Letters and Papers relating to the Navy, &c.: March 1653

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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1652-3. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1878.

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March 1653

Date. From To Subject. References.
[Mar. 1] Account of eight Dutch prizes taken and brought into the western ports 1
" " Capt. Wm. Greene, John and Elizabeth, Hope. Navy Comrs Has come up from Dover by order of Major Bourne, and transferred 20 of his ablest men to the Crow, but will replenish from the ships in the river, and then obey orders. 2
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. Robt. Blackborne. Will use all diligence to purchase cordage, canvas, &c. for the stores; Council has ordered the Marmaduke to fetch 100 barrels of powder from Pendennis Castle, and on her return, she, with other ships, will be tallowed and fitted out for sea. Desires orders as to contracting for the making of round and bar shot. 3
" " Edw. Backwell, London. " Asks assistance in procuring payment of his bill of 1,380l. 7s. 4d. for beef purchased to victual ships. 4
" " Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. Would provide the inferior officers for the ships in the river, but only knowing of three, think it better to appoint the commanders, and leave the choice to them. Have purchased some hemp, pitch, and tar at Topsham, which is now on board the Unity, and want a convoy to bring her to Portsmouth. Have hired 11 merchant ships, but they and the 16 more ordered will need 220 guns. 5
" " Josias Dewy Ordnance officers. Wants another stove at the powder mills at Guildford, to use in case of accident; cost 100l. 6
Mar. 1 Ordnance officers Adm. Comrs Portsmouth. Have not sufficient guns in store to furnish the 13 merchant ships taken up, and desire a supply from dismantled garrisons or Ireland. Mr. Dewy not being able to get carriages for his powder about Guildford, have sent him three from Portsmouth. 7
" " Gregory Clements, Greenwich. Thomas Smith, Navy Comr. Recommends Thos. Beamont for employment as clerk of the check 8
" " Robt. Coytmor Robt. Blackborne, Secretary to the Adm. Com. Has been labouring two days in writing and sending letters to press seamen; unless the western men's voyages for Newfoundland, and the northern men's cod and Iceland fishery are suppressed for this year, there will not be seamen for half our second fleet; the setting of that forth suddenly would strike terror into the enemy. Lord Paw is dead. 9
" " Prize Comrs., London. Account of debtors to the State for prize goods sold to them by contract, and payable within 10 days after sale. Total, 19,983l. 12s. 8d. 10
" 2 Wm. White, London. [Navy Comrs.] Asked 140l. a month for the hire of the Mayflower, and being accused of disaffection, came down to 130l., but only 110l. was given; is not to make up bread-rooms and steward's rooms unless allowance is made, otherwise begs to be dismissed the service. 11
" " William Partridge Certificate that Thos. Blake faithfully served as steward in the Rebecca fire-ship last summer 12
" " Capt. Jno. Lawson, Fairfax, Queenborough. Adm. Com. Asks whether to stay some days for the George, or go to Chatham, and put his mariners on board of her; they will not be above 100, as he had 30 slain and 50 wounded in the last engagement. There are 34 more on board the man-of-war at Portsmouth which was captured. 13
" " Ordnance officers Adm. Comrs Portsmouth. Send propositions of Thos. Foley and Geo. Browne for making guns and shot, but as they cannot deliver them within the time required, ask whether to complete the contract. Enclose a list of 15 more merchant ships hired. Cannot furnish them with ordnance, powder, &c. until they have a fresh supply. Council has ordered 300 barrels of powder for Ireland. Ask their pleasure thereon. 14, 15
" " " " List of 117 pieces of ordnance wanting to supply the ships 16
" " Thos. Shewell, Bristol. Robt. Blackborne. Has fitted out the Cardiff, and sent a list of officers whom he desires may be appointed, as she is now ready to take in provisions, and to sail in 18 days. 17
" " Capt Jno. Hosier [Navy Comrrs.] Recommends Robert Whetnol for employment as steward, having so served six years 18
" " Phineas Pett, Chatham. " Asks a warrant to enter the gunner of the Elizabeth prize into rigging wages 19
" " Capt. Fras. Willoughby, Portsmouth. " Account of stores required; desires that the Peter may be hastened down with the masts, and a warrant for pressing 30 shipwrights. Wants ironmongers' stores. 20
" " Jno. Swetnam, Mayor, Weymouth. " For an order to the Collectors for Prize Goods to reimburse his expenses in procuring lodgings and medical attendance for 55 wounded seamen, sent from the fleet, and in impressing seamen. 21
Mar. 3 John Wetwang, Newcastle. Adm. Comrs Sends the appraisement by the Sub-Commissioners of a Dutch prize, which he is fitting out, but wants order for powder, &c. and warrants for his officers. Some Holland men-of-war are on the coast. 22
" " " Navy Comrs To the same effect 23
" " Eli. Drewe, Ayr Robt. Blackborne. Has delivered the brass guns and muskets received from the Earl of Argyle to Col. Alured, Governor of Ayr, except 30 left with Capt. Mottlow, Governor of Dunstafnage. 24
" " Capt. Jno. Hosier, Magdalen. Navy Comrs Delivered their orders to Capt. Wilkes and the Weymouth pink; as the 10th Whelp is wanting men, thinks he had better join with Capt. Wilkes in convoying the Hull and other ships for Newcastle, and will see them to the Humber, where he expects to meet his consort with some others. 25
" " " " The 10th Whelp cannot go to sea for want of men. Asks whether to go to Harwich to procure them. Sends six of his men's tickets. 26
" " Ordnance officers Navy Comrs Ask whether the three prizes at Dover are to be fitted out as men-of-war; if not, the 48 pieces of ordnance on board can be used in other ships. The laden hoy for Portsmouth is waiting for a convoy. 27
" " Major Wm. Burton, Yarmouth. Adm. Com. Thanks for their offer of so great a command, but being engaged for great sums for goods bought for the State, and not yet all shipped for London, cannot leave his credit and estate to so great a hazard, and desires to be excused. 28
" 4 Robt. Bennett Navy Comrs Recommends John Weale, late purser of the Martha of London, for employment in the summer expedition. 29
" " Thos. Brooks " Recommends Mr. Nettles for employment as a steward. He has been 10 years in the service, and in all the fights during that time, and was taken prisoner seven times. 30
" " Roger Crispe Certificate that Thomas Chowne is fit for employment as a ship steward 31
" " Amos Preston, Rye Capt. Wm. Hill, Sapphire, Portsmouth. Being in the Billender, and having lost the fleet, was attacked by Capt. Harmon, a private manof-war under Holland colours, taken, plundered, and brought into Rye as prize. 32
" " E. Hayward, Chatham. Navy Comrs As the George wants a master and men to take her to Quinborough, the Fairfax should be ordered up to Chatham to be docked, and her company be turned over to the George. The Recovery is waiting for beer and victuals. Asks an order to the ropemakers to work on the day of Humiliation, so as to despatch the cordage for Portsmouth. 33
" " Capt. Wm. Wildey, John and Katherine. " Certificate that Joseph Rogers is fit for employment as a steward or purser 34
" " Ambrose Dinnison, Ipswich. " Proceedings in pressing men, who are very scarce, 150 colliers having just sailed from Harwich. Is going to Yarmouth, where he will find a great many fishermen who may be useful. 35
" " Robert Bennett " Recommends John Weale, late purser on the Martha of London, for employment as a clerk of the check in some ship. 36
Mar. 4 David Dove, Tenth Whelp, Hope. Mr. Smith, Navy Comr. Has received orders from Capt. Hosier to convoy between the Hope and Newcastle, but wanting men, has sent his boat to the Thames to procure some, when he will sail for Harwich. 37
" 5 Ordnance officers Rich. Hutchinson, To impress 100l. to Thos. Newberry, deputy storekeeper at Portsmouth, to defray charges of sending stores to the ships in Stokes Bay. 38.
" " Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. All haste is used in sending the flags required. Ordered the Peter and other men-of-war to convoy the Peter of London with the masts to the Downs, and the ketches with provisions for Portsmouth, and then join the fleet in the Downs, and other vessels are lading to follow. Ask order as to the large demand of the Mayor of Weymouth for 400l. for quartering sick and wounded men; also respecting the fire-ships and victualling ships to be sent to Portsmouth. 39
" " Capt. Robt. Clarke, Drake, Tilbury Hope. " Is well manned and victualled, and waiting for orders; the Drake is fit for a convoy to the fishermen, on account of her small draught of water. 40
" 6 Thos. Scott, Deptford. Navy Comrs Sent the order respecting the Anthony Bonadventure to Mr. Pett at Woolwich, and he and Mr. Shish will consider about it. The vessels with provisions for Portsmouth will sail next Wednesday. Never saw any navy rigging books, they being kept by the Surveyor at Chatham, but in 1622, was told by John Tatton that he and other elder brethren went to Chatham, and made out a proportion of rigging for the several ranks of ships; Edw. Hayward can best give satisfaction therein. 41
" 7 Zach. Latter, Hope Ordnance officers. Asks a convoy, the fleet having gone to the Downs before his arrival in the Hope. There are several ships in the Hope, but they are bound northward, and there are merchantmen at Gravesend bound for the Downs, some of which carry 20 or 30 guns. 42
" " Capt. Thos. Thompson, Crow, Downs. Navy Comrs There is no intelligence here of a fleet of Hollanders going westward; 25 sail arrived from Dunkirk, and have gone for London. A vessel from Dieppe reports that two Holland men-ofwar came in there last Monday, one who only had 60 men on board, and the Vice-Admiral of Holland, and he died the next day; the other had but 17 men, seven of whom also died. Wants guns and other stores. Note of seven ships in the Downs, and of the arrival of others. 43
" " Robert Locke, carpenter of the Hunter, Plymouth. Account of his receipts and disbursements in fitting out the Hunter, according to a contract between Geo. Blake and Danl. Ely, and charged upon him as carpenter; total, 111l. 13s. 3½d. 44
" 8 Capt. Thos. Wilkes, Swan, Hull. Adm. Com. Capt. Greene and himself have seen all the ships under their charge safe to Hull, and given notice to the Governor that they will convoy those bound for London when ready. Asks whether to stay for them. 45
" " Thos. Alderne, Victualling Office. Navy Comrs Wants an account of the ships that will carry four and five months' provisions, and then will give an account of the victualling. Has ordered the Recovery at Chatham and the George to be victualled with the remains left by the fleet. Mr. Lewis has gone to Portsmouth to settle the victualling there and at Quinborough. 46
Mar. 8 Capt. Jno. Taylor, Phineas Pett, and four others, Chatham Dock. Navy Comrs Have surveyed the Gatehouse and North Tower in Upnor Castle, and the charge of carpenters', bricklayers', and plumbers' work, with materials, will be 230l. 47
" " Major Bourne, London. [R. Blackborne.] The Greyhound is launched out of Chatham Dock, and can soon take her victuals and stores, but she will be better manned if order is given to the master to take her to the Hope. 48
" " Ordnance officers Adm. Com. To appoint a convoy for a hoy with stores for Portsmouth, which is in the Hope. Are sending more provisions by land. 49
" " Capt. Jno. Lawson, Fairfax, Queenborow. " Recommends Rich. Hodges, gunner of the Fairfax, as master of the George 50
" " John Poortmans, Portsmouth. Robt. Blackborne. Asks that his warrant as Deputy Treasurer of the fleet may be sent; also some money besides the 500l. on board the Triumph, and order given for payment of his wages, and 18l. disbursements in journeys. Will go on board the Generals to-morrow. 51
" " Nich. Philips, Ipswich. Navy Comrs Has only been able to press two men; has given them tickets and sent them to Woolwich. The rest were all gone to Newcastle before the warrant arrived, and mariners are so scarce that the common men get masters' wages. Desires his charges, 18s. 52
" " Thos. Merry and five others. " Certificate that John Harvey faithfully served as steward of the factory of Mocha in the Red Sea, in the East India Company's service. 53
" 9 Ordnance officers R. Blackborne. Send proposals of the gunfounders for casting 1,500 pieces of ordnance, and certificate concerning Messrs. Hamonds and Lutton's brass ordnance. 54
" " Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. Send a letter from Capt. Thompson of the Crow, about ships in the Downs. As there is no appearance of the Holland fleet, he will sail for Portsmouth with the ship of masts and other vessels he was to convoy thither. The convoy has arrived at Yarmouth, and may be expected in the river with the provisions there the first wind. 55
" " Comr. Peter Pett and Capt. Fras. Willoughby, Portsmouth. " Account of the survey of ships. Are setting all wheels to work for their despatch. Have treated for hemp, cordage, and powder. The great drought last summer, and the stoppage of the Eastland trade, have raised the price of cordage in France to 26 livres a cwt. in port. 56
" " Capt. Jno. Lawson, Fairfax, Quinborough. " Thanks for their appointing him Rear-Admiral of the fleet. Has sent up men to bring down the George from Chatham, and on her arrival, will come up and attend upon them. 57
" " " Robt. Blackborne. Asks him to forward his letters, which were directed to Jno. Poortmans 58
