Charles II - volume 33: March 20-31, 1661

Pages 543-561

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1660-1. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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March 20-31, 1661

March 20. 1. Capt. Thomas Teddeman to the Masters and Wardens of the Surgeons' Company. Is appointed commander of the Fairfax, and desires their concurrence in his choice of Guy Noble, who was with him in the Resolution, as his surgeon. [Adm. Paper.]
March 20. 2. Geo. Montague to the Earl of Sandwich. Requests him to recommend Guy Noble, who served his lordship when he was hurt in Holland, to Mr. Coventry, to continue surgeon in the Fairfax. [Adm. Paper.]
March 20.
Navy Office.
3. Navy Comrs. to Major Edward Allen. Request his accounts since June 24, 1660, that it may appear what the King must allow for victualling of ships, and what belongs to the Commissioners of Parliament. [Adm. Paper.]
March 20.
Proclamation commanding all treasurers, receivers, farmers, and collectors of duties excepted from the Act of Indemnity, to bring in their accounts, and all commissioners to send in duplicates of the assessments on which the moneys were collected, before the first day of Easter term. Printed. [Proc. Coll., p. 54.]
March 20.
4. Nathaniel Johnson to his brother Daniel Johnson, Dorking. Private business.
March 20. 5. L. Rothwell to Col. Strode, South Petherton. Praises the City election.
March 20. 6. Sir Thos. Bridges to Sec. Nicholas. Has vainly endeavoured to bring in loyal members for Bath, being opposed by the mayor. Asks directions to prevent the election of Prynne and Popham, persons notorious in the late rebellion, who still court popular applause. Thinks of requesting the Lords of the Council to displace the mayor, and put in Alderman Hen. Chapman, a man of unblemished loyalty.
March 20.
Inner Star Chamber.
7. Ant. Hammond to John Nicholas. The hearing of the business of Mr. Symonds and the Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's, concerning Sandown, will probably be to-morrow.
[March 21.] 8. Petition of Chaloner Chute, jun., to the Commissioners appointed to treat with purchasers of Church and Crown lands, for relief. His late father held the lease of Sutton Court by purchase; spent 3,000l. upon it; to preserve its possession, bought it from the trustees of the pretended Parliament, and spent on it 2,500l. more; he often declared his desire for it to be restored to the church, if he might have a lease, and left it in jointure to Lady Dacre, his wife. On hearing of Dr. Nicholas's appointment as Dean of St. Paul's, the petitioner tendered him the inheritance on reasonable terms, but after diverse treaties, he professes to have made an estate thereof to Sec. Nicholas.
March ? 9. Answer of the Dean of St. Paul's to the above petition. Knew nothing till long after the Restoration, of Mr. Chute's pretensions. Lady Dacre had pleaded for her estate in Sutton Court, but he saw little reason for it, as the church received no part of her dowry. Agreed with Sec. Nicholas for Sutton Court in July last, before knowing anything of the King's directions as to tenants or purchasers of Crown lands. When Mr. Chute and Lady Dacre have agreed where the right lies, is willing to give reasonable satisfaction for their disbursements in purchase of the reversion, out of the fine to be paid by Sec. Nicholas.
March 21.
10. Petition of Sir William Ducie, Bart., to the King, for confirmation of the advowson of Charlton Church, Kent, questioned because, during the minority of the late owner, Sir Hen. Newton, Bart., [John] Pemberton, the parson, was ejected by the King for non-conformity, and John Hume, who now holds the living, presented. With reference thereon to the Attorney General, and his report, June 27, in favour of the petition.
March 21.
11. Copy of the preceding, with addition of the King's order, July 1661, granting the petition.
March 21. 12. Similar petition, to the same effect.
March 21. 13. Hen. Sanderson to Mr. Whittaker. Laid aside his former petition, on account of the emptiness of the King's coffers and unsettledness of his revenue, but begs that Mr. Secretary will present the enclosed. His father-in-law, Manchester, is his enemy, and is too strong for him. Encloses,
13. i. Petition of Henry Sanderson, son of Robert Bishop of Lincoln, to the King, for the salary and other allowances of gentlemen of the privy chamber in ordinary, and for admission on the next vacancy; was sworn and admitted, according to His Majesty's promises in France and Flanders, but Lord Chamberlain Manchester will not appoint his attendance.
March 21.
Navy Office.
14. Navy Comrs. to the Commissioners for discharging the Navy. The sum of 406l. 7s. 4d. is due to John Gosling, purser of the York, formerly the Marston, for his voyage, ending August 30, 1659. [Adm. Paper.]
March 22.
15. Capt. Wm. Badiley and Jonas Shish to the Navy Comrs. The Nonsuch ketch will soonest be ready to wait on the fleet, when occasion requires. [Adm. Paper.]
[March 22.] 16. Petition of Fras. Corker, prisoner in the Tower, to the King, for the benefit of the Act of Indemnity. Was close prisoner six months for his services to the late King, whom he never offended; is deeply conscious of his guilt in holding intelligence with His Majesty's enemies for three years past.
[March 22.] 17. Similar petition. Marked [by Nicholas] " Not to be freed by the Act of Indemnity."
