Volume 77: November 1654

Pages 389-404

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1654. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1880.

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November 1654

Nov. 2. Council. Day's Proceedings.
3. Several testimonials from the burgomasters and sheriffs of Middleburg in Zealand, concerning the Sea Horse, taken by an English man-of-war, and goods therein, referred to the Earl of Mulgrave, Fiennes, Jones, Lisle, and Wolsley, to report.
4. Livewell Chapman, committed to the Serjeant-at-arms to have his liberty, on security to render himself when required.
7. The rules and byelaws made by the Court of Aldermen of London for regulating hackney coachmen referred to Jones, Mackworth, Strickland, Sydenham, and Mulgrave, to report. Annexing,
1. i. Order in the Court of Aldermen approving the said rules, and referring them to the Protector and Council for approval. 17 October 1654. [½ page.]
10. The report of the Customs' Commissioners touching the Hope of Middleburg read.
11. Order on petition of Henry George Mendez, on behalf of the proprietors of 240 sacks of Spanish wool, and 6 bags of cochineal, imported in the St. Peter, Swan, Hope, and Earl of Holland, that Mackworth, Sydenham, Wolsley, and Cooper send for Dr. Walker, consider what should be done, and report.
12. The petition of Emanuel Neale and other gentlemen referred to Sydenham and Montague, to examine the discovery, and report.
13. That of John Dethick, Nathan Wright, and others read.
14. That of the Governor and Comptroller of Merchants of London trading to the East Indies referred to Mulgrave, Lisle, Mackworth, and Strickland, to report.
15. Theodore Jennings to have half the pay of the clerk of the chapel, until the matter between him and Hugh Griffith be further considered, and Frost to pay him accordingly.
16. To advise a warrant for payment of 3,473l. 10s. to Fras. Thomson and Hen. Cannon, they having resigned their interest in Windsor little park &c., but not been paid as ordered 30 Aug. last. [I. 75, pp. 591–593.]
Nov. 6. 2. Petition of Sarah, widow and executrix of Wm. Bradshaw, to the Protector. The sum of 242l. 4s. 4d., due to her late husband as harbinger to the late King, was ordered in 1650 by Parliament to be paid out of the late King's goods at Somerset House, but she only received 40l. thereof, and 15l. out of the late King's revenue, and 5l. more by order of a Committee for the King's servants. Her husband maintained soldiers for Parliament, and lent money on the public faith, which is not repaid.
Is much in debt, and in danger of prison, is very ancient, and she and her children in great want; begs payment of the balance of 182l. 4s. 4d., or 40l. for the present, to keep her from imprisonment. With reference to Council, recommending a sum to stay the execution and give her subsistence. [1 page.]
Nov. 6. Order in Council for payment to her of 50l. in lieu of all demands. Approved 28 Nov. [I. 75, pp. 595, 612; I. 105, p. 121.]
Nov. 6. 3. Petition of Col. John Barkstead, Lieutenant of the Tower, for himself and the officers there, to the Protector. On 21 Aug. 1654, the sum of 863l. 16s. 11½d. was ordered for them, of which they have only received 410l. 2s. 6¾d. Beg payment of the balance and of their Michaelmas salaries, and a settled course for their future payment. With reference thereon to Jones and Mackworth. [1 page.] Annexing,
3. i. Certificate by Fauconberg of the sum ordered, the sum paid, and the balance due of 453l. 14s. 3¾d. 1 Nov. 1654, [¾ page.]
3. ii. Declaration of the salaries due to Barkstead and his officers 29 Sept. 1654; total 378l. 13s. 8¼d. [1 sheet.]
3. iii. Demands of Barkstead for repairs and for expenses of prisoners; total 208l. 10s. 10d.; making together 587l. 4s. 7¼d. [2 sheets.]
3. iv.. v. Report on the petition that the said sum is due, and that the Treasury Commissioners should have a warrant to pay the salaries quarterly, to avoid trouble. [2 copies.]
3. vi. List of the Tower establishment and estimate of the incident charges. [1 sheet.]
3. vii. "The state of the establishment of the Tower of London."
£ s. d.
The Lieutenant, yearly 200 0 0
30 warders, at 1s. 2d. a day 638 15 0
10 warders, whose pay as they die or are removed is to go to the Lieutenant 212 18 4
Gentleman porter, 1s. 4d. a day 24 6 8
Minister, 3s. 5½d. a day 63 2
Gaoler, 1s. 1¾d. 20 18
Clockkeeper, 3d. " 4 11 3
Pumper, 8d. " 12 3 4
Scavenger, 6d. " 9 2 6
6 gunners, 2s. each " 225 0 0
Fire and candles, 1s. 9d. 31 18 9
Gentlemen porters and yeomen warders, for liveries and halberds, 6l. 7s. 11d. each 262 4 7
£1,705 0 11¼
With note that the contingencies, as the wages of workmen, and allowance for the diet, attendance, and boat hire of prisoners, are to be paid by bills drawn and allowed. [¾ page.]
3. viii., ix. Two sheets of calculations relating thereto. [4½ pp.]
