General Index: B

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1667-8. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1893.

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'General Index: B', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1667-8, (London, 1893) pp. 620-630. British History Online [accessed 20 April 2024]



Baber, Sir John
-, Wm., petition of

Bachellor, Mr.

Backwell, Alderman Edward
-, report by

Bacon [Fras.], Lord Chancellor

Badbury, co. Dorset, road to

Badcock, John
-, letters, &c., of
-, Widow

Badminton [co. Gloucester], letter dated from

Baggot, Arden

Bagnall, Rich.
-, request of

Bagnold, Ralph

Bagot, co. Flint, township of

Bagshaw, Edw.

Bagshot, Surrey
-, King and Court at, to, or from
-, letter dated from
-, alluded to

Bagwell, Wm., letter of

Baily, Mrs.

Baines, Dr.

Baker, Henry
-, Jacob, letter of
-, John, receipt by
-, Roger, letters of
-, Sir Wm.
-, Capt.
-, Mr.

Baldwin, Mr.

Balingskillicks harbour

Ball, John, cashier and treasurer of Excise
-, petition of
-, Jos.
-, Capt.

Ballantyne, Sir Wm.

Ballard, Alice
-, relations of

Banckes, Thos., petition of
-, John and Chas., brothers of

Bankrupts, Commissioners of, registrar of

Banks, Sir John, letter of

Bannister, John

Banstead Downs, Surrey, game on

Bantam, King of, presents to and from

Banticke, Jonathan
-, parents of

Bantry, Thos.


Barbadoes, Commissioners from
-, condition of
-, defence of
-, despatches, &c., for
-, discovery of
-, fire at
-, fleet
-, goods to or from
-, Governor of, see Willoughby, Lord.
-, horses for
-, letters from
-, magazine at
-, persons in
-, regiment in
-, Road, letter dated from
-, service in
-, ships to or from
-, silk from
-, slaves sent to
-, soldiers in, clothes for
-, stores to or from
-, travellers to or from

Barbary, coast of, traders to
-, goods
-, horse
-, ships for
-, ships from

Barber Surgeons' Company, see London, companies of.

Barbour, Wm., letter of

Barcelona, Spain, traveller to

Barcroft, John

Bardolph, Edw.

Barker, Chris., letter of
-, Sir George, report by
-, John, London
-, John, Yarmouth
-, Sam
-, T., letter of
-, Wm.
-, Ald. Wm.
-, Mr.

Barking, Essex, anchor taken from
-, ship sunk near

Barley, see Corn.

Barlow, Dr. Thos.
-, letter of

Barnard, Miles, see Bernard.

Barnardiston, Sir Sam.

Barnes, Philip

Barnet, Herts, express to

Barnstaple, letters dated from
-, ships of
-, ships to or from

Baron, Lord Chief, see Hale, Sir Matthew.

-, creations of
-, warrants or patents for, asked for
-, orders concerning
-, fees of
-, precedency of

Barr, Peter, and Co., petition of

Barrett, Paul
-, Wm.

Barrett, the (river)

Barron, Capt.

Barrow, Col. John
-, Mr.

Barsey, Lieut.-Col. Jas.

Bartlett, Sam, letter of

Baseley, Rich.

Bashaw, Capt.

Basing, Lord St. John of, see Paulet.

Basire, Dr. Isaac, Archdeacon of Northumberland
-, letter of
-, petition of
-, wife of
-, Isaac, son of

Baskerville, James, letters of

Basle, Council of

Bassano, Henry

Basse, Capt. Wm., letter of

Baston, Kent, farm at

Batavia, Dutch in
-, natives of

Bateman, George
-, Wm.

Bates, Dr. George
-, John

Bath, Knights of the

Bath, Earl of, see Grenville, John.

Bath and Wells, Bishop of, see Pierce William.
-, Bishop elect of, see Creighton Dr. Rob.
-, diocese of

Bath, Somerset, letter addressed to
-, letters dated from
-, travellers to and from
-, visitors to

Batten, Sir Wm., Navy Commissioner and Surveyor
-, death of

Battison, Hen.

