East Indies: November 1633

Pages 482-495

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies and Persia, Volume 8, 1630-1634. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1892.

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November 1633

Nov. 2. 509. Order of Lords of Admiralty on petition of Henry Hendly and others. That in June last was three years they were entertained to serve in H.M.S. the Great Seahorse under Capt. Quaile, and continued their service until the ship came home to Plymouth and prayed order to Sir Wm. Russell for their pay. Ordered that if anything be due to them, they are to have it from those who entertained them to serve the voyage, being undertaken by and for the benefit of private men. Also similar orders to petition of Wm. Delahay, Surgeon, and others taken into the ship at Surat two years since; to petition of Geo. Johnson and others taken into the ship after Capt. Quaile's decease by Capt. Marsh at Nevis 10 April last, and to petition of Joan Wyan and other widows whose husbands lost their lives in Capt. Quaile's service. [Dom., Car. I., Vol. CCXXVIII., fols. 89, 90.]
Nov. 2.
510. Notes by Edw. Nicholas of matters to be brought before the Lords of the Admiralty. To consider when to speak with the Deputy to the States' Ambassador touching their Lordships' last resolution when the East India Company were with them. (In margin) "To meet tomorrow." Whether Nicholas shall render the Letter of Credence and M. Joachimi's promise to the East India Company, keeping copies thereof. (In margin) "I am to keep them as yet." [Dom., Chas. I., Vol. CCL., No. 8.]
Nov. 4–15. 511. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Petition of Gabriel George and Thomas Ismael, who left the William at Bantam for one night and were afterwards taken into the Jewel which was in great want of men, for the wages they had so dearly earned; the Court observing the danger to the William if others had left her, thought they deserved punishment, but in regard of George's want, ordered him half wages for his service in the Jewel, but for Ismael they thought not fit at present to order anything on his behalf. Petition of Miles White, Gunner in the Swallow, clearing himself and laying the fault of the fire on Giles Waterman, the Master, annexing divers reasons, which are ordered to be carefully preserved as a testimony against Waterman at his trial; and Mountney and Cappur directed, according to the course of the Admiralty to enter bond for the prosecution of the suit, the Court promising to save them harmless. Walter Ambler appointed Land Purser for the new ship, and Richard Langley for the Blessing now ready to be launched. Renewed suit of George Clarke for the estate of one Hussey, an orphan, whose father died in the Company's service in the Indies, having taken out letters of administration for same; answered they would pay it to the orphan when he comes of age, or to any guardian he shall choose, but not to Clarke by virtue of his administration. Report of Ellam that Sir Edmond Sawyer is raising a new building on the back of the Company's warehouse which undermines the foundation, and that there is a chimney thrust up by one of their neighbours, who has thus not only encroached on their lands, but cut away part of their gutter and taken the lead; ordered that the Lord Mayor be desired to send an officer to desire Sir Edmond to surcease his buildings until the viewers of the City survey the same, and make their report; and that the party that had erected the chimney be warned to the Court. The distribution of the pork and beef returned in their ships to the poor of Stepney, Poplar, and Blackwall, left to the direction of Capt. Styles and Mr. Mun. Freight remitted to Gregory Clement of 25 lbs. of nutmegs, and their first cost in India to be allowed him for 20 lbs. of cloves sent him as a token in the William.
Nov. 6. Grant under the Seal of the Court of Wards to Dr. More and Robt. Barington of the tuition of Adrian More, a lunatic, presented by Dr. More, to the end the Company might take notice that the lunatic's estate and adventure is not to be disposed of but to themselves. The new ship to be launched tomorrow named the Coaster, and Mr. Barnes nominated for Commander. Suit of Francis Peacock, executor to Leonard Collinson, for delivery of certain satins and taffetas of Collinson's free of freight, ordered, and 8s. per piece for 18 pieces of calicoes, together with his debts and wages, but 17 pieces of damask detained, it appearing they belong to Emanuel Altham, Capt. of the Fort at Armagon. Petition of Daniel Boneale for compassion in regard of his debt, pretending his loss in the commodity he bought of the Company was not less than 900l., and that John Fowkes, who by the Decree in Chancery is liable with him, had told him plainly that if he might come off for a farthing he would never give it; he humbly beseeched the Court not to seek his utter overthrow by keeping him in prison for their debt, but to afford him the like favour as his other creditors have done, at least to accept 500l. which he is able to give. But the Court told him that unless Fowkes would join with him in the offer they cannot accept thereof, and cannot entertain his offer without consent of the Generality. 20l. on account of wages imprested to Mary, widow of Nich. Woolley, Steward of their house at Surat where he died.
