Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1655. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1881.

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'Addenda', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1655, (London, 1881) pp. 609-610. British History Online [accessed 12 April 2024]



Mar. 20.
Commissioner Peter Pett to the Admiralty Commissioners. I would have apprehended Fortescue when he came over had I known of it, but he is gone to London, and is staying at Mr. Fortune's, a cooper in Harper Lane, Tower Street; if he visits Chatham again, I will secure him. Thanks for the joyful news of the defeat of the Cavaliers westward. I send the certificates of the masters of the vessels I employed, by direction of his Highness, on special service. Browne, whom they mention, is probably guilty of many similar abuses; I blamed Mr. Hill, the looker out for embezzlements, for not bringing him up. The Elizabeth having her provisions and 60 men, I have sent her to the Hope to get more and wait for orders; the Centurion is ready to victual, having some 30 volunteers. I received the powder and ammunition from the Tower, and sent it on board the Centurion, and will give the Ordnance officers an account, so that they may send the rest. Had dangers increased, I should have been able (being forewarned) to secure the stores on shore, as well as the ships afloat, for some considerable time; but as the Lord has prevented their designs, I am willing to part with the ammunition for present service. The boatswain and clerk of the Elizabeth, having neglected their duty, are not fit for the service. [12/3 pages. Vol. XCV., No. 54a.]
[May 16.] Petition of Barth. Cox, of Wells, co. Somerset, to Council, for a pass to Flanders; has friends there whom he wishes to see, to benefit his outward estate, and gain experience. With certificate by Jas. Baron, linendraper, Bread Street, London, that Cox was never engaged in any conspiracy, and desires to travel to better his fortune. [1 page. See Warrant Tables, May 16, 1655. Vol. XCVII., No. 41a.]
Aug. 16. Petition of Margaret, Countess of Worcester, to the Protector. I was married to Edward now Earl of Worcester in 1639, with a portion of 20,000l., but have only received 400l. from the whole estate these 9 years, in lieu of jointure, fifths, or thirds; finding only Worcester House unsold, I beg the benefit of that house, and of such other things as may be discovered. [1 page. Vol. C., No. 32a.]
Aug. 16. Petition of Armiger Warner to Council. On the order on my former petition [See 29 June 1655], Jeffryes put off the trial till next term, but made me pay his charges. I offered him 216l. in money, and the forfeiture of the bond, from the first money I receive from the State, but he refused to accept it. I beg indemnity in what I have done for the State's service.
P.S.—If I might have 350l. that I can discover in the hands of 3 collectors of prize goods that have deceived the State of it, I would never trouble Council any more. [Vol. C., No. 32b.]
Aug. ? Armiger Warner to Sir Chas. Wolsley. I send you copies of the papers on my case. I want an order to indemnify me for not going to Virginia. On your last order [See 29 June 1655], referring the case to Scobell and Jessop, we both appeared, and I offered Jeffryes the first 120l. that I should receive of the State, and ½ of what else I recovered, till the penalty of the bond was paid, but he refused. Mr. Scobell said he feared Council would not indemnify me, so I submitted to arbitration, but shall suffer much unless I have an order for indemnity. For God's sake let it be ended one way or other. If Council cannot relieve me, or satisfy me for my 23 months' attendance, let them tell me so and dismiss me, and I will take it as a favour. [Vol. C., No. 32c.]
Oct. 19. Order in Council that the Admiralty Commissioners provide 8 ships named, with all possible secrecy, to be forthwith sent to the West Indies. [Vol. CI., No. 59a. This Order is not in the Council order-book.]