Letters and Papers relating to the Navy, &c.: August 1654

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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1654. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1880.

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August 1654

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Vol 86.
Aug. 1 Capt. Hen Hatsell, Plymouth. Navy Comrs Hopes his bill for 1,500l., charged on the Navy Treasurer, will be met. All the frigates ordained for the western guard are gone to their stations. The Warwick brought in a French prize with fish, and returned to sea, but not before her men had plundered a little too much, which cannot be prevented so long as the great liberty exists of their having all between decks. 1
" " Capt. Mic. Nutton, Satisfaction, Liverpool Water. Adm. Com. Is hauling on shore to grave and clean, and as the victualler has orders to furnish provisions, begs to victual for 6 or 8 months; asks whether he is to carry 100 or 140 men, including the lieutenant, William Pickering, and the midshipmen. 2
Aug. 1 Capt. Abra. Allgatt, Drake, Barnstaple Bay. Adm. Com. Since the cleaning of his ship, has been plying between Padstow and the Crowe, but did not meet any of the enemy. Asks whether to grant tickets to 30 men who served in the Fortune on the Irish coast for 18 months, and were transferred to the Essex, and then to his ship, as they are in great need of their arrears. Wants a mainsail. Has received a month's provisions, and will put to sea again to look after the enemy. 3
" " Capt. Jno. Stoakes, George. " Recommends Wm. Creech as his clerk of the check; he was recommended by Generals Blake and Monk, and served in most of the engagements with the army on land. 4
" " Jno. Browne, Harwich. Rob. Blackborne Sent his packet to the Winsby frigate, which has since sailed for the Downs. There is neglect in forwarding packets, because they are directed to no one to take care for the sending. Desires they may be assigned direct to him for the future to forward. 5
" " Jno. Morris, Gravesend. Navy Comrs The steward of the Mary fly boat has come down with 5 coopers, but they are slenderly furnished with tools and hoops, and hoops are hardly to be bought at Gravesend. Asks orders as to the Wildman, so as to save charge. Has not heard anything of Thos. Hughes, and the clerk of the check and steward of the Rosebush give little attendance. The clerk of the Paragon has been absent ever since the ship came in. 6
" " Adm. Com. " Order to make out a bill for the wages, at 10l. a month, of Wm. Hempson, employed in disposing of the victuals sent to the fleet. 7
" " Sir Ant. Ashley Cooper. " Begs that John Payne, connected with some friends of his, may not be pressed for sea, his health being such that it would be certain death to him. 8
" 2 Capt. H. Maddison, Mary prize. Adm. Com. Has been cruising on the coast 4 months, but did not meet with anyone interfering with the free passage of the colliers, although he heard that Capt. Carey, a privateer, was about. Is going to Tynemouth for water, and desires orders as to victualling, having only sufficient for 6 weeks; his ship is very foul. 9
" " Robt. Blackborne, Whitehall. Navy Comrs To give order for recruiting the medicine chest for General Blake's squadron, and to allow Mathew Lynde, appointed by the General, to inspect it. 10
" " Vice-Adm. Jno. Lawson, Fairfax, Downs. Robt. Blackborne. To ask the Admiralty Committee to give Capt. Jas. Ableson of the Mermaid the command of a fourth-rate frigate, or of the Gainsborough, if Capt. Taylor is removed. 11
" " " " Adm. Com. Will deliver their orders to the commander of the Brier on his return from Calais, where he has gone as a convoy, and will provide him a master. Will also proceed against the master of the Gainsborough for drunkenness. Cannot recommend Mr. Ridley for the command of a fourthrate ship, but Capt. Ableson of the Mermaid is fit for one, and Ridley would do for a small convoy vessel. Ableson took 5 privateers last winter on the north coast, and was commander of the Victory merchant in the last two engagements against the Dutch. The gunner of the Winsby is to remain prisoner by order of court-martial until his fine is paid. Arrival of ships from Harwich, one of which wants 80 men. Asks whether the Advice is to go to Chatham or Harwich to refit and victual. 12
Aug. 2 Capt. Jas. Abelson, Mermaid, Downs. Adm. Com. Condition of his ship and the stores. Has 92 men, 25 serviceable guns, and 26 barrels of powder, but it is much decayed by long keeping. 13
" " John Morris, Gravesend. Navy Comrs The coopers not having brought any hoops, and there being none to be had, they have returned. As Thos. Hughes has not arrived, they must not depend upon his survey. The Paragon has a hoy attending her to impress men; the captain has ordered them to be entered into wages and victuals the day they are pressed, although they may be kept on the hoy for days; asks if this is to be allowed, and what is to be given to those who press them. The Golden Falcon wants a steward. 14
" " Adm. Com. " Order that such provisions as cannot be carried in the victualling ships for the squadron of which the George is admiral be put on board the Hope victualler. 15
" " " " Order for the victuallers to supply the said squadron with 6 months' provisions at Plymouth 16
" " " Thos. May Order to attend the Navy Commissioners for instructions as to rigging the Nantwich, building at Bristol. 17
" " Capt. Fras. Willoughby, Portsmouth. Navy Comrs Hopes the things demanded will be promptly supplied. Sends account of bills, and desires they may be checked by the books; also a list of stores required. Received orders from the Admiralty Committee to dispose of the iron for the advantage of the State. Will launch the new frigate in a fortnight; considering this, the sale of stores, and the payment of the fleet, craves the attendance of some of their number. 18
" " Capt. Thos. Fleet, Falcon, Chatham. " Desires the removal of his steward, who has threatened to pick a hole in his coat because he will not sign bills for clothes, value 38l., falsely alleged to have been sold since Capt. Lightfoot signed the last. 19
" " Capt. Wm. Hill, the Worcester. Adm. Com. Sends the carpenter, boatswain, and master gunner's account of provisions and stores under their charge. 20, 20a
" 3 Capt. Robt. Wilkinson, the Weymouth, Yarmouth Roads. " Convoyed in several of the fishing boats, and left a few behind. Heard there were some pirates on the coast, but did not see any. Is ordered by Major Burton to proceed to Harwich for victuals, having only sufficient for 4 days. 21
" " " " Navy Comrs To the same effect 22
" " E. Hayward Certificate that the accounts of Thos. Pointer, clerk of the check in the Sovereign, and the boatswain and carpenter, are correctly made up. 23