Nov. 6. 4. Petition of Theo. Bolton, citizen of London, to the Protector, for a letter to the Commissioners of Customs for a landwaiter's place, or other employment. Has lived 29 years in one house in London, has been well affected to Parliament and religion, and furnished forth his only brother, Major Chas. Bolton, who after doing good service in England and Ireland, was wounded at the taking of Clanmell, and died. Having lost much during the late wars, and being 63 years old, must beg relief. [1 page.] Annexing,
4. i. Certificate by Geo. Wytham and 12 others to the good conduct of Theo. Bolton, linendraper, of St. Peter's parish, Cornhill. 20 Jan. 1647–1648. [1 page.]
4. ii. Thomas Lord Fairfax to the Commissioners of Customs, recommending Bolton for employment. Queen Street, 31 January 1648–1649. [½ page.]
Nov. 6. Council. Day's Proceedings.
1. Order that Sir John Wollaston and Fras. Allen send to Council all jewels delivered to them by Col. Rob. Venables. Annexing,
5. i. Warrant by the Protector for their delivery to John Trestean, they being given by Venables in full of all moneys advanced to the public by Eliz. Lee, widow, and they are to take in her security for the money, and Trestean's receipt. 25 Sept. 1654. [2/3 page.]
2, 3. Order on the petition of Major Peter Wallis, for himself, Col. Rob. Phaier, and Capt. Joseph Deane, that the Army Committee give warrant to pay him 475l. 1s. 8d.. balance in hand of 10,000l. ordered 22 April 1652 for payment of recruits for Ireland, to be disposed of by order of the Lord Deputy for contingent charges of the forces.
5. Order on certificate by the Committee for Ely House and the Savoy Hospital, about the Treasury for maimed soldiers, widows, and orphans, for a warrant to the Treasury Commissioners to pay to John Bressy, the treasurer, besides the fines and forfeitures received by the Excise Commissioners, 735l. a week; viz., 230l. from Goldsmiths' Hall, and 505l. from excise moneys in the Exchequer, to be issued on orders from the Ely House and Savoy Committee. Annexing,
6. i.-iii. Orders in Parliament for payment for sick and maimed soldiers, &c., viz., 6 Aug. 1646, 100l. weekly from Goldsmiths' Hall; 8 June 1649, 130l. more from Goldsmiths' Hall with arrears, the total payment being 560l. a week; 13 June 1649, warrant confirmed for the 230l. from Goldsmiths' Hall. [3 papers.]
6. The petition of Wm. Smith and Sam. Wright, for 80 of the company of the Constant of London, Wm. Harley, captain, sent out as a privateer, which took several prizes that were in the Admiralty Court and adjudged by Isaac Phillips, the setter forth, without any account given to petitioners, referred to the Admiralty judges, to learn the facts, and give relief according to justice. [I. 75, pp. 594–595.]
Nov. 7. 7. Petition of the Merchant Adventurers' Company to the Protector. Thanks for your effectual letters recommending us to the States General and Provincial of Holland. We beg your influence with the King of Denmark for payment of our great debt. It was agreed in 1645 between King Christian and Parliament that he should pay 100,000 rix dollars in 3 years, which we agreed to accept, though at great loss of interest; but nothing was paid. It was then agreed that the present King Frederic III. should pay principal and interest [amounting to 100,688 dollars] in 6 years, ended last January, but we have only had one payment. We begged provision for us to be made in the treaty last June, and you referred us to Council, and they to the Treaty Committee, but we understand the treaty is shut up, and no provision made for our debt, and we fear the ministers of that King, who have obtained omission of us in the treaty, will be more negligent of us than ever. We beg "gracious and expressive letters" to the King, the rather that many young men's fortunes depend thereon, and that the occasion of it was their adherence to Parliament against the late King. Also that it may be written at least a month before the mart at Kiel, on 17 Jan. next, that being the day and place of promised payment. [1 sheet. Also I. 92, No. 266.]
Nov. 8. 8. Petition of Lewis du Moulin to the Protector, for a patent for payment with arrears of the pension of 100l. a year granted by Parliament to his father, Peter du Moulin, and charged on Goldsmiths' Hall, but by a late Ordinance all receipts are brought into the Exchequer. With special reference thereon to Council, 3 Nov. 1654. [1 page.]
Nov. 8. Reference thereon to Col. Sydenham, Mr. Strickland, and Col. Mackworth, to report. [I. 75, p. 594.] Annexing,
9. i. Report thereon in favour of payment from 24 June last, when the pension was stayed. 17 Nov. 1654. [2/3 page. See also Composition tables, 8 June 1649.]
[Nov. 8.] 10. Petition of Lady Alice Borlase to the Protector. Has long had a pension of 500 marks a year, of which 4,000l. being in arrears, the late Parliament settled on her 4l. a week, to be paid from Goldsmiths' Hall, but it is stopped on the order of 24 June last, for bringing all receipts into the Exchequer. Being very sickly and nearly 80 years old, begs an order for her 4l. weekly with arrears, from the Exchequer. With reference thereon to Council, 3 Nov. 1654. [1 page.]
Nov. 8.