Batts, Capt. George

Bawdsey Ferry, Suffolk, post from

Bawe, Chas., letter of
-, Mr. (Morlaix)

Bawtrey, co. York, timber from

Baxter, Henry, letter of
-, Rich., letter of
-, petition of
-, father and son of
-, Thos., murder of

Bayley, Major Nich., Governor of Arran, &c., petition of

Baylie, Fras., ship-builder
-, letters of

Bayly, Matt., Governor of Upnor Castle
-, Mrs.

Baynes, Mr.

Baynton, Sir Edw.
-, Hen., petitions of

Bayonne, ship from

Beach, Capt. Rich.
-, letters of

Beachey, or Beachy, Sussex, letter dated from
-, Head, ship off

Beak, Rob., petition of

Beale, Mr.

Beare, Capt. Amos, letters, &c. of
-, Gabriel

Beaufort, due de (Francois de Vendosme), French Admiral

Beaumaris, Anglesey

Beccles, Suffolk, hospital at, guider of
-, minister of
-, postmaster of

Beckwith, Lieut.-Col. Matt.

Beckwood, Wm., letter of

Bedford, M.P. for

Bedfordshire, absentees from
-, deputy-lieutenants of
-, estates in
-, Lord Lieutenant of
-, receiver for
-, residents in

Bedlam, person sent to

Bee, Cornelius, case of

Beebey, John, letters of
-, Nicholas, letter of

Beecher, Sir Wm.

Beer and ale
-, excise of
-, farmers of
-, for ships

Beeston, Mr., wife of

Belasyse, John, Lord Belasyse, captain of the band of Pensioners, late Governor of Hull
-, certificates by
-, letters of
-, letter to
-, warrants to
-, Thomas, Viscount Fauconberg, Lord Lieutenant of the East Riding of Yorkshire
-, letter to
-, warrant of

Belbin, Mr.

Belestre, M. de

Bell, John
-, Rich.
-, Wm., D.D., petition of

Bellamy, Wm.

Bellard, Henry

Bellegarde, Charles Henri de, Marquis de Montbrun

Belleisle, French ships at

Belletia, Senator of Savoy

Bellièvre [Pompone de]

Bellingham, Sir Daniel

Bellott, Fras., letters of

Belper, co. Derby, ward of

Belse, Abraham

Bembridge, I. of W., defence of

Bence, John

Bennet, Henry, Lord Arlington, Secretary of State
-, as Lord High Treasurer
-, as Postmaster General
-, as Ambassador to Spain
-, as steward of Norwich Cathedral
-, attendance on
-, bribes offered to
-, certificates by
-, certificates by, asked for or alluded to
-, chamber of, meeting in
-, declaration by
-, grants to
-, influence of, with the King
-, influence with, requests for
-, information for
-, lodgings or house of
-, messages to
-, note by
-, office of, Whitehall
-, official concerns of
-, order in Council for
-, pass from
-, payments to
-, warrants for
-, personal notices of
-, prisoners committed by
-, references to
-, asked for
-, relative of
-, reports to
-, requests or wishes of, alluded to
-, requests to
-, alluded to
-, secretaries of, see Williamson Jos.; Swaddell, John.
-, service to
-, signature of, wanted
-, letters of
-, alluded to
-, letters and notes to (1667)
-, (1668)
-, alluded to
-, orders and warrants of
-, orders and warrants of, alluded to
-, other papers of
-, papers, &c. sent or to be sent to
-, petition of
-, petitions or requests to
-, warrants to
-, Isabel de Nassau, wife of
-, sisters of
-, brothers of, see Bennet, Capt. Edw., and Sir John.

