dec. 27.—Warrants to pay for provisions and ryals.
Dec. 29.—Warrants to pay to 50l. to Wm. Starky, one of the factors; 100l. to Wm. Garway and Rich. Wright in gratuities; and 50l. for passing the patent and the warrant for coining the signet, the privy seal, and great seal.
Dec. 31.—Warrant to pay for 482 gallons of aqua vitæ at 4s. the gallon. Auditors for the treasurer's accounts, whether the want of money can be otherwise supplied than by an increase of the general adventure. An iron to be prepared to mark all the goods and casks shipped by the Company. Provision of "Castle soape." [Twelve pages. Court Bk., I., pp. 37–45.]
1600, Dec. 31./
1601, Jan. 10.
280. Peter Crigues [John Enrickes] to Jasper Shemenes. Safe arrival of the St. Francis. Requests he will buy for him the portership of the Custom House of Goa. Commodities to be sent to India from Lisbon. Fernando Shemenes, king of all the merchants in Cochin; he has great store of pearls in China. Value of the customs at Goa and Cochin. Castle and port of the "Ocunhall" taken by Andres Furtado and razed to the ground. The Samorin or King imprisoned all the winter, and afterwards beheaded in the market place in Goa, where the Viceroy dwells. Wars of the Mogores. The King of Cochin has given licence to the Viceroy Aires de Saldanha to build 28 forts or castles in Cochin, "so by this means this city by little and little will be walled about and strongly fortified." The first stone laid by the King. The building in great forwardness. [Three pages. Translated out of Portugal by John Sozar. Correspondence, Portugal.]
Dec 31.
281. Charter of incorporation of the East India Company by the name of the Governor and Company of Merchants of London trading into the East Indies. "A privilege for fifteen years granted by Her Majesty to certain adventurers for the discovery of the trade for the East Indies;" that is to say, to Geo. Earl of Cumberland, and two hundred and fifteen knights, aldermen, and merchants, as follows [where Purchas has printed the names differently his spelling is inserted in brackets]:_
Sir John Hart. Robt. Lee. Thos. Smythe and Thos. Cambell, citizens and aldermen of London.
Sir John Spencer. Leonard Holliday.
Sir Edward Michelborne. John Watts.
John Moore.
Wm. Cavendishe. Edward Holmeden. Edward Barker.
Paul Bannynge. Robt. Hampson. Thos. Marsh.
Sam. Backhowse. Wm. Jennynges. John Wragge.
Jas. Lancaster. Gyles Paslowe. Wm. Dale.
Rich. Staper. Robt. Bell. Lawrence Waldoe.
Thos. Cordell. Thos. White. Hen. Bridgman.
Wm. Garwey. Nicholas Lynge. Sam. Armitage.
Oliver Style. Wm. Palmer. Edward Harrison.
Wm. Quarles. Ellis Crippes. Edmond Nicholson
Bartholomew Barnes. Geo. Bolles. [Edward].
Wm. Offley. Nic. Crispe. [These two last names omitted by Purchas.] Clement Mosley.
Robt. Chamberlain. John Newman.
John Harby [Harvy]. Hump. Wallcott [Wallot].
Rich. Wiseman. John Merricke. Thos. Richardson.
Wm. Stone. Hump. Handforde. Thos. Boothby.
Fras. Cherie. Thos. Simondes. John Couchman
Thos. Allabaster. Robt. Cockes. [Coachman].
Rich. Barret. Wm. Wastall [Wustall]. Reynold Greene.
John Swinarton the younger. Ric. Barret [Burret].
John Humphrey. Robt. Mildmay.
Thos. Garwey [Garaway]. Thos. Bostocke. Wm. Hynde.
Bart. Hollande. Geo. Chandlor.
Wm. Romeny. Ric. Cockes. Edward Lutterforde.
Jas. Deane. Wm. Walton. Wm. Barret [Burrell].
John Eldred. Wm. Freeman. Step. Harvy.
And. Banninge. Thos. Southacke. Thos. Henshawe.
Edward Leanynge [Loaning]. John Frier. Wm. Ferris.
Fras. Dent. Wm. Aldersey.
Thos. Juxon [Jackson]. Ric. Balle [Bull]. Wm. Hewitt.
Ric. Pierce. Wm. Fisher.
Nich. Leate. Roger Heaminge [Henyng]. Jos. Salbucke [Salbanke].
John Wolstenholme.
Nic. Pearde. Robt. Cobbe.
Wm. Chamber. Robt. Robinson. Nic. Manley.
Rowland Backhowse. Fras. Evington. Nic. Salter.
Hump. Smith. Fras. Taylor. Wm. Willaston.
Robt. Sandy. Thos. Westwray [Westwrow]. Wm. Angel.
Hen. Robinson. Nic. Barnealy.
Rich. Pointell. John Midleton. John Hawkins.
John Highlorde. Robt. Gore. Roger Dye.
Wm. Harrison. Raphe Gore. Ric. Clarke.
Hum. Style. Wm. Cater. Thos. Hewitt.
Hump. Robinson. Geo. Cater. George Whitmore.
Nic. Ferror. John Busbridge. Hen. Polsteade [Polstee].
Thos. Farrington. Thos. Horton.
John Combe. Wm. Bond. Wm. Greenwell.
