General Index: B

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1655. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1881.

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'General Index: B', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1655, (London, 1881) pp. 615-623. British History Online [accessed 12 April 2024]



Babington, Rich
-, Thos
-, petition of

Bacherus, Wouter, pass for

Backhouse, Capt. Peter

Bacon, Fras
-, Nath., master of requests

Baddow, Essex

Badiley, Vice or Rear-Adm. Capt. Rich.
-, letter of

Baeck, Johannes, pass for


Bake, Wm., petition of

Baker, Capt. Dan., petition of
-, letters of
-, John, pass for
-, Mich
-, petition of
-, Roger, letter of
-, Wm

Balcarres, Lord, see Lindsay.

Balderson, John

Baldwin, Geo., pass for

Balfour, John, Lord
-, Sir Wm., petition of

Balbowsy, Scotland

Ball, Edm., petition of
-, Thos., certificate of
-, Mr

Balloch, Scotland

Ballsey Sladway, Harwich, letter dated from

Balmerinoch, Lord, see Elphinstone.

Balsa, Jos. de, pass for

Baltic sea
-, fleet for

Baltimore, Ireland

Balvard, Lord (? John, Lord Balfour)

Bamff, Lord, see Ogilvy.

-, Earl of, see Knollys.

Banes, Capt. Adam, see Baynes.

Banister, John

Bankes, Jerome, letters of

Banks, Thos.

Baportebled, Magd., pass for

-, articles
-, Carlisle bay at, letter dated from
-, governor of, see Searle, Dan.
-, pass to
-, prisoners sent to
-, road, ships in
-, St. Philip's parish in
-, ships at, to, or from


Barber, John
-, petition of
-, Mary
-, Thos., pass for

Barbour, Wm., letters of
-, certificate of

Barboure, Rob., letter of

Barck, Capt. Wm.

Bardi, agent from Modena

Bardsey island, co. Carnarvon

Barent, Anna, pass for

Barfleur bay
-, cape

Barham, John, letter of

Barkely, Mr., Daventry

Barker, Mich., petition of
-, Thos
-, Capt

Barking, Essex
-, Allhallows in

Barkstead, see Berkstead.

Barley, Thos., pass for

Barlow, Geo
-, Lewis

Barnard, Rob., serjeant-at-law
-, Lieut. Theo., letter of

Barnardiston, Art
-, Sir John
-, (of London)

Barne, Geo and Dorothy, pass for

Barneford, Hen

Barnes, John, certificate of
-, Thos
-, Mr

Barnet, Middlesex

Barnett, Leonard

Barnshore, Sussex

Barnstaple, Devon
-, letter dated from

Baron, Jas., certificate of
-, Mr

Barr, Count de, pass for
-, Peter
-, pass for

Barradell, Wm

Barratt, Mr

Barre, Edw., petition of

Barrière, M. de
-, pass for

Barrington, Abr
-, Hen
-, petition of
-, reply of
-, Sir John

Barrow, Isaac, pass for
-, Thos

Bartholomew, Gilb
-, pass for

Barthomley, co. Chester
-, inhabitants of
-, petition of

Barthrum, Jas

Bartlett, Minister

Bas, or Bass, isle of

Basing house,

Baskerville, Rob

Basnet, Thos
-, petition of

Bass, isle of, see Bas.

Bass, Major Edw., petition of
-, Rich

Bassano, And

Basse, Mr.

Bassett, John, certificate of
-, Wm

Bastwick, Dr. John
-, Susannah, widow of
-, petition of
-, children of

Bates, Wm

Bath, co. Somerset

Bathilton, Scotland

Batson, Hen

Batts, Geo., letter of

Batze, Jos. de, pass for

-, duke of (Maximilian Philip)
-, wife of

Bawtry, co. York

Baxter, Thos

Baylie, Fras
-, letter of

Bayly, Nich., pass for

Bayly, Thos
-, petition of

Baynes, or Banes, Adam
-, Capt. Adam
-, letter of
-, letter to
-, E
-, Cornet John