March 22 ? 18. Address of Fras. Corker to the King. Was appointed vicar of Bradford by the late King, and kept his parishioners some time in allegiance, but failing this, the loyal party joined the late King's garrisons and armies in the North; during the Northern expedition, was chief guide of the King who called him his honest guide. When his present Majesty came with his Scotch army to Worcester, seized the post of that town, so as to stop all intelligence, and but for a private post that accidentally passed, none in London would have had notice for some days. Suffered much by imprisonment, and once narrowly escaped execution; but about three years ago, was brought before Sec. Thurloe, and was persuaded by him to go beyond seas and send intelligence of the state of the King's affairs; did so, but sent only what he thought was of little moment; and resolving to cause no man's blood to be shed, aided the escape of Chas. Davison, refused to bear testimony against Dr. Hewitt, and often persuaded Thurloe to liberate cavaliers, on pretence of gaining intelligence from them; wished to join Gardiner's plot against Cromwell, but could not. Has had little association with Mr. Stapeley, and received little money, lending part of it to distressed cavaliers.
March 23.
19. Humphrey, Bishop of Salisbury, to John Nicholas. Asks Sec. Nicholas's directions whether to provide a curate for Winterbourne; there will be a difficulty, as the expectations of all conformable men are so raised that they think themselves despised if a curate's place be offered them. The people will be clamorous if they have not a minister by Easter. Asks for what time Cannings Rectory is to be devised; also when Nicholas will discharge himself of those letters to bishops for augmentation of vicarages.
March 23. 20. Bond of George Gosfright and John White in 500l., for the peaceable demeanor of the former, and his appearance before Council or a secretary, when summoned.
March 23. 21. Solicitor General Finch to Sec. Nicholas. If the extracts from [Crofton's] book cannot be found, yet if he confesses the writing of it, he will deserve to be secured; if he denies it, the printer will turn witness against him. One passage exhorts carrying on the work of the Covenant by force, and rails on all turncoats; he maintains that the two Houses may impose an oath to bind people and King too, and offers to prove, by Scripture, the people's power to be above that of the King.
March 23. 22. Examination of Zachary Crofton before Sec. Nicholas. Confesses the writing of two books, entitled "The fastening of St. Peter's Fetters by Seven Links or Propositions," and "Berith Anti-Baal, or Zach. Crofton's Appearance before the Prelate, Justice of Peace." Also,
Examination of And. Crook, warden of the Stationers' Company. Did not license the said books, but according to custom, set his hand to the MS. copy, that it might be entered on the company's register.
March ? 23. Petition of Zachariah Crofton, prisoner in the Tower, to the King, for pardon and release, that he may share in the joy of the approaching happy coronation; was loyal in the worst of times, and suffered sequestration and imprisonment; his late inconsiderate expressions on matters out of his sphere were not written with intent to disturb the peace of the kingdom.
March 23.
24. Daniel Adams to the Navy Comrs. Delivery of colours for ships. [Adm. Paper.]
March 23.
25. John Tippetts to the Navy Comrs. Has appointed carpenters and masons to make a survey of the Navy victualling offices, and spends much time with them himself. The Happy Deliverance has arrived and shall be loaded with timber and hastened on. [Adm. Paper.]
March 23.
Chatham Dock.
26. John Chapman to the Same. Condition of the victualling office at Rochester; the repairs will cost 20l. The houses of the surveyor general of victuals have been sold.
March 23.
27. Thos. White to [the Same]. The Maison Dieu is such a vast ruinated thing that it will never be worth repairing, but might be sold, and part of it used to repair the rest; the field and park are sold. Brown, the tenant, has an offer to make for it. Encloses,
27. i. Survey by Jas. and Wm. Hammond, of the state of the Maison Dieu, with estimate of the expenses of repairing it, 4,000l., and of the present rental 77l.
March 24.
28. Wm. Gauntlett to John Nicholas. All at Wilton are constant to him and Mr. Mompesson, and should he be chosen at Salisbury, they will then have to put in some one chosen by the sheriff, who has threatened, if they displease him, to remove the County Court, brought by him thither from Devizes. They told him that they were pre-engaged. Hopes Nicholas will stand, as they are unwilling to have a stranger put upon them.
March 24.
29. Petition of Thos. Stanley, who married the eldest daughter and co-heir of the late Sir Jas. Enyon, Bart., to the King, for a lease of the moiety reserved to His Majesty of the goods imported which are not of the growth or manufacture of the place [whence imported], but which have not hitherto been of much benefit to him. Sir Jas. Enyon was treasurer and receiver-general to His Majesty when Prince, and supplied his household when the revenues were obstructed, incurring heavy debts thereby; he also attended the late King, lent him 1,500l., and raised a troop of horse at his own charge. With reference thereon to the Lord Treasurer.
March 25.
30. Petition of Serjeant-Major Thornef Frank to the King, for a renewal for 14 years of patents for boiling furnaces, invented by him for saving fuel for brewers, dyers, soap boilers, &c., and also for melting of metals, for which patents were granted him by the late King, but they have availed little on account of the troubles. After three years, will give His Majesty a tenth of the clear profits. Was captain of the St. Andrew that brought the late King, when Prince, home from Spain; served in the wars, making powder-mills, and supplying gunpowder at Hereford, Brecknock, Ludlow, Colchester, &c. Fears lest his mystery should be lost, most of his workmen being dead. With reference thereon to the Attorney General.
March 25.
31. Warrant to the Attorney General, that in any grant of the confiscated estate of Sir John Danvers, 1,200l. is to be charged thereon, due to the daughters of Sir Ferdinando Carey.
March 25.
Dunhedy Lodge.
32. Rich. Greene to [John Nicholas]. The Bishop of Salisbury, will find a tenant for Cannings, if Mr. Secretary would part with it, but would like a clergyman.
