Volume 73: July 1654

Pages 240-279

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1654. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1880.

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July 1654

July 3. Council. Day's Proceedings.
1. John Manley, master of the Post Office, to pay G. Frost for Council's contingencies the rent due to the State from him for 1 quarter.
2. The order of the late Council of State of July 15, 1653, for freeing the paper to be used in printing the Bible in learned languages from payment of all customs, confirmed; and Dr. Brune Ryves allowed to import free as much as, with what is already imported, makes up 7,000 reams. This to be a sufficient warrant to the Customs' Commissioners.
3, 4. Order on Lambert's report from the Committee on the petition of John Ireton and John Humphreys,—that an Ordinance should be passed to the contractors for sale of Dean and Chapter's lands, to allow the petitioners 376l. by way of reprize on the purchase mentioned, and that on payment of the rest of the purchase money, the trustees should perfect the assurance,—that an Ordinance be advised accordingly.
5. To bring in an Ordinance to prohibit horse racing for 6 months.
6. The Commissioners of the Great Seal to issue a new writ for elections to the constable of Dover and the warden of the Cinque Ports, or his lieutenant, including Rye in the writ.
7. 1. Order on several reports from the Admiralty Commissioners, that they be authorised to direct the building of 4 second rate ships at such places as they think best.
8. The following 6 ships to be authorised to go as a guard for the present Newfoundland fishery:—
The Essex John Bourne
Nightingale Capt. Wm. Kendall.
Paul Capt. Anth. Spackhurst.
Reserve Capt. Rob. Plumbey.
Gift Capt. Dickenson.
Midleburg Capt. Wm. Godfrey.
9. The daily pay of the flag officers of the fleet to be as follows:—
Capt. Rich. Badiley, rear-admiral of the fleet which is to go to Gen. Blake's squadron 30
Capt. Joseph Jordan, rear-admiral 20
Capt. Wm. Goodson, vice-admiral to Gen. Penn's squadron 30
Capt. Geo. Deakins, rear-admiral 20
Capt. John Bourne, commander of the Newfoundland squadron 20
A chief clerk attending each squadron of the generals, who is also to be deputy treasurer, to have, for himself and clerks (no fees to be taken), 200l. a year.
10. List of 25 ships, with their numbers of men and guns, and the names of their captains, approved for this summer's expedition.
11. Like list of 36 ships approved to be set to sea for the voyage designed them. [I. 75, pp. 410–413.]
July 3. 2. Warrant by the Commissioners for inspecting the treasuries to the Treasurers-at-war, to pay 14,597l. 4s. 4d. to Rich. Hutchinson, to be issued on warrants of the Admiralty Commissioners. Receipted 14 July. [1 page, torn.]
July 3/13.
3. J. Webster to his kinsman, Hen. Webster, at Edw. Webster's, Yarmouth. I am troubled to hear of your rebellion against his Majesty in raising a troop of horse and serving Parliament. I hear also you have been very officious in assisting Ab. Johnson, who has endeavoured to hinder other merchants, and to undo me. I also hear you have been promoting against me and other merchants here. If these things are not true, I will prosecute my intentions towards you, and the goods are more than you know of; but if they are true, you have lost your friend. [Certified copy, 1 page.]
July 4. 4. Petition of the inhabitants of St. Mary Magdalen's, Bermondsey, Surrey, to the Protector. By order of the Lords in Parliament Thos. Paske, D.D., their parson, was sequestered, and Jer. Whittaker, a learned and orthodox divine, was appointed, and acted faithfully and honestly, but has lately died. Petitioners have met and unanimously elected his son Wm. Whittaker, whom they know to be pious, and fit for so great a congregation, and beg that he may be settled in his father's place. 78 signatures. [Copy, 1 sheet.] Annexing,
4. i. Order of the Lords in Parliament for the sequestration of Paske, and appointment of Whittaker. 16 May 1643. [1 page.]
July 4. Order in Council granting the request during the sequestration of the parsonage, and the profits to be paid to Whittaker's use. [I. 75, p. 414.]
July 4. 5. Petition of Isaac Desborow, John Pooton, John Offley, and Rob. Ingram, late sequestrators of co. Hants, to the Protector and Council, for satisfaction for their pains in the service, and discharge of their accounts. In the times of greatest danger, hazarded their lives in the service when others refused it, for 4 years from 1642; gave in their accounts to the Sub-Committee for accounts in Oct. 1646, and to the Guildhall treasurers in Oct. 1649, but obtained no reward for their trouble and charges. [1 page.]
July 4. 6. Reference thereon to Sir Chas. Wolsley, Mr. Strickland, Sir Gilb. Pickering, Col. Sydenham, and Gen. Desborow, to report. [½ page. Also I. 75, p. 415.]
July 4. 7. Petition of John Digby to the Protector and Council. Being in restraint by your order, I cannot go down to treat with some people about the sale of land to pay my grandmother's debts, nor can I prepare for answering a suit at Aylesbury shortly, to which I am bound in 1,000l. I beg that the hearing at Aylesbury may be deferred, or I dismissed, on security for appearance when summoned. [1 page.]
July 4. Order for his dismissal from custody of the serjeant-at-arms to attend the trial at Aylesbury, on security. [I. 75, p. 415.]
July 4. Council. Day's Proceedings.
2. Rous and Mackworth to consider the disposal of impropriations which, on composition of delinquents, were reserved for the State, or for which they have allowance in their compositions. They are to send to the Commissioners at Goldsmiths' Hall for an account thereof, and to report.
3. The Ordinance prohibiting horse races passed, and to be printed and published. [I. 75, p. 414.]
July 4.
Pres. Lawrence to the chief officers of ports. For security of the public peace, his Highness and Council wish very great care and exactness to be used in searching all vessels coming in or going out, for discovery of suspicious persons; also a more than ordinary vigilance to be used as to all creeks and small outlets, where dangerous persons would probably apply. You are to use your uttermost diligence therein, and to apprehend and keep in safe custody till further order all against whom you have any ground of suspicion. With list of 34 ports to which the letter was sent. [I. 75, pp. 415–417.]
[July 6.] 8. Petition of Mary Leslie, wife to Lord Montgomery, to the Protector, for an allowance for herself and 7 small children out of her husband's estate, as granted to others of like quality, whose estates have been forfeited by the Act of grace for Scotland. With reference thereon to Council, 24 June 1654. [1 page.]
July 6. Reference thereon by Council to the Committee for Scotland, who are to propose some way of providing for her as for others in like case. [I. 75, p. 418.]
July 6. 9. Petition of John Embree, surveyor, to Council, for 1,200l. on account, being much indebted for materials and wages towards repair of Whitehall and Hampton Court, and his accounts not yet audited. [1 page.]
July 6. Reference thereon to the Treasury Commissioners, to report how it can be charged so as to be forthwith paid. [I. 175, p. 419.]
[July 6.] 10. Report on the case of Jane Lady Gorges by a Committee of Council [see 15 March 1654]. On 20 April 1630, the King granted the 6d. writs for 41 years from 1647–8 to Sir Jas. Levingston, groom of the bed chamber. He assigned the grant to trustees for Lady Levingston, now Lady Gorges, on payment of 2,500l. It came by assignment to Lord Newburgh, and on his sequestration in 1650, on account of an intercepted letter, the profits were received for the State by the Clerk of the Hanaper. Lady Gorges claims under Lord Newburgh, but only produces a draft of the indenture. [22/3 pages.] Annexing,
10. i. Certificate of Lord Broghill, at request of Lady Gorges. In 1647–8 her son, Sir Jas. Levingston, asked me to be one of the trustees to whom the 6d. writs were assigned, to make certain provisions for the family; he and I having married 2 sisters, I assented, and the deeds were perfected. The other trustees were Hen. Howard, Lord Suffolk's brother, Dr. Edw. Rainbow, and Mr. Goodrick. 5 July 1654. [1 page.]
[July 6.] 11. Notes on the case by Sir Gilb. Pickering. [Draft, ¾ page.]
July 6.
12, 13. Order on the said report, presented by Pickering, that it be referred to the same Committee to consult with Serjeant Steel, Mr. Sadler, and Mr. Long, and report their opinions in point of law or equity. [2/3 page, 2 copies; also I. 75, p. 420.] Annexing,
13. i. Note from Wm. Jessop, clerk of the Council, to the said gentlemen, transmitting them the papers on the case. 31 July 1854. [2/3 page.]
July 6. 14. Petition of Walter Wood, late commander of the Centurion, to the Protector. Has served 5 years, but was discharged last September without reason assigned, though he lost his right hand in the service. Begs to know his accusers and to vindicate himself, or to be restored to his command. With reference thereon, 3 February 1653–4, to the Admiralty Committee. [1 sheet.]
July 6. 15. Copy of the said petition. [1 page.] Annexing,
15. i. Certificate by John Stoakes that Wood was shot in the hand by the Irish, in May 1650, in the bay of Galloway. 7 Jan. 1653–4. [½ page.]
15. ii. Certificate by Vice-Admiral Penn that he lost the use of his hand thereby. Swiftsure, near Portsmouth, 11 March 1653–4. [¾ page.]
15. iii. Report by the Admiralty Committee, that in respect of the said maim, he should be allowed 100 marks out of prize goods' money. 24 May 1624. [½ page.]
July 6. Order in Council for payment of the 100 marks accordingly. [I. 75, p. 420.]
July 6. Council. Day's Proceedings.
1. The Lords Commissioners of the Great Seal to issue writs for proclaiming an Ordinance against duels and challenges, and all provocation thereto, and an Ordinance prohibiting horse races for 6 months.
3. Order that Capt. Charles Howard be empowered to raise 40 dragoon horses, and mount them with foot soldiers out of the garrisons of Carlisle or Berwick, and to employ them with the other forces under him as he finds best; and that 250l. be allowed him for the said dragoons, to be repaid out of Council's contingencies, on a bill of exchange to be drawn on Frost.
4. The Army Committee to issue warrants to the War Treasurers to increase the pay of the 40 foot which Capt. Howard is to mount as dragoons, as long as they remain in that capacity.
7. 16. Order on report from the Commissioners on the petition of John Tombes and others, concerning Katherine's Hospital, Ledbury, co. Hereford, that 2 several lists of fit persons for governing it be exhibited to Council, one by Mr. Tombes and one by the inhabitants of Ledbury, that Council may be able to select from the two; after return of the lists, the same Committee is to consider the best way to order the hospital, and prepare an Ordinance with the names inserted. Annexing,
16. i., ii. Report alluded to, embodying the substance of the report, &c. calendared 12 May 1654. With shorthand notes thereon. [2 papers, 5 pages.]
16. iii. Note of the objections of the trustees against Tombes for abuses in the management of the hospital. [1 page.]
16. iv. List of 8 persons, justices of the peace, and others, proposed by Tombes as governors of the hospital. [1 page.]
16. v. List by the inhabitants of Ledbury of proposed governors, viz., Hen. Page, their minister; Fras. Hall, Esq.; Rich. Coxe, clothier, and Chas. Hoskyns, Gent. 9 signatures. 14 July 1654. [1 page.]
8, 9. Order on the petition to the Protector, referred by him to Council, of the President and Governors of the Corporation of the Poor in London, that 3 dogger boats lying at Scarborough and one at Hull be given to the said corporation, for fisheries for the use of the poor. The Prize Goods' Commissioners, or whoever have the boats, to order them to be delivered up, and see that they are used for no private purposes. The other matter in the petition, and the draft of an Ordinance annexed, referred to Skippon, Rous, and Major, to report.
10. Skippon, Rous, and Major to peruse all petitions depending before Council, and not formally referred, and report, that those fit may be proceeded upon, and the rest laid aside. Mondays in every week appointed to receive their reports.
12. Order on a letter from Col. Fenwick of June 30, 1654, concerning frequent meetings in the North, for a letter to Capt. Chas. Howard (see below), which was sent away by an express.
14. Mr. Abdy, lately committed to prison by the Court of Sessions for co. Bedford, to be delivered to a messenger to appear before Council. The justices of peace to transmit copies of his examination to Council.