Nov. 8. Divers of their servants to the number of seven at the least who wilfully left the William at Bantam, because they would not proceed for Jambi, and afterwards secretly conveyed themselves aboard the Jewel and came for England, demand wages; but to deter others from committing the like offences, ordered that they should receive no wages for the time of their service in the Jewel. This day being particularly designed for examination of the complaints of private trade in the Great James, the accusations of Gabriel Kennicott, John Pyke, and John Miller against Richard Barry with his answers read, and it was observed that as Barry denied most of the accusations, so did he ingenuously accuse himself of private trade, and humbly referred himself to the Court's censure and judgment, but because the accusations and answers were long, Cappur was directed to abbreviate and present them to certain Committees who are intreated to peruse them, hear witnesses, and report to the Court. John Barnes, late Master of the Star, entertained Commander of the new ship Coaster in respect of his abilities, as for his sufferings with Mr. Willoughby in opposition of private trade; he demanded 10l. per month, and the rather that he purposed to debar himself from all manner of private trade, offering to put into their hands 100l. at 6 per cent., and declaring that the prejudice the Company suffered by private trade is not by that carried out and brought immediately home, but by what is transported from port to port in India, which has enriched so many of their Factors it producing 60 to 100 per cent. profit; that he resolved not to enrich himself thereby and advised them not to suffer their servants to deprive them of that benefit. Some conceived his demand too great, others advised to condescend thereto, in regard he voluntarily offered to tie himself from all manner of private trade, which would be a precedent for other Commanders; but in conclusion resolved to give him 7l. a month, and that he have the liberty of private trade granted by his Majesty's proclamation, provided he register with their Secretary what he carried out; which he thankfully accepted; they likewise accepted his 100l. giving him 7 per cent., and bestowed upon him 20l. to set him to sea.
Nov. 11. Malachi Martin lately returned in the Hopewell, and Langham questioned concerning certain goods landed at Milford and in the custody of Justice White; denied landing any or knowing of any landed by others; but Allison, the Mate, confessed he heard Harrison, Purser of the Star, say that one night some goods were conveyed ashore at Milford, but whose they were, or out of what ship, or whither carried he knew not. On petition of Allison to remit the freight on 3 cwt. of cassia and 700 lbs. of long pepper, the Court in regard he was well commended, remitted half of said freight. Offer of Edward Monox to be employed again in Persia, but "being very ancient" he was considered unfit. Consideration of Capt. Weddell's request, by letter to Sir Wm. Russell, for a ship to be sent to him and a new commission, but a former resolution for his return confirmed. Godfrey, late Master of the Hopewell, confessed the landing of 2 hhds. and a chest, belonging, "as he conceived," to Martin, but knows not whither they were carried. Humphrey Sydenham, Samuel Boyce, and Philip Saunders recommended for employment; all referred to the general day of election for Factors and Pursers for the next fleet. 25l. on account of wages lent to Stephen Goad, late Boatswain of the James. Swanley ordered to carry down the London forthwith, because at very low water she toucheth ground; Mountney to send down cider to stiffen her; and Swanley and Fotherby to sell the old anchors brought home from the Indies, being "unuseful" for the Company. Request of Verneworthy for delivery of his 100 pieces of damask freight free. Also of Mrs. Broyce, daughter of Mr. Travers, for freight on two tubs of chinaware and 100 lbs. of cassia, remitted, but to pay 4s. per piece freight for damasks. Wm. Delahay, who went out with Capt. Quaile, offered to prescribe a cure for the bloody flux and malignant fevers; referred to advise with Mr. Woodall. Renewed request of Capt. Crispe, executor, for the estate of John Reeve, deceased at Bantam, after three years' service, amounting to 385l., gained by 150l. carried out with him; but the Court observing Reeve was a private trader, and not being full, he was intreated to forbear till another time. On petition of John Dunning of Chatham, ship carpenter, administrator to his brother drowned in the Star, resolved he be allowed for his pepper and cloves as they cost in the Indies, but his mace and cassia to be delivered to him freight free. John Musgrave and Wm. Walker to be allowed 9l. 10s. for 80 lbs. of indigo, as it cost first penny at Surat. Half freight of long pepper, cubebs, and green ginger remitted to Richard Truslove, late Steward of the Jewel, and of sugar and pepper to Wm. Feverell, ship carpenter.
