Charles I - volume 26: May 1-13, 1626

Pages 324-333

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles I, 1625-26. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1858.

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May 1-13, 1626

May 1. 1. Articles exhibited in Parliament by Sir Robert Heath, Attorney General, on his Majesty's behalf, against John Earl of Bristol.
May 1. 2. Draft of the same articles, in the handwriting of Sir Robert Heath.
May 1. 3. Similar articles exhibited by the Earl of Bristol against the Duke of Buckingham.
May 1. 4. Copy of the preceding.
May 1. 5. Another copy.
May 1. 6. Similar articles exhibited by the Earl of Bristol against the Lord Conway.
May 1. 7. Copy of the preceding.
May 1. 8. Another copy.
[May 1 ?] 9. Comments on the conduct of the Earl of Bristol in Spain, and his alleged suggestion to the King of a change of religion.
May 1. 10. Wm. Burrell, Commissioner of the Navy, to Nicholas. The Minion and the Prosperous, appointed to convoy the fishermen, now wait only for an order for their ordnance.
May 1. 11. Commissioners of the Navy to Buckingham. Recommend Thos. Irish for appointment as Boatswain.
May 1. 12. Joshua Downing to Nicholas. Recommends Daniel Holstock for Purser of one of the ships about to be built, and Richard Wye as Assistant Surgeon at Chatham.
May 1. 13. Richard Hamon to the Council. Having been fetched up from Ellingham, co. Norfolk, by a messenger, as he supposes on some complaint for neglect of arms, he prays to be discharged, having been a prisoner in the Fleet for almost four years.
May 1. 14. Declaration of the present estate of the City of Exeter, and its inability to set forth any shipping.
[May 2 ?] Speech of Sec. Coke in the House of Commons, on the present important occasions for a supply, and on the proportion of help these occasions require. [See Vol. xi., No. 78.]
May 2. 15. Articles propounded in the Court of Admiralty by Williamson Wyan, proctor of Sir John Eliot, in answer to exceptions to Sir John's account of his receipts as Vice Admiral of Devon. In these articles Sir John Eliot claims that, as Vice Admiral he was entitled to one moiety of all ships of pirates stayed by him within his Vice Admiralty, and that having stayed a ship called the Joshua, the Duke of Buckingham gave the same, being worth 1,000l., to Sir Edward Seymour, without any compensation to Sir John Eliot.
May 2.
16. Mayor and Aldermen of Newcastle-upon-Tyne to the Council. On the last day of April there arrived at Newcastle from Calais a ship belonging to Enckhuysen, with three passengers, and many books, reliques, and faculties of priests. The passengers and the master have been committed for safe custody. Their examinations are inclosed, with a list of the books. Speedy directions are requested. Inclose,
16. i. Examination of Yockin Johnson, master of the Fortune, of Enckhuysen.
16. ii. Further examination of the said Yockin Johnson.
16. iii. Examination of Zacharias Vandersteyne.
16. iv. The like of William Steward.
16. v. The like of Thomas Berrye.
16. vi. Catalogue of books and reliques of popery seized by the searcher's men.
May 2. 17. Petition of Wm. Dutton to the Council, for permission to erect an Artillery yard in the City of Chester, and that the petitioner might be appointed Captain thereof; with underwritten recommendatory certificate signed by the Mayor and other principal people of Chester.
May 2. 18. Sir Dodmore Cotton to Sec. Conway. In favour of Captain Paramour, of the Merchant Bonaventure, against whom James Moyar was about to prefer a complaint to the Parliament.
May 2. 19. Capt. Wm. Bushell to Nicholas. Recommends Samuel Clark for appointment as Purser.
May 3. 20. Minute [of a speech ?] on the condition of the troops in Ireland, and of those quartered at Plymouth and in the Isle of Wight.
May 3. 21. The King to Buckingham. He is to cause letters of marque to be issued, authorizing John Forran to set forth the St. Stephen and the Mary in warlike manner against the ships of the King of Spain and the Archduchess, or their subjects.
May 3.
