East Indies, China and Japan: April 1619

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Japan, Volume 3, 1617-1621. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1870.

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'East Indies, China and Japan: April 1619', in Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Japan, Volume 3, 1617-1621, (London, 1870) pp. 268-271. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/colonial/east-indies-china-japan/vol3/pp268-271 [accessed 12 April 2024]

April 1619

April 2-9. 646. Court Minutes of the East India Company. Suit of Pintoe's widow concerning her husband's "brokes." Improvements at Blackwall. The charge of building ships compared with other places. April 9.-Suit of Greene, the surgeon, about his goods ; to be stayed until Sir Thos. Roe's return. Resolution concerning the Muscovy adventurers, who are still behind with their money. John Lamprier. Mr. Pintoe's business. Petition of Stephen Boreman to be relieved of his purchase. Submission of Boddam and Owen accepted ; the Judge of the Admiralty to be entreated to remit any further punishment. A third part of the Company's money to be paid for the business of the pirates. Petition of Wm. Eden, John Garret, Wm. Yong, and John Wood, who went forth in Lord Rich's ships and returned in the Bull for a gratuity, refused. [Five pages and three quarters. Court Bk. IV., 324-330.]
April 14. Whitehall. 647. Sec. Naunton to Carleton. The Commissioners on both sides at a stand and like to break off, unless the King intervene at their leave-taking, which the Deputies of the East India Company make show to desire, as soon as his Majesty's health shall give them access with convenience. [Extract from Holland Corresp.]
April 14. Succadana. 648. Geo. Cokayne to Geo. Ball, President at Bantam. Sends copy of his last by way of Macassar. People here doubt whether all is well with the English at Bantam and Jacatra. Complains that Ball has not fulfilled his faithful promise to have Cokayne released that he might visit the factory. The Queen's prow arrived from Landak with good store of stones ; one of 16 carats, two of 8 carats. The Dutch last December had one of 16 carats. Had laid out his money before the stone arrived ; the Queen sent it purposely for the English, and will stay until a ship arrive with commodities. Hopes the ship is "half-way here, or else God help us." Some honest careful man should be sent to second Mr. Hayward, [One page and a quarter. O.C., Vol. VII., No. 794.]
April 15. 649. "Unmerchantable account of Edward Monox as he delivered unto Thos. Barker the 15th of April 1619, wherein he hath unjustly charged the account of the Company, &c.; with the objections of Robert Jefferies." [Endorsed, "Explanation of certain defects (according to their numbers) mentioned in the capital accompt kept by the agent, Edward Monnox ;" and in another hand, "Plaine accusations of Edward Monox's bad dealing." Six pages. O.C., Vol. VII., Nos. 795-6.]
April. 650. Duplicate of the above "Explanation' [Four pages. O.C., Vol. VII., No. 845.]
April ? 651. Articles against Edw. Monox with an old request which hath been denied Edw. Pettus these twelve months. The charges are stealing the Company's goods ; engaging in private trade contrary to the Company's order ; and that Edward Connok at Gaytoun "before his death publicly said, Monox hath poisoned me." Desire of Pettus to view the registered articles why he was dismissed the Company's service (see enclosure to Barker's letter of 16 Oct. 1619. Consultation at Shiraz, 4 April). Also, Monox's answer to the above accusations. For the first, he has cleared himself of "the malicious spite" of the said Pettus in a consultation in Ispahan ; the second he absolutely denies ; as to the third, the wrong done to him, no satisfaction that Pettus is able to make can satisfy him, yet his respect causes him to forbear that which otherwise he must needs have effected. [One page. O.C., Vol. VI., No. 793.]
April 16. 652. Minutes of a Court of Commissioners for the East India and Muscovy Companies. Wm. Lamplugh to have the money allowed for maintenance of one year's lights at Dungeness. Rates for garbling indigo. [Half a page. Court Bk. IV., 330.]
April 20. 653. Court Minutes of the East India Company. George Scot allowed to make up his adventure in the new stock to 3,200l.; Thos. Brace, his servant, to be admitted a freeman. Request of an executor of Sir Jas. Lancaster to have the benefits of the Company's grant concerning his adventure in the second joint stock. Vinegar mixed with water recommended for a beverage at sea, as was continually used by Sir John Hawkins. [Two pages. Court Bk. IV., 330-332.]