Nov. 13. Ordered on the earnest request of Wm. Moreton, executor to Capt. Moreton, that he receive 30l. more on account of the Captain's wages, on condition that he trouble the Court no more at this time. Resolved to send in their new ship the Coaster for Bantam 50 tons of lead, 10 broad cloths, and 10 chests of silver, and that Mountney make provision for 60 men. Motion to send a chest of gold to enlarge the stock for the coast, the only place for supplying the commodities made scarce by the famine at Surat; deferred till the going of the Surat fleet in the Spring. Relation made that Malachi Martin hath now ingenuously confessed that the goods landed out of their ships and now in possession of Mr. White are his, expressing much sorrow for his obstinate denying knowledge of them, being drawn thereto by ill-affected persons who persuaded him the Company will deal severely with him; but, having lately had experience to the contrary, he promised to go down in person to Mr. White and bring up the goods, which are two casks of cloves and 100 pieces of salampoores, and deliver them to the Company. Resolved to procure a letter from the farmers to Mr. Merrick to deliver the goods to Martin to be sent from Milford to Bristol, and thence to London overland, and that a letter be written to Mr. White, who cannot be ignorant of the consequence of wilful contempt, advising him to detain the goods no longer, lest the Company be forced to make use of the Lord Treasurer's warrant for his bringing up, which they were unwilling to do. Suit of Mr. Wilson, Mate in Capt. Quaile's ship, who had presented to the Court his journal of that voyage, for entertainment, being put to the balloting box, denied, as his breeding was never as a seaman. Petition of Dudley Hawkes, administrator to his brother Wm. Hawkes, for delivery freight free of 400 lbs. of lignum aspaltum, 120 lbs. of cubebs, and 50 lbs. of callingall; ordered that he pay only 20 nobles freight, being a scholar and wanting means to take his degree of Master of Arts. The valuations presented of the Company's three ships at Blackwall, viz., the William, 750l., Blessing, 500l., and Hopewell, 300l., allowed, and ordered to be delivered to Sambrooke to be charged on the accounts of the Second Joint Stock, to which they properly belong. On petition of Mrs. Beamont, relict of Thomas Beamont, who died Master of the Star, and had served the Company in many voyages, ordered that she receive 4s. per lb. for 300 lbs. of cloves, and 6d. per lb. for 200 lbs. of pepper, free of custom and charges, nevertheless, the Court were inclined to recompense her some other way, which was referred. Blount's account of the cloves brought home, ordered to be cast up by the Auditors so they may thereby know their loss by want of weight. The half of 40 pieces of calicoes and a bale of soap, sent from Nathaniel Mountney to his father, brothers, sisters, and other friends as tokens, to be delivered to Mr. Mountney free of freight, but the other moiety to be detained in the Company's hands, allowing him so much as they cost the first penny in India. Petition of Henry Firmage, executor of Nicholas Firmage, creditor of Lawrence Greene and Edward James, Merchants, deceased, showing that at the time of their failing he had a remain of their adventure besides all debts due to the Company, part whereof still remains with them, and the rest hath been received out by such of the creditors as took upon them to be treasurers for the rest for gathering in and paying out of the estates, for breach of which trust he hath exhibited his bill in Chancery, where it is confessed there is a remain in the Company's hands; petitioner therefore requested a sight of the books and a true copy of the accounts; but the Court found Greene and James to be indebted to the Company in 1,400l., and, therefore, told Firmage he was not to expect anything; besides many of the Committees are creditors and expect satisfaction as well as he, if it were to be had. Petition of Rebecca, widow of John Wilson, who died, Surgeon in the Hopewell, for remission of freight on cassia lignum, cassia fistula, nutmegs, benjamin, china, damasks, and calicoes; ordered to be viewed. Acton's bill of 6l. 16s. 6d. for law charges to be paid.
Nov. 15. Resolved, after serious consideration, to have Mr. Rastell's jewels valued by some skilful lapidary and inventory taken of them, and then to be delivered to Mrs. Rastell, so soon as she take out letters of administration, whereby she may have a lawful authority to receive and to give the Company a discharge, but thought not fit to pay any part of his wages until they receive Mr. Rastell's accounts from the Indies. Ordered that the time limited by the preamble for such adventurers as take out more than their division in goods, be the same for those that expect their division in money, viz., at 5–6 months from the 1st present. Letter read from the Earl of Warwick on behalf of Mrs. Barbar to receive 200l. more of her deceased husband's estate; answered that having already paid her 300l., though her husband's accounts are not yet returned, the Court desired her to have patience until the arrival of their next ships. 17 pp. [Ct. Min Bk., XIV., 148–164.]