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order that the list annexed of 148 ships, frigates, &c., belonging to the navy in their several ranks, be the establishment for the future whereby they are to be paid. 24, 24a
" " " " Order that the master shipwrights of Chatham, Woolwich, Deptford, and Portsmouth prepare a draft or model of a second-rate ship to carry 60 guns. 25
" " " " Order for a sufficient quantity of timber to be provided for building 3 second-rate ships at Deptford, Woolwich, and Chatham. 26
Aug. 3 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order for 60 men and 12 guns to be borne upon the Merlin galley; Mr. Payler and the ordnance officers to supply the guns and stores. 27
" " John Digbey, clerk of the Prize Goods' Commissioners. Robt. Blackborne. Sends information of Lieut. Jno. Willgress of the Hound, that Capt. Jonathan Hide took 21 chests and an iron-bound case out of the Esperance prize of Dieppe, and put them on board the Gillyflower by the General's order; does not know their contents. 28, 28a
" " Major Wm. Burton, Yarmouth. Adm. Com. The Weymouth having come in from the fishing grounds at the North Seas, and having only 4 days' provisions, has sent her to Harwich to recruit. As the herring fishery will begin in 14 days, desires she may be appointed their convoy. Granted. 29
" " Capt. Giles Shelley, the Colchester, Harwich. Navy Comrs Complains of the drunkenness and absence on shore of Hen. Rodes, alias Coleman; also of his embezzling the canvas; account of Major Bourne's proceedings to recover it. 30
" " Capt. Joseph Cubitt, the Portsmouth, Plymouth Sound. Adm. Com. Being at sea with the Saphire, met a Hollander who had taken a Hamburgher; both have been towed into Plymouth. The Saphire has returned to sea; will follow to-night. The Constant Warwick spoke with some Hollanders and Hamburghers from St. Lucar, who met the Essex and her squadron with her flag out, and reported two French ships of 40 guns as lying about the South Cape, which had taken some Hollanders, and were at Rochelle with their prizes. 31
" 4 Capt. H. Maddison, Mary prize, Tynemouth Bar. " Will observe their orders. Did not meet with any of the enemy while plying upon the coast, but a pirate of 6 guns has taken one or two fishermen. 32
" " " " Navy Comrs To similar effect. Asks for a supply of provisions; has been out 5 months, and has only 6 weeks' on board. 33
" " Chris. Pett, Woolwich. " The Hector having sprung a leak, will be forced to take out her provisions and bring her on shore. The Success might take a portion of them to complete her sea stores. 34
" " Vice-Adm. Jno. Lawson, Fairfax, Downs. Adm.Com. Arrival and departure of ships. The stewards greatly complain of not being able to procure fish for the men, or any money in lieu thereof; as there are several ships out of victuals, asks a supply from London or the Hope. 35
" 5 Capt. John Bourne, the Essex. Robt. Blackborne. Has been plying towards Newfoundland. Met 6 sail of Frenchmen, and took 3, which he has sent home, but the others escaped. Desires his prayers, that he may answer the employment to which he is called forth, and be some way useful to his generation. 36
" " Lieut. Griffin Saite, Expedition, Plymouth Sound. Adm. Com. Received the Honble. Col. Jno. Bingham, set him on shore at Guernsey, and then sailed to Plymouth, where he has received order from Comr. Hatsell to proceed to his former station. 37
" " Ordnance officers " Have treated with Lord Whitelock for the copper brought by him from Sweden at 5l. per cwt., and desire order for casting it into ordnance; will then deliver the metal to the gunfounders. 38
Aug. 5 Rich. Hutchinson and E. Hopkins, Navy Comrs., Chatham. Adm. Com. Have paid the ordinary and extraordinary of Chatham and the James, and will endeavour to pay the Sovereign before going to the Downs. The Unicorn and Maidstone are still in the river; fear they will have to wait in the Downs, as but 4 ships have yet come there. Examined the officers of the Heartsease upon the complaint against Mathewes, the steward, and gave order for his discharge. 39
" " " " Navy ComrsLondon. To similar effect 40
" " John Mathewes, steward of the Heartsease, Chatham. Cols. Rouse or Kelsey, Adm. Comrs. Complains of the clerk of the check of the Heartsease for misapplying the stores, and for being the cause of the desertion of Geo. Aldridge, the late steward; the clerk is informing against him; begs to be heard before they dismiss him, and grant a warrant to another to fill his place. 41
" 6 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order to examine the accounts of Peter Walker, master of the Fisher hoy, for provisions delivered to him, and make out a bill for his pay. 42
" " " " Order to make out a bill for 80l. to Major Nehemiah Bourne, for the expenses of his journeys from Harwich to Yarmouth, Southwold, Aldborough, Woodbridge, and Ipswich, and for keeping a table at Harwich while part of the fleet was there. 43
" " " " Order to make out a bill for 16l. to Anne, widow of Fras. Harvey, late secretary and then judge advocate to Gen. Blake. 44
" 7 Jas. Bailey, St. Ives Major-Gen. Desborough Thanks for kindness towards his grandchild. Finds the place very pretty and convenient, and the charge not great, and has sent his daughter and her son to complete the business. 45
" " Navy Comrs., Navy Office. Adm. Com. Recommend Mr. Harding, gunner of the Swan, for the Winsby, whose gunner has been dismissed by Major Bourne for knavery. 46
" " Capt. Fras. Willoughby, Portsmouth. " It will be an advantage to build the second-rate ship at Portsmouth, where they have the necessary plank and timber, which will otherwise perish; having a ship on the stocks will keep the workmen together. Is proceeding with the victualling of the ships, and will launch the Lyme about the 17th. The Plymouth beer in the Portland begins to stink. 47
" " " " Navy Comrs Sends the denial of the carpenter of the Swiftsure of having received certain things out of the stores, so cannot proceed without further proof. Sent the warrant to Mr. Tippetts, and supposes he will comply, but he has a new frigate to launch next week. The victuallers want a warrant to victual the Falmouth. 48
" " " " Col. Jno. Clerke. As Mr. Hopkins is likely to be removed to another employment, and he will be thereby deprived of his society, begs to be removed from thence, and as the business about the ships is nearly over, the victualling excepted, asks leave to come to London for 4 or 5 days, before the fleet joins and departs. 49
Aug. 7 Capt. Thos. Adames, the Maidstone, Hope. Adm. Com. While at Chatham, set a new mast, caulked and tallowed, and took in stores, and when victualled will sail to the Downs. Most of his men, being colliers, have run, notwithstanding they leave 4 months' pay now due. 50
