Charles I - volume 160: February 1-13, 1630

Pages 180-187

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles I, 1629-31. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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February 1-13, 1630.

[Feb. 1?] 1. Petition of Nicholas Walker to Queen Henrietta Maria. In the time of Mary, Queen of Scots, was by her sent over to France. About August last was apprehended on suspicion of being a Catholic priest, and committed to the loathsome dungeon of Derby, being of the age of 100 years or near thereabouts. Prays her to obtain from the King that he may be enlarged on bail, or may be confined to the house of John Brillessord, or John Grace, of Duffeild, co. Derby, both Protestants. Annexed,
1. i. Certificate of Mary Reresby, widow of Sir John Reresby, Robert Mason, John Mason, and others, that Nicholas Walker is of the age of 100 years or thereabouts. 1630, Feb. 1.
Feb. 1. 2. Lord President Conway to Lord Chief Justice Hyde, on behalf of Dorothy Grove, wife of Humphrey Grove, prosecuted by Mrs. Haynes. [Draft.]
Feb. 1. 3. Archbishop Harsnet, of York, Henry Earl of Holland, and Sec. Coke, to Jerome Beale, D.D., Master of Pembroke Hall, Cambridge. To appear before them at Whitehall, in the Earl of Holland's lodgings, on 10th February inst., to answer things objected against him by the Fellows. [Attested Copy.]
[Feb. 1 ?] 4. John Nicholas to his father Edw. Nicholas. Being by his fatherly goodness brought to Oxford, for the bettering of himself in learning, shall not be wanting in his duty.
Feb. 1. 5. Stephen Alcock to Nicholas. Recommends Peter Ray for purser of the Tenth Whelp.
Feb. 1.
6. Sir Henry Glemham and Sir John Wentworth to Theophilus Earl of Suffolk, Lord Lieutenant of Suffolk. On behalf of one Burrough, an under constable of Beccles, who is troubled by William Steedman for having billeted soldiers upon him.
Feb. 3. Warrant to pay to Sir Wm. Russell, Treasurer of the Navy, 25,266l. 18s. 11d., and to Sir Allen Apsley, Surveyor of Marine Victuals, 9,464l. 16s. 8d., for the ordinary charge of the Navy for the year 1630. [Docquet.]
Feb. 3. Grant to Wm. Herick and Thos. Hales, at the nomination of Dorothy and Anne, the two daughters of Edmund Neville and Jane his wife, of two pensions of 100l. during the lives of Anne and Dorothy, parcel of a pension of 600l. to the said Jane. [Docquet.]
Feb. 3. Warrant for allowing to John Dalbier 1,371l. 12s. 11d., on his account for the levying of 1,000 horse in the Low Countries. [Docquet.]
Feb. 3. Grant of an Almsroom in St. Stephen's, Westminster, to Christopher Proother, dated 2 Feb. 1630. [Docquet.]
Feb. 3. 7. Petition of Wm. Gamull, alderman of Chester, to the Council. Having been ordered to attend to answer a complaint of William Edwards and others, prays that some day this week may be fixed for a hearing. Underwritten,
7. i. Order of Lord President Conway for both parties to attend on Friday next. 1630. Feb. 3.
Feb. 4. Warrant to pay to John Lehon, engineer, 200l., in full discharge of all pretensions on account of his service. [Docquet.]
Feb. 4. The like to pay to Wm. Jacobs of Delft 100l., for pictures sent to his Majesty. [Docquet.]
Feb. 4. 8. Lord Treasurer Weston to Attorney General Heath. To prepare a commission to the Lord Treasurer, in a form prescribed, for sale of certain jewels of his Majesty, pledged by Sir Sackville Crow, by order of the late Duke of Buckingham, with Stephen le Gouge, or Gouch, and Henry Coggan, goldsmiths.
Feb. 4. 9. Certificate of Sir Thomas Brooke, William Turnour, and others, to the King, of the advantages which would ensue from the incorporation of Whitby.
Feb. 4. 10. Deputy Lieuts. of Kent to Philip Earl of Montgomery, Lord Lieutenant. In the time of Lord Wotton, about sixteen years ago, it was agreed that every Captain should endeavour to raise 4d. for every musket and 6d. for every pike. The twopence extra was for the drums and the Clerk of the Bands, the rest for the Muster Master, with 12d. for every horse. Thus about 100 marks a year has been raised for the Muster Master.
Feb. 4.
11. Deputy Lieutenants of co. Wilts to William Earl of Pembroke, Lord Lieutenant, The Muster Master is resident in the county, and employs his pains in teaching the soldiers their postures and right use of their arms. His entertainment is 6d. for every foot armour, 12d. for every light horse, and 2s. for every lance, which amounts to 74l. 16s. [Copy. Underwritten by the Earl of Pembroke.]
