Charles I - volume 514: November 1646

Pages 485-491

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles I, 1645-7. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1891.

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November 1646

Nov. 2.
Derby House.
The Committee of both kingdoms to Sir Thos. Wharton, Sir Robt. King, and others. In yours of the 31st ult. from Chester you give us an account of the state of the business you are employed in, and we return you thanks for your care and diligence in it. The wind at present being favourable and the men continued here useless, and a great charge to the kingdoms, we desire you to omit no opportunity of passing over [into Ireland] with those forces and the provisions you have there ready. We will take care for the sending away of the 6,000l. worth of provisions so soon as we hear from you at Dublin. We have recommended it to the Committee for the Affairs of Ireland that the bills charged by Mr. Walley may be accepted and punctually paid. [Interregnum 23 E., p. 108. Copy. 2/3 p.]
Nov. 3. 88. The Committee of Accounts at Lancaster to the Committee of Accounts for the whole kingdom at London. Yours of the 19th of October contained instructions to us for taking the accounts of the soldiers of this county. We conceive it more proper for the Standing Committee of this county to take the accounts of arrears of pay due to officers and soldiers than for us. Reasons adduced in support of this opinion. We humbly submit for your consideration whether we shall proceed with the accounts of the soldiery or no. An account is sent us down from you of Robt. Maghull, a captain under Col. Moore, and certified to be by him sworn before you, whereas it was his father who was captain, and he only a lieutenant, and both of them disclaim to have directed any such account. It may be worth inquiry how such an abuse came about. [1 p.]
Nov. 6. 89. Certificate of the Committee of Middlesex to Treasurers-atWars sitting at Guildhall. That by virtue of our warrant, dated 31 Oct., Richd. Graves, High Collector of the Assessments for Fairfax's army within the hunds. of Ossulston and Isleworth, has paid to the Committee for the Tower Hamlets 75l. 4s. 11d., being allowed by us for impressing and conducting of men levied by Ordinance of 14 March 1644–5, for which sum we desire an allowance to be made to Richd. Graves upon his account. Underwritten,
89. i. Receipt by Richd. Graves for the above-named sum, 6 March 1646–7. [1 p.]
Nov. 6. List of persons who were in Oxford [when the Articles for surrender were agreed on, June 22], and [who have] desired and had letters [for compounding for their estates in several counties].
5 Aug., Sir Orlando Bridgman, 3 [letters].
5 Aug., Jeffrey Palmer, 1 [letter].
13 Oct., John Fettiplace, 4, viz., for Beds., Berks., Oxon., and Wilts.
22 Sept., Wm. Marquis of Hertford, 4, viz., for Somerset, Wilts., Southampton, and Lincolnshire.
27 Oct., Thos. Wentworth, of Betton, 1 for York.
27 Oct., John Wentworth, of Woolley, 1 for York.
22 Sept., Francis Lord Dunsmore, 5, viz., for cos. Warwick, Surrey, Hunts., Beds., and Herts.
31 Oct., Mr. [or Sir] Robert Hillyard, one of the gent. of the Privy Chamber, 1 for York.
8 Aug., Mr. Lloyd. David Walter, of Godstow, co. Oxon., 2, viz., for Oxon. and Middlesex.
29 Oct., Mr. Francis Cobb, one of the Squires of the Body to his Majesty, 1 for York.
6 Aug., Mr. Lloyd, John Dutton, 1 for Gloucester.
22 Sept., Montague Earl of Lindsey.
24 Sept., Dr. Zouch, 1 [letter].
5 Aug., Richd. Nevill, 1.
24 Oct., Sir Richd. Hubert, 2.
5 Aug., Sir John Monson, 1.
Sir Wm. Parkhurst, 2.