1653 Vol. 48.
Mar. 9 Capt. Hen. Southwood, Violet, Tilbury Hope. Robt. Blackborne. Was ordered to Yarmouth Roads to fetch vessels with provisions, but has been delayed by foul weather. Has 98 men on board, and endeavours to get more, but most of those pressed at London know nothing of the sea. Asks how many he is allowed; the Bear carries 200, and his ship is much larger. Will sail with the first wind. 59
" " Capt. Robt. Story, Bristol. Adm. Com. The Fortune, of which they have given him the command, is ready to take in her provisions, officers, for whom he desires warrants, and men. 60
" " Major W. Burton, Yarmouth. Navy Comrs Recommends Edm. Smith as a captain or master, he having long served in the merchant service, where he lost his ship. With certificate of his good conduct, 8 March. 61, 62
" 10 John Arnold and Maj. William Burton. William Bridge, Maurice Thompson's Bishopsgate St. Ask for his interest with the Navy Commissioners on behalf of Edm. Smith, who lost his ship coming from Newcastle with coals, and who is competent to take command of one of the State's ships. 63
" " Thos. Bendish, Yarmouth. Major N. Bourne. To like effect 64
" " John Poortmans, Portsmouth. Robt. Blackborne The General wants 500 copies of the instructions for commanders of the State's ships printed and sent down; asks for his own warrant as deputy treasurer of the fleet, and some money, as he never used the bill of imprest for 30l. for journeys, and now it is useless. The ships for the summer guard will soon be ready, but the great want will be seamen. 65
" " St. J. Steventon List of 217 pressed men and volunteers entered on board the Resolution and other ships at Portsmouth. 66
" " Lieut.-Col. Thos. Kelsey, Dover Castle. Adm. Com. Four or five of the squadron have brought in two [Dutch] flyboats, but the vice-admiral with 7 or 8 more escaped home. 3 ships having been supplied with sails, &c. are gone westward. Hears nothing of the convoy for Portsmouth, and the ammunition still lies in this harbour, as also a fire-ship, waiting for provisions from the Tower. 67
" " Navy Com., Navy Office. " Are willing to resurvey the merchant ships in the river lately contracted for, but only engaged those that were previously approved of, and there have been no complaints except as to the smallness of the Unity and Merchant. Ask whether to renew contracts nearly expired. 68
" " Capt. Jno. Hosier, Magdalen, Yarmouth Road. " Arrived at Yarmouth with 25 sail, and is waiting a wind for Tynemouth Haven. Was insulted by Major Wilde of Yarmouth while pressing men. The Whelp, Briar, and Weymouth pink, and about 35 sail are in the Road, bound for Newcastle. 69
Mar. 10 Capt. Robert Clarke, Drake, Downs. Adm. Com. Could not convoy the Bonadventure, as her captain and master were on shore. The Hare ketch has gone to Ostend, but the Peter, the ship with masts, and the hoy with provisions are here waiting for a wind to go westward. Will go to the coast of Holland the first opportunity, and take the Hare ketch with him if he meets her. 70
" " " " Asks an order to the commanders of some ships to assist him in convoying merchant ships bound for London into Margate Road, as it is dangerous for him to take the sole charge. 71
" " Major N. Bourne, Navy Office. Robt. Blackborne Recommends Wm. Macham, shipwright, as a master carpenter in one of the State's ships 72
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. " The Sampson still wants men; desires a press warrant for them, that she may fetch some powder from Pendennis Castle, as there is none here. The Marmaduke is having a new mainmast. 73
" " Ordnance officers Adm. Com. Send a bill of imprest for 100l. to Mr. Newberry, deputy storekeeper at Portsmouth, as Mr. Hutchinson refuses to pay it without order. Col. White wants 500l. more impressed to Newberry, for providing ship carriages, and shot for the fleet. Desire orders as to 100 pieces of ordnance in merchant ships taken in the last engagement, also an order for part of 200 barrels of powder and some shot in the town stores at Portsmouth, under charge of the Governor. Capt. Hatsell desires payment of 43l. 3s. 6d., disbursed in supplying ships at Plymouth. 74
" " Rich. Belchamber, Southampton. Sir Hen. Vane, junr., Whitehall. Went to General Dean's lodgings with the letters, but as he was on board the Triumph, his lady sent them to him. Has provided for the 1,100 Dutch prisoners here. Above 60 are sick and wounded. Desires reimbursement for charges, as straw for their lodgings, and some helpful women to look after them. 75
" " Capt. J. Lawson, Fairfax, Queenborow. Adm. Com. Particulars of the fitting and manning of the George and Fairfax. Could do better service in the Fairfax, but will take the command of the George as directed. 76
" 12 " " " Has taken the command of the George and turned over 130 mariners to her, and is sending the Fairfax to Chatham. 77
[" "] Thos. Wilkinson and three others. List of 26 seamen residing in Stepney conceived fit to serve against the Hollanders 78
" " " " List of 21 seamen residing in Stepney who have been captains and shipmasters 79
" " Rich. Eccleston and Methuselah Turner. John Bourchier. Similar list of three persons residing in London and Wapping, five in Hull, and four in Yarmouth. 80
[" "] Note of some of the revolted captains now employed, viz., Capt. Marshal, one of Prince Rupert's captains, captain of the Marmaduke, taken prisoner by his own men, and brought with his ship to Plymouth, and since made captain of the John and Elizabeth of London. Capt. Goulden, who served Prince Rupert in the Michael the Archangel, now the Gillyflower, and made captain of one of the Flemish prizes called the Pall. Thos. Nevitt, purser of the Gillyflower, who upon the crew complaining of being starved, replied that he did not care so that he could get 600l. a year out of their bellies. 81
[Mar. 12] Lists of 11 persons [fit to be employed in the service] 81a
" " Justice Jno. Waterton. List of 21 captains and others fit to be commanders at sea 82
" " Capt. Wm. Pestell, Leith. Navy Comrs Sends the receipts of Wm. Dobbins and Rob. Bowle for provisions supplied to the Satisfaction, and begs they will accept and pay his bills for the same. 83-85
" " Capt. Jas. Cadman, Dover. Adm. Com. Sends his warrant from Generals Deane and Monk for taking the Pearl frigate into Dover for repairs after her engagement with the Dutch, and desires order to Thos. Greene for guns, &c. 86
" " John Poortmans, Portsmouth. " Thanks for his warrant as deputy treasurer of the fleet, and for the weekly news. Is sorry to hear of the sickness of his brothers Creed and Field, but all things work for the best to those that love the Lord Jesus. Is working hard to get out the fleet, but the great want will be seamen. Asks for a copy of the resolutions concerning himself. 87
" " Hen. Southwood Certificate that Thos. Wells, who was with him seven years in the Greyhound, is an able gunner 88
" 13 Giles Shelley, Waterhound, Downes. Adm. Com. Is convoying a ship with masts, and several hoys to Portsmouth, but is detained by winds. Had his bowsprit splintered in the late engagement, and all his officers are wounded, or in prizes at Dover. 89
" 14 Nath. Terne Thos. Turner. Recommends Mitchel Mew as clerk of the check. Only 14 mariners have arrived. Has sent seven to the Bear and six to the Violet. 90
" " Capt. Jno. Wetwang, Newcastle. Ordnance officers. Asks an order to the storekeeper at Tynemouth Castle to supply him with small arms, powder, and shot. 91
" " " " Adm. Com. To the like effect. Asks for his commission, and for warrants for persons named as gunner, boatswain, carpenter, and clerk of the check. 92
" " Thos. Brooks, Fish Street. Major Bourne. Recommends the bearer, John Harvey, as clerk of the check in the Ferdinando commanded by Capt. Nicholls. With certificate in his favour by And. Trumbee and Thos. Rickman. 93, 94
