Charles II - volume 8: July 19-31, 1660

Pages 124-150

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1660-1. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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July 19-31, 1660

July 19. 1. Warrant for a licence to Thomas Killigrew, groom of the bedchamber, and Sir William Davenant, to erect two playhouses, in places approved by the surveyor of works, to control the charges to be demanded, and the payments to actors, &c., and absolutely suppressing all other playhouses.
July 19. 2. Certificate by Capt. John Audley and others, that Christopher Allured, of Yorkshire, declared himself to be the man who cut off the late King's head, and that he would have done it, if no other man in England would.
July ? 3. Petition of John Bissell, commissary for the sick and wounded soldiers to the late King, and a great sufferer at Worcester, to His Majesty, for the office of Clerk of Affidavits in Chancery, which has always been in the gift of the Crown, and is of small value.
July 19.
4. Warrant for a grant to John Bissell, of the place of Clerk for Affidavits in the Court of Chancery.
July 19. Entry of the above. [Entry Book, 21, p. 79.]
July 19. 5. Memorandum by John Payne, that Col. Charles Fairfax has enrolled in the Exchequer a surrender of 100l. a year, granted him from the Customs of Hull.
July 19. 6. Certificate by John Walrond, that in 1657, he was shown two great rolls of Parliament, which Rob. Algar, tradesman of Standford, co. Lincoln, said the late King had left with him, in presence of Dr. Hudson, charging him to take care of them, as the jewels of his kingdom.
July 19.
7. Col. Henry Williams to Capt.-Lieut. John Powell. Is informed of an intended meeting at Llanthetty of disaffected persons from cos. Glamorgan, Monmouth, Brecon, and Radnor, which may be of dangerous consequence. Requires him to repair thither with his soldiers, and secure and bring before himself some of the most considerable of each county.
July 19. 8. Note, that 3,000l. is ready to be paid to the Fleet, as part of the King's gift, but there wants His Majesty's order to Sir George Carteret, to pay it to the deputy treasurer of the Fleet, to be disposed of according to the directions of General Montague.
July 19. 9. Petition of John Cope, M.A., to the King, for the Prebend of Stoke, in Lincoln Cathedral, void by the death of Rob. Meeres. Was sequestered from the living of Corringham, Lincolnshire, for his loyalty. With reference thereon to Drs. Sheldon, Earles, and Morley, and their report, July 22, in favour of the petitioner.
[July 19.] 10. Similar petition, to the same effect.
July 19.
11. John Browne to the Navy Comrs. Cleaning and revictualling of vessels; speedy supply of stores wanted. [Adm. Paper.] Encloses,
11. i. Account of stores wanting for a present supply for Harwich. June 19.
July 19.
The Preston, Leghorn Road.
12. Capt. Robert Robinson to the Navy Comrs. Has got in six months' provisions from Mr. Longland, except bread and flesh, for which Capt. Blake has letters of credit at Tunis (?), whither they are going. [Adm. Paper.]
July 19. 13. Certificate by the Master and Wardens of the Company of Surgeons, that the bills [of health] of the Wexford and Merlin galleys have not been given in, they being at sea since May last. [Adm. Paper.]
July 20.
Lark frigate, Harwich.
14. Capt. Thos. Large to the Navy Comrs. Convoyed two vessels to Dunkirk, went to Harwich to clean and victual, and has returned to his station, between Orford Ness and North Yarmouth Roads. [Adm. Paper.]
July 20. 15. Sir William Penn and Samuel Pepys to Sir George Carteret. Request him to take care that a ticket for Wm. Gray's wages be not paid, as they have made him out another ticket. With reply of Sir George Carteret, August 6, that it would be better for the former ticket to be delivered up, for fear of a second payment. [Adm. Paper.]
July 20.
16. Capt. N. Heaton to [Montague Earl of Sandwich]. Account of the ships on the western station; most want victuals; the victualler has neither money to buy, provisions in store, nor orders to make contracts, and will send no more victuals on board without ready money. [Adm. Paper.]
July 20.
Chatham Hill.
17. Sir Wm. Batten to the Navy Comrs. Finds the stores empty of some sorts of provisions and clogged with others, and base goods served by some officers; tar, deals, &c. should be sent down; Mr. Pett should attend the business, and Major Brown, clerk of the rope yard, attend on the survey. [Adm. Paper.]
July 20. 18. Speech of the Earl of Bristol in the House of Lords on the Bill of Indemnity, urging its immediate passing, but proposing that vengeance on the murderers of the late King be provided for by a separate bill. Printed.
July 20.
19. Warrant for a patent to Rob. Treswell, for his invention of a corn mill, to act without wind, water, or horses; granted on report of Sir Wm. Compton, master of ordnance, that the same is not prejudicial to others.
[July 20.] 20. Draft of the above.
July [20]. Docquet of the above. [Docquet Book, p. 24.]
July 20.
21. Petition of Robt. Williams, shipmaster, to the King, for a place as Searcher at Gravesend, in the room of Mr. Deyton or Mr. Sterkey, deceased. With reference thereon to the Treasury Comrs.
July 20,
22. Petition of Capt. John Bartlett to the King. Served as a captain to the King's friends, Lord Spottiswood, Lord Digby, now Earl of Bristol, &c.; has a grant of the post service from Holyhead [to Dublin], but the two post barks have long been in the hands of a fanatic, and the farmers of the post-office, being of the same party, refuse to give their letters to any other. Requests two of the King's ketches to carry on the service, and an order to the post farmers to pay him 340l. a year, as they do to the fanatic, also an addition of 160l. from His Majesty, the expense of the two barks and 16 seamen being 500l. a year. With reference thereon to the Marquis of Ormond, and his report, July 28, in favour of the petition.
July 20.
23. Petition of Wm. Sclater, schoolmaster in Barnet, to the King, for the Rectory of Barton-in-the-Clay, co. Bedford; was twice in imminent danger of life in the cause of the late King. With reference thereon to Drs. Sheldon, Earles, and Morley, and their report, July 21, in favour of the petitioner. Annexing,
23. i. Certificate by Dr. John Pearson and five other ministers in favour of the petitioner.
July 20/30.
24. Chas. Longland to [the Navy Comrs.]. Account of provisions supplied to ship captains, total 1,805l. 5s. 9d.; hopes his bills may be honoured, or he will be unable to do like service in future; begs payment for wines, &c. speedily, as great offices are much subject to change in England, and, if strangers were to take their place, his case would be desperate. [Adm. Paper.]
July 21.
25. Petition of Kenrick Eyton, Barrister of the Inner Temple, to the King, for the place of King's Counsel for cos. Kent and Chester. He and his late father, Sir Gerard Eyton, were great sufferers for their loyalty. With reference thereon to Lord Chief Baron Bridgeman, and his report in favour of the petitioner.
July 21.
26. Petition of Richard Spencer, Sir Gervase Clifton, Bart., Sir Wm. Walter, Bart., and Sir Thos. Fanshaw, K.B., on behalf of themselves and other creditors of Charles I., to the King, for leave to enter upon the New Forest, Sherwood Forest, Clarendon Park, and other lands, granted them by the late King, in indemnification of sums amounting to 27,400l. advanced by them to him, until the same be repaid; are almost ruined by advancing the said sums, and receiving no benefit by the lands granted in security. With reference thereon to the Treasury Comrs., second reference of Lord Treas. Southampton, Dec. 17, 1660, to the Attorney and Surveyor General, and report of Lord Treas. Southampton, April 21, 1662, regretting that the state of the revenue prevents paying the petitioners interest on their money; proposing that they be repaid the principal and interest already paid, and that the creditors who are not paid be requested to take their principal, and discharge the gentlemen of their bonds.
July 21.
27. Information by Robert Hubbersley and Randolph Armstrong, of St. Giles in the Fields. On news of the Restoration, Major Brent concealed arms in his own house and his lime kilns at Puckle Herring, in hopes of some disturbance, when they would be wanted; he removed them, on report of a projected search, to his house at Green Hive; requests a warrant for his apprehension.