Bayning, Paul, late lord Bayning

Beach, Capt. Rich., pirate
-, plotter

Beachey Head, Sussex

Beake, or Beck, Arnold
-, Major

Beale, Barth., auditor of the Exchequer
-, Wm., letter of

Beaminster, co. Dorset

Beamont, Farnham

Beane, John

Bear baiting forbidden,

-, letters dated from

Beaumont, Edw., pass for
-, Mr

Beauvas, Claude de, pass for

Beauvoir, Pet. de

Beck, Arnold, see Beake.
-, Edw
-, petition of
-, Wm
-, petition of
-, wife and family of

Beckwith, Newark, petition of

-, justices of peace in
-, letter to
-, militia in
-, places in
-, sheriff of, letter to

Bedingfield, Hen
-, petition of
-, family of
-, Capt. Wm.
-, Col

Bedwell, Rich

Bee, Corn., pass for

Beeby, Mr.

Beecher, Lionel

Beeckman, Bern., pass for


Bekesi, Martinus, pass for

Bell, Phil
-, Rob

Bellamy, Col. Edw
-, certificate of

Bellasis, John, pass for
-, royalist

Bellerby, John, letter of

Bellew, Sir Chris
-, John

Bence, Alex.

Bendall, Edw., certificate of

Bendish, Sir Thos., ambassador in Turkey
-, letter to

Benfield, Edw., pass for

Ben Israel, Manasseh
-, Sam., pass for

Benn, Minister

Bennett, Gervase
-, Col. Rob
-, petition of
-, Thos
-, Thos., examination of
-, Capt. Thos
-, Wm., certificate by
-, Dr., master in Chancery
-, Mr

Benningfield, Col

Benson, Wm
-, of the Protector's household

Bentham rectory, co. York

Benton, minister

Bercher, John, pass for

Bere, Capt. Thos., letters of

Berijen, Fran., pass for

Berkell, Mr

Berkenshaw, Rob., petition of

Berkhamstead, Herts

Berkley, Sir Hen
-, Sir Rowland

-, commissioners in
-, Earl of, see Howard, Thos.
-, justices of peace of, letter to
-, militia in
-, places in

Berkstead or Barkstead, Col. John, lieutenant of the Tower
-, certificate of
-, letters to
-, payments to
-, petition of
-, references to
-, regiment of
-, reports of
-, alluded to
-, warrant of
-, warrants and orders to
-, alluded to

Bernard, Chris
-, Manchester, letter to

Berry or Bury, Col. Jas.
-, as Major-General
-, report of, alluded to
-, Capt. Wm.
-, Mr., letter to

Berthe, Thos., pass for

Bertie, Peregrine, Earl of Lindsay

-, garrison of
-, governor of, see Mayor, Capt. John.
-, repairs of

Besbeck, Thos.
-, petition of

Best, Capt. John
-, letters of

Bethel, Col. Hugh, letter of
-, letter to
-, alluded to
-, Major, letters of

Betters, Chris., petition of

Beverning, Mr.

Bewett Castle, Scotland

Biard, Fras.

Bias, boatswain

Bible, the
-, polyglot, printing of
-, New Testament

Bickerton, Rob.
-, Amy, widow of
-, petition of
-, request of
-, children of

Biddle, John

Bideford, co. Devon
-, merchant of

Bigamy, accusation of


Biller, Wm.

Billiard, Rich., petition of

Billingford, Norfolk

Billingsley, John
-, pass for

Bilton, Geo., deputy treasurer at Leith
-, letters to

Bincks, Rich., letter of

Bingham, Col. John, governor of Guernsey
-, commission and instructions
-, petition of

Binks, Nat.

Binny, Geo.
-, petition of

Birch, Col. Edw., pass for
-, John, of Hereford
-, John, of Newbury, petition of
-, Col. John
-, Col. Thos., certificate by
-, Col.

Bird, John, pass for
-, Nathan and Sarah, pass for
-, Wm.

Birkdell, Rich.

