East Indies: December 1625

Pages 122-137

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Persia, Volume 6, 1625-1629. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1884.

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December 1625

Dec. 1–7. 229. Court Minutes of the East India Company. William Henshaw entertained steward's mate of the Exchange. 100l. to be imprested to Woodall on account of surgeons' chests.
Dec, 2.—Suit of Capt. Andrewes to admit his servant Thomas Harby, who had served him seven years, to be a freeman; but the Court refused to admit him until he had served the full term of eight years. Request of Brooke, now in Dover Castle for the wilful casting away of the Moon, for a trial; committee appointed to consult civil lawyers how to proceed against him. Tichborne, the Company's solicitor's bill of charges to be audited.
Dec. 7.—Chauncey presented the commission from the Admiralty for recovery of the goods of the Moon, and was required to hasten to Dover and cause the same to be put in execution; and Groves, the grocer, to whose hands great quantities of the pepper is come, not having performed his promise, ordered that Cappur enter an action of 1,000l. against him in the Admiralty and cause him to be arrested. Iron ordnance provided for the Company's fort in the Indies, having been taken away for his Majesty's service; ordered that directions be given in the next letters to Jacatra that until the Company can provide other ordnance for this purpose they should furnish the fort with such as they can get in those parts. Mr. Mountney to send presently aboard the ordnance provided for the Exchange and Christopher. Report of Mr. Governor that himself and others attended Lord Conway on Friday last, to prevent their sending over commissioners to Holland to treat with the Dutch, as also with their petition for the continuance of the trade at Bantam; his Lordship said the Duke had undertaken that the Company should send commissioners over if his Majesty should approve, and it would be a hard matter to alter, but his Lordship was so well satisfied with their reasons that there is good cause to hope they will suffice and serve the turn to alter that course. Letters also written to the Lord Ambassador and Messrs. Misselden and Barlow, with copies of said reasons and petition. Ordered that the Moon's men be paid their wages for service aboard the Blessing, Ruby, Discovery, and William from Dover to Erith. Report of Hockett that the Ruby so soon as she was put on the stock fell to pieces, and that the Elizabeth was almost as bad; and whether to sell her, "considering her indisposition," or be at the charge of repairing her. Committees for the yard to take a view and make report thereon to the Court. After consideration of several suitors for places void through death, Hockett is entertained general shipmaster in the place of Swanley deceased, with 110l. per annum; John Becke, clerk of the ironworks, in the place of Elias Bradshawe; and' Giles Shepheard, porter at Blackwall, in the place of Ventrice. Resolved, after serious debate, absolutely to refuse to accept the service of Pelham, especially recommended by Lord Conway to go factor to the Indies, because of the inconvenience and danger which might arise through his being very deeply in debt. Request of Barbor, formerly in the Company's service in the Indies, and commended by Rastell as a stout and able man and a good husband and well experienced in the commodity and buying of calicoes, to be again entertained; but he demanded 200l. per annum and refused 100l. Rastell taking it unkindly that his calicoes, being 390 pieces, are detained, and alleging that Kerridge far exceeded that proportion and was not questioned for the same, ordered that they be delivered to him. The Court, informed by Capt. Moreton that excess in drinking sack is one of the main causes that divers of their servants untimely perish in the Indies, ordered that white wine be sent in lieu thereof. Capt. Moreton to attend the Committees with his "conceipt" for contriving the bread rooms so that less fire might serve the turn, for the extreme heat dries the planks and causes the sides of the ships to fly out; and to put his other overtures in writing. 7 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk. VIII. 169–175.]
Dec. 7. 230. Minutes of a Court of Sales. List of goods sold, consisting of Bezoar stones, calicoes, damasks, cotton wool, and benjamin, with names of purchasers and the prices. ½ p. [Ct. Min. Bk. VIII. 176.]
Dec. 8–23. 231. Court Minutes of the East India Company. Robert Johnson and Marmaduke Steventon. charged with misdemeanors by the President at Jacatra; ordered that no man be paid wages but by especial order. William Gibson entertained as factor to Surat for seven years, at 40l., with a rise of 10l. yearly; Christopher Reade, under factor for Lagundy, for seven years at 10l., with a rise of 10l.; Arthur Suffield and William Slade, pursers for the Surat fleet; Gabriel Kinnicott, purser's mate in the Christopher, Edward Day, steward, and Zachary Downeman, his mate; Paul Manley, Richard Barry, George Williamson, John Samuel, Robert Floud, James Wood, Thos. Hartley, John Perry, and Edward Collins to be considered of for pursers' mates, stewards, or their mates; and John Davies as under factor. Francis Adams admitted to John Beck's place, as one of the porters of the slaughter-house at Blackwall. 4l. to be given to Mr. Browne, minister of St. Helen's, as a gratification for his lectures this year.
