Letters and Papers relating to the Navy, &c.: September 1655

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1655. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1881.

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September 1655

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Vol. 113.
Sept. 1 Navy Comrs. Gen. Robt. Blake. Send accounts and bills of lading, &c., by Capt. Thos. Morley, Jno. Dymock, and Thos. Alderne, of provisions shipped in the Bachelor, Jonathan and Abigail, and Hannibal, for his fleet, and desire he will order their immediate clearing and dispatch on arrival, as if detained in unloading above 20 days, the State will have to pay demurrage. 1-7
" " Capt. Lamb. Cornelius, Cornelian, Weymouth. Adm. Com. Is waiting to transport Mr. King with the money for pay of the forces in Jersey, but he is not ready, through some mistake in the warrants. Wants his commission for the Cornelian. 8
" " Gen. Robert Blake, George, Cascaes Road. Capt. Jno. Stoakes, the Unicorn. Warrant to act as Rear-Admiral during the absence of Rear-Adm. Joseph Jordan, who has obtained leave to go to England on extraordinary business. 9
" " E. Hayward and 2 others. Navy Comrs Account of anchors wanting for the ships and stores at Chatham, as also for those being built by Capt. Taylor and Phineas Pett. With order by Comr. Pet. Pett, 5 Sept., to Mr. Loader to make them, and to keep to the sizes mentioned. 10
" " Phineas Pett, Chatham. Robt. Blackborne. Hears from his uncle, Comr. Pett, that the Admiralty Commissioners have appointed Tuesday for the launching, and hopes they will come down. Has received notice from Capt. Taylor to defer the works on the Triumph, save making moulds of her old body, to show the form of the new, in case she is to be rebuilt. Recommends Mr. Tunny, gunner of the Expedition, as boatswain for the new ship. 11
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs and Treasurer Order to pay off the Elizabeth and lay her up at Chatham 12
" " " Navy Comrs Order to allow an increase of 10 men to the Bristol, about to sail to Gen. Blake's fleet 13
" " " " Order to pass the accounts of Philip Evatt for victualling the Primrose, and allow what was reasonably disbursed. 14
Sept. 1 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Send a letter from Capt. Robt. Clarke of the Bristol, of 30 Aug., complaining of the shortness and defectiveness of his provisions; desire they may be made good before he sails. 15, 16
" " Capt. Anth. Young, Tredagh, Downs. Adm. Com. The mayor of Rye informs that the Adviser pink, which was to ply between there and Dieppe, has been taken and carried into Boulogne, and desires that another may be appointed. The Drake would be fit, but as she is not near, the Elizabeth could deal with those rogues, if victualled; has ordered the Yarmouth to ply that way with all speed, although she is very foul. 17
" " " " Mr. Creed To like effect. Begs for his brother, Benj. Young, a place in the frigate at Chatham, as gunner or as purser or clerk of the check. Wants an order for revictualling. 18
" " Capt. N. Heaton, Portsmouth. Robt. Blackborne. Will lose no opportunity to sail, and will touch at Plymouth for advice of the frigates, as also at other places to get men. 19
" 2 Capt. Phil. Gethings, Preston, Spithead. Adm. Com. Wrote on 21 Aug. that he had been forced by foul weather into the Downs with two prizes. Has made an inventory of 59 chests of soap, 120 rolls of St. Christopher tobacco, and other things in the Frenchman, and delivered her, with her lading, to Capt. Young's brother. Convoyed some English ships to Havre de Grace and Caen, and then plied on his station, but has come in to change some had provisions and beer. Has given notice to Capt. Sansum to look alter a French frigate which is coming out, with a quantity of linen cloth bound for Spain. 20
" " Col. Wm. Brayne, Inverlochy. " Formerly sent the depositions as to the loss of the Islip frigate, and has since sent a vessel to bring away her rigging and 18 guns, which are stowed in Dunstaffnage Castle; encloses a list of the officers and men engaged therein, that they may receive satisfaction, as also Wm. Gardner, master of the Mary of Liverpool, for their passage over; having expended 43l. 7s. 8d. about her, desires order for repayment. Sent another vessel for the rest of the guns and materials, but she could not venture near; if they order it, will try again the next spring tide. 21,22
" " Capt. Anth. Young, Tredagh, Downs. " The Hopewell, off Seilly, spoke the Heartsease, which had lost the fleet; also a small frigate off the Start, which reported that part of Gen. Penn's fleet were without the Channel; hopes they are safe in port, there being much wind, and it being thick. The Elizabeth has sailed with 4 days' provisions, having supplied him with 2. 23
" 3 Capt. Wm. Whitehorn, the Gainsborough, Burlington Bay. " Has been plying at sea, and met with much tempestuous weather, which has done damage northward; has come in to wash and tallow, and will continue on the coast until it is fit to repair to the Downs. Formerly notified that a Hollander reported 60 sail of Frenchmen at Greenland, 50 of which had made great voyages, and would sail homeward the beginning of last month, going towards the back of Scotland, so as to be safe from our men-of-war. 24
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs and Treasurer. Order to pay off and lay up 20 ships named, belonging to Gen. Penn's squadron 25
Sept. 3 Capt. Fras. Allen, Advice, Rolling Ground. Adm. Com. Has received the money and all other necessaries on board, and will sail with the first wind 26
" " Jas. Mountjoy " Petition for payment of his wages as mariner in the Yarmouth. With certificate of Jno. Harrison and Wm. Saunders, bailiffs of Scarborough, that Mountjoy was sent on shore sick on 27 July, and, having recovered, desires to go to London without molestation. 27, 28
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell Plymouth. Robt. Blackborne. When the Commissioners are in earnest as to regulating the Prize Office, will not be unmindful of his brother. The Fagon has sent in a French prize with tobacco; hearing that another taken by the Lion, and having 35 men, was likely to be cast away at Torbay, has sent directions for bringing her into Dartmouth, or landing her men at the Isle of Wight. There has been so much foul weather and rain that it is feared the greater part of the harvest will be lost. Gen. Penn has passed eastward, and may soon be expected. 29
" " Capt. Edm. Thompson, Yarmouth. Navy Comrs Has come in with 7 barks from Iceland, being all that were then ready; called at the Orkney Islands, Caithness, and Shetland, and found all well. 30
" " " " Adm. Com. To the same effect 31
" " Capt. Chas. Thorowgood, Portsmouth. Robt. Blackborne. Delivered the letters sent. The Lyme and Saphire are waiting for a wind, but the Jonathan and Abigail and Bachelor have sailed. Has been on board to Gen. Penn, who is ordered to bring about the fleet, and he has ordered each commander to send in what they want of a fortnight's provisions, which Mr. Ridge, the State's agent, has promised to supply: but the General will supply them with beer out of the Lyme frigate rather than detain the fleet. Recommends a poor man, formerly mate to Capt. Peirce, and who has lost a leg, as boatswain of the Hopewell. 32
" 4 Capt. Lamb. Cornelius, Weymouth. Navy Comrs While waiting to transport the money to Jersey, the ship's company,—who mostly belong to Weymouth, are very poor, and have large families,—have subscribed to send up Thos. Danell with their tickets; hopes it will not be in vain. 33
" " Capt. Robt. Clarke, the Bristol, near Yarmouth. Adm. Com. Is only waiting for a wind. Has not yet recruited his meat; some men are much displeased because he gave an account of their abuses. 34
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. " Has received theirs, relating to the exchange of Capt. Country for Capt. Turner, and has promised Turner freedom, if he can get any friend to be engaged with him that Country shall have his liberty as soon as Turner comes into France. Capt. Potter of the Constant Warwick has taken a Frenchman with dry fish, and fought another, full of men and having 22 guns, for several hours, but night coming on, they parted, and as he lost her so suddenly, thinks she has sunk. His masts and sails are so much damaged by shot, as to be unfit for service; will use all diligence in refitting. Is also in hand with the Nightingale. 35