Birkenshaw, John

Birkhead, Edw., serjeant-at-arms

Birne, Alex., pass for

Biscay, Bay of
-, men-of-war, or Biscaneers

Bischop, Francois, pass for

Biscoe, Lieut.-Col. T., certificate by

Bishop, Capt. Geo.
-, Major


Bishopston, Wilts

Blaber, John, petition of
-, Anne his wife

Blackborne, Robt., secretary to the Admiralty Commissioners
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, note of
-, Jas., brother of
-, letter of

Blackenston, Scotland

Blackeston, Sir Wm.

Blackheath, Kent

Blackman, Fras.
-, Jeremy, petition of
-, Thos.

Blackmore, Major John
-, petition of
-, Thos., petition of

Blackmore, Essex

Blacknothy, Essex

Black Rock, the

Blackwall, Middlesex
-, letter dated from

Blackwall, Rich., letter of
-, petition of

Blackwell, Capt. John, jun. see also War, Treasurers at; Assessments, Receivers-General of.
-, certificate by
-, petition of
-, John
-, John, sen. and jun.

Bladen, Thos., and family, pass for
-, father of

Bladerwick, co. Northampton

Blagden, Mr.

Blagge, Capt. Edw.
-, letters of
-, wife, &c. of
-, Major Edw.
-, petition of
-, wife and family of

Blair Athol, Scotland

Blake, Col. Alex., letter of
-, Edm., pass for
-, Hum.
-, petition of
-, Capt. Rob.
-, letters of
-, Col. Rob., general of the Fleet
-, certificates of
-, letters of
-, alluded to
-, letter to
-, alluded to
-, mariners of
-, order by
-, orders of, alluded to
-, receipt by
-, squadron or fleet of
-, list of
-, Lieut. Sam.
-, Capt. Sidrack
-, Major

Blakesly, Sam.
-, petition of

Blakiston, John

Bland, Major Adam
-, Lieut.-Col.
-, Mariana, wife of, pass for

Blandford, David, bailiff, &c. of


Blaxton, Mr.

Blaye, France
-, Castle
-, governor of

Blidworth, Sherwood Forest

Blissett, Mr.

Blith, John, pass for

Blondeau, Peter

Blount, Mountjoy, Earl of Newport
-, Lady Anne, his daughter
-, Anne, Countess of Newport, pass for

Blount or Blunt, Col. and Maj.-Gen. Thos.
-, certificate by

Blowfield, Capt. Isaiah
-, Mr.

Bloye, France (? Blaye)

Blundell, Rob.

Blunden, Frances
-, petitions of

Blunt, Sir Hen.
-, Col., see Blount.

Blyth, Northumberland

Blyth, Capt. John

Boatmore, John de

Bocket, John

Bockett, Auditor

Bodham, Wm.
-, letter of
-, statement by

Bodily, Capt. John, petition of

Bodington, Wm
-, pass for

Boevery, Dan. de, pass for

Bohemia, Elizabeth, Queen of, daughter of James I.

Bois, Ant. de, pass for

Bolt, And.
-, Geo.

Bolton, Col. Dan.
-, Edw., pass for

Bomgaert, Geo., pass for

Bona, Cape

Bonadventure (ship), owners of, petition of

Bonamy, Peter, pass for

Boncheral, Guil. de, pass for

Bond, Denis
-, John
-, Mich
-, Nich
-, payments to
-, warrants to

Bonel, Capt.

Bonn, Germany

Bonner, Alderman of Newcastle

Bonwenssen, Bonwen, pass for

Booker, Wm., warrant to

Books or pamphlets
-, treasonable, scandalous, libellous, or seditious
-, titles of, viz.:—
-, Atlas, new
-, Bible, see Bible.
-, Camden's Elizabeth
-, Common Prayer
-, Crackanthrop's logic
-, Hayward's work on ships' stores
-, News
-, Præadamitæ
-, Rates, book of


Boone, Abr., pass for

Booth, Sir Geo., or Col.
-, Rich., certificate of
-, Thos.

Boothby, Rich.
-, Robt. and Geo., pass for

Boothouse, Sam.