6 Aug., Sir Richd. Braham, 2, viz., for Bucks. and Lincolnshire.
16 Sept., Sir Richd. Minshall.
29 Oct., Robt. Haldenby, Esq., of Haldenby, 1 for York.
10 Sept., Thos. Cholmondeley, of Vale Royal.
7 Sept., Richd. Earl of Cork, 3 [letters, for] York, Westmorland, and Cumberland.
10 Sept., Robt. Visct. Cholmondeley, 5 letters, viz., for Salop, Chester, Flint, Somerset, and Middlesex.
24 Sept., Edward Earl of Dorset.
5 Aug., George Penruddock.
27 Aug., Henry Earl of Kingston, 4 [letters].
22 Sept., Francis Lord Seymour, 2 for Somerset and Wilts.
6 Aug., John Marsham of Cuxton, 1 for Kent.
22 Sept., Thos. Earl of Southampton, 2 [letters].
12 Aug., Peter Leicester, 1 for Chester.
12 Aug., Lord Kilmurry, 4, viz., for cos. Salop, Chester, Lancashire, and Stafford.
10 Sept., Sir Walter Pye, of Mynde [Park]. co. Hereford, 4 [letters, viz., for], cos. Bucks., Hereford, Brecknock, and Radnor.
13 Aug., Richd. Spencer, of Orpington, 2, for cos. York and Kent.
1 Oct., Francis Hawley, of Buckland, Somerset, 1 for Somerset. Ordinance for Sir Edw. Manning and Lady Styles.
[Interregnum 108 G., p. 405. 1 p.]
Nov. 9. 90. Nomination by the Speakers of both Houses, as Chamberlains of the county palatine of Chester, of Robt. Venables to be seal keeper of the county palatine. [Copy. 1½ pp.]
Nov. 11.
Derby House.
The Committee of both kingdoms to Sir Thos. Wharton and others. By yours of the 6th inst. we perceive your great care and diligence to overcome those difficulties you there [at Chester] meet withal, and return you thanks for it. We suppose you have before this time a further accession of force, and that more of your provisions are come in. However, in regard of the straits that Dublin may be in by the rebels, we desire you, with such force and provisions as you have, to take the first opportunity for your transportation according to your former instructions. We shall use all care that you may have such supplies sent after you as we possibly can [procure]. Whereas you represent some grounds of fear or jealousy, we trust these will cause you to proceed therein with the greater caution, We will send orders to-morrow for about 1,000 foot more to go from Bristol. Care has been taken for a good quantity of ammunition to be presently sent after you. Sent by Bulmer. [Interregnum 23 E., p. 109. Copy. 1 p.]
Nov. 12. Petition of Col. Wm. Legg to the Committee for Compositions. That he being Master of his Majesty's Armoury, and having served him as an officer in his army against the forces raised by the Parliament, for which his delinquency his estate is sequestered, now, forasmuch as petitioner was in Oxford at the time of the surrender, and comprised within those Articles, he humbly prays that he may be admitted to his composition accordingly to free his estate out of sequestration. Underwritten,
Accepted this 12 Nov. 1646. Presented a pass, and referred to the sub-committee. Annexed,
i. Particular of the estate of Col. Wm. Legg.
ii. Pass signed and sealed by Sir Thos. Fairfax, General of the forces raised by the Parliament. Suffer the bearer, Col. Wm. Legg, who was in the city and garrison of Oxford at the surrender thereof, and is to have the full benefit of the Articles agreed unto upon the surrender of that city, quietly and without let or interruption to pass your guards with his servants, horses, arms, and goods, and to repair to London or elsewhere upon his necessary occasions. 21 June 1646. [Interregnum 208 G., pp. 544547.]
Nov. 12.
Derby House.
The Committee of both kingdoms to the Commissioners for Ireland. In ours of yesterday we promised to give order for 1,000 foot to be presently sent to you. Order is now given for all the foot at Bristol under Cols. Needham and Grey with some others to be shipped away for Dublin. We desire you, if the business succeeds, to employ them there, if not you can send them back into Munster to be employed there, part of their regiments being already there, and whither they were also designed, had not this occasion required further supplies. They are in readiness to be shipped away forthwith, and we have given our orders accordingly. Sent by the post on the 13th. [Interregnum 23 E., p. 110. Copy. 2/3 p.]
Nov. 13. 91. Order made at the Committee for the Army. That the Treasurers-at-Wars do cause a guard of 20 horse and dragoons to go with the money going to Oxford at the public charge. [½ p.]
