General Index: M

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1668-9. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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'General Index: M', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1668-9, (London, 1894) pp. 724-730. British History Online [accessed 21 April 2024]



Macartney, Mr., letter to

McCarty, Donogh, Earl of Clancarty
-, Charles, Viscount Muskerry, his son
-, Frances, daughter of

Macdowall, Dr. Andrew, petition of

Machon, John
-, Thos., son of

Macido, Antonio de Sousa de

Mackenny, Alex., petition of

Mackworth, Sir Fras., regiment of

Maddison, Jane

Maddisons, family of

Maddocks, Rob., contract with
-, letter of
-, J., brother of
-, Thos.

Maddox, or Madox, alias Morgan, Edw.

Mading, Mr.

Madrid, travellers to or from

Mageer, Edw., letter of

MaGinn, Father Patrick
-, letter of
-, brother of


Maidstone, Kent
-, assizes at
-, gaol, prisoner in
-, letters, &c., dated from
-, timber at

Mails, arrival and departure of see also Posts, and France and Flanders, mails to and from.
-, delay of
-, robbery of

Maitland, John, Earl of Lauderdale
-, as Lord Commissioner to Scotland
-, letter of
-, report by
-, speech of

Majorca, island of, ship lost off

Maker, co. Devon, vicarage of

Makernesse, Wm.

Malacaj [West Indies], town and castle of

Malaga, Spain
-, English Consul at
-, ships at, to, or from
-, wine and fruit from
-, Road, letters dated from
-, ship to

Malbourne, teacher

Maldon, Essex, timber from

Mallas, Peter, certificate by

Malling, Kent
-, letter dated from

Mallott, Mr.

Malstron, port of

Malta, Chevalier of
-, consul for
-, ship to
-, travellers from

Mamble, co. Worcester, parish and church of

Man, John, J.P.
-, Capt. John, letters of
-, Wm. and George
-, Wm., sen. and jun.

Man, Isle of, Bishop of, see Barrow, Dr. Isaac.

Manacles, the, wreck near

Manchester, Earl of, see Montague.

Mandeville, Anne, Lady, see Montague, Edward, Earl Manchester, daughter-in-law of.

Maning, shipmaster

Manley, Fr.
-, Capt. Rob., Lieut.-Governor of Jersey
-, certificate by
-, letters of
-, letter to
-, wife of
-, daughter of
-, brother of
-, family of
-, of Yarmouth

Mansalle, Simon, petition of

Mansell, Chris.

Manser, Mr., of Petworth

Mansfield, Lord, see Cavendish, Hen.

Manton, Mr., nonconformist

Mar, Earl of, see Erskine

March, Rich., Ordnance officer, certificate by
-, letters of
-, Rich., King's servant
-, petition of
-, grandson of

Marches, the, see Wales, Marches of

Marchington Ward, co. Stafford, ranger of

Margate, Kent
-, Road, ship to
-, ships wrecked at

Mariners or seamen, clothes for
-, drowned or lost
-, impress of
-, protection against
-, payment or wages of see also under the several ports.
-, asked for, passim.
-, petition of
-, punishment of
-, sick and wounded
-, Commissioners for see also Evelyn, J.
-, money for
-, tickets of pay for
-, alluded to
-, lists of
-, money due on
-, payment of
-, asked for
-, wanted
-, want of

Markendaile, Rob.

Markham, Sir Rob.

Marlay, Sir John, letter of

Marlborough, Earl of, see Ley.

Marlow, Mr.

Marriott, Mr., of Hampton Court
-, Mr., of Thetford

Marseilles, France
-, ships to or from

Marsh, Barth.
-, Phil.
-, Rich., Ordnance officer, see March.
-, Thos., clerk assistant in Parliament

Marshall, George

Marshwood, co. Somerset, resident at

Marson, Henry, certificate by

Martin, Burridge, or Burrage
-, Wormley, son of
-, letter of
-, Henry
-, examination of, alluded to

Martin, Cape, letter dated from
-, ships to

Martinique, engagement at

Mary, Queen
-, husband of, Philip II., King of Spain

Masham, Sir Fras., Bart.

