Volume 68: March 18-31, 1654

Pages 37-69

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1654. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1880.

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March 18-31, 1654

March 18. 1. Admiralty Judges to Council. The plunder done in the Mary of St. Malo in silver, &c. is very great. In the Sarah, rescued by the Falmouth, the takers took but 5l. or 6l., but the rescuers took 500l. Of this 1/8 is by the Act awarded to the State, and the rest, which by this plunder is likely to be lost, should be restored to the English owners. In other cases, the takers suppress the evidence of the ships' company and papers, so that the evidence is lame, and the Court proceeds slowly. It is true these things are criminal, but we cannot, for fear of disturbance of the public service, attach captains of the State's ships. We therefore beg you to take order that plunder is forborne in State's ships, and that the evidence sent into court is complete, when we will do speedy justice.
As to the Fortune of Stralsund, bound for Bremen, we were obliged to order her restitution, both ports being free, but Capt. Smith, of the Advice, who took her, has suppressed the bills of lading and passports, and the master swears that he plundered her to the value of 426l. We should have proceeded against Smith, had he not been in the State's service. We send the depositions. [2¾ pages.] Annexing,
1. i. Note of 5 ships taken or retaken by ships in the service, in which plunder had been committed, and the evidence withheld. [1¾ pages.]
March 18.
Swiftsure, Ellen's Road.
2. Gens. Blake and Penn to the Admiralty Committee. We have taken men out of the Martin, Merlin, Drake, and Nonsuch, to man the Sovereign, and sent the 3 latter back to their stations, leaving the Martin to ply about Lundy, for securing trade between the Welsh and Irish coast, which we hear by Gen. Monck is infested with Brest pirates. We are glad to hear that the treaty with the Dutch is likely to produce its desired end, but our endeavours shall not be slackened to equip the fleet here for all emergencies.
Beach (the pirate) being taken by the Constant Warwick and brought into Plymouth, there will be no large ships to deal with. We therefore think the Portsmouth, with the Royal James, wherein Beach was taken, may be ordered to the fleet. We recommend Jno. Pack, Thos. Clemens, Thos. Swan, and Midshipman Thos. May for appointments in the new frigates. [1 page.]
March 19. 3. Gen. Wm. Penn to Col. Kelsey. I second Vice Admiral Lawson's desires for putting an end to the suit in Romney Court, wherein you are a judge, between Lieut. Dale and Mr. Winall, at the next sitting. I have provided for the chaplain you recommended me. Capt. Vesey left his steward, whom you wrote about, behind at Dover, and will ply off Lundy; all the other small vessels are ordered back to their former stations. [1 page, holograph.]
March 20.
4. Petition of the traders in cotton wool, and fustians, Lancashire, to Council, to prevent the ruin of the great manufacture of fustians, and of the makers and weavers. We petitioned the Protector for leave to bring in cotton, and were referred to you, and we prevailed on Wm. Kiffin to buy us 68 sacks, not doubting to obtain our desires; but on account of weighty affairs, our case has not been considered, and the wools, having come from Dunkirk, are seized in the Thames, while the poor are unemployed for want of them. We beg an order for taking off the seizure and bringing in the wool. Signed by Thos. Salmon and 5 others. With reference thereon to the Customs' Commissioners to certify the quantity of wool seized, and their report, 22 March, that it is 12 bags, about 111 cwt. [1 page. Also I. 75, p. 176.]
March 20. 5. Petition of Luke Ivory, John Allen, and Jas. Stile, in behalf of cos. Surrey, Middlesex, Cambridge, and Northampton, to the Protector. In Jan. 1651–2, an Act was passed for the payment of the poor people in several counties who lent sums not exceeding 10l. on the public faith, and out of 10,000l. appointed therefor, 9,400l. was issued by the then treasurers-at-war. Petitioned the Commissioners for Public Frauds and Debts for the remaining 600l. on behalf of 4 great suffering counties, which had not their proportion, and Col. [Rob.] Castell was to report it to the House, but business prevented. Beg an order for the said 600l. With reference thereon to Council; Aldermen Andrews and Allen to be consulted for the relief of petitioners. Signed: Oliver P. [1 page.] Annexing,
5. i. Address by John Allen requesting the Protector to be an instrument of relief to many poor, and to preserve them from wicked and bloodthirsty men, whose tender mercies are cruelty, &c. [Scrap.]
5. ii. Order at the Committee for public debts on a like petition of Ivory and Allen,—for payment of the 600l. in sums of 200l. each to cos. Middlesex and Cambridge, and 100l. each to Northamptonand Surrey,—that Col. Castell report the case to Parliament.—21 Sept. 1653. [Copy, 1 page.]
March 20. 6. Petition of Edw. Edmonds, and several poor inhabitants in London within the lines of communication, to the Protector. By Parliament Ordinance of 3 June 1647 for raising 42,000l., 30,000l. of it was to pay sums not exceeding 10l. contributed in money, plate, or horse in 1642, by the poor, who were not able to double it. By Ordinance of 25 Nov. 1647, 900l., then at Weavers' Hall, part of the 42,000l. was to be paid to Greenhill and Pocock, and repaid out of the first moneys of the 10,000l. charged on Goldsmiths' Hall, and assigned to the relief of the poor; 9,100l., part of the 10,000l., was paid by the Treasurers of Goldsmiths' Hall to the Treasurers for maimed soldiers, and the remaining 900l. is to be repaid to Weavers' Hall. Beg an order to the Committee for Compounding to warrant the Treasurers of Goldsmiths' Hall to pay it to Rich. Glyde and Col. Lawrence Bromfield, treasurers for the 42,000l., to be issued according to the said Ordinance. With reference thereon to Council. [1 page, signed.]
6. i. Note that on 25 Nov. 1647, Parliament ordered 900l. remaining at Weavers' Hall, part of 42,000l. to be borrowed and repaid out of the first 10,000l. charged on Goldsmiths' Hall; and that on 16 Oct. 1649, an order was obtained for its payment to Mr. Johns, for Col. Sanderson's list, but that the original petition and address must be found, to prove whether that was the same 900l. [Draft, 1 page.]
March 20. Reference in Council on the 2 preceding petitions to Pickering, Montague, Jones, Wolseley, and Mackworth, to report. [I. 75, p. 176.]
March 20. 7. Order in the Committee to which the two petitions are referred, that Ald. Andrews and Allen attend on Wednesday about the 600l. unpaid, and that the Committee for Compounding also attend about the 900l. alleged. [Draft, 1 page.]
[March 20.]
8. Petition of Lieut. Rich. Wynn to the Protector, for a speedy supply of stores for Cornet Castle, Guernsey. With reference, 3 March 1653–4 to Council. [2/3 page.] Annexing,
8. i. List of the ordnance stores required. [1 page.]
March 20. 9. Reference thereon in Council to the Admiralty Committee. [½ page. Also I. 75, p. 176.]
March 20. Council. Day's Proceedings.
1. Cooper, Strickland, and Sydenham to treat with Mr. Woodward, who bought St. James' Fields of the Trustees for sale of the late King's lands, in order to the redemption thereof on equal terms. Annexing,
10. i. Account of Woodward's purchase of the said fields; total sum, 1,842l. 15s. 10d., from which 96l. 13s. 4d., yearly value of the fair, was reprized to him, leaving 1,746l. 8s. 6d., of which ½ was paid in money, and ½ in bills, bought at 5s. a pound. [2/3 page.]
3. Approval by the Protector of 6 Ordinances, which being severally put to the question, were passed, and ordered to be printed and published, except that for the salary of the judges.
4, 6. Mr. Secretary reports his Highness' approval of the Ordinance for Commissioners for approbation of preachers, with some amendments, which being read, were agreed to. Sam. Bamforth and Edw. Cresset added to the Commissioners. Approved, and to be printed and published.
5. An Ordinance appointing a chief justice and an assistant justice for cos. Chester, Flint, Denbigh, and Montgomery, read, and agreed to. Approved 20 March.
7. The amended Ordinance for better repairing the highways, read and agreed to. Approved 31 March.
8. The draft of an Ordinance for the more equal apportioning of the assistants in co. Wilts returned to the Committee of Council to whom it was referred, to consider how to rate taxes, and to report.
11. Roger Jennyns and John Brice added to the establishment for under clerks to attend Council, and to be allowed the salary of one of the rest of the clerks between them.
13. The supernumeraries lately raised and added to the underwritten regiments of foot, i.e., the Protector's own regiment from 700 to 1,200, and Cols. Ingoldsby, Pride, Goffe, and Sir Wm. Constable's regiments from 700 to 1,000, to be continued for 14 days, from 20 March, to which time the order of Feb. 17 last extended, and the Army Committee to issue warrants for their payment. Approved 23 March.
14. Mr. Strickland to give directions for the entertainment of M. Bourdeaux, the French Ambassador, and to take order with Fleming to have Sir Abr. Williams' house prepared.
15. Nich. Bond to be steward for ordering his diet while he is at the charge of the State. [I. 75, pp. 174–177.]
March 20.
President Lawrence to the Judges of Assize for Surrey. Justice Newdigate has sent Sec. Thurloe a letter from Ann Curteine to him, and an examination of 18 March, which being read in Council, they return them to you, to proceed according to law. [I. 75, p. 175.]
March 20. Ordinance appointing Fras. Rous, Dr. Thos. Goodwin, Dr. John Owen, and 35 others, Commissioners to examine and approve all who, after 25 March are appointed to any benefice with cure of souls or lectureship, as to holy conversation, knowledge, and utterance, and none are to be admitted without their approval, signified by an instrument in writing under their common seal.
No person to be negatived unless 9 or more Commissioners be present. All patrons of benefices to present within 6 months after vacancy, or the presentation to lapse to the Protector, unless notice be given of a contest for recovery of the right of presentation. During the vacancy by reason of such suit, the Commissioners are to sequester the profits, and supply the place with an able preacher.