Bennet, Capt. [Edw.]
-, Sir Humphrey, Thomas, son of
-, Jane and Dorothy, daughters of
-, Eliz., daughter of, see Povey, Eliz.
-, John, high bailiff of Westminster
-, petitions of
-, Sir John, deputy postmaster
-, complaints against
-, letters of
-, letter to
-, notes, &c., by
-, wife of, Sheffield, Eliz., Countess Dowager of Mulgrave
-, Thos., letter to
-, Mr., of the Tower

Benson, Rich.
-, Thos.
-, children of

Bentham, John, M.A.
-, Dr. Jos., letters of

Bentheim, Germany, garrison at

Benyon, Sir George
-, George, son of, petition of
-, daughters of

Bergen, Norway, ship at
-, North, ships to or from

Beringhen, Marquis, first esquire to King of France

Berkeley, Charles, first Viscount Fitzhardinge, and Earl of Falmouth
-, Mary wife of, petition of
-, Mary daughter of
-, Charles, his father [succeeded him as] second Viscount Fitzharding
-, John, Lord Berkeley of Stratton, his youngest brother
-, George, thirteenth Lord Berkeley, of Berkeley

Berkshire, Earl of, see Howard.

Berkshire, chimney money in
-, estates in
-, high sheriff of
-, money from
-, residents in
-, vicarages in
-, House, Middlesex

Bermondsey, St. Mary Magdalen's parish in, minister and churchwardens of, certificate by

Bermudas Company
-, ships from

Bernard, John
-, or Barnard, Miles

Berrington, Lieut. J., certificate by

Berry, King of (Charles VII. of France)
-, Capt. John, certificate of
-, letters of
-, Capt.

Berry Farm, co. Devon

Bertie, Montague, Earl of Lindsey, certificate by
-, commission to

Bertue, Chas.

Berwick, —, surgeon

Berwick-upon-Tweed, English side of
-, farmer of excise of
-, garrison of, major of
-, gaol of
-, letters dated from
-, mayor of
-, news from
-, Quakers in
-, quay, boy drowned at
-, residents at or near
-, searcher at, office of
-, ship from
-, ships near
-, ships of
-, travellers to or from
-, troops in

Best, Hen.

Betley, co. Stafford, church at

Bettridge, Hen.

Betts, Isaac, account by

Beverwart, Lord of, see Maurice, Prince of Orange.

Bewfen, Solyman

Beziers, Bishop of

Biddulph, John

Biddulph, co. Stafford, resident at

Bidou, Monsieur, letter to

Bie, Lord de

Bilbao, Spain, packet sent to
-, ship of
-, ships to or from

Bill, Mr.

Billing, co. Northampton, letters dated from
-, letters directed to
-, mails or letters from, alluded to
-, visitors at

Bilton, Alderman Edw.
-, Edw. and Co.

Bins, Jos.

Bird, Capt.

Birkenhead, Sir John

Birley, Hants, bailiwick of

Birstall, Wm., D.D., petition of

Biscay, Bay of, ships of, or Bisconeers
-, ships in
-, ships to or from

Bishop, Rob. (late, brewer)
-, Lucy, widow of, petitions of
-, Rob., grant to
-, Walter

Bishops or Prelates
-, action of
-, appointment of curates by, suggested
-, incomes of
-, King offended with
-, queries to be put to

Bishop's Itchington, co. Warwick, resident at

Bispham, Wm., certificate by

Bithburn (? co. Durham), resident at

Blackborne, Ro., letter of

Blackborne, Suffolk, deanery of

Blackett, Hen.

Blackman, Capt. Thos., letter of

Black Middings, ship aground on the

Black Rod, the

Blacks, see Negroes.

Blackstakes, ship at

Blackwall, Middlesex, guns at
-, letter dated from
-, proceedings at, alluded to
-, ships at
-, ships sunk at

Blagg, Capt.
-, or Blagge, Thos.
-, Mary, widow of
-, petition of
-, (? Blague), letter of

Blanchard, John

Blandford, Walter, Bishop of Oxford

Blaney, see Blayney.

Blangervale, Comte de

Blanquefort, Marquis de (Duras, Louis de)

Blaydes, Jos., letters of
-, father of
-, brothers of

Blayney, or Blaney, Mr.

Bleckingham [? Blechington] House

Blenkinsop, Col.

Blewet, John

Blickling, Norfolk, letters dated from

Blockhouse Point, co. Hants, fortifications at

Blondell, Rob.

Blount, Mountjoy, Earl of Newport, Anne, widow of

Bluemantle Pursuivant-at-Arms

Blunt or Blount, Thos., see Hull, Thos.