Dec. 9.—Ordered that payment be made to Mrs. Cramporn, widow of Mr. Stevenson, of the remainder of her late husband's estate with interest from Michaelmas 1623 at 7 per cent., according to an order of 26 Sept, 1623, in regard the book is now come from the President at Surat. Debate on the election of a commander for the Surat fleet. Captains Browne and Hall and Mr. Munden to attend on Wednesday, and meantime Mountney to make a true declaration of the miscarriages of any of them. Consideration of the complaint of the President and Council at Lagundy against John Johnson for putting the Company to the unnecessary charge of the Hart sailing to the Naick's country; but he condemned Cockram for the ill success thereof, because he would not follow directions or embrace the offer of the Naick to settle a factory there, in which he was confirmed by Futter and Kiddwell, surgeon, who were in that voyage. Concerning a contract with Eyelyn for saltpetre. John Beeke sworn clerk of the ironworks at Blackwall. On the complaint of Ann, widow of John Keeling, against Elizabeth Ingle, his executrix, the notorious lewd life of said Keeling with said Ingle, and her cunning and deceitful dealing to defeat his wife and children of his estate, plainly appearing; ordered that Webber enter an action against Ingle and her husband for moneys not brought by Keeling to account for the benefit of the wife and children. Edward Yeo entertained for Lagundy for seven years, at 10l. per annum for the first three years and then 10l. yearly increase.
Dec. 14.—Letter read from Mr. Misselden, and the Court perceiving that he cannot prevail with the Duke at the Hague to divert the Company's sending over Commissioners into Holland for settling of differences, Mr. Governor offered to attend the Lord Ambassador, who is returned to England, about this business; and Mr. Bell was desired to attend Lord Conway for procuring letters to Mr. Misselden and the States "whereby his Majesty's denunciation for the trade of Bantam may be declared" Captains Hall and Browne, and Mr. Munden nominated for the place of Commander of the Surat fleet as able and well experienced men; Captain Hall first called in, was charged with the unreasonable proportion of powder which he has spent this voyage, amounting to 113 barrels, a great part whereof he had unnecessarily wasted in drinking of healths, and such like vain courses, almost double the expense of any other commander, and with other matters; his answers and excuses; he demanded 15l. a month wages if chosen commander,"and less he would not take." Captain Browne then called in, he was also reprehended for his expense of powder; having served the Company nine years he demanded 16l. a month wages, but after consideration accepted 20 marks a month and 30l. to set him to sea, and chose the William for Admiral. His opinion concerning provision of wine for the fleet. Munden called in, but he absolutely refused to be entertained unless as Commander. The choice of Captain Browne made known to Captain Hall, who desired "he might come off fair in the opinion of the Court, which he was assured of," and requested his wages, but was referred until Friday next. Slade to be vice-admiral of this fleet. Entry to be made of beef, pork, and powder delivered to the Dutch at Jacatra out of the Discovery. Suit of Pelham to go factor to the Indies, but by reason of his debts the Court absolutely refused to employ him; nevertheless agreed to express their obligations to Lord Conway and respects to Mr. Trumbull, and if Pelham can any time these three months clear his debts the Court will take his request into further consideration, holding him very fit and worthy of employment. Tohn Hunter entertained factor for seven years at 20l. per annum, with 10l yearly increase. Wages of Thomas Waller, master of the William Petition of David Bourne concerning his estate in the Company's stock. Concerning the charge against the Moon's men for breaking and sharing a cuttan which Scudamore, factor, brought from Siam. Request of Captain Moreton, commander of the two ships for Lagundy, for a gratuity for his past services and his pepper; the Court willed him to have patience, and offered him 25l., which he refused, alleging his good service in the Manilla voyage, that notwithstanding other ship's companies had a sixteenth part of reprisal goods there yet he would not suffer any of his men to take a pennyworth, hoping the President and Council at Jacatra would gratify him, but they had referred him to the Court, saying, Mr. Governor and Court would allow him more than they could, and gave him a promise signed and sealed, with other remarks which gave the Court distaste, but they willed him to produce the writing on Friday next. Ordered that the charge for the poor at Poplar on the Company's house, which has been raised from 40s. to 4l., be paid. Certificate read, signed by Robert Davies, justifying the good carriage of Johnson in the Naick's country, Johnson willed to attend on Friday. Christopher Farewell refused employment as factor. William Kiddwell, surgeon, to have 400 lb. of long pepper freight free. Edward Charley, surgeon of the Blessing, 1 hhd. of his long pepper freight free, and his wages. Raphe Rand entertained purser's mate in the Morris. Gratuities to Alice Knight, Ellen Rogerson, Elizabeth Burt, Ann Shaw, Samuel Eechell, Luce Baily, Katharine Jacob, and Johan Howell for Christmas.
Dec. 16.—Committee appointed to attend the Duke, not only for a warrant to remove Brookes and the rest detained prisoners at Dover, but also for diverting his Grace's opinion to send Commissioners from hence to Holland about the grievances against the Dutch, and Mr. Bell is entreated to attend Sir Dudley Carleton about the same, and to excuse Mr. Governor in regard of his indisposition of body. Commission from the President and Council at Jacatra, presented by Captain Moreton, read, but nothing appearing by way of reference to the Court for recompense, agreed after debate to give him 100 marks and deliver his 3 hhds. of pepper. Request of Francis Futter, factor, for payment of his wages, to have 100l. on account. Capt. Moreton and Messrs. Jepson and Stevens requested to view "a praw" Dutch ship of 300 tons, or any other they shall find in the river. The satins viewed by Messrs. Ellam and Rastell to be brought into Court on Tuesday next. David Bourne's business. [Petitions answered see p. 135.]