11. Reference thereon by Council to Cols. Sydenham and Mackworth and Mr. Strickland, to report. [2/3 page. Also I. 75, p. 596.] Annexing,
11. i. Report by them in favour of the petition, 17 Nov., and note of agreement thereto, 12 Dec. 1654. [1 page.]
Nov. 8. 12. Petition of Thos. Tudor, prisoner in the Tower, to the Protector. I deeply regret my offence against your Highness, but I dealt with an open heart in my confession last August, and nothing has since come to my knowledge which has not been clearly revealed. I can expect only punishment after so foul an offence, but I am told you are merciful, and I hope you will restore me to liberty, when I will dedicate the rest of my life to the most perfect obedience. I can only preserve my wife and family from utter ruin by following my profession. [1 page.]
Nov. 8. Order thereon in Council for his release, on bail in 300l. to the Lieutenant of the Tower, to render himself prisoner when required, and meantime to do nothing to the prejudice of his Highness or the Government. [I. 75, p. 596; I. 112, p. 72; I. 113, p. 62.]
Nov. 8. Council. Day's Proceedings.
3. The paper signed by his Highness this day, referring it to Council to consider a fit recompense for the Commissioners for removing Obstructions' attendance for 2½ years, referred to Sydenham, Strickland, and Mackworth, to report.
8. Two papers, signed by Emanuel Martines Dorimdo alias David Abrabanell, a Hebrew, recommended by his Highness to Council, referred to Fiennes, Lisle, Lambert, Mackworth, and Jones, to report.
9. To request his Highness to issue warrants under the Great Seal to the Treasury Commissioners to pay 2,000l. to Walter Frost, to be paid by imprest on account, and issued as directed by his Highness.
10. Martin Noel having advanced 16,000l. at instance of the Protector and Council for the fleet and forces, 12,000l. to be repaid from the excise, and 4,000l. from the 30,000l. ordered for Ireland, the 4,000l. is to be paid and charged as part of the contingencies for Ireland. [I. 75, pp. 595, 596.]
Nov. 9. 13. Petition of John Embree to the Protector. Was appointed in January 1652–3 by a Committee of Parliament, surveyor for the late King's houses, which place he has executed diligently, and spent 12,000l. on repairs of Whitehall, St. James's, Somerset House, the Mews, the Parliament House, Courts of Justice at Westminster, Hampton Court and Greenwich, of which 5,000l. remains unpaid for materials and poor workmen, and he has had no salary or recompense. Begs payment of the balance to quiet the clamours of the poor people, recompense for the time past, and a fitting salary for the time to come. [1 page.]
Nov. 9. Reference thereon in Council to Strickland, Desborow, Jones, Montague, and Mackworth, and Sir Gilb. Pickering, to examine the account, enquire what should be allowed him, and how it may best be paid, and report. [I.75, p. 598.]
Nov. 9. 14. Report that all workmen on the State's account be discharged next Saturday, and that thenceforth Embree be no further charged with repairs of Whitehall, Hampton Court, or the Mews.
That the surveyor bring in his accounts for repairs hitherto. That he be allowed 300l. a year as surveyor for the last 3 years and henceforth, and his fee of 38l. 10s. as serjeant plumber from 1642.
That on his demand for disbursements in the late King's time, 6,000l. be allowed him out of the ½ of all discoveries he shall make.
That a Committee consider how the rest of the State's houses may be repaired in the most frugal way, and report. [1 page.] Annexing,
15. i. Bill of Embree for disbursements about the houses in the late King's time, and for his 17 years' fee as serjeant plumber from 1638 to 1655, and his 12 years' loss of the profits of his place. Total 11,977l. 10s., of which he has received 642l. [2/3 page.]
Nov. 9. 16. Petition of Clement Kinnersley, wardrobe keeper, to the Protector. I have done my best service in gathering the late King's goods, and employing them to furnish Whitehall. But Legg's scandalous assertions obstruct my credit and hinder the service, many thinking the employment should be his, though he has proved nothing against me, and is ill affected. A full hearing has often been promised, as seen by a petition and orders annexed. I have served 6 months without provision for office, diet, or employment, and Legg still keeps his office and 300l. a year, settled on him by the late Council of State, though the late King's patent only gave him 32l. I beg a full hearing. With reference thereon, signed, to Sir G. Pickering, Mr. Strickland, and Col. Jones, to call the petitioner and Mr. Legg before them, examine the case and certify, 31 Aug. 1654. Also later note [by Kinnersley] that nothing has been done thereon. [1 sheet.] Annexing,
16. i. Petition of Clement Kinnersley, chief officer to the late King's wardrobe of beds, to the Protector. I have suffered much by the plots of Wm. Legg and others, who by fraud have got my employment and 300l. a year settled on me for it. Two years ago, I petitioned the Council of State, and they appointed a Committee who drew up a report which was presented in Dec. 1652, but not received, because an information was given against Legg for sending arms and ammunition for 300 men to the late King. The Council then appointed another Committee, and Mr. Say, who was in the chair, has all the papers, which I desire may be called for. I beg to be paid what is annexed, or further examination. With reference thereon to Council 27 Jan. 1653–4; and their order 21 Feb. 1653–4 to Kinnersley to furnish the lodging in Whitehall set forth for his Highness' use according to instructions from her Highness the lady Cromwell; and the claims put in by him and Mr. Legg to the wardrobe will be determined in due time. [1 page.]
