East Indies: December 1578

Pages 44-45

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Japan, Volume 2, 1513-1616. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1864.

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December 1578

Dec. [7.] 107. The Privy Council to [the Earl of Pembroke and others]. The Queen, given to understand that the miners, mariners and others employed in the late voyage under Martin Frobisher are not yet paid all their wages, although Her Majesty and many of the Adventurers have paid their parts, requires him to pay his part within ten days to Thos. Allen, treasurer. Such as refuse or fail to do so will be quite exempted from all manner of benefit and privilege from their former venture in the voyage. Underwritten are the names of the Earl of Pembroke and seven others “in the country” to pay 623l. 15s., and Sir Thos. Gresham and 19 others “in London” to pay 1,173l.15s. [One Page. Draught, with corrections. Indorsed, “Decemb. 1578. M. from my Lords to certain gentlemen for the payment of certain sums due by them for their adventure in Mr. Frobisher's voyage.” DOMESTIC, Eliz, Vol. CXXVII., No. 8. Cal., p. 608.]
Dec. [7.] 108. Fair copy of the preceding letter only. [One page. Indorsed, “A Minute of a letter touching the North–west voyage.” DOMESTIC, Eliz., Vol. CXXVII., No. 9. Cal., p. 608.]
Dec.? 109. Names of the Adventurers who have not paid to Mr. Lok but must pay to Mr. Allen, with the several amounts to be collected for freight on the return of the third voyage; total, 2,855l. 13s. 4d. “not received,” which added to 2,923l. 1s. 8d “received” makes 5,778l. 15s. Also for what is due for the third voyage outwards, for the buildings at Dartford; and for wages for the second voyage from Lady Anne Talbot, Sir John Brocket, Philip Sydney, and John Somers only. Total amount to be collected by Allen, “not received by Mr. Lok,” 3,418l. 3s. 4d. [Two pages. Indorsed, “1578. The Venturers' money not paid to Mr. Lok, but to Mr. Allen.” DOMESTIC, Eliz., Vol. CXXX., No. 16. Cal., p. 621.]
Dec. 8.
110. Thos. Allen to Sec. Sir Fras. Walsyngham. They have “come home without money where it was declared before we came that we would bring it with us.” Desires order may be taken for present payment. A great deal of freight to pay. Only the Bear Leicester, Mr. Lok's ship, wholly paid. Christmas being so near every man cries out for money. [One page. Indorsed, “8 Dec. 1578. From Mr. Thos. Allen. The exclamation of the mariners, &c, for their payment for service under Mr. Frobisher.” Domestic, Eliz., Vol. CXXVII., No. 12. Cal., p. 608.]
Dec. 11.
111. Michael Lok to Sec. Walsyngham. The bearer will report what has been done with the adventurers for their money, not any yet received, but from William Ormshawe. The great works at Dartford stand still, until additament comes from the North or the West. Desires special letters from the Court to Mr. Edgecombe to send up a ton. Assurances of Jonas and Denham that it is most fit to work with the ore. Goodyere, an English workman, has wrought in his house four or five days on “small assays of our ore,” by appointment of Sir Lionell Duckett, whose report he shall know in two or three days. [One page. Indorsed, “11 Dec. 1578. From Mr. Michael Lok, touching the additaments.” DOMESTIC, Eliz., CXXVII., No. 16. Cal., p. 608.]
Dec. 15.
112. Michael Lok to Sec. Walsyngham. Has received his letter with informations given against Lok, of detaining the Company's money and goods. Has none of their money in his hands, and for proof refers to his accounts. Since Mr. Allen was appointed treasurer, has only received 28l. of Lady Martin, of which he paid 20l. to Denham for his journey to the North, and other petty sums. Is fully determined not to receive any more money, and to bring this business to the best end he can. Neither has he received any wares, except from three or four adventurers which stood for money for their venture outwards. His house is full pestered with the Company's goods, discharged out of the ships come home, all by inventory, which he is ready to deliver to Mr. Allen. Beseeches him to stand his friend, and because slanderous tongues will not be stopped by words, makes no answer to them. [One page and a half. Indorsed, “15 Dec. 1578. From Mr. Michael Lok. He hath no such money or goods in his hands, as I am informed, of the Adventurers, and as shall appear plainly upon his account.” DOMESTIC, Eliz., Vol. CXXVII., No. 20. Cal., p. 608.]