All persons appointed to benefices or lectureships since 1 April last to obtain approbation of the Commissioners before 24 June, on pain of dismissal, and if a new appointment be not made within 2 months, the presentation for that turn to lapse to the Protector.
For satisfaction of the Commissioners, all candidates to present certificates signed by 3 persons of known godliness, one of them to be a minister, which certificates are to be filed. The penalties for not reading and subscribing the articles of the Act of 13 Eliz., entitled Reformation of Disorders in the Ministers of the Church, made void.
All who claim augmentations of livings granted by authority of Parliament are to obtain the approbation of these Commissioners, but this is not to extend to ecclesiastical dignities suppressed by Parliament, nor to benefices not presentative before the Ordinance for suppression of bishops, nor to lectures in the Universities.
This approbation is not to be construed into a setting apart of any person for the ministry, but only by trial to see that destitute places be supplied with faithful preachers.
With order that this Ordinance be printed and published. [Record Office Library, 498 F., Collection of Acts, Vol. 1, No. 71.]
March 20. 11. Proposal by Thos. Horth for the distribution of the several Greenland vessels to the several harbours. With note that some of the Hull men refuse to consort, and thus some harbours will be unfished, and insecure, and the State not well supplied. [1 page.]
March 20.
Admiralty Chamber.
12. Admiralty Committee to Commissary-Gen. Whalley and Scoutmaster-General Downing. It appears by the enclosed that Martin Peale, of Southampton, with his son and assistant, has been at much pains and charge in attending on sick and wounded Dutch prisoners there, for which 106l. 3s. 6d. is allowed him. We commend him to you for payment. [2/3 page.] Annexing,
12. i. Commissioners for Sick and Wounded to the Admiralty Committee. We have perused the accounts of Martin Peale, surgeon of Southampton, and are certified by Mr. Belchamber, agent for the Prize Commissioners, that he attended 47 sick and wounded Dutch from 20 May to 16 Nov. last; but we can only obtain his accounts as stated by himself, for the infection was such that all shunned his company, and he lost his wife and two assistants by the contagion. We advise a bill for 106l. 3s. 6d. to be given him by the Commissioners for Prize Goods, for his own wages at 4s. a day, his son and an assistant, 2s., and disbursements and travelling charges. Little Britain, 18 March 1653–4. [1 page.]
March 20.
13. Major John Wade to Col. Jno. Clerke, Admiralty Commissioner, Whitehall. I received a letter for Thos. Shewell, of Bristol, to pay me 1,000l. towards carrying on the casting in Dean Forest, but it would save trouble and expense if I might receive it from the general receiver of Gloucester. I carry on the business with great honesty and frugality. I desire order for the disposal of 50 tons of shot, and direction whether I am to cast ordnance for the two ships building at Bristol by Mr. Bayley, or whether he will prevail with you to get your great guns at Bristol, as he has prevailed with you to buy his timber, a tree here and there, to the amazement of rational men, while plenty in the forest is decaying.
Two days after I got the order to preserve Whitmeade Park, some gallants came down to dispose of it, but I cooled their courage by producing the order. The spoil carried on daily in the forest makes my blood boil. [1 page.]
[March 21.] 14. Petition of Jas. Godschall, merchant of London, to the Protector. The Gift of God of Dieppe had a pass, 14 March 1653, from Hull to Nantes, yet was seized and brought into Plymouth by Capt. Hen. Greene, employed by Capt. Ben. Crandly; but being discharged by order of the Council of State of 1 June, she arrived at Nantes. By untrue suggestions Capt. Crandly obtained an order, 29 Nov., referring the case to the Admiralty Court, if there be any proof of contraband goods, and making the parties to whom the ship was restored liable for the value of what is recovered there. This order is said by counsel to be unlawful, as nothing can be judged in the Admiralty Court that is not in possession or on security. Begs therefore that it may be made void, and he allowed the benefit of the other orders. With reference thereon to Council, 3 March 1653–4. [1 sheet.] Annexing,
14. i. Pass and orders of the Council of State alluded to.— 14 March, 1 June, and 29 Nov. 1653. [Copies, 1 page.]
14. ii. Deposition by Godschall that the vessel took in no contraband goods, contrary to the license of Council. 6 March 1653–4. [3 pages.]
March 21. 15. Reference thereon to Col. Mackworth, Col. Jones, and Sir Chas. Wolsley, to consult with Dr. Walker, and report. [2/3 pages. I. 75, p. 178.]
15. i. Order by the said Committee that Capts. Benj. Crandley and Limbery attend them on Wednesday. 31 March 1654. [2/3 page.]
15. ii. Draft of the said order. 31 March 1654. [½ page.]
15. iii. Report of the said Committee that the said cause should be proceeded upon in the Admiralty Court, according to law. [1 page. Draft.]
March 21. 16. Petition of John Shaw, master of the Waterlap of Waterford, to the Protector. I was hired by Major Geo. Walters to transport soldiers to St. Sebastian's in Biscay, for the King of Spain's service, and delivered 440, expecting payment according to contract, but the Baron de Battevilla, captain-general of the province, ordered me to take the soldiers back, and carry them to Bordeaux or Corunna. I refused, because mine was a merchant ship, going to Malaga for wines and fruits at the vintage, whereupon the baron took my ship and imprisoned me, to a loss to me and my owners of 2,500l. I beg, as this is a national business, and if such affronts are let slip, the English can hardly trade there, either that my case be recommended to the King of Spain, or that I have letters of marque. With reference thereon, 1 Feb. 1653–4, to the Committee for Foreign Affairs, and 2 Feb. to Council. [1 sheet.] Annexing,
16. i. ii. Certificates by Sam. Creeswick and 5 other English merchants resident in St. Sebastian's, to the truth of the petition, given because all the public notaries refuse to make any protest against the King's ministers. 27 Oct. 1653. [1 page.]
March 21. Reference thereon in Council to Strickland, Major, and Mackworth. [I. 75, p. 179.] Annexing,
17. i. Council to Don Flento de Cardenas, Spanish ambassador, representing the above case, and requesting his interposition, that Shaw and the other owners may have justice. 3 April 1654. [1 page.]
[March 21.] 18. Abstract of Sir Edw. Baynton's petition. That in 1644 and 1645 his houses at Bromham and Bremhill were burned by the late King's soldiers, and his evidences destroyed. That the lands in question, claimed as the late Bishop of Sarum's, have long been in possession of his ancestors, and that Parliament therefore refused to expose them to sale, and so the sale to Rob. Henley is contrary to order. That his petition was depending when Parliament was dissolved.
Though he cannot make out his title to the lands, they are mixed without boundary with his other lands, and he asks whether they should be taken from him, because he lost his evidences for his love to the service. [1½ pages.] Annexing,
18. i. Order in Parliamenton request of the contractors for Bishops' lands that Sir Edw. Baynton be made to show his title to Bishop's Cannings' manor,—that only the uncontroverted portion be contracted for, and that the Committee inquire further as to the lands in controversy. 29 Aug. 1648. [1⅓ pages.]
18. ii. Deposition by John Hazell, shepherd, of Bishop's Cannings, that the downs in question, from which in July 1644 the King's horsemen drove 644 sheep, value 600l., to Oxford garrison, belonged to Sir Edw. Baynton, and had been, as he is informed, many hundred years in possession of Sir Edward's ancestors. 6 July 1652. [1 page.]
18. iii. Order in Parliament referring Sir Edward's petition to Sir P. Wentworth and 25 others. 19 April 1653. [1 page.]
March 21. Reference in Council of the preceding petition to Cooper, Strickland, and Mackworth, to report. [I. 75, p. 179.]
March 21. 19. Petition of Mary Gargrave to the Protector. Was 17 years maid of honour to Queen Anne, spending her whole fortune without benefit, whereupon King James gave her a pension of 200l. a year at the Queen's death, which she received till 1640; since then has not received as much as would keep her alive without running into such debt that she dares not appear but by stealth, for fear of imprisonment, and is in age and extreme want. With reference to Council to consider this, with the rest of the like nature, and give her due relief, 3 March 1653–4. [1 sheet.]
March 21. Order thereon that Thos. Fauconberg, receiver-general, pay her 20l. in lieu of all demands. Approved 23 March. [I. 75, p. 179.]
March 21. Council. Day's Proceedings.
1. Mr. Strickland and Col. Jones to bring in to-morrow the paper by them prepared as a model for the Protector's family.
3. Order, on report in the case of Capt. Jos. Smith, that above the yearly pension of 20s. a week, ordered him on 13 March, and continued from the Treasury at Ely House, there shall be paid him by John Bracey, treasurer for maimed soldiers at Ely House, 150l. for his arrears of pension from May 9, 1651, any orders to the contrary notwithstanding. Approved 23 March.
5. Order, on petition of Sam. Hartlib, that the 75l. alleged to be due to him, in arrear of the 200l. a year granted him by several Acts of Parliament, be paid him out of the treasuries upon which it was charged, viz., 50l. by Thos. Fauconbridge on the augmentation granted to Pembroke Hall, Oxford, for half a year ending last Christmas, and 25l. by Rich. Sherwin and John Leech, treasurers at Goldsmiths' Hall. The other part of the petition referred to Montague and Rous, to report. Approved 23 March.
6. The report and papers concerning the Duchess of Hamilton's claim referred to Cooper, Jones, Strickland, Lambert, and Pickering, to report.
10. A report from the Admiralty Commissioners in the case of Geo. Pickering, dated March 11, referred back to them, to consider a certificate from George Rawdon of March 20, and report how far it may induce an order for Pickering's present relief.
12. 20. The Admiralty Commissioners to appoint a convenient ship at Portsmouth to transport some person [Lieut.-Col. Lilburne] to Jersey, on a special direction of Council.
13. The petition of some ancient gunners of the Tower that held their places by patent to be considered to-morrow.
14. M. de Bourdeaux to be allowed a diet of 50 dishes for first and second course, and 30 dishes of fruit and sweetmeats each meal, and also a convenient allowance for the tables of his attendants.
15. To be entertained 7 meals, and 300l. to be paid immediately to Mr. Bond to provide against his coming, and he to account for it to Council.