Nov. 16.
Wallingford House.
512. Notes by Edw. Nicholas of matters to be brought before the Lords of the Admiralty. To resolve when their Lordships will treat about the East India Company. [Dom., Chas. I., Vol. CCL., No. 65.]
Nov. 18–22. 513. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Ordered that Sambrooke at the next Court present the names and particular sums of such persons as have not made good their payments to the Third Joint Stock, that thereupon the Court may resolve on a course to enforce their payments. Request of Mr. Muschamp to be protected against an unjust suit in the King's Bench by the executors of Anthony Honny deceased, having done no more than was warranted by the Company's orders to President Hawley; deferred till his coming to town. Collection presented by the Auditors of the weight of cloves returned by the five ships this year, by their invoices 157,114 lbs., whereof was received into the warehouses 154,444 lbs., besides a want of 5,400 lbs. supposed to be in 69 hhds. of wet cloves, so the total is 8,076 lbs. or 5 per cent. loss, viz., on the William above 11, Jewel 8½, James 5½, Hopewell 22/3, and Star 2 per cent. John Miller propounded by Mr. Mun for Purser of the Coaster, but deferred till they should see how he was able to make good his information against the Master and Purser of the James concerning their exorbitant private trade, and he and Barry being called in and his replication to Barry's answer read, justifying what he had informed by the attestation of Pyke, Kennicott, and Malthus, but Barry absolutely denied them, or that the parties are competent witnesses. They also justified divers particulars against White, Master of the James, and principally how grossly he, Barry, and others had abused the Company in the parcel of dates laden in Persia for Surat, wherein of 2,000 frayles the Company had not above 400, that they culled out the best and for their own use sold them at good rates, and put the refuse stuff upon the Company. The Master likewise charged with "intemperancy, and riotous spending of the Company's wine," and how that by his careless stowing of the Company's goods, many were utterly spoiled; that Barry had enriched himself by concealing the estates of dead men, and in particular of George Clarke, whose chests he rifled immediately after his decease, without calling his mate, as is usual in such cases, to inventory the same; with many other abuses. Whereupon Barry, in justification of his great estate, presented three papers: first, his private trade carried out; secondly, what he carried out for others; and, thirdly, what private trade was carried between port and port in the Great James; wherein, though the Court commended him for discovering his knowledge herein, yet they conceived the multiplicity of private trade belonging to their servants therein mentioned to be "insufferable," the private trade carried in said ship being by computation as much as, if not more, than the Company's; and therefore for the discovering of the truth of these abuses, which if not prevented will not only be a disheartening of the adventurers to whose ears these reports are come, but also an utter extirpation of the trade itself, they were of opinion to prefer a Bill in the Star Chamber against said Master, the Purser, and others found faulty, that so by a public and exemplary course of justice they may receive condign punishment for these their insupportable wrongs and injuries done the Company, and to that end resolved first to have conference with Mr. Acton about the same.
Nov. 20. The great abuse of excessive and exorbitant private trade again taken into consideration. Mr. Acton advised that, in regard the proceedings are far different in the Star Chamber from other Courts of Justice, as well in respect of the manner as of the persons who are to be their judges, they would not rely upon his opinion, but take the advice of their Counsel, whether, in case they resolve to run a legal course against the Commander, Purser, and other their servants in the Great James, it be better to be done in the Star Chamber or Chancery. Cappur ordered to abbreviate the accusations exhibited against the parties with their answers, and deliver them to Capt. Styles and others, who with Acton are intreated to attend their Counsel for their opinions and directions, the Court intending the Bill should be preferred against John White, Rich. Barry, and Nicholas Brethers, the Surgeon. Report of Alderman Garwaie that he and Alderman Abdi find Lord Northampton willing to hearken to their motion for renewing the Company's lease in Crosby House, but expected a round sum by way of fine; ordered that their old lease be found out, which would be a guide to proportion the like offer, but left it wholly to their discretions to do as they shall think fit. Mr. Edwards dissatisfied with the answer concerning his subscription for cloves and indigo; answered he had no wrong, and that until the adventurers be first served he was "not to expect any fruit thereby it being not his case alone." Broke of 80l. imposed on Mr. Morewood for selling in town 16 bags pepper contrary to orders, reduced to 20l. for the reasons stated. Consideration of the request on behalf of Mrs. Rastell concerning the delivery of her deceased husband's jewels; in favour to hear and in respect of their obligations to some honourable friends of hers, whom the Company may daily have occasion to make use of, ordered that said jewels valued at 258l. 5s., and 210l. 10s. made of his apparel be delivered to her, so as she first take out letters of administration, and give the Company a warrantable discharge for same. Ordered, on information of the great want of Chirurgeons and Chirurgery to the southwards, that Woodall send an experienced man to Bantam and another to