March 25.
33. Daniel Furzer to the Navy Comrs. There will be about 125 tons of timber, plank, and treenails, at the forest and water side. The great rains cause the roads to be as deep now as they usually are in winter, which will much impede the carriage, unless dry weather follow. There are 132 tons of round timber in the forest; if orders were sent down to square it, the freight would be the better. Asks money, without which the carriers will hardly work, many of them being unpaid for their former carriage. With note, that on receiving his account, money shall be sent, and he must make the best shift he can to hasten the business. [Adm. Paper.]
March 25.
The Pembroke, Downs.
34. Capt. Samuel Tittsell to the Same. Has ordered up the Paul for Woolwich. Only the Diamond, Rosebush, and Dartmouth remain in the Downs. [Adm. Paper.]
March 25.
35. Phineas Pett and Rob. Castell to [the Same]. The treenails taken out of the Elias are not fit to carry on the work of the Prince; state the quantities wanted. [Adm. Paper.]
March 26.
36. John Tippetts to the Same. Repairs of bakehouses, &c., needed [Adm. Paper.] Encloses,
36. i. Estimate of the charge for repairing the victualling houses at Portsmouth; total, 233l. 10s.
March 26. 37. Certificate by Brian Harrison, and four others, of the fitness of Robert Seaman, of Redrith, to be master of the Newcastle. With note by Capt. James Smith to the Navy Comrs.; requesting that Robt. Seaman may be continued master of the said frigate with him, in his present voyage. [Adm. Paper.]
March 26 ? 38. Capt. Jas. Smith to the Navy Comrs. Requests that three or four score tickets may be delivered to the purser of the Newcastle. [Adm. Paper.]
March 26.
39. Reference of a petition to Attorney General Palmer, and his report, June 11, that the petitioner obtained a presentation in August, 1660, but owing to the vacancy of the bishopric, was not inducted till October, 1660; meanwhile, Dr. Lightfoot, on suggestion of a vacancy, obtained a presentation, September 12, 1660, with revocation of all other claims, so that the petitioner is now kept out.
March 26.
40. The King to the Mayor, &c., of Norwich. Desires them to dispense with John Osborne, one of the restored aldermen of Norwich, who, being very old, petitions that he may be spared from serving as mayor. Endorsed "Mr. Wenman." [Copy.]
March 27.
41. Petition of the Chancellor Master, and Scholars of Oxford University, to the King, for redress of grievances occasioned by the mayor and aldermen's infringing upon the privileges granted them by charter; as refusing the yearly oblation on St. Scholastica's day of 63 pence, in memory of a great slaughter of scholars committed by their predecessors; encroaching on the government of the market, in tolls, licensing taverns and alehouses; exercising trades without University licence; usurping government of streets and pavements; setting night watches; seizing deodands and felons' goods; assessing members of the University; inditing privileged persons in the exercise of their trades, and intruding on those which belong to the University only, &c. With order thereon for delivery of a copy of the petition to the mayor and aldermen, and appointing a day for hearing the case in Council; another order, April 9, postponing the hearing of the cause, at request of the mayor, to the Saturday after the coronation day; and final order in Council, April 27, that the mayor and aldermen shall swear to observe the University privileges, pay the oblation, and not intermeddle with the night watch; but that the other points shall be referred to law, commanding them not to molest the University in any privileges which they enjoyed in or before 1640. [Copies.]
March 27. 42. Estimate by the Navy Comrs., of the expense of rigging, &c., for the navy, for six months' service and a year's mooring in harbour, and for other incidental charges; total, 80,670l., and 40,335l. to complete the stores for the whole navy at sea.
[March 27.] 43. Certificate of John Davis, Wm. Acworth, and Rob. Sewell, that the ship stores, value 16,477l. 17s., furnished by Rich. Lash and other merchants named, were for the most part found to be in the King's ships or storehouses, on May 25 last. [Copy.]
March 27.
44. Warrant to the Treasurer and Commissioners for payment of the debts of the Navy, to pay to Rich. Lash and 14 others named, 16,477l. 17s. for navy stores, out of the moneys assigned by Parliament for debts of the navy, provided the stores mentioned in the bills are found to have been in the ships or storehouses, in May last.
March 27. 45. Similar warrant, but less in detail, with copy of the certificate of ohn Davis and others. [Copy.]
March 27. 46. Robt. Foley to Sir George Carteret. Requests money for iron wares, which, being bought from poor men, must be paid for weekly. Has supplied iron wares for the navy, value 5,000l. since June 24 last, and must shortly send a great quantity for the sheathing of the ships, &c. [Adm. Paper.]
March 28.
47. Daniel Furzer to the Navy Comrs. The Forest [of Dean] Comrs. will not allow any timber to be carried away without a fresh order. Showed them his order for bringing it down to the sea, and the inconvenience that would happen if the ship were sent before the timber could be brought down, but they said they did not know whether that order was sufficient to take off the former. With note to write to Sir Phil. Warwick for an order from the Lord Treasurer, for as much timber felled for the Princess as is fit for the King's use to be put on board. [Adm. Paper.]
March 28.
48. Christopher Pett to the Navy Comrs. Wishes Thos. Eaton and Rich. Swain, workman carvers, for some time employed on the Duke of York's yacht, to be severely punished for contempt, if they continue to refuse to work; they know the great necessity there is for them, and that without them the vessel cannot be finished by the time prefixed. Mrs. Browne, plumberess to the yards at Deptford and Woolwich, begs that one of her bills may be paid; she has readily provided what is needful for the Duke's yacht. Has disposed to other workmen of the imprest of 150l. for carrying on this business. [Adm. Paper.]