Sept. 4 Capt. Rich. Potter, Plymouth. Adm. Com. Boarded a Frenchman from Newfoundland with fish, and chased another with 22 or 24 guns from Greenland for 6 hours, and engaged with her for 4, during which she fought very stoutly; but a violent storm coming on, and having to bring his own ship by the lee to stop leaks, having received some unhappy shots under water as well as above, lost sight of her; she was very much torn, and received 4 shots to her one, they being so close together that they touched; thinks she sunk in a storm. Had one man killed outright and 10 wounded; the boat wain lost his arm and another his leg. 36
" " Capt. Phil. Gethings, the Preston, Spithead. " As to the complaint of the skipper of the Thirsty Heart, did remove goods out of his ship into his own, but it was done with the knowledge of the Prize Commissioners, and upon his promise of being responsible for them. Neither himself nor company committed any abuse towards the skipper, whose imprisonment was ordered by the Prize Commissioners, because he refused to take the oath or be examined; his being unable to get to Rouen with his oranges and lemons was through drink. Dutch seamen who have Frenchmen among them, as well as the merchants, make it a trade now to father Frenchmen's good, insomuch that if one of our men should take but an old shirt or a pair of stockings, the Dutch will make a great complaint, and own them to be their goods. 37
" " " " Robt. Blackborne. Sends the above. The company of the Thirsty Heart admit they have not received any damage, and the Prize Commissioners had an account of the goods taken out; will have them and the skipper before the mayor, and then send a further account. Will come in to tallow when his provisions are out. 38
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Send extract of a letter from Gen. Penn, saying that there is a new channel grown near the Flats and the old one choked up, and not one there able to judge whether it is sale for the large ships, some drawing 18 feet, to pass it, and desiring that Ponnett and some other Chatham pilots may be ordered to meet him in the Downs and carry the fleet about the Swin. Ask that the clerks of the survey and others may be ordered, upon the arrival of ships in the river and at Chatham, to take an account of the remains of the boatswains and carpenters' stores, to prevent the many frauds which will be endeavoured by the respective officers. 39,40
" " " " " Order to grant a bill for 4l. 12s. 0d. to Abr. Pearce, late master of the Sea Adventure, for his expenses in going to Portsmouth to take charge of the ketch, and bringing back a packet from Gen. Blake. 41
" " Thos. Pointer Col. Clarke. Begs employment; was clerk of the check in the Resolution, then went into the Swiftsure and Assurance, and was promised the same position in the Naseby, had she gone to sea. 42
" 5 Capt. N. Heaton, Saphire, Spithead. Robt. Blackborne. Went out of Portsmouth Harbour yesterday, but could not put to sea on account of the wind. Is under sail and will try to get men (wanting 30) and proceed to his station, calling at Plymouth to take in the rest of his provisions. 43
Sept. 5 Christ. Pettand Sam. Raven, Woolwich. [Navy Comrs.] A new platform is necessary under the sweep of the new crane now building in the yard, 50 feet long and 10 feet broad, and until the same is completed, no provisions can be taken in that way. 44
" " Robt. Rawlins, Barber Surgeons' Hall. " Has seen the petition of Edw. Stanthwaite, surgeon of the Success, charging the masters and wardens with detaining the allowance for his medicine chest, but they have no money of his in hand ; the 8l. 10s. 0d. ordered to be paid as free gift and imprest money was paid to Sunnybanck Giles, the surgeon appointed by the master and wardens to the Success, whom the captain refused to accept and retained Stanthwaite ; Giles is servant to Mat. Lynde the surgeon, and is in the fleet. With Rawlins' certificate, 15 Sept, to the same effect; also certificate of Jno. Smith and Jas. Jenifer, 15 Sept., that Stanthwaite recruited his medicine chest at Naples during the last voyage at his own expense ; also notes of what was allowed to surgeons of sundry ships named. 45–48
" " Aug. Aldridge Navy Comrs Account of timber shipped by him in the Fortune at Lydney Pill, co. Gloucester, to be brought to the Mersey or where the Navy Commissioners shall appoint, according to an agreement with Commissioner Willoughby. With receipt for the same by Capt. Jno. Peterson. 49
" " Capt. Anth. Young, Tredagh, Downs. Adm. Com. Account of his victuals. Sends statement of the boatswain of the Adviser pink, respecting her capture off Boulogne, and of the master's mate of a pink with coals taken by the Lewis of Boulogne, that the impudency of these rogues may be seen. Will proceed to Portsmouth to clean and victual as ordered, and leave Lieut. Terne in command. Hears Gen. Penn's fleet is about sailing from St. Helen's. With particulars of the victuals in ships named. 50–52
" " Capt. Giles Shelley, the Colchester, Tynemouth Bar. " Wants a boat, which should be sent to the garrison at Bass Island, lost his in the great storm, and Scotland will not afford one, or anything else good for shipping, unless at great rates. His station is between St. Abb's Head and Cocket Island; has continually to send ashore to Tynemouth Castle, for orders from Gen. Monk. 53
" " Isaac Holmes, Weymouth. " The books of Capt. Lambert Cornelius, from Jan. 1653–4 to Jan. 1654–5, are all false, as men borne on them for the whole time were not in the pink half the time, and he has set men down as discharged who ran away, made tickets for their pay, and received the money himself; the clothes bill did not amount to 20l. Having served as master 21 months, Capt. Cornelius, hearing he had petitioned the Admiralty Commissioners for the command, gave him a certificate ; but hearing afterwards that he had also kept an entry book, he was turned out when he returned to Portsmouth, and a boy put in his place. Asks the command, or the master's place in the new frigate at Portsmouth or some other vessel. 54
" " Jno. Davies and 2 others, Deptford. [Navy Comrs.] The tonnage of the provisions sent from the stores at Deptford to the Hannibal, for supply of Gen. Blake's fleet, in sails, canvas, twine, cordage, tallow, pitch, tar, and ironwork, will amount to 56 tons. 55
Sept. 6 Major Jer. Tolhurst, Carlisle. Robt. Blackborne. Wants a protection from press for Hen. Anderson, who is his servant and factor, as well as a mariner. 56
" " Capt. Chas. Thorowgood, Portsmouth. Adm. Com. The General having ordered some beer to be taken out of the Lyme for present supply of the fleet, she will want 70 or 80 tuns, which the victuallers' agent will supply. The fleet will sail to-day ; other ships named have already gone out. 57
" " Lieut. Thos. Milton, the Lyme, Spithead. " Received their order to sail for the Downs, but being ordered by Gen. Penn to deliver up all his beer for the fleet, there being none at Portsmouth, must wait for more. The Tiger with her two prizes sailed for the Downs on the 5th instant; the fleet will sail to-day. 58
" " Comr Peter Pett, Chatham. Navy Comrs Sends the Elizabeth's book. She will be at her moorings next tide, and the men will be at Deptford to-morrow for their money. Has dispatched the pilots to the Downs. 59
" " Capt. Rich Cowes, Cat pink, Downs. Adm. Com Sailed from Dublin for the Downs, by order of the Lord-Deputy and Council of Ireland, on 25 Aug., with some goods of the Lord-Deputy, which he is to deliver to Mr. Blowfield at Wallingford House; upon arriving in the river, will attend their pleasure. 60
" " Wm. Smith, Ropeyard, Woolwich. Navy Comrs Certifies that there are 69 loads and 48 feet of timber in the yard, and 42 loads and 30 feet at Gravesend. 61
" " Capt. Robt. Mackey, the Yarmouth, Dover. Adm. Com. Has been detained from sailing for the French coast by contrary winds, but is now going with the Drake. Is short of provisions, and his ship is foul and unfit to keep at sea, having been 19 months in pay. Desires orders. The Tredagh has gone for Portsmouth. 62
" 7 Phineas Pett, Chatham Dock. " Recommends Stephen Woolgate, boatswain's mate to Vice-Adm. Lawson, as boatswain to the new ship just built by him, which will shortly be launched. 63
