General Index: S

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles I, 1629-31. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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'General Index: S', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles I, 1629-31, (London, 1860) pp. 653-664. British History Online [accessed 23 April 2024]



Sacheverell, Capt. John

Sackvill, Anne, letter of

Sackville, Anne, Countess Dowager of Dorset
-, her house

Sackville, Edward, Earl of Dorset, Lord Chamberlain to the Queen
-, letters of
-, report of
-, commissions to
-, grants to
-, letters to
-, petition to
-, references of petitions to
-, his eldest son

Sackville, Sir John, petition of

Sackville, Mart, Countess of Dorset, Governess to the Prince of Wales

Sackville, Richard, late Earl of Dorset

Sadler, Ferdinand
-, Leonard
-, Sir Thomas, letter of
-, report of

St. Albans
-, document dated from

St. Albans, Earl of, see Burgh, Richard de.
-, Viscount, see Bacon, Francis.

St. Aldate's Church, Oxford

St. Alman, John

St. Andrew, the
-, of Rotterdam

St. Andrews, co. Fife
-, Holborn

St. Anne, Blackfriars
-, poor of, legacy to

St. Anne, the

St. Anthony, the

St. Asaph, archdeaconry of
-, bishopric of, restitution of temporalities
-, bishops of, see Hanmer, John; Owen John.

St. Augustine, the
-, inventory of tenths

St. Bartholomew's
-, documents dated from
-, great

St. Botolph, Colchester

St. Botolph, without Aldgate

St. Briavell's, co. Gloucester, constableship of

St. Bride's, Fleet Street

St. Catherine, the

St. Christopher, Islands of
-, tobacco of

St. Christopher, the

St. Claude, the
-, of Calais
-, of London

St. Clement Danes, co. Middlesex

St. Columb Major, Cornwall, document dated from

St. Cross, Hospital of, Winchester
-, document dated from
-, Master of, see Lewis, William, D.D.

St. Cuthbert

St. Davids, bishop of, see Field, Theophilus.

St. Denis, the, alias the Device, otherwise the Mary, of Olona

St. Dennis, the

St. Dunstan in the West, London

St. Edmund, Salisbury, destruction of painted window in

St. Ethelred, liberty of, co. Suffolk

St. Faith's, London, poor of, legacy to

St. George, Chapel of, in Windsor Castle

St. George, the
-, of Bristol
-, of Stonehouse

St. George, Heylyn's, life of
-, Sir Richard, Clarencieux, grant of arms by

St. George's Channel

St. Germaines

St. Giles, in France, ships of

St. Giles's fields, co. Middlesex

St. Gregory, Benedictines of, at Douay

St. Ives, Cornwall

St. James, Colchester

St. James's Palace
-, documents dated from
-, birth of Prince Charles at, his christening appointed there
-, Court at, document dated from
-, house at for pheasants

St. James's, Clerkenwell
-, church, Dover
-, fair, Bristol
-, Street, Westminster

St. Jean de Luz, ship of

St. Jehan, the, of Calais

St. John, John, alias Evered, or Everard
-, John, of co. Leicester
-, Mr.

St. John, Oliver, Earl of Bolingbroke, letter of

St. John, Oliver, Viscount Grandison
-, letters of
-, commissions to

St. John, William, Viscount Grandison, letter of

St. John, the, inventory of goods aboard
-, of Dunkirk
-, account of moneys paid about
-, de Garrowne, see the Jean de Garonne.
-, of Hamburgh
-, of Viana

St. John Baptist, the
-, of Bristol
-, hospital in Chester

St. John the Baptist, parish of, in Thanet

St. John's, precinct in London

St. John's College, Cambridge
-, document dated from
-, master and fellows, certificate of
-, Oxford
-, document dated from
-, warden of, see Juxon, Dr. William.
-, new range of buildings to be erected at, estimate for
-, Hospital, in Northampton
-, Street, co. Middlesex

