East Indies: January 1601

Pages 118-121

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Japan, Volume 2, 1513-1616. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1864.

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January 1601

Jan. 2/12
283. Fernando Shemenes to his brother, Jasper Shemenes. Arrival of the St. Francis, Fernando Rodriges Deza, chief captain, since deceased. Not possible to send great quantities of indigo. Trade of the Portugals to Ormus. How to prevent the Hollanders spoiling the trade in India. Trade of the English by way of the South Sea; very few or none there; it would cost them very dear, “and besides they could do us no hurt at all, as for all the rest it is but wind.” Many commodities from China wanted in Cochin. Death of one of the Shemenes in Lisbon. Troubles, calamities, and miseries in the East India and Cochin by means of the wars, and for want of shipping from Portugal. Great store of stones and pearls will be had next year. Wintering of the East India ships which arrived at Cochin 20th August. Gain from goods sent to Zealand. Only one of the four ships, the St. Francis, arrived, wherein came the Viceroy. “If the Hollanders do continue their trade, there will be a final end of the East India.” Voyage from Cochin into the South Sea, to a harbour called Garramandel (sic). Note of things he requires. Prices of silks; remarks on the goods sent; business details. Requests that favour may be shown to Peter Borges de Mega, merchant, who married in Goa, and sails in the St. Valentine. Wishes him to sell the Conception, which will leave Cochin this year. Commodities 4 per cent, dearer than last year. Sends 57 oz. of pearls. Don Julian, captain of this ship, the St. Valentine, “a very kind gentleman and very rich, and your great friend.” [Nine pages. “Abstract of a Portugal letter which containeth 12 sheets of paper. Translated by John Sozar.” Correspondence, Portugal.] Annexed,
283.I. Account of the cargo of six chests in the St. Valentine, laden in Cochin by Fernando Shemenes, by command of the viceroy, Ayres de Soldania. Indorsed, “Copy of a Portugal account, translated into English, Sept. 3/13, 1602, by John Sozar, appointed by the Worshipful [Company of East India Merchants?]” [Four pages. Ibid.]
Jan. 2–31. 284. Court Minutes of the East India Company. Payment of 450l. for provisions for the ships. Twelve streamers, two flags, and one ancient to be provided for each vessel. 30l. to Roger Style, one of the third sort of factors.
Jan. 8._Edmund Scott, who pretends knowledge in the choice of drugs and spices, to be employed in the voyage upon putting in 200l. venture.
Jan. 9._Warrant for 100l. for provisions. The patent under the great seal is read; adventurers who have lately contributed and are not mentioned in the patent, to be as free brothers of this fellowship as any expressly named. 8,000l. or 9,000l. still necessary to make a good voyage; and because of the great preparations of the Dutch for the same places in the East Indies, an increase of 2s. in the pound to be levied upon each adventurer, by the 15th instant, with privilege to increase the adventure. Information to be given to the Lords of the Privy Council of those who “have disappointed the preparation of the voyage” [through not bringing in their adventure]. William Romney chosen deputy governor. Deputation to be named to go to the Privy Council, to complain of such as have not brought in their money. Warrants for payment of money entered in Mr. Alabaster’s book.
Jan. 14._ Order of the Privy Council read, concerning those who have set down but not brought in their contributions; their lordships direct due consideration of their former promises, upon which the preparation of the voyage was undertaken; and that it doth greatly import the honour of the realm that the voyage should not be hindered. Their promised contributions to be furnished by Saturday next, those who refuse be committed to prison until they conform. 2s. in the pound upon every adventure unanimously resolved to make up the 4,000l. or 5,000l. required besides. A common seal to be made for the use of the Company, that every contributor may have a bill of adventure under it.
Jan. 15._Payment for provisions, canvas, &c. 120 oxen to be provided for the voyage, 20l. in addition to the 6,000l. already appointed to be coined in the Tower “to be distributed unto the Lords and others.”
Jan. 17._A committee appointed to exhibit to the Privy Council the names of those who have not brought in their money according to former order, and to answer the petitions of those who have put off payment “by some colourable pretences.” Two fair costly looking glasses to be provided for presents if requisite. The wages of all the pursers to be 40s. a month, and 20s. a month when the ships are in harbour. 26l. 13s. 4d. to Thos. Pulleyn, preacher, appointed to go the voyage.
Jan. 19._30l. to Sam. Spencer, master of the Susan.
Jan. 21._Peter Francis, a Portugal, to have 5l. a month so long as he serves in the voyage. A bason and ewer of plain white silver, weighing 100 ounces, two standing cups and two other pieces, each weighing 30 ounces, to be made. Appointment of “Committees” to provide necessaries for the ships.
Jan. 22_Four silver cups to be made for presents, at 5s. 6d. per oz. Question of reprizals, Capt. Lancaster “to take such course therein as he shall think meet.” The Spanish money in the West country to be brought on ship board.
Jan. 24._Orders concerning the shipping of the money and victuals in the West country, and the coining of the full value of 6,000l. in the Tower. Purchase of the Susan for 1,600l. made absolute.
Jan. 26._Deception of the carpenter of the Susan in his accounts.
Jan. 27._Payment to factors. Money reported to be shipped in the Red Dragon, Hector, Ascension, and Susan. Goods shipped without warrant to be taken up again, upon pain of forfeiture for an offence of private trade. A barrel of oil to be provided for Samuel Spencer, master of the Susan.
Jan. 29._36l. 10s. 10d. for 22 shirts of mail. “Mr. Haklyut, the historiographer of the East Indies, being here before the committees, and having read unto them out of his notes and books divers instructions for provisions of jewels, was required to set down in writing a note of the principal places in the East Indies where trade is to be had, to the end the same may be used for the better instruction of our factors in the said voyage.” Price of timber.
Jan. 31. _ Adventure of Augustine Skinner. Committee appointed to devise orders against private trade. Damage by the anchor of the Scourge. Twenty shillings to Win. Walter who de–dedicated to the Company the book of the Fleming Voyage. Committee appointed to take inventories of the ships’ furniture. Fifteen pages. Court Bk., I., 45–51.]
[1601.] Jan.? 285. Queen Elizabeth to “the great and mighty King of (sic) our loving brother, greeting.” God having so ordained that no place should enjoy all things appertaining to man’s use, but that one country should have need of another, by which means men of remote countries have commerce one with another, and by their interchange of commodities are linked together in amity and friendship, the Queen has been moved to grant licence to divers of her subjects to visit his territories and dominions, and to offer commerce according to the course of merchants. His subjects may, by their means, be furnished in better sort than by the Spaniard or Portugal, who have hitherto been the only nations to frequent those countries, and who pretend to be sovereign lords of all his territories, and write themselves Kings of the East Indies. If this first voyage should be entertained as an introduction to a further continuance of friendship, Her Majesty has given orders to “this our principal merchant,” to leave some merchants to reside in his dominions under his safe protection, until the return of another fleet; they will apply themselves to learn the language, and direct themselves according to the fashions of his country. Desires credit may be given to whatsoever he (the principal merchant) shall promise in Her Majesty’s name, and letters from his Highness by the bearer, in testimony of the acceptance of the Queen’s love and amity. [Three pages. East Indies, Vol. I., No. 20. Indorsed, “The English copie of Her Maties Ir?s to the Kinges of Sumatra and other places in the East Indies.” Printed in Bruce’s Annals of the E. I. Comp., I., pp. 147–150; see December 4,1600, and February 12, 1601.]