" " Capt. Jno. Sherwin, Primrose, near Holyhead. " Has been cruising on the French coast, and seized some vessels with salt and wine, but they having no decks, and it being bad weather, did not think it convenient to venture the lives of his company in them, and turned them loose, bidding them pray for my Lord Protector and the Council; only made bold to take a little salt and wine for the use of his company. Order will be taken at Dublin for the adjudication of the two vessels from St. Ives. Came to Holyhead to carry Lord Deputy Fleetwood on his way to Wales, but his Lordship had sailed before he arrived. Would have taken two Brest men-of-war,—one being Capt. Swart in his new frigate of 18 guns,— if darkness had not favoured him, and the other if his masts bad not become spent, which, with his defective pumps, renders him unserviceable until repaired ; as this cannot be done at Dublin, must seek further. 64
" " Robt. Berkenshaw. " Petition to be purser in the Fagon, commanded by Capt. Thos. Elliot, where he is now steward; was in the wars with the Dutch, wherein he lost his leg. 65
" " Capt. N. Heaton. Saphire, Plymouth Sound. Robt. Blackborne. Will take in his victuals to-morrow. The frigates are all sent to other ports, except the Constant Warwick, and Nightingale, which are refitting in Catwater, and the Sorlings is in the Channel. Will endeavour to discharge his duty against the enemy, though his numbers for this service are very few. 66
Sept. 7 Capt. Gab. Saunders, Tiger, Downs. Robt. Blackborne. Set sail from Portsmouth Harbour with the Hare in the Field and the Medea prizes for the Downs, and delivered them into the charge of the Commander-in-Chief; leaves them, with his disbursements, to consideration. Is going to his station, with a vessel under convoy, bound for St. Valery. 67
" " Edw. Larkin Adm. Com. Petition to have his dear-earned wages, or to know why they are detained. Has been faithful in all the late wars; served as gunner of the Mayflower from Nov. 1652 to April 1655, but only received 6 months' pay; he is arrested for debt, his goods seized for rent, and his wife and family turned out of doors. 68
" " Ordnance others " Account of stores embezzled by Edw. Larkin, gunner of the Mayflower, amounting to 30l. 11s. 0d. 69
" 8 Capt. Mic. Nutton, Satisfaction, Beaumaris. " Received Lord Deputy Fleetwood and his family on board at Dublin on the 6th inst., to carry them to Ayr, but the wind changing to N.E., put into Beaumaris, from whence his Lordship went by land to Chester, willing him to return to Dublin and bring over his household effects to London. Has only a month's provisions, and his ship is very foul, but will sail with the first wind. Capt. Sherwin, of the Primrose, and Capt. Coleman, of the Wexford, formerly the Fleetwood, came in with him. 70
" " Capt. Robt. Sansum, the Portsmouth, Spithead. " While on the French coast, met a ship of Rotterdam from Newfoundland, bound for Newhaven, and as she was partly manned by Frenchmen, and may be on the account of French merchants, has brought her in. The skipper reports that the Reserve and Winsby have taken 18 French bankers. 71
" " Lieut. Thos. Milton, the Lyme, Spithead. " As the remains of his beer on board stunk, gave notice to the victualler's agent and contractor, but as they could not supply any for 14 days, and promised it should be furnished from Dover, is now under sail for the Downs. The Portsmouth has come in with a Flemish ship, laden with fish, having many Frenchmen on board. 72
" " Capt. Chas. Thorowgood, Portsmouth. Robt. Blackborne To the same effect 73
" " Major Wm. Burton, Yarmouth. Adm. Com. Recommends Jno. Greave, pilot of the Plover, for more wages, as he only receives the same as a common seaman. Some men-of-war should be sent to make the Dutch fishermen lie further off; can see them from the walls, and they undo our fishermen, who are in a rage. 74
" " Edm. Barre " Petition for a lieutenant's place, having served in the fleet for years, and lost his left arm. With certificate of Jno. Barnes that he served at sea 6 years, lost his arm in the Laurel, under Capt. Jno. Taylor, and has since served in the Guinea. 75, 76
" " Capt. Robt. Clarke, the Bristol, off Salcombe. " Sailed from Yarmouth with the victualling ships and a hoy with goods for Lord Hen. Cromwell in Ireland, but the hoy appeared in no haste, as he had many of the goods spoiled, and bore up for the Island. Is now west of the Start. 77
Sept. 8 Capt. Robt. Wilkinson, the Weymouth, Harwich. Adm. Com. Having received three months' provisions, will sail with the first wind to gain the fishers, and take care of them. 78
" " Thos. Newberry, Portsmouth. " Received 80 barrels of powder on 22 June from the Isle of Wight, and returned 28 of them on 29 July; of these parcels Capt. Hen. Farwell took charge, and defrayed the expense of transportation, but he never desired any certificate. Knows not what the charge amounted to. 79
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs and Treasurer. Order to examine the time of the entry of the company of the Advised, commanded by Capt. Zanchey, lately taken by a French man-of-war, and carried into Boulogne, and to pay them off up to the 6th inst. 80
" " " Navy Comrs Order to examine how the Islip frigate, commanded by Capt. Tarleton, came to be lost, and by whose default and negligence. 81
" 9 Capt. Anth. Young, Tredach, Downs. Adm. Com. Sailed for Dieppe, as ordered ; took the Ambassador on board, came to the Downs, and hopes to land him to-morrow, and will then follow instructions, while his victuals will allow. 82
" " Capt. Robt. Mackey, Yarmouth, Downs. " While convoying two vessels richly laden to Dieppe, was followed by a French man-of-war of 22 guns, but when she came up, she stood away westward; but for his convoys, had his frigate been clean, he might have made a good account of her. Is short of provisions, and what he has is so bad that the men much complain. The Drake is plying on the French coast. 83
" " Lieut. H. Terne, Fairfar. Downs. Robt. Blackborne. Capt. Curle, of the Sparrow pink, has sailed with his convoys for Dieppe and Newhaven, and Capt. Robinson, of the Greyhound, with two prizes for London. The Swiftsare, with the rest of the squadron, have arrived, and gone for their respective ports. The Hare pink came in with some small vessels from Dunkirk, and 2 others ; also the Tredagh with the Ambassador, who cannot land, owing to the weather. 84
" " Capt. Chas. Thorowgood, Portsmouth. Adm. Com. The Preston has come in, and the captain has come on shore sick ; as she has only 8 or 10 days' provisious; asks orders. Details of ships. 85
" 10 Capt. Geo. Daking Certificate that he employed the William ketch to press men for the West Indian fleet while riding at Portsmouth in Sept. 1654. 86
" " Capt. Robt. Clarke, Plymouth. Adm. Com. Met Capt. Blagg of the Marston Moor between the Start and Plymouth, and sent notice by him of plying westward with the two victuallers; but the weather being violent, bore up for Plymouth. Has had his firehearth, which had not been laid 3 months burned through, and being partly over the powder store, they experienced a great mercy, but Capt. Hatsell will make it good, and furnish provisions. 87
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. " Received the relation of the West India proceedings; the will of the Lord be done. Perceives the prize affair is altered; hopes it may be for the best, as if we have war with Spain and France, it will require much care and pains. The Nightingale is waiting for a wind. The Bristol and other ships bound westward have been forced in by the storms. The Saphire has arrived, and Capt. Heaton has been brought on shore sick. 88
Sept. 10 Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. As it is great trouble and charge to Jno. Tippetts, master shipwright at Portsmouth, to procure payment of his fee of 1s. a day, due since 1st April 1654, out of the Exchequer, and as the rest of the master shipwrights have their fees paid by the Navy Treasurer, desire he may be so paid. 89
" " " " " Have examined the captain and officers of the Islip as to her loss; cannot charge the blame to any one, yet think she might have been secured if they had anchored in the Bay before they came so far in ; but as the place is so remote where she was lost, they cannot arrive at any satisfactory result. 90
" " " " " Ask names for the two new frigates just built at Portsmouth and Woolwich, and whether they shall be launched the next springtide. 91
" " Thos. Pointer Robt. Blackborne. Begs a letter of recommendation to Capt. Alderne, Col. Clarke having given him one 92
" " Capt. Roger Jones, Parados, [Chester.] Adm. Com. Brought from the north of Ireland some goods belonging to Col. Venables, and delivered them at Chester, delivered a prisoner charged with murder, to the mayor there by order of the LordDeputy and Council of Ireland; when cleaned and victualled, will return to his station at Dublin. 93
" " Capt. Peter Foote, Merlin galley, Portsmouth. " Has sent the packet from Gen. Blake by express, and waits orders 94
