General Index: W, Y, Z

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles I, 1629-31. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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'General Index: W, Y, Z', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles I, 1629-31, (London, 1860) pp. 671-680. British History Online [accessed 23 April 2024]



Wackerley, see Weckherlin.

Waddesdon, co. Buckingham


Waddon, James

Waddow, James

Wade, William

Wadham College, Oxford, document dated from

Wainwright, Richard

Wake, Anna, Lady, letters of
-, Sir Baldwin
-, Sir Isaac, ambassador to Savoy
-, Joan
-, grant to
-, Sir John
-, petition of
-, commissioners appointed to treat with his creditors, report of
-, warrant to
-, Mr.
-, Thomas

Wake, Thomas, copy grant to

Wakefield,—, goldsmith

Wakefield, co. York, lordship of
-, manor of

Walderove, Mary, pension

Wale, John, grant to

Wakelyn, Hugh, petitions of

Walbrook, ward of

Waldo, Thomas, petition of

Waldron, Henry
-, Mr.
-, William

-, appointment of officer to administer oaths before the Council of
-, statement of inconvenience of that appointment
-, appointment rescinded
-, Clerk of the Billets, and see Tyrwhitt, Robert.
-, Marches of, Council of, letter and petition of
-, letter to
-, justices in, letters to
-, King's attorney in, see Eure, Samson.
-, North, Vice Admiralty of, see Griffith, John.
-, South, Admiralty in
-, Admiral of, see Herbert, William, Earl of Pembroke.
-, Deputy Vice-Admiral, see Perrott, Sir James.
-, Clerk of the Signet, and of the Council
-, porter attending the Lord President and Council
-, Lord President of, see Compton William, Earl of Northampton.

Walker, George, trustee for John Draycott, petition of
-, George, clergyman, certificate of
-, John, servant to John Bill, legacy to
-, John, keeper of the pheasant house at St. James's, grant to
-, Nicholas
-, petition of
-, Thomas, examination of
-, Walter, Deputy Registrar of the Bishop of Lincoln, defence of

Wall, John
-, letter of

Wallenstein, Count

Wallingford House, documents dated from

Wallis, James
-, Robert

Wallop, Sir Henry, Sheriff of co. Hants
-, letters of

Walsingham, Sir Thomas
-, account of, for the Vice Admiralty of Kent
-, letters of
-, request of
-, warrant of

Walter, Sir John, Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer
-, letters of
-, examination before
-, Sir William, Sheriff of Sussex, certificate to

Walters, Capt. Rowland

Waltham Cross, co. Essex
-, Forest of
-, Commissioners for disafforesting, clerk to, see Keeling, Mr.

Waltham, Henry
-, Thomas

Wandesford, Christopher, commission to
-, Mr., opinion of

Wandsworth Bridge

Wanstead, documents dated from
-, manor of

Wantage, document dated from

Wanting, see Wantage.


War, council of
-, letter of
-, orders of
-, references by
-, report of
-, references to
-, reports to
-, petitions to
-, answers to petitions
-, committee of, appointed to consider cases of poor soldiers, letter of
-, orders of
-, proceedings of
-, letters and petitions to

War, new engines of

Warburton, Jeffrey

Ward,—, an ensign
-, Cornelius
-, John
-, affidavit of
-, Mr.
-, Philip, certificate of

Ward, Richard, the younger, complaint against
-, Serjeant Richard, grants to
-, William

Wardegar, George

Wardour, Sir Edward, Clerk of the Pells, certificates for
-, commission to
-, letter to
-, warrant to
-, his office

Wardrobe, the Great
-, new arrangement of office
-, warrants to
-, deputy of, warrant to
-, keeper of, see Fielding, William, Earl of Denbigh.
-, clerk of, see Thelwall, Sir Bevis.
-, yeoman of, see Kenersley, Mr.

Wardrobe House

Wards and Liveries, the Court of
-, allowances demanded in
-, warrant to
-, attorney of
-, office of master of, promised to the Earl of Salisbury
-, master of, see Naunton, Sir Robert.
-, Remembrancer of, and see Stafford, Alexander.