July 23.
Sir Charles Harbord's, Rickmansworth.
28. Geo. Welstead to John Nicholas. Begs a recommendation to a Prebend, or to a Physician's place in some Hospital, if no place opens in the Church.
July 23.
29. Col. Henry Williams to the King. Hearing of an intended assembly of seditious persons at a preaching at Llanthetty, co. Brecon, and having the command of the militia, sent a few officers and soldiers to disperse them; 500 or 600 were assembled, who used force, but at length the leaders were secured. Asks directions. Encloses,
29. i. Examination of [Lieut-Col.] John Powell and Richard Jones. Went with Col. Williams last Sunday to demand account of a great meeting at Llanthetty, where were persons from several neighbouring counties; they were attacked by the people at instigation of Jenkin Jones, late captain, but pursued Jenkins to his house, and got engagements from some chief persons of Brecon, for their appearance before Council. July 23.
29. ii. Examination of Edm. Rogers, and others. Some of Jones' assistants said they would be even with them before Michaelmas, and that the present Government would not last long, and might even be altered within a week. July 23.
July 23. 30. Account of the value of the Constableship of Radnor Castle, and Stewardship of the Manor of Radnor, and other lands, as granted to William Lord Powis, July 6, 1631.
July 23.
Proclamation of the times for holding the Summer Assizes in the several counties, which, by request of the House of Commons, and advice of Privy Council, are deferred: the dates being from Sept. 3 to Oct. 3. Printed. [Proc. Coll., p. 12.]
July 23.
31. Warrant for the promotion of Dr. Laney to the Deanery of Rochester Cathedral, void by promotion of Dr. Turner to the Deanery of Canterbury.
July 23.
32. Petition of Col. James Montgomery to the King, for payment of the arrears of a pension of 200l. a year, granted by the late King to Sir William Stewart, for faithful services abroad; which arrears are the principal part of the portion assigned to his wife, who is Sir William's grandchild. With reference thereon to the Treasury Comrs.
July 23.
33. Petition of Peter Ingram to the King, for confirmation in the Rectory of Longworth and Chapelry of Charney, co. Berks, to which he was instituted in 1649 by the undoubted patron. With reference to Drs. Sheldon, Earles, and Morley, their report, July 28, in favour of the petitioner, and order thereon, Aug. 2, granting the petition. Annexing,
33. i. Certificate by Dr. Thos. Bradley, and six others, in favour of the petitioner.
July 23.
34. Thos. White to the Navy Comrs. Will obey the commands of Vice-Admiral Lawson, and fit out the Lily frigate, which has just come in. [Adm. Paper.]
July 23.
Portsmouth frigate, Harwich.
35. Capt. Robt. Sansum to the Same. Repeats particulars given in his former letter [June 6]. Set sail northward, May 20, with other vessels, and stayed till July 19, when he came thither for victuals. His ship is out of repair, but there are no stores there for her refitting. [Adm. Paper.]
July 23.
36. James Johnson to the Same. As agent for naval affairs in the town, has furnished Capt. Dare, of the Gift, with 12s. a man for 400 men whom he wished to discharge, to be allowed as conduct money, or taken from their wages. Has paid Wm. Botoling for pilotage of the Richmond to and from Lynn, and sends three other tickets for pilots, whose wives are poor and crave their money. Has also paid 34l. for Capt. Ducie, and 10s. each to two of the Maria's men, left there sick. [Adm. Paper.] Encloses,
36. i. Receipts of 10s. each, by two sailors of the Maria frigate, from James Johnson. July 23, 1660.
July 23.
Gift frigate, Kingroad.
37. Capt. Hugh Middleton to the Navy Comrs. Has delivered the ammunition at Dungannon and Waterford, landed the Marchiones, of Ormond safely, is going to Cork with the rest of the ammunition and will then mind duty off that coast. [Adm. Paper.]
July 23.
Drake frigate, Deptford.
38. Capt. John Bowrey to the Navy Comrs. Has set sail as ordered, but has left behind some of his men, who are preferring articles against him, because he will not act with them in making a disturbance for pay. They tried it before, with the old Admiralty Comrs. and the Duke's secretary, but were slighted. Showed a copy of the articles, and of his petition to be tried by a council of war, to Lord Montague, who bade him not trouble himself about it. [Adm. Paper.] Encloses,
38. i. Memorandum for John Bowrey, Capt. of the Drake, Thos. Perkins, boatswain, and twelve others, to appear before the Council. July 25.
38. ii. Articles presented to the Admiralty Comrs. against Capt. John Bowrey, of the Drake frigate, for taking an anchor not belonging to him, carrying away prohibited goods, as leather and wool, aiding to import goods without payment of Custom, issuing false tickets, &c.
38. iii. Names of runaways from the Drake frigate, for whom the Captain has made tickets, since March 7, 1657.
July 23. 39, 40. Account of the stations and provisions of the ships of the Downs squadron. Two papers. [Adm. Paper.]
July 24.
41. Fras. Holt to the Navy Officers. Was ordered to provide a ship to transport Lady Carteret to France, and has chosen the Ruby frigate now in harbour. [Adm. Paper.]
July ? 42. Petition of Walter Rought, parson of St. Mary's, co. Northampton, to the King, for admission of his son Walter, as Purveyor of the Navy at Portsmouth, or Officer in the Custom House, Southampton. Was three years imprisoned, twice corporally punished, and lost 1,000l. for loyally preaching against the rebellion, and using the Common Prayer Book.
July 24. 43. Order by the Treasury Comrs. for grant of the place of Searcher of Southampton, void by death of Courtney and Knapp, to Walter Rought.
July [24]. Docquet of the above. [Docquet Book, p. 26.]
July 24. 44. Order by the Treasury Comrs. for grant of the place of Comptroller in the Port of Pool, void by death of Rich. Turnor, to Wm. Ivie.
45 Like order for that of Comptroller of the Port of Exeter, void by death of George Kendall, to John Holle and Scipio Stucley.
July 24. 46. Marquis of Dorchester to [Sec. Nicholas]. Asks aid for Mr. Eaton, his chaplain, who petitions the King for a Prebend. He was ejected from his Fellowship at Oxford for his loyalty, and served the late King as an army chaplain. Annexing,
46. i. Petition of Byrom Eaton to the King, for a Prebend in Worcester Cathedral, void by death of Dr. Wm. Smith.
46. ii. Certificate by Dr. Rob. Sanderson, and five others, in favour of the petitioner.
July 24.
47. Sir Matthew Price, [High Sheriff of Montgomeryshire, to Sec. Nicholas]. The fanatics of the county hold frequent meetings, notwithstanding repeated warnings, and use threatening language. Before the late plot, they gave each other bread on a rapier's point, and demanded back the arms taken from them, with threats of compelling their restoration. They have many concealed arms, and long knives, prepared for Lambert's late insurrection, to cut the throats of all the cavaliers in these parts; they intended the same now, had Argyle's plot taken effect. Sent to their meeting at Aberbechan last Sunday, and ordered them to cease such meetings. They said they would not while they lived, and cared not who forbad it. Committed some of the ringleaders to prison, among them Lewis Price and Vavasour Powell, who forwarded a petition for execution of the late King, and have been promoters of sedition. No justice but himself dares interfere with them.
July 24.
48. Petition of Clement Thruston, M.A., to the King, for presentation to the Rectory and parish church of Topesfield, Essex, void by death of Dr. Burnet. The profits are detained by Mr. Oveshead, who sequestered the rectory from Dr. Burnet. With reference thereon to Drs. Sheldon, Earles, and Morley, and their report in favour of the petitioner; also certificate from Dr. Rich. Ball, and three others, in his favour.
July 25.
Essex House.
49. Earl of Winchelsea [Lord Lieut. of Kent to Sec. Nicholas]. Recommends Col. Ric. Spencer, Sir Norton Knatchbull, and Sir Ant. Aucher to be Deputy Lieutenants, under him.
