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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, Addenda 1660-1685. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1939.

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Hackney, Middlesex. See Proctor, William.

Hackney coaches, forbidden to stand in certain places
-, commissioners for licensing, memorandum of appointment of


Haddock, Captain [Richard], commander of Samuel and Anne fireship, order for provisions to
-, Captain William, letter from

Hadsell, Charles, opinion of Trinity House on ability of

Hague, The, Holland, document dated at

Hair stuffs. See Gold.

Halden, near Tenterden, Kent, oaks at, offered to Navy

Hale, Lincs. See Hole.

Hale, Sir Matthew, Lord Chief Baron of Exchequer, letter to
-, note by
-, affidavit sworn before
-, See also Hall.

Halesworth, Suffolk

Haliburton, James, petition of, for answer to petition desiring reversion of place of sewer to King, etc.

Halifax, Yorks., Lord Newcastle's army at

Halifax, Earl of (Lord). See Savile, George, first Earl [afterwards first Marquess] of Halifax.

Halks, John, request for caveat against

Hall, Arthur, deposition of, about goods taken from wreck
-, Christopher, constable of Ardsley, list by
-, Christopher, curate of Elstow, death of
-, Edward, anchor-smith, formerly foreman in anchor shop at Chatham, conditions on which he offers to serve as assistant to anchor-smith in Forest of Dean
-, George, D.D., to be elected Bishop of Chester
-, Jacob, and company, petition of, for warrant for keeping booth for dancing, etc., in Lincoln's Inn Fields
-, John, letters from
-, Joseph, deposition of, about goods taken from wreck
-, (or Hale), Joseph, merchant, commission to, for reducing Fort St. George and Madraspatan
-, Mr., of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, payment for discovery of books of
-, Richard, constable of Folkton, return by

Halladay. See Holliday.

Hallaton, Leics.

Hallett, Henry, Nonconformist minister at Exeter, bond required from for refusing to take oath

Halliday. See Holliday.

Halowell, Edward, constable of Harswell, and others, return by

Halsall, Robert, warrant for appointing him commissioner in Alienation Office

Halsey, William, deceased, pension to, mentioned

Halstead, George, statements of moneys paid to

Halsted, Edward, petition of, to be paid wages of seaman who was indebted and left his property to him
-, William, collector of customs in Newhaven, Lewes and Seaford, petition of, for recommendation for continuance in employment and appointment as surveyor for Sussex

Ham, Surrey, warrant for grant of office of steward of

-, petition relating to goods laden for, and taken in prize
-, ships from, abstract of letters about
-, off Poole
-, See also Ships: St. Peter of Hamburg.
-, agent at. See Swan, Sir William.
-, burghers of, proprietors of goods taken in prize, petition on behalf of
-, Residents of, letter from, recommending petition

Hamburg Company, English, bond given by Christian IV of Denmark to, mentioned
-, husband of, beer given by captain of Dartmouth to

Hamilton, Captain, prize taken by
-, Captain, in engagement with Dutch
-, Colonel
-, Francis, letter from
-, Gawen, found guilty of high treason and condemned to be hanged
-, Sir Hans, Henry Loftus, James Wahope and Mary and John Trayle, petition of, for renewal of certificates, and draft letter in favour of
-, Hugh, first Lord (Hamilton of) Glenawley (Glenauley, Glenaully)
-, letter, memorial and proposals from, concerning transport of masts, timber and hemp from Riga
-, tender of timber on behalf of
-, James, first Duke of Hamilton, Scottish army commanded by (1648)
-, Robert, found guilty of high treason and condemned to be hanged

Hamley, Thomas, chief of boat

Hammond, Dr. Henry, Practical Catechism of
-, See also Hamond.

Hamon, Captain William, of Bonadventure, letter from
-, ordered to receive pieces of eight and to sail for Plymouth

Hamond, Mr., memorandum of petition of, for ship to bring home goods from Orkney
-, See also Hammond.

Hampshire, assizes for, conviction at, mentioned
-, Justices of, letter to, about their neglect in furthering carriage of ship timber
-, names of, to provide carriages for timber

Hampstead, Middlesex

Hampstead Green, Kent, report on timber at

Hampton. See Ships: Hopewell of Hampton; St. John of Hampton.

Hampton, Lawrence, deceased, warrant for registering grant of lands, etc., by

Hampton Court, Middlesex
-, letters, etc., dated at
-, stables at, order for permission to take up lead pipes formerly conveying water to
-, surveyor of. See Barker, William.

Hancock, Mr., news from

Hannam, Captain [? Willoughby]

Hansill, James, constable of Farlington, return by

Harbert, Bridget, certificate of, of distraint on

Harbin, Mr., account of his canvas

Harbord, Sir Charles, Surveyor General, letters from
-, appointment by
-, request by

Harbred, Mr., lessee of prebend rents at Wistow, robbery committed on

Harby, Sir Clement, commission to, to be consul at Zante
-, John, commission to, to be consul at Zante
-, late consul at Zante

Hardacre, Richard, the elder, of Long Preston, certificate by, of payment by
-, statement of money lent on public faith by
-, William, of Long Preston, certificate by, of payment by

Hardestie, Thomas, constable of Foston, certificate by

Hardiman, Thomas, statement about place bought by

Harding, Gabriel, poem describing miraculous adventure to
-, Mr., depositions about goods from wreck claimed by

