East Indies: December 1633

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Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies and Persia, Volume 8, 1630-1634. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1892.

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December 1633

Dec. 2–4. 518. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Complaint of Richard Barry, late Purser of the Great James against Gabriel Kennicott for colouring a Bannian's goods from Surat to Persia, and carrying three bales of goods from Surat to Bantam and returning the proceeds in cloves; also against John Pyke for selling cloves in the Downs to one of Dover, and making up his bargain with the Company's rice, rack, and sugar, and purloining rice at Erith. Pyke confessed he sold 8 lbs. of cloves to the Baker in the Downs, gave Brethers, the Surgeon 5 lbs. of cloves for a debt, and put half a bushel of rice into the boat at Erith, which was espied by Henry Smith, the Land Purser, and brought into the ship again. On petition of Rebecca, widow of John Wilson, late Chirurgeon of the Hopewell, for remission of freight allowed for 111 pieces of calicoes as they cost in India after the rate of 5s. the dollar; to pay freight for 1,000 lbs. "subtle" part of other goods, and to receive the wages and debts remaining. On petition of Wm. Feverell, carpenter in the William, to be remitted freight on 300¼ sugar, but allowed 6d. per lb. for 61 lbs. of pepper. George Willoughby accepts the yearly salary of 300l., 50l. bestowed on him to set him to sea, he promising to stay four years in the country and one year longer if there be any urgent occasion.
Dec. 4. Consideration of petition of Giles Waterman, prisoner in the Marshalsea, for his wilful firing of the Swallow; resolved after the same had been disputed at large, that Cappur attend Sir Henry Marten who had referred petitioner to this Court, not to accept of petitioner's own bail for his appearance at the trial, the rather that he being of a weak estate, it is conceived they shall have no other recompense for him than corporal punishment, which was held very requisite even for example sake. Notice by Capt. Wild that he had taken out letters of administration upon the estate of Edward Kirkham, late Agent in Persia; he was wished to enter the administration with the Accountant, that they may be put in mind thereof, when any shall sue unto them for said estate. Messrs. Job Harby and Gayre intreated to provide 5 bales of canvas for Bantam in the Coaster. The Committee, after serious consideration, presented a particular note of the rate fit to be imposed as freight upon the private trade of those in the James between port and port according to the relation in writing of Barry the Purser, and also of the freight to be paid for any of the Company's commodities which shall hereafter be carried as private trade from England to India or Persia or back again; Committees intreated to collect the particular parcels each man was charged with by Barry, and cast them up according to said rate of freight, that the Master and Purser of the James who have freely submitted, may be concluded with, and the accounts of those in India charged according to their proportion. John Hunter tendered his service again as Factor on the coast and demanded 200l. per annum salary; and the Court remembering he is one of those who suffered with Willoughby and being satisfied with his answer to the complaints from Surat of errors in his accounts at Ahmedabad, offered him 200 marks per annum to serve them five years in the same place from whence he was displaced by Rastell, which he thankfully acknowledged but desired time to consider till Friday next. The underwriting in the book for the fishing business, which at last Court was likewise much pressed by Sir Tho. Roe, recommended by Mr. Governor, as a work not only in itself worthy the embracing, but which will be well taken by the King and State; resolved to propound the business to the next General Court who will no doubt be induced thereto by the example of the Turkey Company, who have agreed to adventure 600l. in three years, which the King takes very kindly; meanwhile the book to lie open for any of the Committees to underwrite. Resolved to send William Cambell the Scottishman in the Bantam ship, leaving it to Willoughby to employ him as he shall find most fit. Securities allowed by the balloting box for calicoes. 6 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XIV., 197–203.]
Dec. 6. 519. Memorandum of causes to be heard in the Court of Admiralty. The East India Company versus Waterman and Carter. [Dom., Chas. I., Vol. CCLII., No. 24.]