July 25.
50. Wm. Houghton to Thos. Stanley. Sends a copy of presentments of the Insurrection of Sir George Booth, as made at the Knutsford sessions. Hopes not to be prejudiced thereby.
July 25.
51. Petition of Barnaby Love, priest, to the King, for confirmation of his title to the parsonage of Wonsington, co. Hants. Was turned out from his Fellowship at New College, and from the Registrarship of the University, for serving the late King as a common soldier. With reference thereon to Drs. Sheldon, Earles, and Morley, and their report, July 27, in favour of the petitioner.
July 25.
52. Petition of Dr. Sam. Annesley, Lecturer at St. Paul's on Sunday evenings, to the King. Was obliged to quit a parsonage of 200l. or 300l. a year for the least parish in London, for detesting the late King's death, refusing to send a horse against His Majesty at Worcester, pronouncing Cromwell an arrant hypocrite who would pull down others to make his own way, &c. Was several times baffled of preferment by Cromwell, who at length allowed him the St. Paul's Sunday lectureship, and 120l. out of 400l. granted by Parliament there, of which he requests continuance. With order therein, that he may retain the lectureship, but that the King knows nothing of the salary, nor is obliged to pay it.
[July 25.] 53. Warrant for Leonard Pinckney to succeed John Brooke as One of the Four Tellers of the Exchequer, a reversion of the place having been granted him by the late King.
July [25]. Docquet of the above. [Docquet Book, p. 16.]
[July 25.] 54. Petition of Thos. Gallile, merchant, to the King, for examination of his discoveries and writings by Solicitor General Sir Heneage Finch. Has been spoiled of an inheritance of 3,000l. by rich and powerful adversaries, and, in prosecution to preserve it, has discovered three or four towns depopulated by his adversaries, which are His Majesty's inheritance. [See Council Reg.]
July 25.
Kentish frigate.
55. Certificate by Willoughby Hannam, that John Flatman serves him as surgeon on board the Kentish frigate, and request that he may receive recruits as usual. [Adm. Paper.]
July 25.
The London, Downs.
56. Sir Jo. Lawson to [Sam. Pepys]. Has no fourth-rate frigate in the Downs to send to Portsmouth for Lady Carteret, but will send the Bristol or a third-rate one. [Adm. Paper.]
July 25.
The London Downs.
57. Warrant from Vice-Admiral Sir Jo. Lawson to Mr. Sparrow, Commander of the Swallow, to repair to Deptford, and obey the orders of the Navy Officers there. [Adm. Paper.]
July 25.
Basing frigate.
58. Capt. Ric. Hodges to the Navy Comrs. Understands that they question his account for victuals. The prices are higher in those parts than in England. Begs that they will pass them, as, if all is paid, he will still be a loser. [Adm. Paper.]
July 25. 59. William Hunt, baker of Portsmouth, to the Same. Is neither safe at home nor away for fear of arrests, more than 11,000l. or 12,000l. being due to him and his partners. Entreats some money, that they may preserve their credit, and complete their contract. [Adm. Paper.]
July 26.
60. St. John Steventon, clerk of the cheque at Portsmouth, to Thomas Turner. Encloses Capt. Pley's bill. [Adm. Paper.]
July 26. 61. Certificate by Chris. Pett, and three others, to the good conduct of John Ripon, of Woolwich, as servant in the stores, from which he was dismissed six years ago for his loyalty. [Adm. Paper.]
July 26.
Briar frigate, Yarmouth.
62. Capt. Anthony Rively to the Navy Comrs. Has returned from the north with his convoys, and was driven into Yarmouth. Prepares to return northward with a fleet of light colliers, the coast being very clear of men-of-war. [Adm. Paper.]
July 26. 63. Sir Allan Apsley to Chas. Whittaker. Requests a warrant of Mr. Muncrieff's appointment as King's Falconer.
July 26. 64. Dr. Geo. Morley to John Nicholas. Requests a caveat against the passing away of a certain living, now held by one who, according to a vote in the committee for religion, should not be ejected, because he came in on the death of the former incumbent. Has been installed with four of his brethren, being received into Oxford with bell-ringing and rejoicings, and met by many of the students. The intruders are willing to quit possession.
July 26. 65. Attorney General Palmer to Sec. Nicholas. The enclosed concerns the Lord Chief Justice of Common Pleas, and there is some justice in what is desired [about the philazers].
July 26. 66. Declaration by Henry Tylt, sen. and jun., and John Tylt, co. Worcester, of their availing themselves of the King's gracious pardon. Signed by Sir Harbottle Grimston.
July 26. 67. List of 21 names proposed as Deputy Lieuts. for Dorsetshire.
July 26. 68. Lord Belasyse to Lord Muskerry. Requests him to remind the King of the grant to them both of certain fen lands, and to obtain exclusion of other pretenders, as Sir Theophilus Gilby is petitioning for the same.
July 26. 69. Information by Chas. Fulwood, that Capt. Hen. Cleer, on the bonfires for the Restoration, said " What ado here's made to bring home a bastard." He aided Lambert in his last rebellion; has lately said that he would sheathe his sword in the King's blood; lurks about in disguise, and was yesterday seen stealing upstairs at Whitehall.
[July 26.] 70. Petition of Rob. Armestead to the King, for a Land Waiter's place in the Custom House.
July 26.
71. Petition of Thomas Stanley to the King, for a reference on his case relative to his grant of a baronetcy, wherein he is misinterpreted, and wishes to vindicate himself. With reference thereon to the Treasurer and Comptroller of the Household and Denzil Hollis.
[July 26.] 72. Petition of Thos. Stanley to the King. Complains of the wrong he suffers through the malice of his enemies, who have tried to prevent his patent of a baronetcy, and hindered him in it, even after its passing the Great Seal, assuring His Majesty that the country gentlemen who were made to appear his opposers, really favour his right.
[July 26] 73. Minute of a reference of the preceding petition to Sir Fred. Cornwallis, Bart., Treasurer, and Sir Chas. Berkeley, Comptroller of the Household, and to Denzil Hollis, who ordered the parties to be heard on September 10; but on that day, the gentlemen of Cheshire, pleading for time to get up a charge against Mr. Stanley, the case was postponed to Michaelmas term.
July 27.
74. Petition of Thos. Sutton to the King, for presentation to the Vicarage of Puckle-church, co. Gloucester. Was ejected from Corpus Christi College, Oxford, in 1648, for loyalty. With reference thereon to Drs. Sheldon, Earles, and Morley, and their report, Aug. 1, 1660, in favour of the petitioner.
[July 27.] 75. Petition of Rich. Speake, of Worcester, to Sec. Nicholas. To procure for him a patent to find out lands concealed and detained from the Crown, in cos. Worcester, Salop, and Hereford. Was employed by the late King as private messenger from garrison to garrison, in which office he acted with great circumspection and fidelity; was plundered of all he had, beaten, wounded, and hurt almost to death, and then banished. [See Council Reg.]
July 27.
76. Petition of Thos. Holyoke to the King, for presentation to the Rectory of Tatenhill, co. Stafford. His aged father was forced from his habitation for loyalty, his mother beaten, which hastened her death, his servant killed, and their estate of 300l. a year plundered, so that they have lived on charity ever since. With reference thereon to Drs. Sheldon and Earles.
July 27. 77. Speech of the King in the House of Peers, urging the speedy passing of the Bill of Indemnity sent up to them from the Commons, with no exceptions but the murderers of his father. With note of order for its being printed. Printed.
July 27.
78. Order in Council, that as Lord Rich. Christophilus is an object of Christian charity, he should have a present of 50l., and a pension of 40s. a week, till some other support be found for him.
July ? 79. Petition of John Fell, M.A., to the King, for the Canonry of Christ Church, Oxford, void by death of Dr. Hammond.
July 27. 80. Grant to John Fell, of Christ Church, Oxford, of a Prebend's. place there, void by promotion of Dr. George Morley to the deanery of Christ Church. Latin.