Dec. 20.—Discussion on the complaint of the President and Council at Lagundy against Johnson; the Court holding the accusation very weak, ordered his wages to be paid. He desired to go master again with 6l. per month, but was referred to next Court. Mountney to make all speed in sending down provisions for the ships for Lagundy Concerning the long ordnance made for the fort at Lagundy which have the King's mark set upon them. Petition of Nicholas Chester and Jeremy Spracling presented to the Parliament House in the nature of a project for the preservation of victuals and bread, read; Committees appointed to treat with them about same. Anthony Mutta, an Indian, who could speak the Portugal, Gentue and Malabar languages, entertained for seven years at, 13s. 4d. per month for Lagundy, but first ordered that he be christened. Petition of John Webb, who has been 14 years in the slaughter-house read; to have 30l. per annum from Christmas next. Richard Lancaster to receive his wages. Opinion of Captain Moreton and others that, the Dutch ship being dear and of small burden, "was not for the Company's use," and were willed to search in the river for some other. Captain Moreton dissuaded the Court from sending the corner stones provided for the fort at Lagundy, alleging that there is great plenty in the Indies; but the Court, in regard they were already carried down to the ship, resolved to send them and ordered Captain Moreton to take them aboard.
Doe. 22.—Motion for the accustomed gratification to the Committees, conceived by one to be the work and direction of a General Court, so deferred till Mr. Governor's next coming to Court. No more pepper to be delivered out upon discount, without warrant under Treasurer Stone's hand. Petition of John Ducy for recompense for past services, and a certain yearly salary; ordered that he be gratified with 20l. and have 50l., a year besides his expenses. Styles and Bell to speak to the Commissioners of the Navy to prevent two boys being taken for his Majesty's service, and as the Company is often troubled in this kind it was moved to be suitors to his Majesty for a warrant dormant to secure them from being pressed when in the Company's service. Report of Mr. Styles that Mr. See. Coko had promised to speak to the Duke about a warrant for bringing up Brookes and the rest prisoners from Dover Castle to be tried, and concerning sending over Commissioners into Holland, which he assured Sec. Coke the Company would never be drawn unto having had sufficient proof what success is to be expected in that kind, whereupon he desired copy of the Company's reasons, which, with petition for continuance of the trade at Bantam, were ordered to be sent to him. Committee to conclude a bargain with Tokeley, owner of a Dutch ship, for the purchase of her. Sixteen pieces of satin sold to Mr. Browne, eight pieces ingrain at 15s. a yard, and eight pieces not ingrain at 13s. 4d. a yard. Letters from Persia to be searched for concerning what is desired for that trade. About contract with Browning for timber, to make it good or the Company will proceed against him by law.
Dec 23.—On petition of Richard Mountney ordered that he have a gratification of 100l. for his services for the past five years, and that 50l. per annum salary be hereafter given to his son John, who was sworn one of the Company officers. On the motion of Mr. Governor it was thought fitting that letters be procured from his Majesty to the Kings of Bantam, Siam, and Macassar, but after debate whether there should be any mention of the English departure from the Hollanders, resolved that nothing concerning them should be inserted, and that search be made for former letters procured from his Majesty of this nature. Report of Mr. Bell that Sec Lord Conway had promised to move the King upon the Company's last petition to his Majesty concerning payment by the King of Denmark and the Earl of Warwick for saltpetre and powder bought for the Company's account in the East Country. About the quantity of pepper delivered to Washburne. The reading of a letter from Blewett, in the Indies, concerning sending alum thither deferred till next Court. On consideration of the business of Persia Mr. Governor is requested to treat with the tin masters for 60 tons of tin, and the committees for cloth to buy 1,000 or 1,500 white cloths at Twelfthtide market next. The gratifications to the Committees to be left to the next general Court, and New Year's gifts to be determined on Thursday next. Richard Barbour entertained factor again for Surat for five years at 100l. per annum. Debate on Alderman Hammersley's request to have 2,000l. in pepper upon stock; he is requested to have patience until Lady Day, when the business will be settled concerning every delinquent. Complaint of Jonas Colbach, clerk of the stores at Lagundy, vouched by President Hawley, John Gonninge, and others, that the provisions and tools arc not only bad and unserviceable, but also bought at excessive rates; ordered that henceforth they should be first viewed by able workmen. Henry Glascock recommended for a purser's place. Joseph, an Indian boy, who came in the Moon, and attended Brockendon, entertained for Lagundy as an interpreter, by reason he has the "Molayan language." Capt. Moreton desired to take care of him, and provide him with apparel at the Company's expense. Remarked by Mr. Styles that the poor's box in Mr. Hurt's office is very slenderly remembered by the mariners and others that receive payments from thence contrary to former directions, there being not above 10l. received since December last was twelvemonth, whereas in former times there has been as much collected in less than three months, and it was thought fit that some order thereon be made at next Court, to the end there should be a deduction of 4d. in the pound on all moneys received by the mariners for the benefit of the poor. Ordered that henceforth no moneys be received by the pursers in the Indies into their cash unless first allowed by the President and certified under his hand. Petitions of Elizabeth Keeling, Eliza Cuttbert, Margaret Tapp, Christian Gravenor, and Julian Rugg, for relief "against this blessed time" 29 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk. VIII. 176–204]
Dec. 23.
232. John Willoughbye to John Banggam at Lahore. President Kerridge writes that Young is gone for Persia, that our King is dead and the English ships not yet arrived at Swally. Jno. Willoughby and Robert Cletherow, with Crispin Blacken, are now upon their journey to Surat, in company with 176 camels. Wishes him a merrier Christmas than he is like to have. Mutilated by damp. 1 p. [O.C., Vol. XI., No. 1213.]
Dec. 23.