22. Wm. Earl of Derby to the Council. Sends letter from his Dep. Lieuts. for Lancaster, with copies of examinations of Richard Hey [see 1626, April 5,] and Edward Orme and certain certificates. Incloses,
22. i. Dep. Lieuts. of Lancaster to Wm. Earl of Derby, Lord Lieut. Mr. Justice Harvey had written to them for the examination of Richard Hey. They inclose copies of his examination and that of Edward Orme. They also send certificates of the service rendered by Richard Hey and two other gentlemen in disciplining the Trained Bands. Inclose, 1626, April 29.
22. i. i. Mr. Justice Harvey to Sir Cecil Trafford and Edward Holland. Directing them to examine Richard Hey as to the transport of munition and money beyond seas to the King's enemies. 1626, March 30. [Copy.]
22. i. ii. Information of Richard Hey. 1626, April 5. [Copy.]
22. i. iii. Examination of Edward Orme. 1626, April 23. [Copy.]
22. i. iv. Richard Hey to the Sheriff and Dep. Lieuts. of Lancaster. Certifying his service in disciplining the Trained Bands for the hundreds of Salford and Leyland. 1626, April 19.
22. i. v. Hugh Woolley to the same. Similar certificate for the hundred of Lonsdale. 1626, April 19.
22. i. vi. Peter Arundell to the same. Similar certificate for the hundred of West Derby. 1626, April 19.
May 3. 23. Commissioners of the Navy to Nicholas. Request the Duke's order for the substitution of the St. George for the St. James, as a convoy for the Fox, which is to be sent to Ireland with masts for the Constant Reformation.
May 3. 24. Petition of Alice Younge, wife of Robert Younge, of Newcastle, master of the Friendship, with her children, and the owners of the ship, to the Council. The Friendship had been taken by the Dunkirkers, and Robert Younge was still detained in captivity; in the mean time the ship being set to sea by the Dunkirkers, had been retaken by two of the King's ships, and had been condemned in the Admiralty as prize; pray that the ship may be restored to them, and that the master taken in her may be delivered to ransom Robert Younge. [Underwritten is a reference of the petition to Sir Henry Marten, the Judge of the Admiralty.] Annexed,
24 i. Report of Sir Henry Marten, recommending the petition on both points to the compassionate consideration of their Lordships.
[May 3.] 25. James Harwin, Factor for the owners of the St. Peter, of Hamburgh, to the Council. In 1624, on her voyage from Hamburgh to Lisbon, the St. Peter was stayed to carry soldiers to Zealand for Count Mansfeldt, for which there has been no satisfaction; she was afterwards taken by the Turks, and in 1625 set to sea by them with some of her old company aboard; they overcame the Turks and brought the ship into Ireland; she has since been employed for the King, and her people dismissed without recompense; prays that the ship may be restored, and the owners recompensed for their service with Count Mansfeldt.
May 3. 26. Order of Council for restoration to the owners, of the St. Peter, of Hamburgh, taken by the Turks, but rescued from them by part of the crew and brought into Ireland.
May 3. 27. Copy of the preceding.
May 3. 28. Order of Council that a small vessel of Dunkirk, captured by Capt. Warner and Capt. Smith with two ships fitted out for a voyage to the new plantation in the Caribbee Islands, but taken from them by Sir Henry Palmer, should be restored.
May 3. 29. Inventory of the Gunner's store of the Vanguard on her return.
May 3. 30. Similar inventory of the Carpenter's store.
May 3. 31. The like of the Boatswain's store.
May 3. 32. G. Cutler to the Council. Had delivered the 55 Privy Seals sent to him for collection. Divers of the gentlemen pretend to have received of late similar Privy Seals from Sir Henry Savile, and conceive that it is not intended to charge them double: several gentlemen will answer in London. Sir Francis Wortley said, with much show of discontent, that he would pay Cutler none. Others treated the Privy Seals with contempt. Sends up his servant to make oath thereof.
May 3.
33. The King to the Duke of Buckingham; the Earls of Pembroke, Carlisle, and Totness; Edwd. Viscount Wimbledon, Oliver Viscount Grandison; Edwd. Lord Conway, Fulke Lord Brooke, Horace Lord Vere, Sir Dudley Carleton, and Sir John Coke; warrant appointing them a Council of War.
May 3. 34. Captain John Pennington to Nicholas. Had released the Christian, but there was no one to pay for the sails and rigging which she owed ashore. Was preparing to come for Portsmouth. If the money arrived he should soon be there.