Mason, Dr. Chas.
-, Fras., letter of
-, John, timber merchant
-, letters of
-, tenders by
-, wife of
-, brother of
-, Sir Wm.
-, petition of
-, Mr.
-, Mrs. and her daughter

Massachusetts, New England, masts from

Massey, Sir Edw.

Massie, or Massey, Wm.
-, petition of
-, wife and children of

Massonnet, Peter, petitions of
-, wife of

Master, Thos.

Masters, Sir Edw.
-, John, B.A., son of

Mathew, John, clerk of the Privy Seal, account by
-, Dr. Rob., letter of
-, Betty, wife of (?)

Mathews, James, estimate by
-, John

Matson, John, Mayor of Dover

Mattei, Charles, letter of

Maulding [? Maldon], timber from

Mauleverer, James

Maurice, John, letters of

Maxwell, Capt. John, petition of

May, Adrian
-, Baptist, Keeper of the Privy Purse
-, warrants to
-, Hugh, late paymaster of works
-, as comptroller of the works
-, Mary
-, Justice

Mayle, John
-, tenders by

Mayler's Green, Essex, residents at

Maynard, Thos., Consul at Lisbon
-, account by
-, letters of
-, coachman

Mayors, Rob.
-, certificates by
-, letters, &c. of
-, memoranda by
-, report by

Mazarine, Duke of [Philip Julius Mancini],

Meade, David, petition of

Meadowes, Sir Phil., letter of

Meadows, Sir Thos.

Meakins, Joan

Meanstock, Hants, residents at

Mearne, Sam., King's bookbinder
-, information, &c., by

Meath, Earl of, see Brabazon

Medburne, Mat., petition of

Medicine, Doctors of, see Physicians.
-, questions on

Medina Celi [Anth. John VII.], Duke of

Mediterranean Sea, ships or fleet for or in

Medway, the, or Chatham river
-, Dutch in, see Dutch fleet.
-, Queen's and James' forts on
-, ships in
-, letter dated from
-, ship wrecked in
-, weighing of wrecks in

Meeching, see Newhaven.

Meetings, or Meeting-houses, see Conventicles.

Mein, Rob., postmaster of Edinburgh, letters of

Melmoth, Thos.

Melsam, cousin of H. Aldrich

Mennes, Sir John, Navy Comptroller and Commissioner
-, account by
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, proposals by

Mentz, see Metz.

Merchant Adventurers

Merchants, English see also London, merchants of.
-, contracts with
-, goods of
-, petitions of
-, ships belonging to
-, tenders of
-, foreign

Meredith, Sir Amyas

Merinville, M.

Merrydon, John, M.A.

Mersey, East, Essex, rectory of

Messenger's House, letter dated from

Messengers see also Charles II., messengers of, and Bradley, John; Dawson, John; Sumner, John; Warburton, John; and Wilson, John.

Messiah, coming of the

Messina, Sicily, English ships at

Metcalf, Augustine, M.A.

Metz, or Mentz, Germany, [Philip Charles ?] Bishop of
-, priest at

Meurrill, Mr., discharge from

Mews, Dr. P., President of St. John's College, Oxon, letter of
-, letter to

Mews, the
-, letter dated from
-, Blue

Mexico, coin of

Meynell, Isaac

Middleburg, ships of

Middle Grounds, sands called

Middlesex, Earl of, see Cranfield, Lionel.

-, corporation for the poor within the weekly bills of mortality in, petition of
-, J.P.s for, certificate to
-, lands or estates in
-, rectories in
-, residents in
-, sheriffs of
-, warrants to

Middleton, John, Earl of Middleton, late Lord Commissioner of Scotland
-, as Governor of Tangiers
-, letter to
-, [Charles] Lord Claremont, son of

Middleton, Simon, petition of
-, Col. Thos., Navy Commissioner and Surveyor
-, accounts by
-, agreement with
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, memoranda &c. by
-, request of
-, warrant by
-, wife of
-, Sir Thos.
-, Mr., clerk of the Post Office

Middlewich, co. Chester, toll at

Midhurst, Sussex, timber from

Midley, Kent, rectory of

Milale, see Mill Hall.