17. The supernumeraries raising the regiments of his Highness, Cols. Ingoldsby and Goffe, and Maj.-Gen. Lambert, from 700 to 1,200 to be continued, and 4 serjeants, 1 corporal, 1 gunsmith, and 10 drummers, with a proportion of drums, to be added to 3 of them, as ordered 27 June last. The Army Commissioners to issue warrants to the War Treasurers to pay up the arrears to the supernumeraries from May 29, 1654, and continue payment in future.
18. 400 bandoleers to be inserted in the warrant of 23 June for arms for Lord Lambert's regiment. [I. 75, pp. 417–421.]
July 6.
Council to the Hon. Capt. Charles Howard. You will receive herewith a proclamation forbidding horse races and other like meetings, which you are to make public at all convenient places in the North. The proclamation is occasioned by intelligence from Berwick, the bishopric, and other places, of the assembling of many people and horses, especially of the disaffected, who, notwithstanding the late discovery made of their plans by God's grace, are not yet discouraged from their plottings. You are therefore to diligently prevent all meetings of Papists or disaffected, and are authorised to secure any one you think necessary and to let us know. His Highness has ordered 1 or 2 troops of horse to march to assist you. You will also receive an order to raise 40 dragoons, whereon you may mount soldiers. [I. 75, p. 419 (fn. 1).]
July 6. 17. Report of the Admiralty Judges to the Protector and Council, on a reference of 28 June 1654. We could not find the directions of the late Council of State, about June 1652, alluded to, so that we could not tell what Holland or Hamburg goods, alleged by the Portuguese ambassador to belong to Portuguese, are meant; but from the ambassador's papers to Sec. Thurloe, we find it is the sugars in the White Unicorn. We find thereon that the sub-Commissioners of Prize Goods at Plymouth exhibited in the Admiralty Court a certificate of merchants and grocers that the sugars were perishable, and a like certificate from themselves, but not subscribed by those joined in the Commission of Inspection on behalf of the claimers. Therefore the Admiralty Court issued a commission for examination, by which it appears that the said certificate was untrue, and got up without knowledge of the claimers, and that on 31 March 1654, the sugars were in good condition. [1 page.]
July 7. Council. Day's Proceedings.
1. Order that—as divers of the nobility and gentry of Scotland, on whom fines were imposed by the Act of Grace for Scotland, have petitions thereon depending—if they pay in ⅓ of their fines, the Judges and Commissioners of Sequestration in Scotland shall be authorised to hear what they have to plead for mitigation of the remainder. Mr. Scobel to prepare an Ordinance accordingly, and offer it to Council.
3. The Council to meet to-morrow at 7 a.m., to consider the business of Ireland.
4. Order on report from Viscount Lisle, that he and Col. Fiennes consider and offer to Council the form of a pass and declaration concerning contraband goods, pursuant to the 11th and 12th article of the Swedish treaty. Thurloe to be present.
5. The petition of Cornet Wentworth Day, concerning his service and loss in looking after the silver ships, referred to Sydenham, to speak with the Commissioners for Inspecting Treasuries, and report what may be done for his relief. [I. 75, p. 421.]
July 8.
Pres. Lawrence to Sir Wm. Constable, high sheriff of co. York. Council have thought it necessary that Col. Rob. Montgomery, now as is supposed, in co. York, be secured in Hull, which you are to see done, and give a very strict charge for his safe keeping. [I. 75, p. 422.]
July 8.
Pres. Lawrence to Dr. Seaman, Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge, Dr. Arrowsmith, and Dr. Tuckney. His Highness and Council have taken notice of some horrid blasphemous expressions charged on Alex. Ackhurst, Vice-President of Trinity College, Cambridge, to the dishonour of God and Scripture, and have thought fit to refer it to your examination. You are to examine witnesses, collect proofs, and report. [I. 75, p. 422.]
July 10. 18. Order in the Admiralty Committee to set at liberty Rich. Thursby, prisoner in the Gatehouse by their order, he having given bail for his appearance. [⅓ page.] Annexing,
18. i. Examinations of Roger Shipton and Thos. Howlett, mariners of the Elizabeth, before Chris. Myngs and 3 others. On 31 May 1654, at Luckstadt, Denmark, heard Rich. Thursby say that 5,000 of the King of Scots' old soldiers had entered the army, and nearly as many more the navy, to cut the throats of those that stood for the Protector and opposed them; that one named William Conningsby was now on board, and if they could have a convenient opportunity, they would see what they could do, for one blast was enough for all on board. 30 June 1654. [1 page.]
18. ii. Like examination of Thos. Arnold and Wm. Swanson. Heard Thursby say that he and 500 more had entered the State's ships on purpose to blow them up, or destroy them; that he hoped soon to see the Protector's throat cut, and 10,000 more of the grandees; that he had 3 cousins on the ship, but only Wm. Conningsby was now on board. 30 June 1654. [1 page.]
July 11. 19. Petition of the bailiffs of Scarborough to Council. Having disbursed moneys for the fleet, the late Council of State ordered a warrant to the Prize Goods' Commissioners to repay them, but Council was dissolved and it was delayed. It being a long way to come and chargeable to attend for the moneys, beg confirmation of the order, that they may not be at further expense to obtain the 36l. 11s. [1 page.]
July 11. Order granting their request, the money to be paid forthwith. Approved 22 July. [I. 75, p. 423.]
July 11. 20. Petitions of the inhabitants of Topsham, co. Devon, to the Protector. Our town and parish of 1,000 souls is the port of Exeter, and yet we have only 20 marks a year for the maintenance of a minister. This was assigned by the Dean and Chapter of Exeter to a reading priest, the canons sometimes preaching themselves, and payable by Wm. Brewton, who has all the tithes, value 140l. a year. The town has many poor, who live on a monthly rate, and has been much impoverished by the late wars, the inhabitants living by sea affairs, and too poor to raise a minister's livelihood.
As we have now chosen Thos. Ashford minister, we beg a competency for him, either by continuance of former augmentations or otherwise. 46 signatures. [1 sheet.] Annexing,
20. i. Certificate by John Forward, minister of Ottery, Thos. Spratt of Fullerton, Pet. Beavis, and Rob. Collins, that Ashford is pious and well gifted. 29 May 1654. [½ page.]
July 11. Order thereon in Council, that as the former minister had 50l. from the sheaf of Ashburton, Colmstock, and Topsham, as well as 30l. for a lecture, the 50l. be granted to Ashford by the Trustees for Ministers. Approved 22 July. [I. 75, p. 423.]
July 11. 21. Petition of the inhabitants of Long Compton, co. Warwick, to the Protector, that Thos. Browne, of whose abilities and goodness they have had experience and testimony, may be settled as their minister; their vicarage, sequestered several years ago from Roger Jones, became void in April 1653, by removal of Wm. Burleigh, minister, to another place. 21 signatures, 2 being by mark. [1 page.] Annexing,
21. i. Certificate by Rich. Langton, rector of Whitchford, John Goodwin, rector of Rowlewright Magna, and Wm. Burleigh, rector of Ducklington, in favour of Thos. Browne. [2/3 page.]
July 11. Order in Council for his settlement, with arrears of the profits since he was called to dispense the word there. Approved 22 July. [I. 75, p. 424.]
July 11. 22. Petition of the bailiffs, burgesses, &c., of Bridport, co. Dorset, to the Protector. The town has 2,000 houses, and the tithes are worth 40l. The Committee for Plundered Ministers added thereto those of Bradpole near, worth 80l., sequestered from Maximilian Mohun, delinquent, but he having lately compounded, we are like to lose our minister for want of maintenance.
We are impoverished by the plunders and burdens of the late King's party, and for want of a free sea trade, on which our manufactures depend, and cannot afford a fit livelihood to our minister, who has a wife and 7 children. We beg an augmentation of 100l. a year, for which the tithes of Whitchurch, 4 miles distant, are let, and an order for payment to John Eaton, our minister, "an able dispenser of the gospel, and very precious." 15 signatures. [1 page.] Annexing,
22. i. Note relative to the disposal of the Whitchurch tithes. [¼ page.]
July 11. Order in Council that 80l. a year be paid to Mr. Eaton out of the overplus of the impropriate rectory of Whitchurch, co. Dorset (above the 60l. settled on the minister of Whitchurch); also of the rents and revenues not already disposed of which are issuing out of Whitchurch 15l., out of Yetminster 16l., and out of Preston and Sutton 9l. are to be paid him. The Trustees for Maintenance of Ministers to settle and order payment of the same. Approved 22 Jan. [I. 74, p. 424.]
July 11. 23. Petition of the inhabitants of Boynton, in the East Riding of co. York, to the Protector, for an addition of 30l. from Burton Agnes rectory to their minister, their vicarage being only worth 30l. a year. [1 page.]
July 11. Order in Council thereon that so much of the revenue of the said rectory as is undisposed of be settled on the minister of Boynton. Approved 22 Jan. [I. 75, p. 424.]
July 11. 24. Petition of the inhabitants of Glasgow to the Protector. Major-Gen. Deane and others having seen their sad condition, by reason of their late fire, abated their assessment for maintenance of the army, but it is again imposed upon them, though they are quite destroyed in point of trade. Beg that it may be paid in to the Committee for distributing relief to the distressed people of Glasgow who suffered by fire. With note of the order desired. [½ page.]
July 11. Order thereon that the assessment be collected, but instead of being paid in to the treasurers for the army in Scotland, it be paid to the Committee for distribution as desired. [I. 75. p. 425.]
July 11. Council. Day's Proceedings.
1. Order on petition of the surveyors, clerks, and messengers under the Trustees for sale of delinquents' lands forfeited for treason, that according to his Highness' order of 19 May 1654, the Trustees issue warrants to their treasurers to pay in course, among the said surveyors &c., proportionable to the arrears of their salaries, 16,472l. 13s. and that the treasurers pay it accordingly, the late Ordinance for bringing the revenues into one treasury notwithstanding.
3. Order on Fiennes' report from the Committee on Sir John Borlase's petition, that 50l. be paid him for the charge of his journey to Ireland; the Irish Committee to report where it may be charged.
6. The examination and other papers concerning Mr. Abdy, who is brought up in custody, referred to Rous, Strickland, and Major, to report.
9. Order on Rous' report on Sam. Hartlib's petition, that those authorised to pay the augmentations to the University pay him 50l. due in arrear for last ½ year, towards 100l. granted as an augmentation to Pembroke College, Oxford, and transferred to his use, and that the payment be continued in future as it falls due. Also that John Leech and Rich. Sherwin, treasurers at Goldsmiths' Hall, pay him at once the other 50l. in arrear out of the undervaluation of delinquents' estates. Approved 22 Jan.
10. Rous, Major, and Strickland to confer with Mr. Gillaspyn and other ministers come from Scotland, receive their papers and proposals, and report.
11. Order on petition of the fined persons in Scotland, that the Scotch lords and others now in London, fined by the Ordinance of pardon and grace for the people of Scotland, be heard in Council tomorrow morning as to why their fines should not be paid.
13. Order that the treasurers at Goldsmiths' Hall be required to pay John Bressey, treasurer for sick and maimed soldiers, the moneys assigned to be paid out of their treasuries for sick and wounded soldiers, seamen, their widows and orphans, in the way usual before the passing of the Ordinance to bring all revenues into one treasury, with all the arrears since June 24 1654.
14. The petition of Sir Sigismund Alexander, alias Zinzan, read, and ordered not to be committed. [I. 75, pp. 423–426.]
[July 12.] 25. Petition of the inhabitants of Mansfield to the Protector. Our populous town has only 20l. a year for a minister, and being in the donation of the Dean of Lincoln, has been 5 years without a minister, "and the common enemy of mankind, taking occasion thereby, hath poisoned the spirits of very many with that erroneous spirit of quaking, whereby the interest of Satan hath increased more and more in the said town." Now, not without some struggling on our part, providence has vouchsafed us John Firth, whose ministry has already done great good in the town. We beg that he may be settled as our minister. 21 signatures, copies. [1 sheet.]