Ware, Gilbert
-, Sir James, the King's auditor

Ware, co. Hertford

Waren, John, petition of

Warham Sconce

Warmefield, co. York

Warr, Cecily, Lady De La, warrant to

Warr, Thomas

Warrall, Thomas, D.D.

Warr, Richard
-, letter of
-, letter to

Warrick, see Warwick.


Warspite, the

Warwick, Philip, grant to


Warwick co.
-, places in, whence documents are dated
-, other places in, referred to
-, Earl of, see Rich, Robert.

Washer, Thomas
-, petition of

Wast, Mary, information of

Wasteneys, Sir Hardolph

Watch, the

Watchet, co. Somerset
-, document dated from

Water, to be brought to London

Waterfield, —

-, document dated from
-, gaol

Waterhouse, —
-, Philip, at suit of Michael Sparke

Watermen, account of, belonging to principal ports

Waters, Edward, alias Hierne, petition of
-, Nathaniel

Waties, Edward, Justice of Wales
-, letter of
-, petitions of
-, letter to

Watkins, Capt. Evan
-, Henry
-, confession of
-, examination of
-, petition of
-, Jane
-, petitions of
-, Robert, information of

Watson, Thomas, information of

Watts, Jeffrey, letter of
-, Sir John, letters of

Wauton, Valentine

Weare, William, petition of

Weasel, the King's

Weaver, Richard

Weavers, and see London.
-, Company of Worsted

Webb, John, letter of
-, Mr.
-, Thomas

Webber, John, petition of

Webham, Nathaniel, clothier, petition of

Weckherlin, G. R., secretary to Lord Dorchester
-, note by
-, petition of
-, licence to

Weddell, Capt. John

Wedmore, co. Somerset

Week, co. Hants
-, document dated from

Weekes, Aquila, keeper of the Gatehouse, petition of, and see Gatehouse.
-, Captain
-, John, letter of

Welbeck, documents dated from

Welcome, the, of Ipswich

Weld, William, accounts of
-, letters of
-, letters to

Wellingham, George, letter to

Wellington, co. Somerset, document dated from

Wells, co. Norfolk
-, merchants, owners, and mariners, petition of
-, ships of

Wells, co. Somerset
-, documents dated from
-, hundred of
-, subdean of, see Roberts, Dr.

Wells, John, keeper of the stores at Deptford
-, answer to a petition against him
-, and Capt. Thorneff Franck, cause between
-, reference of petition to
-, William

Welshpool, co. Montgomery, sessions at

Wembury, co. Devon
-, parishioners of, and others, certificate of

Wemys, Dr., King's chaplain, grant to

Wemyss, James

Wenling, James

Wenlock, co. Salop

Wenman, Sir Francis, letter of

Wensleydale, co. York, bowbearer of

Wentworth, —, son-in-law to Towerson

Wentworth, Henry
-, Sir John
-, letters of
-, petition of

Wentworth, Thomas, Earl of Cleveland
-, letters of

Wentworth, Thomas, Viscount, Lord President of the North
-, certificate of
-, compositions made by with recusants
-, letters of
-, report of
-, note of speech of
-, warrant
-, commissions to
-, grants to
-, letters to
-, warrant to

Wentworth Woodhouse, co. York, documents dated from


West, —
-, Captain
-, Capt. Henry
-, petition of
-, and company, petition of
-, John
-, letter of
-, Michael, and Sir John Lambe, cause between
-, Philip, clothier, petition of
-, Capt. Richard
-, Thomas, and Sir John Lambe, cause between

