Charles I - volume 187: March 19-31, 1631

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles I, 1629-31. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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'Charles I - volume 187: March 19-31, 1631', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles I, 1629-31, (London, 1860) pp. 543-563. British History Online [accessed 12 April 2024]


March 19-31, 1631

March 19.
Warrant to the Sheriffs of London and Middlesex to deliver Edward Marlyn, condemned prisoner in Newgate, to Captain Lodovic Hamilton to transport him into the State of Venice. [Sign Man. Car. I., Vol. xii., No. 78.]
March 19.
Grant of privilege to Stephen Gibbes for 14 years, of his invention for defence of marsh lands from the sea and for making useful decayed havens, rendering to the Crown 20s. per annum. [Ibid., No. 79.]
March 19.
Grant to John Newnam of the benefit of three bonds of 200l. forfeited by George Hoyte, Richard Payne, and Peter Payne, and their sureties, for not appearing in the Star Chamber, one-third being reserved to the Crown. [Ibid., No. 80.]
March 19.
Confirmation upon petition of Sir Roger Manners, of laws made by virtue of a commission issued in the 42nd year of Queen Elizabeth for survey of the marsh lands, co. Lincoln. The same having been confirmed by the late King. [Ibid., No. 81.]
March 19.
Warrant to pay to Christopher Favell 1,000l. for two diamond pendants sold to the King in April last, with interest of the same until payment. [Ibid., No. 82.]
March 19.
1. Sir Thomas Hide, Sheriff of co. Buckingham, to the Council. Certificate of the names of the Justices of Peace for various divisions of the county, with a view to the execution of the Statutes for relief of the poor.
March 19.
2. The same to the same. Sends certificate of the Justices of Peace for the borough of Buckingham respecting the provision of corn and regulation of the markets. Inclosed,
2. i. The certificate above mentioned. Markets indifferently well furnished. Wheat 8s. the bushel. 1631, March 6.
March 19.
3. Sec. Dorchester to Thomas Covell, Chief Keeper of Lancaster Gaol. Warrant to deliver the body of Edward Ditchfield to Richard Wainwright, one of his Majesty's messengers, to be conveyed before the Council. [Unsigned.]
March 19.
4. Dr. Richard Steward to Sec. Dorchester. Had he not received the Sec's. letter would have ventured upon an excuse to the Lord Chamberlain. Cannot like the manner of this employment, because it lies too open to a censure. Thanks for the Sec's. advice.
March 19. 5. Petition of Capt. Thomas March to the Lords of the Admiralty. The Fourth Lion's Whelp being safe returned and delivered at Chatham, he prays letters to the Mayors of Lynn and Boston to call such as are behind in payment before them to give present satisfaction, or shew cause why they should not perform their agreement.
March 19. 6. Petition of Hannibal Bonithon to the Lords of the Admiralty. Presents his reasons, reference, report and certificates, and having for 14 weeks together attended the Board, implores them to settle him in his command.
March 19. 7. Certificate of Justices of the Peace for co. Huntingdon, addressed to the Sheriff of the same county, as to the inclosures in the Hundred of Norman Cross. Mary Countess Dowager of Westmoreland has inclosed part of her manor of Woodstone; — Laurence and John Martiall have divided between them the Lordship of Woodwalton; William Fimmore has inclosed 13 acres in the fields of Yaxley.
March 19. 8. Account of armours delivered out of the office of Ordnance for sundry his Majesty's services since the last general remain ended 13 May 1620.
March 20. Docquet of grant to Stephen Gibbes. [See Sign Man. 1631, March 19.]
March 20. Docquet of grant to John Newnam. [See Sign Man. 1631, March 19.]
March 20. Docquet of warrant to deliver Edward Marlyn out of Newgate. [See Sign Man. 1631, March 19.]
March 20. Licence to Patrick Maule, a Groom of the Bedchamber, to take partridges for his Majesty in any place within England. [Docquet.]
March 20. Docquet of warrant to pay to Francis Longston 200l. [See Sign Man. 1631, March 18.]
March 20. Docquet of warrant to pay to Christopher Favell 1,000l. [See Sign Man. 1631, March 19.]
March 20. Docquet of warrant to pay to Sir John Wake 60l. [See Sign Man. 1631, March 21.]
March 20. Docquet of grant to the town of Tenby, of confirmation of their ancient charters. [See Sign Man. 1631, March 21.]
March 20. Docquet of confirmation of laws made by a Commission for surveying the marsh lands in co. Lincoln. [See Sign Man. 1631, March 19.]
March 20.
The Downs, 12 at Night.
9. Captain John Mennes to Nicholas. Has arrived in the Downs with loss of his long boat in a very hard gale of wind. Is informed by a Dartmouth man that Downes the pirate is in Torbay, and has exchanged his own vessel for that of a Scot whom he took.
March 20. 10. Certificate of Justices of the Peace for co. Suffolk, as to the measures taken by them for keeping down the price of corn in the Liberty of St. Ethelred. Rye is now 6s. 8d. the bushel, and wheat 8s.
March 20. 11. Bond of Drew Lovett, citizen and goldsmith of London, to the King, in 100l., conditioned for the appearance of George Popham of London, gent., before Sec. Dorchester on 30 days' notice.
March 21.
Warrant to the Commissioners of the King's revenue while Prince of Wales, and to Francis Phillips, Auditor, and Aden Parkens, Receiver General, of co. Northampton, to pay to Sir John Wake 60l., an arrear of 40l. per annum, assigned to him by the late Duke of Buckingham, together with the office of Lieutenant of the forest of Salcey, co. Northampton. [Sign Man. Car. I., Vol. xii., No. 83.]
March 21.
Grant to the town of Tenby, co. Pembroke, of a confirmation of their ancient charters, with an enlargement of the privileges thereby conferred. [Ibid., No. 84.]
March 21. 12. Justices of Peace of co. Suffolk, to the Council. Their regulations have lowered the price of corn in those parts, but most unhappily Samuel Puckle of Norwich, falsely pretending great plenty of buck and small use thereof made by the poor, has got a licence for transporting 100 lasts, by which they understand 1,100 quarters of buckweed, or buckwheat as it is termed in their Lordships' order, to be laden at Yarmouth for Rotterdam. To see their bread thus taken from them and sent to strangers has turned the impatience of the poor into licentious fury and desperation. They come in great troops to the writers telling them they must needs starve if this corn, which only they were able to buy, be taken from them. The knowledge of it has raised the price to 6 or 7 shillings a quarter, and brought up wheat and rye to the old rates. Pray a restraint of the meditated export, and punishment of Puckle for his false pretences.