Dec. 6–18. 520. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Petition of Henry Borneford, brother-in-law to Capt. Lee deceased, to be entertained as a Factor recommended as a modest and civil man and of good demeanour, who had good means of livelyhood but being a single man desired to gain experience as a merchant; the Court propounded as a favour to him to put in a sum of money in stock with them, but he desired time to consider till next Court. John Hunter thankfully accepted the salary of 200 marks as a prime Factor, with condition to stay five years. Petition of Francis Breton, recommended by the late Thos. Bell and Capt. Langham as a known merchant and accountant, to serve as a Factor, he was offered 80l. per annum, but seemed not satisfied and then 100l. per annum to receive one-third in the country, and the other two-thirds to be put into stock with the Company, but desired time till Monday next to consider. Offer of Capt. Crispe and Bigley Carleton for all dust of indigo, about 100 barrels, in regard if otherwise disposed of it might tend much to their prejudice in the sale of the indigo they bought; but the Court conceived the adventurers ought first to have notice of the sale, and therefore resolved to sell said dust by the candle at the next Court of Sales. 50l. lately given to George Willoughby to set him to sea, enlarged to 100 marks, and his bond entered into at his last entertainment to be delivered to him to be cancelled. Langford, Purser of the William, required to deliver into Court a particular of all the private trade transported in said ship between port and port in the Indies to the utmost of his knowledge, which he promised faithfully to perform before Monday next, having formerly given in writing the private trade brought home in said ship. Petition of Woodall, the Company's Chirurgeon, showing that it is near three years since he received any gratuity for healing their servants, since which time he hath cured above 50 persons, many of great diseases, as broken legs and arms, broken sculls, bones out of joint, and other great wounds and bruises, and disbursed money for their diets, paid women to attend them, and otherwise put to charge by water and land and carrying them to hospitals and curing them there, the Court conferred upon him a gratification of 30l. which he thankfully accepted.
Dec. 9. Samuel Husbands recommended for a Purser's Mate by Mr. Lake, Secretary to the Lord Treasurer, entertained in the Coaster; he was admonished to abstain from private trade, to hinder it to his utmost in others, and what he could not prevent to give the Court particular advertisement of from time to time, and not to fear the threats and disfavour of Commanders, Chief Factors, or servants; all which he faithfully promised to perform. Report of Williams of the difference between Daniel Harvy and Smethwike, concerning Harvy's proposition that it was better for the Company to receive their own moneys on rebate at 8 per cent. than to take up moneys at interest at 7 per cent., suspended, and Mr. Treasurer desired to forbear taking in any more moneys of Harvy's on rebate at 8 per cent., unless their present occasions shall necessarily enforce the same. Gratuity of 5l. to Francis Gibbs, who, in the fight with the Portugals at Swally Sands, received a musket shot through the calf of his right leg. The Auditors required to peruse Lawrence Henley's papers, and collect his private trade against next meeting. Relation of Cappur that he delivered Sir Henry Marten the Company's desire that Waterman find sureties, and not be discharged upon Juratori caution, against which Dr. Wood alleged the text of the civil law; but Sir Henry answered that custom and experience hath altered and annihilated same, and therefore concluded not to release Waterman upon Juratori caution, unless the Company would give way and accept thereof, which they thought not fit to do.
Dec. 11. This day appointed for election of Factors, Pursers, Stewards, and other officers for the Company's next fleet, was spent in reading petitions and commendatory letters from divers honourable persons, on behalf of six score suitors and upwards, and those conceived to be most likely and fit for the Company's service to be registered by the Secretary and referred to next Court. Francis Breton, recommended by Capt. Langham and other French merchants, entertained as prime Factor at 100l. a year for seven years, one-third to be paid in India, and the rest put into stock with the Company; to be bound from private trade, and they promised to bestow upon him his freedom gratis. Henry Borneford, brother-in-law to Capt. Lee deceased, entertained at 60l. and 10l. rising for seven years, and offered to put in 300l. stock as an adventurer. Capt. Harris, specially recommended by Sir Kenelm Digby, tendered his service as Commander of one of the Company's ships; but he was told they desire, according to their ancient custom, to employ their old servants in these special and prime places, and such as have from their youth been trained up as mariners, and so by degrees attained to be Masters and Commanders, rather than gentlemen and such of his quality, and therefore prayed him not to take it in ill part that they decline him.