St. Judith, the

St. Julians, near St. Albans, document dated from

St. Just, co. Cornwall

St. Lawrence, church of, in Cateaton Street
-, Old Jewry, London
-, parishioners of, certificate of

St. Lawrence, the, of St. Malo

St. Leonard's Hospital, in Northampton

St. Lucar
-, ship of

St. Luke, the, of Hamburgh

St. Malo
-, document dated from
-, ships of

St. Martin's, document dated from
-, Dyke, Zealand

St. Martin's-in-the-Fields

St. Martin's Lane
-, documents dated from

St. Martin's-le-Grand

St. Mary, church of, Lichfield
-, manor of, near the walls of York document dated from

St. Mary, the, of Peniche
-, of St. Giles, in France

St. Mary Axe, documents dated from

St. Mary Bothaw, London
-, assessments of

St. Mary, Colechurch, London
-, parishioners of, petition of

St. Mary Overies
-, Stamford, co. Lincoln
-, without Trumpington Gates, Cambridge

St. Mary's, Colchester
-, Church, Oxford
-, churchyard
-, College, in Oxford, commonly called New College
-, near Winchester

St. Mawes
-, Castle
-, keeper of, see Vivian, Sir Francis.
-, lieutenant of, see Bonithon, Hannibal.
-, mayor and burgesses, certificate of

St. Michael, order of
-, the
-, Cornhill

St. Nicholas, in Rochester, fishermen of

St. Nicholas, the, of Dartmouth

St. Pancras, co. Middlesex

St. Paul, the

St. Paul's Church, London
-, Dean of, see Donne, Dr. John.
-, chapter house of, vault under
-, churchyard

St. Peter, church of, Colchester

St. Peter, the
-, of Horne
-, of Plymouth
-, of Rotterdam
-, Abbey of, Westminster

St. Saviour's Dock

St. Sebastian

St. Stephen, Coleman Street, London
-, vicar of, see Davenport, John.

St. Stephen's, near Launceston
-, Westminster

St. Swithin, parish of, London
-, poor inhabitants of

St. Thomas's

St. Toole's, church of, in Oxford

St. Winifred's Well, pilgrimage to

Salcey, co. Northampton, forest of, lieutenant of

-, documents dated from
-, assizes
-, Bishops of, see Davenant, John Townson, Robert.
-, the choristers, master of, widow of
-, chapter, letter to
-, sub-dean, and canons, proceedings of at chapter meetings
-, Cathedral
-, Deans of, see Bowle, John; Mason, Edmund.
-, charter of
-, Mayor
-, and commonalty, petition of
-, depositions respecting the destruction of a painted window at St. Edmund's
-, Earl of, see Cecil, William.
-, Recorder, see Sherfield, Henry.

Salisbury House


Salleneuve, Capt. Peter

Salmon, Mr., letter to
-, Robert, master of the Trinity House
-, letter of
-, commission to
-, Thomas

Salop, co.
-, places in whence documents are dated
-, other places in referred to
-, deputy lieutenants and others, letter to
-, justices of peace, list of
-, letter of
-, and treasurer for maimed soldiers, letter to
-, receiver for

Salt, company for supplying the kingdom with
-, new ways for making
-, rise in price
-, prohibition of export

Saltash, document dated from
-, ships of

Salter, Sir Edward
-, Capt. Robert

Salters of London
-, company of, petition of

Saltmakers of North and South Shields, answer of
-, petition of

Saltonstall, Charles

Saltoun, Lady, see Stewart, Anne.

-, commissioners for, petitions to
-, deputies for making, petition of
-, new inventions to make
-, estimates for converting, into gunpowder

-, covenants with, since
-, lists of


Salvin, Richard

Samaritan, the, of London

Samborne, —, letter of

Samborne, co. Warwick, manor of

Sames, Thomas, petition of

Sammes, Sir Gerrard
-, regrant to
-, William, doctor of law, commission to

Sampford Spiney, co. Devon

Sampson, —
-, Hugh
-, William

Sancé, Anthony Ridouet de
-, letter of
-, petition of

Sanders, Philip

Sanderson, Peter, discharge to
-, W., letter of

Sandown Castle, co. Kent

Sandridge, co. Hertford

Sands, Christopher, grant to
-, Miles
-, Mr.