" " Capt. Wm. Younger Adm. Com. Petition for an order to the Navy Commissioners to pay him for 11 months' services, being in the last engagement off Dover under Sir Geo. Ayscue, and having only five months' pay. With reference thereon to the Navy Commissioners, and their report for payment of his wages, although they find that both he and the carpenter were faulty in a violent quarrel between them detailed in a paper annexed, being a complaint made by him, as captain of the Mary fly-boat, to the Navy Commissioners, against the steward and carpenter, for being drunk and abusive. 95, 96
" " E. Hopkins, Navy Office. " The Weymouth pink and Briar have arrived in the Hope, with the vessels they were ordered to convoy from Yarmouth. 97
" " Capt. Fras. Willoughby, Portsmouth. Robt. Blackborne To move the Admiralty Committee to appoint a master attendant, as Mr. Arkinstall is about going to sea in the Resolution, and he will then be left destitute. 98
Mar. 14 Rich. Hill, Prize Office. Col. Thomson. Sends list of Dutch ships taken prize, and desires an order for delivering condemned prizes to the Navy Commissioners for the service. 99
" " John Poortmans, Portsmouth. Robt. Blackborne The James is in Stokes Bay, and the Resolution will be there this week; if the provisions now at Dover arrive, there will soon be a very good account from the fleet. 100
" " Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. Ask an order to the Prize Commissioners to deliver a prize at Plymouth to Capt. Hatsell for a careening hulk; also ready money to pay for pitch, tar, masts, value 20,000l. contracted for. 101
" " Capt. Jno. Lawson, George, Queenborow. Robt. Blackborne If he is to take command of the George, wants his old officers out of the Fairfax. Is victualling and fitting out with all expedition. 102
" " Navy Comrs., Portsmouth. Adm. Com. Movements of ships. Will observe instructions received, and desire order for taking up merchant ships. Are much pressed for money, the Collectors for Prize Goods having shut up shop and gone to London; the deputy treasurer having but 6l., has gone to Chichester for more, and if he fails, will start for London, and not risk the beating of his ears with the clamours of the indigent without it. 103
" " Thos. Erington, Newcastle. [Robt. Blackborne.] 200 laden vessels are waiting for a convoy, and as there are 14 Dutch men-of-war and freebooters on the coast waiting for them, a speedy course should be taken to prevent their going without convoy. 104
" " James Salmon, Portsmouth. " Asks him to send down to the Commissioners here his certificate signed by eight inhabitants of St. Dunstan's in the East. 105
" " Lieut. Col. Kelsey, Canterbury. Adm. Com. The wind being north, presumes the convoys with provisions have sailed westward. Capt. Clarke came into the Road, and has sailed again according to orders. 106
" " Robert Ellison, Newcastle. Rich. Salwey, M.P. Asks him to assist in procuring a convoy for some ships laden with pitch, hemp, cordage, masts, &c., at Hamburg, as there are several Dutch men-of-war upon the coast. The northern parts suffer much for want of a constant convoy from London, and the mayor and aldermen intend writing about it. 107
" 15 Navy Comrs., Portsmouth. Adm. Com. The Resolution is being rigged, and is taking in her ballast and beer, and if the provisions expected from London duly arrive, most of the State's ships and frigates will be quickly despatched. 108
" " Capt. Jno. Lawson, George, Queenborow. " Thanks for his commission as Rear-Admiral of the fleet, and appointment to the George; desires that his old officers from the Fairfax may be transferred to him. Has victualled, and is taking in the guns, but will want 100 men. Requests an order to sail to the Hope to procure them. 109
" " Thos. Lawe, Mayor, and five others, Boston. Sir Hen. Vane. Ask his interest in procuring the return of Captains Mould and Sansum, with their ships, as convoy to ships to or from Boston, or the appointment of some others. 110
Mar. 15 Capt. Robt. Clarke, Bristol. Navy Comrs Sends the carpenter's certificate of the state of his ship, the Reserve, which requires careening. The crew wants 22 months' pay in money and not tickets. Asks orders as to victualling, repairing, and sailing. 111
" " " Adm. Com. To like effect. Has been ill of coid taken in service against the islands 112
" " Capt. Robt. Sansum, Bryer frigate, Tilbury Hope. " Waited on the merchant until 7 p.m., but as he did not come, sailed to the Hope, and will hasten to the Downs. 113
" " Capt. Edw. Blagge, Marmaduke, Plymouth. Robt. Blackborne. Wants Thos. Shepheard as boatswain in place of Barnaby Thurloe, whose conduct has produced very bad effects amongst the crew; some of them have run away, and others must be dismissed. Capt. Hatsell agrees with him herein. Is hastening to Pendennis for the powder. 114
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. " Received the warrants for the captains of the Marmaduke and Sampson to fetch the 100 barrels of powder from Pendennis Castle, for Capt. Sparling to command the Irish squadron, and one for impressing seamen, which he will execute; the Marmaduke has been a burden to Capt. Blagge ever since he took command, the boatswain not being fit, and the other officers very lewd and overbearing. Is fitting the Lily, and will send to Minehead for seamen. 115, 116
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order to allow Wm. Yonger his wages as commander of the Mary flyboat, on his petition 117
[" "] Capt. Wm. Younger Adm. Com. Petition for removal into one of the new frigates, as the Mary fly-boat, which he commanded, is to be made a victualler. 118
" 16 Capt. Eli Drew, Lucy, Callburne Road. Robt. Blackborne. Sends copy of a warrant from Col. Rich. Lilburne, of 8 March, directing him to remain at Ayr, until the arrival of Capt. Moatlow with provisions, which he is to carry to the garrisons of Dunstaffnage and Dunolly, and then go to Winchester or Liverpool to revictual, and return to Ayr. 119, 120
" " Capt. Rob. Moulton and two others, Horseydown. Certificate for John Crispe as a purser or clerk of the check, he having faithfully served for several years. 121
" " E. Hayward, Chatham Dock. Robt. Blackborne. Will attend the Admiralty Committee on Friday respecting the chest, but can hardly be spared from the survey business, as a meeting is appointed to despatch 80 petitioners, who will be impatient of delays. 122
" " " " Recommends Walter Larder of the Unicorn as boatswain of the prize pink 123
" " Major Jeremiah Tolhurst, Carlisle. Adm. Com. Went to Dumfries to settle the affairs committed to him by the Commissioners of Parliament for Scotland, and thence to Carlisle; and despatched the powder; that at Tynemouth shall be shipped on the arrival of the Magdalen. There are 200 coal ships at Newcastle, who will be in danger if they sail without convoy. 124
" " Capt. Roger Martin, Diamond. List of 62 seamen, pressed at Poole, Purbeck, and Corfe Castle, with press and conduct money for Portsmouth; also of 160 seamen at Poole, Purbeck, Haslor hundred, West Lulworth, Bindon, Corfe Castle, &c., who absented themselves from the press. 125
Mar. 16 Capt. Jno. Lawson, George, Queenborow. Adm. Com. Has all his provisions on board, and when the rest of his guns arrive from Chatham, will sail to the Hope to complete his complement of men, and then obey orders. 126
" 17 Sir Hen. Vane and Mr. Carew. List of 57 persons recommended as officers for ships 127
" " Capt. David Dove, Tenth Whelp, Harwich. Adm. Com. Proceedings in convoying colliers, &c. from the Hope to Newcastle and Harwich. There are eight Holland men-of-war near Burlington and Flamborough Head, having 30 guns each, and several others have been seen near the Bar of Newcastle. 128