[July 12.] 26. Petition of the inhabitants of Mansfield, co. Notts, to the Protector. Ours is a populous market town, but the minister's living only 20l. the rectory being impropriate, and therefore it has been without a minister 5 years, to our great sadness, and we cannot procure a comfortable subsistence for John Firth, "a man of most gracious qualifications and spiritual abilities," whom you have presented to the vicarage. We beg for him 24l. a year, the rent paid for the rectory, as ordered by the Committee for Plundered Ministers, 17 June 1646, and 50l. from Colston Bassett rectory, which was transferred out of the county to a minister in co. Leicester; also 20l. out of Ossington rectory. 21 signatures, copies, as in the preceding. With special reference to Council, as Firth has done singular service, and left a living of near 200l. a year from affection to the people, and the place allows him but 30l. 10 May 1654. [1 sheet.] Annexing.
26. i. Order of the Committee for Plundered Ministers alluded to, 17 June 1646, [½ page.]
[July 12.] 27. Copy of the above petition, and reference, without the signatures. [1¼ pages.]
July 12. Order in Council allowing Firth the said 3 sums, amounting to 94l. a year; the Trustees for maintenance of ministers to order payment. [I. 75, p. 428.]
July 12. Council. Day's Proceedings.
3. Col. Wm. Boswell, and Ralph Hall to call before them several persons who have attacked the goods and threatened to arrest the followers of the Portuguese ambassador, for goods bought by him when in London, hear their claims, enquire into the debts due to the ambassador, and why they are unpaid, endeavour such a conclusion as that the ambassador may have no dishonour or breach of privilege, and that the creditors may not be prejudiced, and report.
4. Several papers delivered by some of the nobility of Scotland, on their being heard by his Highness, referred to Lambert, Rous, Major, and Strickland, to offer what may be done touching those fined in Scotland.
8. The petition of the churchwardens and inhabitants of Putney, parish, co. Surrey for the poor, referred to Rous and Major, to consider how the money may be raised, and report. [I. 75, pp. 427, 428.]
July 12.
28. Capt. Fras. Willoughby to Gen. Blake, Whitehall. Being solicited by Mr. Waldo, chaplain of the Samson, for discharge, and he producing your warrant, I made enquiries respecting him; he is very erroneous in his doctrines, denies the Resurrection, is loose in his life and conversation, and gives ill examples by playing at cards, &c.; he has gone to London for further preferment, hoping to deceive by a feigned certificate. [¾ page.]
July 12.
Hopewell, Weymouth.
29. Capt. Sam. Cornelius to Gen. Blake, Whitehall. I have brought Capt. Norris and his family from Jersey, and am returning with Capt. Yearly, a commander there. I hear from merchants at St. Malo that the two pickeroons commanded by Chamberlen and Lawes were much damaged in the fight with me, and that the latter was sunk, having 10 men killed and many wounded. Those killed being found at low water near Lawes' frigate, he reported they were my men, and it was so printed in the French diurnals, but I did not lose any or receive any wrong. Chamberlen since wrote Col. Haines at Jersey for leave to come in, but I hear that he has been taken to Dunkirk, and that those of Cherburg offered 2,000 livres for his freedom. Since the destruction of these two rogues, those of St. Malo sent to Brest for two more ships to lie between Jersey and St. Malo; they have arrived, but I hope shortly to give as good account of them. [1 page.]
July 12/22. 30. Dutch ambassadors to the Generals and Commissioners of the Admiralty. We desire the discharge of Caspar Hendricxon, a trumpeter, taken prisoner in the last engagement, who has been serving 8 months in the Catharine under Capt. Wm. Hammon, and payment of his wages. [¾ page.]
July 13. 31. Petition of Capt. John Hunt, in Col. Rich. Ingoldsby's regiment, to the Protector. I served all the late wars, was plundered to the value of 930l. by the late King's party, and cannot have remedy, delinquents being freed on composition. I sent in two horses at a charge of 30l., and raised 30 horse at my own cost, contracting debts thereby, and have a wife and 7 children.
My creditors begged leave to arrest me, but on a report of my case by Col. Goffe, and Lieut.-Cols. Worsley and Mills, you refused it. Wm. Farr, a creditor, now sues the Court-martial for liberty to sue me. I cannot pay my debts till I have my public faith money, and some satisfaction for my losses. You were a means to the late Parliament for my relief, which was prevented by its dissolution. I therefore appeal to you that I may pay my debts, and live comfortably with my family in this time of peace, which I have helped to procure with hazard of life and loss of estate.
With reference thereon, signed, to Cols. Ingoldsby and Goffe, Lieut. Cols. Thos. Kelsey, Worsley, and John Mills, and Majors Heynes and Allen, to consider some way for his relief. [1 page.]
July 13. Council. Day's Proceedings.
1. The Excise Commissioners to issue such moneys for the Navy as shall be charged by warrants from the Commissioners for Inspecting Treasuries.
2. An Ordinance for better regulation of the High Court of Chancery read the 1st and 2nd time, and referred to Lambert, Desborow, Strickland, Wolsley, Mackworth, and Fiennes, with power to examine fit persons.
3. Col. Mackworth to consider "the business of a country register, looking forward, or so far backward to the last conveyance"; also such particulars in the propositions of the regulators of the law as may be passed in a short time, and to offer such as he thinks fit speedily.
5. Commissioner Whitelock to attend Council to-morrow morning to take his oath as a Commissioner of the Great Seal, and the rest of the Commissioners to attend with the Seal.
6. The Customs' Commissioners to pay Bulstrode Whitelock the arrears of his salary as a Commissioner for the Great Seal.
7. An Ordinance for clearing from incumbrances an estate settled on the wife and children of the late Gen. Deane read, and referred to Sydenham, Strickland, Wolsley, and Desborow.
8, 9. Four money warrants, 28 June to 3 July, and 3 passes 12 July signed.
10. The Army Committee to give their warrants to the War Treasurers to pay such sums as, with those already issued on warrants of the late Council of State, amount to the sum remaining in the Treasury on July 28, 1653, of the 3,000l. paid by Sir John Wollaston and the rest of the former War Treasurers to Wm. Lemon and John Blackwell, for buying horses to recruit the troops in Ireland, and other services.
11. Major Belke and Capt. Osborne, justices of peace, to examine an information containing contemptuous words spoken against Government by Nicholas Webb of Raynham, co. Kent, call witnesses, and report.
12. Order on address of the officers of his Highness' foot regiment, that Capt. Stone, Receiver-General of the Assessments of London, satisfy the money charged therein for one month's pay of the regiment, by warrant from the Army Committee.
13. The Army Committee to issue warrants to the War Treasurers to pay the 3 companies of foot come from Guernsey and Jersey, under Major Wm. Harding and Capts. Rich. Channing and John Clarke, one month's pay for their present maintenance.
14, 15. John Simpson, committed to Windsor Castle, to be liberated, and required not to preach within 5 miles of London till further order. [I. 75, pp. 428–430.]
July 13. 32. Warrant by the Commissioners for Inspecting the Treasuries to pay to Rich. Hutchinson 429l.15s., to be issued on the Admiralty Commissioners' warrants. Receipted 14 July. [1½ pages.]
July 14. Note of a petition referred 28 June 1654, to the Committee for Petitions, of Col. Oliver Fitzwilliams, and Lady Elianor his wife, for an Ordinance to put them into possession of certain lands, and to give the Colonel the benefit of articles and the Act of Oblivion. With order in Council that the draft of an Ordinance thereon be referred back to the Committee for Petitions, to consult counsel-at-law, and report. [I. 92, No. 114; I. 75, p. 431.]
July 14. Council. Day's Proceedings.
2. The petition of Charlotte Countess of Derby, referred by the Protector to Council, referred to Lisle, Lambert, and Mackworth, to report.
3. An Ordinance touching the Minister at York and Peter's school there reported as approved by the Protector, and passed.
6. Skippon, Rous, and Major to consider which petitions depending before Council should be despatched by Council, and to prepare them accordingly. Also what petitions should be laid aside, and to report.
7. Order on Strickland's report of Nich. Bond's account for the moneys received for the entertainment of the Dutch and French ambassadors, audited and attested by the auditors of the Imprest, that the clerks of Council examine the account, and report.
8, 19. Whitelock attending Council to take his oath as one of the Commissioners of the Great Seal, Commissioners Widdrington and Lisle were called in, and Whitelock took the oath appointed to be taken by the Lord Chancellor, Lord Keeper, and Lords Commissioners of the Great Seal.
9. An Ordinance for redress of abuses committed on the Thames and Medway read twice, and committed to Mackworth, Skippon, Fiennes, and Lambert, to report.
11. Order on Fiennes' report from the Committee on the petition of Lord Broghill and Col. Chidley Coote, for those who served faithfully in Ireland before 1649, that it be recommitted to the same Committee, to consider and insert the executors and administrators of widows and orphans.
12. The Ordinance for Jersey to be considered next Tuesday.
13. The Ordinance for settling lands on the bailiffs and burgesses of Berwick to be considered next Wednesday.
14. Order on a paper from Mr. Maidstone and Mr. Barrington, his Highness' steward and auditor,—desiring that the 1,300l. remaining of 9 months to end 16 Sept. 1654, for provision of the household, may be now paid, to enable them to get in winter stores,—that the matter be considered when the public Treasury is settled.
16. Order on report from the Commissioners touching the Holland vessel and goods in her, forced on shore at Alderney,—that the goods saved by the inhabitants of the Isle were valued at 1,400l. (being much above their real value), beside the 5 guns and broken parts of the vessel, which were not worth much, out of which Sam. Osborne and Gosling have received 74l., and the goods which came to Lieut. King, deputy-governor of the Isle, amounted to 490l.; the rest being in the hands of the islanders, and divided amongst them;—that as it appears that the islanders are very poor, and defended the Isle for Parliament at their own charge during the late war, and as Lieut. King is a faithful man, and has no salary, and is much in arrear, and as wrecks are usually shared among the inhabitants, the moneys and goods taken from them by Gosling and Osborne be restored, and out of the money and goods which Lieut. King had, 100l. be paid to him, 40l. to Osborne, and 30l. to Gosling for expenses, the rest to be for the deputy governor's own use. All officers or others to deliver up any of it in their hands. Approved July 22.
17. Order on Sydenham's report from the Committee on Col. Anth. Butler's petition,—that much money is due to him for his disbursements and personal service,—that Butler have liberty to transport from any part of France to any part of England 300 tons of French wine, and to unlade, bring in, and dispose of it in England to his own profit, without seizure or duty. The Customs and Excise Commissioners to permit it accordingly. Approved July 22.
18. Order that an entry of the delivery of the Great Seal to the Lords Commissioners, and of their taking their oaths be made in the Close Rolls in Chancery as follows: His Highness and Council having nominated Bulstrode Whitelock, serjeant-at-law, Ambassador Extraordinary to Sweden, Sir Thos. Widdrington, serjeant-at-law, and John Lisle to be Lords Commissioners of the Great Seal, his Highness, on April 4 last, at the Council Chamber, Whitehall, delivered the Great Seal to Sir Thos. Widdrington and John Lisle in the name of the 3 Lords Commissioners, and they took the appointed oath. On May 30, 1654, his Highness, by warrant under his sign manual, authorised Widdrington as follows:—We do hereby require you in Lo. Whitelock and Lisle's absence, the one being beyond sea and the other sick, to execute by yourself the powers of the Commissioners of the Great Seal of England, as if the others were present. This warrant you are to have entered in the Petty bag office. [I. 75, pp. 430–443.]
July 16.
The Providence, Cromarty, near Inverness.
33. Capt. Thos. Bunn to the Admiralty Committee. I convoyed the vessels from the Hope to Leith, and Gen. Monk being absent, received orders from Col. Fenwick, as no other ship of war is on the coast, to range about the northern parts of Scotland, they being annoyed by 3 of Charles Stuart's Booters, who have lately taken some merchant vessels, and sell what they get in Caithness, a place wholly declared for him, and in his name they keep their courts. Colonels Fenwick and Fitch desire that 2 or 3 vessels may be sent at once to guard the coast, for the weather will not admit their stay after October. [1 page.]