233. Joseph Hopkinson to John Banggam. Has received his of 28 October, the messenger was detained at Agra two months and has sent on the letters for Surat. The bad dealing of Meer Mooza. Thinks he might well have undertaken the journey from Lahore taking goods light of carriage. As to his discontent about curtailing his title, there is little difference between chief factor and chief agent, but would not wish him to give place to the Dutch, either before the King or elsewhere. If he come to Agra, not to meddle in Offley's business, or to suffer him to meddle in his own. Has written to Kerridge "what stead your language was to us in the time of our imprisonment," and that now you would not suffer words of no effect "to be foisted into our firmans as heretofore." Nathaniel. Holliday is dead. Thanks him for court news. Sends copy of his last because the bearer was slain upon the way. About the sale of his goods; has heard nothing from John Goodwin. "That foolish fellow Cletherowe, in a drunken fit, while he was here, gave him a slash over the neck with a sword." Arrival of the Falcon in Swally about the middle of (November), Francis Pinder, the master, having lost the fleet about Mohilla, took a Portugal prow and towed her from the height of Goa to the great endangering of his own vessel; for which, and other unruliness, he was replaced by Swanley. She has gone with the James, Jonas, Ann, and the Dutch for Persia, and has given them light as to what ships fought with the Portugals, viz., the Palsgrave, Dolphin, and Lion, under Capt. Blyth. Some petty differences between Padre Lord and Messrs. Wylde, Hoare, &c. settled by Kerridge. About "Benthall's things." Young upon some discontent given him by Kerridge is gone with the fleet. Robert Tottle lately arrived in Surat. About the sale of his goods. Departure of Heynes in the Star, 30th April last. News by the James of a great mortality among our people upon the island (Lagundy), where they intended to fortify, and of their being fetched away. His resolution for England next year still continues. Remembrances from Mr. Clement and Goordas. The sack promised to keep Christmas cometh not; we still live in hope. Wishes he might have Banggam's company for England next year, and thinks the sooner he went the sooner he would return, with wages increased. Mutilated by damp. 4 pp. [O.C., Vol. XI., No. 1214.]
Dec 29–30. 234. Court Minutes of the East India Company. Letter of President Hawley read, advising that good store of good strong wine should be sent to the Indies which would yield very great profit, the natives being more affected therewith than with racke, the ordinary drink of those countries. The opinion of Sir Henry Marten to be asked as to what might be done to enforce the mariners to pay 3d. in the pound, or a poundage for the benefit of the poor. Richard Allen and John Holt, of the Moon, to be paid their wages. Petition of Capt. Christopher Browne for bringing the William into the Downs without touching in the West Country; to receive 50l for the present. Ordered that Messrs. Johnson, Waller, and Allnut to attend at next Court, on the appointment of masters for the Surat fleet. Offer of Mr. Venn of 30 cloths at 10s. a cloth cheaper than heretofore. Ordered that Mr. Blunt garble 140 bags of wet pepper sent from Dover. Nomination of Committees to attend Sir Dudley Carleton respited till the King's coming to London next week. 40 fine cloths to be provided for Lagundy, and some small proportion of alum; on reading a private letter from thence ordered that Messrs. Futter, Scudamore, and Hunter give their opinions at next Court for the sale of that commodity there. Mr. Mountney to entreat the master gunner of England, either to release the ordnance he has marked for his Majesty's service, or else to pay for the same. Ordered that 2,026 mamathaes, due to the estate of John Parker deceased, be paid to whom it belongs. Request of Alderman Cambell concerning the adventure of Richard Wicke. Some cuttings of canvas to the value of 15l. bestowed on Washburne, as he has not received any gratification for his services for the past seven years; ordered that he garble and sell the remaining three hbds. of cloves.
Dec. 30.—Opinion of Messrs. Scudamore and Hunter, late factors in the Indies, that alum was a commodity very much esteemed there and would vent with good profit, and Abraham Chamberlain promised to accommodate the Company with 10 tons. Ordered that the masters of the two ships for Lagundy go presently aboard, and attend next Court. Waller, late Master of the William, entertained Master of the Morris, John Johnson, Master of the Admiral under Capt. Browne, each at 6l. per month, and the Court, yet wanting a Master for one ship, commanded that Messrs. Askewe and Allnutt be warned to next Court. Concerning a charge against Groves for having bought great quantities of the Company's pepper in Kent, the Court observing his guiltiness and dishonest dealing commanded Mr. Chauncey to convent him and his brother before my Lord Mayor, and administer interrogatories upon oath for discovery of the truth. Proposition of Alderman Hammersley concerning the settling of a trade for silk with the Emperor of Muscovia; the Court, considering the danger of the passage between Persia and Muscovia by reason of the Tartars, and the little profit that would be made of the commodity, gave no entertainment to said overture. An offer of four emeralds for 240l. to be considered at the next Court, and payment made to Mr. Governor for those which the Company long since bought of him. Ordered that 200l. be paid Mr. Clifton's son on account of biscuit supplied, and that Tuesday next be appointed for the settling of pursers' mates, stewards, and stewards' mates for the Surat fleet, as also to furnish the Dutch Bottom lately bought with officers. Richard Andrewes appointed purser of the William, Arthur Suffield of the Blessing, and Richard Barry, his mate, William Slade, purser of the Morris, and Paul Manley of the Discovery. 5½ pp. [Ct. Min. Bk. VIII. 205–210.]
Dec. 31.