" " Sy. Jorey, Deal. Robt. Blackborne. As the West Indian fleet has arrived in the Downs begs remembrance on the re-establishment of putsers ; the Muster Master's place for the Downs' squadron would be of much more acceptance, considering that age grows fast upon him. 95
" " Jas. Hinde, gunner. Adm. Com. Petition for a gunner's place on the little new frigate at Deptford. With letter to Col. Clarke thereon, and note of 4 other ships, on any of which he might be gunner. 96-98
" " Company of the Cat pink. " Petition for preferment of Jas. Hinde, their gunner. His experience was manifest at Bewett Castle, Scotland, as also in his burning another castle at his own cost. He also burnt a shallop with fireworks which lay sunk 3 tides, and the enemy could not prevent him, although within half-pistol shot of the castle; he behaved himself so well that the company marched close under the castle walls and off again, and only one man vulnerated. 26 signatures. With order for payment. 99, 100
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order to make out a bill to Capt. Jno. Owen for 34l. 16s. 5d. for pens, ink, and paper, &c., supplied to the Admiralty Commissioners, as per account enclosed. 101, 102
Sept. 11 Capt. Philip Gethings, Spithead. Adm. Com. Has come in through severe sickness, and recovery is doubtful. Will deliver up the goods taken out of the Thirsty Heart to the owners, to the last mite, as ordered; there was no illmeaning in it, and for the future, if he lives, it shall be amended as to any goods that shall be taken between decks; but in fight, he never received any order to the contrary. Must come in, wanting provisions and new rigging. 103
" " Capt. Robt. Mackey, the Yarmouth. " Begs to be called in, having sprunk a leak and making 2½ feet of water every 2 hours; is out of provisions, and has been without pay as long as any ship upon his coast. 104
" " Capt. Jno. Taylor Navy Comrs Being tired of daily waiting, at great expense, again asks payment of wages earned at the hazard of life and limb; must else be content to lie in gaol, and his family to perish. 105
" " Capt. Robt. Blake, the Hampshire, Plymouth Sound. Adm. Com. Has come over with Mr. Maynard, the agent, and having landed him, waits instructions, as ordered by Gen. Blake. Met the Sophia and Hector, and supposes they are now in the Channel. 106
" " Comrs, for sick and wounded, Little Britain. Robt. Blackborne. The necessities of the poor at Deal and Dover, who received the sick and wounded from the fleet, forces them to repeat their request for an order from the Admiralty Commissioners, or a letter from the Commissioners of Customs to their Sub-Commissioners at Dover, to pay what is expeuded on quarters there, which they will repay to the Cashier-General. 107
" " Major N. Bourne, Navy Office. Navy Comrs Will go to Chatham to-morrow with the Treasurer, and return on Saturday, the rather as some of them may be willing to journey next week. 108
" " Ordnance officers " Issued out of the office, to be put on board the Hannibal, 200 barrels of gunpowder, which, allowing 15 to the ton, would amount to 13¾ tons. 109
" " Capt. Wm. Whitehorn. the Gainsborough, Downs. Robt. Blackborne. Washed and tallowed at Bridlington, and standing to sea, met the Peter fly boat of Rye, and as she had lost her mast in the late storm, towed her to Winterton; went to Harwich and procured cables and sails, but wanting beer, has come in. 110
" " Capt. Mich. Tarlelon, Liverpool. " Capt. Jones of the Paradox has arrived and gone to Chester, with a prisoner he brought from Dublin; as his officers say they have come in to victual, desires orders. 111
" " Comr. Peter Pett, Chatham. Adm. Com. The Norwich is launched, and the Greyhound has arrived from Ireland; there is only the Convertine on this side of Qucenborough, of all the 6 ships appointed for Chatham; they went about by the King's Channel. Would have rejoiced to see some of their honours down. 112
" " Capt. Robt. Colman, the Wexford, Chester Water " Was ordered by the Lord-Deputy and Council of Ireland to wait upon Lord Hen. Cromwell, then to go to Milford. and thence to Kinsale, where he victualled and tallowed, and returned to Dublin. Then waited upon the Lord Deputy to Beaumaris, where he landed; then went to Chester Water to transport his goods, and waits orders. Is unfit for the winter guard, wanting girdling, graving, rigging, sails, &c.; can receive no supply at Chester. 113
Sept. 11 Capt. Anth. Young, Tredagh, Downs. Adm. Com. Landed the Ambassador at Deal yesterday. Has ordered the Sparrow pink to Dieppe with a convoy; the Hare to ply between the Ness and Beachy. to seize on the small rogues that annoy the coast, and the Drake to ply between those parts and the French coast. The Gainsborough and Yarmouth have come in to victual. Will sail for Portsmouth to-morrow, and has left orders as formerly with the lieutenant of the Vice-Admiral to receive their commands. With account of provisions on board the Yarmouth. 114, 115
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs and Treasurer. Order to pay off the company of the Islip, lately cast away, to 20 July, respiting the wages of the captain, master's mate, and pilot. 116
" 12 Capt. Robt. Robinson, Greyhound, Chatham. Adm. Com. Begs orders; was desired by Commissioner Pett to remain, as he expected the Navy Commissioners down. 117
" " Capt. Edw. Blagge, Marston Moor, Spithead. " Sends account of the condition of his ship, number of men, quantity of provisions, repairs needful, &c. [2 copies.] 118, 119
" " Capt. Giles Shelley, the Colchester, Tynemouth Bar. " Anchored in Burlington Bay on the 8th with 12 colliers. Went on shore the next day, being Sabbath, to sermon, but could not return on board through a storm; next morning got on board and set sail. This is the first time he was caught; will beware of the next. 120
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs To enter a protest against the owners of the Hannibal, for not ordering her to sail with the State's provisions, according to contract. 121
" " John Pitt, Fairfax, Downs. Rich. Creed, Sec. to the Generals of the Fleet. The Vice-Admiral arrived yesterday. The Tredagh has sailed for Portsmouth, and the Sparrow is going as convoy to Dieppe, so that there are only 4 ships in the Downs, two of which are very foul, and have well nigh made their bread and cheese even. 122
" " Vice-Adm. Jno. Lawson, Fairfax, Downs. Adm. Com. Particulars of ships. Desires they will send a first-rate frigate to cruise in the Downs, as there are a number of Ostend and Dunkirk ships, with Charles Stuart's commission, infesting the coast. 123
" " " " Robt. Blackborne. Asks him to forward an inclosure, and remember him to Mr. Creed 124
" 13 " " Adm. Com. Recommends his lieutenant, Hen. Terne, for command of the 5th-rate frigate lately launched at Chatham, Lieut. Browne to succeed him; also Lieut. Gilpin, of the Fairfax, for a command. 125
" " " " " The Sophia and Hector have arrived from Gen. Blake's fleet in Cascaes Bay, Portugal, and the Hampshire came out with them, with a packet from the General, and has gone to some of the Western Ports. They report the fleet to be much in want of victuals; they have been several times in company of the Spanish fleet of 34 sail, but it did not offer them any violence. The Merlin arrived from the fleet 3 days before. 126
Sept. 13 Vice - Adm. Jno. Lawson, Fairfax, Downs. Robt. Blackborne. To the same effect 127
" " Rich. Hutchinson, Thos. Smith, Navy Comrs., Navy. Office, Chatham. Navy Comrs London. Arrived last night, but with some difficulty, through the failure of the wagons. None of the fleet have yet arrived, except the Greyhound, although some are in the river; will give them all dispatch when they come in. Ask orders as to the short allowance, to prevent disturbance. 128
" " Adm. Com. Navy Treasurer and Comrs Order to pay off the Greyhound at Chatham. 129
" " " " Navy Comrs Order to make out a bill to Rich. Bass, merchant, for 306l. 7s. 4d., due to David Hechstetter, merchant at Hamburg, disbursed for the Elizabeth frigate. 130
" " " " " Order to make out a bill to Jno. Tippetts for the arrears of his fee of 1s. a day as master-shipwright at Portsmouth, since 1 April 1654. 131
" " " " " To launch the new frigates next spring tide, to christen that at Woolwich the Pembroke, and that at Portsmouth the Dartmouth, and to use expedition in fitting them and the Norwich for sea. 132
" " Capt. John Parker, Truelove, Milford. Adm. Com. Came in to clean and victual, and hopes to complete this week, but they have had such winds and rain as have seldom or ever been known in summer. 133
