General Index: G

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles I, 1629-31. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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'General Index: G', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles I, 1629-31, (London, 1860) pp. 605-609. British History Online [accessed 13 April 2024]



Gabriel, the, of St. Giles (France)

Gage, George, a priest
-, letter of
-, Sir John

Gaines, John

Gaire, —

Gallop, Nicholas

Galpin, Joseph, deposition of

Galtres, forest of, co. York
-, fee farmers of, petition of


Game, masterships of
-, preservation of

Games, Edward, discharge to
-, Thomas

Gamull, William
-, petitions of

Garbett, Thomas

Gardiner, —
-, Francis, grant to
-, pension
-, George
-, Henry
-, John
-, Michael, father
-, will of
-, son
-, Thomas

Gardner, George, petitions of
-, John, collector of customs at Weymouth, charge against
-, John, shipowner

Gardyner, Richard
-, Sir Thomas, letters of
-, his son
-, his fourth daughter
-, Sir William, letter of

Garfoot, William

Gargaduell, John

Gargrave, Francis, deputy vice-admiral of co. York, petition of
-, Mary, maid of honour to the late Queen Anne, petition of
-, protection for

Garland, the
-, documents dated from
-, captain of, see Mennes, Capt. John.
-, officers of, certificate of

Garnier, Mr.
-, his wife, the Queen's nurse

Garraway, Alderman

Garrett, William

Garter, the, order of, Chancellor of, see Crane, Sir Francis.

Garter King-at-Arms, see Segar, Sir William.


Gascoigne, Mr.

Gatehouse Prison, Westminster
-, keeper of, see Weekes, Aquila.

Gattenby, Nicholas

Gatton, co. Surrey
-, manor of

Gaultier, James, warrant to

Gawsell, Gregory, grant to

Gayer, David
-, Humphrey

Gayne, Nicholas

Gedney, co. Lincoln

Geldard, George

Gell, John

Gelvouet, Matthew, and others, depositions of



Gentileschi, Horatio, letter of
-, grant to
-, warrant to

Geometry, Savilian professor of, see Turner, Peter.

George, the
-, of Barnstaple
-, of Bristol
-, of Dover
-, of London
-, of Stroud, co. Kent
-, of Topsham
-, of Yarmouth

George Bonaventure, the, of London
-, drumbler, the
-, and Eliza, the, of London

Gerard, Sir Gilbert, grant to

Gerbier, Balthazar, letters of
-, his house, document dated from

-, Ambassador to, see Anstruther, Sir Robert.
-, Emperor of

Gernon, —, brother to the Earl of Tullibardine

Gerrard, Dutton, Lord
-, death of his grandmother
-, John
-, Katherine
-, petition of

Geyer, Robert

Gib, Mr.

Gibbes, Stephen, petition of
-, grant of privilege to
-, licence to

Gibbon, Mr., letter to
-, Capt. Sidrack
-, letters of

Gibbons, John
-, Lancaster, grant to
-, Mr.
-, Nicholas, petition of

Gibbs, John

Gibson, Capt. George, petition of
-, Sir John
-, grant to

Giffard, John
-, letters of

Gifford, Captain
-, John, D.D.
-, John, of co. Dorset
-, Mr., of Shillington, examination of
-, William
-, petition of

Gift, the

Gift of God, the
-, of Ipswich
-, otherwise the Blue Lion
-, of Newport, alias the Nicholas.
-, of St. Malo
-, charges disbursed for
-, of Weymouth
-, of Yarmouth

Gilben, Thomas
-, petition of

Gilbert, John, chief graver of the Mint
-, Capt. John, renewal of grant to
-, Mr., letter to

Gilbourne, Sir Nicholas

Gildon, William, letter of

Giles, Sir Edward
-, William

Gill, Alexander
-, pardon
-, Sir John, demise to

Gillingham, co. Dorset, forest of
-, co. Kent
-, hundred of, fishermen of
-, petition of
-, manor of
-, steward of, see Philipot, John.
-, and forest, stewardship of

Gillingham, —

Gilpin, Capt. Emanuel
-, answer of

Girdlers, company of, petition of

Glamorgan, co.
-, places in whence documents are dated
-, other places in referred to
-, justices of peace

Glapthorne, Thomas

Glascarrick, co. Wexford

Glaston, co. Somerset, hundred of

Glazing Hall, Oxford

Gleane, Sir Peter
-, letter of

Gleane, south side of

Gleemon, see Glemham.