-, ships to or from

Bordeaux, M. de, French ambassador
-, sec. of

Bordens, Hen., pass for

Boreman, Thos., letter to
-, Capt. or Major Thos.
-, warrant to

Borlase, Col. John, pass by

Borough, Thos., petition of

Borthwick, Col. Wm.
-, Eliz., wife of, petition of

Bosch, Jan de, pass for

Boseville, Col.

Bostock, Wm.

Boston, New England, letter dated from
-, co. Lincoln

Boswell (royalist)

Boulden, Lewis
-, deposition by

-, governor of

Boulter, steward

Bound, Steven
-, examination of

Bourchier, Sir John

Bourden, Vice-Adm.

Bourdet, Step., petition of

Bourne, Capt. John
-, certificates of
-, letters of
-, note by
-, Jos., pass for
-, Major Nehemiah, Navy commissioner
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, scrivener

Bournemouth, co. Hants

Bous, Wm.

Bowcher, Rob., petition of

Bowden, Cheshire

Bowen, Capt. Peter
-, letters of
-, Susan, petition of
-, payment to

Bowerman, Mr.

Bowes, Jer. or Rob., clerk of the Army Committee
-, Wm.
-, warrant to

Bowles, Thos.

Bowrey, Capt. Thos.

Bowyer, Rob.

Boyd, William, 9th Lord Boyd

Boyle, Roger, Lord Broghill
-, letter of
-, report of

Boys, John

Brabant, falconers of

Bradburne, Edw. and John, pass for

Bradbury, Major

Bradfield, Berks.

Bradley, Dan.
-, Rich., pass for
-, Thos.
-, Dr.

Bradshaw, Capt. Geo., warrant to
-, John, serjeant-at-law
-, Rich., resident at Hamburg
-, letter of
-, alluded to

Braems, Abr., examination of

Brainford (Brentford?),

Braintree, Essex

Brampton, John
-, Sir John

Brand, Mat., pass for

Brandenburg, Marquis of (Frederick William)

Branker, Thos., petition of

Branlin, Col. (royalist)

Branson, Thos

Brass bases or guns
-, manufacture of

Braxted, Essex

Bray, Bridget
-, petitions of
-, Lieut. John, petitions of
-, Wm., pass for

Brayne, John
-, Dorcas, widow of
-, children of
-, Col. Wm.
-, letter of

Bread and beer, assize on

Breames (royalist)

-, justices of peace in, letter to

Breda, Holland

Brelklingins, Johannes, pass for

Brent, Sir Nath

Brereton, John
-, Sir Wm. or Lord
-, certificate by
-, letter to
-, Mr., reference to

Breslau, Germany

-, castle
-, letter dated from
-, prisoners at
-, ships of, pirates, or men of war
-, ships to or from

Brett, Capt. Ignatius
-, pass for

Bretton, Spencer, consul at Smyrna
-, letters to

Brewer, John
-, Wm., pass for

Brewster, Col. Hum
-, minister

Bridges, Mr

Bridgman, John, pass for

Bridgwater, Earl of, see Egerton.
-, letters dated from

Bridlington, see Burlington.

Bridock, minister

Brigham, Rich

Bright, John

Brill, the, Holland

Brimbridge fort, Isle of Wight

Briscoe, Mich
-, Wm.

-, castle
-, commissioners in
-, letter to
-, corporation of
-, custom house in
-, fort at
-, governor of, see Scrope, Col. Adrian.
-, letters dated from
-, mayor of
-, mayor and aldermen of, letter to
-, navy agent at, see Shewell, Thos.
-, officers of, letter to
-, residents at
-, ships at
-, ships built at
-, ships of
-, ships to or from
-, siege and taking of
-, travellers to or from

British assessments see also Assessments.
-, Jerusalem

Brito, Domingo Vaes de

-, governor of

Brixham, co. Devon

Broad, Hen., auditor

Brocke, Jas.

Brockett, Hen.

Brody, Alex.

Broghill, Lord, see Boyle.

Broilsford, Jas.

Brome, Thos.

Bromhall, Mr.

