East Indies: November 1578

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Japan, Volume 2, 1513-1616. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1864.

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November 1578

Nov. 15. 104. Note of an offer made by Jonas Schutz, at Muscovy House, before Math. Fyeld, Michael Lok, and Andrew Palmer. For a ton of ore he will deliver gold and silver net to the value of 23l. 15s. [Half a page. Indorsed, “Mr. Palmer's note touching Jonas' offer about Frobisher's ore.” DOMESTIC, Eliz., Vol. CXXVI., No. 47. Cal., p. 605.]
Nov. 30. 105. Names of Adventurers who have not paid their parts for the third voyage to the North–west. The total amount, 4,115l. 10s., includes 460l. due from Michael Lok, 450l. from the Earl of Oxford, Martin Frobisher 270l., Sir Thos. Gresham 180l., and various other sums from—
Of the Court Edward Dyar.
The Lord Treasurer. John Somers.
The Lord Admiral. Simon Boyer.
Earl of Sussex. Anthony Jenckynson.
Earl of Warwick. Geoffrey Turvyle.
Lord Hunsdon. William Paynter.
Sir Fras. Knollys. Richard Boyland.
John Dee.
Earl of Pembroke. Of the city
Countess of Sussex. Sir Lionell Duckett.
Countess of Warwick. Lady Martin.
Countess of Pembroke. Mathew Kyndersley.
Sir Henry Wallop. Robert Kyndersley.
Sir John Brocket. Mrs. Anne Fras. Kyndersley.
Philip Sydney. Mathew Fyeld.
William Pelham. Edmund Hogan.
Thos. Randolphe. William Bond.
Thos. Owen. Wm. Dowgle.
Wm. Borowgh. Anthony Marlow.
Wm. Ormeshawe. William Harrington,
And 75l. for the second voyage from Lady Anne Talbot, Sir William Wynter, Wm. Burde, Christ. Andrewes, and Robert Martin. [Lord Burghley has written certain amounts against earth name, the total 1,540l., probably to be collected forthwith.]
On same sheet:
Nov. 30. Account of money received and paid by Michael Lok, treasurer, since his last account audited in August 1578. The total receipts, 2,580l. 3s., include the Queen, 1,150l.; Earl of Oxford, 585l.; Sec. Walsyngham, 292l. 13s.; Earl of Leicester, 172l. 10s.; Sir Thos. Gresham, 150l.; and 57l.10s. each from Sec. Wilson, Thos. Allen, Christopher Hudson [Hoddesdonn?], and Richard Yonge; total payments, 2,599l. [Together three pages. Indorsed, “1578. Account of Michael Lok and venturers not paid fraight.” DOMESTIC, Eliz., Vol. CXXVI., No. 56. Cal., p. 606.]
Nov.? 106. Account of all the stock of the Adventurers in all the three voyages [of Capt. Frobisher] and Michael Lok's.” Total amount 20,160l., “whereof Michael Lok and his children ” 4,920l., of which the Earl of Oxford became a partner with Lok for 2,000l. Payments out of his own purse over and besides. Lok has not yet charged any of his accounts with a penny for his great expenses in doing the Company's business in these three voyages. He is now openly slandered by Capt. Frobisher, “thus to be, a false accountant to the Company, a cozener of my Lord of Oxford, no venturer at all in the voyages, a bankrupt knave.” Beseeches the Council to direct letters to the Commissioners of the business and the auditors of his accounts to certify what he has done, [One page and a quarter. Indorsed, as above. DOMESTIC, Eliz., Vol. CXXVI., No. 34. Cal., p. 603.]