Robt. Offley. Wm. Cotton. Robt. Johnson.
Roger Howe. John Stockley. Bart. Hagget [Huggott].
John Hewitt. Roger Ofield.
Jas. Turner. Augustine Skinner. Hump. Basse.
Morris Abbot. Ric. Wiche [Wise]. Robt. Bucke.
Robt. Careill [Jas. Carrell]. Robt. Towerson. Ambrose. Wheeler.
Ric. Talby. Wm. Hale.
Robt. Brooke. Robt. Midleton. Rich. Hale [Hull], junior.
Ric. Chamberlain. Robt. Bateman.
Geo. Chamberlain. Ric. Gosson. John Hodgson.
Leonard White. Robt. Waldoe [Waldore]. Alfonsus Fowle [Foote].
John Cornelius.
Raphe Busby [Basby]. Ric. Wragge. Edmund Spencer.
Ric. Piott. Thos. Talbott. Ric. Deane [Denne].
Wm. Bonham. Robt. Pennington. Ric. Ironsyde.
Edward Barkham. Hump. Milwarde. Geo. Smythes.
Geo. Colles. Ric. Hearne. Jas. Dunkin.
Raphe Hamor. Raphe Allen. Edw. Walter.
Jas. Cullimore [Colymer]. John Brooke. And. Chamberlain.
Ant. Gibson. Robt. Stratford.
Samuel Hare. Robt. Kayes. Ant. Stratford.
Geo. Utley ["disfranched" 6th July, 1601]. Hugh Crumpton [Crompton] Wm. Millett.
Simon Lawrence.
Ric. Washer. Thos. Lydall.
Gregory Allen. Geo. Holman. Step. Hodgson.
Hen. Archer. Morrice Llewellin. Ric. Wrighte.
Jeffrey Kyrby. Ric. Persons [Parsons]. Wm.Starky [Starker].
John Cason. Wm. Smyth.
Ric. Beale. Fras. Barker. John Ellacot.
Thos. Shipton. Wm. Turnor. Robt. Bayly, and
John Fletcher. John Greenwoode. Roger Cotton
Licence at their own costs and charges to set forth one or more voyages to the East Indies, in the countries and parts of Asia and Africa, and to the islands thereabouts, divers of which countries and islands have long since been discovered by others of the Queen's subjects; to have succession and purchase lands without limitation; to have a common seal.
Sir Thos. Smythe, alderman, to be the first governor, and Wm. Garway. Robt. Sandy.
Oliver Style. John Eldred.
Jas. Lancaster. Ric. Wyche.
Paul Bannynge. Ric. Wiseman. John Highlorde.
Leonard Hallyday. Fras. Chery. John Middleton.
John Moore. Thos. Allabaster. John Coombe.
Edward Holmden. Wm. Romney. Wm. Harrison.
Rich. Staper. Roger Howe. Nic. Lynge, and
Thos. Cordell. Wm. Chambers. Robt. Bell
the twenty–four committees, to be elected annually, and jointly to have the direction of the voyages, the provision of shipping, and merchandise; and a deputy governor to be chosen in a general court, each to take the oath of fidelity, and to be elected within the first six days in July in each year, and every member of the Company to take an oath before being admitted to traffic as a freeman of the Company. Privileges to the sons, apprentices, servants, and factors in India of the adventurers. The governor or deputy governor always to be present at general assemblies when reasonable laws, constitutions, &c., agreeably to the laws of England, may be made, and offenders against them punished by fine or imprisonment. Exemption from paying customs for, the first four voyages; to be allowed to give their bonds payable at six and twelve months for customs afterwards payable for merchandise from India; further privileges of customs. Liberty to export in each voyage thirty thousand pounds in foreign coin or bullion; so as at least 6,000l. be first coined at the Mint; to send yearly to the East Indies six good ships and six pinnaces with 500 mariners, unless the royal navy go forth. None of the Queen's subjects, but the Company, their servants, and assigns, to resort to India without the Company's licence upon pain of forfeiting ships and cargoes, half to the Queen and half to the Company, with imprisonment till the offenders give 1,000l. bond not to trade thither again. Power to grant licences to trade to the East Indies. Apprentices, servants, factors, &c., may be admitted to the freedom of the Company by the majority. Silver exported to be shipped only at the ports of London, Dartmouth, and Plymouth, and duly entered by the Custom House officers without paying customs. ["We have not any liberty granted to carry out any gold by name, but only silver."_Marginal note.] If this charter shall not appear profitable to the crown and realm it may cease after two years' notice; if otherwise, the Queen promises at the end of this term to grant the Company a new charter for another fifteen years. [Sixteen pages, with marginal notes. Brit Mus., Harleian, 306, fol. 17–25. Printed in Purchas, I., 139–47. See also Bruce's Annals of the E. I. Comp., I, 136–139, who quotes this charter from the "Printed Collection of East India Charters, p. 3," and Anderson's Hist, of Commerce, II., 196–197, who adds "This is the very same East Ind. Comp. which through many various vicissitudes existed under the same denomination until the year 1708, when it was absorbed by the present [1787] United Company of Merchants of England trading to the East."
Dec. 31.
282. Minute of the above. [E. I. Corresp., 1613, March 23.]