" " Capt. Robt. Nixon, Centurion, Dartmouth. " Has been plying with Capt. Gethings between Dartmouth and Portland, by order of the ViceAdmiral, and examined several vessels from France for suspected persons, but without effect, as being affrighted by the late justice passed on some of them, they do not now seek for a passage to England. Having been out 5 months, and having only 10 days' provisions, will ply about Portland till further orders. 51
" " Capt. Thos. Vallis, the Taunton, Plymouth Sound. " Convoyed the Victualler with the State's masts from Portsmouth to Plymouth, by order of General Penn, and is now endeavouring to get men; there being only 102 left when Capt Lyons left the ship, is 48 short; hopes to obtain them by the time General Blake arrives. 52
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Exeter. Col. Jno. Clerke, Adm. Chamber, Whitehall. The Martin gally having gone to Plymouth to be revictualled, begs that if she is to be one of General Penn's squadron, she may be ordered to Portsmouth to be fitted out. 53
" " Comr. Peter Pett, Chatham. Adm. Com. The Sovereign having come to her moorings at Gillingham, will pay her off to-morrow. The Cock repairing in the dry dock will soon be launched, and others are almost ready to sail. 54
" 8 " " Navy Comrs Asks a supply of beer for the Unicorn, in lieu of 52½ tuns, taken out as unfit for use, she being otherwise ready to sail. 55
" " Adm. Com. " Order to take off the stop put upon the moneys payable out of the Navy Treasury upon account of the Thomas and William, to state the credit of the ship, and certify to the Navy Treasurer what it amounts to. 56
" " Vice-Adm. Jno. Lawson, Fairfax, Downs. Adm. Com. The Great President has come in with a French ship from Guinea for Dieppe, with hides, bees' wax, and elephants' teeth. Sends a pass, granted by the Council of State to her master, to go to Guinea and back, and asks whether he shall send her to London or otherwise dispose of her. Has ordered Vice-Admiral Howett and the captain of the President to seal up her hatches. 57
" " Capt. Thos. Elliot, the Fagons. Adm. Com. Will be ready to sail for Hoseley Bay in a few days, but wants a master, some men, and a chain pump. 58
" " Capt. Robt. Wilkinson, Weymouth pink, Harwich. " Has come in by order of Major Burton to revictual, and desires further orders 59
" " Capt. Jno. Seaman, Portsmouth. " Meeting a French man-of-war with a Lyme bark from Morlaix, rescued the latter, and chased the former until dark, but could not do any good, being very foul; has come in to revictual. Hears there are 3 more men-of-war about, which came from Rusco in France. 60
Aug. 8 John Morris, Gravesend. Navy Comrs Surveyed the provisions on board the Wildman and Mary prize and finds the beef defective, but the remainder will serve until the ships are got up. Will provide Capt. Curle with 100 deals, if ordered; will send some muster books to the Downs, but the clerks of the check have received one for each ship already gone out. 61
" 9 Customs' Comrs. Robt. Blackborne. Desire the release of Wm. Bishop, a waterman, pressed while attending their surveyor at Barking, also of Thos. George, hired by their surveyor for service. 62
" " Christ. Pett, Woolwich. Navy Comrs Suggests the erection, by Mr. Brewer, of two wing wharfs, 30 ft. by 12, at a cost of 100l.; it will prevent a much greater charge, and preserve the sides of the banks. 63
" " Adm. Com. " Order to provide an additional demand enclosed for stores for the squadron whereof the Swiftsure is Admiral. 64, 64 a
" " " " Order to report what proportion of medicaments are usually provided for a surgeon's chest for 8 months. 65
" " Capt. Isaiah Blowfield, Convert, Portsmouth. Adm. Com. While plying off Cape Barfleur, by order of Vice-Admiral Lawson, captured 2 of 10 French vessels laden with butter, has brought them into Portsmouth, and is going again to his station; chased all of them on shore, but it being dark, and the country coming down so thick, was forced to make sail, or he would have taken the whole. 66
" " Capt. Fras. Willoughby, Portsmouth. " Asks instructions about victualling the Sorlings, and 3 others 67
" 10 Capt. Valentine Tatnell, jun., London. Adm. Com. Desires they will give his wife an order to receive the pay due to him for services on the Rosebush. 68
" " J. Fowler, Triumph, Downs. [Robt. Blackborne.] Sends examinations relative to an offence of the same nature as that of the coxswain of the Pelican prize; begs that proceedings against the parties may not be delayed as formerly, but that the matter may be handed over to some justice of the peace, and if the facts work on a jury as they do upon him, it will enforce a condemnation. 69
" " Capt. Thos. Penrose, Nonsuch, Chester Water. Adm. Com. Came in by order of Capt. Hen. Hatsell, having received the money from the Deputy Treasurer, and will not neglect opportunity for its safe transportation. 70
" " Major N. Bourne, Navy office. " Visited the ships in the river belonging to the George's squadron, and those at Tilbury Hope, and arranged for their speedy dispatch. The fitting of the Hope at Deptford is stopped for want of a proper order; desires a warrant to the Navy office concerning her. 71
" " Navy Comrs. Gen. Penn. Send a letter from Capt. Maddison, and desire they will give him necessary instructions 72
Aug. 10 Sarah Jolles Lord Protector. Petition for 10l. Her husband, Thos. Jolles, was gunner in the Crescent, and slain in the fight with the Irish rebels in Oct. 1651, leaving her with 6 infant children. Had 10l. allowed her by the Admiralty Committee, 26 Nov. following, and upon petitioning His Highness, was referred to the Commissioners for sick and wounded, who certified the Admiralty Committee that she was deserving of an additional 10l. With report 29 June of the Commissioners for sick and wounded thereon, and reference to the Admiralty Committee. 73, 74
" " Capt. Alex. Farly, and Wm. Whitehorn, Basing Frigate, Harwich. Adm. Com. Recommend Rich. Long, of the Pelican, for an appointment as a master 75
" 11 Thos. Pointer Navy Comrs Asks for the place of Muster Master to the Fleet; such an officer will produce more convenience and benefit to the service than can be expressed. Is sorry he left a certainty for an uncertainty, but General Blake would have him in the George, although he did not know how to dispose of the other then there. 76
" " Adm. Com. Capt. Morgan. Order to discharge Nich. Venner, pressed into the Dolphin, he being the only surviving son of his father, who has had two slain in the service. 77
" " Robt. Rawlings, Barber Surgeons' Hall, London. Thos. Smith, Navy Comr. Will lay his letter before the master and wardens, and make a return to-morrow 78
" " Capt. Robert Mill, the Falmouth, Portsmouth. Adm. Com. Asks an order to the victualler for provisions, as the ship will soon be ready to sail 79