Sandsfoot Castle, co. Dorset

Sandwich, co. Kent
-, documents dated from
-, mayor, jurats and commonalty of, petition of
-, haven
-, ships of

Sandys, Aletheia, Lady
-, letter of

Sandys, Sir Miles

Sandys, William, Lord

Saphy, road of

Sarah, the, of London
-, the, of Weymouth
-, Bonaventure, of Weymouth

Saravia, Colonel

Sark, Island of

Sarum, see Salisbury

Satterly, Joshua


Saunders, Francis
-, Mary
-, Richard

Saunderson, Thomas, pardon
-, William, treatise by
-, Sir William
-, petition of

Savage, John
-, Sir John
-, Lieutenant

Savage, Thomas, Viscount, Chancellor to the Queen
-, letter to

Savile, Edmund, petition of
-, Sir Henry
-, statutes of, concerning election of Professor of Geometry at Oxford

Savile, John, Lord, Comptroller of the Household

Savile, Margaret, Lady, widow of Sir Henry, letters of
-, daughter of, former wife to Dorchester

Savile, Thomas, Lord

Savill, Mr.

-, Duke of
-, death of

Savoy, the, Strand, Westminster, documents dated from
-, Master of, see Balcanqual, Dr. Walter.

Sawton, co. Chester

Sawyer, Sir Edmund, Auditor of the Exchequer
-, certificate of

Scadbury, co. Kent, documents dated from

Scafe, Ellen, petition of
-, Thomas, grant to

Scallop, the, of Southampton

Scandiver, —

Scaramouch, the

Scarlett, —

Scaw, the

Scilly Islands
-, document dated from
-, Vice Admiral of, see Godolphin. Francis.

Scipio, the, of London

Scobell, John

Scotland, references and allusions to, passim.
-, Exchequer in, order of
-, warrant to
-, Greenland trade of
-, Statutes of, touching fishings
-, for bigging burgh towns
-, Lord Chancellor of, see Hay, Sir George, afterwards Viscount Duplin.
-, Lord President of the Council, see Graham, William, Earl of Menteith.
-, Secretary for, see Alexander, Sir William.
-, Treasurer of, see Erskine, John, Earl of Mar.
-, Vice Treasurer, see Napier, Archibald, Lord.

Scotsoun, John, petition of

Scott, —
-, Anne, child
-, Anne, wife
-, Charles
-, Capt., David
-, petitions of
-, George
-, Sir James
-, letters of
-, instructions to
-, Sir John, report of
-, Robert
-, Colonel Robert
-, grants to

Scotter, co. Lincoln, document dated from

Scras, Tuppin
-, Capt. William
-, depositions made by
-, note of charges
-, petitions of

Scray, lathe of, co. Kent, certificate for

Scroope, John, alias Sprooke

Scrope, Emanuel, Earl of Sunderland

Scrope, Henry, 9th Lord
-, Mr.

Scrope, Philadelphia, Lady

Scrope, Sir Thomas

Scudamore, John, Viscount, letter of

Sea, encroachment of

Seaborne, Robert

Seabrooke, Thomas

Seacole Lane, London

Seafaring men about Wapping, petition of

Seaflower, the

Seaforth, Earl of, see Mackenzie, Colin.

Seahorse, the

Seale, Edward
-, John

Seaman, John
-, petition of
-, Thomas

Seamen, account of, belonging to principal ports
-, wages of

Sea Nymph, the, of London

Seaport, the, of Ipswich

Seaton, co. Devon, ship of

Seaventure, the, of Kirkaldy

Seavy, William

Seawell, Richard

Secretaries of State
-, warrant to and see Carleton, Dudley, Viscount Dorchester; Coke, Sir John.