Hargraves, Francis, of Skipton, complaint by, of sequestration

Harksby (? Haxby), Yorks., return relating to

Harman, Rear-Admiral [afterwards Admiral] Sir John, letter from
-, certificate by
-, sits on court martial
-, Captain Thomas, jun., commander of Unicorn, commission to, for reducing Fort St. George and Madraspatan
-, instructions to

Haro, Don Louis [Luis Mendez] d' [chief Minister of Spain,] death of

Harold, King of the English, notes of eminent persons in reign of

Harper, Ann, letters from, requesting house and husband's salary
-, Thomas, at Deptford, letter from
-, receipt by, for anchors and topsail

Harrford, William, constable of Sheriff Hutton, certificate by

Harriman, Thomas, payment to

Harrington, Edmund, tender of deals and wainscots by
-, William, tenders of deals, etc., by

Harris, Elizabeth, widow of William Harris of Lanerthill, renouncement by, of administration of husband's goods
-, Henry, petition of, for place of chief graver [to Mint]
-, seals engraved by
-, John, report on canvas by
-, Katharine, widow, and other poor women of Weymouth and Melcombe Regis, petition of, for redemption of captives in Algiers
-, Walter, of Gloucester, poll money paid to
-, William, sen., prisoner at Usk, afterwards in Fleet
-, letter from
-, letter to
-, diary (perhaps) of
-, notes by
-, note to, of account due by
-, date of return of Habeas corpus against
-, discharge of fees, etc., to
-, charge against him, copy of, mentioned
-, list of debts of
-, desired to accept administration of son's goods
-, William, of Lanerthill. See above, Harris, Elizabeth.
-, William, and others, v. William Powell, order in
-, (?), William, information of his attempting to enter Worcester House with picklock key

Harrison, Edmund, tender of yarn by
-, John, constable of Broughton, statement by
-, John, late midshipman on Norwich, affidavit by
-, John, tender of deals by
-, tender of yarn and lines by
-, Leonard, constable of Fyling, and eleven inhabitants, certificate by
-, Thomas, of Howden, statement of accounts of
-, Thomas, tender of hemp by
-, William, certificate of sequestration of
-, William, of Glutton, drovier, petition of, for pardon for clipping

Harswell, Yorks., return relating to

Hart, Captain John, captain of Portland, afterwards of Revenge, letters from
-, orders to, mentioned
-, to be employed in ship to be manned out of river
-, meets Sir Robert Holmes

Harthill wapentake, Yorks. See Holme Beacon.

Hartley, Nathaniel, of Dockbarr, Staveley, statement by, of sequestration of and money paid by

Hartley Westpall (Wapell), Hants., manor of, caveat that nothing pass relating to, without notice to Earl of Bristol

Harton and Claxton, Yorks., certificate relating to

Harvey, John, Queen's receiver for Lincolnshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, receipt to
-, John, Treasurer of Turkey (Levant) Company
-, William, receiver of rents of sequestrated estates (commissioner for sequestrations) in Lincolnshire
-, account of money due from
-, memorandum about
-, See also Hervey.

Harwad, Humphrey, tithe of corn and hay taken by Cf. Harwood.

Harward, Nicholas, vicar of Brill, receipt by and debenture to, for stipend

Harwich, Essex
-, letters, etc., dated at
-, fleet at, money required for victualling
-, notification of packet-boats going from Maesland Sluys to
-, particulars of boats to be built at
-, arrival of Rosebush at
-, distribution of victuals at
-, account of business ordered at
-, warrant for sending deals to
-, question whether victualling ships should go farther than
-, to be supplied from other stores as demanded
-, particulars relating to stores, men, ships, etc., at
-, new wharf at, particulars about filling it with clay and earth
-, anchors and topsail lent out of stores at
-, account of men pressed from ships at
-, money wanted at
-, beams of new ships come into
-, carpenters marching to London from, but turned back
-, labourers and carpenters dead for want of diet at
-, ship being built at
-, fittings needed for
-, money spent on
-, absences and defects among ordinary of
-, near fully ballasted
-, masts not fit to be set
-, considerations about fitting
-, boatswain of
-, carpenters wanted for
-, men wanted for rigging
-, masts ready for
-, masts set in
-, stores brought for
-, seamen of mast ships persuaded to get up rigging of
-, See also Ships: Resolution.
-, arrears and debts paid at but money still wanted
-, many workmen absent themselves from
-, money sent to
-, old rope, etc., sent to London from, to be trucked for oakum
-, defence of, workmen in yard to be exercised in order to
-, money promised but not sent to
-, dispute about ownership of cable at
-, treenails and oakum needed at
-, taphouse at, question of whom it should belong to
-, stores at, very empty
-, oars sent to Chatham from, crooked and unserviceable
-, Sir William Warren at
-, provisions received into stores at, abstract of
-, bilgeways wanted at
-, fortification of, warrants relating to
-, account relating to, mentioned
-, loan requested from officers at
-, prisoners at
-, new storehouse at
-, work to be done on, and expense of finishing
-, nearly finished
-, request for payment for work on
-, account of ironwork delivered for
-, iron in store at, value and condition of
-, ingredients for fireworks, etc., received out of stores at, certificate relating to
-, anchors at, particulars of
-, ships at, difficulties of appraising
-, lighters, etc., at, Ordnance officers desire use of
-, good quantities of stores at
-, removal of stores from
-, ships at
-, account of
-, muster smack at
-, lighters at
-, anchors lost in and about harbour of
-, ships arrive from Chatham at
-, money disbursed and wanted at
-, work for labourers in yard at
-, masts to be and being laden on ships at
-, St. Peter arrives at
-, capstans wanted on ships at
-, cordage and tar delivered at
-, timber supplied to
-, ships at, sailing of
-, petty warrant issued at, account of
-, anchor lent out of stores at
-, water, etc., for ships at. See Palmer, Edmond.
-, iron received at
-, longboats sold at
-, packet-boat illegally running between the Brill and
-, accounts of passengers between the Brill and
-, burgess of. See King, Mr.
-, Mayor of
-, See also Munt, Henry.
-, and Bailiffs of
-, Town Clerk of. See Smith, Daniel.
-, officers, etc., at:
-, anchor-smith. See Watkins, William.
-, blockmaker. See Munt, Henry.
-, bricklayer, desires warrant
-, chirurgeon, his salary settled
-, clerk of checque
-, hopes for salary as at Portsmouth
-, See also Gregory, John; Homewood, Mr.
-, clerk of survey. See Browne, John; Homewood, Mr.
-, Commissioner. See Taylor, Captain John.
-, custom-house officer. See Layfield, Jacob
-, house carpenter
-, See also Watson, Henry.
-, and mast-maker, desire warrants and allowance
-, master attendant
-, assistant required for
-, takes possession of and surveys prize
-, master caulker, demands pay for Sundays
-, master shipwright
-, treenails, etc., needed by
-, See also Deane, Captain Anthony.
-, mast-maker. See above, house carpenter.
-, porter of yard, death of, and difficulty of filling his place
-, See also Raie, James.
-, smith, his shop shut up
-, at work but needs money
-, needs money for coals and to pay workmen
-, storekeeper. See Taylor, Captain Silas.
-, harbour, inventory of things in prize yacht delivered into
-, King's house at, proviso (for re-entry in case of war) in lease of
-, West Rocks at, Holland manof-war off
-, enemy ships off