[July 17.] 34. Petition of the household servants in ordinary to the late King and Queen to the Council of State. On 26 June 1649, Parliament enacted that the goods of the late King, Queen, and Prince should be sold, and the servants paid their debts, salaries, and arrears, and trustees were appointed into whose hands wardrobes and goods of great value were delivered, and they required to prepare 3 duplicates of every parcel as appraised and sold, giving one to the Council of State, and to publish, with a week's notice, the times and places of sale. But they have broken their trust, and disposed of the goods unjustly; complaints were proved before the late Parliament and before the Committee of Petitions, Col. Rous in the chair, who knows the servants' starving condition, many being in prisons. Beg that the trustees may be called to account by persons who can control them. Seven signatures, including Sir Sigismund Zinzan. [1 page. Also I. 92, No. 6.] Annexing,
34. i. Request that Sir John Thorowgood, Col. Rous, Mich. Oldisworth, Wm. Wheeler, and John Hook may be appointed to examine the accounts. [Scrap.]
July 17. Reference to the Committee to whom the business of the late King's goods is referred, to dispatch the business. [I. 75, p. 434.]
July 17. 35. Petition of Capt. Wm. Rance, for his father-in-law, Roger Pollard, warder of the Tower, to the Protector. My father was always active and faithful, though much injured by free quarter, as living in the country. He has hitherto performed his duty by a deputy, having bought the office and that of gunner, which has been taken from him without cause, at a dear rate. He has 400l. due for arrears. An order of Council of 30 Jan. last requires the attendance of all warders on pain of loss of place. I beg an order for my father's arrears, and leave for him to execute his place by a deputy, he being aged, and also to have the sale or assignment thereof. With reference thereon to Council, 30 March 1854. [1 sheet. Also I. 92, Nos. 11, 305.]
July 17. Order in Council on report that the arrears due to his father as gunner are referred to Capt. Fauconberg, and that those due as warder should be paid when the other warders are paid,—agreeing thereto and the rest of his petition is referred to the Lieutenant of the Tower, to consider how he may have the benefit of what was bestowed upon him, and to certify. [I. 75, p. 435; I, 92, No. 11.]
July 17. Notes of petitions, all in I. 92, referred to the Committee of Petitions. With orders thereon in Council all in I. 75, in the following cases:
Capt. Rich. Pechell, for payment of 607l. 18s. arrears due to Major Bethel, to whom he is executor. He is to address Parliament thereon. [I. 92, No. 1; I. 75, p. 434.]
Committee for Accounts, that debentures may be given on lists presented to Parliament for soldiers under the Earl of Essex and Sir Wm. Waller, amounting to 28,000l., or that they may deliver out the vouchers. Like order. [No. 2, p. 434.]
Hen. Robinson, that out of 2/6 of French prizes he may have 2,500l., which he lent to one Green, who gave a great legacy to the commonwealth. Laid aside. [No. 3, p. 434.]
Edw. Annesley, storekeeper in the Tower, for payment of 1,135l. 2s. 9d. arrears to him and his workmen. Laid aside. [No. 4, p. 434.]
Capt. Rich. Pechell, for 100l. a year to be settled on him out of Papists' estates, according to a Parliament order of 9 July 1649, for his affection and losses. Laid aside. [No. 5, p. 434.]
Sir Marm. Langdale's children, for relief, according to a report of last Parliament. Laid aside. [No. 8, p. 434.]
Inhabitants and seamen of Bridlington, for 4 prize guns lying there, which preserved some ships in that harbour from the Hollanders. Referred to the Admiralty Committee, who are to show them all convenient respect. [No. 9, p. 435.]
Mary Cole, widow, for 576l. 17s. 6d., due to her from the late Duke of Hamilton for goods delivered between 1637 and 1642. Laid aside. [No. 10, p. 435.]
July 17. 36. Petition of Col. John Barkstead, Lieutenant of the Tower, to Council. By order of the late Council of State, I and Mr. Emery contracted with John Wheate and Mr. Frith for the sale of the scaffolds of Paul's, and I received 105l., which was to be paid to Mr. Frost for contingencies of Council; but as his accounts are made up and given in, I pray a warrant for him to receive the money, and out of it to pay me 89l. 16s. 3d., on warrants of 30 Aug. 1653 and 5 May last. [¾ page.]
July 17. Order for the warrants as requested, the former warrants to be delivered in to be cancelled. [I. 75, p. 435.]
July 17. Council. Day's Proceedings.
1. Order that John Simpson (being liberated from Windsor Castle) do not come within 10 miles of London, under penalty of imprisonment. The observation hereof committed to Capt. Thos. Harrison, Governor of Upnor Castle, Kent.
3. To advise the Ordinance brought in by Fiennes for Geo. Ralegh and Henry Clerk to have the benefit of the articles given upon the rendition of Oxford. Approved 25 July.
4, 5. The bill concerning mealmen to be read to-morrow morning, next after the Ordinance for Jersey, and the bill concerning rural prebends next after that.
6. The Lieutenant of the Tower's quarter books for Lady Day and Midsummer 1654 referred to the clerks of Council, to examine and report. [I. 75, pp. 434–435.]
July 18. Council. Day's Proceedings.
5. Order on a report of the Committee to whom the petition of Isaac Disborow, John Pooton, John Offley, and Rob. Ingram was referred,—that they and Wm. King were employed 4 years as sequestrators of co. Hants., have given in their accounts, but had no allowance; that Disborow has in hand 400l., Ingram and Pooton 300l. each, Offley 304l., and King's executors 310l., and also that Laurence Fabian received 200l. from them,—that the said sums in their hands be allowed to them in full of all salaries and expenses; that the moneys in Fabian's hands be divided equally amongst them, and that none of them be further accountable therefor. [I. 75, p. 438.] Annexing,
37. i. Report on which the above order is given. 6 July 1654. [1 page.]
37. ii. Draft of the above report. [2/3 page.]
37. iii. Certificate by Thos. Browne that the Sequestration Commissioners of other counties have had 30s., 40s., and 50s. a week, beside their salary of 2d. in the pound, and other incident charges. 7 July 1654. [⅓ page.]
July 18.
Pres. Lawrence to Gen. Geo. Monk, commander-in-chief in Scotland, and to the Honble. Capt. Chas. Howard, commander-in-chief of some forces in Westmoreland. His Highness and Council having directed Sir Wm. Constable to secure Col. Robt. Montgomery, and give strict charge for his safe custody at Hull, notice has been given that he, being in custody and conscious of his guilt, lately made his escape; you are desired to do your best to retake him, and if you succeed, to keep him safe till orders arrive. [I. 75, p. 436.]
July 18.
Pres. Lawrence to Sir Wm. Constable Bart., high sheriff of co. York. Your letter of July 15, 1654, concerning Col. Rob. Montgomery's escape has been communicated to his Highness, who doubts not your utmost endeavours will be improved for retaking him, to which end letters are written to Gen. Monk and Capt. Howard. Council approves your restraining Lieut.-Col. Ja. Gordon [prisoner of war on bail, suspected of helping Montgomery's escape], and would have you take order to secure him at Hull. You are to give account of your proceedings therein. [I. 75, p. 437.]
July 18.
Pres. Lawrence to Col. Geo. Fenwick, Governor of Berwick. Council gave a warrant to Sir Wm. Constable to secure Col. Rob. Montgomery, who has since escaped. They therefore authorise you to do your best to retake and secure him. You are also to secure as soon as possible the Earl of Eglington and Lord Montgomery, Robert's elder brother, and keep them at Berwick till they procure Robert, and give him in charge to Constable; or till they give security that he will depart this Commonwealth, and not return to its dominions without licence. [I. 75, p. 437.]
July 18.
The Drake, Dover Road.
38. Capt. Abra. Allgott to the Admiralty Committee. I took in Hum. Holden, a messenger of Council, by order of the Lord Protector, and plied between Dover and Calais, to search ships from Dunkirk, bound for Spain; I chased and searched several, as also the packet boat, but without fruit. I chased a shallop belonging to Thos. Green of Dover, having 11 bales of wool, bound for Calais, and secured her. I beg the usual benefit for myself and my ship's company. Green says he took the goods in at Margate, for a Walloon merchant in Canterbury.
While plying between Dover and Dungeness, on Gen. Penn's warrant for pirates and pickeroons, I took a shallop near Folkstone, having John Digby, his man, and 3 horses bound for France. I sent Digby up a prisoner to London, and delivered his horses to General Penn for the service of the State, but I am threatened with proceedings with regard to the horses, as I acted without a warrant, but for the service of the State. I desire one for my protection. [1 page.] Enclosing.
38. i. Notes of the lading of the shallop taken. 14 July 1655. [¾ page.]
July 19. Council. Day's Proceedings.
1. Order on a list of stores presented furnished by Martin Noel, and amounting to 3,850l., that the Excise Commissioners pay him the 3,850l., by suffering him to default so much of the rent due by him on his farm of the excise of salt, the late Ordinance for bringing the revenues into one treasury nowithstanding. [I. 75, p. 439.]
July 20. Council. Day's Proceedings.
2. Desborow, Montague, and Sydenham to enquire into the state of the forces in Scotland and Ireland, and the fortifications, as to the pay and charge of them, and what assessments are raised in Scotland for defraying them, and what sum is to be answered from England a month to defray the charge. Also to examine the whole state of the Treasuries, and of the charge of this commonwealth, and report to-morrow. They are impowered to send for whom they please for information.
3. The Commissioners appointed to treat with the French Ambassadors to prepare in writing some particulars to offer them on the debate of the French business to day. [I. 75, pp. 439–440.]
[July 21.] 39. Petition of Hum. Jones, silkman, and Wm. Standen, merchant, both citizens of London, and of Thos. Page, of Deptford, Kent, to the Protector. We and the whole nation are sensible of the wrong suffered by transporting hides and leather contrary to law, committed daily in all parts for want of a superintending officer to prevent it, so that boot and harness leather is very dear; yet it has been the constant use, since the time of Henry VIII., for licenses to be granted to export superflous calf-skins. Ours is the only license not yet expired, and we will, at our own charge, discover and punish the unlawful export of leather, at every port in England, if we may have a license for 21 years to export yearly 20,000 dicker of calf-skins, being far less than the usual quantity, on paying 5s. a dicker, and giving security not to transport any other leather. With reference thereof, and of the annexed reasons, to Council. [1 page.] Annexing,
39. i. Notes from statutes of the licenses granted by former kings to transport calf-skins and the necessity thereof. Also 8 reasons for present licenses for their transport, viz., encouragement of imposts, decay of trade in Bristol, Chester, North and South Wales, and other places where the only exports are leather and lead, &c. [1 sheet.]
July 21. 40. Reference thereon by the Committee of Council for petitions to the Commissioners of Customs, and their report, 24 July, detailing the laws regulating export of leather, and the customs charged. They have used due means to prevent the export of any but calfskins, and do not think any large quantity is so exported, but if proved, they have power to punish it. Think the petitioners aim at getting money and setting up a monopoly. [12/3 pages.]
July ? 41. Report by the Committee of Petitions on the case, recapitulating the statements, but giving no opinion. [12/3 pages.]
July ? 42. Notes from statutes relative to the export of leather. [2/3 page, short hand, not deciphered.]
July 21. 43. Petition of Jas. Barron, fellow of Magdalen college, Oxford, to the Protector, for continuance in his fellowship, if the president or visitors judge it useful and not prejudicial. Was elected unanimously professor of theology, allowed to marry, and had lodgings for his family, and by the statutes could enjoy great preferments, of which in these times he is incapable; is therefore left to the bare stipend of 14l. a year, though it should be 60l. according to the improvements of other places in that college, but there is some doubt about his keeping the fellowship, being now married. [¾ page.] Annexing,
43. i. Form of an order proposed for his continuance in his fellowship. [½ page.]
July 21. 44. Order thereon in Council that he have 100l. a year augmentation as professor of theology, and that Thos. Fauconberg consider where it may be had; and his report, 25 July, that it should be charged on the Exchequer, the revenues from the tenths of the clergy and first fruits, assigned to heads of colleges or preaching ministers, being over charged. [1 page; also I. 75, p. 441.]