" " John Poortmans, Triumph. " Has received a letter from Col. Kelsey, and acquainted the Generals with it. Will send a list of the fleet and their officers as soon as settled. Thanks for their getting his disbursements and salary settled, but there is 5l. 15s. 6d. more due for a seal and for books and paper. 129
" " Bailiffs of Yarmouth Navy Comrs Have used their best endeavours to procure seamen, and will continue to do so, but there have been so many already pressed that they have only been able to get 27. Have no hope of getting more until the fleet now at Newcastle comes home. 130
" " Rich. Hutchinson Robt. Blackborne. Sends a petition to the Admiralty Committee, and begs to be excused attending thereon through illness. 131
" " Capt. Robert Wyard, Harwich. Adm. Com. Has put into Harwich with the ships under his and Capt. Hosier's convoy for Newcastle, through the storm and contrary winds. Several Dutch men-of-war are before Tynemouth, Burlington, and Flamborough Head. 132
" " Hen. King Navy Comrs Petition for his wages, and allowance for loss of his clothes through the sinking of the Sampson by the Dutch. Was not bound to Capt. Edm. Button, nor ever received clothes, &c. from him or his wife, and she is therefore not entitled to his wages, for which she is suing. With order to Mrs. Button to give him satisfaction, or show cause to the contrary. 133
" 18 Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. As Joan, widow of John Neave, late master of the Guinea frigate, has been left destitute with three children, 30l. more should be given to her beside the 10l. paid her at Portsmouth. 134
" " Navy Comrs., Portsmouth. " Will use all possible means to procure seamen for the fleet, but they are very scarce. Forty sail will be ready in a few days. The Irish fleet is dispatched, and is now at Cowes. Will despatch the Speaker and the rest of the southward fleet, and go in hand with the Triumph, Victory, and Rainbow, the masts having arrived. There is scarcely any ship but what is in hand. As they are in the midst of victualling, and Mr. Gauden is gone, desires another victualler to come down; also order as to the allowance of fish for the fleet. Send a list of allowances, 8l. to 10l. each, made to 12 widows who lost their husbands in the last engagement. 135, 136
" " Thos. Woodcott, Mayor of Gravesend, London. Navy Comrs Asks that a small sum may be sent to Gravesend for assisting poor and wounded prisoners resorting to him for relief. 137
Mar. 18 Capt. Jno. Hosier, Harwich. Adm. Com. Has convoyed 70 sail as far as Cromer, but was forced into Yarmouth Roads. There are several Dutch men-of-war about the head, of 30 guns apiece, so that the ships in Tynemouth Haven dare not come forth, and the owners at Harwich have advised their masters at Newcastle to wait for a convoy. Asks further orders. 138
" " Sir John Thorowgood, Kensington. Sir Hen. Vane. Recommends Mr. Thorowgood, a relative, as a purser. He was near losing his life at Caversham Bridge, and served as a volunteer under Mr. Symson at the Battle of Worcester. 139
" " John Falconer, Ordnance Office. Adm. Com. Sends a letter from Capt. John Wetwang, commander of a Dutch prize at Newcastle, and desires an order to the storekeeper there and at Tynemouth Castle to supply him with powder and shot. 140
" " Capt. Jno. Lawson, George, Quinborough. [Robt. Blackborne.] All that look toward Zion should hold Christian communion. Is taking in the guns, and when the cables and cordage arrive, will set sail. 141
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. " Is manning the Sampson and fitting the Marmaduke, and both will be in the Sound shortly. Has supplied the Duchess with shot, and written the Generals to ask if he shall send the rest to Portsmouth. 142
" 19 Capt. Robert Clarke, Reserve, Bristol. Generals of the fleet. Hopes to be able to receive ordnance for the fleet, and sail with it by next week. Assisted Capt. Hewitt and others in pressing men, they hiding themselves, but obtained 60 in one night, and if it was not for the charge of victuals and wages, might get many more before he sailed for Portsmouth. 143
" " " Adm. Com. Will get the ordnance and ammunition on board with all expedition, and sail for Portsmouth next week. 144
" " Capt. John Lawson, George, Queenborow. " Will sail for Lee Road. complete his number of men, and receive the remainder of his guns and stores; and if the colliers arrive, will leave for London, and attend the Committee at Whitehall. 145
" " Navy Comrs. " Ask orders as to the disposal of the Reserve at Bristol 146
" " Ordnance officers " Desire orders for paying Capt. Hatsell's bills of exchange for furnishing ships at Plymouth; for a convoy for some shot at Rye; directions about supplying merchant ships with powder, which was forbidden till the Unicorn and other State ships were supplied; and an order to the Governor of Tynemouth Castle for delivery of gunners' stores. 147
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order to consider the fitness of — Kendall for clerk of the survey at Deptford 148
" 20 John Poortmans, Portsmouth. Robert Blackborne Thanks for the printed news. Will send a list of the fleet with their officers before going to sea, as also the receipt for 5l. for the dear screw ordered by Mr. Smith, Navy Commissioner. Received a letter from his brother and an order for his salary and disbursements, but not a penny by way of reward, which is strange, considering how he turned night into day. The Andrew and Resolution are about sailing. The ships are fitting out, but the seamen fall sick daily, and there will consequently be a great want of them. Twenty ships have gone to ply between the Start and Beachey. Will deliver the letters to the Generals. 149
1653 Vol. 49.
Mar. 21 Capt. Jno. Lawson, George, Lee Road. Robert Blackborn Arrived from Quinborough here, where he will complete his crew, but wants 100. If the colliers and his guns and stores arrive, will sail next week. The Bear and Violet have gone to convoy the Newcastle fleet hither. Asks for a list of the whole fleet and the foreign intelligence. 1
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. " The Marmaduke and Sampson are ready to sail for Falmouth, but the latter wants 60 men 2
" " Major Jer. Tolhurst, Newcastle. Adm. Com. Has brought from Carlisle 250 barrels of powder, which is ready for shipment. Few seamen can be had at Newcastle, unless taken out of ships for London, but when these arrive in the Thames, they may afford a supply, being 300 sail. Orders should be sent to the masters of the Trinity House here to press out of the fleet now in Yarmouth Roads, bound to Newcastle. There are 2,000 watermen, &c. here as good as those in London. 3
" " Sy. Jorey, Deal Robt. Blackborne. Sends proposals concerning the place of muster-master. If allowed to act, asks for a commission speedily, that he may muster the ships as they arrive in the Downs and at Portsmouth. Wants increase of means and a clerk and servant, and remembrance of Mr. Sanchy's business, and his late brother's seizure of some spermaceti as his quarter's salary from the Commissioners of Customs. 4
" " Capt. Jas. Talbot Navy Comrs Contract for hire of the Samuel, 300 tons, for 6 months at 108l. a month 5
" " " " Dolphin of London, 470 tons, for 6 months, at 150l. a month 6, 7
" " Capt. Rich. Marshall " " Samuel of London, 300 tons, " 108l. " 8, 9
" " Capt. Wm. White " " Mayflower " 300 tons, " 110l. " 10, 11
" " Capt. Bence Parker " " Hopeful Luke, 420 tons, " 145l. " 12,13
" " Capt. Jonathan Taylor " " Unity of London, 240 tons, " 85l. " 14,15
" " Capt. Ben. Salmon " " Prudent Mary, 280 tons, " 97l. 10s. a month 16,17
" " Capt. Jeffrey Dare " " Prosperous of London, 300 tons " 115l. " 18, 19