Nov. 9. Reference thereon in Council to Col. Sydenham and Mr. Strickland, to hear both parties as to their title to the place, consider the petitioner's charges, and what allowance he should have, and report. [I. 75, p. 598.]
Nov. 9. Council. Day's Proceedings.
2. The petition of Rich. Woolaston, and an annexed certificate of 472l. due to him as master gunner of England, read, but no order given thereon.
3. The petition of Wm. Sadlington, and his Highness' warrant allowing him and his family to pass from France to England, and remain in safety here, referred to Mulgrave, Strickland, Desborow, and Mackworth, to send for Robert Hammond of London, who arrested the petitioner, and any others, and report.
8. The petition of Rich. Ford and other merchants of London, concerning a quantity of oil and whale fins, for importation of which they had given an order on a licence from his Highness and Council, assigned to them by Major Harris, which proved counterfeit, read, but no order made.
10. The Army Committee to issue warrants for a month's pay of such officers as are not in the establishment, out of the 30,000l. ordered for special service. [I. 75, pp. 597, 598.]
Nov. 9.
Council to Humphrey Walcot, Samuel and Rich. Cust, and Rob. Yarborough, justices of peace for co. Lincoln. We are informed [by petition of Wm. Kiffin and 2 others], that Rob. Massey and Thomas and Israel Cave, being desired by some members of a church to meet them at a religious exercise at Gedney, in Holland, co. Lincoln, on Oct. 1, whilst going through Holbech on the way thither, were apprehended by the constable, and brought before Justice Hobson. That he tried to engage them to leave their meetings, offering them release, but on their refusal, issued a warrant of very unusual form to commit them to Lincoln Goal.
These proceedings seeming very strange, if the said persons conducted themselves inoffensively, we desire you to examine the truth of the matter, and to take order for their release, if it may be done according to law, and to report. [I. 75, p. 597.]
Nov. 15. 17. Petition of Thos. Colchester, one of the under ushers of the Exchequer, to the Protector and Council. Obtained a Council order of 18 Aug. 1653 that on payment of 53l. 5s. 0½d. chantry rents collected in co. Hants, to Capt. Thos. Fauconberg, receiver-general, 25l. should be allowed him, on a former order of the Revenue Committee, but by want of clearness of expression, it was not allowed him. Begs another order to Capt. Fauconberg for defalcation thereof. [¾ page.] Annexing,
17. i. Receipt by Thos. Fauconberg of 28l. 5s. from Thos. Colchester, 25l. being allowed for arrears of his salary of 10l. a year. 20 Aug. 1653. [1 page. certified copy.]
17. ii. Request by Fauconberg for direction as to allowing the said 25l., subscribed under a copy of the order of the Council of State of 18 Aug. 1653. 2 June 1654. [1 page.]
Nov. 15. Order in Council granting the petition. Signed 16 Nov. [I. 75. pp. 601, 605.]
Nov. 15. Note of a petition referred to the Committee for petitions, from Fitzjames Fisher, for money to defray the charge of some books of his in hand, or a pension, in consideration of his services. Order in Council for 100l. to be paid him from Council's contingencies. [I. 92, No. 222; I. 75, p. 600.]
Nov. 15. Council. Day's Proceedings.
2–3. Order to advise a warrant for 12,000l. to Mr. Frost, to be by him paid to John Maidstone, for expenses of his Highness' household.
4. Order to reply to Mr. Lenthall's representation for an allowance as one of the 6 clerks in Chancery, since the 6 are by an Ordinance of his Highness reduced to 3 chief clerks, that the Ordinance is now before Parliament, whose resolution may be shortly expected, and then his desire shall be considered.
5. Order on petition of Sir Gerard Fleetwood, that the Lieutenant of the Tower, on Nov. 21, bring into the Court of Common Pleas at Westminster Ant. Jackson, prisoner in the Tower, to give testimony at a trial between the petitioner, plaintiff, and Wm. Tirringham, defendant, and then to return to prison.
7. 18. The petition of John Rousseau, for the French Greenland Company, for release of the Pelican, which, with her lading of Greenland oil and whale fins, was lately seized by a ship of this Commonwealth, notwithstanding a pass from Greenland to Havre de Grace, referred to the Admiralty Commissioners, to report.
9. The petition of Ed. Annesley, storekeeper and proofmaster in the Armoury Office, Tower, referred to the Admiralty Commissioners, to report.
10. Mackworth's report touching the orders and byelaws concerning hackney coachmen to be considered next sitting.
12. Order on a report from the Army Committee, and other papers concerning Col. Carter's disbursements for Conway garrison, that the 504l. 12s. due to him should be paid from the contingencies of the army. Approved 28 Nov. [I. 78, pp. 598–600.] Annexing,
19. i. Army Committee to Capt. Ball, Capt. Ge. Barber, Dan. Lloyd, John Kenniston, and Lieut. Ralph Weld, Wrexham, co. Denbigh. We wish you to examine Col. Carter's account, whether his disbursements were from his own money; whether the provisions were spent by officers and soldiers; or whether any were lost or spoiled, and if so, by what means. Also whether he received any money from co. Carnarvon towards the said charges. 4 April 1654. [Copy. 12/3 pp.]