Feb. 5.
12. The King to Attorney General Heath. The late King granted to Sir Henry Compton the office of Custos Brevium in the Common Pleas, after the death of Thomas Spencer and Richard Spencer, and also granted the same office to John Spencer, son of said Richard Spencer, after the death of Sir Henry Compton. He is to prepare a grant of the same office to Miles Corbet and Amyas Bamfield, during the life of Charles Rich, second son of the Earl of Holland, and to commence on the determination of the estates of Sir Henry Compton and John Spencer. [Unsigned.]
Feb. 5. 13. Sir. Wm. Tresham and Richard Oliver to Sec. Dorchester. Lord Brudenell, in February 1628, agreed to give 6,000l. to be made an English Baron. 5,000l. was paid in the same February and March, and the other 1,000l. was to be paid in May 1629. The treaty passed between the late Duke of Buckingham and Lord Brudenell.
Feb. 6. 14. Case and complaint of the Fellows of Pembroke Hall in Cambridge, against Dr. Beale the Master thereof, concerning a præelection on Nov. 8, 1624, contrary to the statutes, with Dr. Beale's answer, and the replies of the Fellows.
Feb. 6. 15. Copy of the same.
Feb. 6. 16. Copy of the case above mentioned, without the answer, and the replies to the same.
Feb. 6. 17. Another copy of the same.
Feb. 6. 18. Second complaint of the Fellows of Pembroke Hall against Dr. Beale; being a statement of the grievances which have arisen from the præelection mentioned in the first complaint.
Feb. 6. 19. Draft of the above, with a variety of alterations in the handwriting of William Boswell, and marginal notes respecting the proof thereof.
Feb. 6. 20. Previous draft or abstract of the above second complaint.
Feb. 6. 21. Copy of the same.
Feb. 6. 22. Another copy.
Feb. 6. 23. Third complaint of Fellows of Pembroke Hall against Dr. Beale, being on account of his neglect of the College estate and breach of statutes respecting it.
Feb. 6. 24. Draft of the same with alterations by William Boswell, and marginal notes respecting the proof thereof.
Feb. 6. 25. Another draft of the same articles in a previous shape.
Feb. 6. 26. Another similar draft, and with additional memoranda at the end.
Feb. 6. 27. Fair copy before the alterations were made.
Feb. 6. 28. Extract or brief of this complaint with names of the witnesses, to prove each separate article.
Feb. 6. 29. Fourth complaint of Fellows of Pembroke Hall against Dr. Beale, for wrongs done to particular Fellows.
Feb. 6. 30. Draft of the same altered and annotated by Boswell, as in the instance of the second and third complaints above mentioned.
Feb. 6. 31. Fair copy of this complaint in a previous state.
Feb. 6. 32. Another copy of the same with various alterations.
Feb. 6. 33. Another similar copy of the same.
Feb. 6. 34. Extract or brief of this complaint with the names of the witnesses.
Feb. 6. 35. Fifth complaint of Fellows of Pembroke Hall against Dr. Beale, on account of his neglect of College government and discipline.
Feb. 6. 36. Draft of the same with Boswell's alterations and memoranda.
Feb. 6. 37. Copy of the same as originally drawn, with alterations.
Feb. 6. 38. Another copy with other notes.
Feb. 6. 39. Another similar copy.
Feb. 6. 40. Extract or brief of this complaint with the names of the witnesses.
Feb. 6. 41. Case and particular complaint of Mr. Boswell against Dr. Beale.
Feb. 6. 42. Copy of the above in a previous state, and before alterations made.
Feb. 6. 43. A similar copy.
Feb. 6. 44. Another similar copy.
Feb. 6.
45. Margaret Winkeworth to Mrs. Wright at Lord President Conway's, in St. Martin's Lane. Sends account of wages due to her for nursing a child, and also of clothes wanted for the child, "if it please my Lord." She subscribes herself Lord Conway's servant, at his command.
Feb. 7. 46. Distribution among the servants of Archbishop Abbot of 4l., given by Dr. Bowle, Bishop of Rochester, at his consecration in Lambeth Chapel.
Feb. 8. Grant to Robert Owen, yeoman of the chamber, of power to hold a Court-leet and View of Frank-pledge, within the town of Ecton, co. Northampton. [Docquet.]
Feb. 8. Grant to Wm. Painter of an almsroom in Christ Church, Oxford. [Docquet.]
Feb. 8. 47. Petition of Wm. Gamull, of Chester, to Lord President Conway. More weighty affairs having taken up Friday, petitioner prays for a peremptory appointment. Underwritten,
47. i. Direction by the Lord President for petitioner to attend on Wednesday, when the Lord President will move the Lords to appoint a certain day. 1630, Feb. 8.