Milbeck, Cumberland

Milbrook, Hants, residents at

Mildmay, Benj., petition of
-, Henry
-, petition of

Miles, Wm., letter of

Milford, servant

Milford, co. Pembroke, letters dated from
-, port or harbour of
-, ships at
-, ships to or from
-, travellers to or from

Militia, the, Act for, see Scotland, militia for.
-, money

Mill, Rob.

Miller, Sir Humphrey
-, John, churchwarden, certificate by
-, Major John

Millhall, or Milale, Kent

Milston, co. Wilts, rectory of

Milton, Chris., J.P., certificate by

Milton, Devon, house at

Milward, Rob., made Commissioner of Privy Seal
-, Judge

Minehead, co. Somerset, Comptroller of Customs at
-, harbour of, fishing near
-, letters dated from
-, ships at, to, or from
-, ships of
-, wrecks near

Mingoe, Wm.

Minorca, island of, Governors of
-, Port Mohun in, see Port Mohun.

Mint, the, affairs of, referees for
-, assay masters in
-, coinage in
-, gravers of
-, medal to be struck at

Mitchell, Rich.

Mitton, Mr.

Moat, the, Kent, house called

Mobileau, Gideon

Modyford, Sir Thomas, Governor of Jamaica
-, wife of

Mohun, Lady

Molesworth, Col. Guy
-, letter of
-, petition of
-, family of

Molina, Condé de, Spanish ambassador
-, family of
-, wife of

Monckton, or Montane, Sir Phil., Bart.

Moneys, false, see Coinage, counterfeit.

Monk, George, Duke of Albemarle
-, as Lord General of the Forces
-, guards or regiment of, see Army.
-, as Treasury Commissioner
-, chaplain of, see Price, Dr. John.
-, grant to
-, instructions by
-, letter of
-, letters to
-, orders of, alluded to
-, pass by
-, plot against
-, reference to
-, religious opinions of
-, warrants to
-, Ann, wife of
-, letter of

Monmouth, Duke of, see Scott, James.

Monmouthshire, deputy-lieutenants for
-, receiver for
-, sheriff of

Monson, or Mounson, Sir John, K.B.

Montague, Edward, second Earl of Manchester, Lord Chamberlain of the Household
-, as Chancellor of Cambridge University
-, letters of
-, as Speaker of the House of Lords
-, certificate by
-, note by
-, reference to
-, warrants to
-, daughter-in-law of, Anne, Viscountess Mandeville
-, Edward, Earl of Sandwich, Master of the Wardrobe
-, as ambassador to Spain and Portugal
-, accounts of
-, letter of
-, report by
-, warrants for payments to
-, warrants to
-, Edward, Lord Hinchinbrooke, his son
-, Edward, Lord Montague of Boughton, letter of

Montague, Ralph, Master of the Horse to the Queen Mother
-, as ambassador to France
-, warrant to
-, Thos., petition of
-, Francis, brother of
-, Abbot Walter, almoner to the Queen Mother

Montane, see Monckton.

Montefuse, ship to

Montferrat, Italy, resident at

Montgomeryshire, places in
-, sheriff of

Montpelier, France, letter dated from

Montserrat, West Indies, ship to

Moorcock, Capt. Edw.
-, account by
-, letters of
-, note by
-, Edw. and Wm., tender by
-, or Morecock, John, jun.
-, tenders by
-, Rob., contract with

Moore, Fras.
-, petition of
-, George
-, John
-, accounts by
-, agreement by
-, letters of
-, note by
-, Jonas, ordnance officer
-, as ordnance master or surveyor
-, certificate by
-, letters of
-, statement by
-, Thos.
-, petition of
-, Walter
-, petition of
-, Mr., author

Moorhay Walk, Rockingham Forest

Moorhouse, or Morehouse, John
-, letters of

Moorish boy

Moors, the

Moravia, native of

Mordant, Capt.