May 3. 35. Sir Thos. Southwell, Captain of the Trained Band within the hundred of Mutford, co. Norfolk, to the Council. Certificate of the present conformity of Gilbert Lewinge to the orders set down respecting Musters.
May 3. 36. Petition of Ralph Merrifield to the Council. Having set forth two ships under the command of Capts. Warner and Smith to the new plantation in the Caribbee Islands, on their passage to the Downs they made prize of a small vessel of Dunkirk, which being a good sailer they intended to take with them; but Sir Henry Palmer had taken the prize into his custody, and required Capt. Warner to clear her in the Admiralty; pray that she may go the voyage, and that Warner may answer for her on his return.
May 4.
Sec. Conway to Thomas Cary. That he presently repair to the Court, and in the meantime do not attempt anything that may hinder the same. [Minute, Conway's Letter Book, p. 250.]
May 4. 37. John Reynolds, Master Gunner of England, and Capt. Edwd. Harvey to Buckingham. Recommend Thos. Skinner for appointment as Master Gunner in one of the new ships about to be built.
May 4. 38. Commissioners of the Navy to the same. Certify the discharge of the Francis Bonaventure as unfit for further employment.
May 4. 39. The same to the same. The six Newcastle ships appointed to convoy the fishermen to the northward stay only for their ordnance, which they request his Grace to give warrant to supply.
May 4. 40. Josh. Downing, John Reynolds, and Henry Jeff to Buckingham. Recommend James Allen for appointment as Gunner of the new ship to be built at Chatham by Phineas Pett.
May 4. 41. Sir Rowland St. John and Sir Lewis Watson to Wm. Earl of Exeter. Report the results of teaching the Trained Bands of Northampton by experienced soldiers, and send the names of 15 of the clergy who decline to contribute towards the charges thereof.
May 4. 42. Proceedings at a View of Frank Pledge with a Court Baron of Diana Dowager Countess of Oxford, held for the manor of Heningham, otherwise Hedingham Borough, co. Essex.
May 4. 43. Similar proceedings at a View of Frank Pledge with a Court Baron of the Countess of Oxford, held for the manor of Heningham, otherwise Hedingham Upland, co. Essex.
[May 5.] 44. Horatio Lord Vere to Sec. Conway. Prays leave to be absent from Parliament on account of illness. Would have sent Lord Conway his proxy, but was ignorant of the form.
May 5.
Sec. Conway to Horatio Lord Vere. Signifying his Majesty's dispensation for his absence from the Parliament, and that he send his proxy. [Minute, Conway's Letter Book, p. 250.]
May 5.
45. Wm. Willett to Nicholas. The Mary Fortune had brought in as prize a Brazilman, with about 300 chests of sugar. The owners intend to compound with the Duke for his tenths.
May 5.
46. Licence under the sign manual for the Grace, of Kirkcudbright, Sir Robert Gordon, Captain, to pass to the southward of the equinoctial line, with full benefit of the proclamation of 13th December, 1625.
May 5. 47. Robt. Earl of Warwick to Nicholas. Prays him to get the Hector and the Martha of London released, that he may presently fit them for their voyage. The season of the year passes fast away, and the Earl is "out much money."
May 5/15.
48.—[Name erased] to "Mr. Kendall." Glad of Mr. Stanseby's good fortune. Mr. Trumbull, Clerk of the Council, very desirous of obtaining many MSS. in the hands of the writer. Has procured a recipe for the projecting of salt, and desires to try it.
May 5. 49. Wm. Elworthy to Sec. Conway. Sends a statement of seditious words spoken by Wm. Wraxhall, prisoner in the King's Bench. Incloses,
49. i. The statement above mentioned.
May 5. 50. The same to Mrs. Wade. He could not yet resolve her in the business he thought to write about.
May 6. 51. Capt. Jas. Duppa to Nicholas. Had pleaded his cause with the judge sufficiently, and now sent his answer to the Duke's letter. Begs Nicholas to procure him orders for pressing sailors, and for provision of ammunition.
May 6. 52. Commissioners for the Subsidy in co. Norfolk to the Council. Having been charged by the Council to make the assessments more proportionable to men's values, they set forth the reasons which have formerly moved a diminution in the subsidy for that county, and beg that they may yield the same amount that they did at the last assessment.