March 28.
49. Phineas Pett to the Same. Accident in building the Royal James. The Fairfax will be finished on Tuesday. [Adm. Paper.]
March 28.
Custom House, London.
50. Customs' Comrs. to Sec. Nicholas. As to the petition of the commanders of merchant ships in the port of London, concerning the allowance of portage, cannot say what was done during the disturbed times, but before 1640, it was more or less or nothing, according to their good demeanour in unloading, being a voluntary gift from the farmers of customs. Its granting as a right would be very prejudicial.
March 28.
51. Order in Council,—on complaint of the undue ejection of the Mayor of Wallingford, by Sir George Fane and three other Deputy Lieuts. of Berkshire, under colour of authority from the King,—that a letter be sent to them, expressing His Majesty's dislike of their proceedings, and requiring the restoration of the mayor to his office, and to possession of the insignia of magistracy.
[March 28.] 52. The King to the Deputy Lieuts. of Berkshire. Is surprised at their proceedings on his former letter, concerning amicable redress of some irregularities at Wallingford, and that they should, without command, displace the mayor; orders his immediate restoration. [Draft.]
March 29.
Proclamation publishing the Act forbidding the planting or sowing of tobacco in England or Ireland, on penalty of 5l. for each offence, and the King's high displeasure. Printed. [Proc. Coll., p. 52.]
March 29.
53. [Sec. Nicholas] to Sir Wm. Davidson. Sends a warrant to Mr. Wright to apprehend such convicted traitors as may be in Amsterdam; scarcely saw him when in England, and then he only spoke in general terms of his services, but he shall have good consideration if he can discover anything designed at the coronation. Will repay any expenses he may have been at in regard to a frigate, and entertain it so long as Wright has hopes of succeeding.
March 29 ? 54. Report by James Elletson that Capt. Desborough, John Desborough, and other English refugees in Holland, hold a weekly meeting at Sedan, in which they pray God to avenge the blood of his servants, shed to satisfy soldiers; not to forget them in their persecution, and to hasten the destruction of the tyrants now in power They declare that if they once get the power, they will not leave a nobleman in the land; they associate with the King's judges. Col. Bampfield said that Ludlow, Desborough, and other officers were ready to head any party that might rise; they have sent for Lord St. John, from France, he being an able politician. John Desborough has gold and purple hangers and many of the late King's goods, at Sedan.
March 29.
55. Sir Wm. Penn to the Navy Comrs. Requests them to send down the requisite stores for the Royal James, Victory, and Unicorn. The Royal James careens hard, and they managed to spring her mainmast, which can never serve again; has ordered a new one, but there would not have been planks enough, if the old cheek had not served. The ships will be ready to victual in a week, and orders must be given at once, if the Duke still requires them to be in the Downs by April 10. [Adm. Paper.]
March 30.
56. Capt. Thos. Lancaster to the Same. Arrival of ships. Asks orders about their unrigging, and the new rigging, &c. of others. [Adm. Paper.]
March 30. 57. St. John Steventon to the Same. Has supplied the Diamond and Rosebush, which sail this evening, with a month's victuals on petty warrant. [Adm. Paper.]
March 30.
58. Rich. Dermott to the Same. The Harp has come in, but as the purser was left behind in Dublin, mustered her by the poll. She is sent by the Council of Ireland to transport 60,000l. to Dublin. [Adm. Paper.]
March 30.
59. Daniel Adams to the Same. Has delivered to Capt. George Batts of the Gift, who sailed yesterday, an ensign, jack, and pendant, for the Paradox; value, 4l. 2s. [Adm. Paper.] Annexing,
59. i. Receipt by John Lewes of the said ensign, &c. March 26.
March 30.
60. John Tippets to the Same. Want of sheathing nails and plank. [Adm. Paper.]
March 30.
St John's, Cambridge.
61. Brian Turner to [Williamson]. Hears that some one has attempted to procure a mandamus for that college. There is no one desirable, and moreover there are six or seven already entered for fellowships, so that it is like catching for dead men's shoes when they put them off.
March 31.
62. Sir Patr. Curwen to Williamson. Wants a place for William Musgrave, a fine scholar and studious, where he might gain experience in the practice of physic, or some other laudable mode of advancement. May soon be in London, though Sir Wm. Huddleston's trying for the county makes it uncertain.
March 31.
Queen's College.
63. Barn. Symson to the Same. Private affairs. Sir Tho. Clayton, for so his title now runs, will be denied admittance at Merton College.
March 31.
64. Maurice Greene, mayor of Salisbury, to John Nicholas. Told Sir Edward Nicholas of the result of the King's first letter of Feb. 15; has concealed receiving another, but summoned a Council on pretext of one from Sec. Nicholas, in which they agreed to reply to His Majesty that the corporation being of well-affected persons, his pleasure is already fulfilled; has refused to concur therein, but they will still send the letter.
March 31.
The Providence, Tilbury.
65. Capt. Giles Shelley to the Navy Comrs. Was detained at Leith by contrary winds, but sailed on the 25th, with some goods of the Lord General, in company with 26 vessels from the Frith. [Adm. Paper.]