Westerman, Richard, sentence against

Westgate, hundred of, co. Kent
-, constables warrant to

West Gosgote, co. Leicester, hundred of

Westhay, forest of, co. Northampton

West India Company of the United Provinces, petition of

West Indies

Westkirkbye, alias Westkirby, alias Kirkbye, co. Chester

-, documents dated from: (1629, July); (Aug.); (Sept.); (Nov.); (Dec.); (1630, Jan.); (Feb.); (March); (May); (June); (July); (Aug.); (Sept.); (Nov.); (Dec.); (1631, Jan.); (Feb.); (March);
-, places in whence documents are dated, exclusive of those from Whitehall, which see under that head:—
-, adventurers of, for plantations in North America, incorporation of

Westminster, justices of peace of
-, letters and returns of

Westminster Palace
-, Palace Court instituted

Westminster School, document dated from
-, routine of school duties at


-, place in, referred to
-, Countess of, see Fane, Mary.
-, Earls of, see Fane, Francis; Fane, Mildmay.

Westmoreland House, document dated from

Weston, James, grant to
-, Jerome, licence to travel

Weston, Richard, Lord, Lord Treasurer, references and allusions to, passim.
-, his garden at Roehampton
-, recommended by the King for Chancellor of Oxford
-, his two sons
-, letters of, to:—
-, George Bingley
-, Sir Francis Cottington
-, officers and farmers of the customs
-, Sec. Dorchester
-, Sir Thomas Fanshaw
-, Attorney General Heath
-, The King
-, Robert Kirkham
-, Sir Robert Pye
-, Dr. William Smith
-, other papers of
-, commissions, grants, and warrants to
-, letters and other papers addressed to, see the names of the writers.

Weston, Sir Thomas, licence to travel
-, William, petition of

Weston Underwood, co. Northampton, manor of


Wetherfield, in the deanery of Hedingham

Wetherley, Capt. Thomas

Wetwang, co. York

Wexford, ship of
-, co. place in, referred to

Wey, George, petition of

-, documents dated from
-, mayor
-, letter of
-, aldermen and others, certificate and petition of
-, ships of

Wharton, Sir Michael

Wharton, Philip, Lord, licence to

Wharton, Sir Thomas, licence to

Wheat, price of

Wheatley Bridge, co. Oxford

Wheeler, Henry
-, Thomas
-, William
-, petition of

Wherwell, co. Hants

Whetnall, Robert

Whetstone, William

Whiller, Henry

Whistler, John, letter of
-, opinion of
-, Parson

Whitaker, Lawrence
-, certificate of
-, commission to
-, warrant to

Whitborne, co. Hereford, document dated from

Whitbrook, co. Monmouth

Whitby, co. York, incorporation
-, inhabitants, petition of

White, Francis, Bishop of Norwich, Lord Almoner
-, letter of

White, George
-, John, suggested remembrancer of records
-, John, shipowner
-, Miles
-, Capt. Peter
-, certificates of
-, letters of
-, commission to
-, Richard
-, Capt. Robert
-, Thomas
-, and company, brief on behalf of

White, Thomas, D.D.
-, William, grant to
-, Capt. William

Whitecastle, co. Monmouth, constableship of

Whited, see Whitehead.

White Friars

-, documents dated from: (1629, July); (Aug.); (Sept.); (Oct.); (Nov.); (Dec.); (1630, Jan.); (Feb.); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (Sept.); (Oct.); (Nov.); (Dec.); (1631, Jan.); (Feb.); (March);
-, court at, document dated from

White Hart, the, of Bristol

Whitehead, Edward
-, Capt. James
-, Mary, petition of

White Lion jail in Southwark

Whitelock, Sir James, Justice of King's Bench

Whitgift, John, Archbishop of Canterbury

Whiting, —

Whitley, co. Worcester, documents dated from

Whitstone, co. Somerset, hundred of

Whittacre, see Whitaker.

Whittingham, Henry, groom of the Privy Chamber, warrant to
-, Capt. Henry, petition of

Whitton, Sem., innholder, petition of

Whitwell, co. Derby

Whoewell, see Wherwell.