May 6. 53. Capt. Thos. Philpot to Nicholas. Thos. Gill being pressed to serve Master Gunner in the St. Anne, Nicholas is prayed to procure the Duke's warrant for his confirmation in that office. [Underwritten is a certificate of the Master Gunner of England of Gill's competency.]
May 6. 54. Order of his Majesty on the petition of Roger Fawkenor, and a report of the Earl of Totness thereon, that the Lord Treasurer should give order that the officers and men employed in the Armoury in the Tower be duly satisfied with their wages, so long as they are employed in the repair of the defective armour.
May 6. 55. Commissioners of the Navy to Buckingham. Recommend that the Lion should be discharged as unserviceable.
May 6/16.
56. Sackville Crow to Nicholas. Is sorry to hear that the Duke has been troubled with an ague. These times and his occasions require a strong body and a strong spirit. God give him both, with such a victory as may make the world see his injuries, and him know his enemies.
May 6/16.
57. The same to Sec. Conway. Has been still fed on with hopes of dealing for a reasonable sum, till now the report of the Duke's troubles, and the discontents of the King with his Lower House of Parliament, come over in such a full stream that it has carried away with it all hope of doing further good there. Amsterdam is full of faction and ill affection to his Majesty's service; and they desire to be first satisfied whether the King can make a good pawn of his jewels without his Parliament. No pains or diligence has been wanted at home or abroad to cross this business.
May 6. 58. Commissioners of the Navy to Buckingham. Recommend the discharge of the Little Sapphire, one of Capt. Pennington's fleet at Plymouth. Inclose,
58. i. Certificate from certain master shipwrights of the leaky and dangerous condition of the Little Sapphire. 1626, April 18.
May 6/16 59. Account of monies negotiated and paid [by Burlamachi] on the Crown jewels and those of the Duke, with the appropriation thereof. Amount raised 39,400l.; paid 43,644l. 5s.
[May 6.] 60. Memoranda of Nicholas respecting the above account.
May 6. 61. Wm. Forster to Capt. Saunders. Account of the last supply of munition for Tilbury Fort, and of the ordnance and munition there remaining.
May 7. 62. Order of Council that the Lord High Admiral may press the Seahorse, Capt. James Duppa, for his Majesty's immediate service.
May 8. 63. Articles of impeachment presented by the Commons to the Lords against George Duke of Buckingham.
[May 8.] 64. Imperfect copy of the same.
[May 8.] Another copy. [See Dom. Corr., 1623, July 19.]
May 8. 65. Speech of Sir Dudley Digges, as one of the managers of the impeachment of the Duke of Buckingham, on delivering the articles of the Duke's impeachment to a Committee of the House of Lords.
[May 8.] 66. Extract from the above speech of the part deemed offensive to his Majesty.
[May 8.] 67. John Millington to Gilbert Millington. The Judges in the accusation against Digby, cannot find either felony or treason. Thursday next is the day given him to answer. The Lower House prefer their grievances against the Duke this day.
May 8. 68. Examination of Richard Madox, a capuchin friar arrested at Dover on his return out of France.
May 9.
69. Joshua Downing to Nicholas. Recommends John Contrey for Boatswain for the Vanguard, subject to some queries with reference to this last voyage.
May 10.
Stokes Bay.
70. Sir Hen. Palmer to the same. Will make all the speed he can to transport the French, but their beer is yet to brew. Cannot but grieve to think of the troubles and vexations that attend his best friend, but doubts not to see him shine the more clear.
May 10. 71. Speech of Sir John Eliot, one of the managers of the impeachment of the Duke of Buckingham, on the delivery of the articles of the Duke's impeachment to a Committee of the House of Lords.
[May 10.] 72. Charges against the Duke of Buckingham. A paper stated to have been "found in Sir John Eliot's chamber."
May 10.
Seething Lane.
73. Commissioners of the Navy to Nicholas. Desire him to admit John Richardson to be Boatswain of the Esperance.
May 10. 74. Petition of Alice Younge with her four children, and the owners of the Friendship, to Buckingham. Similar to that presented to the Council. [See 1626, May 3.]
May 10. 75. Commissioners of the Navy to Buckingham. Recommend that the Vanguard should lie in Portsmouth harbour with a guard of 20 men, and be repaired.
May 10.
