General Index: N, O

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles I, 1629-31. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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'General Index: N, O', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles I, 1629-31, (London, 1860) pp. 635-641. British History Online [accessed 16 April 2024]



Nailor, Henry, grant to

Nalton, James
-, examination of

Nansog, Martin


Naper, Capt. William, return by

Napier, Archibald, Lord, Vice-Treasurer of Scotland

Napper, Sir Alexander
-, John

Nappleton, alias Constable, Christopher, letter of

Narrow Seas, the
-, Admiral of, see Mervyn, Sir Henry.

Nash, Mr., clerk of the armoury in the Tower
-, Richard, letter of

Nassau, Count Ernest of
-, Count Henry of

Nathaniel, the, document dated from
-, of London

Naunton, Sir Robert, master of the wards
-, commission to
-, reference of petition to

Navy, the
-, arrears due on account of
-, charge of, for 1630:— for 1631:—
-, Commissioners of
-, four principal masters of attendance
-, pay of
-, petitions of
-, office of
-, Officers of
-, appointment of Sir Kenelm Digby, of Phineas Pett
-, certificate of
-, estimate of
-, letters of
-, reports of
-, letters to
-, references of petitions to
-, warrant to
-, precedency amongst
-, victualler of, accounts of
-, clerk of, see Fleming, Dennis.
-, comptroller of, see Slingsby, Sir Guilford.
-, paymaster of
-, surveyor of, see Aylesbury, Sir Thomas.
-, treasurer of, see Crow, Sir Sackville, and afterwards, Russell, Sir William.
-, surveyors of victuals for, see Apsley, Sir Allen, and Darrell, Sir Sampson.

Nayland, co. Suffolk, document dated from
-, inhabitants, petition of

Naze, the

Neale, John, anchor smith
-, Nicholas

Neason, Robert

Neau, Capt. Peter

Needler, Thomas

Neighbour, William, statement by

Neile, Richard, Bishop of Winchester
-, letter of
-, report of
-, notes of speech of
-, commissions to
-, letter to
-, references of petitions to
-, chaplain to, see Dunkon, Eleazar.

Nelson, —, called properly Jackson, commonly Hammond
-, Thomas

Neptune, the
-, of Bristol

Neson, Robert

Nether Chishall, co. Essex

Netherlands, the, passim, and see Holland.
-, English churches in, proposition concerning

Netherley, co. Hereford

Nethersole, Sir Francis
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, Lady

Nettleham House, co. Lincoln

Neve, Mr., letter to

Nevet, Francis, recognizance of

Neville, Ann
-, petition of
-, Dorothy
-, petition of
-, Edmond, commonly called Earl of Westmoreland
-, Francis
-, Sir Henry
-, Jane
-, Richard

Nevy, George

Newall, see Newell.

Newark, Viscountess, see Pierrepont, Cecily.

Newark, near Leicester


Newburgh, Lord, see Barrett, Edward.

Newbury, co. Berks
-, documents dated from
-, mayor of
-, certificate of
-, letter of

-, documents dated from
-, assizes at
-, gaol
-, Customs' collectorship of
-, officers of
-, mayor, letter of

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, mayor and aldermen, certificates, of
-, and others, letters of
-, merchants, petition of
-, postmaster of, see Carr, John.
-, masters and owners of ships trading to for coals, petition of
-, hoastmen of, fellowship of, answer to, of the above petition
-, ships of
-, Earl of, see Cavendish, William.

New College, Oxford
-, documents dated from
-, warden and fellows, certificate of, letter of
-, warden of, see Pink, Dr. Robert.

Newcomen, Thomas

Newell, Dr.
-, his son
-, Hugh
-, petition of
-, William

New England,

Newett, —

New Forest, co. Hants

-, ships

-, calendar of prisoners in
-, keepers of the gaol, petition of
-, convicted prisoners in, petition of

-, Road
-, ships of

Newington, co. Kent
-, co. Surrey
-, side of Kentish Street, Southwark

Newington Barrow, manor of, co. Middlesex

New Inn, Abingdon

Newman, John

-, documents dated from
-, court at, document dated from

Newnam, John, grant to

Newport, Isle of Wight, documents dated from
-, ships of

Newport, Countess of, see Blount, Anne.
-, Earl of, see Blount, Montjoy.