Whoick, —, sister to Sir Thomas Button

Whorwood, Sir Thomas
-, articles objected against

Wicker bottles, importation of

Widdrington, —, a secular priest
-, Sir Henry
-, Robert
-, Roger, petitions of
-, commission to
-, his nephew

Widows, poor, whose husbands and goods were burned and taken by the French in Guinea, petition of

Widson Bay, Cornwall, documents dated from

Widvile, Anthony, Earl Rivers


Wiggen, see Wigan.

Wigginton, —

Wight, Isle of
-, documents dated from
-, places in whence documents are dated
-, other places in, referred to
-, Admiralty Courts in
-, inhabitants, petition of
-, justices of peace, report of
-, Vice-Admiral, see Conway, Edward, Viscount; and after his death, Weston, Richard, Lord.
-, Deputy Vice-Admiral, see Jolliff, Richard.

Wightwick, John, opinion of
-, Samuel

Wigmore, Dame Anne, petitions of
-, Mr.
-, Richard, grant to
-, Sir Richard

Wilbore, John, examination of

Wilbraham, Sir Richard

Wilbraham Bushes, co. Cambridge

Wilde, John
-, Thomas

Wildmore, co. Lincoln

Wilkes, Anthony, report of

Wilkin, Mr.

Wilkinson, Henry, letters of
-, Peter, bond of

Willesden, co. Middlesex

Willett, John
-, William
-, letters of
-, petition of
-, report of
-, letters to

William, John ap, alias John Williams, ap Richards, ap David

William, the
-, of London
-, and John
-, of Bristol
-, and Ralph, of London
-, and Sarah, of London
-, and Thomas, of London

Williams, —, sister to Alice Carleton
-, —, gunner
-, Sir Abraham, agent for Elizabeth, Queen of Bohemia
-, letter of
-, warrants to
-, David
-, Elizabeth, letter of
-, her son Anthony's sons
-, Francis, letters of
-, Capt. Giles
-, Henry
-, Job, petition of
-, John, alias John ap William, ap Richards, ap David
-, John, deceased
-, John, mariner, affidavit of

Williams, John, Bishop of Lincoln
-, letters of
-, report of
-, reference of petition to

Williams, Capt. Lewis
-, Mr.
-, Robert
-, Sir Thomas
-, Thomas
-, petition of

Williamson, Francis, the elder
-, grant to
-, Francis, the younger
-, petition of
-, grant to

Willing Mind, the
-, of Bristol
-, of Exmouth
-, of Weymouth

Willis, Charles, letter of
-, petition of
-, John

Williskot, Mr.

Williton, division of, co. Somerset, justices of peace, letter of

Willmer, George, grant to

Willoughby, Christopher
-, Sir Francis
-, certificate of
-, letters of
-, reports of
-, letter to
-, instructions to
-, his daughter
-, Kenelm, petition of
-, Lady
-, birth of a son
-, Thomas
-, William, purveyor of wood for the Navy
-, letter of
-, petition of
-, William, keeper of Fonthill

Wills, Mr.
-, William

Willson, Mr.

Wilmot, Charles, Viscount, letter to

Wilmot, Mr.

Wilson, —
-, Edward, grant to
-, George, certificate of
-, Margaret
-, Mr.
-, Rowland
-, Sir Thomas, letters of administration to

Wilts, co.
-, places in whence documents are dated
-, other places in referred to
-, musters
-, deputy lieutenants, letter of
-, justices of peace, certificate of
-, letter of
-, sheriff of, see Toppe, John.
-, lord lieutenant, see Herbert, William, Earl of Pembroke.

Wimbledon, documents dated from

Wimbledon, Viscount, see Cecil, Edward.

Wimes, see Wemyss.

Wincanton, co. Somerset

Winchcombe, Henry

-, documents dated from
-, assizes
-, collection through the diocese for poor at Cambridge

Winchester, bishop of, see Neile, Richard.
-, gaol
-, Marchioness of, see Paulet, Jane.
-, Marquis of, see Paulet, John.

Winchester bushel

Winchester College
-, document dated from
-, a master at, letter to
-, warden of, see Stanley, Edward.