16, 17. Twelve of the Council's messengers to carry up the meat and wait at his table. Mr. Bond to provide plate for his table. [I. 75, pp. 177–180.]
March 21. 21. Warrant by the Commissioners for inspecting the Treasury to the Treasurers for sale of Delinquents' Lands to pay 1,723l. 12s. 3½d. to Rich. Hutchinson, Navy Treasurer, to be issued on warrants from the Admiralty Commissioners. [1 page.]
March 21. 22. Note that Mr. Bagnall attended before the Admiralty Commissioners, and alleged that Mr. Leigh gave 555l. for Whitmead Park, and that Lord Pembroke paid 22l. 10s. rent on a lease for 27 years. That Bagnall and Bird sent Murford to contract with Leigh, and they gave mutual bonds for performance, and that the first payment of money to Leigh could not have been before 24 Feb. [Damaged.]
March 22. 23. Petition of Elizabeth, widow of Michael How, to the Protector, for maintenance and relief. Her husband while valiantly serving on the Adventure was slain in the engagement with the Dutch, 2 June 1653, and she is left in a sad condition with two children, and has only received 8l., which "goes but a little way to satisfy the loss of a whole family's livelihood." With reference thereon to the Admiralty Commissioners. [1¼ pp.] Annexing,
23. i. Certificate by Capt. Robt. Nixon and 4 other officers of the Adventure to the truth of the petition. 27 June 1653. [1 page.]
March 22. 24. Petition of Step. Sayers, porter at Whitehall, to the Protector, for satisfaction for disbursements and 8 years' service. I served 6 years as porter at Whitehall and 2 at Somerset House, ending in 1649, provided fire, candles, &c., spending 166l. I have also continued porter ever since at Whitehall, and though the late Council of State ordered the Revenue Commissioners to pay me, the late changes prevented my receiving more than 53l. 7s. 6d. With reference thereon to the Revenue Commissioners. [1 sheet.] Annexing,
24. i. Sayers' bill for fire and candles, 1642–49, 166l.; wages at 30l. a year, 240l., leaving balance due to him 352l. 12s. 6d. [1 page.]
24. ii. Certificates to his good conduct and service by Cor. Holland, Col. John Barkstead, Nich. Bond, Peter Sterry, and Hugh Peters. [1 page.]
March 22. Council. Day's Proceedings.
1. The draft of an Ordinance for stating the accounts of Col. John Fiennes and his regiment referred to the Committee for Accounts.
3. Order on a report on Capt. Samson Towgood's petition, [See 8 March suprâ] that the Commissioners in Ireland be directed to allot him lands in full of his debt of 529l 19s. 3¾d., considering his merit, and his disadvantage by going into Ireland. Approved 23 March.
4. The petition of Hugh Potter referred to Lisle, Mackworth, Cooper, and Wolsley, to report.
5. The paper presented by Strickland and Jones, about a model of the Protector's family, referred to Lambert, Pickering, Lisle, Strickland, Jones, and Montague, who are to meet this afternoon, and report to-morrow morning; also to report concerning ordering the chapel at Whitehall.
7. Any 3 members of Council to peruse the petitions depending, and offer a short statement thereupon with their opinion.
10. The amendment of the Ordinance for relief of persons that have acted in the service of Parliament read, and agreed to.
11. Col. Mackworth reports an Ordinance for determining causes concerning delinquents' offices, which was twice read and re-committed to the Committee who brought it in. [I. 75, pp. 180–183.]
March 22.
President Lawrence to Col. James Heane, Governor of Jersey. The Protector and Council have thought fit for the public peace to transfer Col. John Lilburne from the Tower to Castle Orgueil, in Jersey; you are therefore to receive and confine him within the compass of the castle, and to command some trusty person to keep a strict eye over him. [I. 75, p. 182.]
March 22. 25. Order by the Protector on Mrs. Wenne's petition, that Wm. Carre and all others concerned pay her 1/5 of her husband's livings, or certify why they do it not. [Scrap.]
March 22. 26. Report of a Commission that the Court of the Verge was held before the steward and marshal of the King's household, in actions of debt where both parties, and of trespass where one party was of the household, and extended 12 miles round the King's Court wherever he removed. That Kings James and Charles settled the Court at Westminster, and gave it jurisdiction within 12 miles of the King's house, for all inhabiting the liberties of London, other corporations excepted, and it was usually held in Southwark, and called the Marshalsea Court. The Lord Mayor and Aldermen represent by the Recorder that this Court has caused many disturbances between the court of Southwark, held by the City, and the court of the Marshalsea, and that Parliament therefore voted a dissolution of the latter. The Committee submits it to Council as to whether they will revive the Court. [12/3 pp.] Annexing,
26. i. Petition of the inhabitants of Southwark to Parliament, that the weighty reasons for which they have lately suppressed the Knight Marshal's Court there, which was unnecessary, and a grievous oppression to the poor, may not be forgotten, nor the expectation of freedom from it destroyed. Were hoping further proceedings in a reformation of such things, but hear that some lawyers, for private lucre, have petitioned Parliament for restoration of the said Court. Complain that they are already rendered more miserable than almost any other part of the nation, by their multitude and variety of Courts. [1 page, with 4 sheets of original signatures.]
March 22.
Doctors' Commons.
27. Dr. John Godolphin to Wm. Jessop, clerk of Council. I enclose a certificate from Plymouth, in behalf of Capt. Mills, one concerned in those papers now delivered you for Council, which please communicate, that the Captain may not suffer through concealment. This not being Court evidence, I send it you apart from the other papers. P.S.—If you can say anything more about the judges' salaries, pray tell the bearer. [1 page.]
March 23. 28. Ordinance for relief of persons that have acted in Parliament's service. The powers of the Committee of Indemnity being ended, those who have acted for Parliament in times of danger have no redress. It is therefore ordered that all the rules of the Committee of Indemnity hold good in courts of law, and be construed beneficially to all who have served Parliament. If any have not had full relief, on certificate thereof, the Barons of Exchequer are empowered to act as the Committee of Indemnity might have done. Any verdicts at law given contrary thereto are not to be proceeded upon, and appeal allowed to the Barons, but the power of the former Committee not to be revived. With order in Council for its printing. Approved 23 March. [22/3 pages. Printed.]
[March 23.] 29. Petition of the executors of Capt. Rob. Maton, late Navy Commissioner, of Peter Pett, late master shipwright, Capt. Rich. Swanley, deceased (sic), and Thos. Turner, clerk to the Navy Commissioners, for themselves and the owners of the Constant Warwick, to the Protector, for an order for their satisfaction. Their vessel was employed 5 years ago by the Derby House Committee to transport money and provisions to Dublin garrison, and there stayed by the then governor, to secure that and other places which were in great danger, for which 734l. 17s. was ordered them by the Navy Committee but only 100l. paid, as more could not be paid without order of Parliament, which these many late revolutions and other weighty affairs have prevented; for want thereof, and of other sums due to them for freight, they have to borrow money on interest. [1 page.] Annexing,
29. i. Certificate by Col. Mich. Jones, governor-in-chief of Leinster and Dublin, that he was compelled to stay Capt. Rob. Dare of the Constant Warwick, to ride in Dublin Bay for its defence. Dublin, 29 June, 1648. Endorsed with notes of calculations. [2/3 page.]
29. ii. Certificate by Thos. Turner, and the owners of the said ship, that her hire and freight from 10 May to 29 June 1648 was 734l. 17s. [1 page.]
29. iii. Order in the Navy Committee that the Navy Commissioners enquire if the ship has been employed as alleged, and if so, make out a bill of imprest for payment of mariners' wages. With note that 100l. was imprested thereon. 13 July 1648. [1 page.]
29. iv. Navy Commissioners to the Navy Committee. The ship was employed as stated, as few or none of the State's ships were on the Irish coast to preserve the interest of Parliament, and the money is justly due; but part of it being for freight, we cannot pay it. 3 Jan. 1648–9. [Copy, 1 page.]
29. v. Abstract of the case represented in the above petition and papers. [½ page, rough draft.]
March 23. 30. Note that in the Committee for Accounts and Public Debts at Worcester house, on the Act of 7 Oct. last, Robert Earl of Warwick, and the late owners of the Constant Warwick, claimed 2,989l. 7s. 1d. for freight when employed in Parliament service, also 734l. 17s. for employment on the coast of Ireland in 1648, of which sums 1/16 is due to Wm. Jessop of Andrew's, Holborn, who claims it. [¾ page.] Also
31. Note that at the said Committee, Constance Jessop, late minister of Reading, and now of Wimborne, Wilts, claims 20l. lent by him in plate, gold rings, and money, on 20 Sept. 1642. [½ page.]
March 23. 32. Petition of Mary Cole, widow, to the Protector, for relief. Her husband being tailor to James, late Duke of Hamilton, spent 576l. 17s. 6d. in cloth, &c. for his servants' liveries from 1637 to 1642, which debt the Duke acknowledged 3 Feb. 1648–9, and desired Lord Belhaven, his trustee, to pay it soon, but since his execution, his estate has been seized to public uses. Is very poor, and much in debt, has many children, and is threatened with suits and imprisonment. Her husband died of sickness contracted in Parliament service. With reference thereon to Council, 22 March 1653–4. [1 page.]
March 23. 33. Petition of Mary Cole to Council, for a day to be assigned when she may produce papers and witnesses to make good her petition which is referred to them, from whom she doubts not to receive satisfaction. [½ page.]
March 23. 34. Petition of Wm. Kiffin and Co. of London, to the Protector. Last November freighted the St. John Baptist with corn for Bourdeaux, and had an order from the Council of State to go, and to return laden with wines for Scotland; was taken by a man-of-war and carried to Plymouth, and the lading much wasted. The goods being lately freed by the Admiralty Court, begs an order to unlade the wines in the port of London, on paying customs and excise. With reference thereon to Council. 22 March 1652. [1 page.]