July 27.
81. James Duke of, York to Sec. Nicholas. Wishes John Tippetts to be continued Master Shipwright of the dockyard at Portsmouth, and to have his patent accordingly.
July 27.
82. Wm. Addis to the Navy Comrs. Is unable, from want of money, to supply the ships of this squadron; if but 400l. or 500l were ordered, they might be able to proceed. [Adm. Paper.]
July 27.
John ketch, Rolling Ground.
83. Capt. John King to the Navy Comrs. Ranges about his station, convoying small vessels laden with butter, cheese, &c., to their ports. Has not in six weeks seen an enemy's vessel till the 24th, when he chased one, but she got away. [Adm. Paper.]
July 27.
Forester, Hull River.
84. Capt. Anthony Archer to the Same. Has been with more convoys to Holland, but cannot obtain satisfaction for his bowsprit, broken by a Dutch frigate; will convoy vessels to London and come up for provisions. [Adm. Paper.]
July 27.
Victualling office.
85. Victualling Comrs. to Sir Wm. Penn. Quote a clause from their instructions, given when they entered their new employment, as their authority for employing Capt. Edw. Allen as cashier. [Adm. Paper.]
July 27.
Norwich frigate, off Scarborough.
86. Capt. Mic. Nutton to the Admiralty Comrs. Has been cruising about, but seen no Ostenders. Has convoyed 10 sail of Hull ships, laden with lead and cloth, on their way to London and Holland. [Adm. Paper.]
July 28.
87. Thos. White to the Navy Comrs. Fulfils daily orders from the Vice-Admiral for supplies of stores for different ships. Asks if it be their pleasure that he should so do. [Adm. Paper.]
July 28.
Dockyard, Portsmouth.
88. St. John Steventon to the Navy Officers. The Ruby has set sail from Spithead, with 154 men, to transport Lady Carteret. The Sorling and the Nonsuch wait orders for sailing. [Adm. Paper.]
July 28.
89. Warrant for a grant to Dr. Walter Charleton, physician to the late King, of the office of His Majesty's Physician in Ordinary.
July 28. 90. Order by the Treasury Comrs., for the place of Customer of the Port of Hull, lately held by Mat. Alured, to be given to Thos. Lysons, jun.
July 28. 91. Sir Phil. Warwick to John Nicholas. Mr. Parker is concerned in the office of Marshal of the Exchequer; wants his warrant.
July 28. 92. The Same to the Same. Urges the passing of a warrant for a suit granted by the King to Dr. Roberts.
July 28. 93. Petition of Cadwallader Jones to the Treasury Comrs., for the Customer's place at Sandwich, granted him by the late King. With reference thereon to the Attorney General, to consider his patent and Mr. De la Barr's, for the place; the Attorney's report, Aug. 4, that De la Barr's petition is revoked and the petitioner's is lawful; and the Lords Commissioners' reference of the decision to the King, Aug. 21.
July ? 94. Similar petition to the same effect.
July 28.
95. Petition of Anthony Clifford to the King, for the Rectory of Newton-Ferrers, co. Devon, void by death of Thos. Harper, four years ago. With reference thereon to Drs. Sheldon, Earles, and Morley, and their report, July 30, in favour of the petitioner.
July 29.
96. Petition of the Shipmasters and others trading to Newcastle and northward to the King, to recommend to the Trinity Company the consideration of the allowances thought fit for preservation through the year of the two lights at Spurn Head, which they think needful. With reference thereon to the Duke of York.
July 29.
97. Warrant for a grant to Charles Lord Gerard, of Brandon, gentleman of the bedchamber, in reversion after Jas. Rogers, of the office of Remembrancer of Tenths and First Fruits.
July 29.
Hind ketch, Gravesend.
98. Capt. Richard Country to the Navy Officers. By order of the Governors of Dunkirk, has transported to England the Duke of Newburg's ambassador, and brought him to Gravesend. Wants cleaning and provisions. [Adm. Paper.] Encloses,
98. i. Warrant from Vice-Admiral Lawson to Capt. Country, to bring over the said Ambassador; to inform the Navy Officers, on arrival, of his condition; and, if they think fit, to repair to Harwich to clean and victual. July 27, 1660.
July 30. 99. Certificate by Robert Gale, that Edw. Christopher is set down by mistake in the cheque book as grummet, instead of carpenter's servant. [Adm. Paper.]
July 30.
100. Message from the King to the House of Peers, urging their passing the Act of Indemnity, notwithstanding the loss to himself of the arrears on wards, alienations, &c., leaving it to the Commons to settle a sufficient revenue on him.
July 30.
101. Sir John Harpur to Jas. Williamson, Fellow of Queen's College, Oxford. Doubts not that his removal from Oxford is caused by discovery of his capacity for more public employment; wishes him to consign the tuition of his son to fitting hands.
July 30. 102. Sir Fras. Burdett to the Same. Rejoices at his promotion, but regrets the loss to his son; wishes him to select a new tutor for him.
July 30.
103. Certificate, by John Ayton, that Rob. Pritchard is admitted as Cutter and Raser of the King's Clothes.
July 30 ? 104. Certificate, by Col. Wm. Legg, to the good conduct of Robt. Prichards, as Lieut. under his command in Oxford.
July 30.
105. Sir Matthew Price to Sec. Nicholas. Has secured Vavasour Powell, whose letter enclosed intimates some dangerous plot in hand; he mentions disturbances in London, and bids his friends in gaol expect strange deliverance shortly. Asks if those committed may be released on bail; has written six letters, but received no orders. Encloses,
105. i. Vavasour Powell to Hen. Williams, Capt. L. Price, and Thos. Tudge, at Pool. Was importunate, at the hazard of his own liberty, to secure theirs; the sheriff refused it, but says they can be released to-morrow, on bail for their appearance. Requests them to make haste, lest the news by the next post of the great stirs in London obstruct; would come to them but for a preaching engagement; will be surety for them as far as his estate or life will go, and sends them 30s. They must expect more sufferings, or strange deliverance shortly. Lord's Day morning.
July 30. 106. Petition of Thos. Potter to the King, for the Prebend and Lectureship in Lincoln Cathedral, void by death of Mr. Reyner. Served the late King through the war, and has since constantly corresponded with Sec. Nicholas, and had His Majesty's acknowledgments of his services. With note in his favour by Dr. Gilb. Sheldon.
July 30 ? 107. Similar petition, for the Prebend of Louth, in Lincoln Cathedral, void by death of Dr. Thos. Wilson. With note in his favour by Dr. John Earles.
July 30 ? 108. Similar petition, for One of the many Prebends in Westminster, Windsor, Canterbury, or elsewhere.
July 30. 109. Similar petition, for the Rectory of Chiddingston, co. Kent. With note in his favour by Drs. Earles and Morley.
July 31.
110. Commission to Sir Chas. Harbord, Sir Phil. Warwick, and others, to receive information from Rich. Pight and Jas. Freese concerning the concealment of plate, money, bullion, &c. belonging to the King; to assist them in the recovery thereof, and to give them the moiety of what is recovered in a month.
July 31. 111. Order by the Treasury Comrs, granting the office of Searcher of the Port of Newcastle, void by death of Hen. Warmeworth, to George Cock.
July 31. 112. Like order for grant to Colonel Lewis Tremayne, of the Stewardship of the Hundreds of Powder, Trigg, and Lesneth, Cornwall; and to Nath. Lugger, of that of the Hundreds of Pyden, Kerrier, and Stratton.
July 31.
113. The King to the Levant Company. Understands that they offer to the Earl of Winchelsea, going Ambassador to Constantinople, the same terms for the management of their affairs as were given to Sir Thos. Bendish. Orders that he, being a person of more eminent quality than usually employed, have the same allowance, without mentioning the Strangers' Consulage; will leave it to him to receive the Foreign Consulage in kind, or agree with them for it.
July 31.
Providence, off Scarborough Castle.