Harwich wherry, dispute about cable seized out of

Harwood, Humphrey, living in manor of York, receiver of prebend rents at Wistow, robbery committed by, Cf. Harward.

Haselgrave. See Hazlegrove.

Hastings, Ferdinand, letter from, about services of
-, eldest son of, company given to
-, Henry, Lord Loughborough
-, Sir Richard, of Redlynch, bart., statement apparently relating to services, sufferings and claims of

Hathway, Obed., pilferer at Portsmouth

Hats. See Wool.

Hatton, , brother of Viscount Hatton, appointed paymaster to forces in Guernsey
-, Christopher, first Lord Hatton, Governor of Guernsey
-, letter from, mentioned
-, letter to (addressed in error to Governor of Jersey)
-, letter to, mentioned
-, petition of, for restoration to possession of revenue, that his son may supply his place during absence, and that his case may be heard in Council
-, former petition of, cited
-, Christopher Hatton (his son) appointed Governor during absence of
-, Colonel Jonathan Atkins appointed Governor during absence of
-, to repair to England
-, Christopher, afterwards second Lord [and first Viscount] Hatton
-, commission to, to be Governor of Guernsey during father's absence
-, appointed Governor of Guernsey
-, Francis, and others, committed for riot, warrant for pardon to

Haughton. See Houghton.

Haverhill, Suffolk

Havyland, Robert, late receiver general of monthly assessment in Somerset, order for allowance to, of money paid to Colonel Bovett
-, order that he forbear demanding said money
-, affidavit by

Haward, Captain [Thomas], [captain of Prudent Mary,] account of cable and junk expended in Prudent Mary by order of

Hawkesworth, Walter, sequestration of lands of

Hawkins, Christian, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth. See Dawes.
-, Elizabeth, deceased
-, John, of Rathfreilan, indicted of high treason, petition for order for seizure of
-, John, seaman, on behalf of himself and others, petition of, for payment by seamen for redemption of seamen captured by pirates and relief of shipwrecked seamen
-, Mr., decree obtained against
-, Robert, deceased, freeman of London

Hawkswick, Yorks

Hawles, Thomas, case of, in John Norden v. Thomas Hawles

Hawsker cum Stainsacre, Yorks., certificate relating to

Haxby, Yorks. See Harksby.

Haxup, Mr.

Hayes, James, secretary to Prince Rupert, letter from
-, Sir James, [farmer of Irish revenue,] complaints against

Hayles, George, consul at Venice, Order in Council on petition of

Hayter (?), George, privy seal for presentation of, to Chagford rectory

Hayter, Thomas, [joint Clerk of the Acts, etc.]
-, letters to
-, note to, to prepare warrant for master of Pearl
-, account sent to, mentioned
-, bills sent to, mentioned

Hayton, Yorks., return relating to

Hayward, Edward, warrant for payment to, for disposing into quarters sick and wounded from fleet
-, warrant for payment to, for services in payment of ships, etc.
-, receipt by
-, Captain [John], commander of Royal Sovereign
-, orders communicated to
-, bounty money asked for by
-, Captain [? John], to be employed in ship to be manned out of river

Haywood or Forrest de la Hay, Herefords., fee-farm rent called, petitions for grant of

Hazlegrove, Captain [? John Haselgrave]

Headington, Oxon., manor of, memorandum of sales of fee farm rents out of

Headley, Thomas, constable of Osbaldwick, return by

Heago, John, late of English Tiger, now cook of St. Paul fireship, petition on behalf of, for ticket

Heart, William, order for payment to, of allowance for paving and repairing Haymarket, with receipt

Hearth money, what Parliament shall settle on Crown in lieu of, petition relating to
-, request for caveat against granting of arrears of
-, receivers of, warrants for appointing and taking bonds from
-, in co. Durham, schedule of

Heatly, Mr., letter to

Heaton, Yorks., return relating to

Hebden, Sir John

Hebenbates, Ralph, constable of Hayton, and others, return by

Heckington, Lincs., pension to Bishop of Lincoln out of church of

Heddi, Stephen, Life of St. Wilfrid by

Heem, [Jan Davidsz van,] old de, account of picture by

Heemskerk. See. Hemskirke.

