Addenda, James 1 - Volume 38: September 1606

Pages 488-489

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Elizabeth, Addenda 1580-1625. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1872.

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September 1606

Sept. 10.
71. The King to Lord Sheffield [President of the Council of the North]. We have granted a patent to John Lepton, groom of our Privy Chamber, for the making of writs and processes issuing from that Council, if the same be not part of the office of our secretary of that Council. You are first to examine whether the things contained in our grant to him have heretofore been exercised by the secretary, and if not, to cause our patent to be put in execution. [½ page, copy.]
Sept. 20. 72. The King to Sir Robert Stewart. We have heretofore granted to you the keeping of our park of Bewdley, which you have assigned over to certain townsmen, whereby inconvenience grows to our service. You are therefore to surrender your patent, that we may commit the said park and house, and our game there, to the charge of some other, who may attend to it. [½ page, draft].
Sept. 25. 73. Grant to Dr. Lancelot Andrewes, appointed Bishop of Chichester 24 Oct. 1605, of licence to retain with his bishopric, his prebend of St. Paul's, and all its emoluments, until 2 October 1607, on account of the poverty of his bishopric; with dispensation of all statutes of non-residence, &c. [½ page, Latin.]
Sept. ? 74. List of recusants, whose fines are requested by Lord Hay, viz., Thos. Arundel; — Townley; — Cotton of Warblington, co. Hants; John Talbot of Grafton; Mrs. Shelley, widow; —Paris; Robt. Carr, and Sayer of co. York. [⅓ page.]
Sept. 26. 75. Warrant for a grant to Lord Hay of all benefits forfeited by virtue of the statute passed in the last session or any former statutes against recusants, for the recusancy of Thomas Arundel, —Townley, — Cotton of Warblington, co. Hants, John Talbot of Grafton, — Shelley, widow, and — Paris, Recusants convicted; reserving the yearly payments of 260l. which each of them now pays. [½ page, copy.]
Sept. 26. 76. Copy of the above. [2/3 page.]
Sept. 30.
Hampton Court.
77. The King to the Master and Fellows of Trinity College, Cambridge. We have received such good testimony of Joshua Blaxton, student in your college, that we require you at your next election to place him as a fellow for the next vacancy, local statutes to the contrary notwithstanding. Provided always that these presents shall not prejudice George Stanhope, whom we have by our late letters recommended to you for the first place of a fellow. [½ page, copy.]