" " Capt. Chas. Thorowgood, Portsmouth. " Sent their letter to Capt. Foote, and will dispatch his frigate; as Capt. Gethings is too weak to carry his ship to Plymouth, asks whether the master cannot take her. 134
" " Aug. Aldridge, Lydney, co. Gloucester. Navy Comrs Sends particulars of timber shipped in the Fortune at Lydney Pill for Chatham; they are hewing all the trees felled, and making 16,000 or 20,000 tree nails, as ordered by Commissioner Willoughby. Asks their letters to be sent to Major Wade, as he is forced to remove from Little Dean to Lydney, by reason of his charge. 135
Vol. 114
" 14 Capt. Chas. Thorowgood, Portsmouth. Adm. Com. Finds that Capt. Foote's frigate has her furnaces down, and there are other matters which can only be attended to on shore, where she may be dispatched in 48 hours; else it will be dangerous to send her to sea. Her boatswain and gunner are not diligent, and want quickening in their duties, so as to be an example to others. It is reported that the master is unable to navigate her, as on the homeward voyage, be made the island near Nantes for the Isle of Wight, and his mates are like him. The captain of the Preston is still weak, and there is little hopes of his recovery. 1
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs and Treasurer. Order to pay off the Yarmouth on her arrival at Chatham 2
" " " " Order to pay off the Marston Moor at Portsmouth, and refit her for foreign service 3
" " " Navy Comrs Order for refitting the Indian for foreign service with expedition 4
Sept. 14 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order for refitting the Greyhound for present service 5
" " Jno. Atkins, Rochester. Robt Blackborne. Recommends his kinsman, steward of the Rainbow, who has been in the service some time, for a purser's place. 6
" " Capt. Robt. Clarke, the Bristol, Plymouth Sound. Adm. Comrs Has put in with the two victualling ships, by extremity of weather, but will sail with the first wind, having taken in 14 days' victuals and 8 tons of beer. 7
" " " " Robt. Blackborne. To the same effect. As the State is setting forth some third-rate frigates, begs the command of one of them, that he may have some encouragement, as other men. 8
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. " Hopes he will show Gen. Desborow the intelligence sent from Major-Gen. Fortescue to Col. Clarke. The Bristol, with the two victuallers, is still waiting for wind and weather; as the captain complained of his beer, made a survey, and threw 18 butts overboard. Capt. Heaton still continues sick, and his ship, the Saphire, is in the Road; cannot trust the master with her, but has a mate in view to take her. The gunner of the Warwick wants some stores. Wishes the Ordnance had an officer at Plymouth, as his hands and head are full; must crave some help as an assistant to his storekeeper and clerk. 9
" 15 Capt. Thos. Morris, Sorlings, Torbay. Navy Comrs Having sprung his mainmast in chasing a ship, which proved to be one of London bound home from Virginia, and not being able to reach Plymouth, put into Torbay, and is using all possible means to refit, but doubts if the mast can be made serviceable. 10
" " Capt. Jno. Tippetts, Portsmouth. " The Merlin has come in to be repaired, and the Marston Moor and Preston to be refitted. The new frigate is almost fit for launching; as Commissioner Willoughby has not arrived, desires order respecting it. 11
" " Smith, Bourne, and Hutchinson, and Pett, Navy Comrs., Chatham Hill. Adm. Com. None of Gen. Penn's fleet have come up but the Convertine, the wind being contrary. Have paid the Greyhound, and will send for the Convertine's men and pay them. Desire order as to the Paragon's men, who have been distributed in several ships since she was burnt. Cannot hear of the clothes delivered to the Paragon's company, there being no papers saved when she was fired, nor any way to make out books but by a muster book. 12
" " " " " On examination of the number of men borne on the ships at Chatham, as also the officers on the victualling ships, find more officers than were ordered, and on some ships 30 or 40 more men than their complement, occasioned by the captains not having orders; it was done by verbal direction of the General. As the men were not in fault, have paid the Convertine's company, but left the captain, clerk, and steward unpaid, until further order. 13
" " Gen. Wm. Penn Navy Comrs Sends Wm. Bodham, who had the paying of money due in the fleet for short allowance of victuals, to give an account what ships have been paid; desires a bill for the balance due, which he will issue upon the respective captains' certificates, and give an account of his disbursements. 14
" " Capt. Jno. Bourne, Dover. Robt. Blackborne. Has proceeded with the fitting of the Lyme, and sent to Dover for beer, but it cannot be had for 10 days; meantime will endeavour to complete her men, who ought not to be less than 280. 15
Sept. 15 Capt. Peter Foote, Portsmouth. Adm. Com. Has hauled on shore and hopes to get out again on Monday, but is much obstructed by his boatswain's absence. 16
" " Capt. Charles Thorowgood, Portsmouth. Blackborne. Receipt and delivery of letters. The Merlin will go out to-morrow, but will want a boatswain, master, and steward, the latter having run. 17
" " " " Adm. Com. There is little needed on the Marston Moor, and if her men attend, she may go out again shortly. The Merlin has come in to repair, and the Preston to victual. 18
" " Vin. Gookin, Milford. " Gave Capt. Bowen the order to convey him to Ireland, and sailed, but was forced back by the weather, and had to go on shore sick. Has no desire to continue there at expense and in separation from his family; hopes they will believe that Capt. Bowen has endeavoured to observe their directions, even against wind and weather. 19
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs and Treasurer. Order to pay off the Hector and Sophia on their arrival in the Thames 20
" " " " Navy Treasurer. Order to pay Capt. Taylor the wages due for the time he served in the Lizard 21
" " Capt. Fras. Willoughby. Warrant to receive the remains of victuals in the ships belonging to Gen. Penn's fleet, lately arrived at Deptford, Woolwich, and Chatham. 22
" 16 Capt. Robt. Clarke. Plymouth. Adm. Com. Is still waiting in the Sound with the victuallers for a wind, and having victualled for 14 days, will use all diligence to meet with Gen. Blake; will touch at Cascaes. 23
" " Capt. Robt. Blake, Hampshire, Plymouth Sound. " Was directed by Gen. Blake, on arriving in England, to apply to them for orders as to refitting in the river or at Portsmouth, and has given Capt. Hatsell an account of his defects. If the frigate is judged fit to return after being refitted, will be ready to observe their orders. 24
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. " Will supply the Hampshire; but if her defects are as reported by Capt. Blake, it will be a work of time. Capt. Clarke is still detained in the Sound by foul weather. 25
" " [Adm. Com.] Navy Comrs Order to desire the victuallers and ordnance officers to put on board the Indian provisions and stores mentioned for Vice-Adm. Godson. With list of stores and note by Thos. Alderne as to the tounage. 26–28
" " Thos. Davies, Wm. Barbour, Navy Office. Certificate that Geo. Barlow, late clerk of the check of the Mathias, has passed his accounts, and received a ticket for his wages. 29
" " Vice - Adm. Jno. Lawson, Fairfax, Downs. Blackborne. Sends a certificate from Capt. Whitehorn on behalf of his minister, and desires he will get him a signed warrant. The Hannibal, commanded by Capt. Haddock, has arrived in the Downs. 30
" " " " Adm. Com. Will inform Capt. Whitehorn that order has been sent to the victuallers at Dover to change all his bad provisions, and will hasten to get them on board, as also those for the Lyme. The Hannibal commanded by Capt. Haddock has arrived, and the Tredagh sailed for Portsmouth; she was forced back again by violent winds and lost her cables, but they have been recovered. 31
Sept. 17 Capt. Edw Blagge, Marston Moor. Adm. Com. Hopes they are satisfied that he was not neglectful; thanks for the leave offered, but as he only desired to accompany Gen. Venables and his lady, who have taken coach for London, will proceed with the fitting of his frigate. 32
" " John Johnson " Petition for satisfaction for quarters of 10 sick and wounded men sent on shore at Harwich by order of Gen. Deane in 1650. Has been at great trouble in bringing his case forward, and if he is not paid, others will be disheartened from entertaining men. 33