Helbord. See Hulbord.

Heliard (? Hilliard),

Heligolanders, detained at Sheerness
-, to be suffered to part

Heling, Captain Daniel, commander of Bristol, note by

Hellson, Anthony, who came in King Solomon from Virginia, certificate that he is pressed on Mary

Helmont, F. M., Baron von, letter from

Helsingr (Elsinore), Denmark, English ship seized at, case relating to goods on
-, See also Ellivegariv.

Hempholme, Yorks., certificate relating to

Hemskirke (Heemskerk, Hempskerke), Captain Sir Lawrence van, dogger-boat to be delivered to order of
-, yacht belonging to
-, commander of Nonsuch, sentence of court martial on difference between lieutenant and

Henchman, Humphrey, D.D., to be elected Bishop of Salisbury

Henley-on-Thames, Oxon., rector and inhabitants of, petition signed by
-, See also Townesend, Nathaniel.

Henrietta Anne (Maria), Duchesse d'Orlans (Madame)
-, Merlin yacht to be painted and made handsome for bringing over
-, said to be coming sooner than expected
-, vessels to be got ready to accompany

Henrietta Maria, Queen Dowager of England (the Queen Mother).
-, money appointed to be paid to
-, power of attorney granted by
-, said to be a whore and her children bastards
-, jointure of, order concerning
-, revenues of, instructions about receivers and audit of
-, crown rents for manor house in Barnsley belonging to
-, order about moneys due to
-, report on leases passed in reversion by
-, pension promised at instance of
-, Chancellor to. See Digby, Sir Kenelm.
-, Council of, orders by
-, her auditor for South Wales. See Hill, [? William].
-, her receiver for Lincolnshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. See Harvey, John.
-, her receiver general in Nottinghamshire. See Stowe, Thomas
-, jeweller to. See Rose, Mr

Henry III, King of England

Henry IV, King of England

Henry V, King of England

Henry VI, King of England

Henry, Duke of Gloucester, receipts for interest on money advanced to

Henslow, Richard, and William Rolfe, contract for timber with

Heraldry and genealogy, catalogue of books and MSS. on

Heralds and pursuivants, orders relating to

Herbert, Philip, fourth Earl of Pembroke
-, Philip, fifth Earl of Pembroke, suits between tenants of Aldbourne and
-, agreements made with, about land in Aldbourne Chase
-, actions brought in name of
-, bill exhibited in Chancery against
-, Philip, seventh Earl of Pembroke
-, William, third Earl of Pembroke, statement about rentcharge granted by
-, William, sixth Earl of Pembroke
-, letter from, offering services to Prince of Orange


Hereford, Bishop of. See Croft, Dr. Herbert; Monck, Dr. Nicholas.
-, Chapter of, royal letter to See also below, Dean and Chapter of
-, Dean of. See Croft, Dr. Herbert; Hodges, Thomas, D.D.
-, and Chapter of. letters missive to, See also above, Chapter of.

Herefordshire, account of receipts from and payments thereout
-, receiver of Royal Aid of, affidavit for money received from, mentioned

Herne, Joseph, of London, merchant, petition of, for liberty to land goods consigned to Flanders

Herp, [Gerard] van, account of pictures by

Hertfordshire, commissioners for subsidy in, certificate by
-, Justices of, certificate given to
-, treasurers for. See Hickman, William; Turnor, William.

Hervey, Sir Thomas, letter from
-, See also Harvey.

Hervie. Skipper, account of voyage of, accident to, and prophetic dream of
-, his cabin-boy. See Maggison, Roger.

Hesket (Heskett), Cumberland, meeting of commissioners for poll money at

Hester, Thomas, bricklayer, account of payments to

Hetton, Yorks.
-, certificate relating to

Hewardstone, in barony of Small County, co. Limerick, warrant for grants of lands of

Hewer, William, letters to

Hewet, Captain Simon, to assist Lieut.Governor of Tangier in examining late Governor's papers
-, to assist Col. Bullen Reymes (q.v.)

Hewett (Hewytt), Sir George, [second bart., afterwards Viscount Hewett of Gowran,] military commission to

Hewitt (Hughit), Mr., petition for order to
-, his office at the Horse Guard

Heworth, Yorks., return relating to

Hewytt. See Hewett.

Heynes, William, list of seamen pressed by

Hickes, James, letter to
-, James, senior clerk in inland letter office, petition of, that his son may succeed him
-, James, son of foregoing

Hickling, Robert, of Melton Mowbray, letters from

Hickman, William, treasurer for Hertfordshire, certificate of money in hands of

Hierosme, Mons., late pastor of French church in Dublin

Higgenson, Nathaniel, note of warrant to

Higgin, William, statement of sequestration by

Highmore, Samuel, formerly master's mate of King Solomon, certificate that he now belongs to Unity

Highwaymen, coaches coming from Oxford robbed by
-, lists of names and residences of

Highways and Sewers, Commissioners for, orders by
-, treasurer to. See Spelman, Henry.
-, See also Streets and Highways, Commissioners of.