19. ii. Reply of the said gentlemen that Carter did expend his own money, and was very instrumental in subduing insurrections and preserving those countries in obedience. That he only spent 57l. 10s. worth of provisions. That what was spoiled cannot be known, the commissary therefor being since dead in Ireland, but the remainder was delivered to Capt. Pooley and Ensign Aspinall, 29 Aug. 1654. [Copy. 12/3 pp.]
19. iii. Order in the Army Committee, transmitting the said papers to Council, 27 Oct. 1654. [1 page.]
Nov. 16. Council. Day's Proceedings.
1. The Army Committee to issue warrants to the War Treasurers to pay to Col. James Heane and other army colonels, out of whose regiments any officers or soldiers are to be drawn for special service, what will complete their pay, according to the army establishment, till Nov. 20. Approved 16 Nov.
5. To advise his Highness to command the colonels and other officers of the foot regiments from which any officers or soldiers are to be drawn for special service, to draw them out and deliver them to the officers employed on that service next Monday. Approved 16 Nov.
6. Order on report to advise his Highness to issue a warrant to pay 500l. each to Sir Wm. Roberts, Hen. Pitts, John Parker, Rob. Aldworth, Jas. Berners, and Fras. Mussenden, Commissioners for removing Obstructions, for 2½ years' salary. Approved 16 Nov.
9. To advise that Granger, prisoner at Newgate for counterfeiting debentures, be released on giving 5,000l. bail, and sufficient security to do nothing of the sort again, and to faithfully perform what instructions he shall receive from the Admiralty Committee; or on his failure, to render himself prisoner to the keeper of Newgate within 5 days after summons. The Admiralty Committee to give him instructions to the purport of what was communicated to Council by Gen. Desborow. Approved 28 Nov.
10. Approval by the Protector of 13 orders and Ordinances, 17 Oct.-16 Nov. [I. 75, pp. 603–605.]
Nov. 16. 20. Examination of Mat. Siddall before Gen. Desborow and Cols. Clerke and Kelsey. Denies his having any hand in counterfeiting warrants, or being in Granger's conspiracy, or receiving any share of the money that the State has been cheated of by Granger and his participants. [¼ page.]
Nov. 16. 21. Like examination of Mat. Siddall. Being brought face to face with Granger, he said he did not know him, although he had seen him several times in Gusman's company at the Half Moon tavern in Cheapside, but never received a penny of him. Might have shown Granger some papers, but never left any warrants with him. Discoursed with Gusman about how advantage might be made by warrants. Was in the Half Moon tavern with Granger last March, but does not remember the discourse, and saw no money. Became acquainted with Granger by Gusman's means, and they first met at the Fountain tavern, in Fenchurch Street, and it might have been at the Fountain or Mitre tavern that he showed Granger the papers. They spent 2s. at the Half Moon. Wrote a letter to Granger since his imprisonment, wondering he should accuse him, but does not remember the contents. Never received any money of Painter nor of John Granger under that name, nor of Bateson, although he knows him. [1½ pp.]
Nov. 16. 22. Examination of Abraham Granger. Knows some besides himself that have dealt in Public faith bills, viz., those that formerly acted and found security. Beleives that 4/5 of the Public faith bills are counterfeited, and that 2/3 of the claims are false. A week before he was taken, met Barnes and Steed, who had some design upon the Custom House, but told him it was to be done by a seal, and when they had got it, he should hear further; but being taken, has not since heard, and does not know where they lodge. Knows Siddall, who was a partner with him in divers cheats; besides the 33l., Painter paid Siddall 10l., and other of the participants paid him divers sums. Barnes had a scar on the left side of his face, was a tall man, grisly, with black hair, and sometimes wore a black patch on the scar. [1 page.]
Nov. 18. 23. Reference by the Admiralty Committee to Rich. Hutchinson, Navy Treasurer, of the petition of Capt. Wm. Batten to the Protector, for payment of 161l. 6s. 3d. due to him as his share on the appraisement of the Constant Warwick, and stopped in the treasurer's hands by order of the Navy Committee. With his report that he had order to pay the Earl of Warwick one half part amounting to 1,040l. 10s. and other persons named sums mentioned, and that Capt. Batten being under revolt from the Parliament, he had no order to pay his share amounting to 130l. 1s. 3d. [1 page.]
Nov. 20. 24. List of eleven assignments of debentures to Rich. Rogers, left with Mr. Tibbs. Total value 908l. 3s. 8d. [½ page.]
Nov. 21. Council. Day's Proceedings.
1. To advise warrants to pay 500l. to Col. Jas. Heane for former service, he being now engaged on special service, and 500l. to Col. Rob. Venables, as advance for 60 reformadoes, above the 40 named in the establishment, and also advance money to ministers, physicians, and surgeons engaged in that service.