New Prison,

New Sarum,

Newsom [Newsam], George

Newstead, co. Nottingham, manor of

Newton, Sir Adam
-, Robert

Newton, co. Montgomery

New Years' Gift, the, of Bristol

Nicholas, Edward, secretary to the Admiralty, references and allusions to, passim.
-, vow to devote a portion of his income to pious uses
-, petitions of
-, plate sold by
-, salary to as Sec. to the Lords of the Admiralty
-, contemplated purchase of land
-, sweetmeats at his son Matthew's christening
-, letters of, to:—
-, Sir Thomas Aylesbury
-, Abraham Dawes
-, Sec. Dorchester
-, John Ellzey
-, Sir Fulke Greville
-, Capt. Thomas March
-, Sir Henry Marten
-, Sir Henry Mervyn
-, Sir Robert Pye
-, Mark Quested
-, Francis Earl of Rutland
-, Thomas Viscount Savage
-, Mr. Taylor, agent of the Archduchess
-, Charles Trinder
-, William Willett
-, minutes, drafts, and other memoranda of
-, council warrant authorising him to seize the papers of the Earl of Clare, the like of the Earl of Somerset
-, letters and other papers addressed to, see the names of the writers.
-, John, letters of
-, Dr. J., letter of
-, Mary, letter of
-, Matthew, his christening
-, Mrs.
-, Susan
-, Thomas, letter of

Nicholas, the, alias Gift of God, of Newport
-, of London

Nichol Forest,

Nicholl, William

Nicholls, see Nicholas.

Nichols, William

Nicolls, F., secretary to Viscount Dorchester
-, letters of

Nicolls, Francis, sheriff of, co. Northampton, letters of

Nieustat, Vander, see Vander Nieustat

Niger, the, of Weymouth

Nightingale, the
-, of Hamburgh

Niver, the

Nobility, the, letter to, announcing the birth of Prince Charles

Noble, Thomas, petition of

Nonsuch, co. Surrey
-, documents dated from

Nonsuch, the

-, places in, whence documents are dated
-, other places in, referred to
-, justices of peace
-, the Queen's manors in
-, sheriff of, see Mapes, Francis.

Norgate, Edward, clerk of the signet extraordinary
-, Robert

Norio, Andrea de

Norman Cross, co. Huntingdon, hundred of


Norris, Sir William

Norroy, see Borough, Sir John.

North, Dudley, Lord, certificate of

North, Sir John
-, Sir Roger, letter of

North, the, admiral's court of, registrar of
-, council of, letter to
-, Lord President of, see Wentworth, Thomas, Viscount.

-, document dated from

Northampton, co.
-, places in, whence documents are dated
-, other places in referred to
-, benefices in
-, receiver general of the King's revenues in, see Parkens, Aden.
-, commissioners for compositions for knighthood
-, letters to
-, commissioners of sewers for, answer of

Northampton, co., deputy lieutenants of the western division, letter of
-, letter to
-, deputy lieutenants of the eastern division
-, deputy lieutenants of co., letter of
-, justices of peace, list of
-, sheriff of, and see Nicolls, Francis.
-, trained bands of
-, Lord Lieutenant, see Cecil, William, Earl of Exeter.

Northampton, Earl of, see Compton, William.

North Berwick, co. Lothian
-, documents dated from

Northfield, co. Worcester

North Foreland, the

North Kilworth, co. Leicester

North Petherton, hundred of, co. Somerset
-, justices of peace, letter of

North Seas, fleet for, the

Northstoke, co. Sussex

-, places in whence documents are dated
-, other places in referred to
-, judges of assize, reference to, of petition
-, justices of peace, letter of
-, receiver for
-, under sheriff, see Reade, Francis.
-, high sheriff, see Brandling, Robert.
-, Duke of, see Dudley, John.
-, Earl of, see Percy, Henry.

North-West passage,

North Wheatley, co. Nottingham, manor of, the King's tenants, petition of

Northwingfield, alias Northwinfield, co. Derby

Norton, Bonham
-, suit against, in the star chamber
-, at suit of Barker, —
-, Colonel
-, Daniel, release to
-, Edward
-, John
-, Sir Richard, ranger of Woolmer Forest, certificate of
-, letter of
-, Walter, petition of

Norton Ferris, hundred of, co. Somerset

-, coast of

-, documents dated from
-, corporation of
-, dean of, see Hassall, John.
-, Bishop of, see White, Francis.

Norwich, Dutch church at
-, worsted weavers of
-, wardens of the company of, petition of
-, mayor
-, and others, letters of
-, and sheriffs, warrant to
-, sheriffs
-, letter of
-, Earl of, see Denney, Edward.

Nostra della Stella, the

Nostra Seniora de Bonena,

Nostra Seniora de Rosario,

Notre Dame, the

-, document dated from

Nottingham, co.
-, places in whence documents are dated
-, other places in, referred to
-, certificate of musters
-, assizes, clerk of, see Glover, —
-, justices of peace
-, letter of
-, return of
-, report of
-, sheriff of, see Sutton, Robert.
-, Earls of, see Howard, Charles, 1st and 2nd Earls.
-, Lord Lieutenant, see Cavendish, William, Earl of Newcastle.