Hilderthorpe, Yorks., statement about sequestration of lands in

Hildesley, Margaret, letter from

Hildyard, Christopher, presentment by, of payments for arrears of rent and for decimation by

Hill, Captain, tithe of corn and hay had by
-, John, constable of Sutton in Galtres, return by
-, John, note by, about money needed at Harwich
-, money paid at Harwich by
-, John, note about tar of
-, tenders of tar, pitch, etc., by
-, warrant for receipt of pitch from
-, Lieut.-Colonel, Comptroller to Household of Lord Lieutenant of Ireland
-, Peter, statement by
-, Sir Roger, receipts to, for rents
-, William, Auditor [? of Exchequer]
-, letter to
-, warrant to
-, note by
-, [? William], Queen's auditor for South Wales, to state account
-, Captain William, commander of Elias and of Coventry, letters from
-, letters from, mentioned
-, certificate by, about miscarriage of Elias
-, about men on and surrender of Coventry
-, about wounds of Captain Bird
-, note by, about issues of slopseller's goods
-, money laid out for relief of prisoners by, and supplied to
-, his debt to Governor of Guadeloupe
-, set at liberty
-, staying at La Rochelle until debts paid
-, his desires as to payment of money due to
-, threatened with prison again
-, servants of
-, wages due to
-, wife of, request for money to be paid to
-, how money to be paid in case of death of
-, William, chaplain to Fleet prison, information of

Hilliard. See Heliard.

Hills, John, of Golden Hart fireship, affidavit concerning
-, certificates (affidavits) relating to service of

Hilton, William, constable, return by

Hinchinbrooke, Viscount (Lord). See Montagu, Edward, Viscount Hinchinbrooke, afterwards second Earl of Sandwich.

Hinton Pipard, Yorks.

Hirst, Henry, vicar of Huddersfield, tenths paid by

Hitch, Robert, D.D., to be elected Dean of York

Hitchin, Herts. See Lawes, Robert.

Hitchley (? Hittisleigh, Devon), book of value of estates of inhabitants of

Hittisleigh. See Hitchley.

Hoare, John, payment to, for plate belonging to Queen's College, Cambridge

Hoarth, Thomas, difference between Jeremie Browning (q.v.) and, Order in Council about

Hobart, Sir Henry, bart., Chief Justice of Common Pleas, Reports of, notes from
-, Sir Nathaniel, Master in Chancery, case transferred to

Hobbes. Thomas, Ussher's answer to, cited

Hoblyn. Thomas. See Trethewy, Anthony.

Hobson, William, late treasurer of moneys arising from sale of deans' and chapters' lands. See Noell, Thomas.

Hodges, Thomas, D.D., to be elected Dean of Hereford

Hodgson, John, certificate of money paid to sequestrators by

Hoer, Thomas, prisoner at Cambridge, petition of, for forgiveness and release

Hogue, Cap de [la] France

Holeroft, Mr. [? Francis], licensed minister, information about disturbance of meeting where he was preaching
-, carried before Mayor of Cambridge and dismissed

Holder, Mr., treasurer of garrison of Newark, account signed by, mentioned
-, Mr., merchant, under restraint for selling gunpowder to Sallee, discharged on bail

Holderness, North bailiwick, Yorks., return relating to

Hole [? Hale, Lincs.], pension to Bishop of Lincoln out of church of

Hole Haven, Essex

-, letters from, mentioned or quoted
-, ships that brought King from
-, pass to
-, Queen of Bohemia arrives from
-, wars with, copies of Orders in Council relating to
-, free supply of water to his Majesty's ships during
-, masts from Russia and Poland bought by
-, English soldiers shipped to, contrary to order
-, English regiment in
-, Scots regiment in, case relating to majority in
-, transport of rebellious ministers [from Scotland] to
-, reported league between King of Denmark and Elector of Brandenburg against
-, States of, letters to, mentioned
-, Sir George Downing sent to mediate between Portugal and
-, to be consulted about Prince of Orange's proposed visit to England
-, resolve to send ambassador to France to complain of proceedings against Orange
-, Ambassador Extraordinary to King of Poland from. See Witt, Monsr. de.
-, Ambassador to England from. See Beuninghen, Heer [Conrad] van.
-, Parliament's agent to. See Dorislaus, Dr. Isaac.
-, See also Dutch; Netherlands.

Holland, Lincs., Commissioners of Sewers for, finding and proposal of, cited

Holland, Earl (of). See Rich, Robert, fifth Earl of Warwick and second Earl (of) Holland.

Holland, Captain [? Ph., commander of Loyal Merchant]

Hollanders. See Dutch ships.