March ? 66. Petition of John Wallis, D. D., Professor of Geometry at Oxford, to the King, for a grant of the next vacant Prebend in Christ Church, Oxford, as an addition to his place of Geometry Professor.
March ? 67. Petition of Nathaniel Hardy to the King, for the next vacant Prebend at Westminster.
March ? 68. Petition of Dr. Allan Pennington to the King, that the grant made to him, August 4 last, before the Bishop of St. Asaph was elected, of the Chancellorship of the Diocese, may stand good; the bishop, after several promises to confirm him, refuses to do it, on pretence of a grant from the late bishop, which is void, not being confirmed by dean or chapter, but really for private gain to himself.
March ? 69. Petition of Emanuel Utye, D.D., chaplain to his late and present Majesty, to the King, for confirmation in the Vicarage of Stepney, granted him by the Earl of Cleveland, after the Restoration, for his sufferings and loyalty. Was inducted by the Bishop of London, and has held it six months, but Mr. Horton has obtained a grant of it, on plea that it was a lapsed living. [Appointed April 3, 1661.]
March ? 70. Petition of Chas. Asfordby to the King, for a dispensation to hold the Rectory of Mablethorpe Mary cum Steane, co. Lincoln, for which he has a presentation, with that of Foston, co. Leicester, which he now holds. [Granted April, 1661.]
March ? 71. Petition of Nathaniel Wenley to the King, for presentation to the Parsonage of Lutterworth, diocese of Coventry and Lichfield, after the decease of Thos. Pestell, who wishes him for a successor. Has adhered faithfully to Church and King.
March ? 72. Petition of Richard Jones and Abraham Honor, woodmongers of London, to the King, for permission to enjoy the wood cut at Wallwood, Essex, before the Act of Oblivion, having given security in 2,000l. to answer for its value, if on trial the title be adjudged for His Majesty. Annexing,
72. i. Report of Lord Treas. Southampton on their former petition, that there is no reason why the petitioners be not allowed to dispose of the said wood on security, being willing to defend themselves, in case the Earl of Lindsay, warden of Waltham Forest, and Sir Wm. Hickes, sue them at law. Southampton House, March 26, 1661.
March ? 73. Petition of John Ogilby to the King, for the sole privilege of setting forth a large and noble Treatise on the Coronation, with the most remarkable passages represented in sculpture, so that no false relations to its disadvantage may get abroad, the Commissioners for the solemnity having appointed him to conduct the poetical part thereof, consisting of speeches, emblems, mottoes, inscriptions, &c.
March ? 74. Petition of William Crane to the King. Sir Fras. Crane, late chancellor of the Garter, left by will money to finish the buildings begun by him for five poor knights, and to settle lands value 200l. a year for their maintenance, after the death of his lady, and payment of moneys to the Countess of Carrick, and of 17,000l. on her decease; was notwithstanding compelled by the Commissioners for Charitable Uses, in 1653, as heir to the property, to make the said payments, as though due from the time of Sir Fras. Crane's death. Appeals against this decision, as the Commissioners have no right to intermeddle in a case where His Majesty, as Sovereign of the Order of the Garter, is proper visitor and begs his hearing of, the case. Annexing,
74. i. Names of seven noblemen and bishops, with the chancellor of the Garter, and Sir Edw. Walker, Garter king, [as referees on the above petition?].
March ? 75. Petition of David Llewelyn, underkeeper of the house and privy lodgings at Windsor Castle, to the King, for leave to exchange his place for that of a Poor Knight of Windsor, being ancient, and a sufferer for the late King, by whose command he delivered the gilt key to His Majesty.
March ? 76. Petition of Thos. Freebody to the King, for licence to follow his business at London and elsewhere, on attendance as a Poor Knight of Windsor, of Sir Fras. Crane's foundation, at Christmas, Easter, Whitsuntide, and the instalment. Is scarcely allowed to walk out of the castle, so that his affairs are neglected, and his place rather a loss than a benefit.
March ? 77. Declaration of licence to Thos. Freebody, a poor Knight of Windsor, of absence to follow his own business, provided he attends yearly at St. George's Chapel, at Christmas, Easter, Whitsuntide, and the instalment of the Garter.
March. ? 78. Petition of the Same to the King, for a dispensation to confirm him as Poor Knight of Windsor, another having been chosen in his place, because he is a married man, and had no dispensation. Has had Lord Mordaunt's warrant, and Sir Rich. Fanshaw's consent for admittance to his lodgings; has been installed, and spent 300l. in repairs of lodgings, buying robes, and obtaining, with others, a recovery of the revenues, by a decree in Chancery.
March ? 79. Similar petition, to the same effect.
[March]. 80. Petition of Capt. Wm. Croome to Sec. Nicholas. Thanks for his obtaining for him a place as Poor Knight of Windsor; but though he is one of those at whose expense the means settled by Sir Fras. Crane have been recovered by decree of Chancery, he is informed that he cannot be admitted, unless confirmed by the next Chapter, and therefore requests such confirmation. Annexing,
80. i. Form of a warrant from the King to the Dean and Chapter of Windsor to confirm Capt. Wm. Croome in the said place. March, 1661.
March ? 81. Petition of George Barbor, Thomas Freebody, and William Croome to the King, for continuance of the places bestowed on them as Poor Knights of Windsor, for which they have purchased robes, recovered the profits, &c., but from which the Dean threatens to dismiss them, as being unduly elected, and married men, though His Majesty has granted them a dispensation, and they are on Sir Fras. Crane's foundation, which has no injunction against marriage. Annexing,
81. i. Certificate by Lord Mordaunt, and two others, that the above and two others were admitted Knights of Windsor on Sir Fras. Crane's foundation, and have demeaned themselves well. Nov. 19, 1660.