2. The Army Committee to issue warrants to pay 5l. a piece for the horses of the troop ordered on a special service.
4. The order of 2 Sept. last, made on petition of Henry Lord Herbert, discharging him from an order of the Committee for removing obstructions, for him to pay a fee farm rent of 88l. 3s. 10d. on lands purchased by Geo. Bachelor and Edw. Southes, is not to extend to the discharge of his lands from a like rent of 95l. on Kendal Park, Westmoreland, purchased by John Goodwin, and not mentioned in his petition. [I. 75, pp. 606, 607.]
Nov. 23. 25. Petition of Sir John Price to the Protector and Council. I was elected by co. Montgomery to serve in this Parliament, and returned by the sheriff; but coming to London, I find my name omitted in a list returned to the Crown office of members approved by you, and am told that objections are made against me as unfit to serve as member. From these allegations I have already cleared myself, and proved my affection by service in Scotland and at Worcester fight, &c., which the late Parliament noticing, took off the sequestration of my estate. Though I am within the meaning of the instrument of Government, I have forborne for modesty to go to the House, lest I should offend you; but having signed the recognition, I beg admission, that my county may not be deprived of a member. [1 page.]
[Nov. 24.] 26. Petition of Jos. Sheldon, prisoner to the serjeant-atarms, to the Protector and Council, for release, having been 21 weeks prisoner [see 4 Aug., suprà]. Sent to Col. Jones by Col. Mackworth. [1 page.]
[Nov. 24.] 27. Like petition to Secretary Thurloe, to the same effect. [1 page.]
Nov. 24. Order in Council that the serjeant-at-arms liberate him on bail in 300l. Approved 28 Nov. [I. 75, pp. 607, 609.]
Nov. 24. 28. Petition of Jas. Potter, minister, to the Protector and Council. Was 7 years sequestrated from Binfield rectory, co. Berks, by the Committee for Plundered Ministers, for words pretended to be preached many years before; has lived inoffensively in the parish ever since, confident in his innocency, but having a free presentation to another place, begs to be rendered capable for the work of the ministry there. [1 page.] Annexing,
28. i. Certificate by Dr. John Owen and 5 others to his conformity to government since his sequestration. [½ page.]
Nov. 24. Order thereon that the Commissioners for approbation of public preachers (who are not to admit sequestered ministers without satisfaction of their conformity) try Potter's fitness for preaching, and on their satisfaction therein, admit him, the Protector and Council being satisfied as to his conformity. Approved 28 Nov. [I. 75, pp. 607, 608.]
Nov. 24. 29. Petition of Jas. Carey, prisoner in Exeter gaol, to the Protector. Was bred in the Romish religion, took orders as a secular priest, and officiated in Ireland, whence he withdrew a year ago, on a proclamation. Being in France, was convinced of the errors of popery, and bore witness against it, which enraged some to lie in wait for his life. Fled to some English merchants in Morlaix, who succoured him, and gave him a passage and a certificate, some of them being now in Exeter, Dartmouth and Plymouth.
In May last, landed at Dartmouth, and went to the mayor, begging to take the oath of abjuration, but this was denied, and he sent to gaol, where he remained till last assizes, when he heartily and sincerely took the oath before Baron Thorpe, and satisfied some gentlemen and ministers in Exeter of his conversion. Yet he is still in prison, having no subsistence, nor friends to help him. Begs liberty and protection, that he may show his detestation of his former wicked practice, and draw others out of those snares. [1 page.]
Nov. 24. 30. Order thereon in Council that Baron Thorpe, one of the judges at the Western Circuit assizes, state the fact, and why he is continued prisoner. [¾ page. Also I. 75, p. 608.] Annexing,
31. i. Report by Baron Fras. Thorpe, confirming the statements of the petition, and adding that he could not bail Carey, who is an Irishman born, because his offence, by the statute of 27 Eliz., is treason, and the oath of supremacy therein named is taken away, and nothing put in its place. 30 Nov. 1654. [¾ page.]
31. ii. Examination of Jas. Carey before Art. Upton, Thos. Boone, and John Blackmore, justices of peace for co. Devon, to the same effect as his petition, adding that he was 11 years a student at Louvaine and came over to England to join the Protestant church. 8 Aug. 1654. [1 page.]
Nov. 24. Council. Day's Proceedings.
4. The name of Charles George Cock, Admiralty judge, to be added to the warrant of 31 Aug. last, for payment of salary to the other 2 judges, Drs. Clerke and Godolphin.
6. The Army Commissioners to issue warrants to the War Treasurers, to pay out of the 30,000l. set apart by Ordinance for the forces on special service, such moneys weekly to the officers and soldiers engaged therein as shall fall due, according to the annexed establishment, as long as they shall be received on shipboard. The pay to begin on Nov. 20.
7. The Barons of Exchequer to speak with Council at Whitehall, on the business of indemnity next Tuesday.
8. To advise his Highness,—on Jones' report from the Committee on John Embree's petition, that they are arranging for his account and the future management of repairs, and think that 5,000l. should be brought into the Council's contingencies, to be issued to him from time to time,—to grant warrants accordingly. Approved 28 Nov.