Hollandsby, Thomas, contract by, for broom faggots and bavins

Holles, Denzil, first Lord Holles of Ifield, warrant for commission to, to be one of Principal Commissioners for Prizes
-, packet from Duke of York for, mentioned
-, Elizabeth, Countess Dowager of Clare, [widow of second Earl,] cure wrought by. aurum potabile on
-, Sir Frescheville (Fretchville), letter to
-, offer of service by
-, to go to London
-, Gilbert, third Earl of Clare, minutes of his contract for timber

Hollesley Bay, Suffolk
-, Tiger in

Holliday (Halladay, Halliday, Holyday), Richard, certificates of sequestrations by
-, statement that goods were taken by
-, warrant from, mentioned
-, William, certificate of rents paid to

Holloway, [James]

Holman, John, correspondent to Mr. Moore of La Rochelle, money to be paid to

Holme, John, and others, offer of medicines to Navy by

Holme Beacon in Harthill wapentake, Yorks., returns relating to

Holme (Hollam) Cultram, Cumberland, case relating to tithe due on land in
-, late surrendered monastery of, inspeximus relating to

Holme in Spalding Moor, Yorks., return relating to
-, ministers of. See Playton, Mr.; Stancliffe, Mr

Holmes, Christopher, constable of Steeton, return by
-, Captain [John, commander of Lennox yacht]
-, Captain [? John, afterwards Admiral Sir John], Dutch man of war carried by
-, Admiral Sir Robert, ships coming home with, to be paid off and laid up at Portsmouth
-, engaged with Dutch off Beachy
-, in Gloucester, intends going into Fairfax
-, orders from, mentioned
-, expected in the Downs

Holstein, regiment of, marches to Groll

Holt, Mr., survey of provisions at Chatham undertaken by

Holyday. See Holliday.

Holyhead, Anglesey
-, letter dated on yacht at

Holy Island, [? Northumberland,] extracts concerning

Homewood, Mr., late clerk of survey and checque at Harwich
-, books taken away by

Honey, Oliver, account of payments to

Honeywood, Sir Philip, Deputy Governor of Portsmouth, commission to, to be commissioner for building counterscarp and other works at Portsmouth
-, commission to, to be Lieut.-Governor of Portsmouth

Hooke, Anne, statement by

Hooker, Cornelius, recommended for stewardship of Winchester
-, Robert, account of survey of cordage of
-, minutes of his contract for cordage and spun yarn
-, and Daniel Atkins, warrant for receipt of cordage from
-, William, of East Greenwich, certificate by

Hoole, Samuel (1825), pamphlet given to Record Office by

Hooper, Lawrence, his house in Cambridge, information about disturbance of meeting at
-, (Hoopper), Captain Robert, commander of Harp, letters from
-, letters to, mentioned
-, discharge of
-, Major William, tickets for service of seamen's widows and parents to be given to

Hope, the (Tilbury Hope)
-, letters, etc., dated on ships in
-, Royal James in
-, ships in
-, commanders should go on board
-, Dutch fleet coming into
-, at lower end of
-, frigates and fireships to retreat from
-, ships moved from
-, enemy returned to
-, fireships in, survey of
-, list of provisions on
-, engagement in, certificates of services in
-, last attempt of Dutch on, certificates (affidavits) relating to services of seamen during

Hopegood, Mr., Deputy Governor of East India Company

Hoppyn, John, Nonconformist minister at Exeter, bond required from for refusing to take oath

Hopton, George, shipwright at Deptford, theft by servant of

Hornbusel, Mr.

Horneby (Hornby), Joseph, Alderman Backwell's servant, request for payment to be made to
-, and others, goldsmiths, whose payments are stopped in Exchequer, petition of, for adjustment of their accounts, etc
-, for remedy

Horner, Lady Frances, and Sir Henry Thompson, case between Robert Bucke and, about tuition of Frances Swan
-, Robert, Alderman of York, presentment about words spoken by

Horning, Norfolk, bowsprit seized at

Horrockes, Christopher, charge of false imprisonment against

Horse, the, ship put ashore on

Horsham. Sussex, account of timber to be seen near

Horsleydown (Horslydown), Bermondsey

Horwood (Worwood), Little, Bucks., vicar of, debenture to, with receipt

Hospital ships. See Ships

Hotham, Sir John, certificate and return of loans to
-, Robert, collector of Holme Beacon, account of receipts and payments by

Houghton (Haughton), Yorks., return relating to

Houlden Park, Yorks. See Renord, Benjamin

Hoveden, Roger of. See Roger of Hoveden

Howard, Sir Charles, grant to, cited, and warrant for payment for use of
-, Charles, first Earl of Carlisle
-, letter from
-, instructions for, on going to his lieutenancy
-, order to be received from, mentioned
-, money disbursed by
-, tender of masts belonging to
-, Ambassador to Russia
-, Charlotte, widow of James, petition of, for settlement of pension granted to herself and husband
-, [? Sir Edward, first] Lord [Howard of Escrick]
-, Edward, Viscount Morpeth [afterwards second Earl of Carlisle]
-, Henry, sixth Duke of Norfolk, [as Earl Marshal,] orders by, relating to governance of College of Arms and duties and privileges of heralds
-, James, deceased. See above, Howard, Charlotte
-, Captain James, order for payment to, for expenses in crossing water
-, Captain Sir Philip, money to be paid to
-, Queen's troop of Horse Guards commanded by, commissions in
-, his troop in Schomberg's regiment
-, Thomas, fifth Duke of Norfolk, memorandum of agreement before
-, [Lieut.-] Colonel [Thomas], "who commands my lord's [Earl of Carlisle's] troop," and Morpeth election
-, Tom, and Lady Orrery
-, William, and his lady, scandalous and seditious speeches spoken in hearing of

Howden, Yorks., certificate by four constables of
-, See also Harrison, Thomas

Howdenshire, Yorks., liberty of, constable and collector for. See Athorp, Robert
-, wapentake of, account of moneys paid in
-, second return of