" " Capt. Philip Gethings, the Preston, Portland Road. " Has been plying between Portland and the Start, with Capt. Robt. Nixon of the Centurion, but found nothing worth presenting; having only 8 days' provisions, will sail for Spithead, to revictual and tallow. 80
" " Capt. Jno. Bourne, the Essex, off Scilly. " Since his last, has had contrary winds and bad weather, and gained but little to the westward. Sends this by an English vessel, bound homeward from the Barbadoes. 81
" 12 William Reading, late steward of the Waterhound. " Petition for arrears of prize money for himself and servant. Was in the last 3 engagements with the Dutch. With order to the Commissioners for sick and wounded to pay him his share, if he has passed his accounts. 82
" " Capt. Robt. Mill, the Falmouth, Portsmouth. Navy Comrs Discharged Rich. Pyle, sick; if his name is not in the sea book it is a mistake, as he served in the Falmouth from 16 Dec. 1653 to 28 July 1654, and has had his ticket. 83
" " Capt. Rich. Badiley, Andrew, Downs. Robt. Blackborne. Asks him to present a ticket enclosed to the Admiralty Committee, and obtain an order on the Navy Treasurer for payment of his salary for 122 days' service on board the Vanguard, and deliver it to Capt. Jonathan Taylor; leaving London so suddenly, had no time to do so. 84
Aug. 12 Capt. Edw. Blagg, the Marston Moor. Col. Clerke, Adm. Comr. As he came from Plymouth so suddenly, had no time to settle his business, so must return there before he leaves England. Has written General Penn thereon, and been advised by RearAdmiral Dakins, and Capt. Poole; has taken passage in the Welcome bound there; asks how long he may stay. His lieutenant will attend to the ship's business during his absence. 85
" " Christ. Payne, the Weymouth, Harwich. Adm. Com. As the captain has orders to refit, sends a list of stores required, and desires an order to the gunner to obtain them. 86
" " Adm. Com. Comrs. for Prize Goods. Order to deliver to General Penn and the commanders of his squadron 16 butts of Spanish wine, taken in the Rose of Amsterdam, at the price it is worth, charging the same upon their respective accounts, and to sell the rest and the other lading, unless the Navy Commissioners demand it for the fleet within 5 days. 87
" " " Navy Comrs Order to enter John Moalamb as chaplain of the Jersey frigate 88
" " Comr. Peter Pett, Chatham Dock. Robt. Blackborne. Asks that his nephew, Phineas Pett, may have the contract for building a 3rd rate ship at Chatham; he is recommended by Capt. Taylor, and has a friend who will see that he performs what he undertakes. 89
" 14 Capt. Alex. Farley, Basing, Harwich. " Recommends Abraham Wells as his carpenter; with certificate of Jonas Shish, 21 Aug., that Wells was employed upon the ships when building at Walderswick, and is fit for the place. 90, 90a
" " Jas. Wilson, Cadiz Accounts of receipts and expenses on ships left with him by Admiral Penn in 1652. Total 4,693l. 3s. 8d. 91
" " Christ. Consett Adm. Com. Asks payment of his wages as clerk of the check in the Raven; has several times petitioned in vain 92
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs To allow Capt. Tatnell his arrears as captain of the Rosebush, deducting the value of a butt of brandy, sent on board for the ship's use, but sold by him on his own account. 93
" " " " Order to make out a bill for 560l. to Edm. Edgar, ship builder, in excess for building the Yarmouth and Winsby frigates. 94
" " Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. Have the tickets of 10 soldiers of the Mathias, but as they have run, shall not pay them without special order, as it would be a bad precedent. 95
" " " " Send the Apothecaries' bills for replenishing the chests of General Blake's squadron 96
" " " " Send certificate of the master and wardens of the Barber Surgeons' Company, as to what medicaments and their quality are usually provided for surgeons' chests for 8 months' sea service. 97
" 15 Capt. Anth. Spatchurst, Paul, 400 leagues from Newfoundland. " Had orders to go to Newfoundland, under Capt. Bourne of the Essex, but lost him and the Middleburg in a storm. As the Paul is in good condition, will endeavour to reach Newfoundland, convoy home the ships there, and report proceedings on arriving at Plymouth. 98
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order that the Paradox at Deptford be laid up, the able mariners turned over, with their tickets and clothes, to some other ships fitting out, and the rest of her company paid off. 99
" " " " Order to furnish the Little President with 3 months' victuals at Milford Haven 100
" " Thos. Pointer " Asks for some allowance while employed signing and distributing instructions to clerks of the check and stewards in the fleet, and taking account of the officers. 101
Aug. 16 Company of the Middleburg. Capt. Wm. Godfrey. Petition him to abandon the voyage to Newfoundland, whither he and 5 other State's ships were to convoy the merchant ships, their ship having been much damaged in the storms off the Western Islands; the Admiral ship Essex, under Capt. Bourne, having lost her mainmast, and being about to return to England, beg to accompany it. With certificate by 9 of the company of the defects and damage sustained. 102, 103
" " Thos. Scott, Deptford. Navy Comrs Sends for signature a bill of the charge of 70 soldiers. Has received 100l. upon two imprest bills, and wants 20l. to close the account. 104
" " Major N. Bourne, Deptford. Adm. Com. Particulars of ships at Deptford, Woolwich, and the river 105
" " Thos. Smith, Navy Office. " Sends certificate by Thos. Scott, Manle Callis, and Geo. Kendall of their survey of the Duchess 106, 107
" " Capt. Isaiah Blowfield, Convert, Portsmouth. " Has been cruising off Seine Head in France, looking for the Great President, and took a ship laden with salt for the King of France, which he has brought into Portsmouth. As his surgeon is dead, is waiting for another, and will then hasten to his station. 108
" " Capt. Geo. Daking, Portsmouth. Robt. Blackborne. Received order from General Penn at Whitehall to fit out the Grantham, which will be ready the first fair day, as will also the Torrington, if supplied with men. Sends a letter for the Generals. 109
" " William Smith, blockmaker, Portsmouth. Four accounts for blocks, pullies, &c. supplied to the stores and the Yarmouth and Dover frigates since Dec. 1653. 110–113
" " Christ. Pett, Woolwich. Navy Comrs The floating works, as also those of the shipwrights on the Naseby, being finished, will have to discharge 50 old and experienced hands, unless other employment comes in; as their discharge may be prejudicial, suggests that the works on the wharfs and banks of the new dock be proceeded with. 114
" " Methuselah Turner, Cheapside. " Asks an order to pay Capt. Durnford's widow his share of the prize money for all the 3 engagements, it having been agreed to by Generals Desborow and Penn, and Colonels Clarke and Rouse. 115
Vol. 87.