Jambi, and make ready two chests of Chirurgery ware besides the ship's provision, taking care they be wholesome and orderly packed. Resolved to send the pinnace Hopewell with their two great ships at the spring for Surat, and that Stevens and Fotherby forthwith set men on work on her. Petition of John White, late Commander of the James, desiring the Court to continue their favour and good opinion of him and not to let the false information of his adversaries possess them; freely submitting to their censure in respect of his private trade, and desiring remission of freight of his remaining goods and future employment; but the Court remembering their resolution to proceed against him and others in the Star Chamber, thought not fit to give him any answer. Petition of John Miller to be entertained Purser of the Coaster, but the Court observing they shall have special use of him as a witness in the Star Chamber, referred him for one of the three ships to be sent in the spring for Surat. John Ferne and other their almsmen at Poplar, to be allowed new gowns against Christmas next. John Ellam, a kinsman of Mr. Eliam, who had served the Dutch nine years in India, entertained Steward's Mate in the Coaster. Mountney ordered to pay Sir Edward Randall a quarter's rent of 5l. 6s. 8d. for the Company's powder mills. Petition of George, administrator of his brother Henry Sill, that his brother was employed in the Indies upwards of 12 years where he lost his life, and that petitioner has been at charges with his mother, brother, and sisters to the value of 250l., to commiserate his estate and be dealt with in that favourable manner as they had done to others; Styles and Mun to peruse Sill's "Screetores" and other boxes, and report what estate of his is in the Company's hands. Petition of Mary, widow of Capt. Thos. Watts, of the Hopewell, for payment of her husband's estate delivered up at Macassar; the Court being informed she is a very poor woman and left much in debt, ordered payment of same amounting to 1,400 ryals at the rate of 5s. per ryal. Bill of Cappur for 3l. 5s. 8d. for the dinner and charges of Mr. Salmon and others who valued the William, Blessing, and Hopewell, to be paid. Freight of cubebs and cassia lignum remitted to Wm. Johnson, late Boatswain of the Great James. John Pyke, late Steward of the James, to receive his wages. Ordered that Edward Bridges, prisoner in the Marshalsea, receive towards his relief and comfort the 3l. stayed out of his wages, in regard he left the Hopewell at Milford.
Nov. 22. Answer of the Earl of Cleveland to the Company's Bill in Chancery against him concerning their house and land at Blackwall read, and Mr. Governor and others intreated before the end of the term to take advice of Mr. Attorney-General and other learned Counsel for drawing their replication to same. Suit of Richard Andrewes to be remitted the broak of 20l. charged for not shipping three bales of calicoes, deferred. Request of Daniel Harvy for order to Mr. Treasurer to receive such moneys as he should bring in upon discount for pepper at 8l. per cent., averring he will make it good against all men, and it were much better and more profit for the Company to receive in their own moneys on rebate at 8 per cent., than to take up moneys at 7 per cent.; to which Mr. Treasurer answered that he is not of that mind, having cast up the one and the other and finds a great difference, and he desired the Court to find some other to fill his place, as he is now resolved only to hold it till next election day; Messrs. Williams and Eyans intreated to confer with Harvy and examine the truth thereof. Relation of Sir Hugh Hammersley that the Turkey, Eastland, and Muscovia Companies are warned to attend the Council Board this afternoon concerning the enlarging of their license for transportation of strained cloth; and in regard the cloth the Company send out is strained, yet they have no license for it, they would appoint some to desire to be admitted within said license or toleration; Messrs. Gayre and Mustard intreated to attend, and make request as they shall see cause. Ordered that Collins forthwith set men to repair the pondhead in the Company's powder mills at Chilworth, which may now be done for 4l. before it grow into further ruin. Request of Mr. Muschamp to be relieved against the unjust suit of Anthony Honny; but the Court understanding that Gabriel Hawley denied receipt of the money, and that Muschamp had no acquittance, knew not how to relieve him without paying the debt twice, and that unless he can produce proof of payment of said money, they know not how to free him from censure of the law. Securities allowed by the balloting box for four lots of calicoes to the value of 2,300l. Petition of John Daubney, late Surgeon of the Star, to be remitted freight of his green ginger, China roots, sandal wood, long pepper, cassia fistula, gallingall, cubebs, and cassia lignum; ordered in regard of his conformity, having brought all said goods into the Company's warehouse that he pay 15l. freight, and be allowed 4s. per lb. free of custom and charges for 56 lbs. of cloves. Freight remitted to Tho. Philipps and Henry Barton, late Gunners of the Jewel and Star, of 250 lbs. of long pepper. Valuation presented of 15 diamonds, diamond ring, hat band of rubies set in gold, and brass feather with counterfeit stones, with a particular note of goods belonging to Lawrence Henley deceased, viz., green ginger, damasks, and pepper; payment ordered to John Henley and Robert Grove, administrators, of 6d. per lb. for the pepper, together with Henley's wages, and that the other goods be delivered on paying 16l. freight, and depositing with the Company the legacy of 10l. given by Henley to Edward George. 13½ pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XIV., 165–178.]