Dec. 13. Petition of Samuel Husbands, elected Purser's Mate of the Coaster, for wages due to him in the Swallow, outward bound, and in the James, homeward bound; 5l. lent on account till it be decided if there be anything due. On petition of Dyonis, widow of Thomas Beaumont, Master of the Star, ordered that she receive her husband's wages and debts, stayed for the diet of a boy, also deceased, whom he carried out without warrant. Securities allowed by the balloting box for calicoes. Suit of Gabriel Kennicott for entertainment absolutely dismissed, the Court remembering his violent and intemperate carriage towards White, Commander of the James, and that he hath been a great gamester, having lost in one night 300 Rs. of 8. Captains Wills and Browne held the most worthy for the place of Admiral among those who tender their services for the intended fleet designed for Surat; both put to election by the balloting box, and the place conferred on Wills, who had but one ball against him; he demanded 16l. per month, but the Court was pleased, out of the good report they hear of him and in consideration that he will do them good service and be a good husband for the Company in the saving of their provisions and stores, which some have lately most lavishly consumed, to give him 15l. per month, which he thankfully accepted; and then took notice of the abuse of their Commanders in entertaining so many boys and youths to attend upon them in their cabin, and admonished him not to offend in this kind, the Court being willing to accommodate him with one man and a boy, to be chosen by themselves, which they deemed sufficient. The following put to election by the balloting box and chosen for Factors, but the making of their wages deferred till next Court, viz.: Richard Langham, John Wild, Guy Bath, George Wetherell, Thomas Grove, Thomas Leyning, Samuel Boyce, Philip Vaughan, Henry Chapman, William Pitt, Thomas Adler, Wm. Smethwike, Richard Barry, James Corbett, and Ambrose Taylor; and for apprentices, Edward Pearce, Abr. Aldington, Edward Whitley, and Rich. Swanley.
Dec. 18. Renewed suit of Gregory Clement to remit the freight of 26 lbs. of cloves and 50 lbs. of nutmegs sent him as a token, ordered, as formerly, to reserve the 20 lbs. of cloves, allowing him 4s. per lb. for them. 100 pieces of damasks brought home by Verneworthy in the William to be delivered to him paying 4s. a piece freight. Richard Barry appointed Purser of the London, instead of a Factor, and Richard Middleton, his Mate, Walter Daniell, Steward, and Robt. Notting, his Mate. Edward Fawkenor, Purser of the Blessing, and Hercules Hayward, his Mate, Thomas Leaver, Steward, and John Abbott, his Mate. Robt. Fenn, Purser of the Hopewell, and Pennington, his Mate, Thomas Stubbs, Steward, and Edward Chace, his Mate. John Miller, Purser of the Coaster, and Samuel Husbands, his Mate, Thomas Malthus, Steward, and John Ellam, his Mate. Ordered, in regard the security given by their Factors, Pursers, &c. was very mean, that no sureties be accepted by the Secretary until approved by the Court. Thomas Grove's wages settled at 50l. per annum, with condition to serve seven years as a Factor, and be bound with good security from private trade. Resolved that the amount of Richard Langham's salary be deferred till a letter from Hoare complaining of him be found, and that Hoare be warned to attend next Court. Letter read from Sir Wm. Becher concerning the wages of his kinsman, Henry Salmon, deceased, which were entered in Mr. Hurt's book at 5s. per month, whereas his ticket expressed 10s.; ordered, out of respect to Sir William, that the allowance be at the rate of 10s. John Vickris entertained a Factor, but his wages deferred till next Court. Edward Pearce, Abraham Aldington, Richard Swanley, and Edward Whitley entertained apprentices for seven years at 20l. per annum apiece, and to receive 10l. thereof yearly in the country "to defray their ordinary occasions." Richard Barry to receive 50l. on account of his wages and debts, and leave for three weeks to visit his friends in the country. Woodall to receive 100l. more by way of imprest towards providing Chirurgerie ware for the ships now preparing. Ordered that what was done last year in conferring charity upon the poor of Poplar and Stepney, and in distributing to poor widows, be in like manner performed this year. 14 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XIV., 203–217.]
Dec. 20. 521. A valuation of divers provisions "lent and sold out of his Majesty's stores and remaining unserviceable to be sold for his Majesty's best advantage." In sundry sorts of provisions lent to the East India Company 479l. 6s. 10d., whereof there appears to be owing to them from his Majesty, that must be allowed in discount 384l. 5s. 3d., and so will rest due to his Majesty 95l. 1s. 7d. Extract. [East Indies, Vol. IV., No. 111.]