Glemham, co. Suffolk, document dated from

Glemham, —, sister to Alice Carleton
-, —, brother to Anne Viscountess Dorchester
-, Anne, Lady, letter of
-, Sir Henry
-, letters of
-, his wife
-, Mr.

Gliau, Thomas, petition of

-, gaol
-, Bishop of, see Goodman, Godfrey.
-, clerk of the peace, letter of
-, Duke of, see Plantagenet, Humphrey.
-, mayor and aldermen, letter to

Gloucester co.
-, places in whence documents are dated
-, other places in referred to
-, justices of peace, letter of

Glover, —, clerk of Nottingham assizes
-, John, officer of the Knight Marshal, petition of
-, Richard
-, Thomas, M.A., grant to
-, Sir Thomas

Goade, Gillian
-, petition of

Godalming, co. Surrey, clothiers of
-, petitions of

Goddard, Edward, petition of
-, Francis
-, Henry
-, certificate of
-, agreement with William Burrell and Phineas Pett
-, Mr.

Godfrey, John, presentment made by
-, Robert
-, petitions of

Godolphin, Francis, vice admiral of Scilly
-, Sir Francis
-, letter of

Godwin, Francis, Bishop of Hereford, letter of

Goffe, John

Gold, English and Spanish, value of risen in France
-, transporting
-, and silver, invention to separate them from other metals

Golden Falcon, the, of London

Golding, William

Goldsmiths only allowed to keep shop in Cheapside

Goldwell, John, certificate of

Gomar, Francis

Gomeldon, William
-, assignment by
-, bonds of
-, grant to

Gooch, Dr.

Good, John

Good Hope, the, of London

Goodin, —

Gooding, Richard, instructions to

Good Intention, the, of Dieppe

Goodman, Godfrey, Bishop of Gloucester, letter of

Goodrick, Sir Henry
-, Lady
-, Mr.

Goodridge, James

Goodwin, Henry, petition of
-, John, master attendant at Portsmouth
-, letter of
-, commission to
-, Ralph, letter of

Goodwin Sands, the, offer to erect a light on

Goodwyn, Joan de Waversyn
-, Robert

Goose, the


Gordon, Francis

Gordon, George, Lord
-, warrant for

Gordon, George, Marquis of Huntly


Gore End
-, document dated from

Gorges, Edward, Lord
-, letter of

Gorges, Sir Ferdinando
-, Timoleon

Goring, —, sister to Sir John Bingley's wife
-, George, son to Lord Goring

Goring, George Lord
-, letter of
-, grant to

Gorsuch, Daniel, petition of

Goslen, Thomas

Gosnall, Captain

Gott, Samuel, ironmonger, petition of


Gouge, or Gouch, Stephen le

Goulding, Henry, warrant to

Gourdon, John, grant to

Gouries Gatt on the coast of Holland

Gowland, Richard

Grace, Edward
-, John
-, Nathaniel

Grace, the, of Portsmouth

Grace of God, the, of Foy

Grafton, Honour of, cos. Northampton and Bucks, high steward of, and master of the game
-, park, co. Northampton, keepership of
-, manor house of, to be used for manufacture of tapestry

Graham, Sir Richard
-, petitions of
-, letter to
-, petition to
-, his wife

Graham, William, Earl of Menteith, Lord President of the Council in Scotland

Grain, co. Kent, manor of
-, steward of, see Philipot, John.