Nov. 22. 514. Minutes of a General Quarter Court of the East India Company. Observation by Mr. Governor that obedience is better than sacrifice, and that this Court is not called for any business of importance, but only in obedience to orders; only since their last Quarter Court all their cloves and indigo are underwritten for division, and if there be any remainder those that have underwritten for sale shall also be supplied, and those that have not underwritten be paid in money at 5–6 months, the time agreed. Motion of an honourable person that the Generality formerly ordered a balance of the Company's estate to be presented at every Quarter Court, and that the Court itself might be sent for. Complaint by one of the Generality that the adventurers are not allowed freedom to look into their accounts, which he conceives is a great discouragement; answered that no man is denied to see their books of accounts or to understand his particular estate according to his adventure, but by late experience they have found it no way safe that liberty be given to every man at his pleasure to ravel into their accounts and peruse their letters, and therefore the Court of Committees have upon serious consideration inhibited the same. What they have already done and further resolved to do, remonstrated by Mr. Governor, namely, that they have sent out one ship to the Coast of Coromandel with a very fair cargazoon, and intend speedily to send out another for Bantam, and two ships more and a pinnace in the spring for Surat. Hereupon another took occasion to recite what quick stock hath of late been sent out for the Joint Stock; what is remaining in the Indies, what goods have been lately returned, and what by his calculation is within the land towards payment of debts and other charges, and moved that the balance lately taken by the Auditors be read; but Mr. Governor answered he knows of no such balance neither can any be exactly done, but once a year after the dispeeding away of the ships in April, which Mr. Ilandoon confirmed, and that which is spoken of is but an estimate drawn out in their books. Said estimate read, also minutes of the Quarter Court formerly called for, and Sambrooke and the Auditors required punctually to observe that part requiring the making of an exact balance once a year to be presented at the Quarter Court in midsummer. Opinion of Mr. Governor that considering the great mortality of their Factors, many of their principals having been thus taken away, they are the more to be excused for not returning their accounts. As for the first and second voyages they have been prosperous and successful, and but for two misfortunes, the death of the King of Persia and said mortality, their business would have been very happy, but he hopes by the grace of God all things will go on well. A worthy Knight advised that their great debt at interest might be lessened as much as may be, which otherwise it will eat out their profits and consume all in the end; answered the Committees are fully conscious, but the way to cut off this charge was to forbear divisions, without which it is impossible to lessen this growing charge. Proposition that they have special care to provide good Factors, hearing of some that are able and yet loth to be petitioners, and therefore moved 30 Committees be appointed to inquire of the Factors before they be accepted; but Mr. Governor answered that the care of the Committees in this particular is such as none can be more, for they make not their election hand over head or out of affection, but upon serious and deliberate consideration for if they know not the party when any man is propounded, nor have sufficient recommendation, Committees inquire and report of him, and therefore to draw this power from the Court of Committees doth but argue jealousy and distrust of their faithfulness and integrity, which he persuades himself the Generality will not so much as question. He prayed any that knows of able merchants desirous to tender their service, but loth to do it by the ordinary way of petition, to acquaint the Committee with his name, and he shall be privately treated with and entertained if found fit; and further if any knows any just exceptions against any of the Factors already entertained, the Court of Committees will cause strict examination to be made, and thank the party for timely information. The Court rested fully satisfied with this relation of Mr. Governor. 4 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XIV., 179–182.]