March 21.
13. Bailiffs of Yarmouth to the same. Samuel Puckle, mentioned above, had applied to export his 100 lasts of buckweed, but the writers having received strict command by the Book of Orders, and late directions from the Lord Chief Justice, to be careful to make provision for the poor, and not to permit exportation, and since then the scarcity having been discovered to be far greater than was expected, so that many families of good sort have no other bread than such as is made of buckweed, and that not plentiful, yea and the poor people laying violent hands on boatmen suspected of bringing in corn for exportation, the writers have forborne the lading of the said grain, until their Lordships were acquainted therewith.
March 21.
14. Dep. Lieuts. of Devon to the Council. Ambrose Roope, of Little Dartmouth, in that county, serves with arms proportionable to his estate.
March 21. 15. Officers of the Navy and Masters of the Trinity House to the Lords of the Admiralty. Having conferred on the propositions of Sir Thomas Button, they think that above 60 men are not fit to be allowed in the Whelps. They should incline to reduce them to 50. It may be useful to have four murderers in each of these vessels, and to change two of the demi-cannons into light minions.
March 21. 16. Bishop Howson of Durham to Bishop Laud. Begs him not to conceive that he is so wickedly base-minded as to wrong any man for his friend's quarrel, and that he is of the same constant affection towards God, the King, and the Church, and the whole doctrine and discipline thereof, as he has been from the beginning, and that he never intends deficere in extremo actu.
March 21. 17. Differences between the hatred of God and man, signed "John Archer," and, indorsed by Bishop Laud, "Mr. Archer's "second part of his catechism, as himself avows it." [See 1631, March 9, Vol. clxxxvi., No. 64.]
March 22. 18. Form of renewed commissions sent into all the counties in England and Wales, to compound with such persons as are to make fine for not appearing at the coronation, to receive the order of knighthood, with lists of the commissioners to whom the commissions were severally directed. [Copy.]
March 22. 19. Petition of Charles Griffith, prisoner in co. Montgomery, to the King. On 13 Oct. last, there happened an affray at Newton between John Owen and a stranger. Petitioner did his best to part them, but John Owen was killed. Petitioner being indicted for murder, the jury could not agree, whereupon the judges discharged them, and bound some of the prosecutors and jury over to appear in the Court of the Marches, where they were fined for their malicious prosecution. Prays that the judges may certify the facts, and the petitioner be relieved. Underwritten,
19. i. Reference to the Judges of Assize to certify the nature of the offence, and whether they consider the prisoner capable of mercy. Whitehall, 1631, March 22.
19. ii. Sir John Bridgeman and Sir Marmaduke Lloyd, the Judges of Assize before whom petitioner was tried, to the King. Report the circumstances as above stated, with addition that, during the second night the jury were locked up, two brothers of the party slain, and others of his friends delivered cloaks, burnt sack, &c., to the jurors who were inclined to find petitioner guilty, adding that they would have blood for blood.
March 22. 20. Sir John Cæsar to the Council. Report of facts proved in reference to the complaint of John Baker against Daniel Smith and Thomas Smith, of Barley, co. Herts. The case being referred to arbitration, the umpire ultimately awarded 25l., to be paid by the Smiths to Baker on the 1st Dec. last, which they had refused to pay.
[March 22.] 21. Certificate of Sir John Cæsar and various persons resident in and near Barley in Herts, that Daniel Smith is a very contentious and unquiet person, to the great trouble and vexation of his neighbours.
March 22.
22. John Acton, Sheriff of Suffolk, to the Council. The Justices of Peace certify that much good has ensued from their labours in reference to the price of corn, yet by reason of the scarcity it is much increased in price this month. Wheat, 3l. 4s. to 3l. 12s. per quarter; rye, 53s. 4d. to 56s.; barley, 36s. to 40s.; oats, 20s. to 21s. 4d.
March 22. 23. Certificate of Justices of the Peace for co. Dorset, that the markets for the division of Dorchester have been generally supplied with corn; wheat is now 7s. or 7s. 6d.
March 22. Minutes of proceedings of Committee of Council of War. The cases dealt with were those of Serjeant William Tyler, Capt. Emanuel Gilpin, and Capt. Richard Ouseley. In the last case, the Committee recommended Burlamachi, if he had not yet made up his grand account to his Majesty for those monies, in charity to the petitioner to procure him payment of 130l., certified by Dalbier to be due to him. [See 1631, March 7., Vol. clxxxvi., No. 47.]
March 22. 24. Samuel Dores and others to the Lords of the Admiralty. Certify that Henry Cowdall is able to take charge as master of one of the King's ships. [Sec. Dorchester recommended him by an indorsement for master of the St. Claude, but he was appointed boatswain of the Convertive.]
March 22.
Office of Ordnance.
25. Account of armours received into the Ordnance office from several persons, since the last general remain ended 13 May 1620.
March 23.
Warrant to pay to Sir Robert Karr 1,000l. for supply of the Privy Purse. [Prepared in blank. The sum inserted by the King. Sign Man., Car. I., Vol. xii., No. 85.]
March 23.
Protection to Sir Thos. Bludder for one year. [Ibid., No. 86.]
[March 23.] 26. Petition of Sir Guilford Slingsby, Comptroller of the Navy, to the King. The King has signified his pleasure that petitioner should be relieved. The prize ship he first sued for was previously disposed of. The St. Claude, moved by his late petition, is found serviceable for the Narrow Seas. He now states that it has been the ancient custom for all his predecessors, until Sir Henry Palmer, to be Admirals of the Narrow Seas. That has been conferred on Sir Henry Mervyn, but the Vice-Admiral's place is void. Prays a grant of the same to himself and his son.
March 23. 27. The same to Sec. Dorchester. Prays his support to the preceding petition. It has been a custom, or rather a privilege of his predecessors, ever since Sir David Port, the first Comptroller of the Navy, until Sir Henry Palmer, his immediate predecessor. They have all, or the most part, been Admirals of the Narrow Seas. The place he now seeks for is so mean that his Majesty cannot but conceive that necessity has compelled him to embrace it.