July 21. 45. Petition of Wm. Hall, minister at Hevingham, co. Norfolk, to the Protector, for augmentation of allowance. I have preached here some years, and had many seals to my ministry, but my whole means are 60l. a year, of which 16l. goes for taxes, repairs, and the poor, and I have a wife and small children. As the Lord has given you a tender heart to consider the straitness of others, I hope you will consider me, and strengthen my hands in the work. With reference thereon to Capt. Fauconberg, to certify what augmentions should be granted, and where fixed. 26 June 1654. [1 page.] Annexing,
45. i. Certificate by Nat. Brewster, minister of Alby, Wm. Sheldrake, of Repeam, Rich. Breviter, of North Walsham, and Rob. Daliell, of Swanton Morley, that Hall "is a man of improved spiritual gifts, sound in the faith, and of approved scholarship," and of good character. Norfolk, 11 April 1654. [1 page.]
45. ii. Report by Capt. T. Fauconberg that 30l. or 40l. should be granted him from the Exchequer, from rectories, tithes, &c., already appointed for augmentations, 1 July 1654. [1 page.]
July 21. Order thereon in Council, allowing him 40l. accordingly. [I. 75, p. 441.]
July 21. Council. Day's Proceedings.
1. Order on information that the horses and other goods of the Portuguese Ambassador are arrested in the house where he lived at St. James', that the persons who did it be sent for in custody before Council, and the goods, &c., be discharged and restored.
2. Fiennes, Wolsley, Mackworth, and Sydenham to be a Committee to speak with Alderman Fowke on the debate of Council concerning his petition, and report.
3. An Ordinance for continuing the Admiralty Commissioners read, and passed.
4, 5. To insert clauses in the Ordinance touching donatives in Scotland, to authorise the trustees of confiscated lands to settle land worth 200l. a year each on Col. Thos. Fitch and John Weaver.
8. For satisfaction for 203 tents bought by Col. Pride on the march of his regiment into Scotland, the sum of—to be disposed of by the Admiralty Commissioners, to be raised thus: 139l. 3s. 4d., remaining in John Powell's hands, being the overplus above what was paid out of 1,300l. received from customs for discharge of 1,000 tents provided by the Ordinance officers, and shoes for Col. Alured's forces, and — to be paid to John Powell for that purpose. [I. 75, pp. 440, 441.]
July 22. Approval by the Protector in Council of 14 orders, from 27 June to 17 July. [I. 75, p. 441.]
July 22.
The Advantage, Lochaber, Scotland.
46. Capt. Edm. Thomson to the Admiralty Committee. After receiving our provisions at Liverpool, we sailed on the 8th, and arrived here the 15th. The camp is now commanded by Col. Bryan, who has brought many Highlanders into protection, and erected a fine garrison, so as to be able to fall upon the enemy. The Islip convoyed over Commissary Fowler with the money and provisions, and is waiting to carry him back, and then cruise at sea. I am to remain here until our provisions are expended, and then return to Liverpool. [¾ page.]
July 22.
47. Instructions by Col. Wm. Brayne [or Bryan] to Capt. Edw. Tarleton. You are to carry Commissary Fowler to Holyhead or Beaumaris, and then ply between the Isle of Man and the Western Isles of Scotland, for freebooters and pirates for 5 weeks, and then await further orders. [2 pages.]
July 23.
Hare pink, before the camp, Lochaber, Highlands.
48. Capt. Fras. Cranwill to the Admiralty Committee. I am attending on Col. Bryan, Commander of the Forces in the Highlands; if I am to be appointed one of the winter guard, I hope to be sent where I can refit, and obtain stores. [2/3 page.]
July 23.
The Satisfaction, Chester Water.
49. Stephen Skewes to the Admiralty Committee. We have been attending on the army in Inverlochy, at the back side of Scotland, and when refitted and victualled for 6 or 8 months, are to return there. We generally carry from 130 to 140 men, but they are continually coming and going, choosing rather to lose a little time than serve long. I hope the captain will tell you our proceedings. [¾ page.]
July 23.
The Satisfaction, Highlake, Chester Water.
50. Capt. Mic. Nutton to the Navy Commissioners. On orders of General Monk I carried a party of soldiers from Carrickfergus to Col. Brayne at Inverlochy in the Highlands. I had but 15 days' victuals, and was then sent to Liverpool for victuals and other things required. We want a forecastle to shelter our men in these cold countries. The Marquis of Argyle has given us timber for one. Also we want woollen clothes, shirts, hose, and medicine. [1 page.]
July 23.
The Satisfaction.
51. Capt. Mic. Nutton to the Admiralty Committee. To the same effect. [1 page.]
July 23.
The Satisfaction, Highlake, Chester Water.
52. Capt. Mic. Nutton to Robt. Blackborne. To the same effect. I waited till relieved by the Hare pink. On 12 July I had my orders enclosed for Liverpool. On the 15th the Advantage arrived at Inverlochy, on the 17th the Wren from Ireland, with 2 more vessels, and on the 19th, being under sail, we passed a new frigate, built at Bristol, with 3 other vessels going to Col. Brayne. Our steward, sent by Gen. Fleetwood, has left us and gone to Ireland. [1 page.] Enclosing,
52. i. List of stores required by the Hare pink and Satisfaction, which are to serve at Inverlochy. [1 page.]
52. II. Gen. Monk to [Mic. Nutton]. Thanks for your care in assisting Col. Brayne; you must go to Liverpool and take in 6 months' provisions, or if your vessel will not hold them, take 8 months' dry provisions, and hire a vessel for the beer, that you may better attend the service. Camp at the head of Loch Laigh, 23 June 1654. [Copy, ⅓ page.] Also,
52. III. Col. Wm. Brayne to [Nutton]. To like effect. Hire vessels to bring the rest of your provisions, and 2 months' victuals for the Hare pink. Hasten what relief for the forces here you meet with at Liverpool or on your way. With note by Nutton that Brayne wishes him to trim and tallow the ship for the winter voyage, and take in the stores for this expedition. Inverlochy, 12 July 1654. [Copy, 2/3 page.]
52. IV. Col. Wm. Brayne to Ald. Chas. Walley, Chester. The Satisfaction waits on you for victuals, and to return to her station; furnish her speedily, for this is an exceeding bad plaee. I have sent to the Protector for an order. The service here will suffer if she is delayed. Please to send the enclosed to my father, who lives 5 miles beyond Whitchurch. I cannot send any other way. Inverlochy, in Lochaber, 12 July 1654. [2/3 page.]
July 23./Aug. 2.
53. F. White, preacher of the congregation of the orators of Jesus Christ, to [Jos.] Williamson, at Mdlle. Poitevin's, Saumur. I cannot in any language render you thanks for your services proportioned to your merits, but I write these in English to assure you of my cordial affection. I hope soon to see you here, and show you the rest of my heart vivâ voce. Tell your noble companion, Mr. Ly, I much desire his sweet conversation next year, for he cannot go to Italy because the plague increases. [1 page.]
July 24. 54. Petition of Major Rob. Huntington to the Protector, to remove the obstruction as to his accounts [see 23 March suprà], and to put his arrears into bonds, as others are that stand upon the same security. [1 page.]
July 24. Order thereon in Council that the vote of Parliament of 7 May 1650, (whereby the trustees and contractors at Worcester House were to stay allowance of any arrears claimed in the purchase of lands till further order) be repealed, and that the Commissioners for the soldiery at Worcester House state his accounts for service according to the new model, and give him debentures for the same, which the trustees for sale of the late King's lands are to accept, and to give bonds to be accepted on purchase of lands, proceeding as though the said vote had never been made. [I. 75, p. 442.]
July 24. Council. Day's Proceedings.
1. Mackworth to send for the judges at Salters' Hall, and with them prepare an Ordinance of explanation of the Ordinance for relief of creditors and poor prisoners. Mr. Scobell to attend.
2. The Admiralty Committee to prepare an Ordinance to inhibit merchants and others from keeping powder on board this side of Woolwich, inward or outward, on pain of forfeiture of their ships.
3. The Bill for regulating Chancery debated, and proceeded in by parts. [I. 75, p. 442.]
July 25. Council. Day's Proceedings.
1. An Ordinance for repaying 376l. to Ald. Ireton and John Humfrey approved by the Protector.
4. Jones, Sydenham, Mackworth, Rous, and Wolsley to be a Committee on the charges against John Rogers, he being sent for in custody.
5. Renewal of the reference of 14 April of the petition of William Earl of Salisbury to the Treasury Commissioners.
7. Lord Whitelock's account of the money he received as ambassador to Sweden referred to Desborow, to see how much has been paid, and to report. Jessop to attend him.
10. Lambert's report on the petition of the nobility and gentry of Scotland fined by the late Act of Pardon, &c., agreed with, and referred back to its Committee, to prepare and offer an Ordinance accordingly.
11. Nich. Netterville, taken in the late general search, to be released, on security to appear before Council on summons, and not to act against the Commonwealth. Col. Wm. Goffe and Lieut.-Col. Charles Wolsley to see it done. [I. 75, pp. 441, 442.]
July 26. 55. Petition of the town and parish of Manchester to the Protector. There formerly appertained to the ministry of the parish 2,000l. a year from lands and tithes. The lands were all sold by an Act made in 1649, and there remained only the tithes, which were sequestered and farmed, and chiefly given out of the parish. In June 1653, petitioners obtained from the late Council of State a suspension of payment of tithes, that they might be given to their own 12 ministers, but the tithes being left free, the parishioners cannot agree what to pay, and some will not pay at all, so that the ministers are unprovided for. Beg an order to compel the inhabitants to pay 400l. a year in lieu of tithes, being the value at which they were let, to be proportioned by indifferent men to the ministers. [1 page.]
July 26. 1. Order in Council referring the petition to Rous, Desborow, Mackworth, and Major, to report. [I. 75, p. 444.]
[July.] 56. Report in favour of the petition, if the tithes are of that value,—if not, they must be paid in specie, and recommending continuance of the 120l. a year allowed by the Trustees for maintenance of ministers, to Mr. Herrick, a minister of Manchester. [¾ page.]
July 26. Council. Day's Proceedings.
3. Order on petition of John Burnet, minister of St. Michael's, New Malton, co. York,—stating that 50l. a year was settled by the Committee for Plundered Ministers, and continued by the Committee for Universities, as an augmentation to Mr. Higson, late minister there, as it is a populous market town with but 10l. a year for its minister,—that Burnet have the 50l. allowed out of the rents of rectories, &c. in the county, vested in Trustees for Maintenance of Ministers, who are to settle it.
6. The report of Whitelock's embassy to be read on Friday.
8. The report of the Committee on the desires of Mr. Gallaspin and Menez, 2 Scotch ministers, approved, and 100l. a year to be paid out of the customs of Glasgow and Aberdeen to the universities there as an augmentation.
9. The papers delivered about the debts of Sir Job Harvy, Sir Nich. Crisp, and Sir John Jacob referred to Jones, Sydenham, Cooper, Mackworth, and Strickland, to obtain the consent of the dissenting creditors to the proportions agreed to by the other creditors, or to certify what should be done. [I. 75, pp. 444445.]
July 26.
Council to Rich. Pight, clerk of the irons to the Mint, on his petition. By an order of the Protector and Council of this day, you are from time to time to search for and seize all irons and coining instruments taken from coiners on their apprehension, whether remaining in their hands or detained by the bailiffs or sheriffs' officers; also all false coin and metal, clipped money, dyes, presses, &c. used in coining, bring them to the Tower, and deliver them to the lieutenant, that they may be cut, melted, and defaced, and all further prejudice to the State prevented. With writ of assistance. [I. 112, p. 42, I. 75, p. 444.]
July 27. 57. Petition of Isaac Elleston, clothier of Bradford, co. York, to the Protector. Has always been well-affected, and lost his whole estate 130l. by the Earl of Newcastle, when Bradford was taken. His only son, on whom he depended, a quartermaster in Col. Fiennes' own troop, was slain at Bristol, and he is 75 years old, in debt and past labour, and has nothing left. Begs the 28l. arrears due to his son, or a pension. Noted as delivered by Col. Fiennes. With reference thereon to Council, 19 July 1654. [1 page.] Annexing,
57. i. Certificate by Col. Fiennes and others to the arrears due to John Elleston, and to his being slain in the service. 26 July 1643. [1 page.]