Nov. 14. 92. Certificate by Col. John Fitz-James, attesting that James Hearne had served as major in his regiment of horse from 5 May 1645 till the disbanding of the brigade lately commanded by Major-General Massie, being 23 Oct. 1646. During the time of his service he received 14 weeks' pay, according to the new establishment. [¾ p.]
Nov. 17. Petition of Wm. Pindar, minister, and rector of Stock in Essex, to the Committee for Compounding at Goldsmiths' Hall. That during this unhappy war he repaired to Oxford, upon an exchange, to reside, and was there at the surrender of the [Royalist] garrison, and thereby comprised within the Articles there made, and his estate being sequestered for going to Oxford, as delinquency against the Parliament, he desires that he may be admitted to a favourable composition. Underwritten,
Accepted this 17 Nov. 1646, and referred to the sub-committee. [Interregnum 208 G., p. 46.] Annexed,
i. Statement of the case of Wm. Pyndar. His delinquency, that he went to Oxford, and resided there whilst it was a garrison holden for the King against the Parliament, and was there at the time of the surrender, and is to have the benefit of those Articles, as by Sir Thos. Fairfax's certificate of the 24th June 1646 doth appear. He hath neither taken the Negative Oath nor National Covenant, but prays to be spared therein upon the Articles of Oxford and vote of the House of Commons pursuant. He compounds upon a particular delivered in under his hand, by which he doth submit to such fine, &c., and by which it doth appear that his estate is as here stated. [Ibid., p. 48.]
ii. Certificate that Wm. Pindar was in the city and garrison of Oxford at its surrender, and is to have the full benefit of the Articles agreed unto upon the surrender, and to have liberty to pass the guards with his servants, horses, &c. [Printed form filled up, and signed by Sir Thos. Fairfax 24 June 1646. Ibid., p. 50.]
Nov. 17.
Derby House.
The Committee of both kingdoms to the Commissioners for Ireland. We have received yours from the Grange in Warrall, and are sorry to see that you met with so many difficulties in the beginning of your work. We hope that the close and issue will be better. We have written three letters in answer to yours before this, and have not been wanting in our care for supply of the defects you mention. We reported to the [Commons'] House for power to be given you for the execution of martial law, and an Ordinance is passed for that purpose and sent away by Col. Monk, which you will have received before this, and the execution thereof we doubt not will quiet your mutinies. We have also this day reported to the House for renewing the commission of the Commissioners in Ulster, and when passed will at once despatch it. We have desired the Committee of the Admiralty to order ships into Chester water for transporting the forces from thence. We have recommended it to the Committee for Irish Affairs that Mr. Walley's bills may be answered, and also that there may be a further supply of provisions sent to you upon the surrender of Dublin. [Interregnum 23 E., pp. 111, 112. Copy= 1½ pp.]
Nov. 17.
Derby House.
The same to Mr. Charles Walley. We are informed that there are some forces of Sir Arthur Loftus and Col. Castle yet to come to Chester to be sent away to Ireland. Let them be sent away with Col. Monk, but if they be not come thither, we would not have him to stay for their coming up, for we conceive it necessary he should make his repair to Dublin with all expedition. You are to take care that those forces may be sent away to Dublin as they come up, so that they may not be a burden to the country there, but be sent at once to the service for which they are designed. We have recommended it to the Committee for the Affairs of Ireland, that your bills of exchange may be satisfied. [Ibid., p. 112. Copy. 2/3 p.]
Nov. 21. 93. Petition of Wm. Greaves, of Ulleskelfe, co. York, to the Standing Committee at York. Petitioner was in service under Lord Fairfax since the beginning of these wars, and was plundered by the enemy. He is in arrears for his pay. Prays that, as he can discover divers delinquents as yet not discovered, and others that have estates and debts concealed, he may receive a fourth part towards helping him until his arrears can be obtained from the State. Subjoined,
93. i. Order from the Standing Committee of the West Riding for petitioner to proceed to discover the concealed estates and debts of delinquents convicted, and consideration shall be taken of him out of such estates when got in. 15 Aug. 1646.
93. ii. Orders from the same touching the debt owing by Mr. Squire to Mr. Cummage [Gammage], a delinquent. That Mr. St. Nicholas do certify this Board how much thereof is paid. 21 Nov. 1646.