Sedan, documents dated from

Sedberge, co. York

Sedgeley, co. Stafford

Sedgewick, William, the King's brewer, petition of

Sedley, Sir John, letters of
-, Lady

Seely, Captain
-, James

Segar, Sir William, garter
-, papers upon precedency attributed to
-, letter to

Selby, Sir William, commission to

Selden, John
-, information against

Selman, George

Selwood, alias Frome Selwood, co. Somerset, forest of
-, disafforestation of

Senegal, the (river)

Senhouse, John, and William Cowland, cause between

Senior, Hannah
-, petition of
-, James

Separatists or Brownists resident in Great Yarmouth, names of

Seraphin, the, of Barnstaple

Sergeant Plumber to the King, office of

Sergeants, list of, in the Cadiz expedition

Sergeant-at-Arms, appointment of one
-, grant to the King's sixteen

Sergeant's Inn
-, documents dated from

-, extracts and notes from

Sernigins, John

Seton, Mr.

Seven Stars, the

Severn, the

Seward, Dr.

Sewer, King's gentleman, see Greene, Richard.

Sewers, Commissioners of, for co. Lincoln
-, verdict at a general session of

Sewthay, see Southay.

Seymour, Sir Edward
-, Sir Francis, letter of

Seymour, William, Earl of Hertford

"Shackspeire, John"

Shaftisbeare, alias Shebbeare, co. Devon

Shafton, Henry, commission to

Shamlard, William, the younger, deposition of

Shamwell, hundred of, co. Kent, fishermen of, petition of

Shapleigh, John

Sharowe, John

Sharpe, John

Shaw, William, letters of

Shaw, see Scaw.

Shawbridge, co. Berks, constable of, directions to

Shebbeare, alias Shaftisbeare, co. Devon


Sheffield, Edmund, Earl of Mulgrave, letters of
-, letters to
-, Sir William

Sheldon, Edward
-, Francis, Clerk of the Check at Woolwich
-, letter of
-, grant to
-, letter to
-, Sir Richard, Solicitor General
-, order to
-, references of petitions to
-, warrant to

Shelford, co. Cambridge

Shelton, Gilbert
-, Henry
-, Thomas, petition of

Shepheard, Lieut. John

Shepherd, George, ship owner
-, George, suspected of murder
-, Thomas, priest or recusant

Sheppard, Thomas, certificate of

Sherborne, co. Dorset
-, Lodge, document dated from

Sherborough, see Cherbourg.

Sherbrooke, Elias
-, petition of

Sherfield, Henry, Recorder of Sarum

Sheriffhutton, co. York

Sherley, Henry
-, Thomas
-, and Sir Edward Bishop, cause between

Sherman, Gabriel
-, John
-, Thomas
-, William, articles objected against

Sherrington, Mr., letter to

Sherwaine, Captain

Sherwill, Nicholas

Sherwood, John, Mayor of Cambridge, answer to complaint of

Sherwood forest

Shetland, fishing in

-, South
-, North and South, see Saltmakers.


Shipman, Michael

Ships, account of, belonging to principal ports
-, lists of
-, the King's, now at sea, names of
-, decayed, commissioners for sale of, petition to and answer

Shipway, lathe of, co. Kent, certificate for


-, book of repairs
-, the King's, master assistant to
-, the master, of the Navy
-, certificate of

Shirley, Sir John, letter of
-, Mr.
-, Capt. Thomas, petition of

Shocke, alias Okyn, Edward

Shoe Lane, London, the Crown in

Shooting with bows and arrows, warrant for its revival

Shoreham, co. Sussex
-, ships of

Short, John
-, grant to

Shothull, co. Derby

Shotover Forest, co. Oxford
-, preservators of, letter to

Showers, William

Shrewsbury, document dated from

Shrewsbury, Countess of, see Talbot, Frances.
-, Earls of, see Talbot, George; Talbot, Gilbert.

Shropshire, see Salop.

Shuter, Thos.
-, note by

Shuttle, the
-, of Weymouth

Siam, King of

Sibthorpe, Captain
-, Dr.

