East Indies: February 1601

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Japan, Volume 2, 1513-1616. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1864.

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'East Indies: February 1601', in Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Japan, Volume 2, 1513-1616, (London, 1864) pp. 121-122. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/colonial/east-indies-china-japan/vol2/pp121-122 [accessed 21 April 2024]

February 1601

Feb. 3–28. 286. Court Minutes of the East India Company. 100l. to Wil. Brund, one of the principal factors. Concerning Thos. Johnson, servant to the Earl of Oxford, employed in an office of trust, who has secretly departed without giving up any account. The officers of the ships to give an account of provisions received. Payments to Thos. Morgan, also for cordage and provisions for the Ascension. Jeffrey Kirby’s and Bart. Haggett’s adventure. Warrants including 90l. 10s. for paper for the use of the voyage.
Feb. 5.— Committee to see the discharge of the ships in the West country. Damage required for hurt done by the anchor of the Red Dragon.
Feb. 7.— 100l. lent to Wm. Broadbent, master of the Dragon, upon mortgaged land. Mr. Flemyng to be paid for iron. Warrants for pewter, iron hoops, and glasses.
Feb. 10.— Decrees and laws to be kept as standing ordinances, and used in the voyages without alteration. All things to be navigated as a joint stock, and no private trade used. Prevention of private traffic. Against fraud in the general venture, and the penalty. Leaving factors in the East Indies. Commission for James Lancaster to be general of the voyage, with succession, in case of death, to John Middleton, then to Wm. Brund, and to the factors in their order of rank. Four copies under the common seal of the Company to be kept in the hands of the principal merchant of every ship. An act touching the bringing in of the supply of 2s. in the pound.
Fel. 11.— Warrants, including 207l. for Nuremburgh ware.
Feb. 12.— Phil. Grove to have a bill of adventure as composition for his entertainment in the voyage. Warrants, including 12l. 6s. 8d., to Wm. Segar, herald, for writing the Queen’s letters to the Kings of the East Indies, and 12 pence for a box to put them in [see No. 285].
Feb. 13.— Roger Howe and John Coombe to have a gratuity of 20l. each, and all their travelling expenses in the West country paid. The ships to fall down to Gravesend. Warrants, including 53s. for the burial of those slain in the Hector. Plate and other presents prepared for the voyage. The bullion to be shipped at Gravesend.
Feb. 14.— Warrants to pay for powder, brimstone, saltpetre, wax candles, and provisions.
Feb. 16.— A hoy to be bought to carry some of the ship’s provisions part of the way. Warrants, including 10l., to Mr. Hakluyt,
“for his travels, taken in instructions, and advices touching the preparing of the voyage, and for his former advices in setting the voyage in hand the last year;” also “30s. for three maps by him provided and delivered to the Company;” and 20l. to Henry Napper, master of the Hector, for his extraordinary pains in the preparation of the ships.
Feb. 17.— Two forms of bills of adventure to be given to every adventurer in the voyage and to every factor; payment of harbour dues and other reckonings for clearing the ships at Gravesend. Commission to Roger Howe and John Coombe to go into the West country. Committee appointed to go to Gravesend. The Gift, of 120 tons, bought for 300l.
Feb. 18. Bill of adventure to Phil. Grove, pilot, for 500l. upon the gain of the voyage.
Feb. 20.— Bills of adventure for 220l. to John Ellacott, 200l. to Wm. Allen, 400l. to Ralph Allen and Wm. Starky, also 200l. upon the gain of the voyage to Wm. Brund, and 200l. to John Havard, principal factors; 100l. to Wm. Starky and 100l. to Thos. Salterne, factors of the second sort; to Roger Style, factor of the third sort, for 50l., and to Phil. Wynche, factor of the fourth sort, for 40l. Capt. Lancaster, general of the fleet, to have a bill of adventure for 1,500l. or 300l. sterling, according to the condition of the bill upon the gain of the voyage. Warrants for iron and other things.
Feb. 21.— Bills of adventure, upon the gain of the voyage, to Wm. Wilford and Nat. Jamryn, factors of the third sort; to John Middleton, a principal factor, and to Thos. Pulleyn, preacher. Warrant for 30l. 10s. for two anchors.
Gravesend. Feb. 24.— Distribution of the presents prepared for the Princes of the East Indies where trade is to be sought.
Feb. 25.— Names of the committee left at Gravesend. Bill of adventure to John Davies, pilot major, upon the gain of the voyage, if it yield two for one, 500l.; if three for one, 1,000l.; if four for one, 1,500l.; if five for one, 2,000l.; also a bill for 100l., put in stock, to Thos. Morgan and Christ. Stradlinge, factors of the fourth sort; Henry Middleton and Robt. Pope, factors of the second sort, and to Thos. Dassell, factor of the third sort.
Feb. 26.— Commissions sealed for the factors. Bills of adventure for 100l. upon the gain of the voyage to Wm. Broadbent, master of the Red Dragon, and 20 marks a month for his wages; also to Thos. Tudd, and Roger Style, factors, for 40l. each. Warrant discharging Wm. Broadbent from the payment of 100l., lent to him by the Company upon a mortgage. Order for payment of 480l. to the pursers of the four ships.
Feb. 28.— Warrants for payment for 59 barrels of beer, spectacles and boxes, and other things. [Twenty–four pages. Court Bk., I., 51–64.]