East Indies: March 1601

Pages 122-123

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Japan, Volume 2, 1513-1616. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1864.

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March 1601

March 2–21. 287. Court Minutes of the East India Company. Committee for timber, and to audit the accounts, that order may be taken for clearing the Company’s debts, or a course adopted to avoid the clamour of those whose bills are unpaid.
March 6.—Financial statement: owing by the Company about 9,000l.; in the treasurer's hands, 814l.; due by those who have brought in no part of their adventure, 5,000l.; by those who have brought in part, and for the supply of 2s. in the pound, 2,000l. Money warrants.
March 13.—Warrants for wharfage, porterage, and lading of the ships.
March 21.—The long–boat of the Ascension to be sold. A storehouse to be provided. Bill of adventure for 220l. to Stephen Hodgson [“the bill stayed” in the margin]. Order to bring in accounts. Warrant to pay 12l. 8s. 6d. to Thos. Hewys, clothworker. [Four pages. Court Bk., I., 64–66.]
March 21,
April 26.
288. Names of those to whom “Bills of Adventure” have been to sealed in the East India Company, with the date of the bill of adventure and the amount. [Unless otherwise expressed, the sum April 26. subscribed by each adventurer is 240l., which includes the bill and supplies; the total amount is 62,880l.]
Stephen Hodgson. Henry Poulsteede.
Wm. Angel. Fras. Barker.
Roger Hemyng. Rich. Washer.
John Eldred, 600l. John Hodgson.
Hump. Myllward. Hump. Basse.
Richard Hearne. Wm. Wollastone.
Robt. Pennington. Hump. Wallcott.
Thos. Talbott. John Newman.
Roger Ofielde, 360l. Sam. Armitage.
John Stoackly. Henry Bridgeman.
William Megges. Wm. Bonde.
John Couchman. Thos. Horton.
William Adderley, John Swynerton, 360l.
Bart. Holland. Robt. Waldoe.
Richard Humble. Hump. Style.
Thos. Boothby. Thos. Farrington.
And. Chamberlain. Wm. Cotton.
Robt. Offeley. Edmond Nicholson.
Eliz. Mosley. Raphe Gore, 360l.
Thos. Southacke. Oliver Style. 560l.
Wm. Quarles. Richard Bellca.
Reynolde Greene. Richard Piott.
Lawrence Waldoe. Robt. Myldmay.
Raphe Buzby. John Buzbridge.
Wm. Ferrers. Robt. Coxe.
Wm. Bonham. Richard Pierce.
Thos. Juxon. Richard Ball.
Thos. Shipton. Robt. Cobbe.
Edw. Barker, 300l. George Coles.
Geo. Whitmore. Robt. Bucke.
Thos. Bramby(?) Richard Hale.
Wm. Hale. Thos. Cambell, 360l.
Wm. Greenwell. John Watts, 600l.
Robt. Johnson. George Bowles, 300l.
And. Bannyng. Sir John Hart, 600l.
Thos. Hewitt. Ald. Edw. Holmden, 1,200l.
Robt. Middleton. Sir John Spencer, 360l.
Wm. Stoane, 600l. Ald. Robt. Sampson, 360l.
Wm. Cavendishe. Wm. Offley, 300l.
Samuel Hare. John Middleton.
Edmund Spencer. Nicholas Peird.
Morrice Llewellin. Giles Parsloe.
Nich. Barnesly. Edmund Scott.
John Hewitt. Edward Barkham.
John Cornelius. Anthony Stratford.
James Turner. Augustine Skinner.
Thos. Barbar. Ambrose Wheeler.
Rich. Poyntell. Anthony Mosley.
Jas. Deane, 360l Thos. Richardson.
Thos. Westwray. Wm. Burrell.
Rowland Backhouse. Thos. Lydall.
Barth. Barnes. Sam. Backhouse.
Ellis Crispe. Rich. Barrett.
Richard Clarke. Peter Helinge.
Raphe Hamor. Nicholas Lynge.
John Hawkins. Jas. Lancaster.
Thos. Henshawe. Wm. Hynde.
Thos. Garway. James Dunkin.
Thos. White. George Bennett.
Geo. Chandlor. Edward Walker.
Robt. Bateman. Robt. Stratford.
Thos. Bostocke. Gregory Allen.
John Clinche. Edward Harrison.
Nicholas Leate. Wm. Turner.
Robt. Sandy, 260l Thos. Ball.
Rich. Wiseman, 600l. Edward Latterfeild
Hughe Crompton. Anthony Gibson.
John Wolstenholme. Robert Bell.
Robt. Gore. Rich. Ironsyde.
John Leman. Nich. Manley.
Alphonsus Fowle. Wm. Chambers.
Wm. Romney. Wm. Millett.
John Fletcher. Wm. Freeman.
Morris Abbot. Wm. Albany.
Richard Tailbye. Jeffery Kirby.
John Cason. Robt. Key.
Thos. Alabaster. Thos. Symonds.
Nicholas Pearde. Simon Lawrence.
Thos. Smythe, 360l. Nicholas Crispe.
Roger Howe " Bart. Haggett.
John Westwray " Wm. Smythe.
Edward Leeninge " Lewis Pope.
Rich. Bowdler. Jeremy Davers, 200l.
Robt. Ducy. Wm. Allen, "
Robt. Brooke. Thos. Heyes, "
Robt. Carrell. Wm. Palmer, "
Rich. Deane. Wm. Starkye, "
Richard Cocks. Thos. Marshe, "
Nicholas Farrer. Raphe Allen, "
Jas. Cullimore. Richard Chamberlain.
John Harby. Richard Champion.
Roger Cotton. Robt. Chamberlain.
Robt. Bayly. George Chamberlain.
George Cater. Francis Evington.
Rich. Wyche. John Morrice.
Wm. Dale. Richard Staper, 800l.
Rich. Burrell. John Jackson.
Leonard White. Wm. Kellett.
George Holman. Robt. Robinson.
Henry Archer. John Watts.
Stephen Harvy. Christ. Cletherowe.
Joseph Salbanke. Hugh Hamersley.
John Fryer. Eliz. Mosley.
Wm. Wastall. Geo. Dorrington.
Hump. Handford. Nich. Salter.
Wm. Fysher. Rich. Wragge.
Henry Robinson. John Wragge.
Hump. Robinson. Wm. Jennyngs.
Wm. Harrison. Richard Gosson.
John Greene. Ald. Leon. Hallyday, 1,440l.
John Humphrey. Roger Style, 40l.
Hump. Smithe. Earl of Cumberland, 500l.
Roger Dye. Countess of Cumberland, 50l.
Wm. Cater. Rich. Persons, 200l.
Fras. Taylor. Ald. Leon. Hallyday, assigned to him by the Earl of Cumberland, 230l.
John Coombe.
Wm. Palmer.
John Highlorde. Ald. Moore, 480l.
Robt. Ducy. Christ. Nicholls.
Henry Butler, 200l.
—[Four pages. Court Bk., E. I. Comp., Vol. I., pp. 105, 106.]