114. Capt. Giles Shelley to the Navy Comrs. Convoys a ship, as ordered, to the Texel, and now plies in his former station, between Yarmouth and Tynemouth, and may be heard of at Scarborough or Yarmouth. [Adm. Paper.]
July. Grant to Sir Wm. Throckmorton of the office of Marshal of the Marshalsea of the Household, during suspension of Sir Edw. Sydenham. [Docquet Book, p. 10.]
July. Grant to Silius Titus of the office of Keeper of Bushy Park, Hampton Court; fee, 2s. 2d. a day. [Ibid.]
July ? 115. Petition of Henry Wynn, Solicitor General to the Queen [Mother], and John Wynn, of the Inner Temple, to the King, for a grant, with survivorship, of the Stewardship of the Manors of Bromfield and Yale, co. Denbigh.
July ? 116. Similar petition to the same effect.
July ? 117. Similar petition, for the Stewardship of Denbigh Manor; and that of Bromfield and Yale, co. Denbigh. Annexing,
117. i. Form of a warrant for the grant as aforesaid.
July. Grant to Henry Wynn of the office of Steward of the Lordship of Denbigh; fee, 40l.: and that of Bromfield and Yale, co. Denbigh; fee, 20l.; with reversion to John Wynn. [Docquet Book, pp. 10 and 26.]
July. Grant to John Foster of the office of Comptroller of the Customs in Sandwich. [Docquet Book, p. 10.]
July. Grant to John Davenport of the office of Chief Carpenter of the Works; fee, 1s. a day. [Ibid].
118. Warrant for a grant to Col. Chas. Fairfax, and his heirs, of an Annuity of 100l. a year for ever, to be paid out of the Customs in the Port of Hull.
July. Docquet of the above. [Docquet Book, p. 11.]
July. Lease to Sir Andrew King of the office of Clerk of the Bills in the Custom Houses in England and Wales, on rental of 6l. 13s. 4d. [Ibid.]
July ? 119. Petition of Richard May, Alderman of Canterbury, to the King, for the offices of Water Bailiff and Verger of Dover and Sandwich. Was ever loyal, and instrumental in promoting the late Kentish declaration for a full and free Parliament, for which he would have been sequestered, but for the Restoration.
July. Grant to Rich. May of the office of Water Bailiff of Dover and Keeper of the Prison there. [Docquet Book, p. 11.]
July. Grant to Henry Hildyard of the office of Chamberlain of the Exchequer. [Ibid.]
July. Blank grant of the Mastership of Greetham Hospital, co. Durham, [Ibid.]
July. Grant, with survivorship, to Robt. Child and Thos. Turner, of the office of writing and engrossing all Leases of Crown lands; fee, 20l. a year. [Ibid.]
July. Grant to John Viscount Mordaunt, in reversion after Eliz. Countess Dowager of Peterborough, of the house and site and all houses belonging to the late Priory of Ryegate, Surrey, at the ancient rental of 7l. 4s. 9d. [Ibid.]
July. Grant to Sir John Carter, of the office of Steward of the Manor of Denbigh; fee, 40l. 6s. 8d. a year. [Docquet Book, p. 12.]
July. Grant to Sir Thos. Clarges, of a messuage in the Green Mews and part in the Great Mews; rent 20s. [Ibid.]
July. Grant to Dr. George Bate of the office of First Physician in Ordinary; fee, 100l. a year. [Ibid.]
July. Grant to Rich. Norton of the yearly rent of 31l. 2s. 11d. out of the Manor of West Wardetham, co. Hants, for payment of the keeper's fees of the forests of Aylesholt and Woolmer; also of the office of Lieut. of the above places. [Ibid]
July ? 120. Petition of Sir Ralph Freeman to the King, for restoration to the office of Master and Worker of the Mint, to which he and the late Sir Thos. Aylesbury, Bart., were appointed by the late King, but ousted for joining His Majesty, and Dr. Aaron Geurdain, who still holds the place, was put in. There is some bullion now in the Mint, and more likely to be brought in, which cannot be coined for want of settlement of the office.
July. Grant to Sir Ralph Freeman of the office of Master and Worker of the Mint, in the Tower. [Docquet Book, p. 12.]
July. Grant to Sir Gilbert Talbot of the office of Master of the Jewel House; fee, 50l. a year. [Ibid.]
July. Grant to Thos. Warner of the office of Serjeant-at-Arms; fee, 1s. a day. [Docquet Book, p. 13.]
July. Grant to Thos. St. George, during good behaviour, of the office of Somerset Herald-at-Arms; fee, 40 marks a year. [Ibid.]
July. Grant to Wm. Dennington of the office of Prothonotary and Clerk of the Crown for cos. Carmarthen, Pembroke, and Cardigan, the village of Haverford West, and the borough of Carmarthen. [Ibid.]
July ? 121. Petition of Fras. Lovelace, Recorder of Canterbury, to the King, for the Stewardship of the Liberties of St. Augustine, near Canterbury, for himself and his son Goldwell. Has suffered sequestration, imprisonment, and loss of office, for his loyalty. Annexing,
121. i. Note of the requested grant for Fras. Lovelace.
July. Grant to Fras. Lovelace of the office of Chief Steward of the Liberties of the late Monastery of St. Augustine, near Canterbury. [Docquet Book, p. 13.]
July ? 122. Petition of Charles Earl of Derby to the King, for a grant to himself for life, with remainder to Sir Heneage Finch, in trust for Wm. Lord Strange, his son, of the office of Chamberlain of the County Palatine of Chester, on surrender of a former patent to himself and his son, the validity of which is doubtful by reason of the infancy of his said son. With order thereon granting the petition.
July. Grant, with survivorship, to Charles Earl of Derby and Wm. Lord Strange, his son, of the office of Chamberlain of the County Palatine of Chester. [Docquet Book, p. 13.]
July. Grant to William Sherwood of the office of Thrower or Weigher in Newcastle-on-Tyne. [Ibid.]
July. Grant to Michael Basten of the office of Locksmith to the King's Household, and Chief Smith of all black and iron works in the King's honours, manors, &c., in England; fee, 1s. a day. [Docquet Book, p. 14.]
July. Grant to Alvarny Pinckney of the office of Gentleman Porter in the Tower. [Ibid.]
July. Grant to Samuel Pepys of the office of Clerk of the King's Ships; fee, 3l. 6s. 8d. a year. [Ibid.]
July. Grant to George Russell of the office of Serjeant of the King's Hawks; fee, 65l. a year. [Ibid.]
July. Grants to John Nicholas, Sir Edw. Walker, and Sir George Lane, of the office of Clerks of the Privy Council in Ordinary; fees, 50l. a year, each. [Docquet Book, p. 14.]
July. Grant to John Hingeston of the office of Keeper, Repairer, and Tuner of the King's Organs, Virginals, and Wind Instruments; fee, 60l. a year. [Ibid.]
July. Grant to John Viscount Mordaunt, in reversion after Sir Edw. Nicholas, of the offices of Constable of Windsor Park, Keeper of the Forests, &c., and Keeper of the Great Park and herbage; rent for the herbage 5l. a year. [Docquet Book, p. 15.]
July. Grant to Col. Robt. Harley of the office of Steward of the Lordships and Manors of Melenith, &c., co. Radnor, and of the Boroughs of Knights and Preston; fee, 6l. 13s. 4d. [Docquet Book, p. 15.]
July. Grant to Col. Edw. Harlow of the office of Governor of Dunkirk and Mardike. [Ibid.]
July? 123. Petition of Wm. Sprye, of Blisland, Cornwall, to the King, for the office of Surveyor of the Duchy of Cornwall. Endured the greatest hardships at the siege of Pendennis Castle; was six times imprisoned, plundered, sequestered, &c.
July. Grant to Wm. Sprye of the office of Surveyor of the Duchy of Cornwall. [Docquet Book, p. 15.]
July. Grant to Fras. Godolphin of the office of Commander and Governor of the Isles of Scilly. [Ibid.]