Stokes Bay.
76. Sir Hen. Palmer to the same. Had brought the Vanguard into harbour at Portsmouth, her ordnance being in good condition, and her stores beyond expectation entire. Rumours of civil disturbances in France. There are three Turkish men-of-war between the Lizard and Scilly.
May 11.
77. The Treasurer and other officers of the Household to the Justices of the Isle of Ely. Having investigated a difference lately fallen out between Sir Miles Sandys, Mr. Wigmore, and Sir Simon Steward, they report their proceedings therein, and refer the further examination thereof to the Justices.
May 11. 78. Commissioners of the Navy to Buckingham. The Duke having referred to them a claim of Capt. Archibald Douglas for compensation for ammunition put by him on board his ship, and used in his Majesty's service, they report that the business properly belongs to the officers of the Ordnance, who will pay him the value, or deliver to him similar goods out of the King's store.
May 11. 79. List of ships employed in the Narrow Seas since his Majesty's return from Spain and the dissolution of the treaty by Act of Parliament, certified by Sir Allen Apsley.
[May 11.] 80. Speech of the Duke of Buckingham in the House of Lords in answer to the application of the House of Commons that he might be committed to custody. [This is the original draft of the Duke's speech, in the handwriting of Bishop, afterwards Archbishop, Laud, and differs in many respects from the speech as entered on the Journals of the House of Lords, Vol. iii. p. 593. In the same paper is the draft of another speech, also in the handwriting of Bishop Laud, and apparently intended to be addressed to the House of Commons, by the Duke of Buckingham. It has not been found that this latter speech was ever actually spoken. The references to Laud's Diary indorsed upon this MS. are in the handwriting of William Prynne.]
May 11. 81. Sentence of Archbishop Abbot and others, Ecclesiastical Commissioners, in the matter between Wm. Fettiplace and Thos. Bide, rector of Crawley, co. Sussex, whereby the said Thos. Bide was declared unfit to execute the office of a priest, and was removed from his rectory.
May 12. 82. Examination of Captain Robert Adams concerning the value of certain junks taken from the Chinese in 1619 or 1620 by an English and Dutch fleet, of which he was Admiral, and afterwards, in 1621, by another fleet, of which he was Vice-Admiral. Underwritten,
82. i. Examination of Jas. Martin, Richd. Stamper, and John Monday in relation to the same subject.
May 12. 83. Copies of the preceding examinations.
May 12. 84. Petition of John Smith to Buckingham. That Capt. Charles Remy [Remes], of Bergen, a prisoner in Dover Castle, might not be discharged until Arthur Ashby, the petitioner's son-in-law, then a prisoner at Bergen, were released.
May 12.
From his Majesty's Fort by Plymouth.
85. Sir Ferd. Gorges to Nicholas. Sends a letter in relation to the business of Capt. Heigham and Mr. Matthews, and urges him to hasten the Duke's decision. Incloses,
85. i. Commissioners at Plymouth to Buckingham. Have examined the differences between Capt. Heigham and Mr. Matthews, and report in favor of the former. 1626, May 12.
May 13.
86. John Hide, Master of the Nonsuch, to Nicholas. On the 18th April their captain [Capt. Wilbraham] and seven others were lost by the upsetting of a shallop. At least twenty Hamburgh ships, laden with munition for Spain, had been lying in the river ready to sail, but being afraid of the English ships, they had shifted their cargoes into small vessels, pretending to go for ports in France; desires to know what course to take with them, and also solicits letters of credit to provide victuals for his ship.
May 13.
87. John Hide to the Commissioners of the Navy. Reporting the circumstances of the death of Capt. Wilbraham more minutely, and repeating the information respecting the ships laden for Spain.
May 13.
Aboard the Merchant Bonaventure.
88. Capt. Richd. Paramour to Nicholas. Had transported the Count de St. Maurice and his train. By letter from the Lord High Admiral, he was to receive of the postmaster of Boulogne 12 butts, containing candlesticks of crystal. The postmaster craved payment of the carriage from Paris, which he would [not] pay until he heard from Nicholas again.
May 13. 89. [Sec. Conway] to John Tendring, Provost Marshal of Middlesex. Warrant authorising him to search for popish books, massing stuff, and reliques of popery in Newgate. [Unsigned.]