Feb. 8. 48. William Drake's inventory of Tenths of the St. Augustine prize, brought into Bristol by Capt. Peter White.
Feb. 9.
49. The King to Attorney General Heath, to prepare a pardon for Robert Payne, of St. John Street, co. Middlesex, for the killing of Jeremy Crawley.
Feb. 9. 50. John Fincham to Sec. Coke. Explains his great liabilities and losses in consequence of his two years imprisonment in the Bastille, and solicits payment of the arrears of his allowance, and some employment in the pending works of drainage. If he thought "his Majesty did earnestly desire the [arrest of the?] Bishop of Chalcedon," he could work it in short time assuredly.
Feb. 9. 51. Examinations of several persons concerning the cause of the death of Edmund Harrow, an Irishman, found drowned in a ditch in Stourton [Strutton] ground, with the underwritten opinion of John Green, coroner.
Feb. 10. 52. Petition of the bailiffs and burgesses of Huntingdon to the King. Pray for a new incorporation by Mayor and Aldermen, with various enlargements of their privileges. Annexed,
52. i. Schedule of particulars desired to be changed in their new charter, with the opinion of the Earl of Manchester thereon underwritten. 1630, Feb. 9. Underwritten,
52. ii. Reference to the Attorney General to prepare new charter accordingly. Whitehall, 1630, Feb. 10.
Feb. 10. 53. Sir Henry Wallop, Sheriff of Hants, to the Council. Renders a further account of proceedings in reference to the forcible holding of the manor house of Bradley. Possession had been delivered to the use of Sir Kenelm Digby.
Feb. 10. Nicholas to [Dennis] Fleming. The Lords of the Admiralty desire a relation in what state of forwardness the ships are, which they ordered to be fitted on the estimate of the ordinary. He is also to hasten the Tenth Whelp, so as she may be in the Downs by Tuesday next. Nicholas writes to him because he knows he has his care and eye on his Majesty's service. [Copy. Nicholas's Letter Book, p. 81. It also appears at p. 82, that letters of the like purport were sent on the same day to Sir John Heydon and Stephen Alcock.]
Feb. 10. 54. Certificate of Wm. Pitcher, gunner, of the Seven Stars, that he prays leave of the Lords of the Admiralty to assign his place to Samuel Vincent.
Feb. 10. 55. Petition of Thomas Boswell, John Johnson, Daniel Marett and William Fenner, Fellows of Pembroke Hall, to Archbishop Harsnet, the Earl of Holland and Sec. Coke. State the general heads of their charge against Dr. Beale and pray them to consider whether in his office sese bene gesserit or no.
Feb. 10. 56. Copy of the same.
Feb. 10. 57. Draft of the same.
Feb. 10 ? 58. Statement of all the various complaints against Dr. Beale, with his answers to the same.
Feb. 10 ? 59. Extracts of the most material objections against Dr. Beale, with his answers.
Feb. 10 ? 60. Overtures of redress concerning some particulars in the complaints against Dr. Beale.
Feb. 10 ? 61. Opinion probably of a Dr. of Civil Law (the name is struck through) that the præelections in question at Pembroke Hall were void.
Feb. 10 ? 62. Oath of the Keeper or Master of Pembroke Hall, extracted from the Statutes.
Feb. 10 ? 63. List of the Fellows of Pembroke Hall, with a statement of the way in which they had voted on the præelections complained of.
Feb. 11. Grant to Dr. Mason, one of his Majesty's chaplains, of the Deanery of Sarum, void by the promotion of Dr. Bowle to the Bishopric of Rochester. [Docquet.]
Feb. 11. Commission to the Mayors and other Officers of Bristol, Beaumaris, Chester, Liverpool, and Workington, to administer the Oath of Allegiance, and give licence, to persons who desire to pass beyond seas, causing their names to be entered in a book. [Docquet.]
Feb. 11. Grant to Patrick Crafford and Matthew Birkenhead, of the office of Clerks for writing licences to persons going beyond seas from Bristol, Beaumaris, Chester, Liverpool, and Workington. [Docquet.]
Feb. 11. Warrant to pay to Susan Countess of Denbigh, first Lady of the Bedchamber to the Queen, 2000l. for extraordinary provision of linen for the Queen's lying-in. [Docquet.]
Feb. 11. Warrant to Laurence Whittacre [Whitaker], appointed to receive monies arising upon compositions for lands passed from the Crown at undervalues, to pay three parts thereof unto the Earl of Suffolk, who is to prosecute this service, and to bring the fourth part into the Exchequer. [Docquet.]