Sidlesham, co. Sussex

Sidley, Sir John, warrant to

Signet Office, the
-, accounts of fees received at
-, clerk of
-, direction to
-, warrants to
-, clerks of, letter to
-, clerk of extraordinary, see Norgate, Edward.
-, clerk of, see Kirkham, Robert.

Signor, the Grand


Silk, endeavours to restrain the false dyeing of
-, merchants, silkmen, and others trading in, petition of
-, dyers, abuses in the trade of
-, throwers of London, company of, grant of arms to

Simpson, Francis, the Queen's jeweller
-, John, B.D.
-, Thomas, jeweller
-, valuation by
-, Thomas, convicted by the name of Edwd. Marlyn
-, Capt. William

Sinclair, Sir Andrew
-, James

Sindlesham, co. Berks, inhabitants, petition of

Sion College, London, charter of foundation

Sittingbourne, document dated from

Size, —

Skeffington, Sir John, certificates of
-, statement by

Skinfrith, co. Monmouth, castle of, constableship of

Skinner, Daniel, petitions of
-, John, letter of
-, Mr., report by

Skinners, Company of, petition of

Skipwith, Elizabeth
-, Capt. Henry
-, letters of
-, his son
-, Henry, lieutenant to Sir John Radcliffe
-, petition of
-, receipt of
-, Mrs., nurse to the Prince of Wales
-, Ralph, clerk in the King's avery
-, Capt. William, letter of

Skynner, Thomas

Slaney, Humphrey
-, petitions of
-, John
-, Mr.

Slaugham, co. Sussex, documents dated from

Slauter, Captain


Slingsby, Sir Guilford, comptroller of the Navy
-, certificates of
-, letters of
-, petitions of
-, commission to
-, Sir William
-, letters of
-, petition of
-, commission to

Slough, Thomas, petition of

Small, —, attorney to Robert Lee


Smallwood, Hugh

Smart, John, petition of
-, Capt. John
-, petition of
-, Peter
-, sentence passed upon him
-, letter of
-, Richard

Smedmor, Thomas, mayor of Poole, certificate of

Smesters, Johan

Smith, —, daughter to Lord Poulett
-, Captain
-, Daniel
-, Edward
-, Elizabeth
-, Henry, letter of
-, John, leatherseller, bond of
-, John, trumpeter
-, his widow
-, John, labourer, examination of
-, Sir John
-, Lady, daughter to Lord President Conway
-, death of
-, Mary
-, letter of
-, Mr.
-, Richard, purser
-, Dr. Richard, Bishop of Chalcedon
-, Sir Richard
-, Capt. Robert, petitions of
-, Samuel, certificate of
-, Stephen, petitions of

Smith, Thomas

Smith, Sir Thomas, Viscount Strangford in Ireland, licence to

Smith, William, master carpenter
-, William, sacrist of Durham Cathedral
-, William, of Cressing Temple, letter of
-, Dr. William, Vice Chancellor of Oxford
-, letter of
-, letters to
-, Sir William
-, death of his wife

Smithfield, East

Smithson, Dr.

Smyth, —
-, Daniel
-, John
-, John, captain of the Fort at Gravesend, petition of
-, Capt. Richard
-, Robert, messenger attendant on the Lords of the Admiralty, petitions of
-, Stephen
-, grant to
-, Sir Thomas, letter to
-, William, sea captain
-, William, King's coachman, licences to

Smythe, Gilbert

Sneade, William

Snedall, John, inventory of goods from a wreck
-, Nicholas, fisherman
-, petition of
-, his son

Snelling, Richard
-, examination of
-, petition of
-, recognizance of
-, Thomas
-, examination of
-, recognizance of


Soettelinck, Peter, inventory by

Soldiers, who served under the King of Denmark, or at Cadiz, Rhé, or Rochelle, see Denmark, Cadiz, Rhé, Rochelle.
-, maimed

Solicitor General, see Sheldon, Sir Richard.