March 23. Order thereon granting the petition. Approved 31 March. [I. 75, p. 184.]
March 23. 35. Petition of Major Rob. Huntingdon to the Protector. Parliament by a vote of 7 May 1650 put a stop to my arrears and accounts, and the late Parliament by their Act have ordered all claims of debts due from the State to be made before 25 March. I cannot come at my accounts nor make my claim without your order, the power being wholly in your hands, and you encouraged me to expect it. I beg your order to the Trustees and contractors for sale of the late King's lands, and the Commissioners of Accounts at Worcester House, to take off the obstruction on my arrears and accounts. With reference thereon to Council, 22 March 1653–4. [¾ page.]
March 23. Note in the Council of State that the petition was read, and on the question being put, was laid aside. [I. 75, p. 184.]
March 23. 36. Petition of Major Jas. Pitson, Rich. Scotcher, Rich. Darnelly, and other undertakers for making the Wye in Surrey navigable, to the Protector. We were authorised by Act of Parliament to cut through private grounds, paying the owners as much as Commissioners appointed by Parliament should order. They valued some grounds of Lady Dirleton's, and we have several times tendered her the money, but she refuses it, throws down our works, and tries to involve us in law suits, wholly contemning the Act of Parliament, and others have been thereby encouraged to throw down the river banks. On 10 March last, she pulled down in the night a house which has been very useful to lay in the State's powder and saltpetre, of which 1,000l. worth was thus destroyed, and she had our servants beaten, and declared she would pull down the house again if we rebuilt it. We beg power to force her and others to obedience, and damages where our works are hindered or we molested by law suits. [1 page.]
March 23. Reference thereon in Council to Mackworth, Desborow, Lisle, Rous, and Cooper, to call for papers and witnesses, and report. [I. 75, p. 185.]
[March 23.] 37. Petition of Elizabeth, Countess of Dirleton, to the Protector and Council. Major Pitson and others have obtained a grant to make the Wye at Guildford passable by boats, but with proviso not to make wharves on any person's lands without full agreement; yet they have entered on 9 acres of my land, close to my only dwellinghouse, and intend to make a wharf and storehouses to lay powder, which will endanger the lives of my family, and compel me to forsake the house. They have imprisoned my servants who were on my land by my order, and refuse to give copies of their orders.
I am quite willing to allow them land as convenient for their wharf at a distance, and hope you will not allow my house to be destroyed to satisfy the will of one man, but refer the case to 2 of your Council, or the Commissioners of the Great Seal. [1 sheet.]
[March 23.] 38. Copy of the above petition. [1 page.]
March 23. 39. Petition of Capt. Wm. Balthasar to Council. His case being referred by the late Council of State to the Admiralty Committee, they reported that he should be released on bail, and his papers and goods restored, and the Council of State ordered the same on 3 Dec. last, but by mistake the goods were not mentioned, and therefore they remain in the hands of Jasper Gill, merchant of Bristol, who will not release them. Begs an order for their discharge, being his whole estate. [¾ page.]
March 23. Order thereon that his goods, as well as his papers, be restored. [I. 73, p. 187.]
March 23. Council. Day's Proceedings.
1. Approval by the Protector of 3 Ordinances, all of which were passed, and one ordered to be printed.
2. An Ordinance for continuing the Admiralty Judges read the 1st and 2nd time, and agreed to.
4. Sir A. A. Cooper and Mr. Strickland to meet the French Ambassador, and accompany him to Sir Abraham Williams' house.
11. The salary allowed to Mr. Pell, mathematical lecturer, to be paid to his wife during his absence.
13. Approval by the Protector of 41 orders in Council, 27 Feb. to 22 March. [I. 75, pp. 183–186.]
March 23.
Council to the sheriffs of counties. You will receive herewith printed copies of a declaration of the Protector for holding a fast in the several parts of this nation on Friday, April 7, which you are to transmit to the parishes within your jurisdiction, to the intent the tenor thereof may be performed. [I. 75, p. 185.]
March 23.
Council to Capt. Lucas of the Society, Stokes Bay, or the commander of any vessel in the service commissioned by the generals of the fleet to attend there to observe Council's order. You are to receive on board Lieut.-Col. John Lilburne, with a guard appointed by the Lieutenant of the Tower to secure him, and as soon as wind and weather permit, transport him to Jersey, and deliver him to Col. Jas. Heane, governor.
After he has been secured there as directed by Council, you are to receive his guard on board, and return to Portsmouth, and there await the instructions of the Commander-in-chief. [I. 112, p. 18.]
March 23. 40. List of 25 men offered by the respective interests to be on the Greenland Committee. Mr. Whitwell dissents from the Committee unless joined with others not interested in the trade, or that the numbers for each interest may be equal.
As to this year, the Committee are to receive the names of proposers by 1 April, and their security 5 days after, on pain of exclusion. The ships to be surveyed and appointed to their harbours on 15 April. The Committee to determine differences about particular harpooners; also to direct, before the ships go, whether the dividend is to be made in Greenland or on their return. The masters and overseers are to set forth on oath the quantities of oil and fins they have obtained.
Any English ship taking fish at sea may come into any harbour of Greenland to boil his oil, not fishing nor making disturbance. [3 pages.]
[March 23.] 41. Note of instructions to the Committee to be chosen, to act impartially in assigning ships to their respective harbours. Those chosen for the ensuing year to be Sir W. Robert, Capt. Stone, Hen. Elsing, Capt. Baynes, Mr. Bennett, and Mr. Bochert, or any 4 of them. [Draft, 1 page, imperfect.]
March 23.
The Swiftsure, Ellen's Road.
42. John Poortmans to Robt. Blackborne. By yours of the 21st I perceive that the treaty of peace with the Dutch is now concluded, and hope the terms are for the good of the State and the interest of Christ. I will send a list of the fleet and of the warrant officers next week. The Dover has come in to be refitted. [1 page.]
March 23.
43. John Poortmans to Robt. Blackborne. I received yours with the printed news and desire a continuance. A Hamburg ship with two hoys and a pink has been brought in, and give some news of Rupert and Maurice which the Generals will send. Vice-Admiral Penn is ordered to send out 6 frigates named, now in the harbour. The Advice has been supplied with a lieutenant. [1 page.]
March 24.
The Swiftsure, Ellen's Road.
44. Gens. Blake and Penn to the Admiralty Committee. As to our calling off a frigate, if the peace is made, as you apprehend it be, we concur in her staying. We have ordered the Society for Guernsey, as you desire; the prize money received from the Tower is almost paid out, and yet many have had nothing. We desire 8,000l. more may be got ready.
We recommend Thos. Cowley, clerk of the check of the Diamond, as steward, and Mr. Seavern as boatswain. [12/3 pages, damaged.]
March 28. 45, 46, 47. Order in the Committee of Council on the petitions touching the river Wye, [See 23 March, suprà] that witnesses on behalf of Major Pitson and Lady Dirleton appear on 7 April, the several parties paying the charges of their witnesses. [2 copies and draft.]
March 28. 48–52. Like order, requesting the Commissioners authorised by the Act for making the Wye navigable to send to the clerk of Council, before 7 April, all the letters and papers relating to the business. [3 copies, and 2 drafts.] Annexing,
52. i. Valuation by the said Commissioners of the land in the Lee above the Rail at 15s., and below the Rail at 20s. the acre yearly, or at 18 years' purchase if sold. [1 page. Copy certified 1 April. 10 signatures.]
52. ii. Depositions of Wm. Smith and Rich. Vallis, of Nicholas parish, Guildford, that this is the true value of the land. 31 Dec., 1653. [1 page, certified as above.]
52. iii. Certificate by the said Commissioners that the value of 8 acres of land described, belonging to the Priory, Guildford, is 9l. 10s. a year, or 18 years' purchase. 28 Jan. 1653–4. [1 page. Copy certified as above.]
52. iv. Order by the said Commissioners that as Pitson has tendered to Lady Dirleton 200l., which she has refused, he pay her 10l. 10s. a year, and on her death, buy the land at 18 years' purchase from her heirs; or if she can prove that she has more than a life estate in the land, that he pay her 189l. for it in fee simple. [2 pages. Certified as above.]
March 28. Order on the desire of Major James Pitson, praying that the wharves and wharf houses in the Lees near Guildford may be protected, and that the teams with the State's powder, saltpetre, and timber for ships may pass without molestation,—that it be recommended to the sheriffs and justices of peace for Surrey to improve their care for keeping the peace, and preventing force touching the premises. [I. 75, p. 189.]
March 28. 53. Petition of Capt. John Nicholas to the Protector. Being governor of Chepstow, in 1650, the co. Commissioners of Monmouth paid me 300l. from the sequestered rents of Bart. Morgan, which I spent as ordered, in repairing the fortifications, but the power of the county Commissioners being then transferred to the Haberdashers' Hall Commissioners, they want an order before they will allow the money. I beg this order, and a discharge to the receiver, that I may not be liable to repayment. [¾ page.]
March 28. Order that he give an account of the disbursement of the 300l. to the Commissioners of co. Monmouth, and if they find it true, they are to give him a discharge, and certify the Haberdashers' Hall Commissioners, who are to give a discharge to the receiver, and acquit the petitioner of further trouble. Approved, 31 March. [I. 75, p. 189.]
March 28. 54. Petition of Dr. Ant. Tuckney, master of St. John's, and Wm. Dillingham, master of Emanuel College, Cambridge, to the Protector and Council, for payment of the 200l. a year allowed them as augmentation by the Universities' Commissioners, 26 Sept. 1650, with the arrears for the last quarter. [1 page.]
March 28. Order thereon for Falconberg to pay the same, the late restraint notwithstanding. Approved, 31 March. [I. 75, p. 190.]
March 28. 55. Petition of Dr. Sam. Bolton, master of Christ's College, Cambridge, to the Protector and Council. Had an augmentation of 50l. a year granted to enable him to reside upon his employment, which he has done, but for 1½ years it has not been paid. Begs arrears and payment in future, not having means to subsist. [1 page.]
