East Indies: August 1627

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Persia, Volume 6, 1625-1629. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1884.

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August 1627

Aug. 18.
479. Sec. Conway to (Dudley Lord Carleton). His Majesty would have him constantly pursue the business of Amboyna as a matter wherein he expects real satisfaction, and approving his advice has given order to make stay of any of their East India ships that shall come into his ports. His Majesty has further commanded him to signify to the States Ambassador (as Conway has done by letter) that his Majesty wonders not a little that after the long pursuit by his Ministers, and not only fair promises of justice from the States, but orders for the staying of Coen, there should be so little performance, Coen sent away, and a justification offered to their Assembly of an act which is either a great affront to his Majesty or to the States. And his Majesty requires him to give the States knowledge of his mislike of this proceeding in those that have done or shall maintain it, and that in the whole he expects speedy and round justice answerable to the foulness of the fact. Endorsed, "Recd by Hugh Cooke, the 3rd of 7ber 1627." [Extract, Holland Corresp.]
Aug. 22. 480. Court Minutes of the East India Company. Demand of Wm. Robinson for 250l. due to Henry Hawley, President in Jacatra, part of his salary of 300l. for last year, but if he take up 50l. in the Indies the Company shall have nothing left to secure themselves if any objection hereafter be made against him, so ordered that Haley's entertainment be searched out, when they will answer Robinson. Payment out of the estate of Edward Long, deceased, to Mr. Meggs. Long's estate having been examined by the Auditors, his brother expressed himself altogether satisfied, and on receipt of the purse of rings and 53l. 13s. 7d. remaining he released the Company and Mr. Scudamore from all further claims. Report of Mr. Treasurer that by reason of the wars with Spain and France little Spanish money came into the kingdom, and the Company's occasions could not be supplied, besides he was doubtful whether the late proclamation did not absolutely inhibit the buying of ryals; ordered that Mr. Acton compare the Company's grant with the proclamation and take the advice of counsel thereon. Report of Committees that they had ordered the ditch by their slaughterhouse at Blackwall to be cleansed, so that Mr. Dethick may have no just cause to complain against the Company. Motion that 134l. collected by Sambrook out of the purser's wages for building the Company's hospital be delivered for that use, but not thought fit to pass the warrant until the Auditors had viewed the purser's accounts. The contractors that bought the indigo dust last year to have the refusal, but at a better price. Examination of the complaint of Giles Shepheard, the Company's porter at Blackwall, against John Beck, clerk of the iron stores, and others; ordered that Beck remove his wife and family out of the yard. John Catteroll to be forthwith discharged. Complaint against Giles Shepheard for allowing the chips to be carried out of the yard; he said he thought that every Saturday the poor were to be admitted to gather them; ordered that no more chips be carried out of the yard. 4½ pp. [Ct. Min. Bk. X. 60–64.]
Aug. 22.
On board the ship Expedition.
481. Consultation concerning the opening of the ship's hold to put in ballast. Being somewhat light and the pepper shot on one side, the hold to be opened and stones put amongst the pepper to stiffen her; John Samuel, purser, to be present, that their employers' goods be not embezzled. Signed, Randall Jesson and Geo. Willoughbie. ½ p. [O.C., Vol. XI., No. 1257a.]
Aug. 29–31. 482. Court Minutes of the East India Company. Request of the Lord Mayor and Aldermen that the 100 barrels of powder lent the Company be returned; the powder had been sold to Mr. Felgate at 5l. 5s. the barrel by misinformation, so ordered that the whole 525l. be paid to the city. Committees appointed to advise about something more to be done at the powder mills which may prove very profitable. Request of Blyth, the Company's powder maker, for his accounts to be audited; resolved that he draw out a perfect account of all materials and charges, so the Company may know what every barrel of powder will cost; also for a place to lay his scummings and settlings in, from which when mingled with earth he could produce a good quantity of saltpetre, referred. Loan of a long boat to the Commissioners of the Navy. Petition of Susan, widow of Capt. John Jourdain, concerning the remainder of her husband's estate, and her appeal in the Court of Delegates against Jonas Viney; Mr. Acton to take some care of her business in the Delegates. He reported that counsel were of opinion that the proclamation cannot restrain the power granted by the Company's patent of buying, yet nevertheless the patent does not warrant the buying or transporting of any foreign coin within the land, but only such as the Company themselves or others by their direction have brought in. Petition of John Catteroll to be entertained again as a shipwright, having served them nine years, to be considered.
Aug. 31.—Ordnance to be supplied for the pinnace, viz: 14 minions, but not to be launched until the spring. John Catteroll readmitted as carpenter on the commendation of Mr. Steevens. Richard Downing, nailor smith, admonished for overloading their carriages with iron for his particular benefit, promised to work the same thinner and cleaner; three-quarters rent due from him at Michaelmas remitted for the house and shop at Deptford now in the tenure of Widow Hall. 7 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk. X. 64–71.]