March 24. Capt. John Mennes to Nicholas. Sends him copy of a MS. written by Sir William Monson, relating to certain transactions between the Hollanders and Dunkirkers in 1604, when Sir William was Admiral of the Narrow Seas, similar to circumstances likely to occur at the present time. Begs Nicholas to acquaint the Lords therewith and procure the writer directions how to act in the like case. [See Domestic Eliz., 1591. Vol. of Admiralty Collections, fol. 100 b.]
March 24.
28. Justices of Peace for co. Nottingham to the Council. Report their proceedings in order to keep down the price of corn. Barley now about 5s. the strike. A good quantity of corn has been brought into the county by the river Trent, and they hope that in summer time, when coal carriages come into their country for coals, they will bring corn with them.
March 24.
29. William Ryley to [perhaps Sir William Segar, Garter, or some other member of the College of Arms]. Sends him a draft of letter to be corrected. Prefixed,
29. i. The College of Arms or some of its members to Thos. Earl of Arundel and Surrey, Earl Marshal. At request of William Ryley, Rougecross Pursuivant Extraordinary, they certify that all officers of arms heretofore have had coats of arms allowed them by the King's warrant to the Master of the Great Wardrobe. Such warrants are to be recommended to the King by the Earl Marshal. [Draft.]
March 25.
Grant to Lewis le Mire of the office of Apothecary to the Prince, with the fee of 40l. per annum, surrendered by John Wolfgang Rumler, apothecary to the late Queen Anne. [Sign Man. Car. I., Vol. xiii., No. 1.]
March 25.
Proclamation for the better direction of those who desire to repair to the Court for the cure of their disease, called the king's evil. [A republication of the proclamation on this subject of 6 April 1630, with an additional clause allusive to the danger of having any concourse of people "in this spring or summer time," to have resort to London, the Court, or the Royal person. Coll. Procs., Car. I., No. 140.]
March 25.
Further proclamation prohibiting the exportation of corn and grain. [Ibid., No. 141.]
March 25. 30. Petition of Thomas Hutchins, post of Crewkerne, to the Council. Petitioner is now in prison on the information of Serjeant Ranulph Church, paymaster to the posts, which he will prove untrue. Prays the Lords to send to the Marshalsea that petitioner may come to the Board to his answer, and the rather because the Lord Treasurer has promised that all the posts should have some relief the latter end of this month. [Ordered to be released this day. Co. Reg., Car. I., Vol. vi., p. 414.]
March 25. 31. Sec. Dorchester to [Sir Henry Marten]. Mons. Joachimi is full of anxiety in regard of the Portugal prize. Some officers of Sir Henry's court have informed him of a stop, and that Sir Henry has a purpose to leave the town on Monday, before the cause receive an end. The King has given the Sec. commandment to assure Joachimi that there shall be no delay that he shall have cause to complain of, and that Sir Henry shall not stir out of the town till it be ended. [Draft.]
March 25.
Newport. Isle of Wight.
32. Richard Jolliff to Nicholas. Received a letter from Mr. Goodwin, one of the Masters attendant at Portsmouth, that there was lost one of his Majesty's long boats at the Isle of Wight, in relieving a Dutch man-of-war. For satisfaction thereof the writer has detained certain goods of the Dutch ship. Prays him to acquaint the Lord Treasurer therewith, he being Governor of the island, that when the States Ambassador sends his warrant for the goods, the writer may know what to demand, and by what warrant, he not being now Deputy Vice-Admiral as he was in the time of Lord Conway.
March 25.
The Downs.
33. Captain John Mennes to the same. Has received order to intercept the St. Peter of Rotterdam, but is altogether unprovided of victuals. Prays supply, and desires to know whether he may go in search of the St. Peter to Gouries Gatt, on the coast of Holland.
March 25. 34. Receipt for 6l. half year's rent of [Barkham], where Nicholas's brother, William Hunton, lives.
March 25. 35. List of Justices of Peace for co. Salop, with their several divisions for execution of the orders respecting the laws for relief of the poor.
March 25.
36. Justices of Peace for co. Somerset to the Sheriff of the same county. Report their execution of the orders respecting corn and relief of the poor in the five hundreds of their division of the county. Wheat is now at 9s. the bushel.
March 26.
Warrant to pay to James Gaultier, Frenchman, 175l., due upon a former Privy Seal, as also an annuity of 100l. per annum. [Sign Man. Car. I., Vol. xiii., No. 2.]
March 26.
37. The King to the several Collectors under the commissions for compounding with those who did not receive the order of knighthood at the coronation. Sends the commission, and instructions, from which they are not to depart to the King's disadvantage. [Copy.]
March 26.
38. William Wollaston, Sheriff of co. Stafford, to the Council. Reports abatement in the price of corn and the continual care of the Justices.
March 26. 39. Justices of Peace for Essex to the Council. Exhaustion of the stock of corn, and consequent failure of supply in the markets, and rise of prices, "tending to scarcity."
March 26.
40. Sir Robert Lewkenor, Sheriff of Kent, to the Council. Sends list of Justices of Peace, with their several divisions, for execution of Statutes for relief of the poor, and one report touching the business of corn. Inclosed,
40. i. List of Justices of Peace above mentioned.
40. ii. Sir John Honeywood to Sir Robert Lewkenor. Reports his care of the markets in the Lathe of Shepway: wheat is 6s. 6d. per bushel. Elmstead, 1631, Feb. 4.
March 26. 41. Mary Countess of Westmoreland to Sec. Dorchester. Hears that Lord Holland is to be Justice in Oyer on this side Trent. Begs him to instruct her how to address herself, that her son may not miss the command of the Forest of Rockingham.
March 26.
Newport, Isle of Wight.
42. Sir Edward Denys to Nicholas. Francis Moundeford, an attorney of that island, has been served with a warrant to appear before the Council, for suing out process against two of his Majesty's servants, of Cowes Castle, he being in London at the time, and not conceiving that they were the King's servants. Being ill and unfit for travel, prays that his attendance may be spared until next term.
March 26. 43. John Grymesdych to Sir Francis Cottington. Having considered Sir Bevis Thelwall's speech of yesterday, the writer desires Sir Francis to propound to the Lord Treasurer, that if it be his Majesty's pleasure that the writer should go on with the service for one year, he will undertake to bring the expense within the compass of the 16,000l. a year, to give all men satisfaction, and reduce the office to its former splendour, provided he may be enabled to examine persons on oath, whom he fears abuse the King's service, and may be appointed a convenient lodging in the empty part of the Wardrobe House.
March 26.