" " Capt. Jno. Stoakes, George. Navy Comrs Sends account of his travelling and other disbursements; Commissioner Hopkins while in the Downs could do nothing therein; hopes the General's certificate will suffice for those charges, as also for the balance of his flag money, 3l. 4s. 1
" " Capt. John Hunt " Asks a certificate for the widow of Jno. Griffin, late of Col. Ingoldsby's regiment, slain while serving in the Pelican, to receive his prize money. 2
" " Capt. Robt. Vessey, Fox, Waterford. Robt. Blackborne. Plying to the westward with the Greyhound and Truelove, by direction of Lord Fleetwood, was forced into Milford and Cork by severe storms; as his ship is very leaky, and not fit for winter service, asks orders as to coming in. 3
Aug. 17 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order to enter William Fox as clerk of the check in the Nantwich frigate building at Bristol. 4
" 18 Capt. Robt. Nixon, Centurion, Spithead. Adm. Com. Has come in with the Preston to revictual, and will then return to his station. Encountered very heavy storms from the westward. 5
" " Capt. Robt. Wilkinson, the Weymouth, Harwich. " Could not convoy the Adventure to the Downs, as she sailed before he arrived, and there are no others yet ready. Will fit his pink, and proceed there with speed. 6
" " Major N. Bourne, Deptford. " Has been up and down the river to see to the dispatch of the ships and stores, and advised General Blake thereon. 7
" " Stephen Skewes, Satisfaction, Liverpool Water. Navy Comrs Philip Weedon, the purser, left the ship at Portsmouth, 8 months since. Another purser put in by General Fleetwood resigned the place in Skewes favour through illness, and he held it for some time, but now Weedon has returned to take charge by their instructions; he has no warrant, and they may be ignorant of his former absence; asks orders. Does not desire the place for profit, being already provided for by them, but for the good of the service in which he has lost one of his hands. 8
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. Robt. Blackborne. His brother has left for London, and having been very careful in his trust, deserves more encouragement. Hopes to follow him in a few days. The Saphire, Portsmouth, and Expedition are being fitted, and the Constant Warwick has come in. 9
" 19 Capt. Jno. Bourne, the Essex, Plymouth Sound. Adm. Com. As there is no mast fit for his ship at Plymouth, will sail for Portsmouth and await orders 10
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. " Capt. Bourne came in for a mainmast, and has been compelled to go to Portsmouth to procure one. His ship is much shaken by the fall of the mast and the violent storms, and it is a great mercy that she and her men are preserved. 11
" " Chas. Walley Treasurer of the Navy. Paid Capt. Nutton of the Satisfaction for making a forecastle to his ship, and 5l. to the surgeon to recruit his chest, and has a cable making which will cost 60l.; will send an account, signed by the captain, for all requisites. Took up 100l., and has drawn a bill upon him payable in 10 days. Expects the canvas from London next week, when the ship will be ready for sea, as all her and the Hare's provisions are being shipped. 12
" " Saml. Windis, Chester. Navy Comrs Victualling and manning of the Satisfaction. The men want some of their 9 months' pay due to buy warm clothes, as they are going to the Highlands of Scotland. As Mr. Walley is bound for London, most of the business will fall upon him; will do his best. Complains of the corruption of the officers. 13
" " Abra. Pearce, the Essex, Plymouth. " Sends a muster book. Having lost his mainmast in a storm, has been compelled to come in 14
Aug. 19 Capt. William Goodson, London. Manlie Callis. Desires order for repair of the Galliot hoy, which was much damaged coming up the river. With note by Callis desiring a warrant for her graving, and another note that it was granted the 21st. 15
" " Capt. Jno. Wettwang, Sparrow, Newcastle. Navy Comrs Sends muster books. Has been cruising off Scotland by order of Gen. Monk, and when victualled, will return to look for 3 small men-of-war that Middleton has. Is very short of stores, and none to be had, and is forced to disburse money for tallowing. 16
" " Adm. Com. " Order to send to the Downs victuals for 500 men of Gen. Blake's fleet 17
" 20 " " Order that,—as it has been referred to Generals Blake and Penn to entertain a sufficient number of midshipmen in their squadrons for the ensuing expedition,—they cause allowance to be made to the men according to the rates mentioned in the votes of Parliament for encouragement of mariners and seamen, from 16 on ships of the 2nd rank to 3 on those of the 6th. 18
" 21 " " Order for the refitting and victualling of the Phœnix at Chatham with all expedition 19
" " " " Like order for the Bristol 20
" " " " Order to allow on the apothecaries' bills what is reasonable after abatement, regard being had to information for furnishing surgeons' chests. 21
" " " " Order for the Navy victuallers to supply the Centurion and Preston at Portsmouth with provisions for 5 weeks. 22
" " Capt. Ja. Terry, the Jersey, Harwich. Adm. Com. Left Maldon River the 18th, and on arriving at Harwich, requested survey, as much builder's work is needed. Wants a chaplain. 23
" " " " Navy Comrs To the same effect 24
" " Capt. Thos. Adames, the Maidstone, Downs. Adm. Com. Is ordered by General Blake to convoy the victuallers to Plymouth, as soon as they arrive from the Hope. 25
" " Capt. Saml. Howett, the Speaker, Downs. " Sends list of ships in the Downs. Received their letter to Vice-Admiral Lawson, or in his absence to himself, as commander of the fleet, and has ordered the Adventure to ply off St. Malo, to annoy the French, and the Elizabeth to convoy vessels. The Plover is going to Newcastle to victual, and will then ply upon the coast to protect the colliers. The Kent has sailed with the Portuguese ambassador, and will follow to Plymouth General Blake, who has sailed with his fleet, but left many cables and anchors behind through the storm. Only the Adventure has arrived from Harwich, but when the rest come in, will send them for Seine Head and St. Malo. Wants men. 26
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. " Will appoint the Sapphire and two others to range the coast of Brittany, Ushant, and Bell Isle, so as to intercept the enemy, and leave the Portsmouth, Expedition, and Old Warwick, at the mouth of the Channel. Capt. Bourne has taken 3 bankers, and sent them in. Capt. Bennet of the Welcome, has arrived with powder for the Taunton. A ship of London from the Straits, being driven into the Severn, saw the 3 prizes taken by Capt. Bourne. 27