Winde, see Wynne.
-, Robert, letter of

Windebank, Francis
-, grant to
-, letters to
-, John

Windham, Mr.
-, Thomas, letter of

Windlesham Walk, Windsor Forest

Windsor, Frederick

-, documents dated from
-, honor of
-, prebend of
-, poor knights of, see Dumvill, Thomas; Brown, —; Colman, —.

Windsor Castle
-, document dated from
-, constable of, and see Rich, Henry, Earl of Holland.

Windsor Forest
-, certificate of encroachments
-, numbers of deer
-, Battles Walk alias Battles Bailiwick in
-, Windlesham Walk

Windsor Park, underkeeper of, see Harrington, Richard.

-, retailing, in Plymouth
-, Bordeaux
-, Canary
-, French
-, farmers of the customs on
-, petition of
-, Spanish
-, Tent.

Wingfield, Sir John, Sheriff of co. Rutland, letter of
-, report of
-, Robert

Winkeworth, Margaret, letter of

Winn, Briant, petition of

Winslade, co. Devon

Winsley, Rose

Winslow, co. Buckingham

Winstrey, co. Essex, half hundred of

Winterton, Francis, grant to

Wintour, —, sister to Sir Wm. Russell

Winyard, co. Gloucester, document dated from

Wiremakers, company of, at Tintern and Whitbrook

Wise, Thomas

Wiseman, Charles, letter of
-, Kenelm
-, Sir Thomas, letter of
-, report of

Witch, Old, close, Drury Lane

Witham, Peter
-, Thomas, deposition of

Witham, the river

Witham, co. Essex, documents dated from
-, half hundred of

Wither, Anthony, commission to

Withypoll, Sir William

Witley, co. Worcester, document dated from, and see Whitley.

Wittenham, co. Berks, document dated from

Woburn, co. Bedford, documents dated from

Woder, Mr.

Wogan, Charles
-, Elizabeth

-, documents dated from

Wokingham, co. Berks, document dated from
-, inhabitants of, petition of


Wollascott, Ann
-, Edward, petition of
-, William, petition of

Wollaston, William, sheriff of co. Stafford, petition of
-, report of

Wolseley, Helen, Lady
-, letters of
-, Sir Robert
-, his father
-, his wife
-, Sir Thomas
-, letters to

Wolstan, Ezra, petition of

Wolstenholme, Sir John
-, reports of
-, letters to
-, reference of petition to

Women sequestered, precedents of in High Commission Court

Wonersh, clothiers of
-, petition of

Wood, Hugh, grant to
-, John, grant to
-, Richard
-, petition of
-, Thomas, B.D.

Woodbridge, co. Suffolk, ships of

Woode, Thomas, B.D.

Woodford, co. Essex

Woodroffe, Robert
-, letter of
-, petition of

Woods, John, clothier, petition of

Woodson, Thomas

-, document dated from
-, Park

Woodstone, manor of, co. Huntingdon

Wood Street Compter

Woodwalton, co. Huntingdon, lordship of

Woodward, Capt. Richard, certificate of
-, Rowland, letters of
-, grant to
-, his wife

Woolchurch, London

Woolcock, William
-, examination of

Woolders, John

Woolmer forest
-, ranger of, see Norton, Sir Richard.

Woolridge, John, petition of


-, documents dated from
-, ship-carpenters at, petition of
-, watchmen at
-, clerk of the Check at, see Sheldon Francis.

Worcester, documents dated from
-, castle, and see Clarke, George.
-, Dean of, see Juxon, William.

Worcester, co.
-, places in whence documents are dated
-, other places in referred to
-, receiver for

Worcester, sheriff and justices of peace, letter of
-, Earl of, see Somerset, Henry; Tiptoft, John.