44. Sir Robert Aiton to Sir Francis Nethersole. Disposed himself to do all the service in his power to the two gentlemen that he recommended to Sir Robert, but he saw neither of them whilst they were here. If any other occasion occur of the like kind, will be more careful to make it appear that the Queen, Sir Francis's mistress, hath not here any creature more devoted to her than Sir Robert.
March 26. 45. Declaration how the account of Sir Francis Willoughby for his past services now stands, with a memorandum underwritten that it was this day discharged in full by a payment to William Lake of 395l.
March 26. 46. List of various letters patent granted during the sixth year of King Charles I., which ended this day; it contains notes of the following grants:—
14 March 1631. To Elizabeth, Countess of Anglesea; a pension of 1,000l. per annum.
4 Dec. 1630. " Robert Lord Brooke and others, incorporation as Governor and Company of Adventurers of Westminster for the plantation of the Islands of Providence, Henrietta, and adjacent islands lying on the coast of America.
13 Aug. 1630. To Edward Ball, Edward Lastelle, and others; licence to prepare peat by reducing it to a coal, that it shall serve for melting iron, boiling salt, and burning brick.
20 May " " Edward Barnard; to be upper porter in the Tower of London.
22 July " " George Burroughs; to be a gunner in the Tower of London.
1 July " " John Banks; to be Attorney General of Charles Prince of Wales.
27 April " " Archbishop Harsnet, of York, and others; commission to hear and determine a cause between William Cowland and John Senhouse, and others.
1 Feb. 1631. " Sir Julius Cæsar, Master of the Rolls, and others; commission to hear causes in Chancery.
15 April 1630. " Henry Earl of Manchester, and others; commission to execute the office of Justice in Eyre on this side Trent.
4 June " " Lord Treasurer Weston, and others; commission to compound for the estates of recusants convict.
18 March 1631. " The same, and others; commission to view what quantity of money, armour, and ordnance, were in the hands of the officers, and to take their accounts.
25 March 1631. " Archbishop Harsnet, of York, Lord Keeper Coventry, and others; commission to use ecclesiastical power for reformation of errors, heresies, and other enormities.
2 Oct. 1630. " John Copley; licence to make salt from sea water, without pans or furnaces.
21. Dec. " " Archbishop Abbot and others; commission to compound with creditors of poor prisoners.
5 Jan. 1631. " The same, and others; commission to inquire how the statutes for relief of the poor are put in execution.
14 Dec. 1630. " Anthony Wyther and Sam. Lyveley; commission to inquire how the statutes for true clothmaking are put in execution.
25 May " " Patrick Craford and Matthew Birkenhead; to be clerks for entering passes to persons embarking from Bristol and other western ports.
23 Nov. " " Matthew Clyfford; to be a gunner in the Tower of London.
8 Dec. " " Lord Treasurer Weston, Thos. Earl of Arundel, and others; commission to set down courses for maintenance of fishing on the coasts of Scotland and Ireland.
19 Nov. " " Mayors and officers of the ports; commission to minister an oath to all passengers beyond seas, except merchants.
12 Oct. 1630. To Sir Kenelm Digby; to be a principal officer of the navy.
2 Oct. " " Henry Earl of Manchester and others; commission to take a view of all the books and writings of Sir Robert Cotton, and to take special note of such as may concern the King.
5 Aug. " " Sir Thomas Aylesbury and others; commission to view the King's ships at Chatham, and set down a course for making them ready for service.
24 July " " Thomas Lord Coventry, Lord Treasurer Weston, and others; commission to inquire what houses have been erected in London since 13 Jac. contrary to any proclamation.
13 July " " Archbishop Harsnet, Lord Treasurer Weston, and others; commission to make leases of recusants' lands, and to find out what chattels are forfeited to the King.
1 July " " Lord Keeper Coventry and others; commission to examine Thomas Fitz, and to discover what beaver skins or other goods were brought in by Capt. Kirke.
16 April " " Clement Cotton; licence for sole imprinting a brief concordance of the Holy Scriptures.
22 July " " Lebbe Crofts; to be a gunner in the Tower of London.
10 March 1631. " Lord Treasurer Weston and Sir Francis Cottington; to farm the Queen's and King's fines for licences of alienation in the Chancery.
11 May 1630. " Officers of Customs at Bristol, Mayor and Recorder of Beaumaris, and others; to take the oath of all passengers going beyond seas.
14 Jan. 1631. " Edward Earl of Dorset; to be Constable of Beaumaris.
10 Jan. " " Sir Humphrey Davenport; to be Chief Baron of the Exchequer.
29 Nov. 1630. " Sir Dudley Digges; to be Master of the Rolls in reversion.
7 March 1631. " Abraham Dawes and others; to farm all manner of customs.
2 April 1630. " John Edwards; to be lecturer in Greek in the University of Oxford in reversion.
30 July " " Thomas Francke; licence to use a new devised instrument for draining mines and low grounds.
10 April " " Sir James Fullerton; to have the forfeiture of recognizances of Andrew Hoskyns, Thomas Webb, and others, as also their fines in the Star Chamber for riots in Gillingham Forest.
4 Dec. " " Sir Gilbert Gerard, John Gourdon, Gregory Gawsell, John Graunt, and others; in corporation, as Governor and Company of Adventurers of Westminster for the Plantation of the islands of Providence and Henrietta, and adjacent islands lying on the coast of America.
10 March 1631. To Gregory Granger; to be one of the yeomen prickers of the privy harriers.
13 Jan. " " Francis Gardiner; to be one of the under-keepers of the park of Theobalds.
13 Jan. " " The same; a pension of 50l. per annum.
14 Oct. 1630. " Edward Greene; to be head engraver of the irons for coinage in the Tower of London.
13 July " " George Lord Goring; to be Secretary, Clerk of the Signet, and Clerk of the Council, for the Principality of Wales.
14 July " " Sir John Gibson; the farm of the alum works in cos. Dorset and York.
26 March " " Stephen Gibbes; licence to put in practice a peculiar art for defence of marsh lands against the sea and the fresh surrounding.
22 Jan. 1631. " Sir Arthur Ingram, to have 725l. 3s. 2¾d.
1 Feb. " " Humphrey Jones and Evan Jones; the office of receiver of all rents in co. Palatine of Chester in reversion.
7 July 1630. " George Kirke; to be Gentleman of the King's robes.
20 April " " James Levingston; farm of fees for sealing sixpenny writs, under the yearly rent of 1,000l.
9 Nov. " " Governor and Company of the merchants trading to the East Indies; licence to transport 30,000l. in foreign gold.