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. Robt. Blackborne. Capt. Clarke is on board the Hampshire, making ready to sail with the victuallers, but Capt. Heaton is still ill; has given temporary command of his ship to Melledge, the master's mate, who has sailed. Notes of ships. Is glad to hear of the recovery of Gen. Desborow. 34
" " Capt. Jno. Taylor Col. Jno. Clarke. Asks him to move the Commissioners to pass his accounts, having waited on them several months without effect; cannot receive his wages until they are passed. 35
" " Capt. Peter Foote, the Merlin, Portsmouth. " Has appointed Thos. Russell, boatswain of the Essex, as master of the Merlin, by desire of Capt. Thorowgood, his master being ignorant and the boatswain absent; hopes to sail to-morrow, although the company are unwilling, for want of money to buy clothes. 36
" " William Martin Adm. Com. Petition for a gunner's place in one of the ships building at Woolwich or Portsmouth, having served 6 years as midshipman and gunner, and been in all the engagements against the Dutch. With certificates of Vice-Adms. Lawson and Penn of his having served under them. 37,38
" " Capt. Chas. Thorowgood, Portsmouth. " Particulars of ships. Has ordered the Merlin to go to Cowes, where there are 30 merchant ships, and if he may take a man out of each, it will man him well. His boatswain being absent and very refractory, has appointed one Bias; the late master is weak as regards navigation, but knows no other to put in his place, unless it is the boatswain of the Essex. 39
" 18 Capt. Roger Jones, Liverpool. " Having order from the Lord-Deputy and Council of Ireland to repair to the north of Ireland, applied to Roger Drake, the victualler, for a supply, but he refused, on an order of the contractors to victual no more there; had to go to the Lord-Deputy for an order for a month's provisions; set sail, but meeting with contrary winds, was forced to put his men on half allowance, and only had 2 days' provisions when he arrived at Liverpool. 40
" 19 Capt. Chas. Thorowgood, Portsmouth. " Particulars of ships 41
" " Navy Comrs, London [Adm. Com.] Protest before Joshua Mainet, notary public, against Capt. W. Haddock of the Hannibal, for breach of contract in not proceeding on his voyage with provisions for the Straits. 42
" " Capt. Wm. Haddock, Hannibal, Downs. Navy Comrs Reply to the above protest, that the delay arose from the violence of the weather, which damaged his ship and men, and having to ride at anchor with great difficulty and danger, thinks be rather deserves thankfulness than a protest. Hopes that there will be no stop put upon the freight contrary to the contract, and that he may be allowed to prosecute the voyage. 43
Sept. 19 Vice - Adm. Jno. Lawson, Fairfax, Downs. Adm. Com. Has ordered Capt. Mackey of the Yarmouth to sail for Chatham, and there are now only 3 ships in the Downs; as the Gainsborough has been at sea 9 months and has only 14 days' provisions, asks whether she shall be supplied, so as to convoy to the Land's End the Hannibal, which was under sail, but forced again to anchor. Will direct Capt. Haddock to touch at Cascaes Road, and also to enquire whether Capt. Clarke with the victuallers is gone for Plymouth, and whether Gen. Blake is on the coast. The Tredagh has sailed for Portsmouth. 44
" " " " Blackborne. To similar effect 45
" " Capt. Anth. Young, Tredagh, Spithead. " After landing the Ambassador at Deal, sailed for Portsmouth, but was forced back to the Downs, with the loss of his anchors and cable; recovered the cable, sailed again, but could only reach Spithead, owing to the wind and want of a pilot. 46
" " Capt. John Taylor, Chatham. Navy Comrs Wants 30,000 treenails and 100 long spruce deals, as formerly demanded 47
" 20 E. Hayward, Chatham. " Account of cables, anchors, &c., supplied to the boatswain of the Elizabeth at Hamburg; the sum cannot amount to 306l. unless the cordage was rated at 50s. per cwt., and the anchors at 3l. per cwt. 48
" " Robt. Blackborne, Whitehall. " To attend the Admiralty Commissioners at 3 p.m., with the pursers' instructions and their order to the victuallers for proportioning the victuals to the ships of the fleet, according to the new establishment, and particularly the order touching the Greyhound lately come in. 49
" " Thos. Turner, Navy Office. Robt. Blackborne. As the Navy Commissioners had risen, and some of them gone out of town, on receipt of his letter, has sent a copy of the pursers' instructions, but those for the captains are not yet perfected. The Greyhound carried 90 men, has been at sea 23 months, and as she was out before the establishment was settled, she does not come under the Commissioners' cognizance; some of them will attend the Admiralty Commissioners to-morrow. 50
" " Capt. Mich. Nutton, Satisfaction, Beaumaris. " Landed Lord-Deputy Fleetwood and his family on the 7th; the winds being so bad could not go to Chester Water; by his order enclosed, shall return to Dublin for his goods, and bring them to London; will do so with the first wind, but it is difficult to keep his frigate fast in harbour on account of the foul weather. The 6 months' provisions received at Liverpool are nearly expended, and having 24 months' pay due, begs an order to come home. The Primrose has gone to Holyhead to look for the packets, and thence to Dublin. 51,52
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order to pay Rear-Admiral Geo. Dakins his wages, &c., while in the Torrington. With note of payments to him. 53, 54
" " " " " Order to allow Capt. Thos. Bunn what he expended in victualling the Greyhound on the coast of Scotland, according to contracts made with Col. Lilburne. 55
" " " " Navy Comrs and Treasurer. Order to pay the company of the Red Horse pink, a prize lately brought from the West Indies 56
Sept. 20 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs and Treasurers. Order to pay Capt. Robinson his wages, &c., while in the Greyhound 57
" 21 " " " Order to pay off the Plover at Chatham 58
" " Capt. Fras. Allen, Advise, Ballsey Sladway, Harwich. Adm. Com. Sailed from the Rolling Ground for Leigh on the 4th, and arrived the 11th, but could not be relieved of the money until the 15th, on account of bad weather. Sent his long boat on shore for water with 8 men, who were met with a violent storm on returning, and has not since heard anything of them. Sailed from Leigh on the 18th, but meeting with stormy weather, sprung a leak, and has been compelled to come in to stop it; will then proceed to the Downs according to order. 59
" " Capt. Anth. Melledge, Saphire. Capt. Hatsell. Delivered his order off the Lizard to Capt. Vessey, who will observe it. Took a Brest man-of-war with the loss of one man; in the chase she threw some of her guns overboard. Has manned her, and hopes to do service with her, as she is a new frigate, will carry 12 guns and had 78 men. 60
" " Capt. Robt. Vessey, Nightingale, off Ushant. Adm. Com. Plying on his station with the Saphire, chased and surprised a ship which proved to be a new Brest man-of-war, of 11 guns and 76 men, commanded by Capt. Codd; intends keeping her, so as to attract some more of their frigates that have come out of Brest. God has been pleased to frown upon their design, as they have not above 6 frigates unsurprised. Hopes soon to reduce them to a less number. 61
" " Capt. Anth. Young Proceedings at a court martial on board the Tredagh, on Fras. Collins, the cook, for abuses and misdemeanours, when it was resolved to report to the Admiralty Commissioners that he was not fit for employment. 62
" 22 Vice-Adm. Jno. Lawson, Fairfax, Downs. " Recommends Capt. Best for employment. He was captain and part owner of a ship of Hull, which was sunk coming from Norway with oil and tar; as the greater part of the lading belonged to him, he cannot provide for himself and family. 63
" " Capt. Edw. Thompson, London. Col. Jno. Clarke. Begs assistance for the bearer in obtaining 10l. arrears of wages due to her husband, Thos. Burges, who is at sea. 64
" " Capt. Chas. Thorowgood, Portsmouth. Robt. Blackborne. Particulars of ships 65
" " Capt. Jno. Tippetts, Portsmouth. " Has launched the new frigate, called the Dartmouth, and set her masts, but only a boatswain and his servant have been entered; if a commander is sent to provide men, she may sail in 20 days. The Marston Moor and Preston are graved, but seamen being scarce, is forced to employ labourers. The carpenters' work will be completed in 10 days. The Tredagh is preparing to come on shore. 66
" " Capt. Edm. Thomson, Plover. " Desires they will pay Rich. Lewes, a poor man for piloting the Plover from Yarmouth to Deptford. 67