57. II. Petition of Isaac Elleston to Chief Justice Rolles, for relief on the Acts of Parliament from threatened imprisonment for debt, not being worth 40s., his son slain, and his daughter, who was his stay, having been two years a caitiff (cripple). Has been always in good repute with his neighbours. Certified to be true by 7 neighbours. [1 page.]
July 27. Order in Council on his petition for payment to him of 28l. from the receipt of probate of wills, in lieu of all demands. Approved 7 Aug. [I. 75, pp. 451, 472.]
July 27. 58. Petition of Alexander Earl of Kelly, prisoner in the Tower, to the Protector. I have been detained here almost 3 years, with no allowance from my own fortune or otherwise for maintenance, to which my friends are unable or neglect to contribute, and as you have disposed of my estate, I cannot subsist. Pray assign me money to free myself here, and go to some other place in the world, where God may find me a fortune; or if you detain me prisoner, allow me a subsistence. With reference thereon to Council, 19 July 1654. [1 page.]
July 27. Order thereon in Council allowing him 3l. a week from Council's contingencies, till further order for his maintenance. [I. 75, p. 451.]
July 27. 59. Petition of Thos. Kendall, merchant, to the Council of State. On my addresses to you in behalf of Rob. Michel, of the St. Lewis of Dieppe [see 16 March and 2 May suprà], you ordered the Admiralty Judges to proceed according to justice, but if the ship were condemned, to stay the sale 10 days. She is condemned, the 10 days expired, and is appraised at 110l.; prays an order for her restoration to Michel, on his paying the appraisement. [1 page.]
July 27. Order thereon that the Prize goods' Commissioners restore her to Michel, on payment. [I. 75, p. 455.]
July 27. 59. Petition of Capt. John Bushell, one of his life guard, to the Protector. On the Act for discovering frauds and concealments, discovered 1,043l. due to the late King, concealed by John Reading, and put in an information to the Commissioners for the Act, but Reading pleaded the Act of general pardon for his discharge. The case was argued on both sides, but the decision lay with the Committee for Public Debts, which has now ceased, so that there will be a failure of justice unless his Highness will give order therein. With order that the Commissioners before whom the matter depended certify Council thereon. 7 March 1653–4. [1 sheet.] Annexing,
59. i. Certificate by the Committee for Public Debts that Bushel accused Reading of detaining 1,043l. 19s. as one of the Chamberlains for receiving fines on the new corporation for the freedom of workmen within 3 miles of London. He pleads that the moneys were due 15 Charles, and that as he has satisfied the late Treasury Commissioners and Public Revenue Committee thereon, he need not answer further. Also that the case is covered by the Act of oblivion. Bushell pleads that Reading is excluded from that Act, and that a record of 23 Charles proves the sum to be due. [2½ pages.]
July ? 60. Statement of Mr. Reading's case. In 1636, for the relief of honest London tradesmen, a charter of incorporation was granted them, "but in those times it could not pass without some profit to the King" which was 4s. for every one that served 7 years' apprentice, 20s. for all that had not been apprenticed, and 5l. for an alien, but no more to be admitted without apprenticeship. I spent 4 years and many hundred pounds in drawing and passing the charter. Mr. Lewknor and I were receivers, took 3,340l. 3s. for, the King, and paid in 2,300l., leaving 627l. 1s. due by Lewknor, and 416l. 2s. by me, — but I had only that sum towards 1,600l. expenses.
The business was good, but became perverted by admitting those who had no right, but the unpardonable fault was that it raised money for the King without consent of Parliament.
In the very beginning of Parliament, I was preparing, by advice of Pym and Hampden, an Act to repeal the illegal imposition for the King, and to continue the rest of the charter, but the business was laid aside.
I applied for relief to the King, who referred me to the Lord Treasurer, then to the Treasury Commissioners, and then to the Revenue Commissioners, who granted me and Miles Corbet the clerkship of the Court of Wards, in which I spent ½ a year and 30l., and received nothing. I have since been informed against at several Committees for the debt, but I claim the benefit of the Act of pardon. 25 March 1654. [1¾ pages.]
July ? 61. Report by the Commissioners to whom the case was referred, recapitulating it, and stating that they see no ground for Reading's being excepted from the Act of pardon.
That Capt. Bushell's prosecution is not a discovery, being a matter of record, and that the Court of Exchequer should decide the case in a legal way. [1½ pages.]
July ? 62. Draft of the above report. [1 page.]
July 27. Order in Council thereon adopting the report, but as the State's interest is concerned, the Court of Exchequer is to determine whether the debt is pardoned by the Act of Oblivion. [I. 75, p. 456.]
[July 27.] 63. Petition of the surveyors, clerks, and messengers employed for sale of delinquents' estates to the Protector and Council. Thanks for the order of 19 May last, for the Drury House trustees to issue a warrant for payment to them of 16,472l. 13s., but by reason of the order of 21 June last, requiring all moneys after 24 June to be paid into the Exchequer, their treasurers cannot pay the same, there being but little money brought in before 24 June. Beg an order for payment, the said Ordinance notwithstanding. [1 page.]
July 27. 64. Petition of Jas. Boswell, "a poor distracted man," to the Protector and Council. Had an order for payment of 419l. 15s. 2d. from Drury house, [see 27 Feb. suprà], but it cannot be paid on account of the late restraint laid on issues out of that treasury. Begs an Ordinance for his small sum, or its insertion into an Ordinance which is to be drawn for 16,000l. for the surveyors, which was formerly charged on that treasury. [1 page.]
July 27. Note of this petition of Jas. Boswell as referred to the Committee for petitions in Council, and order thereon for payment with the 16,472l. 13s. on the Ordinance for the surveyors, clerks &c. at Drury house. [I. 92, No. 150; I. 75, p. 456.]
July 27. 65. Ordinance of the Protector in Council that the Treason trustees issue warrants to their treasurers to pay 419l. 15s. 2d. to Jas. Boswell, on a Council warrant of 2 June last, and 16,472l. 13s. to the surveyors, clerks, and messengers for salary, the late Ordinance for bringing the revenues into one treasury notwithstanding. [¾ page, copy.]
July 27. Council. Day's Proceedings.
1. Lambert's report of an Ordinance for pardoning Wm. Blaxton, twice read, and referred to the Committee on his petition.
2. Council proceeded in the Ordinance for regulating and limiting the jurisdiction of Chancery. Resolved on question that a clause shall be inserted for an appeal. That on such appeal, 2 judges of the Upper Bench and Common Pleas, one being a chief justice, and 2 of the barons of the Court of Exchequer sit with the Lord Chancellor, Lord Keeper, or Lords Commissioners, and have a vote in the rehearing of such cause, the decree to be confirmed or altered according to the vote of the majority. The penning of the clause, the settling of the fees, and also the business of the registers in Chancery on the present debate, and other fees to be taken in Chancery referred to Desborow, Mackworth, Wolsley and Sydenham.
3. Order on report from the Committee on Capt. Pet. Blackhouse's petition, that for his discovering a delinquency bringing in 15,000l. (for which if the estate had continued under sequestration, and not been put into the Act for sale, he should have received 1/5) he receive 500l. The Committee to consider on which Treasury it may be charged.
4. Order on report from Lieut.-Col. John Milt, that the Ordnance officers at the Tower deliver out of their stores 140 muskets, 140 bandoleers, 60 pikes, 10 drums, 20 halberts, to supply Col. Ingoldsby's foot regiment, raised from 1,000 to 1,200.
6. The petition of Nicholas Earl of Banbury and Isabella his wife, Edward Vaux Lord Harrowden, and Elizabeth Countess Dowager of Banbury, mother to the Earl, referred to counsel, to certify the case in point of law, and report.
7. Two money warrants of 19 and 26 July signed.
8. Order on report from the Committee on several reports made by Capts. Blackwell and Deane and Mr. Rowe, for clearing accounts on contracts with the late Scotch and Irish Committees for provisions for Ireland, that warrants be drawn accordingly. [See money warrant tables, 27 July.]
10. Order on the petition of John Clarke, that the Trustees for sale of Forfeited Estates allow him 2,000l. as doubled money on the purchase of any of the said estates, with the same advantage as though the same had been in doubled bills.
11. Order on report in the case of George Lord Eure, and Col. Fras. Lascelles [see 10 May suprà] that Ralph Rymer pay them the 1,650l., arrears in his hands, in full discharge of their arrears of 1,042l. 7s. 10d., and of 2,066l. 6s. 9d., and that their acquittance be his discharge.
14. Sydenham's report from the Committee on John Grace's petition agreed with, as to suspending his transplantation till further order.
15. Order on report from the Committee on the petition of Sir Wm. Killigrew, and the rest of the undertakers for Lindsey Level, co. Lincoln, that they be put in full possession of the 24,000 acres allotted them by the Commissioners of Sewers, according to their respective proportions, by the sheriffs of the respective counties, and that a commission of Sewers be directed to indifferent persons to examine and determine all complaints and claims from commoners or undertakers. Annexing,
66. i. Report on which the above order is grounded, made on several hearings of the undertakers and of the Lords and Commoners claiming interest in the said drained lands, and on consideration of the great expense of the undertakers and the public advantage accruing thereby to the State. [1½ pages. Endorsed: "Chief Justice to go the Western Circuit, Justice Pepys the Essex Circuit."]
17–19. Pickering presents from the Ambassadors from the United Provinces, letters, petitions, and passes concerning the Queen of Bohemia, and Lord Craven, and petitions from Dutch artisans living in England, and from Elizabeth, wife of Gervais Hollis. Lord Craven's petition referred to Pickering, Strickland, Mackworth, Jones, and Desborow, and the other papers to be delivered to the clerk of Council, to present to Council when there is opportunity.
21. Order on Fauconbridge's report, that the 100l. ordered as augmentation to James Barron, while Professor of Theology at Magdalen College, Oxford, be charged half yearly on the Exchequer.
22. Order on report of the Committee on petition of Geo. Adams vintner, late of Bidminster, co. Somerset, and in consideration of his service against Prince Rupert's garrison in Bristol, and the ruin of himself and family by the burning of his goods and houses, that 200l. be allowed him out of any discoveries be may make of estates not already pardoned by the Act of Oblivion, before the Commissioners for sequestered estates, who are to determine them, and pay him the 200l., if it be not more than half the discovery. If the discovery fall short of 400l., they are to pay him a proportion.
24. Order on a report of the Admiralty Commissioners, on reference of 19 June last,—certifying that Commissary-General Dobbins was employed from 26 July 1553 at 10s. a day for 6 months, in shipping provisions for Scotland and Ireland,—that his salary be paid out of Council's contingencies. Annexing,
67. i. Report alluded to that he was engaged for 6 months, from 26 July to 14 Dec., or longer if needful, but only executed 3 orders of Council after 14 December. [2/3 page.]
25. 68. Order on report of the Admiralty Committee, on a reference of 27 Feb. last on the petition of Gilbert Keate and the owners of the Marmaduke,—stating that the ship was taken by Rupert, equipped as a man-of-war against the State, and then surprised and brought home;—that such of the owners as are well affected have half the value of the ship, according to the appraisement at Plymouth, 11 June 1652, in proportion to their respective shares, according to the Act of 22 February 1648–9, and the other half go to the State. Annexing,
68. i. Report on which the said order is founded. 13 July 1654. [¾ page.]
26, 27. Order on report from the Admiralty Commissioners of a reference of May 2, 1654, on the petition of Sam. Boothouse, late Consul for this nation in the city and kingdom of Tunis,—showing how he and other merchants were seized and imprisoned, and their goods sequestered by the Dey of Tunis, contrary to the articles of capitulation, because Stephen Mitchell, master of the Goodwin of London, had taken several Turks on board to transport to Smyrna, and delivered them up to the Malta galleys to be made slaves, without trying to protect them;—that instructions be given to the commandant of the next State's ship bound for the Straits to demand satisfaction of the Dey on behalf of the petitioner and merchants; and to secure Mitchell till he give sufficient security to abide judgment from Council.