29 July " " William Loving; to have three parts in four of money forfeited for not returning true certificates of what corn has been transported into parts beyond the seas.
29 July " " The same; to be upper porter in the Tower.
15 July " " Margaret Lady Mennes; a pension of 200l.
26 July " " Christopher Metcalfe; to be General Surveyor of the Customs of tonnage and poundage in reversion.
28 Feb. 1631. " Thomas Mainwaring; to be master of the hospital of St. John Baptist, in Chester, in reversion.
3 June 1630. " Thomas Mottershed and Edward Mottershed; the office of collector of all mulets, fines, and forfeitures.
28 Feb. 1631. " James Oughterlony; to be keeper and captain of Holy Island and Ferne Island.
11 Feb. " " Michael Parker and Edward Mainwaring; licence to set forth lotteries for raising money for bringing springs of water to London.
8 Feb. " " John Powell; to be one of the ordinary serjeants-atarms.
16 Jan. " " Phineas Pett; to be a principal officer of the Navy, with a fee of 200l. per annum.
23 Nov. 1630. " Richard Paxford; to be a gunner in the Tower.
12 Aug. " " Philip Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery; to be steward of the Duchy of Cornwall.
Proclamations issued during the 6 Car. I.
1. Concerning tobacco.
2. Forbidding disorderly trading with the savages in New England.
3. Concerning peace between England and Spain.
4. For preventing dearth of corn and victuals.
5. For suppressing rogues and vagabonds, and relief of the poor.
6. For adjourning Michaelmas term.
7. Against false dying of silk.
8. Prohibiting the keeping of Bartholomew and Sturbridge fairs, and our Lady fair in Southwark.
9. For easing compositions for knighthood.
10. Concerning new buildings in London, and against dividing houses and receiving inmates.
11. For suppressing felons and outlaws.
12. For better discovery of burglaries, and suppressing secret practices of retailing brokers.
13. Prohibiting the exportation of corn.
14. and 15. For confirming defective titles.
16. For restraining the importation of iron wire.
17. For quickening the laws for relief of the poor.
18. For preventing the exportation of wools, fullers earth, and hides.
19. For better ordering those who repair to the Court for cure of the king's evil.
22 July 1630. To Richard Paxford; to be a gunner in the Tower.
10 Jan. 1631. " Endymion Porter; farm of all customs and other duties on French wines.
7 March " " Sir Paul Pindar and others; farm of all customs and duties on goods imported or exported.
21 Jan. " " David Ramsey and others; the sole benefit of an engine for draining coal mines.
21 Jan. " " The same; licence to make saltpetre in an open field of four acres, sufficient to serve the kingdom, with other inventions and discoveries.
11 Nov. 1630. " the same; licence to separate gold and silver from other impure metals.
5 March 1631. " Sir William Russell to receive two fines of 500l. imposed on Sir Thomas Read for not performing a decree in the Chancery.
27 Apr. 1630. " Nathaniel Reeve; to be gunner in the Tower.
24 May " " Sir William Russell and others; to receive impositions on velvets and other articles, until he shall have received satisfaction for money disbursed for the King's service.
17 Apr. " " David Ramsey; two-thirds of pirates goods in Ireland.
11 Feb. 1631. To Sir Edward Stradling and John Lyde; licence to bring water to London from any spring within one mile and a half from Hoddesdon, under the rent of 4,000l. yearly.
15 Nov. 1630. " William Smyth and Thomas Lewyn; licence to import coach horses and mares.
3 May " " Francis Sheldon; to be clerk of the prick and cheque of the navy at Woolwich.
9 June " " Sir Ralph Sydenham; to be surveyor of the ordnance in the Tower in reversion.
17 June " " Anna Stewart, Lady Saltoun; the moiety of such reserved rents as she could discover not to have been answered to the King for ten years.
22 July " " John Spencer; to be a gunner in the Tower.
7 July " " Giles Tompkins; a pension of 40l.
28 Apr. " " Martin Trevor [Turner ?]; to be Comptroller of the Customs in Kingston upon-Hull.
19 Nov. " " Edward Thoroughgood; to be clerk for writing licences to persons going abroad.
11 May " " Robert Tirwhitt; licence to transport 3,200 barrels of butter out of cos. Lincoln and York, for 21 years.
19 Apr. " " Francis Tucker and others; licence to search for hid treasure.
28 Apr. " " Peter Wright and Martin Turner; the Comptrollership of the customs in Kingston-upon-Hull.
8 Feb. 1631. " Lord Treasurer Weston; to be captain of the Isle of Wight and of all castles in the said island.
8 Dec. 1630. " Richard Wynn and John Wynn; the collectorship of customs in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
22 July " " Rowland Woodward; to attend ambassadors and strangers coming into the realm, in the absence of Sir John Finet.
4 Aug. " " Edward Viscount Wimbledon; to be keeper and Captain of Portsmouth.
22 July " " John Wale; to be a gunner in the Tower.
13 July " " Henry Wynn; to be Secretary, Clerk of the Council, and Clerk of the Signet, in Wales, in reversion after Lord Goring.
10 March 1631. " Lord Treasurer Weston and others; the farm of the fines for licences of alienation in Chancery.
19 March " " James Weston; to be serjeant-at-law.
1 June 1630. " Nicholas Le Strange; to be a baronet.
31 Oct. " " John Short; to be clerk of the prick at Chatham, in reversion.
13 April " " Alexander Staples; to be porter of the Minorites, or Minories, adjoining the walls of the city of London.
29 March " " Thomas Scafe; to be a gunner in Carlisle.
29 March 1630. To Henry Starkey; to be a gunner in the Tower.
5 Feb. 1631. " Lady Mary Sydenham; a pension of 200l.
22 April 1630. " John Trevor; the farm of all taxations and impositions upon coals.
2 April " " George Twisleton; to be a baronet.
22 Aug. " " Simon Thelwall and others; master of the office of revels.
29 March " " Thomas Trigg; to be a gunner in the Tower.
26 Dec. " " Christopher Earl of Anglesea; to be guardian of George Villiers, at the request of Lady Rebecca Villiers.
12 May " " John Verney and others; to be clerks of the signet in South Wales.
29 March " " Edward Underwood; to be a gunner in the Tower.
8 Dec. " " Mademoiselle Vantelet; a pension of 300l.
24 Feb. 1631. " Richard Wigmore, Richard Ward, and others; to be serjeants-at-arms.
4 July 1630. " George Willmer and others; to be collectors of impositions upon tobacco.
20 Aug. " " Francis Williamson the elder and Francis Williamson the younger; to be registrar of pawns made to retailing brokers.