" " Capt. Thos. Clarke " " Samaritan, 357 tons, " 132l. 10s. " 20, 21
" " Capt. Jno. Miller " " John and Katherine, 400 tons, " 135l. " 22, 23
" " Capt. Roger Harman " " Four Sisters, 317 tons, " 110l. " 24,25
" " Capt. Robert Salmon " " Sarah of London, 360 tons, " 120l. " 26,27
" " Capt. Robert Beck " " Merchant Adventure, 210 tons, " 88l. " 28,29
" " Capt. Fras. Steward " " Phœnix of London, 330 tons, " 120l. " 30,31
" " Capt. Roger Crispe " " Dragoneer of London, 300 tons, " 110l. " 32, 33
" " Capt. Edm. Greene " " Hamburg Merchant of London, 350 tons " 120l. " 34, 35
" " Capt. Jno. Rawlins " " Roebuck, 280 tons, " 100l. " 36, 37
" " Capt. Edm. Greene " " Exchange of London, 350 tons, " 100l. " 38, 39
" " Capt. Sydrach Blake " " Industry of London, 280 tons, " 100l. " 40, 41
" " Capt. Wm. Haslewood. " " Globe, 300 tons, " 110l. " 42, 43
Mar. 21 Capt. Joseph Taylor Navy Comrs Contract for hire of the Adventure of London, 380 tons, for 6 months, at 145l. a month 44
" " Capt. Jno. Bennett " " Defence of London, 364 tons, " 132l. " 45
" " Capt. Arnold Browne " " Benjamin, 350 tons, " 120l. " 46, 47
" " Capt. Hen. Edon " " Blossom of London, 300 tons, " 110l. " 48, 49
" " Lieut.-Col. Kelsey, Dover Castle. Ordnance Comrs. As Mr. Delaval will furnish 2,000 barrels of powder for ready money within a month, a contract ought to be entered into with him for it. 50
" " Capt. Jno. Hosier, Magdalen, Harwich. Adm. Com. There are 70 sail here, and 20 in Yarmouth, intending to go with him. Having been 14 months in the service, and having all his accounts to pass, desires some one else may have the command if the Magdalen is to continue in the service beyond 14 April, when her time expires. 51
" " Capt. John Wetwang, Newcastle. Ordnance officers. For an order to the storekeepers at Newcastle and Tynemouth to supply him with necessaries, as he cannot procure them for ready money, and is now ready to sail. 52
" " Navy Comrs., Portsmouth. Robt. Blackborne. Thanks for the intelligence and for the promised supply of money for provisions, of which there is great want. Are storing those from London, and wish the remainder had arrived. 53
" " " Adm. Com. Send a survey of the storehouses at Portsmouth, and estimate of the charge for repairs which are needful to prevent embezzlement. 54, 55
" 22 Capt. Hen. Southwood, Violet, Yarmouth. " Asks what number of men he is to carry, Sir Hen. Vane having stated 180, but the Bear, although smaller, is allowed 200. The 10th Whelp, Magdalen, Weymouth pink, and 80 or 90 sail of light colliers are sailing northward. 56
" " Wm. Godfrey Navy Comrs Account of ordnance stores remaining in the Triumph, out of those received 16 March 1652 57
" " Capt. Jno. Lawson, George, near Lee. Adm. Com. Has procured 40 men out of 30 vessels from Hull, the Bear, Violet, and Adam and Eve having previously taken from three to five a piece. 58
" " Capt. Peter Motham, Yarmouth Roads. Robt. Blackborne Has 50 sail of light colliers and others under his convoy from Harwich to Newcastle. Recommends Thos. Turner, pilot, for the place of his master, left behind sick. 59
" " " Adm. Com. Yesterday, met Capt. Hosier in the Magdalen, and others, with 50 sail of colliers under their convoy bound for Newcastle; on arriving in the roads, found 30 or 40 more, and intends sailing with the whole fleet to-morrow. 60
" " Major N. Bourne, Navy Office. Robt. Blackborne. Recommends Capt. Wolters for the command of a frigate newly built, as it will suit him better than the Ferdinando or Phœnix. 61
" " Ordnance officers Adm. Com. Send an account of powder, shot, and other ammunition necessary to be sent to Portsmouth for the fleet. As the wagoners demand 5s. for the carriage of every barrel of powder from Chilworth Mills to Portsmouth, ask whether the powder makers shall be charged with it. 62, 63
" " Capt. Wm. Wildey, Gravesend. " The artificers who have been long without payment importune for it. Proceedings on board ships at Tilbury Hope, in impressing men. Arrival and departure of ships, and condition of those there. 64
" 23 Navy Comrs Note of contracts for hire of the Malaga Merchant, Golden Fleece, Loyalty, Ann Peircy, Thomas and Lucy, Society, Richard and Martha, Jonathan, Reformation, Crescent, Thomas and William, Hanibal, Patience hoy, Seaflower ketch, and Susanna and Diana hoys. 65
Mar. 23 Ordnance officers Adm. Com. Will send the ammunition to Portsmouth, if they can prevail with the artificers to give further credit, but these make complaints daily for want of what is due for supplying last summer's fleet, and the stores are very short of powder. 66
" " Thomas Alderne, Victualling Office. Major Rob. Thomson. Recommends Thomas Mason as steward; he was formerly a Hamburg merchant 67
" " Capt. Wm. Tickell, Falcon fire-ship, Harwich. Adm. Com. Asks for an order to ply between the Ness and the Thames to procure his complement of men, and some for the fleet. The Bear and Violet are gone to Tynemouth. 68
" " Major Wm. Burton " Will use his best endeavours to procure men, but most of those they write for are at Newcastle in their own ships. Edmond Smith and Capt. Collman are coming up to attend their honours; will send up what few men he can get. 69
" 24 Jas. Rosier Major Rob. Thomson. Asks him not to forget his letter and certificate; has attended every sitting of the Committee without any result. 70
" " Thos. Shewell, Bristol. Adm. Com. Received the warrants for Captains Clarke and Marryot, as also that to deliver to them all the arms, ammunition, &c. which he is to receive from Col. Scrope, except what is necessary for the Cardiff, and that ordered for Ireland. The porters, crane-men, &c., employed in this business clamour for their pay; if ordered to pay them, will do it with care. 71
" " Navy Comrs, Portsmouth. Navy Comrs Send certificate of Capt. Smith of the Seaflower of Margate, that 10 months' pay is due to his men, and desire they may be paid before they go to sea, the ship having been hired again. 72
" " Rear-Adm. John Lawson, Hill House, Chatham. Adm.Com. Asks whether to wait upon them for further orders, having taken the examinations, with Commissioner Bourne, as to the firing of the Fairfax; was directed to fall down with the George to the convoys for the Newcastle colliers. Has advised Capt. Motham not to let any of the fleet go into Harwich or the adjacent places. 73
" " Anth. Tutcher, Lynn Major Rob. Thomson. Sends a bill of exchange for 51l. 12s., and desires its payment to Joshua Greane, the Mayor. Has paid him 21l. 12s. for press and conduct money to 36 seamen. Is going for Wells and Yarmouth. 74
" " Ordnance officers Adm.Com. Mr. Hammond has a proposition for furnishing 1,000 barrels of Dutch powder, and some copper for ordnance. 75
" " Nath. Terne, Deptford. Account of men entered on board three State's ships named, and 17 merchant ships, taken up for the service of the State. 76
[" "] List of the officers of the Princess Maria 77
" " Navy Comrs. Adm.Com. Send the names of seven persons fit for boatswains, gunners, and carpenters to the new frigates about to be launched. 78
" " Capt. Jno. Wetwang, Newcastle. " Delivered their order to the Governor of Tynemouth Castle, and as he could only supply him with powder, desires another order to be furnished at Newcastle with gunner's stores, and will then put forth to sea. 79
" 25 Admiralty Com. Navy Comrs Order to certify the names and qualities of the commanders in the 39 merchant ships most deserving employment in other ships. 80
Mar. 25 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order to consider of fit captains for the Betty and Wren, which are much wanting them 81