April 20. From the Royal James, riding near Bantam Road. 654. Patrick Copland to Adrian Jacobson. Wishes he had written in the Latin instead of the Dutch tongue. Laments with him the hatred and dissension among Christians ; accuses the Dutch of robbing the Chinese and others under English colours and abusing their best friends abroad that have shed so much of their dearest blood in defence of the Dutch and their country at home. "But now you are freed from the Spaniard at home you fall out with your friends abroad. * * * Do you thus requite us as Lot did Abraham ?" Complains of their writing and publishing to the world that the sea is free, "and yet by your encroaching upon it are not you the mothers and nurses of discord ?" Was not the last news from the Dutch Commander Coen the beating down of the English house at Jacatra and the defaming of the English nation with the Pengran at Bantam ? "Think you this is the way to make peace ?" The captain of the Dutch fort at Jacatra has broken faith with Sir Thos. Dale in keeping Peter Waddon prisoner. No sound league of friendship or reconciliation can be made, or being made can continue, till the wrongs which men have done one to another be reproved and removed, and satisfaction given by word and deed. Wishes it were possible for him to be the surgeon to cure this wound. "All standeth not in one side ; there must be a yielding of both if ever there be a sound peace." [This letter is interspersed with numerous quotations from Scripture in support of the writer's arguments. Two pages and three quarters. O.C., Vol. VII., No. 797.]
April 23. The Hague. 655. Carleton to [Sec. Naunton]. The Deputies for the Dutch East India Company arrived from England yesterday ; to-day they make their report ; will give an account of it in his next. [Extract from Holland Corresp.]
April 23. 656. Court Minutes of the East India Company. Committee chosen to reward those who have taken pains in the business betwixt the English and Dutch. Ships to be sent away in October or November to meet and relieve those at the Cape on their return from the Indies. Petition of Nich. Downe for employment ; to be conferred with about buying coral in the room of Martyn, who refuses that employment. Gratuity to John Weare, master's mate in the Bull, for plots and maps bought by him. Petition of Wm. Waterworth, employed at Ahmedabad, about his indigo. Petitions of Joan Clever and Martha Beadell for relief ; the latter "having exceeded the bounds of modesty and humanity to leave her child at Mr. Governor's house because she was denied a greater part of her husband's wages than the Company have thought fit to allow," sent to Bridewell. [Two pages. Court Bk. IV., 332-334.]
April 24. London. 657. Chamberlain to Carleton. Great feast to "your States and other Commissioners here" at Merchant Taylors' Hall for a farewell ; the artillery have also given them a great supper, with a warlike dance or mask of twelve men in complete armour. It seems they are quite broken off about the Moluccas ; fears ill may come to pass on both sides in consequence. Saw a proposition made by Carleton in January last "about the defectuosity of these Commissioners' authority and instructions, and about their cunning declining of some other points that were to be cleared, wherein you spake home." [Extract from Domestic Corresp., Jac. I., Vol. CVIII., No. 69, Cal., p. 39.]
1619. April 24. Westminster. 658. Thos. Locke to Carleton. The Commissioners for the East India Company have broken off about the fortifications ; the Dutch would not allow ours to have anything to do in the managing of them, though they offered to bear half the charge of maintaining them. [Extract from Dom. Corresp., Jac. I., Vol. CVIII., No. 71, Cal., p. 40.]
April 27-30 659. Court Minutes of the East India Company. Application of Mr. Bassano, one of the Lord Chancellor's gentlemen, on behalf of Wm. Waterworth. Purchase of 20,000 East Country pipe staves at 8l. 12s. per 1,000. The Coromandel indigo to be sold at 2s. 8d. a pound. Report of Mountney by the Lord Admiral's directions of the number of the Company's ships in the Indies and the ordnance in each, including the Defence and Swan. Gratuity to Geo. Finch. The Governor complains that he and the Committee should be taxed "for sending forth such a fleet of ships as the last, with special persons to command them ;" and made known that the King of Denmark has sent over two ambassadors, one about the Queen's death, and the other to entreat that amity and good correspondence may be had between the English and his people in the Indies. The King of Denmark's desire to employ Captain Christien in his service, who seeks the Company's service and especially to regain his reputation and good opinion lost with the Company, to be considered. A great trade between the islands of Mohilla and Prester John's country, and also upon the islands of Madagascar. Swerez, having wronged the States and this country, to be complained of. Concerning Hugh Greete's debts. A "peremptory day" named for the Muscovy adventurers to pay in their money. April 30.-Oath administered to Robt. Fotherbye, John Lemprier, Nicholas Sadler, Elias Bradshaw, Geo. Marshall, Simon Bowers, Abraham Bennet, and Geo. Robinson, the Company's officers at Deptford and Blackwall. Resolution not to employ Capt. Christien or any other man of his rank at present. Concerning the allowance of Gomersoll the porter at Deptford, J. Collyns confirmed in his place. Sale of sables and oil. [Four pages and three quarters. Court Bk. IV., 335-339.]