March 28. Order thereon granting the petition. Approved 31 March. [I. 75, p. 190.]
March 28. 56. Petition of John Worthington, master of Jesus College, Cambridge, to the Protector, to remove the restraint, that his last year's augmentation may be paid. Has resided constantly on the place till last summer, part of which he was absent, supplying a place in the country, on account of the uncertainty about the augmentation, without which his place is wholly insufficient for his subsistence. [2/3 page.]
March 28. Order thereon that Falconberg pay his augmentation with arrears. Approved 31 March. [I. 75, p. 190.]
March 28. 57. Petition of Benj. Whichcot, provost, Edm. Vintener, bursar, and the scholars of King's College, Cambridge, to the Protector. On 1 March 1652–3, the Revenue Commissioners ordered Thos. Falconberg to pay them 80l. balance due of a pension of 10l. granted them by their founder, Henry VI., out of the fee farm rent of the butlerage of England and prizals of wine. He paid 40l., but was prevented paying the rest by a general order of restraint, which was taken off as regards this payment, by an Order in Council of 30 Aug. last, but now he is disabled by a general order of restraint from the Commissioners of Inspection. Beg payment of the said 40l. With reference to Council, 3 March, 1653–4 to order payment. [1 sheet.]
March 28. Order thereon granting the petition. Approved 31 March. [I. 75, p. 190.]
March 28. 58. Petition of Colonel Ant. Hungerford to the Protector, for present support in his urgent want, and a competent provision for life, in lieu of all dues from the State. Has long been ill and lame from wounds in fight, and unable to walk. His regiment in Ireland was reduced, and he has 1,500l. due for service there, 258l. for service in England, and 200l. disbursed for his regiment, but cannot travel to Ireland for his arrears. Has a wife and 2 children, and only 8s. a week out of Ely House. With reference thereon to Council to allow him 20s. a week from contingencies. 22 March 1653–4. [1 sheet.]
March 28. Order in Council accordingly for a warrant to Mr. Frost to pay the money out of Council's contingencies. [I. 75, p. 192.]
March 28. Council. Day's Proceedings.
1. Order that an Ordinance be brought in to enable Mr. Arundell, of Lamhorne, to make sale of lands for payment of debts.
2. The following members of Council to dine and sup with the French Ambassador:—Tuesday, dinner and supper, Cooper and Strickland. Wednesday, dinner, Lawrence and Rous; supper, Lisle and Jones. Thursday, dinner, Pickering and Montague; supper, Lambert and Mackworth.
4. The petition of all such prisoners as desire to pay their debts read. Also Mackworth's report of an Ordinance for suspending the proceedings of the judges named in the Act for the Relief of Creditors and Poor Prisoners, which was committed to Mackworth, Jones, and Cooper, to advise with counsel, and report.
5. Order on petition of the inhabitants of the parish of North Bradley, co. Wilts, that Mr. Crabb have liberty to preach in the public meeting place or parish church of North Bradley every Sunday at 2 p.m., and on any week day; and all persons are to permit him to do so.
9. Jones and Mackworth added to the Committee on the petition of the surveyors and clerks of Drury House.
17. ] Order on report on Thos. Kendall's petition [see 16 March, supra], that the Admiralty Commissioners examine the facts, and report. Annexing,
59. I. Report that the ship St. Lewis should be released and delivered to the Ambassador Extraordinary of the French King for Capt. Michell, but that any goods in her which appear to belong to Frenchmen should be confiscated. [1 page.]
19. Mackworth and Strickland to speak with Col. Wayte, now attending Council, about the business which occasioned his summons.
20. Order on report from the Admiralty Committee on the petition of Geo. Pickering of Whitehaven, Cumberland,—concerning his ship the Lion, impressed by order from the Commissioners for Irish Affairs to transport provisions from Belfast to Ballishannon in Ireland, and taken by a pirate, whereof reparation is prayed,—that the Commissioners for Irish Affairs have this matter examined, and give order for his relief.
21. The petition of the Lord Mayor and Aldermen of London referred to Montague, Strickland, Mackworth, Jones, and Desborow, to consider it, send for such merchants as they wish, and report their opinion.
22. The petition of Thos. Bunce, prisoner in the Tower, read.
24. Two warrants and a letter, concerning the remove of Lieut.Col. John Lilburne from the Tower and securing him in Jersey, being approved on the 22nd, were signed by the President.
25. The petition of Alexander Earl of Leven referred to the Committee to whom the business of Scotland was referred, to report. [I. 75, pp. 187–192.]
March 28. 60. Account presented by Thos. Violet to the Committee on the plate ships [see 22 Feb. 1654] of all his previous proceedings relating to the said ships; of the best mode to prevent embezzlement; of the nature of the claims made upon the silver, &c.; suggestions as to the best mode of proceeding in reference to them, and details of his own expenditure and services therein. [5¾ closely written pages.]
[March 29.] 61. Petition of the owners, merchants, and freighters of the Report to the Protector. The ship was bound with merchandize to Virginia, and was to return laden with tobacco; she was sailing with other Virginia ships near Portland, when on 17 Jan. last, the Ruby, under Capt. Curtis, voluntarily or carelessly ran into her, and broke her so that she perished, to the loss of 4,000l. or 5,000l. Beg relief, and the punishment of the commander. 13 signatures. With reference thereon, 3 March 1653–4, to the Navy Commissioners. [1 sheet.]
March 29. 62. Petition of Edw. Dunning, captain, and the crew of the Report to the Protector, for satisfaction for their clothes, instruments, and goods taken up on credit, all lost in the ship. 12 signatures. With reference thereon to the Navy Commissioners. [1⅓ pages.] Annexing,
62. i. ii. Certificate of Thos. Pott and others, that Capt. Curtis of the Ruby, while in the Downs, wilfully run into a laden ship the Report, commanded by Mr. Dunning, and sunk her, and that her crew had much difficulty to save their lives. 20 Jan. 1653–4. [2 copies.]
62. iii. Depositions of Edw. Laverich, Lieutenant, Rich. Cox, master, and John Viny, gunner of the Ruby, that the collision was accidental, and that they did their best to save the crew of the Report. Taken before Judge Advocate Fowler. 21 Jan. [3 pages.]
62. iv. v. Depositions of Henry Hearle and Jno. Dunning, master's mates, Saml. Dunning, surgeon, and Edw. Dunning, Master of the Report, bound for Virginia, as to the cause of that ship being lost through coming in collision with the Ruby, commanded by Capt. Curtis while in the Downs, to prove that the collision was intentional. 31 Jan. [2 copies.]
62. vi. Deposition before Robert Grainger, Mayor, and Thos. Mullins, notary of Portsmouth, of Dan. Arncotts and Chas. Hasleton, mariners, that the sinking of the Report was for want of men to stop the leak after the collision. Feb. 8. [1⅓ pages.]
62. vii. Deposition of Thos. Robinson, of Ratcliff, and Hen. Grey, of Redriff, mariners, taken in the Admiralty Court, in the suit of Thos. Readbeard against Gifford Bale, Edw. Holcombe and other assurers, that the loss of the Report was occasioned by the carelessness of Capt. Curtis, that the lading was worth 1,800l., and that the ship might have gained 2,000l. by freight from Virginia to London. 10 March. [6⅓ pages.]
March 29. 63. Petition of Thos. Wynyffe, D.D., late Bishop of Lincoln, to the Protector. I had large arrears of rent, pensions, &c., from rectories due to me, when I was bishop, but by order of Parliament I delivered my leases to the trustees appointed by them, and for want thereof I cannot sue, and am in danger of losing the greatest part of them.
During the late wars, I was always at my house at Bugden, in Parliament quarters and submitted to all the Ordinances, and was never charged with delinquency; I paid taxes, and had great charges in the quartering of soldiers, so that without these arrears I shall be unable to subsist. I have had a petition 3 years in the hands of some members of both the late Parliaments, but they could never get it read, on account of great affairs, though the Committee of Petitions drew up a report.
I beg that Lieut.-Col. Robinson, receiver of the bishoprick, may demand and receive my arrears and pay them to me. The former Parliament granted a like favour to Dr. Juxon, Bishop of London. With reference thereon to Council. 22 March 1653–4. [1 page.] Annexing,
63. i. Order in Parliament that the trustees for sale of Bishops' lands order the receiver for the bishoprick of London to pay Dr. Juxon, late bishop, the arrears due to him, and take means for their recovery. 4 May 1647. [1 page.]
63. ii. Order in the Committee for Petitions that a like order be granted to Dr. Wynyffe. 21 Nov. 1653. [2/3 page.]
March 29. Order in Council that the tenants pay in their said arrears to the doctor, and that the trustees for sale of bishops' lands order their receiver for the bishopric to use all means for their recovery. Approved 31 March. [I. 75, p. 194.]
March 29. 64. Petition of Frances, widow of Wm. Hutchinson, to the Protector. My husband and his partners, on 7 Dec. 1639, took a lease in reversion from the dean and chapter of Exeter, of Staverton, and other manors, co. Devon, for which they were to pay 8,000l. They paid 4,000l. then, and on obtaining a lease of it 8 Oct. 1644, they paid the other 4,000l. or security for it. Of these manors my husband was to have ¼, and his part of the purchase money came to 1,333l. 6s. 8d. But this lease, though made before any sequestration or Act for sale, has been disallowed by the Commissioners of Obstructions.
The contractors refusing to make any consideration of our lease in selling the estate to us, Mr. Foxcraft bought it at 17,000l., of which he paid only ½, and that in double bills, though it is worth 30,000l., has turned us and our tenants out, and refuses a trial at law.
In like manner they have sold away at 12 years' value a lease of Thearverton manor, co. Devon, which we took for 1,850l., my husband's share being 450l., and for which we offered them 20 years' value, which they refused.
Having 7 children, and these manors our chief subsistence, I beg a special Ordinance, such as has been lately passed in a like case to the tenants of Farnham, for a review of the sale, or repayment of the fine paid on the lease, or some means of preservation from utter ruin. With reference thereon to Council, to give her 100l. for her children, and 50l. for her long attendance and her charges home, although her case is not otherwise capable of relief, 22 March 1653–4. [1½ pages.]