Dec. 20–30. 522. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. The clause for restraint of private trade drawn by Ellam to be added to the Purser's instructions, read, confirmed, and ordered to be registered. Capt. Morley, recommended by the Lord Keeper for entertainment, put to election by the balloting box and refused. Hoare desired to explain a clause in one of his letters complaining of Richard Langham; answered that Langham in a passion refused to perfect his books of account so that Hoare himself was forced to do so; but Langham, in excuse, alleged that Hoare dealt unkindly with him in denying him payment of 100 dollars agreed to be given him for his stay in the country a year longer than he purposed, and Hoare confessing that otherwise Langham demeaned himself civilly and carefully in the Company's service and is a good accountant, the Court thought fit to pass by this offence, and entertained him at 100l. per annum for five years, and promised to take into consideration the payment of the 100 dollars detained by Hoare. Salaries conferred by the balloting box on other Factors, viz., Guy Bath and James Corbett, 50l. per annum for five years; John Wild and Philip Vaughan, 40l. and 10l. yearly rising for seven years; George Wetherell, Thomas Leynyng, Henry Chapman, and Wm. Smethwyke, 20l. and 10l. yearly rising for seven years; Samuel Boyce, Thomas Adler, Wm. Pitt, and John Vickris, 30l. and 10l. yearly rising for seven years; Ambrose Taylor and Philip Saunders, 40l. per annum for the first three years, and 50l. per annum for the other four years; and Thomas Codrington entertained apprentice for seven years at 20l. per annum, to be allowed 10l. thereof yearly in the country. John Young directed to deliver to Mr. Massam a cable of 11 or 12 inches in case he should have use of same for his ship daily expected in the Downs, conditionally that if lost or spoiled to pay for it or lay in to their storehouse at Deal another. Petition of Blount for a gratification for his extraordinary pains and diligence in the Company's service, 100 marks conferred upon him. Richard Fisher, recommended by Mr. Mewtys, Clerk of the Council, as Purser's Mate of the Hopewell, accepted in the room of Capt. Pennington's kinsman who refused it as being too inferior for him. Thomas Owen, recommended by Willoughby, entertained an under Factor, but his wages deferred till next Court. Gratuity of 5l. to widow Bowers, in regard her husband by endeavouring to have preserved the Charles when on fire, lost his own life.
Dec. 23. Mr. Acton's bill of 6l. 2s. 6d. for law causes to be paid. The order of 22nd Nov. confirmed for delivery of the goods therein mentioned to Robert Grove and John Henley, administrators of Lawrence Henley, together with wages and debts due to him. Henry Chapman, designed as Factor for Bantam, to be appointed for Surat or some other northern factory at his own request, and to be allowed to put into the Company's stock 300l. or 500l. Discourse concerning the building of a house at Bantam, which it is alleged their affairs necessarily require, in regard the house they now enjoy is very dangerous in respect of fire and incommodious, and only lent by the King for a certain time, which is expired, who begins to be jealous that the English intend not to continue their rendezvous there, seeing they have not built as was promised. Hoare said the building of a house is very requisite, but whether it may be effected for 6,000 Ryals is very doubtful, no workman having less than half a Ryal of 8 for a day's work, but this business, conceived to be worthy of serious consideration, left till next meeting, in respect it is supposed it cannot be done for less than double the sum propounded. Further propounded to think of some fit place in the Indies for a rendezvous for the Company's ships, and for returning again to the Island of Lagundy, which hath excellent harbours, the sickness and mortality which happened to the English there, being occasioned not so much by the unhealthfulness of the place, as the general mortality that happened then in all those parts. But Willoughby declared the island is not habitable, and can never be made healthful or fit for a plantation or factory, by reason it is possessed with such an infinite company of vermin and other venomous creatures which abound in the woods, as when the rains fall drive from the hills such an incredible number of toads, efts, snakes, and such kind of venomous creatures as cover in a manner the low grounds and poison the waters and rivers, so that there can be no living for man there, and he advised never to think of returning thither. Being informed by Hoare that the title of President at Bantam upon their chief there will be much more advantageous to the Company's affairs than that of Agent, the heathen standing much upon titles of honour, and will show respect accordingly, ordered that Willoughby have the title of President, and that it be inserted in their letters and instructions and in his Majesty's letter to the King of Bantam, and resolved that there shall be but four of Council besides the President, who should henceforth have but a single voice in all consultations; which Ellam is required to insert in the general letters and instructions for Bantam. Ordered that Hoare receive 500l. on account of his wages. Ellam required to review the ancient order against gaining either on land or on shipboard, and cause it to be inserted in the General Instructions, the Court resolving absolutely to inhibit and restrain the same. Thomas Owen, servant to George Willoughby, entertained apprentice for seven years at 20l. per annum, whereof to receive in the country 10l. yearly; and Robert Willoughby, his nephew, allowed to go with his uncle in the Coaster, but without wages. List presented of the names of such honourable persons and others as they usually gratify at this time with New Year's gifts; resolved to continue the same and wholly refer it to Mr. Governor and Mr. Deputy.