235. John (Benthall) to John Banggam. Was forced for sale of reprisal goods brought last year to remain the whole year, where he endured great misery by continual sickness. The James' fleet, in company with the Dutch arrived 19th December when his letter dated from Lahore in September was received. Is heartily glad to hear of his preferment. Concerning that part of Banggam's estate which he delivered to Hopkinson. No advice from England this year so must be forced to attend their masters' minds another year concerning the renewing or dissolving of this factory. Mutilated by damp. [1¼ pp. O.C., Vol. XI., No. 1216.]
236. Memorial of "points depending on theStates answer to my Lord Duke (of Buckingham's) propositions, delivered his Grace in writing at his departure." One of which is that his Majesty be moved that Deputies of the English East India Company may be sent into the Low Countries to settle such differences as hang betwixt the two Companies, that of Amboyna only excepted, which at the time appointed is to be tried by criminal justice. [Extract from Corresp. Holland.]
237. "Proposition to trade in the Red Sea" Although within the East India Company's patent they do not now make use of this City of Mocha and never made more than one voyage thither, and that from Surat about six years past, which the Company did not approve of. An advantageous trade may be carried on there with a small stock without the least prejudice to the Company. It is suggested that his Majesty make a trial of the trade on his own account or permit some undertakers to do so under his protection. 1 p. indorsed as above. [East Indies, Vol. III., No. 84.]
238. Certain considerations touching the Persian trade under the heads of the benefit, the easiness and the impediments with the remedy. Also Petition that the King would give encouragement to the well affected merchants and adventurers especially by a reformation in the East India Company that neither the chief places nor the greatest number of Committeeships may be possessed by Turkey merchants under whose managing the business will undoubtedly perish. 2½ pp. [East Indies, Vol. III., No. 85.]
239. Answers to certain "Demands" concerning the Persian trade. How and through what defaults the trade hath been hitherto no better advanced; what laws and ordinances have been made by the [East India] Company for the ordering of their trade in those parts; and the defects and faultiness of the laws and proceedings, with opinions upon the remedies. It is contended that the Turkey merchants of the East India Company having always the greatest number of Committees of their Society, and if not actually the Governorship as at present, yet the Deputyship; they have always endeavoured to hinder the Persian trade, for the [better] maintenance of the Turkey trade. It is therefore proposed to change the present Governor, and reduce the Turkey merchants' committees to four or five at most. Signed by Anthony Wither. See ante, No. 135. 7¼ pp. [East Indies, Vol. III., No. 86.]
240. The humble Answer of the Governor, Deputy, Treasurers, and Committees of the East India Company to the scandalous complaints exhibited to your Lords [the Privy Council] by Anthony Wither. The "aspersions and imputations upon the Turkey merchants" are answered categorically, and the whole question of the beginning, prosecuting, stop, and renewing of the Persian trade explained. As to the want of laws and orders for government of the East India Company with other greivous complaints, Wither is accused of grossly contradicting himself, and of aiming at nothing more than by way of slander and practise to change the present Government of the East India Company, not for any zeal he has to the Persian trade, but hoping by this pretence to obtain some good employment for himself with his adherents. The Company pray for relief against Wither "whose seditious practices in other great affairs against the common good is not unknown," and offer for consideration how far he may be set on by their approved enemies to work the utter ruin of the East India Company. Signed by Morris Abbott, Governor, Christopher Clitherow, Deputy; James Cambell, Edw. Allen, Robt Ducie, and Thos. Westrowe, Aldermen; Wm. Stone and Robt. Bateman, Treasurers, and sixteen of the Committees. 7 pp. See ante No. 137. [East Indies, Vol. III., No. 87.]
PETITIONS to the East India Company of Persons who solicit Employment, Increase of Wages, or Payment of Wages due to their Relatives in the Company's Service.
Date. Name of Petitioner. Subject of Petition. Reference.
1625 Court Min. Bk.
Jan. 5 Thomas Wolley. Employment VII. 287
" " Margery Sherwood Part of her husband's wage " "
" " Andrew Williamson His wages " "
" " Martha Gilly A debt out of Humfrey Bill's wages. " 288
" " Jane Burdett Her husband's wages " "
" " Samuel Pritchett, mariner Charity for injuries " "
" 7 Leison Seis Employment " 293
" " Robert Hunt Same " "
" 10 Sir Robert Harlow One Harlay's estate to be paid to Turville. " "
" " Thomas Dawkes 50 R. levied by the Dutch as a mulct. " 294
" 12 William Withersley Employment " 298
" " Henry Bate About cancelling a debt " "
" " John Smith The Company's tenant in Deptford. " "
" " Andrew Williamson His wages " 299
" " Henry Noble Employment " "
" " Jane Selby Part of her husband's wages " "
" " Elizabeth, widow of Robert Courtney. Employment for her son " "
" 19 —Reeves, a grocer A suretyship for 440l. " 306
" " —Bournman Estate of Walter Barton " 307
" " Mathew Bedford, goldsmith Employment " 308
" " Richard Carey Same " "
" " Thomas Wolley Re-employment " "
" " Daniel Clutterbuck Employment as factor " "
" " Henry Mosely Same " "