9 June " " Thomas Viscount Wentworth; to be receiver of revenues arising by the forfeitures of Popish recusants in cos. Stafford, Derby, &c.
8 June " " Francis Winterton and Richard Boteler; 6,157l. 9s. 2d., and the arrearages of rents and fines for licences for keeping taverns or selling wine by retail.
1 June " " Philip Warrick [Warwick]; to be one of the clerks of the signet in ordinary, in reversion.
13 June " " Thomas Wyllis; to be clerk of the Crown in Chancery.
9 Sept. " " Mary Walderove; a pension of 300l.
13 Feb. 1631. " Sir Henry Wotton; a pension of 500l.
19 [Feb. 1631.] " Peter Young and others, gentlemen ushers in ordinary; to have certain fees on the creation of every peer, baronet, or knight.
March 27. 47. Attorney General Heath to the King. Report on the petition of Sir George Paul. Whilst petitioner served in the King's Bench Office, which together with the Attorney General, he lately held for the Duke of Buckingham, he was discharged of the services in the petition named. It would be no ill precedent to grant his suit. Underwritten,
47. i. Minute that the King grants the petitioner's request, and refers it to the Attorney General to prepare a book accordingly. Whitehall, 1631, April 6.
March 27.
48. Henry Dade to Nicholas. Earnestly requests him to procure a release of all actions from Sir William Withypoll to Bardwell, or otherwise a withdrawing of the actions.
March 28.
Release to William Daynes and Roger Daynes, his son, of a bond of 300l., entered into by them to his Majesty's use for 10 drakes, and their carriages borrowed of the Lieutenant of the Ordnance, and lost at sea. [Sign Man. Car. I, Vol. xiii., No. 3.]
March 28.
Licence to George Rodolph Weckherlin for the exclusive privilege for 31 years of printing and putting to sale Catonis Disticha, Pub. Terentii Comediæ, and some other small Latin school books, to take effect after the expiration of a term of 21 years granted by King James to the Stationers' Company, with an addition of certain books not contained in the former privilege. [Ibid., No. 4]
March 28. 49. Francis Nicolls, Sheriff of co. Northampton, to the Council. Reports his proceedings in obedience to letters respecting the markets, the price of corn, and the relief of the poor. Sends list of Justices of Peace for that county, with the several divisions in which they reside. Incloses,
49. i. List of Justices above referred to.
March 29.
Grant to John Kines, of the office of a gunner in the Tower of London, with the fee of 6d. per diem, in the place of John Redworth deceased. [Sign Man. Car. I., Vol. xiii., No. 5.]
March 29.
50. Justices of Peace for Westminster to the Council. White wheat is 12s. 4d. the bushel, red wheat 11s. 6d.; oatmeal 8s. On a survey of alehouses, they found 551, of which they suppressed 230, and licensed the remainder. All drinking cellars are suppressed. On deaths of persons of the contagion of the sickness, the searchers go with white wands in their hands, the red cross and the bill "Lord have mercie upon us" set apparent on the doors. With every such house there is a warder, and every day some of the Justices visit and examine to see them do their duty. They be so kept up 40 days, and in that time purge and cleanse their houses with lime and such like.
March 29. 51. Certificate of Justices of Peace for co. Somerset, of the quantity and prices of all sorts of grain, and the number of those that are buyers of corn within the hundreds of Catsash, Horethorne, Bruton, and Norton Ferris in co. Somerset; wheat 8s. 6d. per bushel; rye 7s.; oats 3s.
March 29. 52. Edward Viscount Conway to Foulke Reed. Has promised his sister Pelham to lend her his mother's picture in the parlour to take a copy of it. Is in great want of money. Begs him to send up as much of this lady-day's rents as is gotten in. Hopes Lord Coke's [?] rent is paid. He desires to be tenant to all the lordship. His aunt Huncks has said nothing to him as yet. Mrs. Wright desires to be settled there. [Draft.]
March 29.
53. Philip Burlamachi to [Sec. Dorchester ?]. Capt. George Fleetwood, at his coming home from Denmark, had due to him 900l., which was allowed to his father, Sir Miles, out of a sum which he had to pay Burlamachi, Capt. Fleetwood undertaking to give satisfaction to his officers. Explains the two sums of 50l., and 89l. alleged by Sir Miles, with which Burlamachi has nothing to do, never having received either of them. Incloses,
53. i. Statement by Julian Calandrini of the account of Capt. George Fleetwood and the manner of its discharge.
March 30.
Warrant to pay to Sir Henry Vane, Comptroller of the Household, 210l., disbursed by him to Geritt Van Honthorst, in his last ambassage into the Low Countries, for a picture of the King and Queen of Bohemia and their children, by Honthorst, made and sent to King Charles. [Sign Man. Car. I., Vol. xiii., No. 6.]
March 30.
Presentation of George Ashton, M.A., to the rectory of Hardwick, co. Buckingham, void by simony. Lat. [Ibid., No. 7.]
March 30.
Grant to Thomas Parker, of the office of Master Carpenter of his Majesty's Works, in cos. Chester and Flint, with a fee of 6d. per diem, and a gown yearly. Lat. [Ibid., No. 8.]
March 30. 54. Sir Robert Ducie, Lord Mayor of London, to the Council. Reports, as commanded, on the state of the river, the sickness, the price of corn, and concerning vagrants. Hopes this summer will shew a fair and free river; the infection has subsided; hopes for Irish corn and corn from the East Country; constables are looked after and fined if they do not apprehend vagrants.
March 30.
Carleton, near Penrith.
55. Thomas Carleton to Sec. Dorchester. Wishes to know whether the Sec. thanked Lord President Wentworth for passing the writer over in respect of his fine, for not submitting to knighthood. New terrors come from York, that at the Lord President's return he will have a bout at all who escaped before his going up.
March 30.
56. Herbert Dodington to Nicholas. If the writer's neighbour will sell his land he has promised the writer a particular. Recommends to Nicholas the bearer, Nicholas Gayne, who is willing to go to sea.