March 29. Order thereon for payment of the said moneys out of Council's contingencies. [I. 75, p. 195.]
March 29. 65. Petition of Fras. Ashe, governor, and the Muscovy Company, to the Greenland Committee of Council, to procure them a speedy warrant to preserve their shipmasters and harpooners from impress, as they have prepared for their whale fishing to Greenland; but some of their men being pressed to serve the State, they cannot proceed without able harpooners. [2/3 page.]
March 29. 66. Request by the Muscovy Company and Hull merchants, that as the trade cannot be regulated in time for this season's fishing, they may go with 6 ships and a pinnace on their own accounts for this year, and have a warrant to free their harpooners from impress. [¾ page.] Annexing,
66. i. List of 12 harpooners for York and Hull, with note of 50 seamen, masters, and carpenters required. 8 March 1653–4. [Scrap.]
March 29. Order in Council that warrants be prepared for securing them accordingly, as also others not mentioned who may hereafter be required, as being useful in the killing of whales. [I. 75, p. 195.]
March 29. Council. Day's Proceedings.
2. Amendments in the Ordinance for suspending the proceedings of the judges named in the Act for the relief of creditors and poor prisoners read, and agreed to.
3. Order, on report from the Committee for the business of Scotland, that 50,000l. be forthwith provided and sent to Scotland for supply of the forces there, viz., 12,000l. from the treasuries at Goldsmiths' Hall and Drury House; 20,000l. from the moneys in the Tower; and 8,000l. from such other treasuries as the Committee for inspecting Treasuries think fit; to be repaid out of the first money that shall come in to the treasury at Gurney House; and 10,000l. more out of the moneys that come in there after the 8,000l. is repaid. Approved 31 March.
4. An Ordinance for continuing the Admiralty Judges passed for law, on report of the Protector's approbation.
6. Order, on consideration of a report from the Committee on the petition of the several companies of the city of London,—concerning a plantation in Ulster granted to a corporation erected by patent from King James to the use of the petitioners, and of the votes of Parliament in the case, dated August 26, 1642;—that the same Committee proceed upon the votes without further examination of the proofs referring thereunto, and offer what they judge fit for settling the matter according to those votes.
7. Order that the addition of 302l. 7s. allowed for interest be taken from the 2,134l. 16s. 3d., declared to be due to Col. John Hewson for services in England, so that 1,832l. 9s. 3d. only is due to him.
10. Note of the signing of 5 warrants for payment of money. 27 Feb. to 17 March.
11. The petition of Rich. Fitzgerard referred to the Committee for the business of Ireland, viz., Lambert, Wolsley, Cooper, Lisle, Montague, and Jones, to report.
12. 67. Order, on report from the Committee on the petition of Dame Christian Temple and others [see 9 Feb., suprà] that the Justices of Common Pleas admit Sir Richard Temple, though an infant, to levy fines and suffer recoveries on his lands in England, for the better settling them on trustees; that the deed therefore give him power to settle a jointure on such wife as he shall marry; that the lands be engaged for 11 years, and be charged with the debts of the late Sir Peter Temple, his father, named in articles of 15 Aug. last, and with 2,000l. more; the remainder to be settled as by a former deed of settlement. Also that Sir Richard be enabled to make assurance of land which Sir Peter exchanged with Edm. Dayrell. [I. 75, pp. 193–6.] Annexing,
67. i. Report on which this order is grounded, 21 March 1653–4. [1 page.]
67. ii. Sir Rich. Temple to Col. Mackworth. I have spoken with Sir A. A. Cooper, and hope I shall be allowed the exchange of lands with a freeholder, as it will advantage the estate 500l. a year, and the freeholder disturbs the creditors in the estate. [Scrap.]
67. iii. Request by Temple for power to confirm assurances to Edm. Dayrell of lands exchanged with his father, Dayrell now wishing to avoid the exchange, and threatening to fling open the enclosure of the lands, by which the estate is improved 500l. a year. [½ page.]
67. iv. Deposition by Sir R. Temple that there are 2,000l. of just debts of his late father above those secured by the 11 years' term, which he has promised to pay, and will give security for them out of his estate, if he may have power to do so.—21 March 1653–4. [2/3 page.]
67. v. Draft of part of the proposed deed of settlement. [2/3 page.]
March 29. 68. Order by the Revenue Commissioners that the Sequestration Commissioners execute their power to enforce speedy payment of all moneys that became due the 25th instant, and are not paid in, for rents of sequestered estates, fines on compositions of delinquents, &c. [½ page.]
March 30. Council. Day's Proceedings.
1, 2. Ordinances from the Committee on Col. Hewson's business, for payment of his arrears; and from the Committee for Ireland, for better provision for maimed soldiers, old widows, and orphans in Ireland, read twice, and agreed to.
3. Order, on petition of Wm. Lowe, and Geo. Primrose, 2 ministers settled by Ordinance of Parliament in Hereford, that they be restored to their ministry as fully as is intended in the Ordinance of Parliament of May 28, 1646.
4. Order, on information that a woman apprehended for selling 2 scandalous pamphlets, viz., "A perfect account of the daily intelligence from the armies in England, Scotland, and Ireland, and the navy at sea," and "The moderate Intelligencer" has discovered their printer, who, being apprehended, acknowledges having printed them, that the woman be released, and Col. Goffe and Mr. Stockdale, Justices of Peace at Westminster, examine him and others, to discover who wrote the books, and how many have been printed and sold, and report. [I. 75, pp. 196–7.]
March 31. Act for better amending the highways of the nation. In every parish of England and Wales, 2 householders, worth 20l. a year, or 100l. personally, to be chosen surveyors of highways. If there be no such persons, 20l. a year is to be rated on the parish, and the overseers of the poor are to be surveyors of highways. The surveyors to be sworn to execute the office faithfully, or on refusal to be fined 10l.
Within 10 days of being sworn in, the surveyor is to view all roads and streets, and nuisances therein, and consider what will be needful for repairs, on pain of forfeiting 20s.; also to lay on taxes for repairs, but not to exceed 1s. in the pound on the rent, or in 20l. on goods, except in case of prosecutions against those who fail to remove nuisances. Regulations for mending bridges, scouring ditches, getting stones, &c. When a cart is drawn by more than 5 horses, or more than 6 oxen and 1 horse, all the supernumeraries are to be seized and detained till a fine of 20s. each has been paid for them. Constables and surveyors to be defended in law in what they do by virtue of this Ordinance. Surveyors to keep perfect accounts, &c. [17 pages, printed. Collection of Acts, Vol. II., No. 84, Record Office Library, F. 498.]
[March 31.] 69. Petition of Peter Phillis, factor on the St. John Baptist of Dieppe, to the Protector. Set forth last May from Dieppe to Canada and back, but being summoned by the Elias frigate, yielded without resistance, and was brought into Plymouth. The ship and goods belong to merchants of Dieppe, who have always favoured the English, and the Governor has written letters on their behalf. Begs an order for restoration of ship and goods. With reference thereon to Council, 3 March 1653–4. [1 page.]
March 31. 70. Petition of Peter Phillis, factor of the St. John of Dieppe, to the Protector. You gave me a reference on a former petition to Council, but before they did anything, the ship was condemned in the Admiralty Court. I beg its restoration, on payment of all charges, the merchants to whom it belongs being poor, and ready to sink under the loss. With reference thereon to Council, 23 March 1653–4. [¾ page.]
March 31. 71. Reference thereon by Council to Mr. Strickland, Sir G. Pickering, and Col. Jones, to report, and meantime stay is to be made of the sale of the ship and goods. [2/3 page. Also I, 75, p. 200.] Annexing,
71. i. Reference thereon by the said Committee to the Admiralty Judges, 17 April 1654. [½ page.]
71. ii. Report of the said judges that the ship belongs to Dieppe and Rouen merchants; that they took French goods to Canada, and returned with beaver skins, masts, &c., but were taken and brought into Plymouth, 9 Dec. last; and that belonging to subjects of the French nation, they were condemned by the law of general reprisals. 18 April 1654. [¾ page.]
[March 31.] 72. Petition of Mich. Castell, merchant, to the Protector. In the beginning of the rebellion of Ireland, from compassion to the bleeding condition of Protestant interests, and encouraged by Ordinances of Parliament, cheerfully ventured a great part of his estate, and would have done his life. There has been due to him 6,439l. 1s. 1d. for 10 years. His report was in Col. Hewson's hands several months before the dissolution of the late Parliament, but could not be dispatched. Is threatened with ruin for want of this money, having had to borrow it and pay interest. Begs immediate payment with interest, or satisfaction according to the rates of the Adventurers in the Ordinance of 30 Jan. 1642–3. With reference thereon to Council, 22 Feb. 1653–4. [1 page.] Annexing,
72. i. Case of Mich. Castell, certifying his delivery of wheat, flour, and beef at Dublin and Carrickfergus in 1642, value 7,439l. 1s. 1d., of which he has only received 1,000l. Also that on promise of speedy payment of 3,000l. in part thereof, he was prevailed upon by the Irish Committee to let a ship of his laden with powder go to Dublin, where powder was much wanted; he sold the powder there, but the 3,000l. was not paid. [2¼ pages.]
72. ii. Certificate by Rob. King of the dispatch of the said ship to Dublin. 7 Feb. 1652–3. [¾ page.]
March 31. Reference thereon by Council to Lambert, Wolsley, Lisle, Jones, and Rous, being the Committee on Ald. Hutchinson's petition, to report. [I. 75, p. 200.]
March 31. 73. Petition of the clerks of the several Parliamentary Committees, for themselves and the other servants, to the Protector, for fitting salaries. Have attended diligently during the late Parliament, which on 28 Nov. last, referred it to the respective committees to consider what servants were necessary and what allowances should be made them, but the reports were not made before the dissolution. Signed by—
John Meverell, clerk of the Committee for Preservation of Customs and Redemption of Captives.