Nov. 25–27. 515. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Request of Mr. Morewood for remission of broakes for selling in town 16 bags of pepper; but the Court remembering the favour shown him, concerning the former 16 bags, thought meet to hold him to said mulct. Letter read from Mr. Cramporne certifying the departure of the Jewel the 15th present, and her expenses in port amounting to 18l. 10s. 11d., ordered to be paid. Note by Sambrooke of those in arrear with their payments to the Third Joint Stock, some of whom had brought in nothing, and if the Company have no tie upon them, yet it is in their power to disfranchise them, and to impose broakes on those that had brought in anything. Debt of 1,800l. remembered to be standing two years, and the Committees to whom by consent the difference between Messrs. Harvy, Trott, and Middleton is referred, desired to examine and settle it. Petitions of John White and Richard Barry, late Master and Purser of the Great James, confessing their guilt for private trade, praying that the course intended by Bill in the Star Chamber against them be not prosecuted and wholly submitting to the Court; after dispute the Court inclined to determine the business themselves rather than engage in a tedious suit in such a Court, where if the complaint be not well grounded, it will draw much distaste and clamour upon them; therefore resolved to refer this particular to further consideration at next Court, especially as the parties are esteemed poor men, and whatsoever fine shall be imposed in the Star Chamber will inure to the King and not to the Company. Request of Mr. Elnor and Capt. Browne that the widow of John Pashley, Master of the Mary, receive 100l. more on account of her husband's wages; but remembering she had received 200l. already, the Court intreated them to have patience till the Mary come home. Gratuities of 5l. apiece to Charles Scott and John Younge, hurt in the fight with the Portugals on shore at Surat.
Nov. 27. Petition of Robert Kilborne, blacksmith, for the wages of his servant, John Hyde, who five years since was sent into the island of St. Lawrence for commodities, and was there by all likelihood slain by the Indians, but being certified by Fras. Lloyd, Purser of the James, to have run away, his wages have been detained. On inquiry of Capt. Weddell and others at their last being at St. Lawrence, some of the Indians by signs manifested that he was slain by darts; ordered that said wages be paid to petitioner. Petition of Thomas Mace, late Gunner of the William to be remitted freight on 209 pieces of calicoes and 500 lbs. of pepper, to receive what he paid for the calicoes in India and 6d. per lb. for pepper. Petition of James Bamford, Mate in the Charles for his wages, but on information that he was the chief cause of the disaster to the Charles, by resisting such as would have cut her cable, whereby she would have escaped the fire of the Swallow, the Court thought fit first to take a further examination of the business at next Court. On information of the notable robberies lately made and attempted on Mr. Mun's house and Gresham College it was propounded that the Treasury be strengthened by more bolts and locks, or by appointing a watch nightly to guard same, until the treasure be shipped. This day fortnight appointed to make choice of Commanders, Factors, Pursers, and other officers for the ships to be sent forth in the spring, and notice thereof to be set up in the Hall. Petition of John Dunning, administrator to his brother Edward, who was drowned in the Jewel, for a further favour to remit the freight of his cloves and pepper, but resolved to observe their order of the 11th. Declaration of Mr. Hunter that he really lent Nath. Mountney in India the sum of 80l. at his earnest request, which Mountney charged by bill upon his father, to be paid in England without any other advantage than the bare money, though it be an unusual course as he confessed. Relation of Mr. Styles that Mr. Evelyn demanded 4d. per lb. for new making the Company's old powder, which is unreasonable, and therefore wished if the Company have powder enough for a year and a half, to defer same when Evelyn's patent will be expired, and they may have it done better and cheaper; nothing resolved at present. Consideration whether to persist in their resolutions for the prosecuting of the private trade come home in the James, in the Star Chamber, in regard the parties have freely submitted themselves to the censure of the Court, and on reading the submissions of Barry and White, who desire rather to stand or fall under the censure of this Court than of the Star Chamber, resolved to determine the case in this Court, rather than hazard the judgment of the Star Chamber where the fines would redound to the King and the Company be no whit the better. Ordered, there being no just exception against Wm. Pearse that his wages and debts be paid. A gentleman from the Earl of Northampton to treat with the Company further about renewing of the lease of Crosby House; Mr. Styles and Alderman Garwaie intreated to confer with him in the little parlour, whereupon they related that by reason of some entail upon the land, his Lordship can only make up the present term 21 years, or let a lease for three lives, and demands 1,000l. fine, reserving the old rent; after much discourse offered 400l. to make up their term of five years to 21 years, which they conceived a very fair and good offer considering the rent is racked to the highest, and none but the Company would give so much. Opinion of Mr. Serjeant Ayliffe presented by George Clarke concerning his interest in the estate of Wm. Hussey, an orphan; but the Court answered they never questioned the power of his administration, but intend to reserve the money in their hands for the good of the child, and allow him interest until he come of age, knowing it to be more safe in their hands than in Clarke's. Letter read from. Sec. Windebanke signifying his Majesty's pleasure that the Company write for "such varieties as are expressed in a paper there inclosed," and deliver them to John Tredescant for his Majesty's service; Ellam required to send same by the next ships to their several factories, that they be returned for England according to his Majesty's pleasure. Freight remitted to Dionis, wife of Thomas Beaumont, late Master of the Star, on 600 lb. long pepper and 100 lb. cassia lignum. The executors of Benjamin Owen to receive 136l. 7s. 6d. for 545½ Rs. of 8 delivered into the Company's cash at Bantam as appears by Hoare's accounts. 9 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XIV., 183–191.]