Dec. 30. Petition of Simon, brother and executor of John Webb, deceased, for his brother's estate; to be brought from the Custom House to Crosby House to be viewed and delivered to petitioner, except calicoes which the Court purposed to reserve; and for the 60l. given by the testator to charitable uses, ordered that it be paid to Richard Eyre, a messenger of his Majesty's chamber, who hath letters of attorney from the several parishes and parties to receive same, said administrators giving a lawful discharge. Imprest money to be paid to the company of the Coaster, ready to fall down to Gravesend. Ordered to give directions to President Willoughby for building a house at Bantam, with this limitation, that nothing be done for ostentation or vain glory, but only for safety from the danger of fire, for conveniency of making large warehouses for their goods, and fit lodgings and other necessary rooms for the health of their servants. Proposition for repairing and strengthening the Company's fort at Armagon, being a place of very great consequence. John Hunter, who for many years lived as a Factor there, being demanded whether that place be of that importance to the Company as may invite them to the charge propounded, answered; that the country is most healthful and the natives well affected to the English; that the Company hath more privileges there from the late King, which he doubts not may be confirmed and enlarged by the present King, than in any part of India besides; that the fort is of great consequence by reason it keeps all the people round in awe and subjection; that the Company pays but 1 per cent. Custom inwards and nothing outwards, have all wrecks at sea three miles north and south of the fort, besides other privileges; and therefore the Company would do well to continue that factory and repair and enlarge the fort. Ellam directed in their letters to the factory at Armagon to authorise Norris and Capt. Altham to repair to said King with a present for confirming their former privileges, and in particular for leave to remove their fort nearer the water side, that so it may be able to protect their shipping at anchor; and when these privileges are granted the Company will give further directions concerning the repairing or new building of the fort as advised. The Court put in mind of a promise to present the King of Macassar with a whole culverin of brass, and that they had given directions to give him one of those pieces taken at Ormuz; but understanding they are all cast away in the Charles, Mountney ordered to buy one or have one bespoke against the sending of their next ships thither. Resolved, on petition of Giles Waterman that he cannot find other sureties, and observing he is no ways able to pay any fine that may be adjudged against him by the Court of Admiralty, to release him from imprisonment on his own bond for his appearance, so he first take oath he cannot put in other security. Petition of Thomas Chauncy for some gratification for his extraordinary services; resolved to confer upon him a gratification of 40l. Ellam to renew in the Company's letters the directions given last year concerning the Island of Pooloroon. Mr. Holdich entertained Preacher for the fleet at the salary of 50l. per annum, and 10l. to supply and fit himself with books. The chaldron of sea coals and 20s. last year conferred on the poor almsmen at Poplar, again ordered to be given this year. 11½ pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XIV., 217–229.]
523. Mem. of what Sir Wm. Boswell, his Majesty's resident with the States, was empowered by his instructions to do. 7. To complain of the violences offered by their subjects and countenanced by the States:—firstly, in the fishing; secondly, in trade for cloth, lead, and tin; and thirdly, their cruel violation of Divine and human laws in the East Indies, where they have not only destroyed the ships and persons of our men and taken their goods; but, contrary to the stipulation and oath made on the treaty, have assumed a sovereignty and tormented and put to death his Majesty's innocent subjects by way of justice, and, after seven years dilatory pretences, refuse to do justice, and contrary to promise, have sent back the author of that most wicked murder to do more mischief in those parts. [Extract, Holland Corresp.]
1633 ? 524. Petition of John Powell, of London, merchant, to the King. Being one of those questioned in that execrable process of Amboyna, petitioner was by the Dutch Judges acquitted of the pretended treason, nevertheless they seized, amongst other goods and debts of the English there, to the value of 2,400l. appertaining to him; for restitution whereof he has sued to his Majesty these 10 years and obtained divers gracious answers and references, which, by the delays of the Dutch, have proved ineffectual to petitioner, who, undone by the loss of time and expense, has lately from grief thereof fallen into a grievous sickness and grown into debt, and is likely, without his Majesty's favour and relief, to perish in this suit as divers others have done. Prays his Majesty to give order that he may at last have satisfaction of said Dutch. [Dom., Chas. I., Vol. CCLVII., No. 137.]