Jos Larke, clerk of the Committee for Public Debts.
Wm. Dalby, clerk of the Committee for Prisons and Prisoners.
Wm. Thompson, clerk of the Committee for the Advance of Learning.
Thos. Lawes, clerk of the Committee for Trade and Corporations.
With reference thereon to Council, 30 Jan. 1653–4. [1 page.] Annexing,
73. i. Certificate by the Committee for Prisoners that Dalby served the late Committee from 26 July to 12 Dec. 1653, and having been at great charge and little profit, should have 50l. 13 Dec. 1653. 16 signatures. [1 page.]
73. ii. Request by Thompson for the same allowance as the other clerks, having served from 1 Aug. 1653. [1 page.]
73. iii. Certificate by J. Sadler, chairman, that Thompson served the Committee for Advance of Learning till its dissolution, and commending him and the doorkeeper and messenger for allowance. [¾ page.]
73. iv. Order in the Trade and Corporation Committee that Lawes should be allowed 100l. a year, the doorkeeper 40l., and the messenger 30l. Also request for 7l. 19s. 4d. for fire, candles, &c. 5 Dec. 1653. [1½ pages.]
March 31. Reference thereon by Council to the clerks of Council, to report. [I. 78, p. 200.]
March 31. 74. Petition of John Spittlehouse to the Protector. I have been 14 weeks in custody of a messenger, on a warrant of the Council of State, but know of no prejudice done by me to the State, for which I hazarded my life, and lost my estate at Gainsborough, bearing arms at my own charge there and at the siege of Newark, being in the army till the battle of Worcester, and under your order, and published several writings in vindication of your Highness and the army, at the dissolution of the last Parliament.
I cannot get to the knowledge of my charge to the utter ruin of myself and family, having no supply to bear my charge. I beg leave to defend myself, and to be set at liberty, with reparation for my detention and sufferings. With reference thereon to Council, 22 March 1653–4. [1 sheet.]
March 31. 75. Petition of Geo. Horton and Wm. Huby to the Protector, to remit their offence, or release them on bail, to save their families from ruin. Are very poor, and have been 3 months in custody of Mr. Holden, messenger, for printing and publishing scandalous and unlicensed pamphlets. Are heartily sorry for their offence, have confessed all they knew thereon, and will never do the like again, but make discovery to their utmost power. With reference thereon to Council, 9 Feb. 1653–4. [1 page.]
March 31. Order on these two petitions in Council that Mr. Scobell speak with Sec. Thurloe, and if they find no material cause for the prisoners' further detention, Council will give order for their liberty. [I. 75, p. 201.]
March 31. 76. Petition of Edw. Thornhill, Geo. Perdue, John Middleton, and Phil. Smith. saltpetre men, for themselves and others, to the Protector, to inhibit the working and gathering of ashes within 12 miles of a saltpetre work, and to authorise them to buy the ashes, or they can never fulfil their contract. Petitioned the Council of State to this effect last March, as saltpetre cannot be made without ashes, and formerly all potash and glass makers were forbidden to gather ashes within the 12 miles. Council referred the case to the Ordnance Committee, who reported in their favour, and this report was to be offered to Parliament by Sir Arthur Hesilrigge, on 18 April last, but by the dissolving of Parliament 2 days after, nothing has yet been done. With reference thereon, 1 March 1653–4, to Council. [1 page.] Annexing,
76. i. Order in the Ordnance Committee of 17 March 1652–3, alluded to, endorsed with a report to the same effect. [2/3 page.]
March 31. 77. Reference of the said petition by Council to the Admiralty Committee. [½ page. Also I. 75, p. 201.] Annexing,
77. i. Report of the said Committee against the petition, as there was no provision therefor made in the contract, and it will be prejudicial to the country. 7 April 1654. [2/3 page]
March 31. 78, 79. Petition of Julian Clement, captain and owner of the Mary of St. Malo, to the Protector. On 6 Oct. last I sailed from St. Malo for Portugal, where I delivered linen goods, and laded bars of silver and pieces of 8, value 80,000l. Coming home, I was driven by contrary winds and want of provisions to England for relief, and in Mount's Bay met 3 of the State's men-of-war, whom not knowing, I ran on shore to Penzance, and put 619½ pieces of 8 in the mayor's custody.
Whilst I was away, Capt. Coquerel, of the Old Warwick, boarded my ship, carried her to Falmouth, and there put out her company. I beg her restoration, with that of the said money, and the protection which English merchants enjoy in the harbours of France. With reference to Council, 3 March 1653–4. [1 sheet, 2 copies.]
March 31. Reference thereon in Council to Strickland, Pickering, and Jones, [I. 75, p. 201.] Annexing,
80. i. Reference thereon by the said Committee to the Admiralty Judges, to state what ships have been taken by the Old Warwick, and the proceedings thereon in their Court, and to report. 4 April 1654. [½ page.]
80. ii. Report of the said Judges that the ship and goods were condemned as prize, according to the general law of reprisals, they belonging to Frenchmen, and no one putting in any legal claim to them; but since then they have been claimed by Julian Clement, who produced 3 papers, copies, and not authentically sealed or subscribed, being his claim, and examinations before the mayors of Penryn and Penzance in favour thereof. 10 April 1654. [1 page.]
80. iii. Report thereon to Council, detailing the above, and stating the lading to be silver, figs, raisins, almonds, sugar, and cochineal; but some of the silver and a valuable bag of cochineal have been plundered. 21 April 1654. [1 page.]
March 31. 81. Petition of Toby Cradock, in behalf of the inhabitants of co. Durham, to the Protector, for an Ordinance for an assize and gaol delivery in the county next vacation. The dissolution of 2 Parliaments has prevented the passing of an Act therefor, so that there has been no assize nor gaol delivery since Aug. 1652, to the great damage of the county, and the wasting of houses and spoiling of lands and woods by those who have no right thereto. With reference thereon, 6 Feb. 1653–4, to Council. [1 page.]
March 31. Order in Council that the petition be laid aside. [I. 75, p. 202.]
March 31. 82. Petition of Maurice Gardner, merchant of London, to the Protector. The Green Knight, which he owns, and sent on a merchant voyage to Naples, was surprised by a French man-of-war of Toulon, carried in, and made prize, as proved by depositions taken before the Mayor of Plymouth. Begs that satisfaction may be demanded from the French agent, or that he may have letters of marque against the French and Dutch for damages, value 14,300l. With reference thereon to Council, 27 Jan. 1653–4. [1 sheet.]
March 31. Order thereon that the petition be laid aside. [I. 75, p. 202.]
March 31. 83. Petition of Rose, wife of Hen. Lashford, prisoner in the Marshalsea, to the Protector, for pardon for her husband, who falling into ill company, was drawn into the horrid sin of theft, but is most penitent. [½ page.] Annexing,
83. i. Certificate by Sam. Hall, keeper of the common gaol for Surrey, that Lashford was committed to the Marshalsea on suspicion of felony. 18 March 1653–4. [½ page.]
March 31. Order thereon that the petition be laid aside. [I. 75, p. 202.]
March 31.] 84. Petition of Ant. Gay, Thos. Moore, And. Kirby, and Josiah and Hum. Primate, English merchants, to the Protector. Having sold vinegar and kid skins at Rochelle—goods not prohibited, but perishable by lying there—our factor bought the Anthony of a Lubec merchant to transport them to England, the master and mate being English; but being ignorant of the late Navigation Act, for want of English mariners, he manned her with Lubeckers, whereon the ship and goods are seized in Bristol port. We beg an order for their release, that the unadvised proceeding of our factor may not ruin our estates. With reference to Council, 28 March 1654. [1 page.]
March 31. 85. Reference thereon by Council to the Admiralty Commissioners, to report. [½ page. Also I. 75, p. 202.]
[March 31.] 86. Like petition to the Admiralty Commissioners, urging release of the ship, as their loss is 10l. a day charges, beside the loss of time in sending the ship for Virginia or Norway, as intended. [1 page.]
March 31. 87. Petition of Mat. Lock and Jas. Chetwind to the Protector. Have been clerks under Col. Hill and Mr. Rowe, at the Irish and Scotch Committee, and since its dissolution, have waited orders, spending their time in entering the Commissioners' transactions, preparing accounts of provisions for the army on contracts, &c. Their salaries are unpaid since 23 June last, so that on 23 March ¾ year salary is due, 73l. 10s. to Lock and 37l. 10s. to Chetwind. Beg payment and employment. With certificate by Wm. Rowe as to the sums due, which were to have been paid from incident moneys for Ireland, but there being none left, he suggests payment from the sale by Capt. H. Hatsell of provisions at Jersey, and also asks 20l. for Wm. Rowe, a third clerk, employed 1¼ years and paid by himself. With reference thereon to Council, 29 March 1654. [1 sheet.]
March 31. 88. Reference thereon by Council to the Committee for Scotland, to report. [1½ p. Also I. 75, p. 202.]
March 31. 89. Petition of Randall Poole to the Protector, to sign an order for him to purchase the hoy Charity, at the rate, 74l., at which she is appraised in the Prize Office. With recommendation to Council, written and signed by the Protector. [½ page.]
March 31. 90. Reference thereon by Council to the Admiralty Committee, to report. [½ page. Also I. 75, p. 203.]
March 31. Council. Day's Proceedings.
1. Approval by the Protector of the Ordinance suspending the proceedings of the Judges on the Act for relief of creditors and poor prisoners, but altering the day from 1 June to 20 April; the amendment passed, and the Ordinance to be printed.
2–3. Approval by the Protector of 3 other Ordinances, which were passed.
4. The Committee on the Post Office to insert what they think fit in Mr. Manley's Ordinance, as to the office of postmaster, and to report.
6. Order on a paper about an establishment for Cardiff Castle, that there be allowed for the garrison 48 soldiers, and that 20s. a day be allowed for fire and candles. The Army Treasurers to issue warrants accordingly. Approved 7 April.