93. iii. Receipt by Wm. Greaves for 20s. received of Mr. St. Nicholas for the discovery by him of the arrears of rent owing by Mr. Squire to Mr. Gammage. 21 Nov. 1646.
93. iv. Certificate by Joseph Birdsall, Sequestrator, that Wm. Greaves did discover first to him the money due for Mr. Squire to pay to the State, his landlord Gammage being a noted delinquent. 16 Nov. 1646.
Nov. 21. 94. Obligation of Peter Whalley in 3,100l. to the King, for the faithful discharge of his duties as Receiver General of the King, Queen, and Prince's revenues in cos. Northampton and Rutland, together with the revenues of the Duchy of Lancaster and the annual tenths of the clergy being within that county, he having been appoineed to that office by an Ordinance of both Houses of the 21st. Sept. 1643. He is to render an account to the auditors appointed by the Committee for the Revenue, and shall pay over to Thos. Fauconbridge, Receiver General of the Revenue at Westminster, all such moneys as he shall receive, when this obligation to be void. [Latin and English. Seal with device. 1 p.]
Nov. 23. 95. Certificate of the Standing Committee for Safety in co. Warwick and city of Coventry. This Committee was authorized by the Ordinance of Association to raise money for maintenance of the soldiery of this county, which being a very hazardous service by reason of so many of the King's garrisons situated in and around the county, this Committee was obliged to give 6d. in the £ to the constables and soldiers employed in collecting the same. This Committee do approve of and certify this allowance so made [to be] by their permission. [Copy. 1 p.]
Nov. 24. 96. The Committee for Accounts in the East Riding of co. York to the Committee for Accounts of the whole kingdom. Reporting their proceedings in taking the accounts for this riding. [In margin notes for the reply to be sent. 3 pp.]
Nov. 25.
Red Castle.
97. The Standing Committee for Montgomeryshire to the Committee for taking Accounts of the whole kingdom. We are enforced with much reluctance to bring before you the indirect proceedings of the sub-committee of Accounts for this county. Complaints against Mr. Edw. Vaughan, their chairman, who holds much sequestered land from the State. Case of Mr. Lewis Price, Solicitor for the Sequestrations in this county. By reason of these proceedings this Committee are not only disabled to proceed against notorious delinquents, but all officers employed in the Parliament's service are much discouraged. [2 pp.]
Nov. 26.
Derby House.
The Committee of both kingdoms to Col. Mytton. We are informed that certain goods belonging to Sir Thos. Middleton are in the castle of Holt and [at] Denbigh; if any such goods be made appear to you to belong to Sir Thomas, let them be preserved for him, and delivered to whom he may appoint. [Interregnum 23 E., p. 113. Copy. ½ p.]
Nov. 98. Statement of the account of Captain Abraham Pegg as captain of a troop of horse in Col. Robt. Martin's regiment, serving under Major-General Poyntz and Major-General Langhorne in South Wales. Annexed,
98. i. Order made at the Committee of the House of Commons for Petitions, referring the consideration of Capt. Pegg's claim to the consideration of the Committee of Accounts of the whole kingdom to examine and report upon. 14 Sept. 1646.
98. ii. Certificates and memorandum relating to the same.
Nov. 99. Warrant appointing William Bramond, or Bermond, High Collector of the taxes for the support of the British army in Ireland, assessed within the hundred of Fleet [Flitt], Beds., for the six months May—October. Underwritten,
99. i. List stating the proportion assessed upon each town and hamlet, with the names of the sub-collectors, 1 p.]
Nov. 100. Robt. Nicholas, one of the sub-committee of Accounts for Wilts., to the Committee of Accounts for the whole kingdom. Whereas you directed a commission for Wilts. enabling a subcommittee to take the accounts in this county, the noble knight of our shire, Col. Ludlow, has very faithfully prosecuted the same, yet he found a great fainting amongst us, so that he could only swear 5 of us, and since then this business has slept, but it is a great pity that it should do so, for it is one of the most important employments at this time, and we have cause to bless God who put it into your hearts, for if other parts of the kingdom answer this it will bring in near a million per annum to the State more than now it doth. [=1½ pp.]