Aug. 22 Capt. Robt. Wilkinson, the Weymouth, Harwich. Adm. Com. The Vice-Admiral having left the Downs, knows not what to do, and begs directions. Will be ready in a week. Sends deposition of himself and officers before Rich. Hurlock, mayor of Harwich, that in April 1653, near Newcastle, they saw the White Raven in an engagement with several Dutch ships, and that after several broadsides, she was surprised and taken, but they being to leeward, and having little wind, could not assist, and for their own security, made sail after their convoys into Leith Road. 28,29
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. " Has arranged with the victuallers' agent for the provisions for General Blake's fleet, and ordered Capt. Heaton to press 10 more men, and when supplied with 2 brass guns, will proceed to the French coast, with the Constant Warwick and the Warwick. Is fitting the masts for the Portsmouth. 30
" " Navy Comrs. " As the unruliness of the seamen and soldiers who have unsigned tickets has become unbearable, not wishing to resent it themselves, send three of the worst, to be dealt with as they think fit. With information of Hen. Tilson that he heard 3 soldiers wrangling with the housekeeper of the Salutation because she would not pay their reckoning, and as Tilson refused to accept two groats, being all they had, for two sixpences, they told him if the Commissioners did not sign their tickets, they would cut and slash them. 31,32
" " " " Send the drafts and plans of the master shipwrights for building 2nd rate ships; it will be best for the service to confer with all the master shipwrights thereon. 33
" " Jno. Boughton and Anth. Ashfield. Deposition as to an assault committed by Capt. Issac Woodgroom and his company, of the Africa from Smyrna, upon the lieutenant of the Newbery, while at Dartford pressing men. 34
" " Thos. Alderne and Jno. Limbery, victuallers. Accounts of provisions contracted or declared for, and of those issued for the summer and winter guard, at London, Dover, Portsmouth, Plymouth, Harwich, Kinsale, and Newcastle. 35,36
" " Geo. Payler Jno. Falkener, Whitehall. To move the Admiralty Committee to sign an enclosure respecting the guns for the Naseby, building by Comr. Pett, and to contract with the gunfounder for conveying the metal, as the ways will grow bad. 37
" 23 Capt. Jno. Bourne, the Essex, Spithead. Adm. Com. Has found a suitable mast at Portsmouth. Has had a survey of his defects, is in hand with repairs and victualling, and hopes to be soon ready to sail. 38
" " Major Wm. Burton, London. " Asks an order for payment of the money granted to Widow Ewell by his Highness; her allowance is not sufficient, and it is a pity the wife of one that has so well deserved of the State should perish. 39
" " Capt. Sam. Howett, Speaker, Downs. Robt. Blackborne. Thanks for his intelligence of the proceedings between the French and the Spaniard, which has been confirmed by an eye-witness from Dunkirk, who states that they are in such fear there of the French, that they have drowned a great part of the country about the town to prevent a siege. 40
Aug. 23 Capt. Sam. Howett, Speaker, Downs. Adm. Com. Received their order for the Dragon to ply between Ushant and Bass Isle, but as she had sailed, sent the Winsby to relieve the Elizabeth off Seine Head so that she may join the Adventure at Bass Isle; will end the others to their stations as they arrive from Harwich. There being 7 or 8 vessels at Dunkirk, richly laden for London, has sent the Great President to convoy them. 41
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order for the refitting of the Essex and sheathing of the Martin and Falmouth at Portsmouth 42
" 24 " " Order to make out a bill to Thos. Blackman, Marshal-General of the fleet, from the date of his last payment, at 4s. a day; also to Rich. Baker, his deputy, at 2s. 43
" " " " Order for the Navy Treasurer to pay Capt. Rich. Badiley, Rear-Admiral of the fleet, the wages due for his entertainment while serving in the Vanguard, at 20s. per day. With note that he served from 8 March to 7 July 1654. 44,45
" " " " Order to enter Clement Coxon as chaplain of the Lion 46
" " " " Order for the Gainsborough at Chatham to be paid off and laid up, and the able mariners to be turned over, with their tickets and clothes, to some of the ships of the Swiftsure's squadron. 47
" " " " Ask what has become of some provisions returned from the fleet in the Downs, and what victualing ships are ready; want the plans for the 2nd rate ships and the survey of the Duchess. 48
" " Cuthbert Embleton Adm. Com. Petition for payment of 189l. 17s. 1d. balance due on his contract for the hire of the Speedwell hoy in July 1653, by order of the Generals, as a spy on the coast of Holland. With certificate of Capt. Jno. Bourne and Gen. Robt. Blake, and reference to the Navy Commissioners to make out a bill for the freight. 49,50
" " Capt. Fras. Allen, Advice, Harwich Water. " As he can get nothing done to his ship there, will sail for Chatham 51
" " Capt. Jno. Bourne, the Essex, Spithead. Robt. Blackborne. Thanks for his Christian letter; is ashamed of his own distrust in the Almighty, and of living too much upon the fawns and good opinion of men. Has received orders for the speedy refitting of his frigate, and hopes to be ready next week. Had the captains of the fleet on board previous to the foul weather, and appointed their rendezvous in case of a separation. 52
" " " " Adm. Com. Will use all expedition in refitting; the greatest want is beer, that on board being defective, and no promise of any by the victuallers' agent before next week. 53
" " Geo. Hughes, commander of the Thomas Bonadventure. " Certificate that she was impressed into the State's service by the agent at Leghorn on 1 Feb. 1650 and discharged 7 June 1653. With note by Manlie Callis, Deptford, 28 July, that she is 76 feet long and 28½ feet wide, which makes 333 tons. 54–56
" " Capt. Thos. Elliot, Fagons frigate, Harwich. " Has sailed with the Yarmouth for Hoseley Bay, where he hopes to complete his number of men 57
" " Capt. Wm, Ledgant, Little President, Milford Haven. " Asks whether to receive 3 months' provisions from Mr. Browne, the victualler, or go to Plymouth, and whether to continue cruising on the coast, not having seen any of the enemy for two months. 58
Aug. 24 Capt. Robert Mackey, Yarmouth frigate, Harwich. Adm. Com. Will sail to the Commander in-Chief in the Downs with the first wind, and the Pelican, Tiger, and Colchester will follow in a few days. 59
" " Capt. Rich. Newbery, the Newbery. " Has been long absent through sickness, but is now getting his guns and provisions on board, and has 150 men. Desires orders as to sailing. With draft of a letter from the Admiralty Committee, transmitting some printed tickets which the captains are to give on discharge of seamen, to prevent further frauds on the Navy; duplicates to be returned to the Navy office with the muster books, and notice to be given that no other tickets are to be henceforth given out. 60
" " Capt. Jno. Taylor, Chatham. Navy Comrs Repairs of ships 61
" " Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. Ask what ordnance the Phœnix and Bristol are to carry; they are ready to be revictualled 62
" " Capt. Ga. Sanders, Tiger, Harwich. " Has taken in most of the beer, and will ship the rest of the provisions next week. The fitting of the ship has been delayed by foul weather. 63
" " Capt. Giles Shelley, the Colchester, Harwich. " Victualling of his ship. As the men pressed out of colliers have run, desires leave to stay in Hoseley Bay to get more. 64
" 25 Capt. Wm. Whitehorn, Pelican, Harwich. " Came in by order of the Vice-Admiral to refit and victual. Has mounted the guns and received a portion of the provisions, and if the victuallers do not fail, hopes to return to the Downs by the 30th. 65
" " Capt. Jno. Blythe, Recovery, Harwich. " Has seen the provisions shipped at Ipswich for Harwich, and will hasten to Newcastle and observe their orders. 66
" " Capt. Alex. Farly, the Basing, Harwich. " The carpenters' and caulkers' work is completed, and the remainder of the provisions promised next week; only waits the guns, for which the gunner has been staying in London the last 6 weeks. 67
" " Capt. Wm. Godfrey, the Middleburg, Falmouth. " Sends note by Edw. Smith, carpenter, of defects in his ship. Was one of the squadron bound to Newfoundland, under Capt. Jno. Bourne, but receiving much damage in a storm, was forced to put back; will endeavour to reach Plymouth, where he will expect further orders. 68, 69
" " Rich. Hill Navy Comrs Twelve months since, received a bill for 10l., and a letter from the Admiralty Committee for 25l. more, for Anne, relict of Jno. Skin, pilot of the Dragon, slain in the engagement off Portland. She has received the 10l., but not the 25l., as the letter has been lost; she has 3 children, and is in great distress; desires they will grant another letter. 70
" " Thos. White, Dover " Intended to attend them with his account for ships, but the Merlin put back for repairs. Thanks for paying his bill of exchange for 89l. to Thos. Robinson, smith. Will sign the sailmakers' bill, and hopes they will pay it in London. 71
" 26 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order to sell the Sun, Duchess, Swan, and Redheart pink, with a fit part of their guns, tackle, &c., to the best advantage. 72
Aug. 26 Adm. Com. Comrs for Prize Goods. To deliver the wine and mumm for General Penn's squadron excise free, and charge the same upon account. With note by the Commissioners 30 Aug., that the Excise Commissioners say they cannot comply without express order from his Highness and Council. Ask if they shall pay the excise. 73
" " Capt. Jno. Bourne, the Essex, Spithead. Adm. Com. The beer and bread on board are very defective, and the victuallers' agent requires an order before making a fresh supply; if that arrives, hopes to sail next week. 74
" " Nich. Murford Robert Blackborne. Begs pardon for troubling him with the abortive issue of his brain in Mr. Fox's business (who obtained Lord Widdrington's recommendation). Desires the bearer's petition may be read. Long knew him at Lynn; he is disabled by a wound in his leg, and has a wife and an afflicted child. 75
" " Officers of the Half Moon and 3 surgeons. Certificate that the surgeon's chest of the Half Moon being in the long boat which was cast away, the contents were damaged to the extent of 6l. 76
Major John Wade, Little Dean. Adm. Com. Wants money to carry on the furnace works in Dean Forest, also an order to cast more ordnance, having a very able gun founder waiting. 77
" " Capt. Fras. Willoughby, Portsmouth. " Most of the fleet has been fitted from the stores, and the provisions are going in freely, but the beer is defective. The rigging of the Essex progresses, and several ships named have sailed. 78
" 28 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order for a survey of the Paradox, and a certificate when she will be ready for service 79
" " " " To refit the Marigold at Portsmouth for foreign service, with accommodation for carrying horses, &c.; and the Advice at Chatham, with 140 men and 36 guns. 80
" " " " To victual the Phœnix and Bristol at Chatham, the former to carry 140 men and 36 guns, and the latter 150 men and 38 guns. 81
" " Navy Victuallers Adm. Com. They will find by the accounts that 4,000 men's victuals for 6 months have been over delivered at the several ports, and that for completing General Penn's fleet and other ships, a much larger quantity will be required than is in store. As beef and pork cannot be saved, repacked, and pickled under 3 weeks, desire a declaration for as many men as they think fit, so as to make the necessary provision. 82
" " Capt. Jno. Barnes, the Guinea, Rolling Grounds, off Harwich. " Sailed for Newcastle to take in provisions, but is forced to anchor for want of a wind 83
" " Capt. Edw. Blagge, Plymouth. " Received their express, and will be in readiness by the time of the frigate's arrival. Asks for the Marston Moor some small guns which were taken out of the Portland, and are in custody of Mr. Newbery. 84
Aug. 28 Manlie Callis, Deptford. Navy Comrs Received their warrant for building a second rate ship. Has drawn out the midship bend, and is ready to make the moulds. 85
" " Thomas and Rich. Ford, and 25 other merchants, London. Generals of the fleet. Thanks for ordering a convoy for their ships to and from Morlaix; desire it for 3 others named laden with linen, by which the State will receive a considerable revenue. 86
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Exeter. [Robt. Black-borne.] As Capt. Godfrey has returned to Falmouth, his men should be disposed of elsewhere. Hopes to to be with Blackborne next Friday. 87
" " Capt. Fras. Willoughby, Portsmouth. Navy Comrs Will launch the Lyme frigate on Thursday, but wants masts, deals, anchors, &c., as the stores are drained, and it will not do to depend upon the New England ships. Asks an order to their agent to furnish the ships in the river with what they require. With notes thereon by Jno. Davies, storekeeper. 88
" " " " Adm. Com. Complains of the badness of the beer in ships named. Only 225 tuns have been shipped since the 12th, and there are 100 tuns ready, 60 of which are to supply the bad in the Essex, which will sail on Thursday. There is a great waste of beer through defective casks. 89
" " Capt. Saml. Windis, Chester. Navy Comrs Alderman Walley, who has gone for London, had an order from Gen. Monck to hire a vessel to carry victuals to the Hare pink and Satisfaction; as he could not obtain one, has taken up one himself on a bill for 30l., which he hopes will be paid, that his credit may be preserved. Was obliged to take up other sums and will send an account. 90