Howell, Mr., particular of his bill for shovels, baskets, etc

Hoyle, William, constable, return by

Hoys and galliots, list of

Huardine, , of Cleveland, certificate of payment of rent due to King to

Hubbard, James, and others, petition of, for appointment of assay master
-, Captain John, commander of Falcon, letter from
-, Captain John, captain of Milford [and of Assistance], sentence of court martial on charge against master by
-, Captain [John, commander of Assistance]
-, Mr., case of, concerning Mary and Anne

Huddersfield, Yorks., return relating to assessments at
-, vicar of. See Hirst, Henry

Huddleston, Andrew, examination of, mentioned
-, return by, of poll money from Cumberland

Hudson, Captain Geoffrey, receipt by, for pension given by Duke of Buckingham
-, Grissell. See Elvidge, Mary
-, Hugh, constable of Kildwick, return by
-, John, constable of Tibthorpe, return by
-, Thomas, constable of North Dalton, return by

Hughes (Hughs), Daniel, constable of Wollascote, presentment by
-, Doctor, suit against, mentioned
-, John, writer of factious newsletters
-, Mary, of Rilstone, widow, return of payments for sequestrations, etc., by

Hughit. See Hewitt.

Hughs. See Hughes.

Hughson, Francis, certificate by

Hulbord (Helbord), Edward, plank bought from
-, tender of broom bavins by
-, tender of plank by

Hull (Kingston-upon-Hull), Yorks
-, letters, etc., dated at
-, abstract of letter dated at
-, letter dated on ship near
-, excise of
-, command of (during Civil War)
-, Earl of Newcastle's army raised from before
-, [Commissioners for Prizes at], abstract of letter from
-, Deputy Governor of, order to prayed for about Swedish ship under arrest in hands of
-, farmers and officers of customs at, order to prayed for
-, receiver of hearth money at, warrant for taking bonds from
-, Trinity Masters at
-, port of, prize office to be established in, with district of Newcastle added
-, See also Ships: Adventure of Hull; Friendship of Hull; Increase of Hull; Patience of Hull; Seaflower of Hull.

Humber, River
-, great fleet of light colliers got to
-, Dutch prizes brought into

Humphrey, John, constable of St. Martin's and Gregory's in Micklegate, York, return by

Hungary, Emperor's troops to act in

Hungate, Sir Francis
-, Captain William, commissioned to raise men for service in France

Hunt, , of Luton, fit for employment

Hunter, George, commissioner for sequestration at York, to search for arms and delinquents' goods
-, Mr., [? clerk of checque at Sheerness,]

Huntingdonshire, excise of
-, petition for lease of marshes and grounds in

Huntingford, Nicholas, exciseman at Chesterfield, indictment of and summons by, petition relating to

Husband, Richard, of Stainforth Underbargh, account of composition money paid by

Hussey, Morrish, sinister and indirect courses of

Hutchinson, Colonel John, case as to money lent to Lord Lexington and paid to
-, money paid to, for arrears
-, Michael, account by, of sums collected and paid by
-, Richard, late Treasurer of Navy, certificate and letter about rent due from
-, abstract of accounts of
-, administrator for, assistance requested for
-, William, constable of Whitgift, certificate by
-, See also Hutkiesen

Hutkiesen (? Hutchinson),

Hutton, Christopher, judgment against, for refusing oath of allegiance

Hutton in the Forest, Cumberland, sum struck off from poll money for

Hutton on Derwent, Yorks., certificate relating to

Hyde, Edward, first Lord Hyde, afterwards first Earl of Clarendon, Lord Chancellor
-, letter from
-, petition referred to, mentioned
-, lines on fall of
-, decree confirmed by, mentioned
-, prebends disposed of by
-, Henry, Viscount Cornbury [afterwards second Earl of Clarendon], Lord Chamberlain to Queen, warrant from, cited


Idle, Mr., at Easingwold, letter to

Ifield, Sussex, wood and pasture called Prestwood Common in, memorandum of agreement concerning

Ilford, in parish of Barking, Essex, Hospital of, extracts concerning

Imprest, auditors of, allowance to be made by

Ince, John
-, letters from

Inchiquin, Earl of. See O'Brien, Morrogh, first Earl of Inchiquin

India. See East Indies.

Ingram, , groom of Privy Chamber
-, Robert, supplier of nails, etc., to fleet, letter from
-, Sir William

Innis, Captain Robert, advertisement of grant of intelligence office to

Innocent XI, Pope, "dispenses with the Duke [of York] in all things

-, statement that Jersey merchant was put into

Ippollitts, Herts. See St. Ippolyt's

Ipswich, Suffolk
-, ships of, convoy desired for
-, man at, has oakum to sell
-, ropemaker at, old rope, etc., brought back to Harwich from
-, offer of ropes by
-, provisions for ships promised from, not delivered
-, Bailiffs of, letter to, mentioned
-, gaol, runaways lodged in
-, See also King, Mr.
-, See also Ships: John hoy of Ipswich; Unicorn of Ipswich.