Bromley, Geo.
-, petition and proposals of

Bromley, Kent

Bromver, Peter, pass for

Bromyard, co. Hereford

Bronckhorst, Gerrit, pass for

Bronswinckel, Herm. and Bern., pass for

Brook, Col.

Brooke, Lord, see Greville.

Brooke, John
-, Rich., letter of

Brookes or Brooks, Gilb.
-, Thos., letters of
-, paper by
-, Cornet

Broom, John, pass for

Broome, Wm.

Broome, Suffolk

Brotherton, Wm.

Broughton, Counsellor

Brouwer, Dericksen, and daughter, pass for

Brower, Fras. Jansen

Brown or Browne, Ant.
-, John, father of
-, Mary, wife of
-, Hen.
-, pass for
-, Hum.
-, John
-, John, sen. and jun., co. Dorset
-, commission and instructions to
-, John, of Harwich
-, letter of
-, Capt. John
-, Capt. Mat., letters of
-, petition of
-, Lieut. Nath.
-, letters of
-, Capt. Rich., Navy agent at Pembroke
-, letters of
-, Thos., auditor
-, certificate by
-, Thos., grocer
-, Thos. (of Tunis)
-, payment to
-, petition of
-, Thos., pass for
-, Capt. (royalist)
-, Mr.

Brownlow, Sir Wm.

Brownsea castle

Bruce, Edward, Earl of Kincardine

Brudenell, Wm.

Brudnell, Rob., pass for

Bruges, George, Lord Chandos
-, Jane, widow of
-, William, Lord Chandos

Bruham forest, Somerset

Brun, M. le

Brunings, John, pass for


Bryan, Mich., pass for

Bryart, Jacobus, pass for

Bryery, Whittlewood

Buccleugh, Earl of, see Scott.

Buchan, Earl of, see Erskine.

Buchan, Capt.

Buck, Gervase, letter to

-, justices of peace in
-, letter to
-, militia in
-, commissioners of, letter to
-, places in
-, sheriff of

Buckland, John, letters to

Buckley, Edw.

Budd, Dan., letter of

Buerdon, John

Buffin Ness

Bugby, John

Bull, John, deposition of
-, Rich

Bullar, Col.

Bullard, Mat., pass for

-, import of

Bullock, Edw.

Bulls, bay of

Bunce, Jas. and Step., pass for

Bunch, royalist

Bunckley, Mr.

Bungay, Suffolk

Bunn, Capt. Thos
-, certificate of
-, letters of

Burdett, Sir Fras.
-, Sir John

Burgess, Thos.
-, petition of

Burgh, Ulick de, Earl of Clanricard


Burkers, Jos.

Burkin, Jas., petition of

Burlace, Dame Alice, petition of

Burley, John, pass for

Burlington or Bridlington
-, bay
-, letters dated from
-, ship of

Burnam water

Burnand, Benj., note by

Burnely, Jas., petition of

Burnife, France

Burniston, John

Burnt Island

Burrard, Mr.

Burrell, Abr.
-, Jas., payment to
-, Capt. Wm., governor of Mersey island
-, petitions of

Burrough, Wm., petition of

Burroughs, Wm.

Burston, Dan
-, pass for
-, petition of

Burton, Rich., examination of
-, Major Wm.
-, letters of
-, Mr.
-, wife and child of
-, Mr., of London

Burton, co., Leicester

Bury, Capt. Rich.
-, Col., see Berry.

Bury St. Edmunds

Busby, Rich., order to

Bushell, John
-, Capt

Bushy Close, Windsor

Busse, or Hertogensbusch, Holland

Bustan, Rich., quarter-master

Butendick, Eliz. and Beatrice, pass for

Butler, James, Earl of Ormond
-, Thomas, Earl of Ossory
-, And., see Manning.
-, Edm. and Marie, pass for
-, Hen., pass for
-, John
-, Peter
-, Walter, pass for
-, Major Wm.
-, as Major-General
-, Capt.
-, Col.

Butt, John

Butter, &c., export of

Byam, Capt

Bye, Mr., Polish Minister

Byfield, Herts

Bynny, Mr., pass for

Byron, Sir Rob.