Solomon, the, of Yarmouth

Somerly, document dated from

Somerset, Henry, Earl of Worcester
-, letter of
-, letter to

Somerset, co
-, places in whence documents are dated
-, other places in, referred to
-, assizes
-, deputy lieutenants
-, letter of
-, justices of peace
-, certificates of
-, letters of
-, returns of
-, mines royal in
-, sheriffs of, see Dodington, Sir Francis Stowell, Sir John.

Somerset, Earl of, see Carr, Robert.

Somerset Herald, see Philipott, John.

Somersham Park

Somme, the

Sommers, John

Sommers Island Pinnace

Sommers Islands
-, tobacco of

Soubise, Mons. de, Duke of Fontenay

Sound, the

South, Mr.
-, Robert, petition of

-, documents dated from
-, Custom House, at
-, mayor
-, letter of
-, and others, letters of
-, merchants
-, ships of

Southay, forest of

Southay Lodge, document dated from

Southbere, forest of, lieutenancy of
-, lieutenant of, see Uvedale, Sir William.

Southleverton and Cotham, co. Nottingham, manor of

South Petherton, co. Somerset, document dated from

Southsea Castle

South Seas, the

South Shields

-, documents dated from
-, place in, whence a document is dated
-, alehouses in

Southwark, Lady Fair in, prohibited
-, Guildhall in
-, justices of peace, reports and returns of

Southwell, co. Nottingham, documents dated from

Southwell, Francis, affidavit of

Southwold, co. Suffolk, bailiffs, petition of

Southwood, John, instructions of

Southworth, John

Spa, the

Spain, references and allusions to, passim.
-, arrival of ambassador extraordinary
-, his return
-, order that no insolence be offered to a Spanish Ambassador
-, articles of peace with
-, proclamation of peace
-, King of
-, ships of
-, wines of
-, Ambassador to, see Cottington, Sir Francis.
-, Ambassador from, see Coloma, Don Carlos de.

Spalatro, Bishop of

Spalding, co. Lincoln, manor of

Spalding, John

Spangles for coats of the King's footmen

Sparke, John
-, Michael, stationer
-, answers of
-, versus Philip Waterhouse
-, Robert
-, William, letters of

Sparkenhoe, co. Leicester, hundred of

Sparkes, Tryamore
-, petitions of
-, William

Speedwell, the
-, of London
-, of Rye
-, of Topsham

Speen, co. Berks
-, constable of, directions to

Speke, co. Lancaster

Spelman, Sir Henry
-, commission to

Spence, Sir James, letter of

Spencer, Jo., letter of
-, John, custos brevium
-, John, gunner, grants to
-, Capt. John
-, Mr.
-, Richard
-, Thomas

Spicer, Nicholas
-, letter of
-, petition of

Spiller, Sir Henry
-, letter of
-, commissions to

Spinola, Bartholomew
-, Marquis, report of his death
-, confirmed

Spring, Sir William, report of

Sprooke, John, alias Scroope

Spry, Col. Sir Henry
-, Lady, widow, petition of

Spy, the
-, of Dover

Squibb, Thomas

Squire, Thomas
-, petition of

Stable of the King and Queen, Sec. Coke's notes on the management of
-, names of servants in

Stackpoole Court, co. Pembroke

Stacy, Henry
-, Paul
-, Robert

Stade, citizens of

-, documents dated from

Stafford, co.
-, places in, whence documents are dated
-, other places in, referred to
-, deputy lieutenants
-, letter of
-, receiver for
-, sheriff of, and see Wollaston, William.
-, Lord Lieutenant, see Devereux, Robert, Earl of Essex.

Stafford, Alexander, Clerk Remembrancer of the Court of Wards
-, grant to
-, warrant to
-, Sir Thomas
-, letter of

Staines, co. Middlesex

Stallam, Thomas

Stamford, co. Lincoln, and see Stanford.
-, Earl of, see Grey, Henry.
-, Henry
-, Mary

Stamp, Thomas

Stanborough, co. Devon, hundred of

Standfast, George

Standish and Charnock, cause between

Stanfield, Humphrey

Stanford, —, late of the late Duke's chamber
-, John

Stanford, documents dated from and see Stamford.