7. In pursuance of an order of March 22, Lambert and other members of Council reported several petitions received, whereupon Council passed the orders following:—
8. The petition of the Adventurers for lands in Ireland referred to the Committee on their former petition, to report.
9. That of the prisoners in the Fleet for civil causes and for debts laid aside, its matter being partly provided for by an Ordinance concerning creditors and prisoners.
10. That of the justices of peace and grand jury at the sessions holden at Lynn, Jan. 1653–4, concerning the navigation of Lynn, referred to the Committee for the Adventurers for the great level [of the fens], viz., Lambert, Pickering, Cooper, Wolsley, to report.
11. Order on petition of Wm. Astoll and Wm. Pembridge, about the discovery of the silver ships, that the master of requests procure the Admiralty judges' report mentioned, so that further order may be taken.
12. The petition of Dame Agripina Bingley referred to the Committee for the petitions of the late King's servants, to report.
13. That of divers persons of Jersey, concerning its government, referred to the Committee on the petition of the burgesses, &c. of Westminster, viz., Strickland, Mackworth, Rous, Pickering, Jones, and Major; also Col. Jas. Heane's proposals exhibited yesterday:
15. The petition of divers merchants and others of London trading to Virginia and other foreign plantations, about the planting of English tobacco, referred to the Committee for Treasuries, to report.
17. The petition of Hills Whittingham, and Thomas Gatford of London, concerning English tobacco, referred to the Committee for the Treasuries.
20. 91. That of Rachel MacAdams alias Moore, widow, referred to Cooper, Jones, and Strickland, to report.
22. That of Rob. Swanley, late commander of the Henry Bonaventure, referred to the Admiralty Committee, to report.
24. That of John Clerke referred to Mackworth, Jones, and Cooper, to report.
25. That of Capt. Thos. Constable, for himself and officers, and the widows of Capt. Rich. Warren and Capt. Thos. Howse, officers of the Middlesex regiment, to be considered when the public debts are considered.
27. That of Wm. Davenport, heretofore Marshal of Chester, referred to Mackworth, Strickland, and Jones, to report.
28. That of Dame Jane, relict of Sir Greg. Fenner, equerry to the late King, laid aside.
33. That of Zachariah Highlord, Wm. Sedley, Anth. Bassey, and others, concerning moneys paid to the Committee for Advance of money, laid aside.
34. That of Mary Sherman, widow, concerning arrears due to her husband, armourer to the late King, referred to Jones, Cooper, and Strickland, to report.
36. That of John du Maresq and Josh. Bennet of Jersey, referred to the Committee on the government of Jersey, to report.
37. That of Orton Brooker, engineer, referred to the Treasury Committee, to report.
38. Those of Lt. Col. Ben. Norton, and of Jane Greenwood, Kath. Needham, and Eliz. Crant, widows, concerning arrears, referred to Jones, Strickland, Mackworth, and Pickering, to report.
39. An order of Parliament of Dec. 31, 1652, allowing 200l. to James Challoner, for his disbursements about the Lodge in the middle Park at Hampton Court, referred to the Treasury Commissioners, to report.
40. The Inspection Commissioners to report on what Treasury 500l. may best be charged for Mr. Embree's repairs of Whitehall.
41. Col. Mackworth to offer to Council a draft of an Ordinance for regulating payments at the Savoy and Ely House to wounded persons.
43. Order on view of a bill of lading for 10 casks of wine, to be shipped for London on the St. Nicholas of London by Chas. Bayne, by order of M. de Montigny, governor of Dieppe, for the Protector, that so much as is for his Highness' use be delivered free of customs and excise, and that the Treasury Commissioners certify as to the remainder.
44. Order on report on John Shaw's petition [see 21 March, suprà] that a letter be written to the Spanish Ambassador, to desire his endeavour for speedy justice.
45. Order on report in the case of Dame Marg. Hungerford, for a warrant to Fauconberg to pay her 800l., being the principal of 500l. and interest thereon. Annexing,
92. i. Note by Hugh Audley that he stood bound in 1,000l., 14 Aug. 1644, to pay 500l. and interest at 8 per cent, to Rich. Aldsworth, merchant of London, which is unpaid, and with interest to 14 Aug. 1654 next, will amount to 900l. besides costs of suit. [⅓ page. See 21 Feb. 1653–4, p. 411.]
46. An Ordinance to be prepared for revising the former Ordinance for Probate of Wills.
47. An information against Thos. Cockett, shoemaker, and John Allen, jun.. husbandman, both of Dingley, co. Northampton, referred to Maj. Wm. Butler and John Mansell, justices of peace for the county, to hear both parties, and certify, and bind them to appear before Council if needful.
48. An Ordinance reported by Mackworth read twice, and agreed to.
49. The petition of Thos. Bunce, prisoner in the Tower, laid aside. [See 13 April 1654.]
50. Approval by the Protector of 11 orders, 23–29 March.
56, 57. Pickering and Mackworth report that the Protector, having made some alteration in the Ordinance against cock-fighting approved it, and it being read, and on question the last clause "and in case of resistance" negatived, it is again presented to his Highness by Pickering and Mackworth, who reporting his approval, it is passed, and ordered to be printed.
58. An Ordinance for continuing an Act for Probate of Wills and granting administrations read, and agreed to.
60. To allow Earl Mulgrave 1,000l. for demolishing his house. Strickland, Lambert, Cooper, and Lisle, to report how it may soonest be paid. Approved 7 April.
61. Lambert, Mackeworth, Jones, Cooper, and Lisle to be a Committee for Regulation of Savoy and Ely House Hospitals and their maintenance money, and to bring in an Ordinance thereon if necessary.
62. Col. Ant. Rous appointed an Admiralty Commissioner. [I. 75, pp. 198–207.]
March 31.
Council to Sir Francis Norris, Mr. Cate, high sheriff, Mr. Appletree, and Mr. Jenkyns, justices of peace for co. Oxford. The petition of Joan Hancks of Stanton Harcot, co. Oxford, being presented to Council, they have referred it to you, and desire you to examine the business therein mentioned, and if possible, compose the difference, or otherwise report. [I. 75, p. 207.]
March 31. 93. Petition of Joyce Keate to the Admiralty Committee. I was committed to Bridewell for practising as a solicitor, but ordered to be discharged on bail, in case I discovered others that practised in the same nature. I exhibited 8 articles, subscribed by eminent housekeepers in London, against Geo. Firbank of the Navy Office, Tower Hill. He has obtained the articles, secretly cut off the subscription, and says I should have been discharged, but for those articles, but now shall be in prison at his mercy. I beg to be released and not subjected to the cruelty of my enemy. [1 page.] Annexing,
93. i. Articles accusing Firbank of conniving at the embezzlement of ships' stores and receiving money therefor; also of buying tickets at low prices from widows, &c. for their husbands' pay, and of joining with several female solicitors in fraudulent transactions about tickets. [1 sheet, with a corner cut out.]
93. ii. Names of 9 witnesses who can testify concerning certain parts of the premises. [2/3 page.]
93. iii. Answer of Firbank in detail to the said articles. Has never co-operated with solicitors, and did all he could to break that gang. [1 sheet.]
March 31. 94. Reference by the Admiralty Commissioners of the above petition and papers to the Navy Commissioners, to hear the parties and their witnesses, and certify with speed. [½ page.]
March 31.
95. Rich. Belchamber to the Admiralty Committee. By your orders I have taken care of the prisoners at Southampton, of whom 200 were sick and wounded, and were as great a charge as all the others in health. I observed your order as to allowing 1s. a day to the commanders and officers, as also that to value myself as one of the Commissioners for Prize Goods in London; but the Committee for Inspections object to the payment of my bills. If they are not settled, I must leave the sick and wounded to the care of the town, having already disbursed 200l., and being otherwise much out of pocket. I have been 12 months in the employment, and delivered 15,000l. worth of goods, but never received one penny salary, as all the money was paid into the office at London; I have also spent 100l. in journeys. I beg an order to the Commissioners of Prize Goods for a supply of money, as my credit has been brought in question. [1 page.]
March ? 96. Petition of Thos. Levet, executor of Hen. Shuter, Gent. to the Protector. King Charles, being at enmity with France and Spain, took many of their vessels, and granted letters of marque to his subjects, 1/10 and 1/5 of the prizes being reserved to the Crown. He issued commissions to persons to sell the said ships, whereby large sums were raised, but no clear accounts given, and both they and their buyers keep moneys in their hands. Also many prize goods were embezzled.
Wm. Murray, groom of the bedchamber, informing of these frauds, got a grant, 9 and 10 Charles, of all the ships, money, jewels, &c., thus unjustly witheld from the king, he paying in ¼ of the clear profits. He spent much time and money in prosecution, but to little benefit, because of the slow proceedings in the Exchequer, and in 16 Charles, he sold his interest to Henry Shuter.
On account of the troubles, he could do little till 1650, when he applied to the Council of State and Parliament, and by order of 6 Dec. 1652, was referred to the Navy Commissioners, but Parliament dissolved, and Shuter died.
The business, if well followed up, would bring in 50,000l. I beg that persons of trust may be appointed to bring the offenders to account, and instead of ¾, I will be content with ½, leaving ½ to you, instead of ¼. [1 page.]
March ? 97, 98. Petition of Wm. Thomson, for the city and corporation of Edinburgh, to the Protector. By recommendation of the late Council of State, Parliament granted us an order for an imposition of 4d. Scotch on each pint of ale or beer brewed or sold within the corporation, towards our public debts, and a bill was to have been brought in, but Parliament dissolved, and the supreme authority devolved happily on your Highness. We beg you to make this order effectual, and to enable the magistrates to levy the duties, that the civil government of that ancient city, in danger of dissolution by debt, may be supported till further consideration. [2/3 page, 2 copies.] Annexing,
98. i., ii. Order in Parliament, on report 24 Oct. 1653, from the Council of State, that Sir Jas. Hope bring in an Act for levying the said duty. 31 Oct. 1653. [1 page, 2 copies.]