March 30. 57. Justices of Peace for Southwark to the Council. Return the number of alehouses in Southwark and Kentish Street. They give the numbers in every parish; the totals are, alehouses 228, of which the licences of 43 had been withdrawn. In the Newington side of Kentish Street there were 21 alehouses, unlicensed on account of the plague, which were deemed too many. Of vagrants 300 had been punished and passed within the last six months.
March 30. 58. Certificate of Sir Thomas Morton respecting the services of Capt. Charles Dawson, who lost his employment in the Netherlands, and served in the expedition to Cadiz, and so on until the end of all those services.
March 30. 59. Copy of the same.
March 30. 60. "Advis sur la prevention de la Peste; cautions necessaires pour en empescher le progres; et soing qu'il faut avoir quand elle est allumée." A report in French, presented by the King's direction to the Council, by Sir Theodore Mayerne, David Bethune, and Matthew Lister, the King's Physicians in ordinary. They give advice upon a variety of points of sanitary regulation, and especially recommend the institution of a Chamber or Office of Health, and the erection of four or five hospitals or pest-houses, one distinguished beyond the rest, to be established at Chelsea, near the College of Controversy, or towards Paddington, by the side of the stream which runs in that district.
March 31.
Warrant to pay to Philip Burlamachi 420l., to be by him made over to Mons. Rusdorf and Mons. Maurice, Commissioners sent to his Majesty from the King of Bohemia, as the King's free gift. [Sign Man. Car. I., Vol. xiii., No. 9.]
March 31.
Warrant to pay to Sir Thomas Roe 3,500l. for two pendant diamonds by him sold to the King. [Ibid., No. 10.]
March 31.
Warrant to pay to Walter Montagu 400l. for his charges in his journey into France on the King's service. [Ibid., No. 11.]
March 31.
Warrant to pay to Sir John Hippisley 1,000l., with interest, at the rate of 8 per cent., from the 2nd inst., the said 1,000l. having been paid by him by way of loan into the Exchequer. [Ibid., No. 12.]
[March 31.] 61. Sir James Scott to the King. At the cashiering of the army on 13 Nov. 1628, the writer made his course known to his Majesty, who refused to make the two viscounts procured by the late Duke for the writer's losses aboard, but gave his royal word that Sir James's pay as colonel (20s. per diem) should be continued until he was otherwise provided for. He has rested ever since without receiving any thing. Prays that he may be reckoned with and paid up to the present time. Underwritten,
61. i. Reference by the Council of War to their next sitting at which the Lord Treasurer or the Chancellor of the Exchequer shall be present. Whitehall, 1631, March 31.
March 31. 62. Attorney General Heath to the King. Report probably on the petition of Patrick Crawford and Mathew Birkenhead respecting new regulations for the granting of passes; (See Vol. clxxxvi., No. 15.) The Attorney General suggested additional restrictions, with the view of staying the passage of unlicensed persons.
March 31.
63. The Council to the Lords of the Admiralty. Find that, among other abuses, the using of nets, called trawls, is a principal cause of the destruction of fish. The Lords of the Admiralty are to take order that no trawls at all be used from the Long Sand Head to Beachy Head. The Council are informed that the French, who have permission to fish upon this coast, abuse that favour by fishing contrary to their licence, and others of that nation, under colour of that permission, take liberty to fish at the Zowe. The Lords of the Admiralty are to take order that no French be permitted to fish on this coast, or otherwise than according to their licence.
March 31.
64. The Council to Theophilus Earl of Suffolk, Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports. Similar letter.
March 31. 65. Officers of the Navy to the Lords of the Admiralty. Report the various services of Sir Francis Stewart, and recite the warrants under which he had been employed. State also that Capt. Pennington in a lesser ship than Sir Francis had 30s. per diem, and afterwards succeeding Sir Francis was allowed 40s. per diem. For 103 days Sir Francis should be paid 15s. per diem.
[March 31 ?] 66. Nicholas to the same. By their command sends an account of the sum due to Sir Francis Stewart, on the principle laid down by the Officers of the Navy in the preceding letter. [Draft.]
March 31. 67. Estimate for launching the Victory and the Vanguard at Woolwich, and the St. Dennis at Deptford, and for their transportation to Chatham: total 589l. 19s. 1d.
March 31.
68. Minutes of proceedings of the Committee of the Council of War. Among the petitions dealt with were those of Sir Piers Crosby, Peter Young, Colonel Robert Farrer, and Sir James Scott. [Draft.]
March 31. 69. Rough notes by William Boswell of the proceedings of the same Committee.
March 31. 70. Petition of a few several officers, having lost their places in the Low Countries, to the Council of War. Pray them to take notice of his Majesty's reference to them, and their 28 months delay since they were discharged. Also that on Rubber Down, before their going to Cadiz, the late Duke having mentioned to the King, on request of the officers who had come from the Low Countries, that they had acquit their fortunes to come into his Majesty's service, he engaged his royal promise that they should not only be satisfied with the like condition but that he would in a better and greater measure reward them. Underwritten,
70. i. Order of the Council of War for the petitioners to make answer to Mr. Boswell on various points, principally affecting the point by whose order or at whose instance it was that they left the Low Countries. Whitehall, 1631, March 31.
March 31. 71. Draft of the reference upon the preceding petition.
March 31. 72. Petition of Thomas Lowther to the Council of War. Capt. Richard Bond, slain in the Isle of Rhé, had due to him for his service 132l. 16s. Richard Bond, his son, took out letters of administration, and afterwards (being indebted to petitioner more than that amount for his support for three years together), assigned over his father's arrears to petitioner. Being in great distress petitioner prays that he may be paid if not all yet part of the money. Underwritten,
72. i. Their Lordships are much offended with the petitioner that he rests not satisfied with their order of 12 Feb. last, to which he must conform himself without further importunity. Whitehall, 1631, March 31.
March 31.
Ordnance Office.
73. General account of receipts and deliveries of armours since the last general remain on the 13th May 1620.
March 31. 74. Note of what is necessary to balance the above account.
[March ?] 75. Warrant to Lord Treasurer Weston, Sir Francis Cottington, Chancellor of the Exchequer, and to the Deputy of the Great Wardrobe. Sir Bevis Thelwall, Clerk of the said Wardrobe, is gone upon special occasions to the Isle of Wight. John Grymesdych is to join in giving acquittance with the Deputy of the Great Wardrobe, during the absence of Sir Bevis. [Draft.]