Boccalini, Trajano

Bodenham, Rob., letters of

Bodham, Edw., letters of
-, John
-, Wm., clerk of Woolwich ropeyard
-, letters of

Bodman, Mr.

Bodurda, Griffith

Boeckell, Capt. Johann
-, letters, &c., of

Bohemia, distressed inhabitants of, money for

Bolton, Clara
-, petitions, &c., of
-, nephew of, see Wood, Major.
-, niece of
-, Sir Wm., late Lord Mayor of London, petition of

-, garrison of
-, Governor of (Sir Gervase Lucas)
-, letters from
-, Lieut.-Governor of

Bond, Edw.
-, letters of
-, Garrat, alias Borne, Nehemiah
-, Sir George
-, Sam.
-, Thos.
-, Capt. Thos.
-, Sir Thos., Bart., Comptroller of Household to the Queen Mother

Bonnel, Simeon, letter of

Books, tracts, pamphlets, &c.
-, case concerning
-, destruction of
-, for King's service, list of
-, inventory of
-, law
-, manuscript
-, printers of, see Printers.
-, printing of
-, printing press for, see Printing Presses.
-, unlicensed, scandalous, or seditious
-, titles of, viz:—
-, Advertisements from Parnassus
-, Common Prayer, Book of
-, Dutch
-, Critici Sacri
-, Dictionary, English, Latin, and French, Cotgrave
-, Discourse of the religion of England
-, English Pines, the
-, Felo de Se
-, History of Leicestershire, Burton
-, Lettres d'un Francois
-, Liberty of Conscience
-, Omnia concessa a Belo
-, On the Oath of Supremacy
-, Orbe Politico, by G. Horne
-, Peace Offering, a
-, Poole's Synopsis of the Bible
-, Poor Whores' Petition, the
-, Queries
-, Queries, Necessary for these times, &c.
-, Room for the Cobbler
-, Saints' Freedom
-, Saints no Smiters
-, Synopsis Criticorum
-, Theocratia; or, a Treatise of the Kingdom of God
-, Theodulia
-, Venetian History, Justinian
-, Vox et Lacrimæ Anglorum; or, the true Englishmen's complaints to their representatives in Parliament
-, Year Book


Boone, Chris.

Boord, John, signature of

Boorke, Capt. Wm., petition of

Booth, Sir George

Bordeaux, France, persons drowned near
-, river of, ships in
-, ships of
-, ships to or from
-, wine, see Wine.

Boreman, Dr. Rob.
-, petition of
-, Sir Wm.

Borne, Nehemiah, alias Bond, Garrat

Boroughbridge, co. York, posts to and from

Borrowstown Ness, Scotland, arms at

Boscob, laird of

Bostock, E., letter of

Boston, co. Lincoln, mariners of
-, mayor of
-, ship of
-, travellers to
-, New England, paper dated from

Boswell, Sir Wm., resident with the States General

Bouillon, Duke of [Godfrey Maurice de la Tour]
-, castle of

Boulogne, traveller to

Bourbon, English seamen at, outrage by
-, magistrates of
-, traveller to

Bourke, Capt. Edmund, petition of

Bourne, co. Lincoln, residents at

Boutell, Dan., letters of

Boutwell, Mr.

Bowen, Capt. R.
-, letter of

Bower, John
-, letters of
-, Leonard, letters of
-, Rich., letters of (1667)
-, (1668)
-, letters to
-, son of

Bowes, Joshua, petition of

Bowron (? co. York), resident at

Bowyer, John, Chatham

Boyce, Mr.

Boyle, Richard, second Earl of Cork, and first Earl of Burlington
-, Roger, Earl of Orrery
-, as Lord President of Munster
-, Elizabeth, Viscountess Shannon

Boyle, Murrough
-, Rich.

Brabant, Henry, farmer of excise
-, Henry, mayor of Newcastle
-, certificate by

Brabstone, Jane

Brackley, Viscount, see Egerton.

Bradford, Capt. Rich., letter of

Bradford, co. York, forces at

Brading Haven, Isle of Wight

Bradley, Nich.
-, Savile, M.A.
-, letter and petition of

Bradon Forest

Bradshaigh, Sir Roger, letter of

Bradshaw, Capt. James
-, petition of

Brady, Rob., M.D., Master of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, certificate by

Braem, Casper, petition of

Braintree, Essex, vicarage of

Braithwaite, Mr.