Nov. 27.
516. Minutes of a Meeting of the Lords of the Admiralty. Resolved, having conferred at large with the Governor and others of the East India Company, that it has been a great impertinence in the Netherlands to stand so obstinately on the scruple touching the manner of the treaty; but to demonstrate a good affection to compose the differences, to overrule our merchants and to proceed article by article, but that all articles agreed on by this treaty shall be binding, albeit they may not agree on all the articles. [East Indies, Vol. IV., No. 110.]
Nov. 29. 517. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Ordered, on petition of widow of Thomas Beaumont, late Master of the Star, to remit to her the whole freight of her long pepper and cassia lignum, but not to enlarge the prices of her cloves and pepper further than allowed to others, viz., 4s. and 6d. per lb., and that her husband's moneys be forthwith paid to her, leaving those that can challenge any debt to repair to her. Question between Daniel Harvy and others concerning 1,400l. due on Bill to the Company for silk specially recommended for speedy accommodation. Resolved that those who have not paid in their subscriptions to the Third Joint Stock, be once more warned and their peremptory answer required. Job Harby intreated to speak with Sir James Bagg, for the note he promised of the Company's cables, anchors, and other provisions amounting to 515l. taken by him from Plymouth for his Majesty's service in the expedition of the Isle of Rhé, whereby they may demand satisfaction from the Lord Treasurer. Petition of Gabriel Kennicott remonstrating his good service in discovering the abuse and excess of private trade in the James between port and port, and assisting Robinson in making like discoveries, and desiring remission of his own error in private trade, and of freight on 150 lbs. of cloves and 24 books calicoes, and that he might receive 40l. due to him and be again entertained Factor or Purser; resolved for the present to order only delivery of his calicoes, suspending answers to the rest of his demands until the Committees nominated examine the papers delivered by Barry, Purser of the James, wherein is discovered the names of their Factors and servants and their quantities of private trade carried between port and port in that ship, and thereupon shall impose such freight as they shall think reasonable. Mr. Governor propounded for consideration the entertainment of Geo. Willoughby who tenders his services as Agent at Bantam, yet considering that place is supplied by Mr. Woodson, an able and hopeful man, who was settled there by Mr. Hoare, against whom there is no exception, it was much argued and disputed how the Company would displace him and the discouragements it would give to their servants, but in the end resolved to confer said place of President on Willoughby; he was willing to reside in the country three years and doubted not the Company would hold him worthy of 500l. per annum, in regard he intended not to increase his estate by private trade, but by the only means of his salary. After being disputed at large and seriously considered resolved by erection of hands to give Willoughby 300l. per annum, the greatest salary ever given to any former President in that place, but he desired until Monday to consider their offer. On petition of Elsmore, late Commander of the Jewel, allowed 4l. per lb. for 190 lbs. of indigo, and 8d. per lb. for 100 lbs. of pepper in regard he had paid the custom. On petition of John Pyke, late Steward of the James, to be remitted freight on 100 lbs. of long pepper, and allowed for 150 lbs. of coarse indigo 20d. per lb. as he valued it. Declaration of Bamford, late Mate of the James, that he heard Capt. Swanley say that John Burley, Master of the Intelligence, gave the Swallow's cable "two good chops"; and Mr. Headland reported he saw Burley cut it asunder; which the Court required to be entered in the Black Book against Burley's return. 5½ pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XIV., 192–197.]