Nottingham house (i.e., family of), co. Surrey

Nottingham's Island,

Nowell, —
-, Benjamin, petition of

Noy, Philip
-, William

Nurse, Thomas, articles objected against

Nusom, see Newsom.

Nut, the, of Dartmouth

Nutt, — the pirate
-, Captain
-, John
-, Robert

Nye, Mr., notes of a sermon by

Nys, Daniel


Oakley, co. Bucks

Oath of submission by a servant to his master,

Oaths, patent for taking before the Council of Wales

Oatlands, co. Surrey, documents dated from
-, court at
-, park at

Oatmeal, price of

Oats, price of

O'Brien, Mary, Countess of Thomond

O'Brien, Henry, Earl of Thomond
-, letter of
-, his daughters

Oder, the

Odiham, co. Hants, survey of manor

Odsey, co. Hertford, hundred of

Offely, John

Officers, Military, lists of
-, a few who lost their places in the Low Countries, petition of

Officers, Naval, entry book of instructions to

Officers, corporate, of the principal cities and towns, letter to

Offley, co. Hertford, document dated from

Ofield, Richard

Oglander, Sir John

Ogle, — Peter Smart's son-in-law
-, Sir John
-, Richard

Oil, importation of

O'Kith, Mr.

Okyn, Edward, alias Shocke

Old Bailey, the, record of conviction at

Oldisworth, Michael
-, petition of

Old Witch Close, Drury Lane

Oliver, Richard
-, letters of

-, ships of

Opie, Nicholas.

Orange, Henry Frederick, Prince of

Orchil, patent for compounding

-, best piece, claimed as prize
-, commissioners for, names of
-, brass
-, search for all
-, iron
-, founder of, see Browne, John.
-, "Lords Commissioners of," petition to

Ordnance Office, the
-, documents dated from
-, armours delivered out of
-, armours received into
-, government of
-, inquiry into state of
-, four undertakers for supply of materials in, sums received by, from 1625 to 1629
-, clerk of, see Morice, Francis.
-, lieutenant, see Heydon, Sir John.
-, master general, and see Vere, Horace, Lord.
-, officers of
-, letters of
-, reports of
-, return of
-, letters to
-, reference to, of a petition
-, four of the principal, petition of

Orford, co. Suffolk
-, masts wrecked at

Orford Ness,

Orgille, see Argyle.

Orkney, fishing in


Ormond and Ossory, Earl of, see Butler, Walter.

Orpington, co. Kent, document dated from

Orston, ships of

Orwell, John, release of

Osbaldston, Michael, letter of
-, Simon

Osbern, Dr. William
-, letter of

Osbeston, Mr.

Osbolston, Lambert, letter of
-, grant to
-, Mr., letter to

Osborne, John
-, petitions of

Osburne, —

Osta, see Aosta.

-, ships of

Otford, manor of, co. Kent.

Otley, Thomas, groom of the Privy Buckhounds

Oughterlony, James, grant to

Oundle, co. Northampton

Ouseley, see Wolseley.
-, Capt. Richard
-, petition of
-, warrant to pay to

Ouston, co. Lincoln

Overbury, Sir Giles
-, his brother
-, Sir Nicholas, justice of Wales
-, letter of
-, petitions of
-, letter to

Oversley, co. Warwick, manor of

Overton, Henry, answers of

Owen, Giles
-, John

Owen, Dr. John, Bishop of St. Asaph
-, distribution at his consecration.
-, grant to
-, restitution of temporalities

Owen, Robert, yeoman of the Chamber, grant to
-, Thomas
-, William, post, charges of

Owldakar, Edward, petition of

-, documents dated from
-, assizes at, document dated from
-, Bishop of, see Corbet, Richard.
-, circuit, pardon to eighteen persons condemned on
-, clerk of the peace, certificate of
-, constables and churchwardens of every parish, articles to be answered by
-, gaol
-, justices of peace
-, proposed improvements in
-, tailors in, grant of incorporation to
-, mayor and recorder, letter of
-, letter to

Oxford, co.
-, places in whence documents are dated
-, other places in referred to
-, deputy lieutenants and justices of, letter of

Oxford, diocese of, complaint of clergy

Oxford University,
-, Act questions
-, letters of
-, letter to
-, public orator of, see Strode, William.
-, lords and others, electors of the professor of geometry, statutes concerning the election
-, letter to
-, colleges in, and see the names of the several.
-, chancellor of, see Herbert, William, Earl of Pembroke; Laud, William, Bishop of London.
-, vice-chancellors, see Frewen, Dr. Accepted; Smith, Dr. William.
-, Earls of, see Vere, Henry de; Vere, Robert de.

Oystermouth, co. Glamorgan
-, statement respecting right to a pirate vessel wrecked there

-, restraint of transportation of