Worgreen, John

Workington, co. Cumberland
-, mayor, and other officers, commission to

Worm called the art, ravages of
-, complaint of a

Worrington, near Launceston

Worsopp, John, petition of
-, proposition of

Worthing, co. Sussex

Worthington, Edward

Worthorpe ? co. Northampton, document dated from

Wortley, Sir Thomas

Wotton, Bryan

Wotton, Edward Lord
-, Sir Henry
-, letters of
-, pension
-, petition of
-, John, deputy auditor, certificate of

Wotton, in the demesne of Woodstock

Wrecks, and see Thompson, Mary; Withypoll, Sir William.

Wrey, William

Wright, Edward
-, Henry, petition of
-, John
-, petition of
-, Mr., stone cutter
-, Mr., commissioner for sale of the St. John
-, Mrs.
-, letter to
-, Nathan, petitions of
-, Peter, grant to
-, Capt. Peter
-, Richard
-, precedents stated by
-, Richard, ship owner
-, Richard, grocer
-, examination of
-, Robert, brewer, pardon

Wright, Robert, Bishop of Bristol, letter of

Wright, Capt. Robert
-, Thomas
-, petition of
-, William, petition of

Wriothesley, —
-, Jo.
-, John, purser, petitions of

Writtle, co. Essex

Wrotham, co. Kent

Wroote, co. Lincoln

Wroughton, Capt. James
-, William

Wulfris, Thomas, letters of

Wyan, Richard, letter to
-, Thomas

Wycot, Captain

Wye, co. Kent

Wylde, see Weld.

Wyllis, Thomas, grant to

Wymark, Edward

Wynn, Henry, grant to
-, John, grant to
-, Richard, grant to

Wynne, Sir Richard, treasurer and receiver general to the Queen
-, commission to
-, warrant to

Wyther, Anthony, commission to


Yalding, co. Kent

Yale, —, cousin to William Boswell, clerk of the Council

Yarborough, co. Lincoln, wapentake, constables of, letter to

Yarcombe, co. Devon

Yarmouth, Great, co. Norfolk
-, documents dated from
-, aldermen, letters of
-, bailiffs
-, certificate of
-, letters of
-, petition of
-, warrant to
-, and aldermen, letter to
-, and burgesses
-, and inhabitants, petition of
-, and magistrates, order to
-, magistrates
-, new charter intended for
-, Recorder
-, ships of
-, Separatists or Brownists resident in, names of
-, Town of, letter to

Yarmouth, North, documents dated from

Yarmouth Roads
-, documents dated from

Yarmouth, Isle of Wight

Yaxley, co. Suffolk

Yellow Hound, the

Yelverton, Sir Henry
-, and the prebendaries of Durham, interviews between

Yeo, Edmund
-, his wife
-, John
-, Leonard
-, Leonard, the younger
-, Robert, undertaking of

Yeomans, William

Yeovil, co. Somerset

Yong, Capt. William, letter of

-, documents dated from
-, Cathedral
-, company of players
-, province of, causes ecclesiastical in

York, co.
-, places in whence documents are dated
-, other places in, referred to
-, Commissioners for Sewers
-, Admiralty of, Judge of
-, registrar of
-, Vice Admiralty, profits within
-, Deputy Vice Admiral, see Gargrave, Francis.
-, sheriff of, writ out of the Exchequer to
-, East Riding, return from
-, alum works in

York, North Riding, return from
-, West Riding, return from
-, deputy lieutenants of
-, mayor, letter of
-, Court of High Commission at, sentence passed in
-, merchants of, petitions of
-, mines royal in
-, commissioners for compounding with recusants in, letter of
-, Archbishop of, see Harsnet, Samuel.
-, receiver of the King's revenues in
-, Lord President, see Wentworth, Thomas, Viscount Wentworth.
-, Vice Admiral, see Sheffield, Edmund, Earl of Mulgrave.

York Castle, list of eight recusants remaining in

York House, document dated from
-, the keepership of

Youghal, ships of

Young, John
-, certificate of
-, Patrick, warrant to
-, Peter, grant to

Younger, Mr.

Young Swan, the, owners of, petition of


Zachary, Francis


-, place in, referred to

Zouch, Dr., principal of Alban Hall, Oxford, letter to

Zowe, the, fishing in