July. Grant to Rich. Werge of the office of Coffer Maker to the King. [Ibid.]
July. Grant to Henry Barker of the offices of Clerk of the Crown in Chancery; fee, 20l., and Clerk for writing pardons for treason, &c., and all writs and extents on statutes staple; fee, 40l. [Docquet Book, p. 16.]
July. Grant to Laurence Lowe, of London, of the office of Waiter in the Port of London. [Ibid.]
July. Grant to Thos. Agar of the office of writing and enrolling all Commissions and Appeals in the Court of Chancery. [Ibid.]
July. Grant to Viscount Buckley of the offices of Chancellor and Chamberlain of the counties of Anglesey, Carnarvon, and Merioneth; fee, 20l. a year. [Ibid.]
July. Grant to Robert Chaloner of the office of Bluemantle Pursuivantat-Arms; fee, 20l. a year. [Ibid.]
July. Grant to Nicholas Opey of the office of Customer in Plymouth and Fowey. [Docquet Book, p. 17.]
July Grant to Edw. Villiers of the offices of Keeper of West Sheen House, alias Richmond, co. Surrey, the wardrobe, gardens, and green thereto belonging; Keeper of the Park, lodges, and game; also Steward of the Court Leet there, Keeper of the late Monastery of Sheen, Steward of the said manor, and Keeper of the Court Baron there. [Ibid.]
July ? 124. Petition of Edw. Villiers to the King to add the lives of his two sons to his own, in his grant of the place of Housekeeper at Richmond, and Steward of the Manor, as the house at Richmond is much ruined, and there will be much expense about some small tenements.
July. Grant to — Kipps of the office of Messenger in Ordinary of the Exchequer; fee 1s. 2d. a day. [Docquet Book, p. 17.]
July. Grant to Wm. Bayly of the office of Water Bailiff of the Thames between Staines Bridge and the head of the river. [Ibid.]
July. Grant to John Green of the office of Keeper of the Stables at the Mews; fee, 24l. a year. [Ibid.]
July. Grant to Fras. Mansell of the office of Collector of the Customs on wool, leather, skins, &c., in the Port of Southampton, and of the Keepership of the King's cocket in the said port. [Docquet Book, p. 18.]
July. Grant to Rich. Combe of the office of Steward of the Manor of Hemel-Hempstead, co. Hertford, and the keeping of the Court Leet there; fee, 20l. a year, and the fines of the Court Leet. [Ibid.]
July ? 125. Petition of Thos. Burgh, of London, to the King, for the office of Weigher and Teller of the Mint, which he has held since the decease of Hamond Franklin, seven years before, having been 28 years a clerk in the Mint. With order thereon, granting the petition.
July. Grant to Thos. Burgh of the office of Teller and Weigher in the Mint in the Tower; fee, 50 marks a year. [Docquet Book, p. 18.]
July. Grant to Dr. Wm. Quatremaine of the office of Second Physician in Ordinary; fee, 100l. a year. [Ibid.]
July ? 126. Petition of John Vaughan to the King, for the place of Steward of the Manor of Mevenith and four others in Cardiganshire, where he lives. Was plundered, obliged to compound, and restrained in his profession as a lawyer, by his loyalty.
July. Grant to John Vaughan of the office of Steward of the Manors of Mevenith and others, co. Cardigan. [Docquet Book, p. 18.]
July ? 127. Petition of Capt. Thos. Hunt to the King, for the Constableship of Chester Castle, for which the late King granted a patent, with survivorship, to his late father, Randall Hunt, and himself, on surrender of the city in 1645. His father died seques tered, and the office was procured by Chief Justice Bradshaw, for Mr. Golborne, his servant, who has resigned it to the petitioner, on full proof of his title before Lord Chief Baron Bridgeman.
July. Grant to Thos. Hunt of the office of Constable of Chester Castle. [Docquet Book, p. 18.]
July. Grant to John Trowt, in reversion after Hen. Sandford, of the office of Receiver General in cos. Kent, Surrey, and Sussex, and cities of Canterbury, Rochester, and Chichester, with a second reversion to his son Mark Trowt. [Docquet Book, p. 19.]
July. Grant with survivorship to Sir Lionel Tollemache, Bart., and Eliz., his wife, Countess of Dysart, of the office of keeping the New Park, Richmond, co. Surrey, and overseeing and preserving the Deer there; fee, 1s a day. [Ibid.]
July. Grant to Dr. John Baker of the office of Physician in Ordinary; fee, 100l. a year. [Ibid.]
July. Grant to Giles Cale of the office of King's Waiter in the Port of London. [Ibid.]
July. Grant to John Barwell of the office of Esquire Saddler; with allowance of 1s. per day for himself, and 3½d. for his servant. [Ibid.]
July. Grant to Sir Rich. Lloyd of the office of Justice of cos. Glamorgan, Brecknock, and Radnor; fee, 50l. a year. [Docquet Book, p. 20.]
July. Grant to William Dicconson of the office of Chief Clerk of the Works; fee, 100 marks a year. [Ibid.]
July. Lease to the Marquis of Ormond of the Forest and Castle of Exmoor, cos. Devon and Somerset, timber trees excepted; rental, 46l. 13s. 4d. [Ibid.]
July. Grant to the Duke of York of the office of Constable of Dover Castle, and Warden of the Cinque Ports. [Ibid.]
July ? 128. Petition of Rich. Arundel of Trerice, Cornwall, and Nich. Arundel, on behalf of Anna, relict of John Trevanion of Caryhayes, Cornwall, now wife of Sir John Arundel, and of John and Hugh Trevanion, her sons, for renewal of a lease made by His Majesty when Prince, of the Park, &c. of Restormel, in trust for the widow and sons of John Trevanion, who maintained a regiment of soldiers for the late King, and was slain in the assault at Bristol.
July. Grant to Richard and Nic. Arundel, nominees of Lady Anna, now wife of Sir John Arundel, of a Lease of the Park of Restormel, with the woods and a chapel there, except the Castle of Restormel, during the lives of John and Hugh Trevanion, her sons. [Docquet Book, p. 21.]
July. Grant to Elias Ashmole of the office of Windsor Herald. [Ibid.]
July. Grant to Wm. Porter, sen. and jun., of the office of Registrar of all Sales upon Pawns in London. [Ibid.]
July. Grant to Richard Earl of Dorset of the office of Keeper of Broyle Park, co. Sussex, and Ranger of the Woods of Ringmer Manor, with reversion of the same to Charles Lord Buckhurst, his eldest son. [Ibid.]
July. Grant to Rich. Stucly of the office of Comptroller of the Customs at Plymouth and Fowey. [Ibid.]
July. Grant to John Martin of the office of Searcher of the Port of Plymouth and its members. [Docquet Book, p. 22.]
July. Grant to Rich. Blackford of the office of Collector of Customs in Lynn Regis, co. Norfolk. [Ibid.]
July. Grant to Bryan, Bishop of Salisbury, of the office of Lord Almoner of all Felons' Goods, Deodands, &c., in England and Wales. [Ibid.]
July Grant to Humphrey Howard of the office of Keeper of the Manor House of York. [Ibid.]
July. Grant to John Bennet of the office of Receiver for cos. Dorset and Somerset; fee, 50l. a year, and 20s. portage on every 100l. [Ibid.]
July ? 129. Petition of Sir John Watts, of Hertfordshire, to the King, for the place of Receiver General for cos. Hertford, Essex, Middlesex, and London, void by death of Rich. Abbott. Served the late King as commissioned officer, and was imprisoned several times, sequestered, &c., in the Royal cause.
July ? 130. Report on the petitions of Nich. Veel, Sir John Watts, and John Collins, for the place of Receiver of Revenues for London, Middlesex, Hertford, and Essex, that nothing can be done permanently until it be ascertained whether Mr. Abbott, a London merchant, who failed and retired to Leghorn, is living, as he holds a patent of the place.
July. Grant to Sir John Watts of the office of Receiver General of cos. Middlesex, Hertford, Essex, and city of London. [Docquet Book, p. 22.]