1625. Court Min. Bk.
" 21 [Christopher] Farewell Employment as factor VII. 310
" " John Strongitharme Employment " "
" 26 Francis Thimblethorpe Concerning his debt " 318
" " Ralph Shepherd Employment " "
" " Elizabeth, widow of Gilbert Richardson. Part of her husband's estate " "
" " Walter Larkyn Employment " "
" 31 Mary Hartley, widow Her husband's wage " 325
Feb. 4 Edward Freake Employment " 328
" 7 Emme Chidley Part of his son's wages " 331
" 9 Robert Hunt Steward's mate in the Palsgrave " 332
" " George Morgan, surgeon For "a country barber" to be his mate " 333
" " Arthur Batchelor The estate of Ralph Taylor " "
" " Margaret Newton Support of John Phippeny's child. " "
" " Edward Hopton Debt of Tomas Joyce against Page. " 334
" 11 Richard Reignardson Steward's mate in the Palsgrave " 338
" " Symon Southworth Same " 341
" " Richard Reignardson Same " "
" " Thomas Wolley Same " "
" " John Andrews, a soldier To go for the fort in this fleet " "
" 21 Gertrude Harman Part of her husband's wages " 349
" " Francis Mawe Employment " "
" " Saunder, wife of Thomas Cliffe Part of her husband's wages " "
" " Mr. Woodall Part of his brother-in-law's wages for the brother's children. " 350
" " Thomas Ladbrook, from Amboyna. Relief " "
" " Randall Jenkins Part of his pay for his mother " 351
" " Elizabeth Healing, widow Relief " "
" 25 John Parks Estate of his Brother-in-law Richard Westly slain the Indies. " 357
" " Benjamin Hooke Employment as factor " 358
Mar. 4 Robert Roffe, shipwright Employment for himself and servant " 363
" " Edward Hart Relief an account of an accident " 364
" " James Jones Part of his wages for his mother " "
" " Hugh Tottle Same " "
" " Mathew Tyan Same " "
" 7 Constance Dale Part of her husband's wages " 366
" 9 Giles Shepherd Employment " 368
" " Constance Dale Part of her husband's (a surgon) wages. " 369
" 11 Edward Collins (from Amboyna) Recompence for bad debts, the loss of a horse, boat hires, &c. " 370
" 16 John Gonninge, factor Employment for Benjamin Pritchard as surgeon. " 376
" 18 John Hounsell His brother Richard's estate " 378
" " "Nicholas," wife of John Gathery A debt to her husband " "
" 21 Elizabeth, widow of John Johnson. 44 lb. of cloves " 380
" " Richard Downing, nailor More accommodation " "
" " The wife of Simon Cosens Part of her husband's wages " "
" " Elizabeth Morgan Part of her son's wages " "
" " Jane Norris Same " "
" " Richard Candler Part of Peter Elliot's wages for the tuition of his son. " "
" 23 Margaret, widow of Ralph Pope A debt due to her husband " 384
" " Elizabeth Johnson Charity " "
" " John Merick Salary for keeping Leadenhall gates. " "
" 26 Elizabeth, wife of John Phelps Part of her husband's pay " 385
" " Walter Larkyn, "a common surety." Release from Ludgate prison " 386
" " Elizabeth, widow of George Hall Continuation of her husband's employment. " "
" 30 John Wood Part of servants' wages " 398
" " William Grimshawe To be boatswain of the Exchange " "
Apr. 4 Katherine, wife of Robert Sealer Part of her husband's wages " 409
" " Anne Collins, widow Part of Thomas Hood's estate " "
" 6 John Dodd Employment as overseer of cloth-workers. " 413
" " —Gowin Same " 414
" " [Richard] Steele Employment " "
" " Thomas Poynett 40l. for pilotage of the Palsgrave and London. " "
" " John Poynett pilotage for the Dolphin " "
" 14 The widow of Wm. Barrett Release from 3l. interest on a debt. " 424
" " Mr. Cappur, the Remembrancer The office of secretary " 425
" 23 John Price, a painter Painting the Company's ships VIII. 3
" " Nicholas Woodcock Wages " "
" 27 Mr. Cannon Money disbursed for his servant John Bird. " 6
" " Richard Ingram, boatswain Increase of wages " 9
" " The widows of Richard Whiting, William Freeland, and Nicholas Bennett, sawyers Relief " "
" " Mary Hole, widow Part of her son's wages " "
" " —Smith Pilotage of the Falcon " 10
" " Thomasine, wife of Thomas Belt Part of her husband's wages " 11
" " Richard Perry Part of Richard Flood's wages " "
May 4 Edward Jocelyn Employment as merchant " 14
" 6 Roger Giffard, auditor An advance of 300l. " 20
" " Anne Waldoe, widow Her pension " 28
" 11 —Atcombe, widow Charitable benevolence " 36
" 13 Johan, wife of John Sales Part of her husband's wages " 39
" " Jane, wife of Richard Alcock Legacy from Walter Barton to her husband. " "
" " Elizabeth, widow of Benedict Morris. Her husband's chest " "
" " Katherine, wife of Robert Sealer Part of her husband's wages " 40
" 18 George Kilpatrick Alexander Lauder's wages " 44
" " Thomas Fardo The remainder of his son John's estate, who was slain at Amboyna. " "
" 20 Elizabeth, wife of Henry Parker Her husband's wages from Saml. Tickner. " 48
" " Mary Hartley, widow Charity " "
" 25 Richard Porke Part of his servant Robert Eustace's wages. " "
" " John Keeling Lodging in the house " 53
" " Jonas Viney His uncle Capt. Jour laid's estate " 54
" 27 William Land Richard Cock's imprest " 56
June 1 John Powell William Wilson's estate " 62
" " David Hales Adrian Davidson's estate " 63
" " Edmond Chambers His suretyship " "
" 3 Ephraim Ramsey His wages wrongfully received by John Clark. " 66
" 15 Mary, widow of Andrew Lincklitter. Her husband's wages " 73