10. To give notice to the members that Council will sit at 4 p.m. each Tuesday and Thursday. [I. 75, pp. 607–609.]
Nov. 28. 32. Petition of Wm. Drakeford and Wm. Standen, merchants of London, to Council. We had letters of marque to send out the Scout, and the captain, Wm. Pearse, took the Sea Horse, laden with train oil, linen, and tobacco, belonging to Frenchmen, and bound for Rouen; but on complaint made by the skipper to the Dutch ambassadors, you sent for Pearse, and imprisoned him in Lambeth House, and all his men are prisoners with Vice-Admiral Lawson, whereby we are exceeding sufferers. We beg you to hear the case, or refer it to the Admiralty Court, and meanwhile to release the men and the Sea Horse, now under restraint. [¾ page.]
Nov. 28. Order thereon on report from the Committee on the case, that the Sea Horse of Zealand, seized at sea, on her way from the Low Countries by Capt. Pearse, and secured at Dover by order of Council, be restored to the master, Paul Andrea, and allowed to proceed with her lading, there being no cause for the seizure. [I. 75, p. 610.]
Nov. 28. 33. Petition of Capt. Richard or Roger Bamford to the Protector, for payment of the 40l. arrears due to him as surveyor of delinquents' estates from some other treasury than Drury House, as there is no money there. Has suffered wounds, imprisonments, and loss in the service, and is going on this sea design as captain in Col. Jas. Heane's regiment. [1 page.]
Nov. 28. Order in Council referring it to Montague, Sydenham, and Strickland, to call for the Drury House treasurer if needful, and report. [I. 75, p. 611.]
Nov. 28. Council. Day's Proceedings.
1. Approval by the Protector of 5 orders and Ordinances named. 15–24 Nov.
2. The petition of Wm. Denny and Mary, his wife, referred to Mulgrave, Wolsley, and Jones, to report.
3. That of Sir Peter Richaut's sons referred to Montague, Fiennes, Mulgrave, and Jones, to report.
4. The report on the case of Wm. Hunt, late incumbent of Kibworth Rectory, co. Leicester, to be considered on Thursday.
5. The petition of Thos. Stephenson of Whitgift, co. York, referred to Mulgrave, Mackworth, Fiennes, Wolsley, and Jones, to report.
8. Strickland, Jones, and Wolsley to consider fit rooms for the Admiralty Commissioners instead of part of Lord Richard [Cromwell's] lodgings, now used by them, and to order the accommodating of the new rooms, so that the old ones may be used by Lord Richard.
9. A letter to the Admiralty at Dunkirk, prepared by Mr. Jessop, on petition of Sam. Leaver and company, concerning the Patience, stayed at Ostend, to be transmitted to Dr. Walker, who is to return it with his opinion.
10. On a paper signed by Sir Oliver Fleming, and Edw. Tyton, and Ant. Compton, 2 of the serjeant's deputies,—for payment of 20s. for coaches, with 6 horses each, 10s. for those with 4, and 5s. for those with 2, for reception of Dutch, French, and Portugal ambassadors, March 1653–4, total, 123l. 10s., besides Mr. Beale the trumpeter, 120 footmen of his Highness, and 84 others—that the 123l. 10s. be paid from Council's contingencies to Tyton and Compton, who are to pay the coachmen. Approved 2 Dec.
11. Three warrants for payment of money, 6–16 Nov.; signed. [I. 75, pp. 610–612.]
Nov. 28.
34. J. Yorke to Wm. Maling, secretary to the Protector, Whitehall. Yesterday I spoke with a Frenchman, who showed a letter from the governor of Honfleur, which relates that his correspondent at Marseilles states that Gen. Blake has taken 30 sail of Turks, belonging to Tripoly, with their prizes, which seems to gain the better credency in regard of our peace with Algiers, but my sense is rather the French fleet for Naples. Some Brest men-of-war have taken 10 sail, whereof 4 belong to London and the others to Apsham, Plymouth, and Bristol. I think if our ships were to exercise more diligence in the Channel, our merchantmen would not be captured by pickeroons of 6 or 8 guns. [1 page.]
Nov. 28.
35. Jno. Allen, senr., storekeeper, to Jno. Clerke and Thos. Kelsey, Army Commissioners, Whitehall. I send an account of provisions in the stores and at the castle. Mr. Newberry can give an account of those there prior to my taking charge in Nov. last. I have endured many losses and received many wounds in the service, as known to Colonels Sydenham and Heane, under whom I served as captain, and have not received any pay or free quarter for 3 years, but always been upon my own charge; my losses amount to 1,000l., including 13 butts of sack, part of 3 ships, 9 feather beds and bedding, and all my household stuff, and I was kept out of my lands for 3 years. Col. Legg, seeing to what poverty I was brought, procured me this place unsolicited. I hope consideration. [1 page.] Enclosing,
35. I. Account of stores alluded to. [¾ page.]
Nov. 30. 36. Petition of Wm. Johnson, merchant of Newcastle-on-Tyne, to Council. Has bought by auction from the Prize Commissioners there 23 iron and 3 brass guns, taken from the Dutch, for export, for which he begs a warrant. [2/3 page.] Annexing,
36. I. Inventory of the said guns. [2 pages.]
Nov. 30. 37. Reference thereon to the Admiralty Committee, who, if they do not grant the licence, are to consider whether the guns should be bought for the State. [2/3 page. Also I. 75, p. 612.] Annexing,
37. i. Valuation of the guns by Johnson, at 12s. 8d. per cwt. for the iron guns, 4l. the brass; he will sell shot for the guns at 2s. per cwt. below the ordinary price. 11 Jan. 1654–5. [2/3 page.]