525. "An humble retribution for his Majesty's gracious favour to Edw. Misselden, presented in the services following." 6. To put his Majesty in mind of a means to further an end of the differences with the Hollanders concerning the Amboyna and other past India affairs. [Dom., Chas. I., Vol. CCLVII., No. 13.]
Petitions to the East India Company of Persons who solicit Employment, Increase of Wages, or Payment of Wages due to their Relatives, &c. in the Company's Service.
Date. Name of Petitioner. Subject of Petition. Reference.
1633. Court Min. Bk.
Jan. 9 Richard Pitts Employment in the Indies XIII. 166
" 11 Mary, wife of Richard Truslowe Part of her husband's wages " 170
" 16 Edmund Pitcher Part of his servant John Clare's wages. " 171
" 23 Richard Forder Employment as Master's Mate XIII. 179
" 30 Elizabeth, wife of Robert Whittington, Trumpeter in the Exchange. Part of her husband's wages " 186
Feb. 8 Clement Norton Employment " 193
" 15 John Lemprier Increase of salary " 199
" " Mary, wife of Richard Caswell Part of her husband's wages " 200
" 18 Elizabeth, wife of Wm. Ellis Same " "
" 20 Thomas Smith, Factor Part of his wages " 202
" " William Ward, attendant on Capt. Allnutt. Employment at Surat " "
" " Elizabeth, wife of Ralph Cartwright. Part of her husband's wages " 203
" 27 Wm. Harrington Part of his wages to his father " 210
Mar. 4 Robert Freeman, Gunner's Mate Re-admission into the Company's service " 218
" 6 John Wicker Place of cooper after the death of Widow [Joan] Perkins. " 220
" " Wm. Buries, Steward's Mate Part of his wages to his mother " 221
" " John Ling, Factor Part of his wages to his wife " "
" " George Dent, Factor Same " "
" 8 Mr. Cruso Employment as Factor for his brother. " 222
" " John Tewsley, Factor Part of his wages " "
" " Wm. Favour, Factor Same " "
" 15 Wm. Favour, Factor Part of his wages to his wife " 233
" 20 Mary, wife of Michael Johnson Part of her husband's wages " 238
" " Eliz., wife of John Pye Same " "
" 29 Alice, wife of Thos. Skinner Same " 245
Apr. 17 Elizabeth, wife of Thos. Anderson Same " 254
" 26 Joan, wife of Matthew Mackellery. Same " 257
" " Joan, wife of John Elias Same " "
" " Alice, wife of James Gibson Same " "
" " Jane, wife of Peter Hubberd Same " "
" " Anne, wife of Vrian Peter Same " "
May 22 Joan, wife of Matthew Mackellery. Part of her husband's wages " 284
June 5 Anne, wife of Wm. Brockish Same " 307
" " Joan, wife of John Cantly Same " "
" 14 Giles Sheppard, Porter at Blackwall.- 10l. of his servant Francis Baylie's" wages. " 315
" 28 Suzan, daughter of John Johnson, Mate of the Charles. Part of her father's wages, for her sister. " 323
Aug. 16 Thomazine, wife of Wm. Needs Part of her husband's wages XIV. 42
Sept. 18 John Hardcastle, Peter Dunn, and David White, Master's Mates of the Jewel. Their wages " 85
" " George Marriott and William Feverell, Master's Mate and Carpenter of the William. Same " "
Oct. 2 Ann, wife of John Mettcalfe Fart of her husband's wages " 102
" " Thomazine, wife of George Jacob Same " "
" " Joan, wife of George Spurling Same " "
" " Elizabeth, wife of James Pemble Same " 104
" " Alice, wife of Thomas Winter Same " 104
" 11 Widow of John Pashley, Mate of the Great James. Her husband's moneys " 124
" 14 Eliz., wife of John Portns Part of her husband's wages " 128
" " Eliz., wife of Richard Tribitt Same " "
" " Alice, wife of Oliver Pope Same " "
" " Jane Beckinsale Same " "
" 16 Judith, wife of Browne Methwold Same " 131