Feb. 11 ? 64. Lord President Conway to Lord Chief Justice Hyde and the other Justices of the King's Bench. Recommends to them the case of Mr. Jubie, minister of Theydon Mount, in Essex, of which Manor Lord Conway's son-in-law, Sir William Smith, is the Lord. Has ever observed that it is an art of the devil to bring the person of the minister into scandal, that his doctrine might fall into contempt. [Draft.]
Feb. 11.
St. Martin's Lane.
65. The same to the same. Thanks for their favour shown upon the preceding letter. Suggests a reference of the cause to some of the neighbouring Justices. The Earl of Norwich is a neighbour of these parties. [Draft.]
Feb. 11.
Much Leighs.
66. Jeffrey Watts to Dr. Duck. Received letter from Mr. Michelson requesting the writer, in the name of their diocesan, to preach in Chelmsford Church, for re-establishing the Lecture there. Has refused to do so. He and others are very willing to hold up that Lecture, but thus to be thrust upon the people, without any desires on their part, they are unwilling, as foreseeing the disrespect which will follow, and the small success of their preaching to a people nothing desiring it. So they found it in former times, and must much more expect it, when they succeed their much-affected single lecturer.
Feb. 12. Commission to Sir John Brooke and others to compound for lands granted from the Crown since 45 Eliz. at undervalues, the monies arising thereupon to be received by Lawrence Whittacre [Whitaker] and paid into the Exchequer. [Docquet.]
Feb. 12. Pardon to John Eve for killing James Remington in Essex, being found manslaughter, and is not only for life but also for lands and goods. [Docquet.]
Feb. 12. Warrant to discharge Cecily Lady De La Warr of 278l. 2s. 6d. arrears of rent for the site of the monastery of Whoewell [Wherwell], co. Hants. [Docquet.]
Feb. 12. Pardon for Robt. Payne for killing Jeremy Crawley, by coroner's inquest, found manslaughter. [Docquet.]
Feb. 12.
67. Order of Council. The merchants of the Eastland Company having complained of interlopers who exported home commodities and imported Eastland commodities contrary to the privileges of the Company and the proclamation in that behalf, it is referred to Sec. Dorchester, Mr. Vice Chamberlain, and Sec. Coke, to advise a fit course for settling the same. [Copy.]
Feb. 12.
68. Bishop Wright of Bristol to Archbishop Harsnet and Bishop Laud. Sends various questions upon the King's Instructions to the Clergy. What is the meaning of the direction where lectures are in the evening ? Shall the lecturers read even-song solemnly ? If a lecturer be paid by the chamber of the city, can he be termed a lecturer maintained by a corporation. As for ordinations, he has not wanted anything for their solemnity, but the dean and chapter, or some of them, to assist him in the imposition of hands. Has been fain to use singing men, and such as should not approach so high, of very necessity.
Feb. 12. 69. Fiat of Sir Edward Powell for issuing a writ directed to Adam Trevor, John ap Thomas Lloyd, Robert Greanowes, and Thomas Garbett, to appear before the Council to answer Thomas Tomkins.
[Feb. 13 ?] 70. Petition of Sir Kenelm Digby to the Council. Sets forth the resistance made to the Sheriff of Hants in taking possession of the Manor of Bradley, by Thomas Taylor, who claimed an interest therein, and a tumultuous body of sailors, under the command of a captain, who defended the house in warlike manner for six or seven hours, and killed one of the Sheriffs men with "a poisoned bullet." Prays warrants for apprehending Taylor and the rest.
[Feb. 13.] 71. Capt. John Duffell to the Lords of the Admiralty. Explains the necessity for the employment of a small ship in the rivers Medway and Thames.
Feb. 13. 72. Petition of Paul Mercer to the same. In time of peace was interested with some merchants beyond seas in the St. Claude of Calais, which being captured was declared prize, but one-sixteenth part thereof adjudged to petitioner. Prays that he may receive the amount due to him.
[Feb. 13.] 73. Petition of Thos. Waldo, purser of the Tenth Whelp, to the same. Prays them to appoint Peter Ray to be purser in his place.
Feb. 13.
74. Sec. Dorchester to Attorney General Heath. To prepare a pardon for David Elder for the death of John Rayner, his Majesty being informed that it was Anthony Patten who killed Rayner.
Feb. 13. 75. Kenrick Edisbury to Nicholas. In favour of Peter Ray for purser of the Tenth Whelp, and Austin Bright as Master of the Second Whelp.
Feb. 13. 76. Bishop Williams, of Lincoln, to Bishop Davenant, of Salisbury. To institute Samuel Lloyd to the perpetual vicarage of Steventon, co. Berks., vacant by the resignation of William Dillon. [Copy. On the same paper are various notes of previous presentations to the vicarage of Steventon, extracted from Episcopal Registers.]