Bramhall, Mr.

Bramshill, Hants, rector and parish of

Bramston, Mounteford

Brandenburg, Duke or Elector of [Frederic William]

Brandon, Lord Gerard of, see Gerard.

Brandt, Monsieur

Brandy, bill for raising money on, alluded to
-, excise of, or duty on
-, commissioners for
-, for ships
-, loss of
-, ships laden with

Branscombe, Devon, parish of

Bratby[or Bretby, co. Derby], traveller to

Bray, Chris., petition of
-, Sir Edm.
-, Lodowick
-, petition of

Brazil, Spanish fleet at

Brazington, Edw.

Brecon, house in
-, letters dated from

Breda, Holland
-, transport of King's servants, &c., from
-, treaty of, alluded to

Bredenstone Nile, or the Devil's Drop, Dover

Brentford, Middlesex, resident at
-, traveller to

Brereton, William, Lord Brereton

Bressa Sound, Shetland Isles, ship to

Brest, Due de Beaufort at
-, Governor of
-, seamen for
-, ships at
-, ships to or from
-, workmen to

Bretagne, see Brittany.

Bretby, see Bratby.

Breton ships, see Brittany, ships of.

Brett, Capt. Michael
-, letter of
-, Rich.
-, petition of

Bretteridge, Col. Roger

Brewer, Capt.

Brewster, Anna, widow
-, son of

Brian, Lord, see O'Brien, Henry, Lord O'Brien.

Briant, Capt.

Brickhill, co. Bucks, mail to

Bridekirk, Cumberland, letters dated from

Bridge, see Bridges.

Bridgeman, Hen., Dean of Chester
-, letter of
-, Sir Orlando, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal
-, as Lord Chief Justice of Common Pleas
-, commissions to
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, lodgings or dwelling of
-, order of, alluded to
-, order to, warrant for
-, purse-bearer of
-, references on petitions to, and reports of
-, servants of
-, warrants to
-, writ of habeas corpus by
-, son of
-, nephew of
-, Capt. Thos., letters of
-, Mr.

Bridges, or Bridge, Sir James, Bart.
-, Thos., Chester
-, Sir Tobias
-, Mr., preacher

Bridge Town, Barbadoes

Bridgewater, Earl of, see Egerton.

Bridgewater, co. Somerset, controller of customs at
-, Eastover in
-, letters dated from
-, news from
-, ships at
-, sickness at

Bridlington, or Burlington, co. York, forts or fortifications at
-, harbour of
-, letters dated from
-, piers at
-, ships ashore or lost at
-, ships at or near
-, ships from
-, traveller to
-, Bay, ship in
-, ship lost in
-, Road, ship in

Bridport, co. Dorset, collector killed at

Brienton, Rich.

Brighouse, Michael, clerk to the AttorneyGeneral

Bright, Sir John

Brighton, Sussex, ships for

Brill, the (? at Norwich), ship from


Brinsly, Dr., minister

Bristol, Rich., petition of

Bristol, Earl of, see Digby.
-, Bishop of, see Ironside, Gilbert.
-, Dean and Chapter of
-, prebend of

-, alderman of
-, collectors in
-, customs in
-, customs officers in
-, dock at
-, dockyard at
-, fever in neighbourhood of
-, King Road at, see King Road.
-, letters dated from
-, mayor of
-, merchants of
-, petition of
-, ships bought by
-, news from
-, person in
-, port of
-, officers of
-, posts to and from
-, residents in
-, Road, ships in
-, sailors at or to
-, pressed at
-, sheriffs of
-, ships at
-, letters dated from
-, ships building at
-, ships launched at, see under Ships Edgar, the.
-, ships, foreign, at
-, ships of
-, ships to or from
-, shipowners of, petition of
-, trade of
-, travellers to or from
-, victualler at
-, workmen at

Brittany, or Bretagne, Parliament of
-, president of
-, ships of, or Bretons

Britton, Edw.