" " Comrs. for Dutch Prizes, Prize Office, London. Adm. Com. For an order for payment of several pursers' bills for victualling Dutch prizes, and of several surgeons' bills, and disbursements for sick and wounded; have already paid 800l., and bills are coming in daily, and as few of the prizes are yet condemned, there are no tenths upon which these can be charged. 82
" " Ordnance officers Navy Comrs Ask whether to send the 200 barrels of powder for Portsmouth from the Tower, where there is only 300 for furnishing the ships now in the river, or from Chilworth Mills, where they have sent four wagons to fetch what is ready. Mr. Hodgkins, smith at the Tower, cannot supply any more ironwork for want of money, there being 4,265l. 10s. 1d. due to him for the last year. 83
" " John Poortmans, Portsmouth. Rob. Blackborne The screw was not made by order; is sorry it is out of order so soon, but will inquire of Mr. Smith where the maker lives. As Capt. Wm. Tunick, commander of the Mary prize, was going on shore at Yarmouth to take order as to some sick men on board, his boat was overset with a gust of wind, and he and six more were drowned. 84
" " Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. Cannot recommend Capt. Gregory for the command of the Horseydown shallop, as he was false in his accounts in his last employment. 85
" " " " Recommend Mr. Smith for such employment as they think meet 86
" " Navy Committee Navy Comrs To order the Navy Treasurer to pay Dr. Walker his last half year's salary of 100l. a year, allowed him as Admiralty advocate and counsel for the State in causes of reprisal and relating to the fleet, where there are no perquisites, and to pay him quarterly. 87
" " " " Like order for quarterly payments of 500l. a year to Wm. Scott, auditor of the prests, for himself and clerks, stationery, and incidental expenses; on an order of Parliament enclosed of 16 April 1652. 88, 89
" " Col. John Barkstead, Lieutenant of the Tower. Robt. Blackborne Recommends the bearer for a pension, her husband having been slain in the last engagement, while serving under Capt. Reynolds, from whom she has a certificate. 90
" 26 Rear-Adm.John Lawson, Gravesend. " Has just parted with Major Bourne, and is going on board to wait the fleet of colliers from Newcastle, and see what can be had from them, but conceives those ships will not be safe until as high as Lee Road. Recommends Jas. Ableson for the command of the Little Betty or the Wren. Will come up when the men are gained from the coal fleet. 91
" " Thos. Shewell Account of ordnance shipped in the Reserve for the stores at Portsmouth 92
" " James Bamford Navy Comrs Contract for the hire of the Joshua of London, 360 tons, for six months, at 135l. a month 93, 94
" " Nath. Cook " " James of London, 300 tons " 110l. " 95, 96
" " Miles Browne " " Merchant's Delight, 480 tons " 170l. " 97, 98
" " Thos. Woodfing " " Exeter Merchant, 340 tons " 115l. " 99, 100
" " Capt. Jas. Cadman, Pearl, Downs. Adm. Com. Has convoyed the prizes from Dover to London, and on returning met the Briar, Drake, and Hare pink, with their convoys from Dunkirk; the Briar went up the river with them, the other two returning to Dunkirk. There is no other man-of-war in the Downs. 101
Mar. 26 Nath. Terne Thos. Turner. Has directed Mr. Sheldon to send up his certificate. The Advantage is so rotten that as fast as they mend one place another breaks out, and most of the 48 men upon her do not attend. Thinks they should be turned over to other ships. Some are gone to Portsmouth about a prize they took. 102
" " Capt. Wm. Billers, Greyhound, by the Market-place, Dover. Adm. Com. Went to Mr. Judds' mills at Ofspring, Feversham, which were going as fast as the water would carry them, and they have promised to ship 40 barrels of powder for the Tower next Tuesday. Hopes to agree with Mr. Delaval of Dover for 1,000 more to be delivered in Dover Castle before 1 May at 5l. a barrel. Has pledged himself, as has the Governor of Dover, to see him punctually paid, or else he would not undertake it. 103
" 28 Rear-Adm.Jno. Lawson, George, Lee Road. Robt. Blackborne. Recommends Jas. Ableson for the command of the Betty. Will be ready to sail on the shipment of a few guns, and some small stores. 104
" " " " Adm. Com. To the same effect. Will endeavour to furnish the Betty and Wildman fire-ship with men, and continue to ride here to get men for other ships, as the colliers will not be safe till they come to Lee Road. Capt. Motham must see that none of their men escape before. 105
" " Jas. Blades, Rich. Lindall, Edw. Perry. ["] Desire their consideration of a petition sent on behalf of some merchants and grocers of the city. 106
" " Thos. Orton, clerk of the check, Sophia, Yarmouth. Navy Comrs Has not heard of any men-of-war since coming from the Hope. Cannot get any account of the stores from the boatswain, gunner, or carpenter. Is weighing anchor. 107
" " Phineas Pett, Deptford. " Asks them to impress 100l. to Tench Young, on account for timber delivered for the new frigates building in Deptford Dock. 108
" " Capt. Peter Motham, Bear, Newcastle Bar. Robt. Blackborne Sailed from Yarmouth with 100 light colliers, and hearing of some men-of-war upon the coast, sent out Captains Southwood, Hosier, Dove, and Wilkeson to chase them, who brought in one of five guns, the Jager of Flushing, a privateer taken by Wilkeson; encloses the captain and master's examination. Having seen the fleet safe, will attend the laden fleet, which is ready to come forth. 109, 110
" " Capt. Barth. Yate, Falcon fly-boat, Inverness. Adm. Com. Sailed from Leith on the 15th with the Satisfaction, which is gone for the Orkneys, and a fly-boat with timber; expects to unlade his coals and timber, and be ready to leave within a month, and desires an order to revictual at Leith. 111
" " Hen. Strudwick, Crouchland. Col. Morley, Somerset House. Particulars of iron ordnance and shot delivered into the stores at Portsmouth; desires payment, also some old iron to recast. 112
" " William Swyer Navy Comrs Contract for hire of the Consent of London, 280 tons, for six months at 110l. a month 113
" " John Thomas " " Culpeper alias Goodhope, 400 tons, for six months at 140l. a month 114, 115
" " Michael Dibbs " " Employment, 440 tons, for six months at 150l. a month 116, 117
[" "] John Ray, mariner Adm. Com. Petition for a master's place in one of the State's ships, having served as master, owner, master's mate, and pilot, and been wounded in the Kentish frigate. With certificate of Thos. Thompson and three others, 14 Dec. 1652, and Capt. Jas. Reynolds of the Kentish, 28 March 1653, of his services in other ships named. 118-120
Mar. 28 John Ray, Kentish Adm. C Desires his petition may be read and considered 121
" " Capt. Thos. Kelsey and Capt. Wm. Billers, Dover Castle. " Send a proposition of Thos. Delavall to procure what powder he can from France and Flanders, and deliver it to the Governor of Dover, at 5l. a barrel. 122, 123
" " Rich. Eccleston, London. Sir Hen. Vane, jun. Sends some observations relating to the present transactions of the State, but can only contribute his earnest prayers for it; recommends three Hull shipmasters named for employment as masters of ships. 124
" " Capt. Fras. Willoughby, Portsmouth. Navy Comrs Sends papers of Mr. Kendall relating to timber and cordage on board the Golden Cock. Mr. Green has charged 2,000 fathom of cordage more than he delivered. The ship building at Hampton only waits for masts and stores. Asks whether to purchase some canvas of Messrs. Ford and Manton. 125
" " Major Wm. Burton, Yarmouth. " Asks how much to pay the ropers per cwt. for working the cordage, they are to have 2/3rds as much as those at London; also whether to send some tar and hemp to London and have some long boats graved. Desires a bill of 50l. may be paid to Hammond Ward, merchant. 126