76. The King to [Commissioners appointed to settle the draining of a particular level]. Having written three letters to the Commissioners of Sewers of that level to effect the draining the fens of those parts, the King had found that the multitude of Commissioners preferred their little benefit before the general good, and did but perplex and hinder the work. He had therefore determined to begin with that part wherein he had the greatest right as immediate owner of the soil, and had made choice of them to be Commissioners for the same. The greatest part of this level upon a former commission had been presented by a jury as fit to be drained, and a tax of 10s. the acre had been laid by former Commissioners. The present Commissioners are directed to lay the same tax as before, that the undertakers may have such an equal bargain, by a proportion of the lands, if the tax assessed shall not be paid at a day to be appointed as shall give them fit encouragement. [Copy.]
[March.] 77. Petition of Alice Tayler, widow of Captain Nathaniel Tayler, to the King. Petitioner's husband served 23 years in Ireland and the Low Countries, whence he was called into the King's service, and the King stated him at 20s. per diem. Nevertheless Capt. Mason, then Treasurer of the Army, paid him but 10s. per diem. Prays an order for the remainder.
[March ?] 78. Petition of William Innes, Vicar of Dovercourt with Harwich, to the Council. Harwich might by some grave admonition from their Honours enjoy the fruit of their labours in a speedy re-establishment of peace, if the restless malice of [John] Peck, and of Osburne, the town clerk, did not hinder. Which Peck being gone home, has persuaded the country that petitioner must be removed to another place. Prays the declaration of their noble pleasure concerning Peck and the repair of petitioner's damage.
[March ?] 79. Petition of William Innes, Vicar of Dovercourt with Harwich, to the Council. Their Honours having lately heard the misdemeanors of the gentlemen, and given directions to Sir William Beecher and Mr. Meantys for the examination of John Peck and Thomas Webb, who are the agents and prosecutors of the business to his Majesty against the petitioner, petitioner conceives the misdemeanors are fully proved, and therefore prays that he may have satisfaction without further suit.
[March ?] 80. Petition of Sir Thomas Burton, owner of most part of Frisby, co. Leicester, to the same. Frisby is a small village, never anciently consisting of above 10 or 12 houses. The Council has been certified of two yard land converted from arable to pasture, and that there is likely to be a depopulation. Petitioner has let the land with the houses, and the same shall so continue, and there shall be no depopulation. Only one poor house built of earth is fallen down.
[March ?] 81. Certificate of Sir John Skeffington to the same, in answer to their letter for laying open certain inclosed grounds of Sir Thomas Burton. Sir Thomas stated that if he could not satisfy the Council, he would speedily throw the lands open again. [Underwritten is a minute of the preceding petition of Sir Thomas Burton.]
[March ?] 82. Similar certificate of Sir John Skeffington, in reference to an inclosure by Montjoy, Earl of Newport.
[March ?] 83. Statement by Sir John Skeffington, of the conditions upon which the Earl of Newport's inclosure was effected.
[March ?] 84. Draft in the handwriting of Nicholas, of order of the Lords of the Admiralty for Sir William Withypoll and Andreas Clench, to stay proceedings against William Bardwell, until the Lords of the Admiralty have conferred with the judges thereon.
[March ?] 85. John Nicholas to his son Edward Nicholas. Letter for the most part of family details and country news. Mrs. Hancock is lately dead in Sarum, of the stone. Edward Nicholas's mother more at ease from bathing her face in the grounds of beer. Nicholas's sons are well at Dinton. Sir Robert Pye's mother was a Rogers and not a Bodenham. Dr. Alexander Hyde to marry Bishop Towlson's [Townson's] youngest daughter, the Bishop's jewel. The writer's cousin, Young, is thankful for Edward Nicholas's care of his young kinsman.
[March ?] 86. Petition of Henry Skip with to the Council and Council of War. In consideration of his great want, petitioner was contented and so ordered by their Lordships to take from Julian Calandrini 10l., for 13l. 18s., 9d., to be paid the next day, which order Calandrini has broken, to petitioner's great prejudice. Prays a strict order for payment of the 13l. 18s. 9d.
[March ?] 87. Petition of John Medley to "the Lords and Commissioners of the Ordnance." States the arrangement made with him on his appointment to the armoury, and prays that the same may be carried out. [Nearly in the same terms as in his petition to the King of 18 March 1631, Vol. 186, No. 112.]
[March ?] 88. Notes by Sec. Coke of accounts to be required from Nash. the Clerk, and Butler, the Surveyor, of the armoury, as to armours received into the office since the entry of Sir Thomas Jay, at Christmas 1628.
[March ?] 89. Account by Joshua Butler, of armours received into the armoury of the Tower since 1 Sept. 1629.
[March ?] 90. Account by John Cowper, of armours received since Sir Thomas Jay came to be master.
[March ?] 91. Justices of Peace for Devon to Henry Ashford, Sheriff of that county. Report the continuance of their diligence as to the price of corn in the division of Hayter, and the adjoining hundreds, expressed in their former certificate. The bushel of wheat of 12 gallons is now at 9s.
[March ?] 92. Justices of Peace for Suffolk to the Sheriff of the same county. Return for the liberty of St. Etheldred concerning the execution of the Books of Orders for corn, and the execution of the laws for relief of the poor. Wheat is at 8s. per bushel.
[March ?] 93. Petitions of allowances demanded in the Court of Wards, by Robert Barnard, Feodary of co. Huntingdon, for his expenses in exercising his office for five years ending at Michalmas 1629, with a continuation for the 6th year of the King's reign.
[March ?] 94. Note of declaration of Bishop Howson, of Durham, made before the Dean and Prebendaries respecting the complaints of Dr. Lindsell against the Dean, and other disagreements in that Cathedral. [Indorsed by Bishop Laud, "My Lord of Durham's proceedings about service, &c."]
[March ?] 95. Proposition to his Majesty for raising a competent sum for rebuilding St. Paul's church out of the fines for inclosures, and depopulation in cos. Lincoln, Leicester, and Northampton.
March 96. Account of fees received in the Signet Office during the present month.
[March ?] 97. Richard Jolliff to the Council. Answer to complaint made against him by the Ambassador of France, that a ship of the French King being driven on the Isle of Wight, Jolliff caused some of the crew to be arrested, and extorted from them 40l. Jolliff denies the restraint, but admits the purchase, at 30l., of three pipes of wine sent ashore by the French captain in discharge of claims for salvage.