July. Grant to Thos. Ellis of the office of King's Attorney, cos. Denbigh and Montgomery. [Ibid.]
July? 131. Petition of Henry Edwards to Sec. Nicholas, for a special mediation in favour of his petition which is referred to the Treasury Comrs.; Sir Phil. Warwick says that there are several other petitions for the same thing also referred; requests that none of them may intervene.
July. Grant to Henry Edwards of the office of Searcher at Pool and its members. [Docquet Book, p. 23.]
July. Grant to Henry Dethick of the office of Rouge Croix Pursuivantat-Arms; annuity, 20l. [Ibid.]
July. Grant to Thos. Steete of the office of Receiver of Fines, &c., concerning Sewers. [Ibid.]
July. Grant to John Wingfield of the office of Portcullis Pursuivantat-Arms; fee, 20l. a year. [Ibid.]
July. Grant to Lionel Coply, during the vacancy of the See, of the offices of Registrar and Scribe of the Acts of the Prerogative Court, diocese of York, Keeper of all Records there, and Registrar of Probates of Wills in the Northern Counties. [Docquet Book, p. 24.]
July. Grant to Edw. Strange of the office of Keeper of Hurst Castle, co. Hants; fee, 20d. a day. [Ibid.]
July. Grant to Sir John Booth of the offices of Clerk Prothonotary and Clerk of the Crown and Keeper of the Records, cos. Chester and Flint. [Ibid.]
July. Grant to Thos. Writtle of the office of Captain of Upnor Castle, near Chatham, and of the ships; fee, 30l. a year, &c. [Ibid.]
July. Grants to James Beck and John Barcroft of the office of Serjeants-at-Arms in Ordinary. [Docquet Book, p. 25.]
July. Grant to Robt. Godfrey of the office of Collector of Customs on Wool, &c. in King's Lynn. [Docquet Book, p. 26.]
July. Grant to James Grove of the office of Master Plasterer. [Ibid.]
July. Grant to Thos. Kinwards of the office of Chief Joiner to the King. [Ibid.]
July. Grant to John Sturgion of the office of Messenger of the Exchequer. [Docquet Book, p. 27.]
July. Lease to Rich. Arundel, in trust for Margaret, daughter of Sir Nich. Slanning, of all profits, &c., of Dartmoor Forest, co. Devon, and other grounds. [Ibid.]
July. Grant to Henry Morris of the office of Joiner of the Privy Chamber; fee, 12d. a day. [Ibid.]
July. 132. Warrant to the Excise Comrs., to continue John Champante in his present place of correspondent and clerk of the bonds.
July ?
133. Warrant to the Master and Registrar of King James's, alias Sutton's, Hospital, to admit Herman, son of Capt. Thos. Atkins, as a poor scholar.
134. Order for Capt. Wm. Applegarth, a great sufferer, to have some appointment in the north from the Commissioners of Excise.
July ? 135. Petition of Edward Tyldesley to the King, for a warrant to the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, to make him bow bearer of Myerscough chace; purchased the place by Royal consent from those who bought it of the pretended powers; took great care in the preservation of such deer as were left, and reserved some Royal game in Bolland Forest, near which he has an estate.
136. Warrant for a grant to Edw. Tyldesley of the office of Steward and Forester of Myerscough, Wyersdale, and Quarnmoor forests, &c.
[July.] 137. Note, that a warrant is returned, by consent of Lord Chesterfield, in order that another may be presented, for the Earl of Devonshire to be sole Lord Lieutenant of Derbyshire.
138. Warrant for a grant to Thos. Lee, of Hartwell, co. Bucks, of the dignity of a baronet.
July. 139. Memorandum for Thos. Writtle to be Captain of Upnor Castle, with 30l. a year salary.
140. The King to the [Master and Fellows of Queen's College, Oxford]. Requests a dispensation for absence from College for Jos. Williamson, so long as his services are required; no precedent will be made of obedience to these commands.
July ? 141. The King to the [Vice-Chancellor, &c.] of Oxford. Orders the passing of a Doctor's degree to Nich. Cordell, a frequent preacher before the late King at Oxford, and recommended by him for a degree.
July ? 142. The King to the [Vice-Chancellor, &c.] of Cambridge. Understanding there is some demur in admitting Dr. Peter Gunning to the place of Margaret Professor at Cambridge, orders his immediate admission, notwithstanding any statute to the contrary.
July ?
143. The King to the Provosts of Eton and of King's College, Cambridge, and other electors at Eton. Requests them to admit Edw. Scawen, scholar of Eton College, who has hitherto shown great proficiency, to King's College, Cambridge.
July ? 144. The King to the [Provost, &c.] of Eton College. Requests admission of Thos. Tuddeway, a singing man of Windsor Chapel Royal, to the place of singing man in their chapel, void by cession of Robt. Pamphlin.
July ? 145. The King to the [Principal] of Westminster College. Requests that the son of Capt. Sam. Underhill, a man of loyal affection to the late King, may be chosen Scholar in the next election.
July ? 146. The King to [the Master and Fellows of] Caius and Gonville College, Cambridge. John Price, Fellow there, lost for his loyalty in the late troubles, five years, which by statute he should have for study, before his ordination. Wishes him to be allowed that time, and, during the five years, to be constituted the College traveller.
July ? 147. The King to the Bishop of Llandaff. Orders him not to allow Dr. Jones, Fellow of Merton College, Oxford, to suffer in something nearly concerning him, and in the bishop's power, because he obeyed His Majesty's order not to absent himself from that college till the election of the warden.
July ? 148. The King to Thos. Grant, Alderman, and the Burgesses of Grantham. They are to examine into the case of Rich. Pearson and others, displaced from the first company of aldermen in the corporation for their loyalty during the late troubles, and, if it be found that they were unjustly removed, to cause those to be put out who withheld them.
July ? 149. The King to the Speaker of the Commons. Recommends to them a petition of the merchants supplying the fleet that brought him home to England, for payment.
July ? 150. Order to Sir George Carteret, Treasurer of the Navy, to pay to the officers of the fleet named by the Earl of Sandwich, 6,500l., of which one month's pay is to be given as a gratuity to the officers and ships' companies who attended the King to England in May 1660, and the rest to John Creed, deputy treasurer, for contingencies. With note by Montague Earl of Sandwich to Sec. [Nicholas] requesting dispatch of the order.
July ? 151. [Lord Chancellor Hyde] to Sec. [Nicholas]. The King is pleased to gratify honest Mr. Townsend, who has deserved well, by making a baronet at his request, viz., Sir Ralph Asheton, whom he has already knighted; requests dispatch of his warrant. Annexing,
151. i. Note of the address of Sir Ralph Asheton, of Middleton, co. Lancaster. [Knighted July 16, made a baronet Aug. 17, 1660.]
July ? 152. Wm. Sames to [Williamson ?]. Directions for the King's letter in his behalf, to St. Peter's College, Cambridge,—that it should mention his services at Pendennis,—be a letter mandatory, not a recommendation,—contain dispensations, provisoes, &c. Begs dispatch, or he will be dispossessed of his fellowship before the letter reaches the college.
July ? 153. Dr. Geo. Morley to [Nicholas]. Requests that the petition of Mr. Ayloffe to the Treasury Comrs., for reward for service, recommended by the King, may be read at the committee, although the petitioner is absent, securing papers relating to church revenues.
July ? 154. Edw. Smyth to Wm. Godolphin. Mr. Secretary wants a lease of lands of the Dean and Chapter of Westminster, now held by Rich. Douldswell, who knows his defective title, and therefore framed the Act now brought in to confirm Dean and Chapter's leases, and meanwhile tries to renew his own. This must be prevented; offers his services therein.
July ? 155. Thomas Edwards to Sec. Nicholas. To ask the Lord Chancellor to admit him as Pensioner in the Charter House. Endorsed with notes [by Nicholas] that Roger Pilkin, yeoman of the guard, should be examined about some gunpowder bought by him, and that a warrant should be issued to search the house of Woodcock, a Quaker in the Savoy, for arms hid underground.