Grandie, Capt. Andrew

Grandison, Viscounts, see St. John, Oliver; St. John, William.

Grand Signor, the

Grange, John

Granger, Gregory, the King's huntsman, grants to
-, warrant to

Gransin, Theodore, petition of

Grant, Dr.

Grantham, co. Lincoln
-, manor of

Grapes at Sion House

Graseden, Richard

Gratwick, Humphrey, commission to

Graunger, Sir John
-, Mary

Graunt, John, grant to

-, documents dated from
-, ships of

Gravenor, —, sister to John Fincham

Graves, Grace
-, Robert

-, documents dated from
-, water bailiff of, see Fyler, George.
-, fort at
-, captain of, see Smyth, John.

Gray, Henry
-, Thomas

Grays, co. Oxon., manor of

Greanowes, Robert

Great Carlisle, the

Great Catherine, the, of Weymouth

Great Hopewell, the

Great Mogul, the
-, his country

Great Sapphire, the, of London

Great Seahorse, the
-, of London

Greaves, Mr.

Green, John

Green Cloth, the, Board of, order of
-, officers of, petition to

Green Dragon, the (tavern)

Greene, Edward
-, grant to
-, Gabriel
-, John
-, Capt. John
-, Michael
-, Richard, one of the King's gentlemen sewers, petitions of
-, William

Greenford, co. Middlesex

Greenham, co. Berks
-, constable of, directions to

-, company
-, fishing in
-, fleet

Greensmyth, Paul, letters of

Green's Norton, co. Northampton, document dated from

-, documents dated from
-, armoury at
-, court at, document dated from
-, park
-, the keeping the King's wardrobe at
-, East, armoury at

Gregg, Henry

Gregory, Francis

Grene, John, petition of

Grenill, Agnes

Grent, Thomas, M.D., petition of

Grenville, Sir Barnard
-, certificate of
-, letters of
-, mittimus of

Gresley, co. Derby, hundred of

Greville, Sir Fulke, Captain of Cowes Castle
-, letters to
-, Mr.
-, Robert, letter to

Greville, Fulke, Lord Brooke

Greville, Robert, Lord Brooke
-, grant to

Grey, Henry, Earl of Kent, letters of

Grey, Henry, Earl of Stamford
-, petition of
-, grant to

Greyhound, the, ancient inn in Holborn

Greyhound, the
-, of Dartmouth

Griffin, or Griffen, John
-, petition of

Griffith, Charles, petition of
-, indictment against
-, John, servant
-, John, Vice Admiral of North Wales, account of
-, letter of
-, Walter, examination of

Grigg, Michael, Sheriff of co. Bedford

-, Road, documents dated from

Grinkin, William
-, pardon


Grismond, William
-, examinations of

Grocers, Company of, petition of

Grollier, Peter

Groome, Ambrose, petition of

Grosmount, stewardship of
-, castle of, constableship of

Grosvenor, Sir Richard, letter of
-, petition of

Grove, Dorothy
-, Hugh, deputy for making saltpetre
-, petitions of
-, Humphrey
-, Robert
-, letter of
-, Thomas, letters of

Grymesdych, John
-, letter of

Guard, Peter

Guernsey, Isle of

Guest, Daniel
-, Edward

Guildhall, the

Guilford, sessions at, document dated from

Guillett, Capt. William

Guilly, Mons. de

-, Company


Gulston, Dr.
-, Edward
-, John, second prothonotary of the Court of Common Pleas, petitions of
-, William

Gunmakers of London
-, petition of

Gunner, Master, of England, see Reynolds, John.

Gunning, John

-, commissioners for, petition to
-, maker
-, estimate for making
-, estimates for converting saltpetre into
-, introduction of the manufacture into England
-, note of patents for its manufacture

Guyer, Robert

Gwyn, David
-, Henry
-, John
-, report of
-, Matthew
-, Owen, certificate of

Gybs, Richard, letter of