29. Order on report from the Admiralty Committee, on a reference of 6 April 1654, on the petition of Capt. Rich. White,—showing that his ship, the Richard of London, was taken in 1651 for services in the Isle of Man, for which he received a proportionable allowance, and he was diverted from taking another voyage for which he was to receive a greater allowance,—that the collectors for prize goods pay him 55l. more.
33. Order on petition of Lucas Lucy, and 7 others, part owners of the Hopeful Luke, and 7 other vessels, all bound for Virginia, that liberty be given to transport in each ship 120 dozen shoes, 6 barrels of powder, and 1 ton of shot, the freighters paying Customs and duty.
35. To consider next Wednesday the Ordinance for settling the interest in the Londonderry plantation.
37, 40. Order on report of the Committee on Nich. Devereux's petition,—showing that Parliament having referred to the late Committee for Advance of money to show what the State owes him, and to allow it out of concealed estates discovered at Haberdashers' Hall, he discovered a delinquent's debt of 400l., which was paid into the Treasury according to the late Ordinance, and that a greater sum remains due to him,—that the Treasury Commissioners issue a warrant to the Treasurers at Goldsmiths' Hall to pay him 400l. in part of his arrears. An Ordinance passed accordingly.
39. An Ordinance for naturalising Joachim Hane read and passed. [I. 75, pp. 445–456.]
July 27.
The Islip,' Beaumaris.
69. Capt. Edw. Tarleton to the Admiralty Committee. I delivered the money and provisions to Col. Brayne in Scotland, and send his receipt. He ordered me to bring back Commissary Fowler, and then to observe former instructions. [½ page.] Enclosing,
69. i. Receipt by Col. Wm. Brayne, 20 July 1654, for 1,000 pair of shoes, 100 tents, 100 shovels, and 100 pickaxes. [½ page.]
July 27.
The Islip, near Beaumaris.
70. Wm. Serjant to the Navy Commissioners. We sailed out of Chester Water on the 14th with Commissary Fowler, and 3 vessels with provisions, and after a great storm and fog, came by the Isle of Man, Carrickfergus, and Dewart Cassell, and on the 20th we reached Lochaber, where Fowler delivered up his trust, and the money was transferred to the Advantage. We were then ordered to bring him back, as also to convoy a vessel to Liverpool, and then to cruise in the Channel for a month. I enclose the muster book. [1 page.]
July 27.
The Primrose, Leith Road.
71. Capt. John Sherwin to the Admiralty Committee. I wrote you last from Hull. I arrived here yesterday, but was damaged by being piloted onto a sunken rock. I have written to Gen. Monk of my arrival, and wait his directions. [1 page.]
July 28. Council. Day's Proceedings.
1. To advise, on report from the Committee on Hugh Potter's petition, that John Rushworth and Wm. Rowe be commissioned to execute the office of registrar to the Admiralty Court, void by death of Thos. Wyan.
2, 3. Rous and Major to consider Ackhurst's answer to his charge, and to report. Also to perfect their examination of the papers referring to Mr. Abdy, and to report.
4. The report on Lo. Whitelock's embassy to Sweden to be considered next Monday.
5. The Commissioners of Council for the Dutch treaty to seal and sign the papers now presented.
6. An Ordinance for repealing the powers of the Commissioners for ordering the affairs of Ireland read. [I. 75, p. 457.]
July 28.
72. Lawrence Wise to Lieut.-Col. Kelsey. Mr. Crocker is the man who was settled by the Lord Protector to the living of Frinsbury, and Mr. Malin was to draw up a presentation for him. I beg you will further him all you can, as many Christians in those parts are greedy in their expectations of his settlement. [½ page.]
July 29. 73. Hen. Williams and Rich. Wigmore to Mr. Scobell. We beg you to annex these papers to our petition and certificate, and to present the whole to Council the first seasonable opportunity. In our absence our solicitors will attend you to know the result. We are ready to make good the particulars. [1 page.] Annexing,
73. i. Petition and certificate of the gentry, freeholders, and inhabitants of co. Brecon to the Protector. According to a writ directed to John Williams, high sheriff, for electing a member to serve in the Parliament to meet 3 Sept. next, we assembled peacably and unarmed at Brecon on 12 July, being qualified to vote, but were menaced and terrified from giving our votes according to our conscience. This was chiefly because the high sheriff did not perform his duty, his under-sheriffs, agents, &c. being armed, and dragging people to vote for Edm. Jones, who is incapable of the trust, being a compounded delinquent, and we were not allowed to put in our just exceptions against those who were not qualified to vote. We therefore protest against these illegal proceedings and request examination. 28 signatures. [1 sheet.]
73. II. Eight exceptions setting forth Edm. Jones' incapacity of acting as member of Parliament. That he left his chamber at Gray's Inn and went to Oxford, furthered the Irish rebellion, and being a counsellor at law, and in favour with the late King and Earl of Worcester, was made commissioner of array for co. Monmouth, and did his best to bring the county to obedience to the King, for whom he was treasurer, and pressed men and raised horses.
That he was a main agent in Raglan garrison, and conveyed the Earl of Worcester in disguise through the Parliament quarters.
That he compounded at an under value, first with the county committee and then at Goldsmiths' Hall, but has never shown any favour to Parliament, and has avoided giving an account of his receipts as treasurer for the late King; he obtained the office of attorney of South Wales from those who knew not his delinquencies, and has often misbehaved therein. [¾ sheet.]
73. III. Particulars of the estate for which he compounded at Goldsmiths' Hall. [1¼ pages.]
73. IV. Certificate by Mich. Herring of Jones' payment of his fine of 70l. 6s. 8d. 25 July 1654. [¾ page.]
73. V. 17 Exceptions against his election, setting forth the gross partiality of high sheriff John Williams, and the imperfect and false return willingly made, contrary to the express letter of government, published by the Protector's special command. Instances of the admission of illegal votes, the use of threats and force to influence the voters, and the falsifying of the return, most of the freeholders having voted for Hen. Williams. [1½ sheets. Noted as referred, 18 Aug. 1654.]
73. vi. Narrative and information of Nath. Hancock, on behalf of many thousands of the well-affected, addressed to Parliament, complaining against Edm. Jones of Gray's Inn, and of Llansoy, co. Monmouth, for being recorder of Brecon, a commissioner for charitable uses in South Wales, and practising as a lawyer, and for obtaining eminent persons to appear for him, so as to escape the proceedings of the Committee for Indemnity, to which he was referred by Council of State order of 15 July 1651. Also of obtaining employment by the interest of Mr. Games, his father-in-law. With particulars of accusations against him. [2½ pages. Printed.]
July 31. 74. Petition of John Bushrod, of Dorchester, to the Protector. In 1642 I advanced a large part of my estate for the commonwealth, and have received nothing. I beg a license to export 300 todds of wool to Jersey, to advantage the inhabitants by setting them to work, which will be no prejudice to this State. With reference to Council, 20 July 1654. [1 page.]
July 31. Order thereon in Council that the Customs' Commissioners issue a warrant for the export. [I. 75, p. 458.]
[July 31.] 75. Petition of Edm. Squibb to the Protector. The late King 29 Jan. 1640 granted my brother, Art. Squibb, jun., of Westminster, the place of a teller of the Exchequer for life, which he has sold to me, 21 Feb. 1653–4. I beg ratification of my right, on the usual security. I have always been well-affected, and in April 1653, I discovered 5,800l. conveyed out of the Excise office, to defraud the State. With order thereon, 17 May 1654, that his Highness will consider it when the regulation of the Excise is settled. [1 sheet. Also I. 92, No. 106.]
[July 31.] 76. Like petition to the Protector. I hope you will act as you did in the case of Serj. Dendy, sen., who held a patent for life, and that my place may not be disposed to another. With reference thereon to Council, 28 June 1654. [1 sheet.]
July 31. Order thereon in Council that the petition be laid aside. [I. 75, p. 459.]
July 31. 77, 78. Petition of Laurence Squibb to the Protector. The late King, by patent of 9 June 1635, granted me a tellership in the Exchequer for life. As I have been employed in Exchequer affairs 20 years, and have a legal right to the office, I beg you to confirm me therein. [2 copies. Also I. 92, No. 110.]
July 31. Order in Council thereon that the petition be laid aside for the present, as that Treasury is upon a new establishment by the late Ordinance. [I. 75, p. 459.]
July 31. 79. List of 45 prisoners now in the Tower, under custody of the lieutenant, Col. Barkstead, with the dates and causes of commitment:—
1 Sept. 1644. Dr. Wren, late Bishop of Ely.
1 Sept. 1649. Sir John Wintour. For treason in levying war against the Parliament and people of England.
16 Sept. 1651. Lord Grandison. For being in arms of the party of Charles Stuart.
16 Sept. 1651. Earl of Kelly. For being in arms for Charles Stuart in the last invasion by the Scots.
16 Sept. 1651. Lord Sinclair.
16 Sept. 1651. Lord Spynie.
27 Sept. 1651. Earl of Cleveland. For treason in bearing arms against Parliament.
29 Sept. 1651. Earl of Crawford. Bearing arms against the Commonwealth.
29 Sept. 1651. Earl Marshall. Being in arms against the Commonwealth.
29 Sept. 1651. Lord Ogleby.
2 Oct. 1651. Lieut.-Gen. David Lesley. Bearing arms against Parliament and the Commonwealth.
2 Oct. 1651. Earl of Lauderdale.
20 Oct. 1651. Lieut.-Col. Broughton. Assisting the enemy in the late invasion.
3 Nov. 1651. Ant. Jackson. Proclaiming Charles Stuart King of England.
27 July 1652. Earl of Worcester. Bearing arms against the Parliament and people of England.
13 Nov. 1653. Major Thorp. On information of his practising great frauds.
17 Feb. 1654. Richard Dutton. On suspicion of treason.
Roger Lea.
Thos. Rosse.
Capt. Thos. Smith.
John Archer.
Wm. Jenkins.
Jos. Sawyer.
Thos. Bunce.
Jos. Barker.
Chris Watkins.
21 May 1654. (fn. 2) Hum. Bagaley. High treason and other high crimes against his Highness and the Commonwealth.
Gilbert Gerard.
Sidney Fotherby.
27 May 1654. Mich. Mason. High treason.
27 May 1654. Wm. Ashburnham. High treason.
30 May 1654. Thos. Saunders. High treason.
1 June 1654. Chas. Gerard. High treason.
2 June 1654. John Ashburnham. High treason.
2 June 1654. John Wiseman. High treason.
2 June 1654. Sir Rich. Willis. Suspicion of great crimes of a high nature.
3 June 1654. John Fynch. High treason.
12 June 1654. Alex. Blayne. High misdemeanours against the State.
14 June 1654. Sir Theodore Nouden. High treason.
17 June 1654. Hen. Seymour. High treason.
19 June 1654.Somerset Fox. High treason.
Fras. Fox.
Major Bayley.
Phil. Porter.
27 June 1654. Lady Ingram. High crimes and misdemeanours against the State.
[2 sheets.] Annexing,
79. i. Receipt by Mich. Mason of 25s., being 5s. a week, from his keeper, Rich. Standen, and receipt by Standen of the 25s. for his diet from Col. Barkstead. 22 and 26 July 1654. [Scrap.]
79. II. Like receipt by John Wiseman of 35s., being 7s. a week, and like receipt by Standen of 1l. 15s. 22 and 26 July 1654. [Scrap.]
[July 31.] 80. Bill by Col. John Barkstead, Lieutenant of the Tower, of the wages due to himself, the gentleman porter, and 40 yeomen warders named, from 25 Dec. 1653 to 25 March 1654, 268l. 8s.; also his demands for charges and necessaries, as repairs, diet, and charges of the gaoler, preacher, clock keeper, supply of water, fire and candle, and the wages of 6 gunners; 141l. 14s. 0¾d.; total 410l. 2s. 0¾d. [2 sheets.]
[July 31.] 81. Like bill from 25 March to 24 June 1654; total 453l. 14s. 10¾d. [2 sheets.] Annexing,
81. i.-xv. Receipts of paviours, plumbers, glaziers, bricklayers, plasterers, carpenters, ironmongers, and boatmen, for repairs done at the Tower, and for laying ballast on the wharf. [15 papers.]