" 29 Capt. H[en.] H[atsell]. Robt. Blackborne Sends a survey of defects in the Fortune. Has set carpenters to work upon her. The Falmouth is fitted, revictualled, and has gone to Portsmouth. 127
" " Rear-Adm. Jno. Lawson, George, Lee Road. " Asks whether to man the Greyhound, Betty, and the fire-ship, with the men he is procuring daily, having supplied them with some already. 128
" " Edw. Salmon, Hull Adm. Com. Through being at Lincoln assizes, has been unable to reply to theirs. Mr. Scotterith is at Newcastle and the other four at London; hope they will apply to the Committee. 129
[" "] John Swetnam, Mayor of Weymouth. Account of disbursements for sick and wounded seamen brought on shore from Feb. 19, total, 165l. 10s. 8d. 130
" " John Harris Robt. Blackborne Sends a letter from Mr. Lenthall and asks his influence on behalf of two persons mentioned therein; also for Edm. Partridge to be master of the Fairfax, he has presented petitions and certificates for it. 131
" " Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. Have selected the boatswain, gunner, and another officer for the new frigates, but are not so competent for this work as the Generals, who know their abilities, and could encourage men to go as inferior officers in hopes of preferment; propose that the recommending of all officers shall come from them for the future. 132
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. Robt. Blackborne. Sends a survey of the defects of the Fortune. Has received the Act for impressing seamen. The Marmaduke and Sampson are gone to Pendennis for the powder; has procured some men for the Sampson, and others are coming in for the Lily. Recommends Mr. Brangwine in the place of Mr. Lime. 133, 134
" " Capt. Robt. Sansum, Bryer, Tilbury Hope. Adm. Com. Asks whether to convoy two ships with victuals, and one at Gravesend with masts, bound for Portsmouth. 135
" " Thos. Thorogood Navy Comrs Contract for hire of the Crescent, 340 tons, for six months at 125l. a month 136
" " Eustace Smith " " " Richard and Martha, 500 tons, for six months, at 195l. a month 137
Mar. 29 William Bayley Navy Comrs Contract for hire of the William of London, 700 tons, for six months, at 255l. a month 138
" " John Marvin " " " Recovery of London, 500 tons, for six months, at 170l. a month 139, 140
" " Navy Committee " Order on petition of Edw. Hill to make him a bill for payment of 19s. 6d. disbursements, and 10l. service, as messenger to the Navy Committee from 25 Dec. last. 141
" 30 Navy Comrs., Portsmouth. Robt. Blackborne. Will send the wine presented to Col. Norton by the Commissioners, and the other things. We want intelligence in this barren place. 142
" " Navy Comrs., London Adm. Com. George Kendall will not accept the place of clerk of the survey at Deptford, unless he is paid 60l. a year, as allowed to Mr. Hayward at Chatham; he deserves it. 143
" " Col. Jno. Barkstead, Tower. Robt. Blackborne Asks where Major Bankes and Mr. Arnold named in the commission live, that they may be sent to. Desires Solomon Smith may be inserted for Capt. Limbrey, who is out of town. 144
" " Ordnance officers Adm. Com. Have freighted Mr. Hopwood's hoy with gunners' stores for the fleet at Portsmouth, and she has sailed to the Bryer in the Hope. Have sent 200 barrels of powder by land, and two more wagons are lading with various provisions. 145
" " Navy Comrs., London " Recommend Thos. Bassett, master of the Seaflower ketch, formerly employed under Sir Geo. Ayscue, as a fit person for the service intended. 146
" " Major Bourne Robt. Blackborne. Capt. John Shaw, who was nominated captain of the William and was formerly commander of a squadron in the West Indies, where he lost a great estate, cannot undertake service for six weeks; recommends Capt. Marvell, formerly commander of the Recovery. 147
" " Thos. Rand Navy Comrs Contract for hire of the Defence of London, 400 tons, for six months, at 135l. a month 148, 149
" " Capt. Daniel Morgan " " " John and Abigall 350 tons " 115l. " 150, 151
" " Capt. John Tanner " " " Victory of London 400 tons " 135l. " 152
" " John Knight Adm. Com. Petition for a warrant to reinstate him as cook of the Garland; was taken prisoner by the Dutch when he lost to the value of 25l. With reference thereon to the Navy Commissioners. 153
" " Thos. Western, London. Robt. Blackborne. Begs assistance for obtaining a convoy for Lynn, as another hoy has been taken near Burnham Haven; there are six or seven vessels bound for Lynn and Boston in which he has much iron. 154
" " Thos. Harrison Adm. Com. Recommends Mr. Higginson as commander of a ship, he having been brought up to the sea, and ventured his all for the commonwealth. 155
" " Robt. Blackborne, Whitehall. Navy Comrs The Bryer is to take charge of ships in the Hope with provisions for the fleet. Desires that those freighted for Portsmouth may have orders to attend this convoy. 156
" " John Poortmans, Portsmouth. Robt. Blackborne. Will send a list of all the ships here and at sea by the next, as also of those sailed, making in men-of-war and prizes about 40 sail. 157
" " Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. Have passed a bill for 10l. to Jane relict of John Morris, minister, slain on the Sapphire in the late engagement with the Dutch; and as he faithfully served the State, and has left five children, think 40l. more may be allowed. 158
" " Ordnance Com., Whitehall. " Send account of John Freeman for 113 barrels of powder, with cartage, &c., 528l. 1s., and desire order for payment. 159, 160
Mar. 31 Thos. Rabenet, Chatham. Robt. Blackborne. The Unicorn is waiting for her provisions, guns, and carriages, and the officers ought to be hastened down. 161
" " Navy Comrs., London. Adm. Com. Have passed a bill for payment of 10l. to Katherine widow of Thos. Bradaredge, late master of the Triumph, slain in the late engagement, and thinks she may be allowed 40l. more, being left with six children and an aged mother. 162
" " Capt. Jno. Hosier, Magdalen, Newcastle. " Has received 250 barrels of powder from Major Tolhurst, and upon arriving in the Hope, will give due notice. The Swan and five others have arrived before the Bar, and there are 400 at Sunderland. 163
" " Capt. Thos. Wilkes, Swan, Newcastle. " Capt. Green, with himself, the Sophia, Recovery, and 30 other light ships, met 20 more last night, from Lynn, Wells, and Boston, under convoy of Capt. Mould; all have arrived before Newcastle where they met five others, with a private man-of-war of five guns, which they had taken, Capt. Hosier has but 14 days and Capt. Green 18 to serve of their contract. 164
" " Capt. Thos. Sparling, Little old President, Plymouth Sound. Generals at sea, Whitehall. Could not reach Falmouth with his convoys through contrary winds, but all have come in here; is now under sail again, and waiting for his convoys to come out. Asks the command of the Little Lily for the Irish coast. 165
" " Ordnance officers Account of 210 guns furnished to 27 merchant ships named hired for the service; nine more will require 63 guns which are wanting. 166
" " Capt. Hen. Southwood, Violet, Tynemouth Bar. Robt. Blackborne. Is using all diligence to discover whether De Witt is on the coast as reported. Capts. Allen, Kirby, Wilkinson, and Greene have arrived with 60 sail for this place and Sunderland, and there are others making near upon 300, which will be convoyed to their several ports. 167
March ? Ordnance officers " Account of allowances and wages formerly paid to officers, clerks, artificers, and others belonging to the Ordnance Office, and approved of the late Navy and Admiralty Commissioners. 168
" " Hen. Russell, boatswain. Gen. Deane and Adm. Com. Petition for removal to the Surrey or some other frigate. Is very poor, and has waited long 169
" " List of 28 seamen for whom warrants and summonses are to be issued 170