July 1 James Cocks Francis Lydiard's wages " 90
" " Anne, wife of Philip Garland, surgeon. Her husband's and servant's wages " "
" " William Strippe, orphan Employment " 92
" " Elizabeth, widow of Nicholas Sadler Her husband's adventure " "
" 7 Thomas Refauld Employment " 102
" " Helen Jeronimo Part of John Vincensia's wages " "
" 15 Euria Collins Her husband's pay " 109
" " Elizabeth Hart, widow Charity " "
" 29 William Bedo Part of Richard Bacon's wages " 114
" " Anne Andrews Part of her husband's wages " "
" " Joan Woodfall Her servant Mathew Flory's wages. " 115
" " Patrick Preston 6l. for his brother David's pepper. " "
" " Alice Boomer Part of her husband's wages " 116
Oct. 4 The Minister,Churchwardens, and Oversecrs of Whitechapel. For William Cooper to have part of Philip Beck's wages, for his child. " 118
" " Mary Colley Her late father Elias Bradshawe's wages. " 119
" 13 John Harris Part of his wages " 121
" 18 Margaret Metcalfe, widow Charity for her injured son Antrobus. " 122
" " Johan, wife of Wm. Bourhouse Benevolence for travelling expenses. " "
" " Nich. Woodcock, master of the Whale. Wages of two servants " 123
" " William Latterford Consideration for services " "
" " Zachary Downeman Employment as purser " "
" " George Williamson Same " "
" " James Barlowe Employment as steward " 124
" 13 Anne Brach, widow Part of her son's, Richard Thompson, wages. " "
" " Joan, widow of Robert Morris Charitable relief " "
" 20 Ann, widow of Andrew Evans Part of her husband's wages " 125
" " Francis Preston Part of his wages for Adrian Grundy, and the rest for himself. " "
" " Katherine, widow of John Reade Her husband's estate " 126
" 25 William Webber His salary " 127
" 27 Rachel, wife of Jeremy Suger Part of her husband's wages " 128
" " Robert Ellerton Consideration for services " 130
" " Mary, wife of George Kirby Part of her husband's wages " "
" " Johan, wife of Richard Alcock Part of her husband's and servant's wages. " "
" " William Head, carpenter Part of his wages " "
" " John Geare Part of Richard Beacham's wages. " "
Nov. 2 Henry Dodsworth Travelling expenses " 137
" 9 John Robinson Estate of his son Mark detained by Thos. Sanderson. " 139
" " William Freeman, carpenter Wages of Robert Esson " 141
" " Thomas Shelton Wages of William Johnson " "
" " Thomas Reynolds, steward His wages " "
" " Mary, wife of John Roberts Her husband's wages " "
" " Elizabeth, wife of Robert Godfrey. Same " "
" 11 John Chester His wages " 144
" " Christopher Roson "A small fardell of goods" " 147
" " [Edward] Charley, surgeon in the Blessing. Allowance for pepper " "
" " Thomas Sanderson Allowance on Mr. Brook's account. " "
" 16 John Parks His brother Richard Westby's estate. " 150
" 18 John Robinson His son's estate " 151
" " Edward Lee Continuance of employment " "
" " Dorothy Neale John Clark's wages " 153
" " Ann Ansell Her servant's wages " "
" 23 Richard Candler Part of Peter Elliot's wages for his child. " 154
" " Rachel, wife of Jeremy Suger Her husband's wages " "
" " Richard King Consideration for services and employment " "
" " John Lampier [? Lamprey] Consideration for a lease " 155
" " Mr. Brewin Wages of George Brewin to his wife. " "
" 30 Captain Hall To succeed Swanley " 162
" " Richard Samport Charity for an injury " "
" " Thomas Chamberlain, waterman Charity for the loss of his boat " "
Dec. 1 William Thring Wages " 169
" " Helen, wife of John Swayne Her husband's wages " "
" " William Howsigo His deceased son's wages " "
" 2 Elizabeth Helyn Charity " 171
" 8 Henry Dodsworth Employment as purser at Lagundy " 177
" 9 Thomas Toft Consideration for his damaged lighter. " 179
" 14 Robert Pack His wages in the Whale " 187
" " Thomas Handgood Entertainment as a preacher " "
" " Francis Browne, cook Charity " 188
" " Ann Grimes Part of her servant Henry Sare's wages. " "
" " Katherine Sealor Part of her husband's wages " "
" 16 Captain Hall His goods and wages " 191
" " Katherine Lacy, widow Part of her apprentice David Sampson's wages. " "
" " Margaret Russell, widow Wages of her apprentice, Edward White. " "
" " Jacob Ashley Wages of his apprentice, Philip Roades. " 192
" " Francis Chapman Remainder of Thomas Porey's estate. " "
" " Margaret, widow of Mathew Spurgeon. "Comfort" in "her extremity" " "
" " Thomas Hodges, surgeon Consideration for nine year's services. " "
" " Ewrin Spring Part of Richard Spring's wages " "
" " Ann Anthony, widow Wages of James Forgeson, deceased. " "
" " Jane Rolfe, widow Part of her son Anthony's wages " 193
" " Parnell, widow of William Smith Her husband's wages " "
" " Ursula Hills, widow Charity " "
" " Martha, Sterner, widow Part of her servant John White's wages. " "
" 20 William Pingley A regular salary " 195
" 22 Benjamin Stone Pepper at the Custom-house " 196
" 23 John Chester His wages " 199
" " Katherine Sailor Part of her husband's wages " "
" " Captain Christopher Browne His wages " 202
" " Jane Munser, widow Charity " "
" " Josian, widow of Elias Wood 77¾ R. of her husband's estate " 204
" 29 Edward Corbett His brother, Thomas Corbett's estate. " 205
Date. From To Amount. Name of Stock. Reference.