Sept. 23 Vice-Adm. Jno. Lawson, Fairfax, Downs. Blackborne Received their letter, but the Sparrow was gone as convoy for France, and is now to convoy some Hull ships with cloth for Hamburg; her captain has been put on shore sick. When any fit vessel arrives, will assign her as convoy to Mr. Williams. 68
" " " " Adm. Com. To similar effect. Capt. Haddock of the Hannibal has sailed, and the Advice and Sparrow have arrived. 69
" " Capt. Robt. Vessey, Nightingale, off Ushant. Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Comr. at Plymouth. While plying with the Saphire, they chased and took a new frigate commanded by Capt. Codd, having 11 guns, but they threw 4 overboard. She had taken two Bristol ships, and ill-used the merchant by burning his hands. The Saphire lost one man in the fight. Are looking for Swart, but he has not yet come out. Will have to go in shortly for repairs. 70
" " " " Robt. Blackborne. To similar effect. Sends an enclosure to his wife 71
" 24 Capt. Chas. Thorowgood, Portsmouth. " Some of the checks and stewards are in London, and the others resolved to go to-morrow. The Marston Moor's men are resolved to lose their pay rather than proceed; cannot learn the cause of their discontent. 72
" " " " Navy Comrs Mr. Dymock is to deliver canvas to the sail maker to make sails for the ships in the West Indies; they should be sewn with waxed instead of tarred twine, as it lasts longer in hot countries. Is fitting out the Marston Moor, Preston, and Tredagh. 73
" " Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. Ask directions for recovery of two brass bases, with brass chambers, stated by Thos. Shewell, Navy agent at Bristol, to have been intended in 1649 for Capt. Plunket; at Wexford, then an enemy to the State, and stayed by the Customs' officers; they were lent to Col. Serope at the time of the Worcester fight by Mr. Shewell, but when Bristol Castle was demolished, the Governor delivered them to Nich. Jordan, a glover of Bristol, who detains them. 74
" " Isaac Holmes, Weymouth. Robt. Blackborne. Wrote of Capt. Lambert Cornelius what was true, although nothing can be done without proof, and is unwilling to incur expense upon an uncertainty. Asks whether the two vessels are yet undisposed of, and begs his influence. When last at Whitehall, put in a petition for the pink, but could get no answer. 75
" " Thos. Shewell, Bristol. Account of his payments to Fras. Baylie for building the Nantwich, total 202l. 3s. 11d. 76
" 25 Capt. Thos. Alderne, Victualling Office. Navy Comrs Received their order to Mr Sprigge, and gave directions for bringing up the provisions and casks from Deptford and Woolwich. They would not remain so long in the ships if there were hands to remove them into the vessels sent to receive them. At this juncture some fit person should look after, deliver, and account for such provisions and stores, or directions should be given to the boatswains of the yards to clear the ships of all things returnable to this office, and the stewards should be required to attend to their duties. 77
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs and Treasurer. Order to pay off the company of the Discovery, burnt in the West Indies 78
Sept. 25 Capt. Ben. Sacheverell. Robt. Blackborne. To remind the Admiralty Committee of the petition of Joseph Anderson for a gunner's place in the new frigate at Chatham. 79
" " Lieut. H. Terne, Fairfax, Downs. " Thanks for favours. Failed in what he aimed at in his journey to London, being most unworthy 80
" " Augustine Aldridge. Lydney. Navy Comrs Has loaded the ship [with timber], and it has gone into King's Road, whence the captain intended sailing on the 22nd. Is proceeding with the making of treenails. 81
" " Capt. Roger Jones, Liverpool. Adm. Com. Having shipped nearly all his provisions and stores, hopes to sail for Dublin the end of the week, and observe orders from the Lord-Deputy and Council. 82
" 26 Capt. Mic. Nutton, Satisfaction, Dublin Bay. Robt. Blackborne. Having received order from the Commissioners in Ireland to ship Lord-Deputy Fleetwood's goods to Deptford, will use all possible haste to get to sea. 83
" " Capt. Edm. Thomson. [Navy Comrs.] Asks full wages for the 13 days his ship was fitting at Woolwich, as also from the date of his warrant, which was 9 days before he was entered on the muster book; did as much service then as afterwards, having to go to London and Whitehall sometimes twice a day, to get the officers' warrants. 84
" " Capt. Jno. Taylor Adm. Com. Having by their favour obtained his wages, though a great part has been wasted by his long stay in town, asks the command of some vessel, whereby to recruit his losses and obtain subsistence, and also vindicate his credit, which has long lain under a cloud. 85
" " Vice-Adm. Jno. Lawson, Fairfax, Downs. Blackborne Reasons for not sending the Lyme or Gainsborough to convoy the Hannibal. Has ordered the Advice to ply off the Ness, for securing trade and annoying the pickeroons, and appointed two of the ketches to convoy a vessel bound to Rotterdam with cloth, and then to ply with the Advice off Beachy and the Ness, where the Drake and Hare also are, for securing the fishermen, who are in much fear of French shallops. The Sparrow pink has gone to the Humber. Asks whether to fit out at Dover a frigate of 4 guns, which was taken by the Drake, as she will be useful between the Isle of Wight and Beachy; also whether to write the governors of Boulogne and Calais, that if they give leave to Brest pirates and their vessels to harbour with them, our men-of-war will seize their fishermen. 86
" " Capt. Phil. Gethings, Portsmouth. Robt. Blackborne. Not having recovered his late illness, desires leave to remain on shore 5 or 6 days longer, the master having charge of the ship while plying on her station. She is ready to take in the provisions, but there is no one to take charge of them. 87
" " Navy Comrs Adm. Com. Ask what bills they are to imprest to Capt. Alderne on the new account. The master shipwright at Deptford requires 24 caulkers for a month, on the great ship he is building there. 88
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order to make out bills of imprest for 2,000l. a week for one month, commencing the 27th inst., and for 1,500l. a week for the succeeding month, to Thos. Alderne, navy victualler. 89
Sept. 26 Rich. Wilde, pilot, Wapping. Declaration made before Wm. Baker, notary, as to the severe weather experienced by the Hannibal on her way to the Downs, between 6 and 15 Sept., when she was much damaged, and some of her company dangerously hurt. 90
" 27 Capt. Gab. Saunders, Tiger, Seine Head. Adm. Com. Has been plying on his station, and searched all ships that passed. Sends certificate of a conference held on board with some English merchants and masters at Newhaven, concerning the Hare in the Field and her lading. 91
" " Lord Broghill, Edmburgh. " There being a quantity of cables and sails lying at Dunstaffnage, which were saved out of one of the State's frigates, and there being a ship there belonging to Saml. Atkins, which cannot sail for want of such things, the Council in Edinburgh have ordered that Mr. Atkins or his factor may purchase what they require at the usual rates, and carry the remainder to the stores at Ayr. Will send an account of the said provisions as desired by the General. 92
" " Edw. Champneys " Petition to be purser of the Tredagh. Has spent the prime of his life at sea, and they have encouraged him to hope for preference. 93
" " " " " Asks a purser's place. Has sent his petition, with certificate from Col. Bingham and Capt. Alderne, and as he has been in five fights against the Dutch, and been out of employment 18 months, hopes they will remember him. 94
" " Capt. Edw. Blagge, Marston Meor, Portsmouth Harbour. " Encloses his commission as Rear-Admiral of the American squadron. Has conferred with his officers as to proceeding on the voyage. Some of them are willing to go, but very few of the men. There is much discontent because they see discharged men arriving daily from London, and because they are not allowed the privilege of seeing their relations and friends; supposes Capt. Thorowgood has given an account of it, and propounded some remedy. Desires orders to go Plymouth, before the ship goes to Spithead and is paid off. 95
" " Capt. Chas. Thorowgood, Portsmouth. Robt. Blackborne Capt. Gethings is still ill, and desires leave to remain 10 days longer, and for his master to take the command. As the company of the Marston Moor will not proceed in her, she should be manned out of the Tredagh and Preston, when they arrive at Spithead, and her men be turned into those ships. 96