March ? 82. Petition of Benjamin Burges to the King, for settlement in the place of one of the five Poor Knights of Windsor, endowed by Sir Fras. Crane, which place he has recovered after a tedious Chancery suit. Annexing,
82. i. Certificate by Wm. Galland, mayor of Windsor, and eight others, in favour of the petitioner. June 29, 1660.
March ? 83. Petition of the Poor Knights of Windsor to the King, for confirmation of their places at the Chapter of the Garter to be next held. Are installed by the Dean and Chapter, and have been at great expense in furnishing their houses since their admission.
March. Grant to Mary, relict of Col. Thos. Blagg, of an annuity of 500l. [Docquet Book, p. 95.]
March. Grant to Thos. Chiffinch of a piece of ground in St. James's Park, near the Cockpit, 216 feet by 73 feet; also of a small piece in the same park, between the south wall and the common sewer; rent, 10s. a year. [Ibid.]
March. Grant to Jonathan Prickman of liberty of free warren in his lands called Templedown, containing 400 acres, and those of Heydon Fleight, 800 acres, in the parishes of West and East Harptrey, co. Somerset, provided they be not within the bounds of the King's forests. [Docquet Book, p. 95.]
March ? 84. Petition of Eliz. Griffin to the King, for a pension, with reversion to her son Maurice, he having failed to obtain the place of Clerk of the Pastry, promised him by His Majesty at Breda 20th May last. Her late husband, Maurice Griffin, died in service of the late King; she was nurse to the late Princess of Orange, and attended her through her whole life, relying on the hope that a faithful servant would not be left unprovided for; received no considerable gratuity when the Princess was weaned, as frequently practised with princes, nor more at any time than her ordinary wages.
March. Grant to Eliz. Griffith [Griffin] of a pension of 200l. [Docquet Book, p. 95.]
March. Grant to Edw. Foster and others of a weekly market and two yearly fairs to be kept at Thorne, Yorkshire. [Ibid.]
March ? 85. Petition of Simon Hopper, violinist to His Majesty's practice of dancing, to the King, for the pension belonging to his former place, and also the place of Violin of His Majesty's music. Waited on him at Oxford, till allowed to return to maintain his family. Marked "Pension for 60l. per annum," and "He will think of him when he makes a company to my Lord Steward."
March. Grant to Simon Hopper, King's violinist, of an annuity of 60l. [Docquet Book, p. 95.]
March. Grant to Elinor, relict of John Lord Byron, of an annuityof 500l. [Docquet Book, p. 96.]
March. Grant to Edw. Ricketts of a weekly market and two yearly fairs, to be held at Coleford, co. Gloucester. [Ibid.]
March. Grant to Wm. Halke of the office of Collector of Old and New Subsidies at Chichester, and of Keeper of the Cocquets there. [Ibid.]
March. Lease to Henry Heron of Poynton cow pastures or goose dales, parish of Poynton; rent 45l. [Ibid.]
March. Grant to Dame Guillaumette Carr of a pension of 200l. [Ibid.]
March. Grant to Charles Howard, Viscount Andover, of a pension of 1,000l. [Ibid]
March. Grant to Francis Vincent, Bart., of an annuity of 182l. [Ibid.]
March. Lease to Frances Duchess Dowager of Somerset, for 31 years, of a water mill and lands, co. Stafford, and the Rectory of Astrey, with the advowson and other lands, co. Warwick, except trees, mines, &c., at 105l. old rent, and 14l. 9s. increase. [Docquet Book, p. 96.]
March. Grant to Stephen Fox of the office of Receiver and Paymaster of the new-raised guards. [Docquet Book, p. 97.]
March ? 86. Petition of Rich. Pile to the King, to confirm to him the office of Serjeant Surgeon, which of right descends to him, being sworn His Majesty's surgeon 18 years ago. Served him faithfully in England and beyond seas, till sent by him from Jersey to England.
March ? 87. Petition of the Same to the King, to permit his warrants for the office and pension of first Serjeant Surgeon, which are post-dated a year, to be altered in His Majesty's presence.
March. Grant to Rich. Pile of the office of Principal Surgeon; annual fee, 80l.; and of first Serjeant Surgeon; fee, 26l. 6s. 8d. [Docquet Book, p. 97.]
March. Grant to the Same of an annuity of 150l. [Ibid.]
March. Grant to Humphrey Painter of the office of Principal Surgeon and Serjeant Surgeon; fee, 26l. 6s. 8d. [Ibid.]
March. Grant to the Same of a pension of 150l. [Ibid.]
March ? 88. Petition of Rich. Pile to the King, that no grant surreptitiously obtained by Mr. Painter may prejudice his right to the place of Serjeant Surgeon, which the Lord Chamberlain, on hearing the dispute between them, decided to belong to him, as conferred by the late King.
March ? 89. Petition of John Knight, serjeant surgeon, to the King. Having served His Majesty abroad, was continued with others in their respective places on the Restoration; received the usual fee belonging to his office for embalming the Duke of Gloucester, being the only profit that has fallen to him, but is now ordered to divide it with Rich. Wiseman, surgeon in ordinary. Begs not to be made the only person who has had his fee taken from him.
