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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1652-3. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1878.

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Dec. ?
William Beck to the Navy Commissioners. On 19 July last, was appointed by the Council of State Commander of the Ad vantage frigate, went on board the next day, and spent much money and pains in fitting and furnishing her, and most of my time was so occupied until she entered into sea pay on 1 Sept. following. As I have never received any satisfaction for such services, I trust you will now grant the necessary order, and thus enable me to do so. From 19 July to 1 Sept. is 43 days. [1 page. Vol. XXVI., No. 81a.]
Dec. ? Capt. Thos. Sparling to Robt. Blackborne. Understanding that you are appointed Secretary to the Admiralty Committee, and it being part of my instructions to give an account to the Generals, or in their absence to the Admiralty Committee from time to time, I desire you will forward the enclosed. Remember me to your brother at Plymouth. [½ page. Vol. XXVI., No. 81b.]
1652 ? Petition of Capt. John Baskett to Parliament, for an order for payment of what is due to him, out of such delinquents' estates as he may discover to have been concealed or compounded for at an under value. Col. James Carr of Plymouth, Col. John Burch, Col. John Humfrey, Capt. Edw. Tyson, and the Commissioners for disbanding and stating the accounts of the officers and soldiers in co. Hereford, have cleared his accounts, and there are considerable arrears due to him. [1 page. Vol. XXVI., No. 99.]
Petition of John Holland to Gens. Deane and Monk. Being a carpenter in a merchant's ship, was constrained to serve on the Golden Fleece as one of the carpenter's crew, and the captain, Thos. Hill, would force him again to the same, and detain his ticket for the time he wrought in Chatham dock, so that he cannot pay for his supplies at Chatham. Begs an order for his pay ticket, and the carpenter's place on the Warwick or Middleburg. [1 page. Vol. XXVI., No. 100.]
Petition of Joanna, wife of Wm. Thompson of the Crow, to the Admiralty Committee, for payment of her husband's prize money. Went with his order for it to the Commissioners for sick and wounded seamen, but they said they could not pay it because he is neither in the fleet nor in a merchant's ship. Her husband was hastened away to Scotland with Gen. Monk's goods. [1 page. Vol. XXVI., No. 101.]
Petition of John Willoughby, executor of Hen. Gough, Chas. James, Rich. Crossing, Sam. Coker, Fras. Lipping, Hen. Gould, and other merchants, to Parliament. In 1644 and 1645, their goods were taken at sea by Capt. Penn, and disposed of for the service, to their loss and undoing, and in 1646 the Committee for Petitions ordered Mr. Corbet to report to Parliament an ordinance for paying them 6,635l. 3s. 1d., but the report has not yet been made, owing to other weighty affairs. Begs that it may be reduced to an Act, and they paid with interest out of moneys rising on sale of delinquents' estates. [¾ page. Vol. XXVI., No. 102.]
Account of excise farms in 13 counties named, let from 25 March 1652 to 23 March 1653. Total rentals 35,900l. Of eight let from June 1852 to June 1853, total 37,125l. Of the East riding of Yorkshire let from Sept. 1852 to 1853, 4,800l.; and of 11 counties let from Dec. 1852 to Dec. 1853, total 27,670l. Entire total 99,495l. [1 sheet. Vol. XXVI., No. 103.]
List by Rich. Hill of goods purloined from the navy and dock at Chatham, and found by him, 1649-1651, at Newhead, Willingham, Stroud, Rochester, Chatham, &c. [1 page. Vol. XXVI., No. 104.]
Jan. 14.
Order in the Council of State, on petition of Tim. Slader, that Sec. Thurloe see what orders have been made in the business, and bring in a warrant for what he finds due to Slader, to be paid out of the exigent moneys of Council. [I. 68, p. 251.]
Jan. 23. John Boys and 19 other members of Christ Church, Sandwich, to the Admiralty Committee. We recommend Capt. John Woolters. of Sandwich, as God-fearing, faithful, and skilful, for a command at sea. We are confident that in these latter days, God will use his own children to work for him, and lay aside men of the world as broken reeds. 20 signatures. [2/3 page. Vol. XXXII., No. 68a.]
Jan. 25. Offer by John Fleming, Ant. Benthall, and Robt. King, nominated by the grand jury of Essex, and approved by the justices of peace, of 2,650l. for farm of the excise of inland commodities in Essex, from 25 March to 29 Sept. 53, with additional proffer of 100l. more. [½ page. Vol. XXXII., No. 86a.]
Jan. 28. Sam. Selwood and Bartho. Helby to the Excise Commissioners. Offer 3,150l. for the farm of the excise of all inland commodities in Essex for six months, from 25 March to 29 Sept. next. [½ page. Vol. XXXII., No. 90a.]
Jan. 28. Rob. Loggins to the Excise Commissioners. Like offer for 3,400l. [½ page. Vol. XXXV., No. 90b.]
[Jan. 31.] Note of 39 articles of saltery wares which pay the duty of excise or new impost. [1 page. Vol. XXXII., No. 99a.]
[Jan. 31.] Note of 8 descriptions of goods on which an advance of impost is proposed. [Vol. XXXII., No. 99b.]
April 20.
Mayflower, Lee Road.
Wm. Newman to the Navy Commissioners, Tower Hill. The rest of the fleet has fallen down lower, and so would I, but for want of men; but for Capt. White I need not have troubled you; he hindered me by taking away the pilot and many necessaries, and threatening the master if he carried the ship down. I sent Major Bourne my gunner, carpenter, and boatswain's demands; supply them, and I will do all that can be expected. [2/3 page. Vol. XXXV., No. 136a.]
[May.] Accounts by the Commissioners for Prize Goods of their receipts and disbursements from 11 Jan—9 April 1653. [13 papers. Vol. XXXVI., Nos. 150-162.]
June 9. Chris. Pett, Manley Callis, and Rich. Stokes to the Navy Commissioners. We have been as ordered in the yards of the master builders in the river who are building frigates for the State, have surveyed the works, and ordered the mending of what is not according to contract, and this we shall do from time to time. [½ page. Vol. XXXVII., No. 65a.]
[June 25.] Petition of Dorothy Witherings, widow, to the Council of State. I brought a large portion to my husband, which he laid out in purchasing the foreign Post Office, and most of his personal estate in improving it. I am told by counsel that I have a right to it, but hearing that you are resolved to farm it, I beg you to consider the condition of me and my fatherless child. I dare not deceive you, for I belong to Mr. Thos. Goodwin's church, but if this office be taken from me, I shall have little left to buy bread. I beg either to be allowed, with other fit persons, to farm the office, or to have some pension from it. With reference thereon to the Committee of Posts, to see whether any allowance should be made her. [1 page. Vol. XXXVII., No. 139a.]
June 25. Like petition mutatis mutandis to the Committee for Posts. With order thereon that she appear on 6 July, to show what right she had from her husband to any profits of the foreign posts. [1 page. Vol. XXXVII., No. 139b.]