" " Joan, wife of Roger Gosland Same " "
" 25 Capt. Ditchfield Estate of Mr. Barbar " 141
" 30 Mary, wife of Wm. Whary Part of her husband's wages " 142
Nov. 11 Edward Hall, Mate of the James Entertainment as Master " 158
" " Mr. Godfrey Employment as Master " "
" " Eliz., wife of John Burley Part of her husband's wages " 159
" 13 Thomas Codrington Employment as Faetor " 160
" " Mathew Suthes Employment " 161
" " Wm. Gray Same " "
" " John Ramkin Same " "
" 20 Wm. Dalby Employment as Factor " 172
" " John Henley and Robert Grove Estate of Lawrence Henley " 173
" " Francis Paulsgrave Employment " 174
" 25 Parnell, wife of John Hewes Part of her husband's wages " 185
" " Hester, wife of Randall Jenkins Same " "
" " Eliz., wife of Wm. Ellis Same " "
" " Anne, wife of Thomas Daynes Same " "
" 27 Anne, wife of Robert Howse Same " 187
" " Jane, wife of Edward Comings Same " 190
" " Anne, wife of John Hardcastle, Master's Mate in the Jewel. Same " "
" " Gabriel Kennicott Re-entertainment and remission of freight. " 191
" 29 John Ford Employment " 193
Dec. 4 John, son of Deputy Fox, deceased Same " 199
" " John Wild, servant to Mr. Governor Same " "
" " Eliz., wife of Nicholas Gove Part of her husband's wages " 202
" " Alice, wife of James Gibson Same " "
" 6 Arthur Harwood Entertainment as Factor " 204
" " Jonadab Wayte Same " "
" " Edmond Chace Same " "
" " Abraham Aldington Same " "
" " Thomas Gore Same " "
" " John Vickris Same " 207
" " Thomas Wetherell Entertainment as Purser and Purser's Mate. " "
" " Thomas Methwold Same " "
" " Capt. Morley Employment " "
" 9 James Bamford, Mate in the Charles. Payment of his wages " 208
" " Frances, wife of Hugh Tottell 100l. on account of Robert Tottell's wages. " "
" " Eliz., wife of Thomas Fisher Part of her husband's wages " "
" " Ann, wife of Richard Scotsbury Same " "
" " Joan, wife of Thomas Wyatt Same " "
" 18 Gabriel Kennicott Employment, payment of wages, and remission of freight. " 215
" 30 John Carver, Boatswain's Mate in the William. Remission of freight " 225
" " James Lea Entertainment as a Corporal " 228
Names of Persons admitted and sworn Free Brethren of the East India Company.
Date. Free Brethren. To whom bound. By fine or otherwise. Reference.
1633. Court Min. Bk. XIII.
Feb. 20 Chas. Vivian Sir Morris Abbott Service and 10s. to poor's box. 201
Mar. 13 Thos., son of Alderman Hodges Patrimony and 10s. to poor box. 225
" " Samuel Elliott Alderman Hodges Service and 10s. to poor box. 226
May 24 Wm., son of Thos. Tyler Patrimony and 10s. to poor box. 286
" 29 Thomas, son of Sir Hugh Hamersley. Same 292
June 26 John Farrington Edward Browne 20 marks fine 320 XIV.
July 19 — Markham, Auditor Gratis 20
" " — Ballowe, Auditor Same "
" 24 Peter Willett John Martyn, deceased Service and 10s. to poor's box. 22
Sept. 13 Thomas Barnes Mr. Trott Purchase 20l. 77
" 25 Humphrey Fox Robert Palmer (deceased) Service and 5l. to poor box for not demanding his freedom in time. 96
" " William Fox William Palmer Service and 10s. to poor's box. 97
" " Henry Raper Richard Davies Same "
Oct. 16 Lawrence Chambers George Henley Same 131
" 21 Raph Turner Wm. Quarles Same 133
" 23 Hugh Fenn [Thos.] Eyans Same 138
Nov. 13 James, son of Giles De Butt Patrimony and 10s. to poor box. 159
" " Wm., son of Wm. Robinson Same 163
" 25 George, son of Josias Ente Same 185
Transfers of Adventures in the East India Company.
Date. From To Amount. Name of Stock. Reference.
1633. £ Court Min. Bk. XIII.