March. Grant to John Knight of the office of Principal Surgeon; fee, 26l. 6s. 8d., with the like pension of 150l. [Docquet Book, p. 97.]
March. Demise to the Earl of Manchester of the Hundreds of Toseland and Leightonstone, co. Hunts, with the bailiwick thereof; rent, 2l. 19s. 9d. [Ibid.]
March ? 90. Petition of William Thornton to the King, for restoration to the Comptrollership of Customs at Kingston-upon-Hull, granted him by the late King, May 9, 1636, and which he held till June 18, 1642, when he was turned out of his house and plundered by Sir John Hotham and others; also for his eldest son Thomas to be joined with him therein.
March. Grant to Will. and Thos. Thornton of the office of Comptroller of Customs in Kingston-upon-Hull. [Docquet Book, p. 97.]
March. Grant to John Jones of the office of serving Perfumes for the Household, fee, 20 marks; and of that of Apothecary to the King; fee, 40 marks. [Ibid.]
March ? 91. Petition of Barrington Bourchier to the King, that having been always loyal himself, and his father dying before conviction or attainder, he may be permitted to enjoy the lands left him by his ancestors, free from all penalties and forfeitures.
March. Grant to Barrington, son and heir of Sir John Bourchier, of the Manor, &c., of Benningborough, all lands, &c., in Galtres Forest, co. York, and the Manor and Rectory of Newton-on-Ouse, and all other his father's lands conveyed by him to the King, March 8, notwithstanding a proviso in the Statute 12 C. II., that nothing therein contained shall discharge the lands of the said Sir John and others from penalties and forfeitures. [Docquet Book, p. 98.]
March. Lease to Nic. Armorer, for 31 years, of Halham Court, alias Longbredy Farm, and East Baglake, alias Doversfield, parish of Longbredy, excepting the Manor of Longbredy; rent, 80l. [Ibid.]
March ? 92. Petition of Edward Bisshe to the King. His Majesty was pleased to approve a certain work of his on heraldry, and to consider him fit for the office of Clarencieux King-at-Arms, on account of Sir Wm. Le Neve's distemper. Has bestowed his whole time in those studies, has a costly library, and requests a fitting grant of the office, if Le Neve be still found on inquisition incapable of it.
March. Grant to Edw. Bisshe of the office of Clarencieux King-at-Arms; fee, 40l. per annum, and the usual livery. [Docquet Book, p. 98.]
March ? 93. Petition of Phineas Pett, Assistant to the Master Shipwright of the Navy, to Sec. Nicholas, for appointment as customary to succeed the Master Shipwright there, who is removed; was brought up under his grandfather, old Capt. Phineas Pett, and his father, Capt. John Pett, lost his life at the Isle of Rhé his experience and abilities being known to the Duke of York and Navy Officers, would be greatly discouraged if cut off from the succession.
March. Grant to Phineas Pett of the office of Master Shipwright of Chatham Dockyard. [Docquet Book, p. 98.]
March. Grant to John Field of the office of Falconer in Ordinary; fee, 50l. a year, and 30l. for keeping four couple of spaniels. [Docquet Book, p. 99.]
March. Lease to Wm. Stanley of divers Manors, &c., co. York, and of the fines levied in the Court of Common Pleas thereon; rent, 300l., to be suspended till the whole or part of the said lands are recovered, and then proportioned thereto. [Ibid.]
March. Grant to Edw. Lord Hyde of the Manor of Withcote, co. Leicester, 40 acres in Lyfield Forest, co. Rutland, and all other lands, &c., in the said counties, forfeit by attainder of Henry Smith. [Docquet Book, p. 99.]
March ? 94. Petition of George Pinckney to the King, for the office of His Majesty's Embroiderer, promised at the Hague when he presented him with a copy of a book dedicated to him by Dr. Thos. Warmestry, the cover of which the petitioner had embroidered with His Majesty's coat of arms.
March. Grant to George Pinckney and Wm. Ruttish of the office of King's Embroider; fee, 1s. 6d. a day. [Docquet Book, p. 99.]
March ? 95. Petition of Sir Bernard De Gomme to the King, for a pension for life and employment as Engineer and Quartermaster-General; a place was granted him by the late King of Surveyor General of Castles, &c., as held by Sir Alex. Hamilton, which was confirmed to him by His Majesty; but the Master of Ordnance reports, that there is no such place on the Tower list,— Sir Alexander having acted for a time and by special warrants,—and the two engineers' places are filled.
March. Grant to Sir Bernard De Gomme of the office of Engineer of all the King's castles, &c., in England and Wales; fee, 13s. 4d. a day; with order that he keep an exact account of all engines to be made by him and of all disbursement of moneys. [Docquet Book, p. 99.]
March. Grant to Rich. Woodward, jun., of the office of Keeper of the Mote's bulwark under Dover Castle; fee, 20d. a day, and 6d. each for two soldiers to be nominated by him. [Docquet Book, p. 100.]
March. Grant to Eustace Mann of a Court Leet and View of Frankpledge in the Manor of Osborne, parish of Whippingham, Isle of Wight. [Ibid.]
March. Commission to Sir Rich. Browne, Lord Mayor of London, and others, to receive Appeals for regulating the Excise according to the late Acts of Parliament; allowance, 1d. in the pound, to be made up to 200l. a year to each, if it fall short. [Ibid.]
March. Grant to Wm. Bryan, to whom the King intends the office of Keeper of the Records in the Tower, of the allowance of 500l. a year, with proviso that it be not annexed to the office, on determination of this grant. [Ibid.]