1625 £ Court Min. Bk. VII.
Jan. 3 Sir Nicholas Kempe, deceased Morris Abbott £ 2,400 Not stated 285
" 19 Sir Anthony Archer Thomas Latham 100 Second joint stock 307
Feb. 7 Henry Robinson Thomas Colthurst and Thomas Goodyear. 6,000 Same 331
" 9 Elizabeth, widow of Capt. Christ, Newport. Thomas Crathorne 275 Not stated 333
" 11 Thomas Bownest and Nathaniel Deardes. Joseph Jackson 400 Second joint stock 335
" 21 Richard Caswell Richard Davies 500 Same 348
" " Francis Hadden Richard Crashaw 1,200 Same 350
" " John Bland Richard Davies £333 6s. 8d. Same "
" " John Cason, deceased Richard Crashaw 1,800 Same "
" " Same Edward Tyther 600 Same "
" 23 William Smith Thomas Ivatt 2,000 Same 353
Mar. 4 Gabriel Barbor John Geare 1,200 Same 363
" 16 Joseph Jackson Alderman Freeman £666 13s. 4d. Same 374
" " Sir Edward and Lady Seymour. Richard Crashaw 200 Same 375
" " Same Richard Davies £116 13s. 4d. Same "
" " Same Thomas Smethwike £83 6s. 8d. Same "
" 18 John Slany Mathew Bedle, John Browne, and Henry Warner, Wardens of the Merchant Tailors. 600 Same 378
" 23 Rowland Backhouse Mr. Wiseman 1,400 Same 384
" " Mr. Wiseman Edmond Page 1,400 Same "
" 26 Duchess of Richmond and Lenox. Sir Robert Napper 2,000 Same 385
" 28 Mary Farrar, widow William Bonham 500 Same 392
" " Same Richard Miller 500 Same 393
" " Edward Jourden Robert Edwards 600 Same "
April 4 Sir William Garraway Henry Garraway 5,200 Same 405
" " Same William Garraway 5,200 Same "
" 6 Edmund Page George Umble £466 13s. 4d. Same 413
" " Same Francis Chapman £466 13s. 4d. Same "
" 8 Thomas Bownest and Nathaniel Deardes. John Milward 2,000 Same 415
George Pitts 1,300 Same "
" 14 Ellis Combe Nathaniel Deardes 300 Same 425
Court Min. Bk. VIII.
" 23 Edward Cason Honora Cason, widow 1,200 Second joint stock 2
" " Thomas Garway Henry Garway 500 Same 3
May 6 John Jackson Rachel Jackson, widow 1,044 8s. 10d. Same 28
" " James Jacobson Richard Edwards 1,000 Same "
" " Same Edward Williamott 1,000 Same "
" " Same John Sayre 1,000 Same "
" " Same Jaques Oyles 450 Same "
" 18 Joseph Salbank, deceased Mathew Wills 40 Not stated 42
" " Jaques Oyles Geoffrey Kirby 450 Second joint stock 44
" 20 Edmond Prestwich Thomas Sorocold 800 Same 47
" 25 Richard Bennett Ralph Busby 1,200 Same 51
" " Robert Hooke Charles Fettiplace 800 Same "
June 1 Edward Clark Edward Williamott 300 Same 63
" 17 John Barkly Ellis Crispe 1,100 Same 75
" " William Bonham Humfrey Browne 1,000 Same 77
" 22 William de Vischer Richard Bull 1,000 Same 82
" 25 Thomas Burton Nicholas Crispe 2,600 Same 86
1625 Court Min. Bk. VIII.
July 1 Giles de Butt Giles Vanderputt 500 Same 91
" 7 Josias Ent Joas Godschall 600 Same 102
" " Giles Vandeputt Samuel Armitage 500 Same "
Nov. 18 Richard Leaver Sir John Wolstenholme 900 Not stated 153
" 23 Susan Martine Robert Palmer 900 Second joint stock 155
Dec. 9 John Harvy William Middleton 400 Same 179
" 14 Henry Kinnersley Daniel Harvey 1,200 Same 181
" 16 Sir Thos. Smythe, deceased Lady Sara Smythe and Sir John Smythe 12,700 Same 189
Date. Free Brethern. To whom bound By fine of otherwise. Reference.
1625 Court Min. Bk. VII.
Jan. 26 Edward Wyche By patrimony and 10s. to poor box. 316
Feb. 18 Richard Craishawe Fine of £30 347
" 25 John Geare —Offield Fine of £10 357
Mar. 4 William Clarke Rich. Venn Service and 10s. to 363
" 16 James Hawley Thomas Keightley Service and 10s. to poor box. 376
April 4 John Okewyn [Edward] Warner By service 409
Court Min. Bk. VIII.
June 1 Richard Ward Sir John Wolstenholme Service and 10s. to poor box. 61