Brixherst, —, highwayman, and his brother

Broad Pill, Bristol, ship brought into

Broadwater, Sussex, rectory of

Brockes, Mr., see Brooke, Stephen.

Brockley Store, Kent, gunpowder for

Bromley, Kent
-, letter dated from

Brooke, or Brook, Capt. John, master attendant at Chatham
-, letters of
-, notes, &c., by
-, Sir Rob.
-, or Brockes, Stephen
-, letter of
-, Thos.

Brooking, Thos.
-, letter of

Broome, Kent, letter dated from
-, traveller to

Broomehouse, Kent, residents at

Brougham Castle, Westmoreland
-, letters dated from

Broughton, Lady, letters of

Broughton, resident at

Brouncker, William, Viscount Brouncker, Navy Commissioner
-, certificate by
-, letters to
-, list, &c., by
-, petition to

Brouncker, Chris., letter of
-, H., letter of

Brown, or Browne, Adam, certificate by
-, Casper
-, John, of Harwich
-, inventory by
-, letter of
-, John, of Chatham
-, John, of Middlesex, certificate by
-, John, boatswain, letter of
-, Mun [treasurer of the Levant Co. at Aleppo], letter to
-, Rich., letters of
-, Sir Rich.
-, Judge Sam.
-, certificates by
-, Thos.
-, account by
-, letters of
-, Capt. Thos.
-, Wm., letter of
-, Capt. Zach., letters of
-, Capt.
-, Lady
-, Mr.

Brownlow, Sir Rich.

Broxholme, Mr.

Bruce, Robert, Earl of Aylesbury
-, letter of
-, Diana, wife of

Bruce, Michael

Bruges, English at
-, Governor and burgers of
-, letters dated from
-, ships of or from

Brussels, English resident at (Sir Wm. Temple)
-, Charles II. at
-, news from

Bryerwood, Mr., letters to

Brynkwinatt, letter dated from

Buccleugh, Duke of, see Scott.

Buckden, Hunts, letter dated from

Buckingham, Duke of, see Villiers.

Buckinghamshire, deputy-lieutenant of
-, high sheriff of
-, justices for, names of
-, livings in
-, Lord Lieutenant of [Earl of Bridgwater]
-, places in
-, receiver for
-, resident in
-, travellers to

Buckman, Capt. Paul

Bucknall, Alderman Wm.

Buckworth, John, letter of

Buffin, Isle of, Governor of

Bulkley, Thos.

Bull, Mat.
-, Sir Peter, Attorney-General to the Queen Mother

Bull Sand (? co. York), ship lost on

Buller, Col. Ant.

Bulstrode, J.
-, letters of

Bunce, Sir James

Bunch, Edmund, certificate by

Burdall, Rob.
-, Rich., son of

Burdenand, Mr., letter to

Burgh, Richard de, Earl of Clanricarde, letter of


Burham, Kent, resident at

Burlington, Earl of, see Boyle, Richard.

Burlington, Yorkshire, see Bridlington.

Burnet, Alex., Archbishop of Glasgow
-, letter of

Burnett, Mr.

Burrage, Timothy, M.A.
-, uncle of

Burroughes, Wm., certificates by
-, letter of

Burrowes, Mr.

Burstow, Capt. Wm.
-, letters of

Burton, Rich.
-, Wm.
-, petition of

Burton's History of Leicestershire

Burton-on-Stather (? co. Lincoln), ships to

Burtwhistle, John

Bury, Lieut. Hen., petition of

Bushell, Edw.
-, Wm.

Butcher, John, petition of

Butler, James, Duke of Ormond, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland
-, as Lord Steward of the Household
-, letter of
-, order of, alluded to
-, Elizabeth, wife of
-, Thomas, Earl of Ossory, Lord Deputy of Ireland (eldest son)
-, Amelia, wife of
-, Richard, Earl of Arran (second son)

Butler, Ant., certificate by
-, letter of
-, John
-, Dr.

Butters, Col.

Buttrey, timber from

Butts, Thos., petition of

Buxton, Mr.

Byland, Edw.
-, accounts, &c., by
-, letters of

Byron, Richard, Lord Byron
-, Sir Thos.
-, Kath., widow of