" 29 John Morris, Gravesend. " Sends muster book of the Gillyflower, and asks orders as to the entry and discharge of her men; 110 are entered, but he only found 61 at the first muster. Asks how to dispose of a large topmast he found drifting in the Hope, and towed to Harwich, of another taken up below that town, and of an anchor and 18 cwt. of cable found by a Colchester ketch, and delivered to Giles Wiggenor of Wivenhoe; also whether to send the muster books of the ships outward bound to Mr. Poortmans at Deal, or to London. 91
" " Capt. Lionel Becher Col. Jno.Clerke. Is sorry he was absent when wanted, having business at the Exchange; is now attending at the Committee door. 92
" " Capt. Robt. Wilkinson, the Weymouth, Harwich. Adm. Com. Will be ready to sail for the Downs on arrival of the provisions and stores, according to the orders sent to the several commanders. 93
" " Capt. Jno. Bourne, the Essex, Spithead. Robt. Blackborne. Hopes to set his mast, and get in his provisions by Friday, when he will sail to his fleet at the rendezvous. The captains were all privy to his instructions how to act during his absence, viz., to secure and safely guard our friends, and molest and destroy our enemies; presumes they will defer returning as long as they can, in expectation of his arrival. 94
" " " " Adm. Com. To the same effect. Wrote on the 26th of the defectiveness of the beer and bread, and hopes a speedy supply. 95
Aug. 29 Capt. Wm. Cockraine, Old Warwick, Plymouth Sound. Adm. Com. Has come in to recruit beer, as most of his beer stinks. The ship is very leaky, and as it is 4 years since she came out of dock, or had anything done to her; asks whether it will be safe to keep at sea. 96
" " Geo. Payler, Navy Office. Robt. Blackborne. Recommends Robert Montague for employment as a clerk of the check, and sends specimens of his handwriting. 97,98
" " Rob. Thomson, Navy Office. Adm. Com. They have ordered a survey of the Paradox at Deptford; she only needs small repairs, and may be speedily fitted for service. 99
" " Ordnance Officers " Took up a vessel at Woolwich to carry the Basing's guns and gunners' stores, and she is now laden and waiting for a convoy to the Hope. Have not neglected the dispatch of business, but many captains demand before they are ready to receive, and thereby much add to the demurrage. 100
" " Prize Commissioners Navy Comrs Jno. Prower and 3 others have brought in French prizes to Bristol, and are willing to enter the State's service. Ask notice when they are entered, so as to pay them for the time they served on board the prizes. 101
" " Adm. Com. " Order to contract with the navy victuallers for victualling 6,000 men more for 6 months for the summer expedition, at 7¾d. a man per day, and to make out imprest bills for the amount. 102
" " " " Order for the distribution amongst Gen. Penn's squadron of 100 cwt. of Castile soap, to be received from the Prize Commissioners and charged upon the officers of the respective ships. 103
" " " " Order for the shipping of all stores intended for the squadron whereof the Swiftsure is admiral 104
" " Wm. Smith " There are 300 tons of old hemp in the stores at Blackwall and Woolwich 105
" 30 Thos. Woodcott, Gravesend. " Asks a warrant for discharge of Tho. Jenkins, an apprentice, impressed by the steward's mate of the Arms of Holland. 106
" " Capt. Thos. Penrose, Nonsuch, Dublin. " Has landed the money, and as soon as he has changed the defective beer, will observe their order for transporting the Council over, having only 7 weeks' provisions. While in Chester water, had 12 men drowned by the upsetting of the longboat, engaged in procuring fresh water. 107
" " Jno. Thurloe Adm. Com. Encloses a letter sent to him; desires directions to the ship named in it to transport the Council over, in case the other appointed for that service does not come in. 108
" " George Payler, Ordnance Office. Col. Clerke Having received an order from the Admiralty Committee to provide 2 spare carriages for each of the mortar pieces at Portsmouth, asks whether they are to be in excess of those already there, and whether there are to be limbers to all of them. 109
" " Capt. Fras. Willoughby, Portsmouth. Adm. Com. Has set the mast of the Essex, and supplied her with 48 tuns of beer; hopes she will be rigged and will have sailed by the time promised. Conferred with the victuallers' agent respecting the bad beer, but the brewers will supply no more till the weather is cooler, so it will be much behind unless some other course is thought on. Departure of ships. 110
" " Capt. Jno. Bourne, the Essex, Spithead. " Have set the mainmast, and if the remainder of the beer and provisions are received for those found defective, will be able to observe their orders on Friday. 111
Aug. 30 Capt. Sam. Howett, Speaker, Downs. Adm. Com. Will dispose of the victuals to the ships in the Downs; asks whether they are to have sufficient for 3 weeks or 14 days. Two victualling ships for Gen. Blake came in for anchors, and left a raft of masts and fishes, which have been sent after them. 112
" 31 Capt. W. Whitehorn, Pelican, Harwich. " Hopes to be able to sail by the 1st inst. Having discharged his late chaplain on his own solicitation, wants another. 113
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order for directions to the navy victuallers to provide victuals specified for General Penn's squadron, for 6 and 8 months. 114
" " " " Order for the Paradox to be repaired, fitted, and victualled for service upon the coast 115
" " Capt. Pet. Bowen, Mayflower, Caldey Road. Adm. Com. Has been plying on his station, and met several of the Irish squadron, also the Cat pink, which nearly foundered, but is now at Kinsale with others to victual. Convoyed 2 merchantmen from there bound up the Severn, and having spent his foretopmast, has come in to refit. 116
Aug. Comrs. for Sick and Wounded. " In favour of John Maltby, surgeon of Hull, for payment of sums due for his charge of the sick wounded there in 1655. With certificates of Drs. Jas. Primrose, and Rob. Willie, and Jerome Collins, surgeon, 15 Aug., and of Rich. Wood, mayor of Hull, and 6 others, 18 Aug., to his skill and care; and his power of attorney, 22 Aug., appointing Wm. Fugill, stationer of Hull, to receive the money for him. 117–120
" " Edm. Mathews, Stepney. " Petition for a gunner's place. Served 20 months in the Fortune; has been 10 years in the service, and was gunner under Capt. Haddock and others, and always well affected. With certificate by John Paterson and 6 others of Stepney. 121,122
" " Capt. John Parker, of the Truelove. Six receipts for money paid by him for repair of the Truelove, from 17 April to 23 Aug. 1654 123–128
" " Captains and officers of ships. And. Wells, Navy agent,Hull. Receipted bills for provisions, and repairs for the Mermaid, 2–21 Feb. [13 papers]; the Assurance, 6–21 Feb. [11 papers]; the Newcastle, 13–23 Feb. [15 papers]; the Brier, 25 Feb.-2 March [4 papers]; the Duchess, 20 June-9 Aug. [8 papers]; the Primrose, 21 June-9 Aug. [25 papers]; and ships not named [3 papers]. 129–207