81. XVI. Bill for carrying prisoners and their guards, &c. by coach and boat to and from Whitehall and Westminster, viz., Chas. Gerard, Mich. Mason, John Gerard, Mr. Vowell, Wiseman, Cole, and Ashburnham; also John Gerard, Vowell, and Somerset Fox, several days to their trial and condemnation. June 3-July 1,1654. Total 7l. 3s. 10d. [2/3 page.]
July 31. Order, on presentation by Mr. Jessop of the 2 quarter bills of the Tower, for 25 March and 24 June, and his report that on examination thereof, as ordered 17 July, he found the first to be 410l. 2s. 0¾d., and the second 453l. 14s. 10¾d., that the total amount be paid to Col. John Barkstead. [I. 75, p. 459.]
July ? 82. Report by the Committee for maimed soldiers, widows, and orphans, that by several Acts and Ordinances 38,200l. a year, besides the ½ of fines in the excise, about 2,000l. was granted them, and paid to John Bressey, treasurer, for their use, and that of Ely House and the Savoy. That on the late Ordinance for bringing all public revenue into the Exchequer, the payments are stopped, and 6,000 persons are sinking for want of supply. Request for an order for payment of 770l. weekly, being 40,040l. a year, which is as little as will carry on the relief. [1 page.]
July 31. Order in Council that the Excise Commissioners and the Treasurers at Goldsmiths' Hall pay John Bressey such moneys as are charged thereon for relief of widows and maimed soldiers, the late Ordinance notwithstanding. Approved 7 Aug. [I. 75, p. 460.]
July 31. 83. Petition of Thomas and Wm. Lower to the President and Council, for a pass for Wm. Lower and John Clark, attorney for Thos. Lower, into the Low Countries, where they have an estate, real and personal, left them by their kinsman, Nich. Lower, which is unsettled by reason of the late wars, of which they desire to take an account. [½ page.]
July 31. Order thereon granting the pass. [I. 75, p. 461. Drawn 1 Aug.; I. 113, p. 27, I. 112, p. 47.]
July 31. 84. Petition of Chas. Waldegrave to Council, for a pass to travel beyond seas. Has had one from the late Council of State, but returned to England on his father's desire, and now wishes to travel again, to gain experience in the customs beyond seas. [1 page.]
July 31. Order thereon granting him a pass. [I. 75, p. 461. Drawn 1 Aug.; I. 112, p. 46, I. 113, p. 27.]Annexing,
85. i. Pass of the Council of State for him to go beyond seas with Rob. Godfrey, his servant, 7 July 1653; registered at Dover 20 July, by Rob. Day, deputy clerk of the passage. [1 page.]
Notes of petitions all in I. 92, referred to the Committee of Petitions, reported by Mayor, with the orders of Council thereon, all in I. 75, viz.:—
Sir John Thorowgood, for a life annuity of 100l., as pensioner to the late King, with arrears of 150l., as certified by the Committee for Inspections. To be allowed 250l. for his many good services, and recommended to Parliament for employment. Approved 7 Aug. [No. 145, pp. 458, 472.]
Eliz. Farely, widow, for payment of 406l. 6s. arrears of her husband, who died in Ireland. Allowed 5l. above her pension of 4s. a week from the Ely House and Savoy Commissioners, to bear her charges to her family in Cornwall. Approved 7 Aug. [No. 132, pp. 458, 472.]
Eliz. Parnell, widow, for 20l. towards her 2 husbands' arrears, slain in the service, and she will respite the rest 7 years. Order that 5l. be advanced her on her weekly pension allowed by the Committee for Ely House and Savoy Hospital. Approved 7 August. [No. 80, pp. 458, 472.]
Nath. Tiderleigh, for reimbursement of moneys paid for Ireland, 154l. 18s. 8d. Order on a report from Gen Blake, on a former reference,—that he spent 59l. 13s. 10d. in impressing mariners and sending them to the fleet, and conveying letters &c. to the fleet and forces in Ireland; also 94l. 13s. 3d., beside 90l. received, in fitting out the Philip, sent with men and horses to the army in Ireland,—that the total 154l. 18s. 8d. be paid him from the receipt of Excise, the late order for bringing all payments into one treasury notwithstanding. Approved 7 August. [No. 18, pp. 458, 472.]
Governor and corporation of the poor of London, for consideration of an Ordinance annexed, concerning the manner of elections. Referred to Parliament, the method for elections being settled by Act of Parliament. [No. 166, p. 459.]
Master wardens and assistants of God's gift college, Dulwich, for liberty to choose their fellows, according to their statutes. Referred to Parliament, as Council thinks not fit to make any order therein. [No. 153,p. 459.]
July 31. Council. Day's Proceedings.
1. Approval of an Ordinance for satisfaction of grants of lands in Scotland by Commissioners of Parliament, and for satisfaction of those to whom lands have been given by Parliament, and for payment of the arrears of Col. Horton; in which is inserted a clause, according to an order of his Highness and Council, for lands of 200l. a year to be settled on Col. Fitch, and of 250l. a year on John Weaver.
3. Order on petition of Richard Fairclough, minister at Mellis, co. Somerset, that the yearly augmentation of 60l. be allowed him, and paid out of Burnham Rectory by the Trustees for Maintenance of Ministers. Approved 3 Aug.
5. The report from the Committee on John Grace's petition agreed with; his transplantation to be spared, and he suffered to reside on his estate in Kilkenny, on such composition not more than 1/6 thereof, as the Irish Commissioners shall think fit.
17. The arrears of Sir Sydney Montague, as a master of requests to the late King, viz., 350l. for 3½ years ending Michaelmas 1643, to be paid out of the public revenue.
19. An Ordinance to be prepared for Fauconberg to pay the sums ordered to Sir John Thorowgood, Col. Barkstead. Rob. Coytmor, and John Lyneall, the late Ordinance for payments into one Treasury notwithstanding.
20. The lieutenant of the Tower to allow Joseph Grunda, who was sent a prisoner from Pendennis Castle, 1s. a day from the time of his commitment; and to try and learn why he travelled into those parts. Approved 7 Aug.
22. Lambert and Desborow to report to-morrow, his Highness' answer concerning repurchasing the Little Park at Windsor.
25. The Ordinance for settling the government of Jersey to be considered to-morrow.
29. A report from the Committee on Mrs. Anne Howard's petition read.
30. To advise an Ordinance authorising Mr. Nightingale to pay 96l. in his hands for repair of Pidley Church. Approved 14 Aug.
31. Order on petition of the mayor and jurates of Sandwich,— showing that 60l. a year was granted by the late Committee for Plundered Ministers out of the revenue of the late Dean and Chapter of Christ Church, Canterbury, for better support of the ministry of the town, which contains 3 parishes, one vacant and 2 under sequestration, and that Robert Webber is for the present settled there and another expected if the augmentation is continued, —that Mr. Webber be confirmed as minister there, and the augmentation continued by the Committee for Maintenance of Ministers, with arrears. That the mayor, jurates, and common council of the town gather the tithes, &c. of the churches, and their arrears, and pay the augmentation and other dues to Mr. Webber and such other ministers as shall be appointed. Also that Lieut.Col. Kelsey, governor of Dover Castle, learn what is in arrear of the duties, and see them paid, or in default, report the persons refusing to Council. Approved 7 August.
32. 11 warrants for payment of money signed. [I. 75, pp. 457461.]
July 31.
86. Edw. Raddon to Col. Sydenham, Whitehall. Considering your weighty affairs, I would not mis-spend your time, were not my request of public concern; but as the interest of many precious ones is wrapped up in it, I beg you to represent it to Council. [1 page.]
July 31. 87. Reference by the Protector of the petition (missing) of Phil. Richart and Capt. Badiley, to General Desborow and the Admiralty Committee, to consider the most effectual way for obtaining right to be done to the petitioners and others in their condition, and for regaining the English captives at Tunis and elsewhere from slavery. They are to confer with Gen. Blake about its speedy execution. [Copy, 2/3 page.]
July 31.
The Assistance, Leith Road.
88. Capt. Thos. Sparling to the Admiralty Committee. I delivered the 30 boxes of money to the deputy treasurer at Leith, and am going to ply upon the North of Scotland, by order of General Monk, to surprise 2 of the enemies' small men-of-war cruising about Pentland and the coasts, but they get into harbours where our ships cannot approach them. The only ship here fit for the work is the Primrose, which is ordered to attend about the garrison of Ayr, and the service suffers for want of other vessels fit for the purpose. [1 page.]
July ? 89. Petition of divers well affected citizens of Norwich to the Protector. According to the instrument of government and proclamation, we met, as required by the sheriffs, Chris. Jay and Roger Mingay, to choose 2 members. The first nominee was Col. Chas. George Cocke, and no man opposing him, he was elected, whereon he desisted from standing for Norfolk. The second named was Thos. Barrett, against whom Bernard Church was set up, and the vote yielded to him, and the election was supposed to be over. But the old spirit wrought again, and the sheriffs proclaimed by trumpet and bellman (never before used means) that all freemen might come and vote at another place, and set up a stranger, John Hobart, who was followed by the disaffected, with a crew of hostlers, tapsters, &c., some no freemen, with many indigent people; and then the sheriffs declared Col. Cocke must go to the poll or lose, though many men had departed, and thus the instrument of government was slighted. We beg conformation of Cocke's election. [Copy. 123 signatures.]
July ? 90. Observations concerning the late King's servants and creditors, being a statement that, on orders prefixed of Council, 30 June, 1654, and of the committee of Council to whom the relief of the servants and creditors of the late King, was committed, 4 July,—that the trustees for their sale send in to the said Committee a list of the said goods which were reserved for the State, what has been delivered and the value, and what borrowed for the Navy—a list was brought in, and a committee of assistants appointed to examine the whole business.
The list is not authentic, for it speaks of goods brought into the Tower with the Scottish records which never were committed to the Trustees for sale of the late King's goods, and there are other mistakes.
The business is a close design, the contrivers of which, Mr. Oldisworth and Wm. Thomas, do not appear. Those who appear for the servants and creditors are Thos. Manley, clerk of the kitchen, who should not be admitted because he went to Oxford, but he pretends to be a discoverer; Mr. Jackson of the sequestration office, who has bought at a low scale many warrants of the creditors, &c.; and Mr. Hooke, keeper of the Tennis Court, St. James's, who has had more than his due from the Committee for sale of goods, Mr. Rous being his kinsman.
In 1651, Oldisworth and Thomas procured a Committee of Parliament to examine the Committee for sale of the goods, but nothing that was presented was proved then, nor in 1652 and 1653 when the Committee was petitioned against.
Now they have renewed their petition to the Protector, a Committee of assistants is appointed, and all will be gone over again. It should be considered,
(1.) That there are many good people, widows, and orphans for whom nothing has been done.
(2.) Divers in the 2nd list have not had all their money.
(3.) The petitioners are thus qualified;
i. Many are paid till 29 Sept. 1642.
ii. Many are delinquents and should not be paid.
iii. Many claim more than their due, as Wm. Thomas 4,000l. instead of 400l.
iv. Many claim pensions and debts not intended to be relieved by the first Act of Parliament.
v. Many claim debts from the Committee who ought to be paid otherwise, so that 20,000l. will not satisfy their demands, whereas 4,000l. ought to do it if properly managed.
Honest men will be appointed, but many do not understand the government of the late King's family, and caution should be used to know what every servant had when the King was absent as well as present, and certificates will be produced which will mislead, and cause the Committee for sale of the goods to make many errors, for not one of them had been an officer in the house; and do what you can, unless you employ knowing men, you will be abused. [2¾ pages.]
July ? 91. Note that Thos. Hall of Donnington is the common solicitor for those rioters in Lincolnshire, and an opposer of all public works which are the enriching of the nation, is a mean person, and is only chosen knight of the shire for his factious humour; also that Sir Wm. Ermyn and John Hatcher are much fitter. [Scrap.]


  • 1. Noted in margin "Old Noll's rules to put down interludes (?) of the 99, then to govern the 100th. J. C."—Ed.
  • 2. These and all the remainder are noted as being in close custody.