-, no Court of Chancery in
-, rebellion in
-, list of pretenders for standing troops in
-, officers of Scottish army sent to in 1642, petition of
-, mentioned
-, Act for settlement of, mentioned See also Parliament, Acts of
-, money raised in Yorkshire for relief of (army, Protestants in) (British cess). returns relating to
-, high collector of. See Waller, Edmund
-, commission for reducing forfeited recognizances in, direction for new
-, shipping appointed for guard of coasts of, payment of
-, money for, yacht waiting for
-, proposal for preventing passage of Whigs between Scotland and
-, forces in, for rebellion in Scotland
-, lotteries in, draft of warrant for grant of
-, trustees for
-, petition of indigent officers for letters patent for setting up
-, additional clause to be inserted in grant of
-, hearth money in, discovery of arrears of, petitions relating to
-, concealed and forfeited lands in, warrants for grants of custodiams of
-, proceedings against Remonstrants in
-, timber from
-, question of ship to be sent to
-, lands in, King's grant of, mentioned
-, parks, etc., in, master of game and chief ranger of. See Brouncker, Henry; Trevor, Marcus, first Viscount Dungannon
-, peerages of, list of
-, names of places in, probably suggested as titles for peerages
-, '49 securities, notes about
-, establishment of, list of persons granted pensions on
-, ships of war to be built in
-, leather tanned in, office of seal-master of. See Alleyn, Thomas
-, has liberty to transport undressed hides
-, list of claimants purchasing from transplanted persons, etc
-, records in Tower relating to, statement concerning
-, Adventurers and Soldiers in, cases relating to lands granted to
-, archbishoprics and bishoprics in, list of
-, army in, list of troops and companies in, with garrisons and quarters
-, Lord Chancellor of. See Boyle, Richard, Archbishop of Dublin; Eustace, Sir Maurice
-, Chancery of, Court of
-, bill preferred in, mentioned
-, Master in. See Loftus, Dudley
-, Common Pleas of, Court of, Chief Justice of. See Booth, Sir Robert
-, Council of, rules passed in, for encouragement of foreigners
-, draft of letter for grant of clerkship of
-, See also below, Ireland, Lord Deputy and Council of; Lords Justices and Council of; Lord Lieutenant and Council of.
-, Court of Claims in
-, decree of, cited
-, first
-, second
-, customs of, Act for, cited
-, Lord Deputy of. See Butler, Thomas, Earl of Ossory; Robartes, John, second Lord Robartes
-, and Council of, order of, stated
-, petition for declaration to
-, Exchequer (Treasury) of, money paid out of, for shipping to guard coasts, letter concerning
-, account of
-, Exchequer of, Court of, judgment given in, mentioned
-, bill exhibited in
-, Barons of, copy of letter to
-, Chief Baron of [? John Bysse]
-, chief remembrancership of, warrant for grant of
-, excise of, surveyorship of, draft of clauses in warrant for grant of
-, Lords Justices of, letters from, mentioned
-, letters to, cited
-, memorandum of letter to, directing commission to be granted about forfeited recognizances
-, orders of, cited
-, warrant to
-, and Council of, account of money paid to ships' pursers by
-, King at Arms in, petition for place of
-, Lord Lieutenant of. See Berkeley, John, first Lord Berkeley of Stratton; Butler, James, twelfth Earl, first Marquess and first Duke of Ormonde; Capel, Arthur, Earl of Essex; Robartes, John, second Lord Robartes; Wentworth, Thomas, first Earl of Strafford
-, Comptroller of Household to. See Hill, Lieut.Colonel
-, Secretary to. See Ford. Sir H[enry]; Leighton, Sir Elisha
-, and Council of, letter from
-, mentioned
-, petition for declaration to
-, Master of Revels in. See Ogilby, John
-, Ordnance of, Lieut.-General of, order to
-, Parliament of, Acts and instruments ordered to be burned by common hangman by
-, Act of, for customs, cited
-, Prerogative Court of, judge of. See Loftus, Dudley
-, Privy Council of. See above, Ireland, Council of
-, revenue of, 166068, to be ascertained
-, account of money received by Countess of Portland out of
-, commissioners for inspecting and examining receipts and issues of
-, commissioners for management of farm of. See Breedon, Thomas; Bucknall, Richard; Richardson, Samuel; Stone, John; Wood, John
-, farmers of. See Hayes, Sir James; Jones, Richard, third Viscount Ranelagh; Shaen, Sir James.
-, farmers of great branches of, note of request by, about payment to and by their commissioners
-, new farmers of, petition relating to contract with
-, Lord Treasurer of, letter to
-, letter to, mentioned
-, Vice-Treasurer of. See Aungier, Francis, first Lord Aungier; Carteret, Sir George
-, and Treasurer at Wars in. See Annesley, Arthur, first Earl of Anglesey
-, Treasury of. See above, Ireland, Exchequer of.
-, See also Doubling Ordinance; Irish Affairs, Committee for; Irish Catholics; Irish cattle; Irish Commission, Lords of; Ulster

Ireton, Henry, execution by

Irish Affairs, Committee for, petition referred to
-, order of, mentioned

Irish assessment, cess. See Ireland, money raised in Yorkshire for relief of

Irish Catholics, ten, annuities to be given to

Irish cattle, Act against importation of, way practised to avoid
-, draft of Act permitting importation of

Irish Commission, Lords of, letter to
-, petition referred to, mentioned

Iron. See Dean, Forest of

Ironside, Dr. Gilbert, to be elected Bishop of Bristol

Irving, Richard, sewer to King

Isaacson, Anthony, letter to


Ivatt, Francis, shipwright, petition of, for place of master assistant at Portsmouth yard

Iveagh, Lord [Viscount Magennis of]. See Magennis, Arthur, third Viscount Magennis of Iveagh

Iveson, John, note of payments by

Ivinghoe, Bucks., tithes of, receipts for fee farms rents for

Ivychurch, Kent, petition for grant of rectory of

Ixem, Frederick, argument against his being King's sole notary, etc