March. Grant to Sir Henry Littleton, Bart., of 1,500l., now in the East India Company, and other moneys and stock of Rob. Tichborne, attainted of high treason. [Docquet Book, p. 101.]
March ? 96. Petition of Henry Brabant to the King, for a new patent, in reversion after Richard Wynn, of the office of Customer and Collector for Newcastle-on-Tyne.
March. Grant to Henry Brabant, in reversion after Rich. Wynn, of the office of Collector of Customs at Newcastle-on-Tyne. [Docquet Book, p. 101.]
March. Grant to the Duke of York of the arrears of rent, &c., arising out of the estates of all the persons attainted of high treason for the horrid murder of the late King, except those of John Carew and Rob. Tichborne. [Ibid.]
[March.] 97. Order, by the King, that all persons to whom grants are made of estates forfeit by attainder of the murderers of the late King, shall pay to receivers appointed such sums as shall be determined on by the Commissioners of the Duke of York for reimbursement of the discoverers thereof, and that no person be permitted to enjoy such grants without payment of the said sums.
March. Grant, with survivorship, to Wm. and John Walker of the keeping of the King's House in St. James's Park for pheasants and other fowl. [Docquet Book, p. 101.]
March. Demise to Lord Mandeville of the Manors of Staughton Magna, and other lands, &c., co. Hants, late parcel of the estate of Valentine Walton attainted, except the advowson of Southampton Church, timber trees, &c.; rent, 100l. [Ibid.]
March. Grant, with survivorship, to Elias Ashmole and Thos. Chiffinch, of the office of Comptroller of the Excise and new impost in England and Wales; fee, 500l. a year. [Docquet Book, p. 102.]
March. Grant to the Earl of Sandwich of the office of Lieut. or Admiral and Captain of the Navy; fee, 20s. a day for himself, and 10s. a month each for 16 men under him. [Ibid.]
March. Lease to Sir Orlando Bridgman, Bart., Lord Chief Justice, of Bowood Park, with the appurtenances, co. Wilts, for the life of his daughter-in-law, Mary wife of John Bridgman, and his sons Orlando and Francis; rent, 30l. [Ibid.]
March. Grant to Charles Cornwallis, in reversion after John Dawes, of the office of Collector of Subsidies of Tonnage and Poundage in London; yearly fee, 466l. 13s. 4d. [Ibid.]
March. Blank grant, in reversion after John Dawes, of the office of Surveyor of Customs and Subsidies in all Ports of England; except London; yearly fee 366l. 10s. 8d.; certain sums to be allowed to the comptrollers in several ports. [Ibid.]
March. Grant to Walter Brydall of the office of Clerk of the Jewel House, during the life of Rob. Wright, who was suspended, and his own; fee, 13l. 6s. 8d. [Docquet Book, p. 103.]
March. Demise to Rich. Gower, of London, grocer, on fine of 50l., of a Tenement called the Green Lattice, to hold from Lady Day, 1677; also a second demise, on fine of 40l., of a Tenement in the New Palace, to hold from November 3, 1670, on the expiration of former leases. [Ibid.]
March ? 98. Warrant for Thos. Lisle and Raphael Foliott [Folliard, the King's barbers, to provide all necessaries and perform all services at the ceremony of making Knights of the Bath, at the coronation on April 23.
March ? 99. Note of requests of the Bishop Almoner, for a warrant to the Treasurer of the Chamber for payment of 133l. 6s. 8d., dues belonging to the Maunday; also for a warrant to the cofferer to pay 4s. 5d. per day, in augmentation of the King's alms, to commence from October 1 last.
100. Order for a warrant to repay with interest, from the first moneys of the six months' assessments, 100l. borrowed yesterday from the city of London, to pay off ships appointed by the last Parliament to be discharged.
March ? 101. Petition of William Galway to the King, for relief. Has attended long on his own cost, spending all he had, and not having got the possession of his estate, can subsist no longer. Though His Majesty always promised him help, did not claim it as long as he could help himself. Marked "100l. on the privy seal dormant."
March. 102. Warrant to pay to William Galway 100l. as the King's free gift.
March ? 103. Petition of Sir Charles Howard to the King, for a warrant for creating a Baronet. Was almost ruined during the usurpation, with his wife and eight children, two of whom served the late Princess of Orange; has received no benefit from the reference on his late petition for the estate of Col. Valentine Walton, called Staughton, co. Huntingdon, that estate being conferred on Lord Mandeville.
March ? 104. Lord Chancellor Hyde to Sec. Nicholas. Requests the repayment to Sir George Benion of 450l., which he lent for the late King out of his receipts as receiver general for cos. Northampton and Rutland.
March ? 105. Account of the distribution amongst the several counties of the 70,000l. required yearly, for raising 10 regiments of horse of 500 each.
March ? 106. List of the colonels of the said 10 regiments.
March ? 107. List of the officers of the said regiments, with notes of the places where they are to raise their men [by Nicholas].
March ? 108. Order on a petition, that the cofferer of the household pay 200l. for moneys disbursed in raising boys and fitting them for the Royal Chapel, and reference of the request for increase of allowance to the singing boys of the chapel to Lord Steward the Marquis of Ormond.
March ? 109. Notes sent by R. Colchester to Mr. Riley, of precedents from books in the college of arms, showing that the six clerks of Chancery have had places assigned them in divers public processions since 1588, such as proceeding to Parliament, &c.