Stanforth, John, messenger of the Chamber

Stanhope, —, niece to Sir Henry Wotton

Stanhope, Charles, Lord, Postmaster General
-, reasons why his fees should not be lessened

Stanhope, Lieutenant
-, Walter, and others, depositions of

Stanley, —
-, Edward, King's Chaplain, and Warden of Winchester College
-, letters of
-, letter to

Stanley, James, Lord Strange
-, letters to

Stanley, Jane
-, Lady
-, Thomas, petition of

Stanley, William, Earl of Derby, letters of
-, letters to

Stannaries, the
-, Lord Warden of, see Herbert, William, Earl of Pembroke.
-, Vice-Wardenship of

Stanstead Mountfitchet, co. Essex, document dated from

Staple Hall, Oxford

Staples, Alexander, grant to

Stapleton, co. York

Stapleton, Bryan, petition of
-, answer to

Star, the

Star Chamber, the
-, document dated from
-, information exhibited in, against the Earl of Bedford and others
-, lists of causes to be heard in
-, notes of proceedings in causes

Starchmakers, company of, of London

Starkey, Henry, grant to

Start, the

States, the, see Holland and Low Countries.
-, ambassador
-, ships of

-, company of, of London
-, legacy to
-, petition of

Statues, in the collection of Daniel Nys

Stavely, Francis

Staverdale, co. Somerset

Stawell, Sir John, letter of
-, letter to

Steavens, Thomas, alias Tincker, presentment made by

Steedman, William

Steele, —

Steeple Claydon, co. Buckingham

Steevens, Ant.
-, Capt. John

Steltius, Charles

Stephens, Capt. John
-, Thomas, petition of

Stephenson, Alexander, page of the Queen's bedchamber, petition of
-, Robert, at suit of the Attorney General

Stepney, Sir Thomas, gentleman of the Privy Chamber, petition of


Stevely woods

Stevenage, co. Hertford

Stevens, —
-, Nicholas, saltpetreman
-, petitions of
-, his daughter
-, Richard, certificate of

Stevenson, David, deputy for making saltpetre
-, petition of

Steventon, co. Berks
-, co. Hants, document dated from

Steward, Dr, Richard
-, letters of

Stewart, Anne, Lady Saltoun
-, grant to
-, letter to

Stewart, Elizabeth, Countess of Moray, letter of

Stewart, Sir Francis

Stockton, co. Wilts, document dated from

Stockwell, Richard, bill in Chancery against

Stoindelf, manor of, co. Warwick

Stoke Goldington, alias Stokegolding, in diocese of Lincoln

Stokes, David, dispensation to

Stokes Bay
-, documents dated from

Stone, Benjamin
-, John, of Cornwall, deposition of
-, John, kinsman to the Earl of Bristol
-, Mr., counsellor at law

-, ships of

Stoneing, John, petition of

Stool, the, groom of, and see Hay, James, Earl of Carlisle.



Story, Robert, and others, certificate of

Stourton, see Strutton.

Stowell, Sir John, sheriff for co. Somerset

Stow Wood, co. Oxford
-, preservators of, letter to

Stradling, Sir Edward, petition of
-, licence to

Strafford, Henry

Straights, the
-, merchants


Strand, the, Westminster, documents dated from

Strange, John
-, Lord, see Stanley, James.

Strangford, Viscount, see Smith, Sir Thomas.

Strangford, river in Ireland

Strangways, Nicholas

Strasburg, document dated from

Stratford, [upon Avon] co. Warwick

Stratton, document dated from
-, hundred of, co. Cornwall, trained bands, petition of

Street, John
-, Mr.
-, Nicholas, petition of

Strettley, George, examination of

Stricson, Mr.

Stringer, Mr.