Mordaunt, Henry, Earl of Peterborough
-, as Lord Lieutenant of co. Northampton
-, John, Viscount Mordaunt, his brother
-, letter of

More, Mayor

Morea, consul in
-, place in
-, traveller to

Moreau, André

Morecock, John, see Moorcock.

Morehouse, John, see Moorhouse.

Moreland, or Morland, Sir Sam.
-, letter of
-, heirs of

Morgan, Col. Blethero, letters of
-, Davis, petition of
-, Edm.
-, Edw., see Madox, Edw.
-, Sir Edw.
-, Thos.
-, Sir Thos., Governor of Jersey
-, letter to
-, Walter
-, Wm., of Bromley
-, petition of
-, father of
-, kinswoman of
-, Wm., co. Monmouth
-, Mr., of Portsmouth

Morice, Sir Wm., late Secretary of State
-, office of

Morinel, Mr., death of

Morison, see Morrison.

Morlaix, France, Castle of, commander of
-, chief judge of
-, news from
-, ships to and from
-, tonnage master at

Morland, Sir Sam., see Moreland.

Morland, Westmoreland, resident at

Morley, Cuthbert
-, daughter of, Grenville, Ann
-, brother-in-law of
-, George, Bishop of Winchester
-, certificate by

Morocco, Emperor of, late [Muley Mahommed]
-, agent of
-, embassy to, secretary of
-, son of
-, present [Muley Mahomed, King of Tafflet and Fez], ambassador to, see Howard, Henry, Lord.
-, present for

Morocco, English in

Morosini, General

Morpain, indigent officer, petition of

Morpeth, Lord, see Howard, Edward.

Morrice, Stephen, petition of
-, or Morris, Thos.

Morris, Henry

Morrison, or Morison, Dr. Rob.

Mortaigne, M.

Mortality, bills of
-, alluded to

Morton, Sir Wm., judge [of King's Bench]
-, letters of
-, letter to
-, reference to, and report

Moscow, Great Duke of
-, traveller from

Mosely, Hugh
-, letter of
-, family of

Moubray, Col., see Mowbray.

Moulin, Mr., of Paris

Moulsey, Surrey, powder stores at

Moundeford, Mrs.
-, daughter of
-, Martin, son of, letters of

Mounson, Sir John, see Monson.

Mount's Bay, Cornwall, ships lost near
-, ships to or in

Mount St. Michael, Cornwall

Mowbray, Thomas, first Duke of Norfolk
-, Margt. Howard, heiress of
-, or Moubray, Col.

Mowse, Mr.

Muddiman, Hen.
-, news-letter of

Muggleton, Lodowick, books by

Mulgrave, Earl of, see Sheffield.

Mulgrave, co. York, manor of

Mulleneux, Thos., petition of

Munroe, George

Munster, Germany, Bishop of
-, treaty of

Munster, Ireland, President of, see Boyle, Roger, Earl of Orrery.

Munt, Henry, letter of

Murray, Robert, letter of
-, Sir Rob.
-, letter of
-, alderman of Chester
-, esquire

Muschamp, Mr.

Muscle, or Mussel, Bank, Kent

Musgrave, Sir Edw.
-, Sir Phil., Bart.
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, speech of
-, Christopher, son of
-, letter of
-, Thomas, son of, Archdeacon of Carlisle

Muskerry, Viscount, see McCarty, Charles.

Musselburgh, Scotland

Mussulman slaves

Muster Master, see Hosier, Fras.

Musters, Commissary-General of
-, commissaries of

Mutass, Lieut.-Col.

Myer, John

Mynors, Capt. Rich., family of
-, petition of