" " Jos. Cubitt and 3 others. Account of the appraisement and sale by order of Hen. Hatsell, Vice-Admiral of Devonshire, and Capt. John Pley, his deputy, of the goods in the derelict brought from Brixham to Dartmouth. With the acknowledgments of the buyers. 97–101
" " Robt. Ogles, boatswain of the Old Warwick, Deptford. Adm. Com. Petition for discharge. Was shot in the foot in fight against Capt. Beech, and his ship being laid up, his friends will provide him another. 102
" " Robt. Blackborne, Whitehall. Navy Comrs Desires they will direct the officers of the yard to take an account of the remains of stores in the petitioner Ogles' custody, and upon settlement thereof, to discharge him. 103
Sept. 27 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs and Treasurer. Order to pay the wages due to Capts. Hayward, Hannam, Hodges, Dare, and Hump. Felstead, and masters Alex. Pauling, Thos. Sulke, Edw. Garrett and Thos. Griffith, for their services in the late expedition to the westward, notwithstanding the suspension thereon, provided the suspension be only on account of supernumeraries. 104
" 28 Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. Adm. Com. Will speak to the captain of the Hampshire as to giving tickets to some of his men. The Saphire has come in with a Brest man-of-war, taken by her and the Nightingale, and has landed 66 prisoners, who have been sent to the castle; encloses a list of their names. Lieut. Larke having only 20 soldiers on the guard, has desired the mayor to spare 20 townsmen to assist the soldiers nightly, for better securing the prisoners. Asks what to do with them and some others; will send 4 of the most notorious to the gaol. Capt. Heaton is recovering, but being unfit for sea, has again committed the charge of his frigate to Mr. Melledge for 14 days. 105, 106
" " Phineas Pett, Chatham. Navy Comrs The Indian is ready to take in her provisions, but wants a master and some men; the Norwich has but 20, and the Greyhound 10. As the Yarmouth is daily expected from the Downs, asks an order to take some of the company. 107
" " Christ. Pett, Woolwich. " Account of more defects discovered in repairing the Amity; desires order, as she will take more time and expense to perfect. Note of works on other ships. 108
" " Edw. Poortamns.Tower Hill. Robt. Blackborne. Sends the petition of a poor woman who is wet nurse to his child, and hopes his influence. Lieut.Col. Kelsey promises assistance, and it is a work of much mercy. The owners' names, if needed, are Jas. Jenkins and Mr. Nutnegger of Fenchurch Street, and Mr. Burton of Crooked Lane. 109
" 29 Capt. Robt. Robinson, of the Greyhound. Adm. Com. Petition for an order to the Navy Commissioners and Treasurer to pass his accounts for victualling the Plover in Scotland so that he may receive his wages as commander of the Greyhound. With reference to the Navy Commissioners. 110
" " Capt. Chas. Thorowgood, Portsmouth. Navy Comrs Has received their order, and directed the sail maker to sew the seams with waxed twine. Sends the names of the ships supplied with new sails, and desires a warrant for more for the stores. The captain of the Preston being ill, several of his company absented themselves, and then railed for a ticket for their victuals; it is not the first time they have thus abused the clerk of the check, and one of them having struck his assistant for refusing, some course must be taken, or the officer will not be able to perform his duties. Noted that he is to send the names of the mutineers. 111
" " " " Robt. Blackborne. The Marston Moor will sail on Wednesday and the Preston on Monday. Has no order for their victualling, nor any to go in hand with the Tredagh. Returns a letter for Capt. Foote, as he has sailed. 112
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order to provide pinuaces, wherries, sails, spars, and hammocks, at Chatham Portsmouth, and other places, and have them shipped in the Indian or Marston Moor, according to the order of the Protector and Council, for the fleet in the West Indies, and to send an account. With accounts of the extraordinaries put on the said 2 ships. 113–115
Sept. 29 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order to discharge all clerks of the check and stewards borne in any of the State's ships in harbour after 1 Oct. next, and to employ pursers in their stead; all ships that come in thereafter, or are set forth, are only to have pursers; those of the 6th rate are to have neither, but their commanders are to discharge that trust. Also to certify the salary allowed to pursers before the alteration. 116
" " " " " Order an account to be taken of the remains of ordnance stores brought home in the fleet under Gen. Penn, and returned to the Admiralty Commissioners, as ordered by the Protector and Council. 117
" " Jas. Brocke, Surveyor of the Prize Office. Affirmation that Peter Phillips, who was appointed by the Prize Officers to bring the Indian into the river, had a kinsman in Amsterdam, who came over after the Indian was taken, and told Phillips that Englishmen had the wit to catch a goose, but not to pull her; as when the ship was at Amsterdam, he hid, in a secret place abaft the mainmast, a quantity of quicksilver and pieces of 8, before she went forth upon this voyage for the East Indies, on which she was taken by the State's frigates. 118
" " Capt. Edw. Blagge, Marston Moor, Portsmouth. Adm. Com. His wife and friends object much to his undertaking another voyage to Jamaica. Very few of his officers and men adhere to him, and are refractory, negligent, and idle, and vow they will be hanged before they will go there again, which all adds to his great trouble. Hopes they will appoint some other ship that has had its ease at home. 119
" " Capt. Ben. Sacheverell, London. " Recommends Jos. Anderson for a gunner's place in one of the new frigates, or in the Norwich, if he is to have the command. Is not satisfied with Benj. Young her present gunner. 120
" 30 Capt. Phil. Gethings, Portsmouth. Robt. Blackborne. Is recovering his health, and hopes to get his frigate to Spithead to-morrow. Desires an order for the victuals, as also a purser and steward to look after them. 121
" " Vice-Adm. Jno. Lawson, Fairfax, Downs. Adm. Com. Will execute their orders on the arrival of the Sparrow pink, but understood Mr. Downing had come for England. The Gainsborough has only 4 days' provisions left; 4 or 5 East India Flemings from Amsterdam have come into the Downs, outward bound. 122
" " Capt. Thos. Elliot, Fagons, Plymouth Sound. " Came in yesterday with a French prize from Bordeaux, laden with iron, wool, linen, &c., having been ten weeks off the ground. 123
" " Capt. Geo. Daking, Swiftsure, Portsmouth. " Was ordered by the General to take the command of the Paragon home: on 13 July, the day appointed for humiliation and thanks giving, a fire broke out in the steward's room, and burnt the whole ship. It is not known how it occurred but probably by those entrusted by the steward to issue provisions, 2 of whom are drowned, with 100 of the company, besides several being burnt and scalded; none of them saved anything beyond what they had on, and some nothing at all. 124
Sept. John Lucas, Westminster. Gen. Jno. Desborow. Six months ago, certified respecting bonds due to the late King, for iron and brass ordnance, carriages, and powder, lent to several persons on payment or return; also as to several pieces which were embezzled from various places, or claimed as private property; was referred to Mr. Hooper, but can obtain no answer from him. Asks if the Admiralty Commissioners will accept the business, and leave him to prosecute it. 125
" Jno. Davies Account of ordnance and other stores shipped in the Hannibal at Deptford on 25 Aug., for Gen. Blake's fleet. 126
" List of Gen. Blake's fleet in Aug. and Sept., viz., 28 ships, besides 4 more lately sent, and 5 come home. 127, 128
' Mr. Wilkins, anchorsmith. Note of the weight of 11 anchors he has for disposal 129
Edw. Heath Adm. Com. Petition to be purser or clerk of the check in the Pelican or the frigate launched at Chatham. Served on the Phœnix from Oct. 1652 till she was laid up for repairs, and then on the Elizabeth, which has been damaged at sea. With certificate of Capt. Chris. Myngs, 11 Sept. 1665. 130, 131
Sept. ? Rich. Morden, citizen and girdler, of London. " Petition for stoppage of 9l. 3s. from the wages of Clement Fergeson, steward's mate of the Bridgwater, for goods sold and delivered him when living at Hermitage Bridge, Wapping, before he joined the Bridgwater, which he did to avoid being arrested. Noted that the ship is to be paid 23 Oct. 1655. 132