Strode, William, public orator of the University of Oxford, letter of

Strong waters, abuses in distilling

Stroud, John

Stroud, co. Kent
-, fishermen of
-, ship of
-, Green, co. Berks

Strutton ground, Westminster

Stuart, Anne, Duke of Lennox's sister

Stuart, Frances, Duchess Dowager of Richmond and Lennox

Stuart, George, Lord D'Aubigny
-, his grandmother

Stuart, James, Duke of Lennox
-, letters of
-, licence to travel

Stuart, John, Earl of Traquair

Stuart, Katherine, Duchess Dowager of Lennox
-, letters of
-, her sons

Stuart, Lodovick, Duke of Richmond and Lennox

Stubbing, John

Stubbs, John

Studland Bay, co. Dorset

Sturbridge fair, proclamation prohibiting

"Sturmii, Epistolæ,"

Stuteville, Sir Martin


Styrum, Count de

Styward, Dr. Ny., letter of

Success, the
-, of Looe

Sueur, Hubert le

-, places in whence documents are dated
-, other places in, referred to
-, clothiers in, petition of
-, Commissioners of Sewers for, answer of
-, deputy lieutenants
-, letter of
-, letter to
-, justices of peace
-, certificates, letters, and returns of
-, the Queen's manors in
-, musters
-, yarnmen of
-, Vice-Admiral of, see Tollemache, Sir Lionel.
-, sheriff of, see Acton, John.
-, marshal of the Admiralty of, see Bardwell, William.
-, Countess Dowager of, see Howard, Katherine.
-, Earls of, see Howard, Thomas; Howard, Theophilus.

Suffolk House
-, documents dated from

Sugar, how sold for mixture with wine

Sumpter, —
-, Mr., of Clare Hall

Sunderland, Earl of, see Scrope, Emanuel.

Sundridge, co. Kent

Sunninghill, co. Berks

-, places in whence documents are dated
-, other places in, referred to
-, commission of Oyer and Terminer, names of commissioners
-, justices of peace, letters and reports of
-, petition to
-, receiver general for privy seal to

Surrey Bailiwick, in Windsor Forest
-, inhabitants, petition of

Sus, King of

Susan, the, of Aldborough
-, of London
-, and Ellen of London

-, places in whence documents are dated
-, other places in, referred to
-, justices of peace, certificates of
-, sheriff of, see Walter, Sir William.
-, Lord Lieutenants, see Howard, Thomas, Earl of Arundel and Surrey; Sackville, Edward, Earl of Dorset.
-, Vice-Admiral, see Howard, Charles, Earl of Nottingham.

Sutton, co. Derby, documents dated from
-, co. Leicester, document dated from
-, co. Lincoln
-, co. York

Sutton, Christopher, D.D.

Sutton, Edward, Lord Dudley

Sutton, John, petition of
-, Mr.
-, Mrs.
-, Sir Richard, auditor of the imprest
-, certificates of
-, Robert, sheriff of co. Nottingham, return of
-, Thomas

Sutton's Hospital, see Charterhouse.

Swallow, the
-, of Plymouth

Swalman, Geoffrey

Swan, Thomas, petition of

Swan, the
-, of Lyme Regis

Swanscombe, Robert
-, petition of

Swansea, co. Glamorgan
-, documents dated from

Swanson, Robert

-, chancellor of
-, King of
-, value of dollar of

Sweet, Gilbert
-, petition of

Swift, the, of Bristol

Swiftsure, the

Swingfield Mennis, co. Kent

Swinton, Sir John

Switzerland, Ambassador in, see Fleming, Oliver.

Sydenham, Anne
-, Edward, Captain of Portland Castle
-, letter of
-, petition of
-, grant to
-, warrant to
-, Capt. Francis
-, certificate of
-, letters of

Sydenham, Lady Mary, pension

Sydenham, Mr.
-, Sir Ralph, grant to

Sydney, Dorothy, Countess of Leicester, letter of

Sydney, Sir Henry, governor of the town of Flushing

Sydney, Robert, Earl of Leicester
-, letter of
-, petition of

Sylam, Matthew

Symonds, Sir George
-, Lady
-, William