37. II. Prize Commissioners to the Admiralty Commissioners. We sold the 2 brass guns at Newcastle for 181l. 19 Jan. 1654–5. [2/3 page.]
Nov. 30. 38. Petition of Col. Ant. Weldon to Council, for a pass beyond seas, to seek his livelihood in his profession as a soldier. Has spent his whole fortune for the public interest; was sent to the relief of Duncannon, and was the first officer who was imprisoned in Ireland by Lord Ormond for the Parliament's cause; has never been blemished in repute, and has had the Parliament's acknowledgment of his services, but all his arrears are still due. Petitioned the Protector 4 months ago for employment for a subsistence, but his petition being neither read nor answered, he is wholly discouraged. [1 page.]
Nov. 30. Order for a pass, as requested. [I. 75, p. 613; I. 112, p. 76; l. 113, p. 69.]
Nov. 30. Council. Day's Proceedings.
2. Note that the report on the case of Wm. Hunt, rector of Kibworth, was read. Annexing,
39. i. Report alluded to, detailing the case [see 26 Oct. suprà]. Hunt was restored on payment of 150l. composition to the County Committee, but the inhabitants asked, for Yaxley, supposing Hunt to be under sequestration. Hunt having cleared himself of delinquency both in cos. Leicester and Oxford, has obtained a verdict at law against Yaxley, but is stayed in his proceedings by a Council of State order of 13 June 1654, confirming Yaxley in the rectory. Query, whether that order shall be discharged. 17 Nov. 1654. [Draft, 12/3 pages.]
3. An Ordinance of 2 Sept. 1654, to pay 9,717l. 18s. 6d., out of Scotch fines, to the creditors and servants of the late King, read and approved.
5. The rules, directions, and byelaws, made by the Court of Aldermen of London, by virtue of the late Ordinance for regulation of hackney coaches within and near the city, read and approved.
6. Several bills presented this day by John Maidstone, from tradesmen and others, concerning the first furniture of Whitehall and the Mews, amounting to 6,117l. 14s. 6½d., referred to Jones, Strickland, and Mackworth, to examine and report.
7, 8. 40. Thos. Hodges and 7 others named, having been directed to execute the laws for encopsing part of Dean Forest, Major John Wade is empowered to direct the work for bounding the park of the said forest, the money for defraying the charges to be paid by the Admiralty Committee from Navy money, or the profits of the ironworks in the forest. Approved 2 Dec.
9. The report concerning Capt. Sadlington's arrest by Mr. Hammond, after his Highness' engagement that on his coming in he should enjoy safety, to be considered the next sitting.
10. Fiennes, Cooper, Mackworth, Jones, and Wolsley, to consider the arrears due to Mr. Byshe and the rest of the heralds, and report.
11. The warrants for pay of the Council officers, and of Rich. Scutt, usher, for fuel, stationery, &c., to be signed.
12. To advise that Rob. Wadeson, recommended by Gen. Venables, be appointed paymaster for the forces on special service. Approved 2 Dec.
13. A fourth of the pay of the officers and soldiers listed under Gen. Venables for special service to be paid every 4 months, on their assignations, signed by themselves and their general or major-general, to begin on expiration of the month's pay which they will receive on coming on shipboard. Approved 2 Dec.
14. Defalcations for their clothes and victuals, to be made only at such rates as would be paid in England. Approved 2 Dec.
15. A month's pay to be given when they come on shipboard. Approved 2 Dec.
16. All balance of moneys due to them to be paid on their return. Approved 2 December.
17. The Ordnance officers to deliver to them, in addition to the stores already ordered,—.
500 long pikes.
1,000 matchlock muskets.
50 saddles and other horse furniture.
5 tons of match.
1 ton small shot.
1 " iron
4 small drakes.
50 fowling pieces.
Approved 2 Dec. [I. 75, pp. 612–615.]
Nov. ? 41. And. Duke to Capt. John Pearse, late in the fleet, now at [Wm.] Chamberlain's, merchant, Cannon Street. Private affairs. My cousin Johnson, at the Blue Boy, Friday Street, will pay you money for me; I want a suit, riding coat, bible, pair of silver button for my breeches, and a cap like yours, between this and Christmas. [12/3 pages.]
Nov. 30.
St. Ives.
42. And. Duke to Capt. John Pearse, at Mr. Chamberlain's, Cannon Street. My brother has paid 10l. to my cousin, Rich. Johnson. Pray receive it of him, and have those things I wrote you about bought, which I expect when you come at Christmas. [1 page.]