July ? 156. Certificate by Thos. Blagge, and five others, that Hugh Walter, formerly of Trinity College, Cambridge, was in the late King's service from 1642 till the end of the war, behaved well, and was several times wounded, and that he secured a party of illaffected persons who were going to join Col. John Lambert. Marked "Hugh Walter, clerk, schoolmaster of a petty hospital in Lincoln."
July ? 157. Certificate, that Edw. Fulham had the degree of D.D. conferred upon him in 1647, but that the terror caused by the ejection of the loyal members from the University prevented his completing it. With note by Dr. George Morley, that he wishes Mr. Fulham, of Christchurch, to be put into the list of those that are to take Doctors' degrees.
July ? 158. Certificate by Humph. Henchman [Prebendary of Salisbury], and two others, that Wm. Whitwell, late Fellow of King's College, Cambridge, has resided 13 years at Salisbury, and obtained a fair esteem in the practice of physic. [Mandate for his degree, Sept. 19.]
July ? 159. Certificate by Dr. Hen. Ferne, to the loyalty and orthodoxy of Anthony Marshal, B.D., Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.
July ? 160. Note of a request of Aquila Smith for a Doctor's degree at Oxford.
July ? 161. Certificate by Dr. Brian Walton, and four others, to the loyalty and orthodoxy of Thos. Dalton, D.D.
July ? 162. Note of recommendation, by the Lord Chamberlain, for Luke Eales, M.B. to be M.D. at Cambridge.
July ? 163. Note of Mr. Ward, and four others, to be put in place of II. Goffe, Dr. Du Moulin, and three other doctors, as prebends of Canterbury. With request by John Reading, to be remembered for the places of Drs. Kingsley or Bray, both void by death.
July ? 164. Certificate by Dr. Brune Ryves, and seven others, to the loyalty and piety of Edw. Thurman, and his fitness for ecclesiastical preferment. Endorsed with notes for Thurman to be B.D., Godfrey King to be B.C.L., and John Wildbore, Jonathan and Jeremy Holled, and Thos. Archer, to be D.D.
July ? 165. Certificate by John Micklethwait and Thos. Coxe of the fitness of Joseph Micklethwait for the degree of Bachelor of Physic.
July ? 166. Certificate by Dr. John Cosin of the learning and loyalty of Algernon Peyton, of St. Peter's College, Cambridge, and his qualification for the degree of D.D. With note, "Mr. Jarvis, Mr. of Arts, for Dr. Divinity."
July ? 167. Certificates by the Earl of Northampton, Sir Thos. Gower, Dr. George Morley, and eight others, of the loyalty and sufferings of Jas. Harwood, B.D., driven from the church of St. Mary Mounthaw, London, for using the Book of Common Prayer; and by Sir Rob. Hildyard and Fras. Cobb of his bringing 40 men of his parish, in 1642, to aid in rescuing for the King a valuable ship in the Humber.
July ? 168. Note that Edw. Hawtaine, M.A., of Magdalen College, Oxford, was licensed to practice medicine, Feb. 8, 1655, and certificate by Dr. Hen. Clerke, and two other doctors, of his fitness for the degree of Doctor in Medicine. Latin. [Conferred, Oct. 17, 1660.]
July ? 169. Certificate by Edward Martin, Master of Queen's College, Cambridge, and seven others, that Michael Frere, M.A., settled in a Physic Fellowship in Queen's College, Cambridge, and bound to commence doctor, was ejected, and hindered from taking his degree by his loyalty, and is a well-deserving person.
July ? 170. Statements in favour of Rich. Parr, of Camberwell, Surrey, [for a letter for his Doctor's degree]; that he was M.A. and Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford, 1642; was chaplain to Archbishop Usher; constantly loyal, and lost thereby livings value 400l. a year; that he was the first who discovered to the late King, in the Isle of Wight, the execrable plot for taking away his life, and begged him to prevent it, for which he gave him his hand and thanks; that he was in suspicion under Cromwell, contributed to the Restoration, and would have been D.D. seven years before, if he would have taken his degree in the late times.
July ? 171. List of 20 churches, colleges, &c. [in which the King has grants of] alms-rooms.
July ? 172. Note that the Beadsmen's places in the King's gift in Trinity College, Cambridge, are now held by persons put in by the Protector, who will seek His Majesty's confirmation, and naming men who have fought and suffered in the Royal cause, as fit to hold them.
July ? 173. Names of the officers relating to the Customs and Subsidies, holding their offices under the Great Seal of England, in the Port of London, and the outports. With note that some others may be still living. Endorsed, "From Mr. John Dawes."
July ? 174. Request of Ant. Thorold, late Surveyor of Lyme, but removed on this general change, for the employment of land-waiter in that port.
July ? 175. Request from Col. Wm. Coulson, of Bristol, to the Duchess of Ormond, to move Sec. Nicholas for the place of Comptroller of Customs at Bristol for Thos. Coulson, now consul at Marseilles, if it become void by death of Rob. Yeamans.
July ? 176. Memorandum for Phil. Alden to be Commissioner or Comptroller or Storekeeper in some seaport.
July ? 177. Reference to the Customs' Comrs. of a petition for the place of Surveyor of Customs.
July ? 178. Statement made to the King, by [the Lord Lieut. of Bedfordshire], that it would be well to add to the deputy lieutenants formerly presented, Sir John Duncon, the last knight made by the late King, in the Isle of Wight, worth 2,000l. a year, and of a loyal family, and Stephen Anderson, worth 3,000l., who absconded during the late troubles, both of whom are now returning to live in Bedfordshire.
July ? 179. Request from the Baronets and Gentlemen of Monmouthshire and Glamorganshire, that Henry Lord Herbert may be made Lord Lieut. of those counties.
July ? 180. Information of above 100 armed horse, who met at Coley Hall, near Halifax, where John Hodgson, a late captain in Lambert's army, and a great fanatic, lives; a sudden insurrection is feared. With a list of twelve of the principal men, chiefly fanatic ministers.
July ? 181. Statement of the King's pleasure, that Thos. Blount, author of Boscobel, continue and perfect that history of his wonderful preservation, after the battle of Worcester, and that all persons instrumental therein give him information of the particulars; also that none but he presume to print any part thereof. [Published in Aug. 1660.]
July. 182. List of a committee of ten persons appointed to deliberate on petitions, memorials, &c., from the American plantations and West India Islands.
July ? 183, 184. List [by Nicholas] of persons proposed as Lord Lieutenants of the several counties of England and Wales. With additions made later. Two drafts.
July? 185. Note that the North and East Ridings of Yorkshire are but equal to the West alone, and that the North Riding and Bishopric of Durham might be joined under one command. Endorsed [by Nicholas] "Concerning Yorkshire divisions for Lord Lieutenant."
July ? 186. Memoranda [by Sec. Nicholas] of orders to be given to the Lord Lieutenants of counties, relative to the management of the troops, in which the Act for the Militia, passed in April, 1660, after the secluded members came in, will be a good guide.
187. Note of orders to the Lord Lieutenants of counties to enlist volunteers, and form into companies.
July ? 188. Instructions issued to the Lord Lieutenants of the several counties, commanding the regular exercising of the troops, the full numbers to be kept up, well-affected officers chosen, the volunteers who offer assistance formed in troops apart and trained, the officers to be numerous, disaffected persons watched and not allowed to assemble, and their arms seized; fortresses to be secured, all risings suppressed, and vagrants apprehended; and accounts of proceedings to be sent in to Council.
July ? Similar instructions addressed to Sir John Grenville, Lord Lieut. of Cornwall, and Lord Warden of the Stannaries, with a clause for exercising the tinners. [Entry Book, 4, p. 28.]
July ? 189. Blank Commission from [the Duke of Albemarle], Lord Lieut. of Devonshire, for the captaincy of a troop of volunteers to be raised in the county.