Jan. 4 John Floud Samuel Armitage 200 First Persia voyage. 163
Feb. 18 George Noade John Massingberd 500 Second stock 200
Mar. 29 Gabriel Coulson Same 75 Third joint stock 243
" " Thomas Symonds Same £555 13s. 3d. Same "
May 3 John Jacob, and Alice his wife, late wife of John Egglesfeild. John Milward 200 First Persia voyage. 260
" " Same Same 450 Second voyage "
1633. Court Min. Bk. XIII.
May 3 John Jacob, and Alice his wife, late wife of John Egglesfeild. John Milward The assurance of £200 at 5 per cent. yet unpaid. Second voyage 260
" " Same Same 300 Third voyage "
" " Thomas Disny, Esq. Simon Lawrence 500 Third joint stock 261
" 8 Margaret, widow of Jeoffery Kirby. John Milward 1,000 First Persia voyage. 264
" " Henry Derham Same 200 Same 265
" 10 Henry Fisher Same 300 Same 268
" 15 Robert Stone Bartholomew Noakes 100 Second joint stock 274
" " Same Same 150 Third joint stock "
" 22 Priscilla, widow of George Watson. Richard Davies 200 Second joint stock 283
" 30 Sir Christopher Yelverton, executor to Sir Henry Yelverton. Andrew Morewood £110 18s. 9d. (sic). Third joint stock 296
June 14 Sir John Wild, Kt. John Milward 100 Same 315 XIV.
July 26 William Geere John Milward 600 Second voyage 27
" " Same Same 400 Third voyage "
Aug. 21 Dr. Wm. Russell Joas Godscall 4,000 First Persia voyage. 49
" " Same Same 4,500 Second Persia voyage. "
" " Same Same 4,500 Third Persia voyage. "
" 28 Alfonsus Fowle and Helen Fowle, late wife of John Lawrence, deceased. Same 500 Third joint stock 54
Sept. 6 Francis Markham, executor to Gregory Markham. Capt. John Milward 150 Same 69
225 Same "
Sept. 6 Francis Markham, executor to Gregory Markham. Capt. John Milward 150 Same "
225 Same "
" " Same John Massingberd 150 Third joint stock "
225 Same "
" " Same Sheriff Andrewes 200 First Persia voyage. "
" " Same John Milward 225 Third joint stock "
" " Same John Massingberd 225 Same "
" " Same Sheriff Andrewes 300 Second voyage "
" 13 Stephen Burton Joas Godschall 100 First Persia voyage. 81
" " Same John Massingberd 100 Same "
" " Same Joas Godschall 150 Second Persia voyage. "
" " Same John Massingberd 150 Same "
" " Same Joas Godschall 150 Third Persia voyage. "
" " Same John Massingberd 150 Same "
Oct. 11 Henry Fisher John Milward, John Massingberd. 300 Same 121
" " Mr. Travers, the Adventures of Capt. Lee. Mr. Bownest 100 First Persia voyage. 124
Capt. Milward 500 Same "
Thos. Milward 400 Same "
" " Same Capt. Milward 550 Second Persia voyage. 125
" " Same Mr. Bownest 100 Same "
" " Same Thos. Milward 350 Same "
" " Same Thos. Milward 500 Third Persia voyage. "
" " Same Capt. Milward 400 Same "
1633. £ Court Min. Bk. XIV.
Oct. 11 Mr. Travers, the Adventures of Capt. Lee. Thos. Bownest 100 Third Persia voyage. 125
" " Robert Key Wm. Spurstowe 175 Same "
" 14 Wm. Ball, the Adventure of Richard Waltham. John Milward and John Massingberd. Profits of £1,200 at £12 10s. per cent. Third joint stock 126
" 16 Charles Beamoies Thomas Barnes 100 Same 131
" 23 Richard Bull Richard Middleton 250 Same 138
Nov. 6 Adrian Perkins Derick Host 240 Same 152
" " Wm. Greenwell George Francklyn £162 10s. Same 153
" 22 John Cotton Joas Godscall 1,292 18s. 4d. Same 175
" " John Godson Dericke Host 125 Same "
" " Thomas Allen, executor to Aldn. Allen. John Holloway 750 Same "
" " John Cotton Joas Godscall 200 First Persia voyage. 176
Dec. 4 Mr. Briggs, executor of his father Davy Briggs. Joseph Caron 123 Third joint stock 203